Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 30, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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And Middy Blouses; Silks,
Crepes, Lawns and Fancy
Lingerie. Regular $1.50,
$2.00 and up.
49c and 98c
Heavy Wool Mackinaws,
regular $8.50 to $10. We
bought them at prices and
can save you from $2 to
Friday and Saturday will witness unprecedented business, a
fitting finish to our most remarkable sale. Salem's big store
with its thousands of genuine bargains, has shown its popu
larity with the masses. Come on Friday and Saturday. : :
Ladies' $10.00 and $12.00
English Kersey, Plush and
Cloth Coats
x $495
Ladies' Caricule, Plush,
Persian Lamb Coats,
$12.50, $15.00 and $16.50
Ladies' $17.50 and $20.00
Long Plush and Novelty
Coats on sale at
Misses' and Children's
Coats, Corduroys, Cari
cules, and Novelty Tweeds,
$2.50, $4.50 and up to $7.50
$1.98, $3.90
18c, 20c and 25c Hosiery
for ladies and children;
Cotton Ribbed or Fleeced.
All sizes. Fast Black.
10c, 18c
Ladies' Velvet and Plush
Shapes, all new; $1, $1.50
and $2. 49c and 9gc
Trimmed Hats, Sailors,
Turbans, etc., to $1.50, $2,
$2.50 .98c and $149
Latest New York styles
trimmed Hats, $3.50 to
$6.00 $1.98 to $3.50
75c, $1.00 and $1.25 Chil
dren's Velvet, Corduroy,
Cloth Hats ....49c to 55c
Boys' Clothing
$3.50, $4 and $5 School
Suits, ages 5 to 15 years.
Sale prices mean a saving
as our prices are
$1,98, $2.35, $3.48
27-in. Silk Mulls, all colors,
plain or dotted, 35c and
40c values 3c
$1.00 Soft Messaline Silks,
all colors and black, on
saIeat 68c
36-in. and 40-in. All Wool
Crepes and Serges, regu
lar 65c and 75c 3QC
40-in. Gabardines and
Wool Serges; regular 85c
and $1.00, sale 4gc
10c and l22c Dress Ging
hams and Outing Flannels,
during sale . g JJC
122c and 18c Ducks, Gala
teas, Cretonnes, etc., sale
prices 8 l-3c and q
Ladies' Tailored
Ladies'. $10.00 and $12.00
Plain and Shepherd Check
Suits; special for Fair
Week .
Ladies' $14.95 and $16.50
New Fall Suits of Serges
and Novelty Weaves
Ladies' $17.50 and $20.00
Man-tailored Suits; blues,
greens and browns
Ladies' $22.50 and $25.00
elegant models in latest
materials tailored suits
For Men, Women and
Men's 65c Fleeced Shirts
and Drawers, all sizes, sale
price - 39c
$1.25 Union Suits, Derby
Ribbed, Closed Crotch,
sale price 39c
Women's Fleeced Vests,
Pants' and Union Suits,
sale price . . . .23c and 48c
Children's Ribbed Fleece
Shirts and Drawers, all
sizes, sale 23c
Cottoir Blankets
Blankets of every size,
weight and price. Double
Blankets from $1.00 to
$2.50 the pair. Sale price
68c and $1.65
Ladies' and Child's Shoes
Regular $1.50, $2.00 and
$3.00 dress and school
shoes priced for rapid sell
ing at $1.18, $1.35 and
1 Im '
m : . V
Conversation Between New
i York and Paris and London
Easy Matter
j Sari Francisco, Kept. 30. "The prob-
lem of talkiug across tlio Atlantic has
j been solvocl. Before we finish our la-'
I bora, a mail in this city rim talk to Lon
I don or ravin as easily an ho now talks
j to Now York."
j In this manner John .T. Carty, oltief j
i engineer of the American Telephone
j and Telegraph company today discussed
j the successful experiment yesterday
J with what many regard as the most sic- j
j nifiennt invention since the wireless ;
I wireless telephony. i
Conversation across the continent by;
i means of the wireless telephone became j
i a reality when President Theodore N.
Vail and other officials of the Amer
ican Telephone and Telegraph company
at New York talked with Carty at Have
Island by radio tclcr.snne. The voices
at both sides of the continent were per
fectly audible.
Vail spoke into an ordinary telephone
at New York. His words were carried
by wire to the government radio station
at Arlington, Va. Tho words were
transferred automatically to the radio
tower, whence they traveled throwrh.
spnee to this side of me continent. The
message was received at re Island' j
by radio telephone, and answered j
through ordinary transcontinental tele-i
phones. I
According to officials of the com-j
pnny .talking across the Atlantic to
Kurope and across tho Pacific to Japan
is now only a matter of installing the I
necessary apparatus. j
The possibilities of the new Invention
appear limitless. Communication from j
vessel to vessel at sen, and from vessel i
to shore will be possible, it. is believed.
The navy department is closely watch-1
ing developments and has been co oper- j
ating with the telephone company fur1
several months. - ;
Carty at Maro Island, Cal. These
feats followed exhaustive tests that !
have been going on since spring.
The effect wireless telephony will
hnvo on the wireless telegraph basilica's 1
commercially officials said frankly they
do not yet know, as the commercial
angle has not yet entered iuto tho discovery.
35c Fresh Roasted Coffee,
our own special blend,
sale 23c I
45c and 50c English Break
fast and Ceylon Teas; buy
for cash at 39c
Aster Brand Condensed
Milk and Krinkle Corn
Flakes 4 for 25c
Full Count Safety Match
es, Pacific coast product,
1 dozen boxes 40c
Hawaiian Sliced Pineap
ple, regular 25c size, sale
price 20c
2 oz. bottle Extract, regu
lar 25e size, sale price
now only Jgc
fnnnvl A snnrncriiQ rocn.
lar 25c size, Fair Week j
price 19c
1-lb. can Columbia River
Salmon, regular 20c size,
2 for 25c
Pay Cash for Groceries
and Buy for Less. ,
Telephony tb Hawaii,
New York, Sept. 30. Wireless tele
phony from tho Atlantic senbonrd to
Hawaii, a distance of 4,(100 mjles, is
mi established fact, the American Tele
phone and Telegraphic company an
nounced today.
. Speech, sent from Washington last
night wiib received by the small wire
less antenna established by Lloyd F.s
penshied, the company engineer sent
specially to Honolulu for the test. The
message went 2,1)00 miles overland and
the rest of the way to Hawaii over wa
ter. The distance thus covered is greater
than from New York to London and
other important Kurrrvun points.
Officials said that wireless telephony
between America and Kurope is assured
as soon as conditions abroad are set
tled. Talking to Kurope will be easier
than to Han Francisco, as sound curries
better over water than over land.
The Hawaiian conservation followed
a few hours after President Vail hud
talked with Chief Knglneer Carty.
Hayesville District Sun
day School Convention
v (Capital Journal Special Service.)
Rickey, Ore., Sept. 2(1. Tho Hayes
ville district convention which held its
quarterly session here today wus well
attended. While not so many as were
present at the two great summer con
ventions, yet tho crowd was not only
large but appreciative.
Dr. Kpplcy conducted his round table
in a manner both pleasing and help
ful to all. Tho program printed in
these columns was carried out in full.
The day was showery but tho large
crowd took it good niituredly.
Tho close proximity of the state fair
kept some away no doubt. Hut. those
who attended were amply repaid for the
effort of reaching the hospitable little
settlement of Mickey.
I'm turn did herself proud, She se-
Largest Show In Salem
Bob and Peggy Valentine
Singing, Talking and Dancing Act
Nestor Comedy Feature
Lizzie and the Beauty Contest
Kex Feature
Cleo Madison In
"The Pine's Revenge"
Universal Weekly All the
World's Latest News.
Entire change of program
Matinee 2 to 3 dally.
Always 10 Cents
Bligh Theatre
"Best Show In Town"
Complete Change of Program
cured both of the beautiful banners.
The Monnonites with their splendid at
tendance captured one. The l'ratuin
Methodist Sunday school making a get
away with tho other. Kverybody wuu
pleased, evea the Sunday school who
got nothing rejoiced with those who
went successful und iclt thnt both of
the winners enrned their bnnners.
Tho next meeting is scheduled for
Hazel (liovo, December 2(1.
I'ittsburg Chronicle Telegraph: Thorn
is a widespread hope that this 'year's:
turkey crop will bo as bountiful us tho
uther crops.
Gum 5
Rockefeller's Visit to Colorado
May Mean Important
Business Deal
to issue a statement to the public late
today or tomorrow regarding its fail
ure to prosecute Rockefeller or any
of the operators in connection with the
Ludlow strike riots.
According to Attorney Belcher the
statement will make a last appeal to the
authorities to administer "equal jus
tice" instead of prostourtng only form
er strikers.
Seventeen Year Old Girl
to make her own way, rather than to
live in the lap of luxury, with her own
rp. rw - ill 'electric coupe and every attention a
I ires oi Luxunous wicness i giri could desire. . , , ,.
r Hut she found that to shift for her- Amsterdam, Kept J0.-S.jc eppebns
self she had to struggle along on a mea-1 wpre '"'' noumng westward over
ger salary, not mere than enough to A"r".' J1"1- Helgimn, today, in a course
P . . I ilikul I tn it. h it f In. ! h mi nm iff
Denver, Colo., Sept. 30. Preferring
to mane ner .own living, miner man . ,juy fimie Tl(.t) to()f h,,r
stay in tho ltixurous home of her weal-' j,uy ttB department svore eleik, was in
thy parents in Seattle, Wash., eveu-j sufficient to provide car fares so she
rl.l Ho.,l Hill iim l,r.rn : warned eacn iny iu worr, ana wneu
teen year
three weeks ago.
! she returned . ' night (lit
destined to take them
i laundry in the Y. W. C. A
i in order to "miiKe tiotn ends meet."
( She will be sent home to her parents,
De nver. Colo.. Sent. 30. John D.
Rockefeller, Jr. 's, presence in Colorado j
"t a time, when it is charged a big
merger of Colorado coal companies is
under way, led today to a report thaf
he came to attach tho merger to his
uther state interests.
Rockefeller, -who is in conference
with Colorado Fuel & Iron company
officials, however, ridiculed the report
and insisted he came to inspect living
"mditiont and to otherwise study the
situation in hia mines personally.
A demand has been made upon the
attorney general of the state to stop the
alleged merger as a violation of Colo
rado anti-trust lawa. '
The committee from the United Mine
Workers' executive board is expected
Today a detective found her as she
-...tl.al i. ...i.flA. nAnn.Bl Ijl.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 30. How 212,- lvetv w;n(i,)W jr jetter in the name)
000 women are building up a mighty of Mp,.RRy (Hark." I
national organization for helping mi-1 Wn0 lnH detective told her her par-
fortunate Humanity, is Dcing u"'"1"" . ents w;ro frantic at her absence and she
to Heattle today during, the second day ! wBs ,,onvinrc(i he identified her, the Kncrnmcnto, Cal., Kept. 30. That a
of the 34th annual nieeting of the board i girl bro),e ,)own , tll him all about i form of rural credits is absolutely neces
of managers o fthe Woman 's Home Mis- V(1ltur0Ug trip. Mho disliked school sary tr. check the ever increasing prac
sionary Society, in session at the First jlie ui(1( 9nd nt,., l0 g t to seejtke of leasing land to orientals in Cali
Methodist EpiscOl church. some of the world outside of Seattle. fornin. is one of the important points
The afternoon session promises loW, ma)e ), way ,prv ,,) changed , brought cut at public hearings being
ono of usual interest for it is to Mi),, I1(lmP cre t,a obtained a room eon-l.'Ctcd by the state rural credits
featured by reports of heads of mis.(jn ,)C y w c A 8n(j wori,eu even-1 commission which is to report to the
Cardiff. Wales. Sent. .10. For the
her own fourth time within a few weeks. Wales
basement, i had strlko troubles today, for 5,000 ;
coal miners in the soiillierp district quit
work as a protest against employment
of non-union workers. ."1
sions from all sorts of remote and ln- j i(e ( , dancing academy, after work-! state legislature following an investiga
lv corners af the country, even into the, j 1)al(1 g) di Bt gn,al i,ug,. a $e. t;on
far nortnern pan vi
Prl.n. Or..' Beot. 30. Believed to
be the result of injuries Sustained whenj
oartment store,
Tho craving for footlights was upon
her, so she answered aflvertismenta for
girls to appear in a local vaudeville
The manager admired her beauty
struck bv an automobile whila carrying! and Immediately engaged her at i
siruiK , ,. v Inilirl nnl ml.
. mnnt-ia .ion
an advertising -
t ..-m .-. ...i r.r I. .!o.i. tnliiv
.iiut-v ....t-.-, r . 1 l..l 4n..lt hof liiaann hllf all crin.
She admitted that her three weeks
Bank books shew
hundred dollars in deposit.
Berlin, via London, Kept. 30. Rus
sians are retreating southeast, of Vilna
after making counter attacks, today's
official statement claimed, Fast of
Hmorgon, the Teutons broke the Hlav '
posit ion snd captured ,0U0 men, ,
I fessed the bad been extremely auxious i prohibition at the next election
London, Kept. 30. Major Ocneral
fieorgn Thesiger, a hero of the Hoer:
war, and Lieutennnt (lencrnl Hir Tliomp-!
Tli r,iiii.;ii)n was told how the ! son Capper, urnininent in rmndun Bt-
practice is making it hard, under pres-1 fairs, have been kiUe.l In France, it Wss1
ent conditions, for whiles to cope with j officially announced today. I
orientals, particularly the Jupanese and
Imfh urged a form of rural credits to ) London, Kept. 30, The American ship
encourage whites to purchase and settle Vincent of 2,000 tons, owned In lU.ston.l
on lands. i burned at e en route from ,Vew York
Kev. O. 5'. Candier, president of the to Archangel, according to dispatches
California dry federation, predicted , today. Her crew was reported saved.
thnt California will vote in favor of Three of tho crew, however, were In
Thursday - Friday - Saturday
Or "A Woman's Duplicity"
The nay that Created a World Sensation.
l'rodiiced by tho Famous Motion i'icture Director,
Featuring the horeeu Favorites
Louise Glaum, Harry G. Kcenan and Hcrschcl Mayall
From the moment tin; 1'ilneo fulls a victim to the wiles of I'oppen, of
the Imperial Bullet, until he i! rinks "the toast of death" to his t'ul-e
friend, you will hold your breath with wonder mid suspense. The beauti
ful Louisa Glaum will win your hearts. -
Impressive Stage Settings
Adults. 10c
Children 5c