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Phillies Out-batted, Oat-pitched
and Out-classed Clear
Through Series
By Fred S. Ferguson.
(I.'uitcd Press ittaff correspondent.)
Philadelphia, Oi't. l:t. Unml pitching
filmie does not win ball games. One
mi ii runuot curry along un entire club.
It takes I. i no, fight
ing and scratching
fur every little ad-
r ' vantage, and some
two or three who
arc able to deliver
a healthy poke
when Hiiiil poke in
If any domon
Ht rut inn of thso
facts in necdi d
they are furnished
by tho world' se
ries between the
Chillies and Tied Sox which today in
about to be hurled into the past with
Boston standing forth an the world's
Yesterday's game held to the high
pitching mark set from the start of the
series. There were a few more nicks
here and there, but the Chillies onn
fell flat with men on bases. Kight
were thus stranded. Repeatedly the
possible winning or tieiiig run was lin
gering on the paths. Would follow a
weak splutter, a pop out and hope was
over. The Ked Hox have shown all the
class since the start. Their fielding
lias been sharper, their batting strong
er and their pitching gilt edged.
They also furnished the heroes of the
series Lewis, Foster and Leonard.
2 for 25C COLLAR
Only An Avalanche of Solid
Run Getting and Another
of Luck Can Save Day
By George B. Holmes.
( I' nited Cress staff correspondent.)
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. Only a sudden
avalanche of solid run getting and hit
ting can prevent the world's ohiim-
pioiiHiup from go
ing to Boston the
home of champion
ships. Tt is consid
ered doubtful
whether even this
can cheat the Ke.d
Hon of their prize
nt this eleventh
hour, i especially
when the class of
pitching they are
certain to get is
considered. The
weather for whnt
many believe will bo the lust game of
the world's series was as near per
fect as a kindly weatherman could
manufacture. The sun wus on the job
early, anil growing stronger as the
gong time neared.
It was Alexander again, just as it
was Alexander on the first day and
again Monday. Mayer and Chalmers
failed to deliver, and liixey is uncer
tain. Besides, the Ited Sox murder
left hand pitching. Alexander appear
ed to bo the only chance anil u bud
one at that, from the way those Bos
touians are walloping the ball.
Against him Carrigan will probably
pit Foster, the westerner who single
liandcd won Hnturday's game. It was
rumored that C'arrigan Is going to give
wm&m mm
J? "... .
Business Is Good
There is such a rush of business there now that they
have been compelled to put on more help and enlarge
the Sheet Music Department to take care of the con
stantly increasing number of customers.
Adds Another Piano Line
In addition to the already large list of standard
Pianos carried, they have just added another and
very popular ont
The Knahe Bros. Piano
Manufactured by the sons of the late Win. Knabe.
Geo. C. Will
Public Auction
At Gate to Fair Grounds, Silverton Iload
Thursday, October 11, 10 a. m. Sharp
Consisting of: ;'0 Dressers, 42 Bedsteads, 115 Mat
tresses and a large quantity of Blankets, Quilts,
Sheets, Pillows, Bed-Spreads, Linoleum, Carpets,
Curtains, Restaurant Stools, Office Desk, etc.
Formerly in Elite Cafe and Hotel, Salem.
"Babe" Ruth a chance in this last
game, but Foster is generally favored.
The Ked Hox, individually and col
lectively, are out to wind up the se
ries today. They have a confidence
born of beating every pitcher sent
against them.
"We're going to wind it up," said
Lewis, the individual star of the series.
"I want to get buck to California and
so do Harry Hooper und Kitten Leon
ard. If Foster pilcncs today,- one run
is all he needs to win and we'll give
him that in u hurry."
(Spectators who have witnessed the
series marvelled at the Phillies' lack of
fight. Repeatedly in every game, win
ning runs huve been waiting on the
paths without evoking any great burst
of enthusiasm from the Philitdclphians.
True, they have lust each contest by
only one run, but they can consider
Hie'mselves fortunate in getting by. so
Yet, the I'hiliies have a fairly good
alibi, for never in the history of the
autumnal classic has any team faced
Mich pitching as the Quaker City boys
ate up against.
Only Way To Cure This Disease Is To
Destroy Ita Cause.
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. The 1'hillies
made a last trench defense against the
near champion Ked Sox this afternoon
befifro u crowd that just comfortably
filled the Philadelphia band box park.
There was none of that mad rushing
for seuts today. An hour before game
time there were still several hundred
seats unoccupied in the bleachers. The
first two games saw the same seats fill
ed at 10 o'clock. All of which proves
again that moss grown wheeze that
fickle faudoni would rather cheer a
winning teum than pay good money to
shed tears with a losing one.
It looked for a time as if there was
to be no game. The engine which drew
both principals from Huston developed
dyspepsia somewhere in the wilds of
New Jersey and did not make Phila
delphia, until shortly before noon.
Whoever juggles the weather could
better lob. The dav was
almost sultrv, with a hot sun pouring
.. ! t I 1 1
ilown on rno neiu uiiii uncovered poi
tions of the stands.
The Phillies came on the field as soon
as they could hustle off tho truin und
into their suits. The Keil Hox imn 'i
show up until almost 1 o'clock. The
crowd was rather apathetic, today be
fore the game in marked contrast with
its behavior last week. Even wheu
Niehoff, who has yet to break into the
hit, column slammed n ball during bat
ting practice into the right field fence,
it exhibited only mild interest.
The Ked Sox hud great sport knock
lug the ball over the short right field
wall during butting practice. Ruth,
Speaker, Gardner and Lewis were
ttmmwr tlinun who nniiised tho blonoher-
ites. Half an hour before game time
Cnrriguu had given no intimation
whether his pitching selection would be
Foster or Kuth. They were the only
Boston liurlers to participate in the bat-'
ting practice, tor riniiiueipnia niox
ander nlom' batted against the warm
up pitchers. The line-up:
Huston: Hooper, rf.t Pcott, as.;
Speaker, ef.; lloblitzel, lb! Lewis, If.;
Gardner, lib; flurry,-!!!).
Philadelphia: Stock, .'lb; Bancroft,
ss.( Paskert, cf.j Cravath, rf.; Ludems,
lb; Whitted, lf.( Niehoff, 2b.
Umpires: Klein at. tho plate, O'Loiiglt
lin on bases, Kvaas left field foul line,
Kigler right field foul lino.
flatteries: Philadelphia Mayer and
Burns; Boston Foster and Tliomas.
The Phillies cheered as thev swapped
the sidelines for the infield shortly
before game time. Humors of a shake
up in the Mortin infield were set at
naught when Niehoff worked out nt
his accustomed post nt second and
Mt.u.U i-i,miimwl 1mm nliice at third. Killi-
I fer was working at the home pinto for
t lie rniiucs.
(i.ii-.irnitr llrimiliiinirh and a nartv of
I state officials attended today's game,
I occupying the same box that President
, IIS1UI UUI rmiiuiniv.
By A Specialist.
If you have catarrh and want to get
rid of it you must kill the germs which
cause catarrh. Stomach dosing, oint
ments, sprays, creams, douches, etc., fail
because they overlook this fact. They
all help by giving temporary relief but
they do not reach the germ life that
has found lodgement in your head, nose,
throat, and could not destroy it if they
The best known way of destroying
the dangerous germs of Caturrh and
consequently ending the disease itself,
is to breathe into the air passages of
your nose and throat tiie pleasant, pene
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purest oil of Kucalyptus combined with
other powerful, healing, antiseptic and
germicidal ingredients. Vou breathe it
through a little pocket inhaler which
Daniel J. Fry and other leading drug
gists in Salem and vicinity are furnish
ing with every complete treatment sold.
F.very time you inhale tho sweet, fra
grant air (if Ilyomei through this little
device you r.ro drawing into your swoll
en, inflamed, germ laden membranes a
medicated air which will not only re
duce all the swelling mid inflammation
and open your clogged nose nnd stop-pcd-tip
air passages, but will absolute
ly and positively destroy every trace
of Catarrh germ life It reaches. Drug
gists are so sure of the blessed, lasting
relief that Hyomci brings to catarrh
sufferers that they sell it invariably
on the positive guarantee that money
paid will be refunded if successful re
sults are not secured from its use. Get
a ilyomei outfit from your druggist to
day and begin at once to drive this
dangerous and disgusting disease from
your Bystem forever.
The Froshmau-Sophomorc bag-rush
will be staged nt 3:30 this nfternoon
on the football field.
The freshmuu line-up is made up of:
Jackson, captain; Maun, Minton, San
difur, ilnll, Kdwards, Atterberry, Mar
sters, Priddy and Castillo, The sopho
more line-up is not definitely known
but will probably be the following:
Knkin, Austin, Bowers, Haight, Lyons,
Miller, McQueen, Metcalf, Alathews
and Keefer.
If the freshmen win they will have
gained the right to paint their num
erals on the grandstnnd.
Mr. L. B. Anderson, an old Willam
ette graduato, spoke to the students nt
chapel this morning, lie stated that
the student body was like tho waves of
the ocean it was a permanent thing but
continually coming and going.
The only excuse tnnt n denomina
tional college has for its existence is
that it aims to tench the students a
knowledge of biblical questions which
they otherwise might not hnvo had the
opportunity to get.
Out for a good time last night a
bunch of W. U. seniors concluded to
call on several of the "Hooks" and
seo If they wero happy and contented
in their new quarters. Entering one
freshman's room they were met by the
husky occupant urmed with a baseball
bat, ho had liennl the approach and
concluded it wus a (,'nng of sophomores
nfter his scalp. After some few re
marks were passed he was persuaded
to forget about the world 's chnmpio-n
ship series nnd disarm. There's noth
ing like being ready for an emergency
was his soliipioy.
Sail .Francisco
Salt Lakt
l.o Angeles
Vernon t.. 3 100
H.S 10.1
75 100
Yesterdny'a Results.
At Los Angeles Los Angeles
4, Portland 3.
At San FranciscoVernon 9,
Oakland 3.
Tho agricultural department reports
a 12 per cent greater production of
American honey this year than Inst.
This is exclusive of tho park bench,
hammock mid canoe output.
With that billion bushel Russian crop
the Czar, otherwise short of ammuni
tion, might s'.ioot the Germans full of
puffed wheat.
The million tons of salt that Mr.
Consul Snodgrnss tells about Russia
producing, may all be needed to pre
sorvo the empire.
Also, speaking of cheoso, the Notting
ham, Kuglnnd, checsemnliers claim to
have mnde an improvement on limburg
or. As cheeses go, an "improvement"
can mean but one thing, The new
"Nottingham" must beggar conception.
If you had something that was brealdng
all selling records, winning new users
i;' faster than anything of its sort ever
sold, what would you do ?
Sit down? Or back the
winner and double the
1 o
sales r
The Cigarette
of Quality
Alto packed in packages
of 20 for 10c
We are backing the winner
' Therefore, r
winch have hy unaided merit become the biggest selling brand
of 5c cigarettes in this country,
Now contain a coupon
redeemable for any present in our catalogue.
FREE! "nrjg tKe month of October we will fupply FREE our illustrated catalogue of
Handsome Presents whicn you can obtain for Piedmont coupons. Send your name
and address on a postal and we will mail it to you ; or get your copy at our Premium Department,
331 Battery Street, San Francisco.
oi ijwi, lueir uiuer siuituuru auu awAJiu.e
These choruses will be drilled in or- principal Garnett, the pupils are show-
igiual English carols, standnrd college ing the right school spirit and ar
songs and familiar operatic selections, eager to enter iuto the larger activi-
and by next spring, it is the intontons ties of a .innior high.
Thousands Have Discovered Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets are
a Harmless Substitute
ToMo, Oct. 111. The I'nlversity of
t'liicimo baseball team, led by "Pat"
liige, took a sensational gnnie from
i Wnsoiln university 1 to 0. Tho Wescd
batters were hold to throe hits while
: Chicago was gar-ioriug six. Fach side
! got an error. Score:
; it. h. k.
chicnuo - I 1
'Vnsodn 0 3 1
We cannot Imagine why the Germans
wont t so much trouble getting up that
asphyxiating gns bomb while they still
had liitiburttor choose.
Why Not tr
Columbia QUALITY Carbons?
Made in Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed from
Kch Sheet.
Columbia Carbon Faper Mfg. Co.
33rd ft lirouJwsy, Portland, Ore.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets the iubstl
tula for calomel are a nilUJ but sure laxa
tive, and llielr effect on the liver Is almost
Instantaneous. Tliy lire the result of Dr.
Kilwunls' dotvniilnutlon not to treat liver
nd bowel complainta with calomel. Ills
efforts to banluli U brought out these little
oMvs-coloitd lubKts.
These pleasant llttl tablets do the (rood
that calomel does, but have no bad after
effect. Tliey don't Inlure tlie teeth, like
slronn liquids or culomi l. They take bold
of the trouble and quickly correct It by
cure the liver lit the expense of the teeth r
Calomel Sometimes pluvs havoo with the
Rums, Ho do Klronu lUmid. '
It Is best not to take calomel, but to let
Dr. Kdwuids' Olive Tablets tuke Its place.
Most headaches, "dullness" nnd that
Inny feelluit come from constipation nnd a
disordered liver. Take Or. KdwrK Olive
Tablets whn you feel "loKiiy" and
"heavy. Nolo bow they "clear clouded
brain and how they "peril up" the eplrlle.
At toe mid Sic per box. All dniRHUts.
The Olive Tablet Company, Columbus, a
When In SALEM, OEEOON. stop nt
Strictly Modem
Tth and Private Baths
BATES 75c, S1.00, 1.60 FEB DAT
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all Depots. Theatres and
Capitol Uuildinga.
A Home Away from Home
T. O. BLIOH, rrop.
Bota rhonea. Froe Auto Bus.
held twice a month, special work will of those in charge of the music to pro
be assigned to various boys. Certain sent an operetta, or some form of nm
boys will- be assigned to the fire hose, sical entertainment.
others to the fire extinguishers and oth- And not to be out-done by the hign
ers to search each room to see that all scnool, the boys are already taiicing oi
have responded to the call. forming an orchestra. This plaa mafl
i Plans are bein? made for tho orirani- not. hn parried nut for a month or more.
zntion of two or three choruses by Miss As a junior high school, the pupil
" Miller, who has charge of music in the seem to feel that thev should live up to
. , t. . . school. their higher standard and according to
inn uaiiiiiKiuii ih-iioui, uuw inui ll in
the Wlasiiington junior high, is prear
ing to carry out the idea of a junior
hiirh school bv orennizinir various stu
dent bodies and taking on student bodyi
... 1. I A. - J 1 1 .. I
regular high schools.
With 370 pupils in the iunior high,
the' work of organizing the pupils is
being pushed forward by the principal,
F. 8. Garnett and his corps of 12 teach-1
ers in the junior high work and fourj
in the primary grades. I
Following the custom of high schools,
a student body was prganized yester-
nay, wnica win govern, to a groat ex-;
tent tho social as well as other activities!
of the three upper grades. Although;
the election will not be neld until next;
Monday, candidates for tho positions j
in the student bodv have been nomin-l
ntod as follows: For president, Phillip
.laskoski and Archie Iloltj for vice
president, Kuth Gibson and IOtlia
hrist-oll; for secretary-treasurer, Kliza
both Leonard and Karl Suafer. The
successful candidato for president will
appoint the various committees.
Take Up Athletics,
In order to bring the athletics of the
school up to a high standard, an ath
letic association has been formed to
govern all the athletics of the junior
high and to arrange for games with
tho other two schools. Grant and Lin
coln. A boy is expected to keep up'
his studies, bo regular in attendance1
and show the proper school spirit be-1
fore becoming a member of tha ath
letic association. The officers are,
president, Cecil Schnfer; vice-president,!
Pnryl Kvans; secretary and treasurer,
Clifford Itiisev; Iavid Brace, athletic'
director of the school, with William1
tlnuipboll and Phillip Jaskoski form tho!
governing committee. ;
The girls in the nintj grade, or high-i
est class in the school, iiave organized (
an athletic, association and will tnke;
their exercise in playing basket ball. i.
door base ball and volley ball. This
class in their athletic work will soon
be ready to lxgin the fall work m.l
have elected Lucy Leonard as president
Maxiuti Uuren for vice-president and,
Ksther Parounagian for secrotorv and1
Another organization to be formed
this wk is that of a fire drill team, in
which during the fire drill, Uat will be
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