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and Manager, f
reptemler W, lffl".
itorial Page of "The Capital Journa
Capital Journal Ptg. Co.,. Inc.
t. 8. BARNES,
Sec. and Trcas.
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Tribune Building 30 N. Dearborn St.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are inatructed to put the papers on the
porch. If the carrier does not do this, misses yon, or neglect getting the
ptper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
ray we ean determine whether or not the carriers are followiag instructions,
f 'lone Main 81.
In spite of the prediction to the contrary by the express
companies, the government parcel post system was a suc
cess from the beginning. It even excelled the expectations
of its most sanguine advocates. And now the post office
department is reported to be working out a plan for the
furtherance of our export trade through a radical ex
tension of the foreign parcel post service. The details
have not been made public, but it is understood that the
plan contemplates taking off the present size and weight
restrictions and making it possible to mail abroad any
thing that can now be mailed from one point to another
in the United States.
The purpose is to bring the American manufacturer
into direct relations with the foreign merchant or consum
er. Hitherto the biggest manufacturers have had an ad-
cantage in the export trade, because they alone could af
ford the expense of developing it. The object of the gov
ernment in this new project is said to be to give every
body an equal chance at the foreign markets, just as the
domestic parcel post has already served to equalize oppor
tunities in our own markets.
It looks like an admirable move. The federal trade
commission is understood to be directly interested in it,
along with the general promotion of export trade, al
though it was supposed to be primarily created to "regu
late" business. Maybe business doesn't need so much
regulating any more as the people thought. Anyhow, it
is well to have the various administrative departments of
the government co-operating in a campaign to win all
possible legitimate trade advantages abroad for American
business, and in fostering business democracy in both our
export and domestic commerce, is the conclusion of one
of our able editorial exchanges, and we quite agree with
that opinion.
There are things about the management of the state
fair that might be much improved if somebody connected
with its affair would only stop and think a moment.
Here is one of them: There were 10,000 or 15,000 people
on the grounds last night and the principal attraction and
entertainment was a band concert, and most of them
tried to get into an auditorium, probably large enough to
hold 1000 or 1200 people by violation of all rules of safety
in event of fire or accident. Naturally nine persons out
of ten were disappointed last nierht. when if the band had! any ten-cent piaster casts or Romeo,
played out of doors everybody might have heard it and! "gj SiJSL
enjoyea n, wnne a iew wno were packed in tne audi-
A Galley o Fun !
-H.ive you
Cornerstone Smith Oh! How
torium like sardines, sweltering and uncomfortable. The' dreadful r i-ve embroidered jaiiet,
reason why an open air concert was not given was that ! Z TZZ
nobody thought about it because there could have been;my snukespere-cozy-comer without
no reasonable objection to it. There are other evidences Itbose men!
that there should be an official thinker around the state
fair offices.
Regarding the Frank case, Georgia wants to be "let
alone." But when it comes to sharing in the thirty-million-dollar
cotton money which all the rest of us have to
contribute to well, that's different, remarks the Boise;
The San Francisco fair will be entitled to national
praise if it performs no other mission than to provide an!
escape at one point in this country for the stream of thej
numerous tad conventions sandwiched in among the
The state fair is a big institution because it fills a want
in a state that is growing in population and industrial im
portance very rapidly.
It will be hard for a good many to choose between the
state fair and pheasant shooting tomorrow.
The "Welcome arch" on Court street really belongs in
the art department at the state fair.
The weather clerk has behaved like a gentleman this
Some crowd at the fair grounds yesterday.
welt Mason
Ever since the little' affair between Cain and Abel men
have debated whether or not man is his brother's keeper.
The question is properly debatable.
But there is no room for debate on this proposition that;
every man is his own keeper that he owes it to God and'
Nature, his country and his community, his family and
mmseir, lo Keep his ideals high and make his achivements
worthy of him.
No man can escape responsibility for wasted time.
Here and hereafter he will be held to account. Hours are
keen-edged tools with which he must work out his tem
poral no less than his eternal destiny.
Oregon Electric Ry.
' "These foreign noblemen are get
ting more particular every year. The)
not only expect n. girl to have money,
but now they Insist upon her being
beautiful also."
"Well, you know that beauty Is
ore lasting."
Candles on pink-petaled globes,
Daffodils aheathed all In green
"Buds" In bewildering robes,
Dainty, demure, and serene
Think when they ask me to come
Teas are for women a bore;
But here's a comfort crumb
Lilith is certain to pour!
Llllth In flower-like guise,
Putting the dnffles to shame;
Smiling in friendliest, wise,
Saying: "So glad that you came!"
Likewise bestowing her smiles
On men, and more men, for these
Flock where sweet Llllth beguiles-
Even to afternoon teas!
Five and I haste to depart,
, So do the others galore,
Saying each oiie in his heart:
"Llllth Is certain, to pour."
But, at disquieting whiles,
i Know, (i wonder do these?)
, The gifted statesman makes a speech; we hear him
rumble, growl and screech for weary hours together;
we murmur, as the moments pass, "His lungs are surely
made of brass, his larynx is of leather." In
order to express a thought he springs five
miles of tommyrot, of words that have noM-mio Miudi of smiies-
bearinCl and how he hates to PPase tn snmit!1 vou r the afternoon tense!
He cannot see he's wearied out his audience
despairing. When will our public speakers
learn that brevity will always earn the
gratitude of hearers? Let speeches all be'
shorn of gutf, until they are just short
enough, and we will bless the shearers. No
long oration is a treat; a man may have a
voice as sweet as mockingbirds' or linnets,
Daily, Wednesday to Saturday Inclusive
A special fast train will leave Salem at 5:00 p. m., stopping onlv at
West Woodburn 5:30 p. m., Donald 5:38 p. m., Tualatin 6:00 p. m.,
Tigard 6:07 p. m., Garden Home 6:20 p. m. Arrive Portland, Jefferson
Street, 6:40 p. m., and North Bank Station at 6:55 p. m. Connection
arrives Woodburn 5:3S p. m.
Thursday -Portland Day-and
Saturday, Oct. 2
Leave Salem fl:15 p. m., arriving at Jefferson Street at 11:15 p. m.
and Hoyt Street 11:30 p. m. These trainswill make stops to discharge
passengers from Salem only.
Regular Fast Trains Leave Salem
Xorth bound 6:30 a. m., 9:45 a. in. (Limited), 11:20 a. m., 4:33 a. m.
(Owl), 1:50 p. m., 3:40 p. m. (to Woodburn); 4:00 p. m. (limited); 5:37
p. in., 7:55 p. m..
South bound 10:11 a. m. (limited); 1:55 a. m. (Owl); 12:55 p. m.;
4:33 p. m.; 6:40 p. m.
Low Kates to Salem from all Oregon Electric stations daily to Oct. 2.
Good for return until Oct. 6.
J. W. RITCHIE, Ageat, Salem.
Leaving moral responsibility entire v out of consider;!-' but he becomes a drearv bore if hp is plomHnrr mnvo th1
nun, iimeer, me wonuer remains that any man can be twelve or htteen minutes. Condense, my friends; again,
so stupid and so lacking in manhood as to neglect to make condense; don't let the words outweigh the sense, in
good use of his time. j speeches or in writing; boil down your lecture or your
To every normal human king Nature has given a1 screed, and all the folks who hear or read will find your
jiiiuii. nus aim mis uiorie u is mat manes mm superior, work inviting,
to the beast. .He can neither neglect his mind and avoid -
the consequences, nor improve it and fail of his reward.1 Pq County Wins
It may not be incumbent upon man to make something! r r I R A
of his brother. Hut he cannot shrink the obligation to rirsS. ,ln. . J"1).
H'.ake something of himself. j Girls Industrial Work
Hill Asked To Assist
In Big German Loan
l&r V;)
An Iowa editor asserts that the first man he
1 'oik routifv niifi Hvvnftlt'il first ltrii'
saw via-... ... .... . :. ,.. ,
lating Iowa s new anti-tipping law was a senator who had pnrtm.-nt h ti.- ju.iK .vterjny .-v
voted for it, and the second was a supreme court iudce.1 nft,'r '""s deliberation upon the
nut in tin t'nuiif tition in this i'Iiisk
!. Tnul. Sept. .10. .Tnmes J. Hill,
rnilmnd iinigiinte, who played n promi
nent rule in negotiation!- for the allied
.riW,OOO.nou Imiii j being sounded out
eoneeriiiiiii piirtieipation in the seeond
liitf (iermau loan now being cubseribed
to in the I'nited State.
linns tirunon, tho Oerman consul
here, tun npnroai'hed Hill's
She Oh! every one knows that
It takes nine men to make a team.
He Oh! I don't know. Some of the
pitchers seem to think they are the
whole team.
Big line of Waists, House, Dresses, Silk Goods, Men's and Boys'
Suits, Pants and Overalls, Ladles', Gents, and Children's Underwear,
Overshlrts, Sweaters and Shoes. Ladles' and Children's Fancy Dresses,
Neckwear, Ladies' and Gents' Hosiery, Gloves, Comforters, Blankets,
Embroideries, Laces and Mattings.
We make up Dresses, Wrappers, Kimonas and White Underwear. All
goods selling at lower prices. ,
Fourteen Speeders
Arrested In First
Three Days of Fair
The Salem traffic officers have made
fourteen arrests for speeding during
the first three days of the fair and
most of them have appeared at the po
lice station to contribute the usual U)
for stepping upon their accelerator.
This morning Otto Klett's driver "was
called upon to answm- a charge of ex
ceeding the speed limit, C. J. Skeen, J
K. I'attee, 11. Oilhman, W. J. Savage
and a -Mr. Fitchard, of Independence,
were ou the books on similar charges.
Tuck O'Connor was arrested last
night by the officers of this city upon
a warrant from Portland charging
grand larceny. O'Connor said he hud
been soliciting for a Jitney bus in this
city during the fair but claimed he
did not know what the charge was for.
Portland officers will arrive here today
to look the man over and see if he is
the one wanted in Portland.
A good question to ask about any law is whether it' is
practicable. It is no use to pass laws which public opinion1 "."" wmmerman"!'' of - s' w' w
will not sustain-unless they are framed like OiiMn'!
prohibition law which invites compliance with its nrnvis- ,M,V" Hml ',rU ' ""' K",,,,
' i . . . . . . .
ions ny maiung liquor more plentili
than urnier the old system.
to te railed hefore 1924. It is not
secured like the allies ' loan, and Is
r j . , , ine stx iuites, who were members ,,. .. , . . . . ,
fill aild easier tO get' of the faculty of the Oregon Agrieultnr ! o, ""I 0,1 h'' ,"",, of ,0"r ,,,nrk" ,for
I al college, e.e un,tinti.. in their r"'''' th" tmT
"Some one has discovered," says the Baltimore Amor
ican, "that there are live million hunters in this countrvJ
and suggests that they would make a mighty good reserve,!
but what we want is men who can hit something." Then1 ,'i
why not induce the enemy to disguise themselves
guides? asks the Hoston Transcript.
praise of the evhibits as a whole nml,
proclaimed is t'r in advance of ay
other rvliibit ever hIiomi in this ntnte.
marks equalled !it cents.
Snn Francisco, s,.i,t, ;t0. eighteen
-l-l... r..n.... :.. . :.. i:-t .. .. i.. i...
' Mennan meri'lt!iiit ami ilnr tmn,l
eil tit Manila
Boys' and OiiU' Industrial Work,
l'istrii t No. I. .fl counties west of
he Cascades:
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1$GS
Capital $300,000.00
Transact a general hanking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
First Polk county.
Second l.nne county.
Third IVugln county.
Fourth Tillamook county.
Fifth CUeViiutvs couutv.
I'istriet No. B. all counties east of I . , . .
I v. ny t tVITW
in Manila and Samoa when their
ships were interned, reached Sn Fran
cisco today en the liner China. They
brought word that 21 German freight
ers, with big cargoes are interned in
the oricht, fearing destruction or enp
ture and th hmulred on board are
leaving for the I'nited Mates.
the Cascades
Fii st Wnso county.
Second- Malheur county.
Third Morrow count v.'
The basis of awards follons:
Field products. Si) points.
Onrdeii products, S3 points.
IVflu'sti,' science, SO points.
Club work, IS points.
Possible cor 100 point.
l.u.-.. i',J' " t
trunk J. Chenrv make onth tht he li
snlor partner of the firm of K. J. Cheney
to., ilotnir bn.in,.. in th nty of To
leilo, Countr anil Hint .ron-wlil, ami
that snhl firm will par Vr sum of ONE
Ml MMtKH IHM.I.ARft for h ant v.
err cm of Tsturrh that rsnnot N rirn
by tli un of H Al t,-a c ATARllH orUK.
Bworn to oefer m mt autwi-rlheil In
rny pres-ric, this th duy of IWembar,
, Notary Puhlte.
Hall's Catarrh Puro la tkt Intwnalty
Indianapolis Nc' As awn as the
war ends, it scorns, the proroM of iav- eta illrretlv upon ttia blond ami mi-
ng ..eu-s must beg,,.. Slay he ; htah fwl ,n my",m
luni t ne reason tne w-lliorents don t K J. CUKXRT CO. ToWdo. (
care to uicu pvac. I "r an nmlt. Tic.
BER. Sleep cold hctween these chilly sfcjcta,
Foor guest, whoe'er thou art,
An,l nrnv Ihnon liAn,n.lni.
May nerve thee to depart j
Nor let the morrow find the, M !
Long suffering and meek. j
Content to ey those comforts which '
Thou dost not dare to seek. j
Nay! In this bleak and barren room'
Indulge sweet dreama of Dlaht:
Nor qunke when cast-off furniture
Snaps out Its last
Mrs. Scrapplngton A clergyman re-!
ecivea five or ten dollars for marrying
a couple, and by-and by a lawyer la
paid a hundred dollars for getting a'
divorce for them I
Mr. Sempplngton Well, it's worth
that uuch more, tint It? i
Crawford-The rich seem to bare
trouble In dodging the duty on the
things they bring over. I
Crabshaw Why don't they engage
the same lawyer who show them how
lo dodge their taxes!
Alice I like Tom Immensely, and
he's very much the gentleman, but he
8nd for ! does like to talk about himself! (
Grace-Ye, dear, your knight hath 1
I thouiani
Dr. W. A. COX
303 State Street
Do not make your child suffer with toothaches.
Children cannot study with any degree of success
if they are bothered with tooth troubles.
Let me examine your children's teeth and put them
in shape for the school year.
My painless methods will' save hours of suffering.
AlllYVork Guarantcd for 10 Years
Lady attendant.
Phone 926
Taki Hall rinur rtu rr oattptloa