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-the Offiersl
Oregon State Day Will
Be Great Attraction
Be with the store that makes a successThe Chicago Store.
We do the business, and the more goods we sell the cheap-
er you can buy, as our motto is large sales and small prof- 1
its. You will miss an opportunity if you do not call at our g
store regularly, as we are receiving tons of new merchan-gif;
dise daily. Space does not permit us to mention all the
goods and prices that we have, BUT HERE ARE A FEW:
Ladles' Velvet and
Shapes, all new; $1.00,
$1.50 and $2 49c and
Trimmed Hats, Sailors, Tur
' bans, etc., to $1.50, CI 4Q
$2, $2.50 98c and pli'lJ
' Latest New York styles trim
med Hats, $3.50 to (TO r A
$6.00 $1.98 to P).JU
75c, $1.00 and $1.25 Chil
dren's Velvet, Corduroy, re
Cloth Hats 49c and 0JC
'Blankets and Bedding"
E'i (Capital Journal Special Service.)
I'll Oregon Building, Panama-Pacific
I Exposition, Oct. 7. Oregon State day
ijjat the exposition has been set for
2 .Monday, October 30. This is an fx-
W position arrangement and' on that day
Mi all the honors thnt can be heaped upon
; t ne weaver sinie uy uie exposition oi
! fie.inls will b forthcoming. This mentis
that tho chief dignitaries, "as well as
i the leaner luminaries, of this grentest
of nil fairs will don silk tiles and other
: prescribed paraphernalia, gather them
selves into automobiles and with Uov
emor Wittivcombe tn the front car.
ill follow the exposition and Marine
bands to the Oregon building, and
there in the shadow of the modern
Parthenon wax eloquent over the
i glorious achievements of the shite to
I the northward, (ioveruor Witbyconibe,
whose business in life it has been to
j make "two blades of grass grow where
1 but one has grown before, will prob
ably be asked to plant a tree where
none has grown before, und iu the
name of the great stnto of Oregou he
may receive a plaque, or, more niisto-
' commemorative
85c and $1 Cotton Blankets, tan,
gray and white, sale,
59c and vJC
$1.50 and $1.75 Domet Blankets,
11-4 size, for double QQ
beds . fOC
12-4 Wool Nap Blankets, extra
heavy, regular $2.50
and $3.00 :
All Wool Blankets,
quarter size,
at J...I2.98, $3.45 and
11 and 12
Full size Pillows, filled with
odorless feathers, regular
75c value ...r
K3 1 crntically speaking a
111 medal."
i i All in all, Oregon day will be some
mi ! large occasion, and during the entire
in i lime governor vtnnvcomoe ana nis
4UC M l'nrty are here, tliere will be things do
from W. W. fcewis, of Merrill; Idaho; -3
Rural from Claude Hill, at Mt. I.aki.
Klamath live wires and Representa
tive 1'hil Sin nott are Trying to liBt 100
for a special one-fare excursion on the
17th, good for oni. week. Several
groups have enrolled, already.
Other New Displays.
I.ane county has entered (he list
with another mineral water 12 cases
of fluid from the Calnpooin springs.
Tliere is quite a rivalry on between
the sections that want to be known as
the Carlsbad of America, The Ashland
I.ithin Springs has a large display, the
Cascadiu waters are on tap and White
l'elicau water from Klamath are dis
puting at a terrific rate. Ashland's
"Siskiyou" water is also in the game.
John I'hilip, chairman of the Colum
bia Development committee, has just
sent down a display of fruits and vege
tables that Columbia may be on the
map. Some of this is from school gar
dens ami 1111 or it looks good.
The Willamette Valley association
has sent somo apples and pears but.
they would not tnke a prize anywhere.
Mr. Beebe, of l.ane county, has his
name on some new exhibits of D'An.jou
pears, 20 ounce apples, King, Klhertn
peaches, and Snow apples. 1). M. Fried.
of Salem, hus some prunes on display.
til, Al-
IT" "V.
t'N!""vtKt ;
In the southern Oregon booth
72 by 90 Bed Sheets, full
bleached, regular k Q
66c quality 4jC
85o ..and $1.00 Bed Comforts,
good weight for ordinary r Q
uses JjC
$1.25 Crocheted Spread, full
size for double beds, nr
sale .....I IOC
Ladies' and Children's
Winter Coats
Ladies' $10.00 and $12.00 English
Kersey, Plush and Cloth Coats
Ladles' Carlcule, Plush, Persian
Lamb Coats, $12.50, $15.00 and
Ladies' $17.50 and $20.00 Long
Plush and Novelty Coats on
Sale at
Misses' and Children's Coats,
Corduroys, Carlcules, and Novel
ty Tweeds, $2.50, $4.50 and up
to $7.60
$1.98, $3.90
Ladles' and Children's Fleece
Lined Cotton Bibbed Vests, Pants
and Union Suits; all sizes, In
both children's and ladies'
23c and 48c
18c, 20c and 25o Hosiery for
Ladles and Children; Cotton Bib
bed or Fleeced. All sizes. Fast
10c and 18c -
Men's and I
Men's $10 and $12 Suits, gray,
blues, browns, all
sizes, sale
Men's Heavy Overcoats, $10 and
$11 values, on q F A
sale at - pU.OV
Boys' Enlcker Pants for school
wear, sale price now 39c, 49c and
75c. Boys' School Suits, new
line, this week, (PQ QQ
......$1.98, $2.45 and fO.HJ
35c Fresh Boasted Coffee, our
special blend,
'45c and 50c English Breakfast
and Ceylon Teas; buy Oft
for cash at' OjC
Aster Brand Condensed Milk
Krinkle Corn 9C.
Flakes 4, for LuC
Full count Safety Matches, Pa
cific Coast product, 1 iti
dozen boxes ... tiwC.
rt . 1. t .1 ,a . . . 1 'i 1 iirrt .luiiiinun, .u uiiu, sunns new
9 i LVftSt m !eh LS vi!? ' C Boyd, Oold HUl, has Com-
jjj ity as the governor will stnad for, and
11 in every way possible, effort will be
U made to bring Oregon to the forefront.
M ' Crowds of Oregoniaiii, Here will help
t!very materially and those who deluy
ji their visit for the two weeks of whicii
1 October 30 is the center will find much
Ujof interest extraordinary at the ex
mj position. October 21st ushers in horti
mi culturul week, which will be a hummer,
EJland at the same time tho fall flawer
show will be under way. The stock
El i show will bo in full blast until the
U ! middle of November and November 2d
Cold Dust make
pan look 10 new
That they gleam
at mirror do.
active cleaner.
is lnexoensive. -r.
U- ., . 5c and larger
se the amount package
the directions on for sale
the package tell v7ber
you to use, dissolved in water.
It cleans pot and pun and every
thing irom kitchen utensil to the
finest woodwork, without icratching
or marring.
Follow the simple direction cn every
package oi Gold Dust.
is (Sun Fruncigoo tluy. Tho Intter in cor
the greatest day of special events and u' f r?Z 'f ' 1
festivity of the-fuir period. Tho weath- ' ""TH ly. . 'V'1 .
er continues perfect, and those who
know Han Francisco best say thnt
"settled" weather may be counted on
until near December.
Klamath Gets Spurt On.
Sixteen hundred fept of movie film.
' mado in Klamath county by a Klamath Ijund. They are succeeded by Cominis
Hi county man, is an added attraction in , siouer and Mrs. K. A. Booth, of Ku
mm t xhu iregou uuiiuiug s meat re. i uis , gem,
zi shows some magnificent forests nnd Aliss Nellie Murphey, of Eugene, was
a farm scenes and mountain clones ot a truest of Hostess Oruv lust week
ice pears of size and beauty, and A.
M. Wright, of Medford, has sent down
some superb lemon cling peaches.
Clatsop county and Astoria jtro now
,preHenU'd in ctlo :Ongon building
quite effectively. A self-operating
"stereoinotograph" shows about 60
excellent colored slides every ten min
utes and these give a comprehensive
idea of the industries anil general ac
tivity of thnt city and county, together
with glimpses of scenery, roads, farms,
and farming. This miniature picture
show is watched by muny und greutly
the crowds are keeping up, and they
I his makes
fine sam
ples of fresh fruits and vegetables
shall come in from all Oregon districts
Oregon Building Notes.
Commissioner and Mrs. O. M. Clurk
left Monday for their home at l'ort
f A A ofva OfaoiMM
13: that region. This is attracting a great
U deal of attention. It is generally nd
Mjmitted that there is not a better pie
jturo shown on the grounds than thnt
H nf the Oreirnn buildinir. Klnmiith tins
tl also been freshening or brondening its (. Long, T. J. O'Koefe and T. B. Cook
I county display. There i now a fine came from the Rose City to attend the
M displny of comb and liquid honey, sent
" 1... u a vnfni.n., . n.,ni. i ,
VJ Alt aVIil IA I.IIVI , Hipi. n 11,1,
come from M. Bnrnuni, of Merrill;
while cn route to New . York via the
raiuimn ennui to study inusie. the com
ing winter and Judge Henry M. Cake
and son, Judge Hume, of l'ortlaud,
were nmong tho visitors recently. A
fire chiefs activities,
Winnie Heott, of Mulheur, and Mr.
und Mrs. Harry Cochrum, of Ontario,
were in recently. Mr. and Mrs. 1, B.
Keating, Kli Wright and Dr. Ira Bar
You Must See Our Goods and note their quality before you can
realize the values we are giving.
The Greater . Chicago Store
Ulpeurs from H. F. Murdoch; of Keno;
tJ fornce plants from L, ('. Sisemore, Ft.
Klamath; celery from Fred Xitchcliii; i tie, of Coos Bay, registered within
a'" 1 M u M..-U:ll. 11. ...1 1. ....... .. ' .l....u
M UI e IS, il. r,. jl L-1 1 111, A1l I I'll II i jMiiiiik"'n nit; J'lini irn hiij n.
1. 0. 0. F. TO CONVENE
Many Salem Members Plan
ning To Attend Marion
County Convention
The Marion county I. O. O. F. con
vention will be held in Hubbard, Sat
urday, October 9, and many of the Sa
lem members of the Odd Fellows are
Patriarch, Portland. ,
Evening session, 7:30 p. m.
Short business session of convention.
Regular meeting of Hubbard Lodge
No. "0, I. O. O. F.
Work in initiatory Degree by Chcm
eketa Lodgo No. 1.
W. H. Hobson, P. O. M.; T. W. Rich
es, P. O. R.; F. X. Wrightmau, Y. O.;
E. P. Morcom, P. O.; D. F. Eastburn, P.
G. Program committee.
Rcbekahs invited, to attend after
noon session.
Exporter Says Wheat
Laid Down In England
Costs Him Oyer $1.50
grain and merchandise. Evidently she!
rei eiviil muiu i,iuitvt, vuuu iuv wmymj
would have- obtained hnd it sent the
vessel to this coast.
Bates Are Compared.
"Then let ns take a look at the rates
hufncM lK u-ni- nu I'finninreil with those
Portland, Or., Oct. 7. "We are tend-J of today. Wheat, from New York to
. . . . , Liverpool or Loadoa before the war
ing to our bus.ness, sawing wood and t 3 (Mh ,he bnRho To.
buying some wheat, in spite of tho mi- ;Jav tne rat(J rnges from 3 to 40
crobes that try to berate us," said M. i cents. From Portland before the wnr
H. Houser, wheat exporter here, when the rate on wheat was 32 smiling H
, .1 1 : . . nenco bv steamer, which is euuivnlent
asaeu aooui, me .nnuun.emeM, , . - , , , To(1ly lll8 rate
planning to attend. 8. H. Heltzol will . J
. V . .! 1 '
preside at rne eonvcmiun nu mo iv
gram includes a number of prominent
eakcrs at both the afternoon and ev
ening session.
The following is the program.
Open session at I. O. O. F. hall, at 2
p. m.
Roll call of officers.
Reading minutes of last convention.
Address of welcome, Ueo. i. ih-ck, i.
(I.. Hubbard, No. 76.
Response, V. II. Hobson, P.'O. M.f
Stayton, No. 64.
tieneral business of convention.
"Whv Kvery Odd Fellow Should be
a Rebeknh," bra Coser, grand socre
tarv Rebekah Assembly.
"Truth," Henry S. Westbrook, D.
M Portland.
"Object and Aims of the Conven
tion." M. M. Saver. P. O.. Silver No.
LM -
" "Whv Am I An O.MTellow," E. P.
Morcom, P. O., Woodburn, No. 102. I
"The Beauties of Patriarchal Odd'
Fellowship," Robt Andrews, Grand
France reported a lull save
on the wings where Ocrnian
attacks were repulsed. A vio
lent battle from Lens to La
Basse on' the French left wing,
was raging.
Russia reported that the Ger
mans bad abandoned invasion of
northern Polnnd after setting
afire tho city of Ossowic. Tho
annihilation of an Austrian
army corps and 'the taking of
Marmaros-Hziget, Hungary, by
Russinn iu a six-day' battle,
also was claimed.
jbeen caller at Hjiokaiie for next Satur- i
i Mr. Houser 's name had been men-! ,,u.".h.V!.,1'.il,.','wn in Li,ven'?01
! t i . . i -i "J'aving vu coins ror wnear. at i-ori-
. ay with the view of asking i federa : g,0 , th
investigation of the methods em,dove.l w u wj1 ,)e ,.
by wheat buyers of tho Pacific, north- ; $ r h(J
tioried in an article printed in the
Spokesman-Review of last Sunday, tho
iarticlo stating that "tho farmers will
'present charges that a few men last
g ' season and one man this season, M. II.
j. ! Houser of Portland, monopolized con-
T ! trol of all the available ship charters
for transportating the wheat crop. They
will claim that this is in violation of
United States laws prohibiting re
straint of trade."
"Judging from tho newspaper clip-
pings 1 have been shown and report
What ilu we get for the wheat in
England I
"Well, we eet all we can; we sell
when selling is good, and if we don't
somebody is going to get leit. '
The firm of Houser k Co. ha 20
vessels encaged to carry wheat from
Portlund to Europe "this full and win-1
Hop Shortage Is Large Ac
cording To Best Available
Tiio following circular letter has been
seat by tho Oregon Hopgrow era' asso
ciation to all members of tho association:
"Wo desire to place before; vou a
condensed statement of Die world 's hop
crop for the yenr HI IS, which wo have
gathered from every reliable source in
In (Icrmnnv and Austria
her vivacity tended to drive away tho
cares of the day under which the presi
dent labored.
Announcement of tho engagement
followed a small dinner party lust nigiu
lit the White House, on tho eve of Sec
retary McAdoo'a departure for the Pa
cific, coast. Previously Washington hail
hujird some rumors of uu executive
romance, but none of these stories ever
received the slightest confirmation.
Heuee oft'iciul coaf irmution came as a
distinct surprise to Washington society
and the nation at large.
Society here welcomed the announce
ment as presaging, in their opinion n
new em of social activity in the Whilo
House. Ever since the Wilson udmir
istration bgun, society events iu Wash
ington have been at comparatively low
ebb, because of tho absence of V!iit
House leadership iu tho usual brilliunb
Whilo it is not definitely determined
that the wedding ceremony will be in
the White House, it is expected it will
be, although Mrs, Gait inalutuins her
own home iu the fashionable DuponU
circle district. In accordance with tho
president's dtisiro for simplicity and be
causo of his distaste for ostentation,
the affair is expected to be confined to
closo former and personal friends.
A year or so ol'u, Dr. Cary N. Gray
sou, the president's physician, met Misti
Gertrude Gordon, shu introduced him to
Mrs. Norman Gait, her guardian. Dr.
Grayson introduced Mrs. Gait to Mist
Helen Woodrow Bones, the president M
cousin. Miss Bone introduced her to
Miss Margaret Wilson, tho president ':i
daughter. Atiss Wilson introduced Airs.
Unit' to her father.
This ail occurred in the fall of 1D14.
I am very happy," is all Mrs. Gull
lenst a, livi.ig price for their proline- j W(m,() wiy t(lllliy ,.uii,.ernlng the en-
ihiingo on English money and freight
has also been a iletiitneut, but this as
you will notice from tho papers, is ad
justed. In our opinio.) tho prico of a
commodity is ultimately regulated by
supply ami coiisiiuipriuu, Demand can
have but. a temporary effect on the
market. Existing conditions are a
good example of this. ,
" I'nder normal conditions tho crop
of 1 . 1 5 would be selling at 20 to 2.'
cents per pound, owing to the short
erojxt in tho world, and we believe that
if the growers use good judgment they
will get fair prices. One of our repre
sentative ,jut returned from California
reports that thn association of that
stute and the growers in generjil look
at tho situation the some ns wo do."
The annual circulars of tho London
hop dealers are of a bullish tenor.
America i looked to make up the de
ficiency In Hie supply of hops, but an
early market is not promised.
Tho review of .1. T. Noakes & Co., of
Londo'i, say:
"Wo cannot estimate, ton total pro-
our nower.
tho crop is nno thlrd to one-half theiduction at morn than 2110,000 cwt, rep
size of lust year's harvest. England i resenting a trifle over half a year's re-
IH now estimated at 2iU,UIHJ ewt.., as , ipim-iin-ui ui mo nrewern, uiKlUK l"
against S07.000 cwt. of last year. The
American yield is about as follows:
California t. 10.1,000
Oregon, 75,000 to 80,000
Washington, about .TI.OOO
New York, 10,000 to 12,000
ter. Other exporting rirni", according
to the shipping lists, have about 20
vessels under elmrter for similar busi
ness, making .10 in nil. Tho bulk of tho
steamers were tnuen at Hft lulling.
I while the sailing vessel
Total 2:12,000
"In Belgium, Russia, France and (in
licia there went practically no imps
grown this year. England's normal
to consideration the reduced consiinip'
tion of beor through closing rextrlc
"Wo do not anticipate a very early
opening of trade in the new crop, ns
tho brewers hold a certain amount nf
stock, therefore, we ndvise our friends
to he in no hurry at tho commencement
but to exercise putie'ice, which wn f 'c
sure will no jusiuieii iy Tne result.
I'atteuileu & Smith sny: "As to the
prospect of tne trade, brewer are
have received, John C. Lawrence, ' ' ,.
i -...i.. r.t .I,. i.ii mil. from 8.j to 0 sliming.
formerly a member of the public util
A German cruiser and two jty commission at Spokane, heads the
gunboat were reported unk
by Jaunpeso fire at Tsing Tau.
Germany claimed the capture
of fort Kessel and Brochcm
and predicted the full of Ant
werp within a few days. Re
pulse and envelopment of the
French line wa claimed.
Belgium' government moved
from Antwerp to Ostend and
the populace of Antwerp was
reported fleeing.
A British submarine sank a
German dutroyer off the
mouth of the Em.
"You are as well as
your stomach"
A word to the wise is sufficient.
Stomach Bitters
Tor Indirtion. PTnpopsU,
ComtipAtion and MaUri.
, n l . . Tl. 1 t
.movement. Ho doc, not seen, very " 0oU,,t we are tl)1(1) ,.
Ivcrsed in transportation matter nori '". ,., , ..... , '
how to obtain information relating to
rate andhi.-ping. Zo lne. How much will that re
"As for the charge that I maintain ' 1u,' ,MC I""''"
'a monopoly of the shipping of lhe , ,
ikiuhent. trn.in. I ean nnlv snv that it is
very flattering, indeed, if we pause ior
'a moment and think of the enormous;
i: amount of tonnage afloat," explained I
m j Mr. Houser. 1
Mr. Lawrence is ipioted a having!
snid thnt tho advance n ocean freight
from Pacific, coast point over the rate
in effect a vcr ago amount to be
tween 40 and 50 cent the bushel, vet
this does not explain the difference be
twmm the local iirica baid for wheat
Mr. Houser soy that there no my
terv nbout what rate are.
'"'For an illustration let me say that
I offered ( shilling ir the steamer
Portland to rrry a cargo of wneat from
Chicago, Oct . 7. Chicago ' night
public school open this evening. In
dication are that the sttendance will
I be larger than ever. A majority of
'and American way. " . . t t V''r1-,,. ' ' J'1!"," :. !
I The course have been extended and, owned ny ine uio.r urn... . ......
'divided into three classes. 1. Teaching; com,ny of this city and came, about
Enli-h to foreign-speaking rsons, 3OO0 ton. The slenmer w. in Tsew
ioe cially adults 2. Competing un- York at the time and could have been
Luhl education, of American supplied with a general cargo to thi
J i to leav Khool early. 3. Techni-1 port. But the offer wa, not tempting
lea Hoc. o tae?X me-'h-nir.! io the owner, for instead of coming
trade, for men and domestic cieneebre for wheat the Portland wa. wit
I for girl. ', Bur,1,,ux ',h r4rK r
ti i n -
. . . M . ii i .. ,i. .1.. ,,,, i
consumption Of hop IS allOllt fHHI.IMIO iin.r wen niucseii nun ui" mi l- i ri.M,
cwt, nnnnully. On account of tho war "'"I ,lo annual consumption i prolmb-,
thev will pfobablv not use to exceed i'.v nuw "' ov,r ''"0,000 cwt., with a
.100,000 cwt., leaving them short 2.10,- i''fl " onlv 270,000 cwt. This would
000 cwts.. or ni.roximatlv 1.1(1.000 Am- a defiency of 2:10,000 ewt. it
eommandod ,!,. l)Bw Ordinarily Enulnad 1111- '" v"rV ipientionalile if this deficiency
ports from Germnnv and Helgiuin about covered ny urewcrs' stoca piu me
1.10.000 cwts., or 00,001) American bales, importations we may recelvo from
Thi vear of course they cannot secure America, which is the only outside
any supplies from these quarters. South muree available, Belgium having little
America, Japan and Australia ordinar- " nothing this year. It is only ex
llv get their supplies from Germnnv. 1 1""',"'1 that, price may be slow at the
They of course will not. be able to ob- "turt ,M,t 1,18 l"itioii I a sound one,
o ,i,;,,,r this ...o. far a anything ean'bo desnbed as
son. America last season Imported 20,- '""' l".."'" time, and all the hops
000 bale of German hop, which I K'wn will bo wr.nte.l and more."
equivalent tn .10,000 American bales. Holmes, Jackson Gullund miy: "Our
Wo re bImi in the same r.osit on H11" "' me i-ro. in r.i.gmii.i is iiu,-
V,,10.l on,l tlm re.t f, (lm wnrlH tn I " Wt. Under fllVorilblo COIldltlOUS
that we can get no dcrmnn.
"All hop eonsuining seition of the
world have but one place to look to for
their requirement, and that I the
Cnite.1 States. We used Inst year 40,-
000 l,,.l. t,,.a It I. li,nnt..,1 Hint
diirlncr the coming season, owing to pro-: Prpcirtartt' Tn WaiI MrC
LMiLieiiienl announcement.
.Mrs. (ialt's telepnone tinaieu an ouy
with culls from friends extending con
gintulntioi.s while muny visited her in
The wedding date, she snid, has not
been set, though the ceremony will be
in her home during December,
Mrs. Gait lias taken an Interest In
suffrage recently, but hit never com
mitted herself 'on the subject, miiio
tnining that ber "opinion is her own."
Some snw significance however, in
tho fact thnt the president made hl
announcement for IL stund for woman
suffrage and his engagement on tlm
snme day.
Goes to New York.
Washington, Oct. 7. President Wil
sou will leave tomorrow for New York,
accompanied by hi fiancee, Mrs. Gait,
hi cousin Mis Helen Woodrow Bones,
Dr. Cary N. Grayson and Secretary Tu
multy to attend a house party, given
by tho president's friend, Colonel
The president deferred purchasing an
engagement ring, it is understood lest,
his betrothal became known before for
mal announcement was made. On their
trip to tho metropolis tomorrow, MrH.
Gait will a is Int. hint in selecting the
jeweled circlet. '
A hugo bouquet, bearing tho proHl
dent' curd, wa i.'ut by him to tho
(ialt home today.
Tomorrow the iiresldont, his prom
ised bride, and a small party will go to
.New York lor a house party given by
Colonel House, l.i tho nielropoli, it
is understood, tiie chief executive will
purchase tho ring to designate their be
trothal. At New York lm will attend
a theatre with hi fiuuucce; and on
Hnturdny tho presidentiul purty will at
tend tho world series game in rniia
delphia. i J
L I-'" Smoker of
t jj are amoktraof
v wr. rvio ri iiur tut
X, CiareU today t
iri rr
this, wilh the average net imporlution,
would still leave us short of our norm
al requirement,"
W, i. and II. I.e May estimate the
Engish yield ut. 2.10,000 to L'dO.OOO ewt.
iie enst, which left the brewers wilh
a llttln larger carry over stock than
usual, the cnnsnmntlon between now
mid the season of 1010 will be about
2111,000 hales. This leave us a surplus
for export, about 22,000 bale or 40,000
"As outlined above, F.ntrlflnd will
need 230.000 ewt. or a shortage of
.100.000 ewt. In n'l couatric excepting
America, and we have but -10.000 cwts.
to nare. Thi lias been a very hard
vear on the trrnwer. Their hnrm have
cost them fnr more le latmr and nioiicv
hnn usual and taking the crop con
dition the world over Into considera
tion tiiey are certainly entitled to at
Gait Early In December
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position to give heavily to charitable
On the president' recent golf trips
she wa a frequent truest, ud often
played with him, Miss Bones und Dr.
Cary N. Grayson, the president' per
son ii I physician.
Her interest in book and music
were akiu to those of tho president,
and she ha been a frequent guest at
tho executive munition of lute, where
T til bite
Stove Polish
Should Use
" .
TT8 fliticrcnt rrora
others bccniise nioio core i
Is biken In the nml.lng
and the materiuls used are otVJ
liiilier tfnide.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Mnhfn a brtllUnt, illky pnthh thnt oci
nut rubf.fl crdii-1 cfl.HO Itlmnhitii'lafth
(unr 1ini" un Idiik h oi'linmy Mtovi
pollnh. I'nfr1 on Mnmpl Iuvph dU fcoltl
by hr!wrro nn1 rpkvty ilpHlcr.
All wbh iainlriiil. ll.utltnn your r'tk trf ,
yiir prUr or four hm rmiw, l( ym
(tiili't H'.'l It II. bt ! fHeh ynj rvrr
iial, your tlmht I uill'xui'l tw I- tun, yuui
HUrfM y, I nm t un hlui k Hilk Hlmf
HttU Id liuuid ur utwu- vim (uJtiy.
BUck Silk Stov Pol-h Works
St.rlin., Illinois
tW llMh Mh AtT'DrylnS htm Knml t
'm lleek I for ilvc. ni-kti