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usmess Is Good
Social and Personal
Mr. and Mm. ArC.mr It. Moores were
happily surprised last evening by a
- number of tneir friend at tbeir home
on Leslie street, on the occasion of
their nineteenth wedding anniversary.
The visitors brought armful of beau
tiful flowers, including quantities of
pink dahlia and gay red roses. Five
hundred was played during the even
ing, the players circling four tables.
' As an appropriate tribute of the esteem
in which they are held, a handsome
thermos caso for t'.ieir car was present
ed to Mr. and Mrs. Moores. Mrs. 0.
K. Schaefer, Miss Cslista Moore and
Miss Helen Moore assisted in the serv-
ing. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. R. 11. Goodin, Mr. mid Mrs. 0. K.
Hchaefer, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kyan, Mr.
ami Mrs. W. A. Irvino, Mr. and Mrs.
John 1'ollock, Mr. and Mrs. K. N. Oil
lingbam, Miss Calista Moore, and Miss
Helen Moon.
a a
' Kdwin Binney, Jr., and Donald
HI an ding, of Chicago, who have been
visiting at the home of Mr. Kinney's
sinter, Mrs. George I'almcr J'utnam,
left Monday on a mountain climbing
, trip to liend, by way of tho old Minlo
trail. Miss Mary llinney, a sister of
Mrs. Putnam left toils v for liend. Com
plimentary to Miss Kinney, Mtb. Put
nam gave an informal tea yesterday af
ternoon, at her home on Hellcvue Ave.,
asking in a few friends to meet tJe
honor guest.
a a
Mr. and Mrs. Hurold I). Nobcrts have
leased their handsome suburban place
oa the Wallace rotirt and will leave on
Saturday for (freely, Colorado, wjore
Mr. Koherta will engage in tho prac
tice of law with his fathor-iii-liiw, 11. 1).
Mr. and Mrs. Huberts will leave many
friends who will wish them much pros
jierity and joy, but who will entertain
at the samo time a lingering iiopo of
their return. They will motor at least
jiart of tie way.
Mrs. Isaac. Patterson, stnte regent of
th I). A. J., is spending u lew days in
Portland at the (!. H, Jackson residence,
the guest of Mjss Hannah Fairfowl,
Mrs. Patterson went to nttend the meet
ing of the I). A. R. yesterday.
Miss Bess Smith has resumed her po
sition at tho state house after a va
cation of ten weeks in Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. R, J. Young and son
enjoyed a pleasont visit with their
neices, the Misses Hrcitkrontz from Ar
lington, Minnesota. They have left to
finish their seven months' vacation
tour, including a visit at the I'anama-
Pacific exposition, and vurioua other
points of interest. They will also be
xntertiuncd by iimny of their friends
and relatives during their sojourn.
Last Hunduy morning witnessed the
first appearance of the new chorus
rhoir woich is being organized in the
l"irt Congregational church, under the
upervision f Mrs. .Iiimcs Piniiell. For
several years, there lias been a strong
sentiment favoring the organisation of
a chorus choir among the church mem
bers, and the recent efforts of Mrs.
Pinnell along that Jinn have mot with
Iho Heartiest co-operation among the
members of the congregntion. The en
Tollment of the choir u benil fifteen
popular feature of the church services.
The choir is under the direction of
William McUilchrist, Br.
Mrs. F. X. Hofer is visiting her son
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Hofer,
in Kellogg, Idaho. Mrs. Hofer will be
gone several weeks.
Miss Kmilv Jeffries left- Tuesday ev
ening for Philadelphia, where she will
spend the winter with Mrs. H. A. Gar-
ver. or that city. Mrs. oarver, Derorc
her marriage, was Miss Kitty Harvard,
a former Halem girl.
Mrs. If. W. liross is entertaining as
guests, her aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs. H. I). Keves, of Spieldvillc, Mis
souri. Mr. and Mrs. Keves are en route
to the California expositions.
Mrs. Leo. X. Ciiilds was a delightful
dinner hostess on Sunday in honor of
a number of out of town guests, who
motored in to Halem for the day. Palms
placed throughout, transformed the din
ing room into a bower of greenery.
Thoso who circled the table were: Mr.
nnd Mrs. I. F. Yoakum, Miss Hallie
Hrnith, and (1. W. Ksiisol, of Dallas and
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gunderson, of
Silverton, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo N.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. John B. dinger have
leased the Harold I). Roberts' place on
tho Wallace rood, and will occupy it
about November J.
a a
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stockton nnd
daughter, Miss Zoe Stockton, left to
day for Sun Francisco to attend the
a a
Mrs. IJ. J. Iliekerson was the hostess
at a dinner party at her home last night
given in honor of Knv. L. N. .i. Ander
son, of tho Columbia River Conference.
Those present were. Mr. and Mrs. W.
II. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ilieker
son and K. Craven. A pleasant time
was had by all those present.
II. F. Wickner, chief engineer of the
construction company which built the
lolumliia Kiver highway tnrough Clat
sop county, is in Iho ci'ty checking up
the estimates for suid work with tiie
highway department. He is accom
panied by his wife, who until her inur
riiigc was Miss Frances Diniick, of
this city. Mrs. Wickner is renewing
ftcftuunlaiu'6 with her 'ninny friends
a a a
Delegates to the stnto federation
from too woman's civic welfare club in
I'ortluiid, were elected ut a meeting of
me cum todiiy In tlint city. Miss .Mar
garet K. H. Fife, of New York, n noted
educator ami social worker, gave an
adilresn before the club.
Mrs. J. (I. Greenwood of Dullns is in
the city today.
V. M. Brown is a Salem visitor to
day, from Independence.
C. F. Hoss, an attorney of Silverton,
is in i ne city tin ii v on eun bus inc.
Kl froe from Bensout of Soda J
Uf The relish that takes the L
7 lead over all others for .
I use with hot or cold IFfr
meats, game, fish and w
many other foods. It ywvj
is pure whole- Xy
Black SillcSto Polish
Indifferent. Itdoerniot
dry iut; can b wed to tho
lut drop; liquid mnd put
orw quality, iolutfy no
wate; nodutrt or dirt. You
met your money worth.
Black Silk ,l
Stove Polish
It not only moat ernnmnWl, hot ft trim a brilli
ant, ailky lustre that annot bobtainl with any
other polish. Bliii-k Bilk 8tov I'uliih dora not
rub off-It lMta lour timet aa kn aa ordinary
poliab-ao It avw yoo tima, work and monty.
Don't force! when yoo
want love polish, bo mire to
k for tilark 611k, Ifttian't
President Hamilton Urges
Fanners to Write County
Judge Asking Retention
th bratatovopoliiih yon evflr
your luoDey.
Black Silk Stors PolUh
Worlu, Stflrliac, Illinois.
Dm nhrk Silk AlrDrylnt
!ron F.anai!on tcrmtem. rrif
ttm, ittovfl.pipea, aril auto
rmibilc tire rimi. I'reTctiu
rutting. Try it.
Km Blark Silk Mini Pol.
Ub foritilviTwara.nickel.tin
wara or brnM. It work
quickly, MHily and Icavt a
bhlllnnt atirfare. It hna no
cijuui tor una on aotomwoilcs.
uitrd-yourdoakr will refund
L'nder date of Oitober 12th the fol
lowing letter and correspondence has
been sent out to many farmers and the
Capital Journal prints it to give it the
widest publicity:
Dear Sir: Please note the attached
The Salem Commercial Club believes
that this work should be continued,
and ia endeavoring lo induce the
County Court to make the necessary
'appropriation of tl'JOO for ivio.
I I therefore reanest all those who are
desirous of seeing this work continued,
that they either write to the County
Uourt or to me, or call on tne t.ouniy
Commissioners in person and express
that an agriculturist be provided for
in Marion county, as is being provided
for in ten other counties in the state.
I will submit all such letters ad
dressed to me, to the County Court
with another appeal for the appropria
tion. This must be done before the 1st of
November as Mr. Cbapin will prob
ably lcava Marion County at that time,
unless he is assured that his services
will be wanted for the balance of the
year and next year.
If you believe that this work ia de
sirable, please give these communica
tions as much publicity as possible,
and urge those interested in the mat
ter to respond to this appeal at once.
Yours truly,
W. M. Hamilton, President.
I 115 N. Liberty St,
I near State St.
We are well pleased with the business in our
Dress Goods department. It has shown us that ou
goods and prices suit the people. We have just
ceived a shipment of new Coatings and Suitings"
To meet the demands for high grade Dress Goods
we have placed in stock an extra fine Chiffon Broad
cloth woven from the finest wool yarn finished verv
smooth, a beautiful rich lustrus fabric 52 inchw
wide. Specially priced, yard .$2.40
In all colors.
We carry the famous American Lady Corsets
$1.00 and up. See our window display.
the People.
Light Regard For Martial
Vows Shown In Cosmopoli
tan Stories, Followed
Seattle, . Wash., Oct. H. Dr. Anna
j(i sc )Jc sfc st )Jt )fc js sjc sc jc 3t sjt )c fc )((
fc st )c sfc j( sjc st c st j)c )J( sc jfc )Jc sfc
(Woman Beautiful.)
Hy no means use a heated Iron. It
makes the hair dry and dead looking,
giving a most unkept appearance. Af
ter brushing the huir thoroughly, juBt
dip a clean tooth brush iu a saucer of
plnin liquid silmerine and run it
throHgli the parts of the hair to be
curled. Do this at bedtime and you
will be quite surprised when you behold
yourself iu the mirror next morning.
The huir will be beuutifully wavy and
curling and the effect will appear alto
gether natural.
You will have no trouble doing up
your tresses in the style you desire and
thev will look nnd feel fluffy and com-
! fnrtnlilit Ynn neeil urtt hiiHitntA in use
pure liquid silmerine, which you can
procure at liny druggist's, as it is per
fectly harmless and will leave no
greasy, gummy or sticky trace. A few
ounces will lust for months.
last Sundny and it is expected to reach sV ' " .,, , ' , 2 ,7""'NH'
twenty this week. Ullimatelv It is ,,r , ' ' ';'"';' lt even
hoped the choir will inel at least , " 8 of fow ''". 1,1
twenty-five voices, With the eneonr-
agfiiient and earlv sui ss which the 1 roroHI,"r ', of (lie extension de
organisation hus oncniinlered, it will
no doubt form a vilr.l nnd exceedingly
pnrtiiient of the O. A. ('. is here today,
cniirerring Willi i rmt Inspector C, (),
Mr. and Mrs, Otto Schelberg rcturnod
last evening from Portland, where they
have been attending the state grand
lodge of the Knights of Pythias,
Mrs. h. W. Metger left this city for
Portland today where she will spend a
few days visiting friends.
P 1
iain. don
I -ass "Never Mind
I mmer S .1 ra .
km iTi-' i . ii' x u ..-a ti mm mm
I a iv tne i
11 ir ii ii t vr -11 r ZZt
The germ-proof, dust-proof, moisturo-proof, wax-sealed
wrapping keeps the
New Post Toasties
In Perfect Condition
But more important these flakes are made by a new process that gives them
a new form and a distinctive flavour, entirely dillVrent from other corn flakes.
In this new process, intense heat expands the interior moisture, producing
little pearl-like "puffs," a distinguishing characteristic of the New Post Toasties.
These flakes have a body and firmness that don't mush down, even when
cream or milk is added. Toasties come f actory-frcsh, aa crisp and delicious as
when they leave the big ovens.
Try Them and Note the New Flavour
Your grocer has them now.
Mr. Wv M. Hamilton, President,
Commercial Club, faiem, Oregon.
" Dear Sir: Your recent favor re
ceived regarding desirability of con
tinuing cooperative farm demonstra
tion work in Marion county. We are
very sorry,' indeed, that we. felt it ab
solutely necessary to order the work
discontinued. This was done on
October 6. As you arc doubtless aware,
it has been much more difficult to
finance thia work in Marion couaty
than in any of the other ten counties
in the State -where it is being carried
on Your difficulties during the laBt
three months of last year, in raising a
few hundred dollars to meet a de
ficit, made n decide to discontinue
the work thia year, before a large de
ficit was incurred.
The usual method of financing' this
work in the ten other counties of Ore
gon is for the county court to directly
appropriate one-half the sum neces
sary for the year, the State providing
an equal amount when certification of
the appropriation is mado to the office
of . the secretary of state.. In Marion
county, reluctance of tho court to ade
quately provide for the work seems, to
bo caused, more than anything else, by
the belief that there are only a few of
tho rural population who are inter
ested in it or who desire to take ad
vantage of the services of tho coun
ty agriculturist. Judging from the
conditions in the other counties in
Oregon, where the work is being car;
ried on nnd the fact thnt there were
on August 1, over 600 county ngricul
turists employed In the United States,
we believe a substantial majority of
the rural population of Marion county
nre interested in tho continuance of
this work. If it is to be continued, it
will be absolutely necessary that iin
mediate steps be taken to convince the
county court of this fact. Provision
should be made at thia time not ouly
to carry on the work to the end of
this yen r but also to continue it dur
ing 111 HI.
We feel thnt Mr. Chnpin has accom
plished a great deal in your county,
and we certainly hope financial ar
rangements may he speedily made n
order that the wrirk may be continued.
Hnetlv reviewing somo of his more
important activities we feel that his
rnuipnigna for more clover and com
have each resulted in the growing of
several thousand,, acres more of each
crop tliuu hits ever been grown before
in your county, in one season. His
well prepared plana for seven com
bined corn shows and farmers' insti
tutes at seven different places in the
county, this full, have .been enthus
iastically received and we hope may
be successfully carried out, even
though deprived of his needed super
vision, Iu organizing and planning
for the drainage of 4K,0U0 acres in the
northwestern port of the county, we
feel that he has started apiece of work
that will be of inestimable value to
the population of that section and of
the whole cnmitT. We hope this pro
ject may be curried out, now that so
much uir tin' preliminary work has
been dene. Mr. Cliapin has also given
a tremendous amount of personal help
to farmers in all parts of the county.
The Potato drowera Association, or
ganize,! under his direction, if contin
ued, is bonrnl to result in stunilarilir.
I ig the seed potato crop. Other organ-
i.alions ornmiijcd as a result of his
efforts will undoubtHblv be of great
xaliie to the county, if encouraged and
developed. In spite of things accom
plished, we ciiniiot feel but that this
work is scarcely begun and will result
in gicnt things for the agricultural
development of the county if it can
be continued,
Very truly yours,
M. O. Kvans, dr.,
Acting State Leader County Agent
Work V. 8. Iept. of Agriculture.
Next Bunday will be observed as ral
ly day by the local Salvation Army
corps at their new barracks, 334 1 2
Court street. Lieutenant Colonel T. W.
Scott, provincial officer from the head
quarters at (Seattle, will be heard dur
iug the day, and also tsff Captaia J.
Andrews, brad of the social aid indue
trial work of rortlami. The wtieee
of the day will begin t 1 o'clock in
the morning with an old fashioned kaee
drill, led by Captait Kelso, Other ere
ices of the'day will be eondueted by the
visiting officer. An Invitation to at
tend these Meeting! la extended to everybody.
why use brown talcum powder!.
"To spoak generously, to speak pre
cisely, to sfqak purely, to speak dis
cretely, to Bpeak justly, to speak en
couragingly, is a fine art, probably the
finest, the loveliest, tho grandest of all
"A character is never an accident.
"I have something big and glad to.
I tell you: One of my students is hungry
for knowledge. .
"It is not honorable to say, 'I am
so busy,' when that is not the reason.
"I am not saying now that a man
should never steal a kisB; but I do say
thiat only a cad would boast of it af
terwards. "Two characters are too wonderful
for mp. vcm. there nr threft that, nroiliw
J. Knowlton, an osteopath and student I my admiration; the sophomore who ro
of the occult, figuratively dropped "a'spects the rigiits of a freshman, the
bomb into the trial" of "Dr" 'Ralph M. freshman who can love a sophomore,
n Ti't a t 4i, ah r v. 4, 'and an upperclassman who dohghteth
v. uu .mum uwi, '"o not in a Ireshnian-sophomorc fight.
sure that the new i
Yogis, when she testified as a witness
for the defense in Judge Jurey's court
On cross examination, Deputy Prose
cutor Ilelsell asked her:
" You have testified that you do not
consider the conduct of DeBit and Mrs.
Oerber licentious. Now do you not con
sider it licentious for an unmarried
couple to occupy the sumo apartment
together J"
There wag a mild burst of applause
from a throng of Yoga followers bb Dr.
Knowlton replied;
4'1 think there are cases of necessity
when people of different sex muBt live
together, and I think this can be done
with propriety. It depends entirely
upon the character of the people con
cerned." Bhe had previously stated that there
was "never a cleaner gentleman, than
Wie was questioned as to whether she
had known DeBit and Mrs. Gerber
were not husband and wife, and in
formed the jury that she had been so
informed by Mrs. Gerber herself, who
was known as Madame Isona Deltit.
"I understood they were married un
til she told me difcreiitly," said Dr.
Knowlton. " Hie confided in me by
telling me of the awful ekperiences she
had had with her husband, lr. Gerber.
She was in an awful state of health
when she came to Seattle."
Mrs. Gerber herself real ted her reasons
for letting it be understood she was
Madame DeBit, and after she had
given nil her testimony sat at the side
of DeUit almost in a state of collapse.
Several times she whispered she
thought she was fainting,
' "I let people call me Isona DeBit,"
she said, 'in order to conceal my
identity and hide my husband, t sug
gested the change of name myself, as
l knew it would be my greatest pro
tection to take the name of Deltit.
"Mr. Deliit has been my only pro
tector and true friend. I hud lost
everything but mv child and 1 was
afraid my husband would find me and
take her from inc."
"Remember this, my son, my dauuk
ter, when you respond to the proW,'.
roll call that a zero with your
untarnished, is tar better tuan t Z
feet mark with a pain in your L
"Kisses are priceless and holy! i
girl should give the first one wit,
delicate discrimination.
"Do you know what yon might do if
yoit should utter the words that m
trembling n your lips,' You mi,
wound a heart, you niight m,in
friends, you might tarnish a reputation,
you might poison a soul, you micht &
grace yourself.
"There is tmo searching quests
that 'people are forever asking behiiC
our backs, about us: 'Can he be tinn
ed J
"Arc you angry with your motiei!
That is not a good reason wiry joj
should kick the cat.
' ' When tho day arrives to pay your
0IIJ.K To Mr. and Mrs. Albert 11.
Gille, at the Willamette Sanitarium
Thursday, October 14. 1915, a ion.
( v
rof. James I. Matthews.
Prof. Jamea Matthews, Willamette
"gi gave his annual chapel tnessnee of
wisdom and concentrated thought to
the students yesterday morning, ilis
suli.ieet was entitled "The H'Jnd Chap
ter of Proverbs,'" and U worthv of be
ing studied as much, if not moro, than
the toirty oae chapters in the Bible.
iaey are oils of wisdom that deal
whb toe aiians or everyday life, and
they covered uch ft wide territorr that
some one wit applicable to every in
dividual in kin audience.
Mm message was at follows:
"If yoo would not be caught, do not
do it
ii toe lord niauj you a blonde,
"Keep your fingers clean if you are
a treasurer manunng otjicr topics-! (lobts- moct your crC(litors e,ac'tly m
money. i tn0 minute either with the money or
"It is my responsibility ana yours to. n,4.jiv ovrilnn-Unn '
nccp uuiacivm 41k iu nnovi laic nii
tne otner moiner s precious sons aua
"When yon get your check from
home, do not buy chocolates and cut
gllnss the very first thing.
"Are you a lodger or guest in a
private home! It is not honorable for
you to tell outsiders what goes on there,
also to open bureaus, or pull out table
drawers, or touch letters not intended
for you is very dishonorable.
"The devil says, 'Only just onco, '
God says 'Pleasure forcvermore.'
' ' WJen yon nre ready to ask why a
person should be decent in the dark,
send the question by anonymous let
"Are yon away from home? Then
it is your Christian duty to write moth-
er a letter every Sunday afternoon, a;
long breezy one, telling her all about I
your studies, your -games, your friends,
your steady; and hearing sweet mes
sages to father and brothers and sis
ters, and the family dog.
" Strange logic to slap little brother,
or pull little sister's hair when you are
vexed with yourself.
"Stop, nul consider now. Suppose
you keep on acting and talking as you
ar now. Will your dear mother be
able to suy next June thnt your table
manners iinve improved, your language
is moro refined, your gonnial conduct
is better, and your character stronger
and truer
"In putting off the old and putting
on the new, as you must at college;
cleave to what is good in tho old and
"Reputations are more fracrile tlu
their glass, and more preicious thaa
"Tiiis would be a choice old worll
if every young man were as honorabk
with girls as ho would like other young
men to be with his sister.
"The finer and larger you become,
the more you will love anil appreeute
your father and mother.
' ' Do you see thct big-hearted, e
pablo, magnetic lady Sho was ohm
a tom-boy.
' ' Somo people think the liigiibroar
not a pretty boy; but his folks w
dreadfully stuck up -when the rejiori'
come home.
"God knows."
Skin Muddy?
Dull eyes, blotches and other skin
blemishes result from a disordered di
gestion. Purify the blood, tone the
stomach, gently stimulate the liver and
regulate the bowels and bile with
Urcert Sal. of Any M.dicina to AaWotM.
Sold ayarywhara. In boxea, 10c, J5c
Big line of Waists, House, Dresses Silk Goods, Men's and Sort'
Suits, Pants and Overalls, Ladles', Gents, and Children's Underwent.
Oversbirts, Sweaters and Shoes. Ladies' and Children's Taney Drewes,
Neckwear, Ladies' and Genu Hosierr, Gloves, Comforters, Blanket.
Embroideries, Laces and Mattings.
We make up Dresses, Wrappers, Kimonas and White Underwear. All
goods selling at lower prices.
I : Salem'
s Educational Directory
Schools and Colleges
Capital Normal and Industrial School,
terra oi ia weeKi opens September 1315 r Ti.tent.
13th and Wilbur Streets, Salem I. H. Van Winkle, Dean of La
Willamette University
Openi Septomber M Jo
Music and Art
Miss Beatrice Sbdton Dan F. Langcnberg
Teacher of I'iano. Basso-C'antsnte
Studio 345 Marion St. rhone 12U0 Vocal Tia. her
rrank E. Churchill, I'ianis.e. h&llJf
Pupil of Emil Liebling, Cricago; gradu- SluJl 31" pi. -079
ate of Western Conservatory, Chicago. m
Studio Booms 1-2, Opera House Bide.
Res. Thone 1671-R. ,
Elma Waller .
Miss Luclle Barton Fianist -
Teacher of Voire and Theory Llnhitezky Tecbnio and Dun'iiOg w
Studio Koom 404 Hubbaid Bldg. llesl tcm Of Improved Music ftuuy
donee 1017 North Twentieth street. Beci"""! 'ii
I'hone 564. rhone 1.151 635
William Wallace Graham
Teacher of Violin v
Pupil of Soyal High 8chool, Berlin, Germany, under J1"'nin''?
teau, Ualir and Market Letters of highest commendation fro Br
Nine and o half years European eipericnco. A specialty made o
gisnert. ,
Swdio oa SAturCkVi of aeh week at Hotel Marion. w rr'"'',,,
phone hotel w liquire of Mias Mary Sc&nltx, Assistant, 180 . 2l Cl"
Those 1547-M.