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Also packed in
packages of
20 for 10c
of Quality
Salem Boy To Play In Game
Against Washington State
Team Tomorrow .
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lis, tr., Oct. IS, Hews that Ki-Cap-tain
Hofer, ,tlie Salem member' of the
Beaver football team, will be able to
Co iuto the came tomorrow, has
brought cheer to the supporters of the
local team. Tomorrow's game with the
strong Washington State squad that a
week ago drubbed Oregon 28 to 3 will
be perhaps the most critical game in
the conference series as far as the
two contending teams are concerned.
i Not anv too much confidence in the
home team lias been expressed by the
coaches or felt by the followers of the
game and the fact that "Oluomy Gus''
will appear for the first time this sea
son iu a conference game has done
much to brighten the Aggie prospects.
The ineligibility against . ' ltnugry "
Smith and Thompson have been re
moved so that the line should be even
stronger than it was last Saturday
when it held the Whitman team almost
The biggest selling 5c 'cigarette in
the country. A smoke quality that
you and thousands like, and you
keep on liking them, and when we
add up the big sales, it makes Pied
monts the big winner. To make
this cigarette more attractive, if it's
possible, we now enclose a Whole
Coupon in each package. This will
give the Piedmont smokers an
opportunity to secure some of our
very elegant premiums the best
articles ever offered the public.
You will find many articles you would enjoy
having we want you to have them also
articles that please women and children.
Send for a large, illustrated catalogue it's
There is no purer or milder form of smoking
than these splendid Piedmont Cigarettes
rHs How She Was Made
Well by LydiaLPmkham's
Vegetable Compound.
New Orleans, La. "I take pleasure
I in writing these lines
to express my grati
tude to you. I am
only 16 years olj and
work in a tobacco
factory. I have
been a very sick girl
but I have improved
wonderfully sine
taking Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegeta
ble Compound and
am now looking fine
and feeling a thousand times better."
Miss Amelia Jaquiixard, 8961 Te
houpitoulas St, New Orleans, La.
St Clair, Pa. -"My mother was
alarmed because I was troubled with;
i t: :: ' :;.
Last Week of Campaign Is
Filled With Parades and
Street Meetings
Trenton, X. J Oct. 1.'. Suffrag
ettes and anti-suffragettes today en
tered upon the lust lap of several
weeks of hot campaigning before
Tuesday's special suffrage election.
The suffrage workers arB confident.
They count on outlying districts to off
set any losses in the densely populated
counties where factories, with many
foreign workers, mostly men, wield the
balance of power.
The women have been assisted in
their campaign bv several auto loads! all this and
of Xew York speakers, who have to-jthe pictures.
Moving pictures actually taken on
the batt)e front; showing both the
(iernians and their opponents in action,
are included In the Herman war pic
tures which come to the. tirand theatre
beginning toay (Friday).
The moving picture operator who
went into battle like the other soldiers
of the kaiser's armies, stood right ou
tho .firing line and took his one chance
in a million against being shot. Ine
films he lirought back give the best
evidence yet brought to America of
just, what the war is in reality. To
view them is to sit and have tiie but
tle unfold before you in marvelous
clearness and detail.
Trench life, trench fighting, cavalry
charges, bombardment of forts, field
artillery in action, (iermans on the ad
vance and in retreat, French soldiers in
retreat, falling walls, crumbling forts
nun' a more is included in
With armed soldiers the
day addressed big throngs at street
corners Irom their innchines.
suppression and had pains in my back lh "" wll virtually eiul tne.r
and side, and severe headaches. I had campaign tomorrow night w ith, a big
pimplea on my face, my complexion was ' . TZl
r i j .. . . , j i the "pros ' will hold a series of street
sallow, my s eep was disturbed, 1 had niep.l (ho llnll lulll tluv
nervous spells, was very tired and had i,. u, ..OVPrfioW" will be ns
no ambition. Lydia E. Pinkhum's Veg- ' ut or srt.Htl.r tim the inside ses-
i.t.l Z"1 ...! J IM.- - "
eitftuie vumiJuuMu iiu miiAi-u iiivj a
charm in my case and has regulated me.
I worked in a mill among hundreds of
On tiie other hand Cole, tho most .j girls and have recommended your medi
dependable kicker mi the team, is out
with a bad knee and may be able to
get into the game at all, and Iak-v, a
hard plunging fullbnck, is nlso out
with an injured tendon. The lineup of
tho team will be ns follows: Knds,
Moist nnd Schuster; tackles, Laythe
and Smith; guards. Anderson, llofcr
and Cole; center, Hissett and Vcager;
Imlves, Captain ISillio, Abraham, New
man and lhitton; fullbacks, 1ocy, Hoer-
line, and Allworth
cine to many of them." Miss ESTELLA
Maguire, 110 Thwmg St, St Clair, Pa.
There is nothing that teaches more
than experience. Therefore, such let
ters from girls who have suffered and
were restored to health by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound should
be a lesson to others. The same remedy
is within reach of all.
If you want special adriee write to
Lydia E. I'limiiiini Jieuicine t o. (conn
So bitter is tho campaign that the
suffragists fear illegal voting will be
attempted at sdmo points to defeat the
cause, and hence they are taking extra
The local field is perhaps tho best , dentlnl) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
.... ),c,... .. ,vitii tiu.i be Queued, read and answered by a
me .iium . .......... .. - . . ... ,.,.,i.
.1 If ill U U (BUU 111 111 Dl I II V IVIIU1I1 HVV
fnvornlile weather and intense interest
in the game, one of the hardest and
most interesting struggles ever seen
on the Northwest conference football
field is expected.
Grandma Kept Her Locks
Dark, Glossy, Thick With
a Mixture of Sage Tea
" and Sulphur
Salem Egg Circle
Proves- A Success
1f Your Back Is Aching or
Bladder Bothers, Drink
lots of Water and Eat
Less Meat
moving picture man cut his way
through barbed wire entanglements and
took pictures on the way. He went in
to buttle with tiie others and ill some
cases w..s among the few to return. The
Herman war pictures are vivid and real
istic. Thev are being shown in Amer
ica for their educational us well us
their entertaining value.
As an evidence of now close the cam
era was to the fighting, included in
the films ere some captured from h
French moving pictuie outfit of which
the operator was killed. Tho camera
was picked up later and sumo of the
films saved, although some of tho films
had been riddled with bullets.
Falling walls nl the stricken llclgtoii
cities, crumbling fortifications of the
Namur and l.iegi forts; tho field Iiiih
pitals, Turkish soldieis iu action, hun
dreds of cavalry horses and their men
in a charge and numberless other hair-
raisiug iie'iuis are sliowu. Ant the
least interesting is some close views of
trench fighting. Hy many wiio hnvo
seen them, 'ho pictures tiro said to bo
I tho most marvelous yet brought over
! from the war zone.
are other shoes made
as good as the Flor
sheims but certainly
there are none better
The Florsheim boxes
are marked "For the
man who cares" and
most of us certainly
DO care. . ,
Most of us care to
avoid corns and bun
ions and there are few
Florsheim users who
pay much money to
chiropodists. Regard
less of the recent ad
vances in the prices of
leathers, heavy con
tracts placed by the
Florsheims in antici
pation, enable us to
give our usual big val
ues at
$5, $6, $7.
Florsheims can be
bought in Salem only
of us.
Leading Clothiers
Tho Toggery 107 Com'l St.
When vou r kidneys hurt and your
three! back feels sore, don t get scared and
d,en than the local , proceed to load your stomach with wu,.1..1 ' 1
ding to Shcrrill Fleming,! lot of drugs tlmt excite the kidneys and T J " '(
the Circle, and who has ' irritate the entire urinary tract. K''Pj( 'f()1. jlmj()
The Salem Egg Circle by shipping
eggs thnt are absolutely fresh to
markets in Portland and Seattle that
demand a high grade of egg, is able to
net its members from two to
cents moro
market, according
.........t., ....
charge of the receiving and shipping.1 .voi.r kidneys clean like you keep your
Organized eral months ago, the, bowels clean, by lushing them will a
! Circle has gradually increased its iiiein.
bership and develope, a business tint; v ; Bur AW The
is Proving pro.ua.oe. uK ( . f , k, , . , fipr ,
mouth of October on account of the n wy B,ruhl ,.,., u
sea rcii v
be organized at Dallas, and with ( or- i ,.i tl c lots of water vou can't drink
To Hold Examinations
For Government Jobs
. i
In several examinations to be held
in Seattle during October und Novem
ber, by the civil service commission,
but one is open to women, that of as
sistant lilnai inn, which pavs, when
first entering the service, a salary of
FRPE ' en( 'r our IIustrated catalogue of
handsome presents which you can obtain
for our tags or coupons. Send your name and address on
a postal, address Premium Department, 331 Battery
Street, San Francisco.
n 77
7 77 7
7 A 7
I will Sftitva am unnfrnuf nf trnaonf Tiric.
es of the above articles.
Regular weekly trips are now niado
through this section by a meat dealer
of Salem and by a duller of Prutuui,
dispensing fresh salmon.
S This modest man
oesn't want to dis
cover that 7th point.
J It would make
him too famous
The old-time mixture of Hugo Tea and
Sulphur for darkening gray, streaked
and faded hair is' grandmother's treat
man mm. I folk are nirain using it to
keep their hair a good, even color which
unite sensible, as we are living in uii
age when a youthful appearance is of
the greatest udvautrge.
Nowadays, though, we don't have
the troublesome tuMi of gat'iiering the
sage and the mussy mixing at home. All
drug stores sell the reiidy-tn use pro
duct called " W'yeth 's Sage and Sulphur
Compound'' for about 50 cents a bottle.
It is very popular because nobody can
discover it 1ms been applied. Simply
moisten vour comb or ;i soft brush
with it and draw this through your
hair, taking one small strand at a time:
bv morning the gray hair disappears,
but what dcligiits the ladies with
Wveth's Sage mid Sulphur is that, be
sides beautifully daikening the hnir,
utter a few ni'iilications. it also pro-
thnt noft lustre nnd appearance
A aaiem Ultlzen oives lniormatlon or 0f nbundance which is so nttractive
ions will be helil October
junior telephone nail lelcgiaph
engineer with a niiIiiiv attached ol'i
7L'II to .tlllsil n year and also iur
forest ranger, whose salary from the
first service is placed at $11(1(1. Tim!
i-veiiigo book student would have lint
little chance of successfully passing the
nil m-i I mi oi iiiicni lanueix HH 11
aowledge of wooibruft,
nnd packing for long hikes
over mountains is ueirsifirv,
Assistants iu dry land arboriculture
I are wanted, niul for those who can
i qualify, the salary is $7.1 n mouth,
! with a gradual increase until a maxi
mum of ."IKI is reiii-lied. I'Vom the
government's view, a timber inspector
rarc.ty of eggs the ( , rele ha. W M im of so wu vm riv
ble to sell in its special markets tor , ml,llM.stjlllll , vitu importance ! 1 ul '
(I cents a dozen. A Circle will soon,,, k(,- , ki(ll(,V(, ll(.tive , ampi ,g an
vullis and Lebanon, will ahip direct to .... ,111,,. m from any idiarmacist
Saleui us a Ventral shipping point. j about f our ounces of .lad Salts; take
It is the intention of 1 'rof essor i tnblespoouful i.i a glass of wal; r be
Lumli to continue to organize these U,,,.,. brcnkt'nM c::c!; morning for a few
circles in the Willamette valley, and ,iilVn and voi:r l.iilrevs- will net fine.
wnue conipirauyiy m '" .in.s. anions s. s n., . ' is worth fMH n dav, while a I brarvi
t bo,. Iibv.i been n snccesstu operutum o Lnaues and b mini nice, coiul iucd , ...... . ' j -I
.... , ...... . ' . ... .. , . . , . , ..... .. ... iinsiswdil, only ( raws (liiwil 101 M
in nian.v of the eastern states and , w,t, lith,:, a.id Iu.h ,,, a used U. ; n-, , -.
Canada. It i esumaieu unit m .c. ci:iii.... u. . .. , (.( r0 , ,,, ..eiauiiers.
in nevs: tu ncntui ize i n aeius i tin-1 ... .. " .1
urine so it no lunger is a source Li' ii
litution, thu;i eiding bladder ditu.'r.leis.
.lad Salts is im xpemiivej eaniiol in
jure, makes a delightful efferv.cent
lithiu-water beven go, and belongs in
1 everv home, bccuie nobody ran make
la iii'i:dako by l aving a good kidney i
flushing at i.ny tunc
An Optimist
A man w ho
1 .,
ci" .!:
1 - . 'V
Fish Brand
when Old Trob
says rain.
Pror llrt. 7S nil
Satisfaction Cuarantcrd ,
Srnd fan ralaWw
A. J. TOWER CO. f "
Jersey, fully HO per cent of the eggs
arc distributed througli these i ircies.
The local office is in the building
of the Salem Fruit I'nioii, mid now that
tho business has assumed larger pro
portions, the secretary is devoting all
his time to the business.
Civil service examination for other
government positions will be held in
Seattle, and any one desiiuiis of taking
a chuii'-e, enn receive infoi mul'iini from
poHtmiister lluckestein,
tir i n 1
tl;.uU .hnm.nl Special Service.) WaSnllMOIl DdnKCr
Ilayesville, Or., 'Oct. l.).-.Mrs. Kllenj 'ClnrMAA WIfli Pm-mru1 .. MfN """'J """'.. "f. W"''!''1.'"
Johnson, who has been lit Albany ion II UII 151JU1J,"" grou, nas wrnien 10 i nier 01 ru-
some time, has been nt home for a short lice Welsii of this city that her niece,
stay, nnd iuis gone V) Albany ugnin, bull Seattle, Wash., Oct. Itroken fin-1 M imm Klsie Uncus, is somewhero in Sit
will soon return for a permanent l".vl aneiallv and in spirit ami unable tom or vicinity und iilono since tho
i,ere. I raise ':i,.iHI bail rcniiired bv the state death of the girl's father, Isaac, Uncus,
Mrs tiat-thn 1'eterso.i, of Salem, hasjf,,,. , j r,.,.aHe, II. II. Howard, former "bout six inoaths ago. The letter slates
been visiting nt the home of J. I'.-ter- j ,.aH,i,.r U1 manager of the defunct pri-i that there is another aunt of tlm young
ton vate bank of Christopher, K nickerbock-; woman's 111 Itelliagliiiiii and they wish
C. If. Hanson, went lo Portland S11.1-! er ,ln, Howard, of Auburn, Washing- provide tint girl with a homo since
dav morning tor a short stay. I,,,,,, jN j the eountv jail hero today, ' n' without parents us her
Miss Uingo, of rioncer, is 11 guest at ,.nirged with pcrjur mother died H years ugo.
the home ut her sister, Mrs. M. Hitchey. Howard, it is 'charged, swore falsely The police have searched all of the
Jt is hard I v infJ to be out of doors , Stttl.nieiit of tuink resources j records of the city and have run down
nowadays. As l' Itosche was coming ; Hirt I v belore tiie bank had passed in-j "very possible clue Hint would lead to
out of the barn one morning lust week, , ,; m, of tie federal bankruptcy the girl, but so fur have been unable to
Charleston S C, Oct. Several ' a stniv sliut struck 11 1 111 just ow tue ,.ollt on J,,,,,,,,, v 3, 11)1 1. locate aer. 1 lie inner 10 ine ponce
. ... J i.:ii...i'.i.u .r...,nnA in :...... .,.l a,if.i,.r on the shoulder. As i,vl,,-,l .. to work at oibl lobs to ".vs that the llitlier of the girl wrote
l;..f ntt,.,lnt noon iinnniinceinent of ! vet no seii.iiu comiilicutions havo dc- . , tumiW since then and 'for a j regularly up until about taiee years
uiuuiciiiul primarv results. velopcl, but hunters slionld be more tlllie WUH eniployed by the county as a 1 ago and then
The democratic committee had just I -refill, b-t something serious inn; trustor.
. 1 1... u ......... tl...! the result.
r ''r,.r . , :; ,., A il Armstrong, of Pale,,,, was n OLD BOARD HOLDS ON
the killH wnn Sidney Cohen, reporter
Bellingham Woman Seeks
Her Niece, Elsie Bacus
Priceless Value.
Gttm 5
T. E. Herren and Mrs. Ilcrren, of
Turner, called on friends Sunday.
Fred Bressler, brother of 11. '. Dress
ier of this place, is reported quite ill
at his borne in Albany.
H. (,'. and Bert Hressler have re
turned home having finished balling
at the Livesley hop yards at Quinaby.
Potatoes as far as at present dug,
are not yielding well as lost year.
By consulting my diary for 1DG
19 years ago (I have kept a iecord
day bv day for about .10 years) I find
these "entries: 10 lbs. of beef,
V bu. oats 4.",c: 5 lbs. prunes, IV; 3
lbs butter .1"c; wicnt 1 bu. 6dc .Ian.,
18B7, I paid h0 cents for wheat. This
' When you suffer from backache,
I Headaches, dizziness, nervousness,
I Feel wenk, languid, depressed,
I Have annoying urinary disorders;
lo you know what to dot
! Snnie Salem people do.
i Bead the statement that follows.
I It's from a Salem citizen.
Testimony that ran be investigated:
j C. W. Hill, wagon maker, HUii I'orth
Front street, Salem, says: "I had more
; or less backache and iny kidneys were
, disordered. Dunn's Kidney Tills have
' always relieved me in a short time. I
know" of several other people who have
j taken Dean's Kidney Tills with good
! results. You may continue publishing
the statement l' gave before, recom
I mending them."
i Trice .We. at nil dealers. Don 't
' . . .. 1 .: 1 1 4
simpiv bsk lor a Kinney icnn-u k'i
Dean's Kidney Tills the smite 1 lint
Mr. Hill hud. Foster-Milburu Co.,
Trps., Buffalo, N. Y.
North Yakima, Wash., Oct. 15. flov
ernor Lister Inn announced he will
appoint W. K. Counibe nnd W. L. Dim
mick 'as successors to County Commis
sioners Lancaster and Stuart, who with
Commissioner. Stahlbut. were recalled
reeentlv by an overwhelming vote. The
l two new appointees are to name tne
third member. Uotn loumoe sou mm
"mirk were leaders in the recall move
besides, prevents dandruff, itching
I'.calp and falling hair.
The Cracker
We're Proud To Sell!
Several Killed In
An Election Riot
Coventor Manning ordered out the
milit ia.
North Yakima. Wash,, Oct. 1.1. A I
his letters ceased but
t lit' v have received the inloiiiiiitiiiii
that Isaac Uncus died in this city
earlier in this year.
To Make Skin Clear
Don't worry abont skin trouble. Ton
ran bv a clear, chsn romplMion M
using a little aeiuo, obtained nt "ru
etor Jor iV. or eitra large bottle at
'z"nio easily amoves nil traces of plm
iilns Mark la.ls. s. and rinswnriii
iind make, tlve skin rleir and "'hy.
Zuo is ueilher watery, "t'eky rr
arer and .isins noilun. It U easily
P,.I,I and wis a triHe for each
pplicatioo. It i. always pidabl.
Zmo, Chrvelaui
Clatskauie, Or.. Oct. 1'. A. 1?. Mollis
( ffricf stricken today over
i. .lootii'nf his son. lit. whom he shot
....i l;ii,i while stalking a deer. The
boy died inslantly.
San Francisco. Oct. 1-1. Sim Francis
co baseball fans were sho ked today on
learning of the dertii. in Cleveland,
Ohio, of Hillv Keidy, former major
league and Coast league pitdicr and
the first twirbr to uw th sloxr ball
with great success. Ueidy camo to
tiakUnd in )!"" as a pitcher and a
a year Istcr Ihtiiiii, manager of the
ii.u Tewsnl trie en.i oi m ii.
.....on he was mn.le nmrager or ine
A most popu
lar and effect
ive remedy for
breaking up a
Satisfaction Guaranteed
visitor in IWycsvnie oil ruinuny.
( has. Mciidenhn'l and family, of near
Brooks. s.e,:t s recalled by i.n overwhelming
' '!'lisri:ili"'wi;koff spent Sunday at1 vote, the old county eonimissi, rs to
Iiih.i,., 'day claim they are legally iu office
The Indies' iiiissiniinry society met at ,inlj tH.ir m,.,.,..m,tt ipnilil'v, and as
Mr,. Hidd.il' " Wednesday p. '"' " :,,,,. b . m . i . . 1 I by the gvc,,
verv interesting program was carried. '' "
out' alter which u social hour wus en-j nor has not yet organized unty busr
joyed, and ligh' refreshments wcie; m.s jM u u atandstill. The surety com
served bv tno hostess assisted by M rs. t y (if t)l(, niU)l)v treiiMirer hns in
White. The next meeting will be h.-M Wm m wnrri(t iimr
, , m n ..;n.r n.wimM until the itit nation if i Ooiiulas, Ariz., Oct. I,". Morn thin,1
"V. ''. I'rive'.t is c,;,hcd 'to his bed (.,.ar,(, .,, if , SBilrv, J,y ,,e cults, j :'.'"" ogees anived hero today from
.L ..L ..i ,.u. nri,,,,.. ' . . . ,. 'Ague Tiiela. M mi v more went to Nil-
w,th a tr. k KrH' - 'Tho new Imard consisting of Cmmis-; A . , t, . , u , (M1 M be.
to get the roof on before tiie rainy , are to organ, ye tnmorrow.
season bet!ini.. ' nn...s.ei " 1 " "
J',1... tea. to rs' training class will meet A lyl HKINliN
Senllle, Wash.. Oct. .". - Inventory
and nppi iiisciuciil of the ctnle of Ail
King, the Si.nttle Chiiiese, who com
mitted suicide iu Sio'rillncuto lit .-it
mouth, is ou file iu the superior couil
mouths, is on file in the superior eontt
,;..r.,)il. The cause of the, suicide ro
mains a mystery.
You naver tasted crackers
as good as
Snowflake Sodas
In fact the entire Swas
tika line of cakes and
crackers is in every way
delicious and most pleas
ing. Try tiie new family package of
in a convenient and E?rs
useful sanitary tin box. Uvt
baked here In th Northwest
by the
(visitors welcome)
next Siiadnv imiiicilititclv after
diiv school. I
I.iIiii Voder is among the sick.
Mrs. I'itts n-id sou, Frank, atte,,.e.t
rvice in Sulci i on Sunday.
If ynu need its mai Veliuis lusiliiig ef
A. C. Nel-on et ux to . r. lieliuire, lects do noi nesmiie 10 nru j ..hi...... a...
Uiarger dipm, III, , 1 W. it eannoi possioiy iinrm.
Hcter .1. Uoniird et vir to Marv K.I For the treatment of Kc.ema. Acne,
J Coleinaii, lot H, Oak l,awn 1'ark Add. Tetter, I'sol.iasis, llarber s Itch and
Isuleni. (stintcs its healing powers ipnekly, im-
I l. I.. Kiniinel to U'Aotn K. Hi kin-i provemeiit being seen daily.
I son, psrt John Win I mi Claim, til. n. 2 When treating I'linpbs. ltd .,
W- l:c Ulnntoii Claim, H, 2 W. 'Complexion n isncs, nniies, n..r
(ieoige i!. Swart et ux to N. II. Stone-, Troubles, etc., I f, nil results are oe-
brink, lot 7, block .r,4 Sale,,,. ten to be noted over night, only a
W II Cake et lis to Samuel Ames, small qiia.itity I g reipnrcd.
A (i I'svii. Claim ltd. tl 1 W. A word about soup- I'oslum Heap,
. i imeilicated with l'olam, i the oap of
Mr. Consul (iracev at Seville, Spain, ,uv benefits for t.-nder skin. Try one
reports a paper shortage in the king- j month for toilet and batn, '
Idor.i. tiernian. , Kngland, Kusniu, yr unples. send Ic stamps to Kiner
, Krnuce, Italy and other KurnHan ns-t,,..y jil,ointori , 'M West ""th St.,
Itions lkve a few "scraps" they might j ,.w Vork ' it y. Sold by nil druggist,
i let her have. v
Salem's Best Market Place I
Buy J'LOUE Now
I'isliers llleiid, sack $1.00
I, lil'lcl Snow, sack $1.-00
Snow While, sack Il.lfi
five Slar.sack 11.40
Kcoiioinv, suck fl.'M
Kings, bushel 73a
I'ippin, bushel 75o
Tokays, basket 400
Concords, basket llo
Malaga, basket 30c
Vain-v Kill Uua.it, lb lHc
I'ot lloast, II Ho
Short Kibs, II 12
lirisket, II lie
I'uro Hamburger, lb IDc
T.olii ( hops, lb 18c
Kill Chops, b 1H
Shoulder Kiinsl, II, l'J 1 iio
Leg Itousl, II 17
l'liru I'ork Sausage, II lie
Spring t hi, lb 2
Young Mens, lb !?!
151 North High Stretrt Orocery riioit H:10; Meat Plione 810
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