Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 30, 1915, Page TWELVE, Image 12

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Should You Break Youriuto
thin week, leave it at 229 State Street and go to the fair. When you
return you will be pi e.inc.1 to find it ready to crank Tip and go borne.
We do all kinds of workand are prepared to do it
We make springs, or repair them. All sorts of blacksmitbing done,
grinding and repairing cbil'.ed plows; also welding of cast iron, brans
and aluminum. Nothing too small or too large for ui to do.
229 State Btreet, Salem, Oregon. Proprietor.
Make Run To Conflagration
When Gasoline Stove Gets
Cook Overheated
D wight Misner's Exhibit
Made the Biggest Hit at the
Capital Monumental Works
. y " . T JB All TLT..- i..
MonsolouniR, and Cemetery Docor.
ntions, made to order) Artistic
Carving and sculpturing our
Huy directly from factory and
save middleman's profit.
All correspondence properly at
tended to, '
riione 098. 2210 S. Commercial
J. 0. JONES, Prop.
mr x;
ii..iii1iniil,y 1 1 '
Out Loganberry Juice is making Oregon famous.
It Is sold now iu nearly every state In tbe Union.
Buy a small bottle all ready to mail and sond it to your frionds lu
the East. For sale at our booth in the New Pavilion.
Sulom, Oregou
Hun Francisco, Sept, ,10.--Tlie state
of Washington will come In for recog
nition at tlio l'uunmn Pacific exposi
tion tomorrow, which will he known
w "all Washington day," with prom
inent citiseiis of Walla Walla, .Scuttle
'mil Taeoma taking part.
The Washington delegation Ik headed
by Mayor tiill, of Seattle; A. .1.
Ritchie, special representative of the
mayor of Taeoma, and J. 0. Kelly, of
Walla Walla. All will deliver addresses
a behalf of their respective cities.
Currier, Alleged "Big Chief
Names Him As Member
of Gang
1'ortlaiid, Or., Sept. III). William A.
Truux, arrested in l.os Angeles yes
torndv as one of the leaders of the so
culled "arson ring," Is mentioned in
the confession of Sant'ord W. furrier,
alleged "big chief " of the arson riug,
who is In jail here. Truax also Is im
plicated In the confession of another
mini, whose name Is being withheld
by District Attorney Evans.
Kvuns snys he has Information that
Truux owned a jewelry store iu Dak
land and made a big cleanup wheii be
left there to go I'ulexico.
"As far as we know," said Evans,
"Currier and Truax never worked to
t ... , . ... Kt'tuer m any fire, furrier devoted
t We have a complete stock of the J himself to Dreguu and northeru Cali-
....,.. i . n'iiun ami iruax operated in southern
V used for seeding at tin time of i C alifornia."
laf O,, Ml,,.-!, ita l...., il...i.
I ed with tarn to ivnni llin timeat
i seeds and seeds of the highest
W hav Cheet Seed, Vetch heed, t
Fall Rye, Kail Wheat, Kail Oats, I
etc. You will always find our 2
f price as low as scuds of the best t
quality rail be sold for.
2.11201 state St., rhJiie 100
Sulera, Oregon
orrER no.vr.y to school
Portland, Or., Sept. :i. J. J. Hill tie
rHllrim.l an,, ,,,, , I..... t.i .. f i, . i
"I-:,-.., mib wnv uinreo.
'the Dible tinivrsily t Kugeu'e V',iM(),
provioea viiriiii.iu churches nf the
i coast raise $2inj,iM0 fjr the rune
1 institution.
OurWant Ads arc
Mrth Qo'AdrllxJulBoxuJsi
tl?cy arc bound tobni?ti)e
Results uou want
Try One lo-Morrow
The fuir grounds fire department
inude a thrilling run today to a fire
which was thrown out of one of Zinn's
stunds near the old pavilion. The fire
was started by a match in the first
place and then it got the gasoline in
one of the humburgi-r stoves on fire
nnd when the flumes shot out they
caught the cook's apron. The gasoline
stove was thrown bodily out of the
stand and when Chief "Spot" Churchill
arrived he advised the cook to role in
the grass as the chemical stuins clothes.
The cook rolled. He rolled again and
then rolled buck a few times and the
fire was Out.
There was no insurance except on
the cook's life nnd that was not in
jured to speak of. The apron was a
total wreck.
H'o horses made a fine run dawn the
pavement and Ham, the colt lend his
running mute by a nose. The entire
department, consisting of Fire Chief
Churchill, Assistant chief Frank Frie
bert und Dead Driver Herbert Kuvage
made the run which was one of the free
attractions of the tmr whieh has not
been exploited by the management.
The fair grounds fire department has
not been billed u.i a head liner this
year but it serves as a never ending
source of instruction to tho fair visitors
who look over tho firemen's beds nnd
their boots with the trousers coiled
around tho feet und wonder why they
do not hang them in u cioset.
Chief Churchill is called upon to ex
pluin the workings of tho hose wagon
ninny times daily and yesterday, after
a short absence, lie returned to find
tho collars of the fim harness snapped
and a young man iu the sent demon
struting the apparatus to a young lady
who was standing bv wrapped iu won
derment. The young man hud the reins
in his hand and, as one tug on the lines
will dislodge the harness and enuae
them to come tumbling down upon the
floor, Chief Churchill wns formulating
n scathing lecture to apply to the
demonstrator when he spied the chief's
uniform nnd said:
"Oh, you nro one of the fire boys.
Well, I wus just showing how the rig
gin' worked to Nephroma here'
"So I noticed," said the chief.
."Well, would you mind leuding the
horses out so I could show her just how
I look in the driver's Hcatt" the young
nin a asked.
"Spot" forgot his lecture and was
obliged to. tell the young man that the
horses refused to coino out unless the
fire bell rang.
The young mini then explained thnt
he was a member of the volunteer fire
department over in Kola but their buck
ets did nut have lids on them. Spot
then explained to him that the copper
recepticle wns not a bucket with a lid
on It, but a Hubcock fire extinguisher,
"(losli," suiil the young man. ,
"Same to you," snys Spot, and the
visitors left for the luring strains of
the merry-go-round and the ferris
The French war office report
ed successes on the left wing
of the western front. The Ger
man office said the allies had
been repulsed.
The Belgian office reported
that they were successfully re
pulsing the Germans before
A new battle line which ex
tends from Mariunipol to Osso
witz, in Russian Poland, has
been formed by the Russians,
and terrific fighting was report
ed from the entire front. Rome
reported that Rumanian rail
roads were congested with Ger
Iman troops being rushed to
check this Russian advance.
A German squadron was re
ported by Petrograd to have
bombarded the port of Windau.
The German war office post
ed its thirty eighth casualty
list containing the names of 8,
000 officers and men killed,
wounded and missing.
Olympia, Wash.t Sept. 30. The su
preme court will hear arguments on the
prohibition law October 22, it was an
nounced today. The law, adopted by
the people last November and to go in
to effect January l; 1916, is attacked by
the liquor interests as unconstitutional.
Sheriff's Sale of Real Property
- ' On Foreclosure
He Fell In Love
and Got Into Trouble
Sun Francisco, Sept. DO. Languish
ing in the city prison today wns S. 1.
Ware, aged i!N, very aide bodied sea
man, who shipped aboard the schooner
Scheme ut Sydney, leu desperately in
love with pre'ttv HI year old Vera Rich
ardson, the Sydney American vice con
sul's daughter nnd then started trou
ble. The trouble was:
He knocked out Cnptnin John Pelt
with his fist when warned to cease his
attentions to the girl.
He then used a belaying pit advan
tageously on members of the crew.
And last, but not least, he wus laid
low with a club in the hands of the
skipper's stuidy wife.
When the Scheme put into port here
the skipper, his wife and the crew all
heaved a sigh of relief as they saw the
young mutineer turned out of the brig
ami put into the liaima or city detee
Notice is hereby given, that by vir
tue of an execution duly issued out of
the circuit court of the state of Oregon,
for the county of Marion and to me
directed on the 25th day of Sept., l!)lo,
upon a judgment and decree duly ren
dered, entered of record nnd docketed
in and by said court on the IStli day
of Sept., 1915, in a certain suit then
in said court pending, wherein J. B.
Hall and Kmnline Hail were plaintiffs
and Harold Fuller Uuwkins was de
fendant in favor of plaintiffs and
against said defendant by which exe
cution I am commanded to sell the
property in said execution und herein
after described to pay the sum due
the plaintiff of four thousand five
hundred and noJOO 'dollars, with in
terest thereon at the rate of (i per cent
per annum from the 1st day of August
1!14, until paid and the further sum
of four hundred and no-100 (ftOO.00)
special attorneys fees together with the
costH nnd disbursements of said suit
taxed at eighteen and li0-100 dollars
and costs and cxpenmn of said execu
tion. I will on Sntunliiy the ;i()th day
of October, 1915, at the hour of 10
o'clock a. m. of sain' ilnv at tho mi.ui
door of tho county court house in Mar
ion county, Oregon, well at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for ensh in
hand on the day of sale, all the riht,
title, interest nnd estate which said de
fendant and all persons churning under
him subsequent to the execution of the
mortgage herein foreclosed in, of and
to said premises hereinbefore mention
ed and described in said execution as
follows, towit: Beginning at tho ne
comer of the I). I.. i nf Him Tn.
lor and wife, in twp. 8., R., 2 W, of
inn millimetre meridian, tlienco W
15.10 chains along the N lino of said
Hiram Taylor's claim; thence S 25.88
chains parallel with the E line of said
claim to the line between W. A. Wit
stern and John Witzel's land; thence
S 85 degrees E., 15.1(1 chains to a point
on the K line of the Hiram Taylor's
claim 7.50 chains N of the nw corner
of the I). C. L. of Chaa. Craft j thence
N 27.20 chains along me E line of the
Hiram Taylor claim to the place of
bccilllliuir and ciintnlnino- i( ivmi ,.t
land, mgro or less, situated in Marion
i-ouiuy, wiegon.
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in the manner provided by
Dated this 27th duv of Sept., 1915.
Sheriff of Marion county, Oregon.
By W. I. Needham, deputy.
appear and answer or otherwise plead
to the complaint filed by the plaintiff
in the above entitled court and cause,
on or before October 14, 1915, and it
yoa fail so to do the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief demand
ed against you, which is for a decree of
this court barring ana rorever foreclos
ing all of the right, title, and interest
of the defendant in and to those certain
premises in Marion county, Oregon,
and each and every part and parcel
thereof, described as follows:
Eighteen (18) acres of land from the
twenty (20) acre field and sixteen' (16)
acre field immediately east of and
parallel to the ten (10) acres of land
which the said J. L. Smith agreed to
convey to one Katherine Dick, the said
twenty acre field being in the north
west corner of the farm of said J. L.
Smith situated in Section Six, Town
ship Six South of Range Two, West of
Willamette Meridian, Marion County,
Oregon. And also one (1) acre of tim
bered land lying south of the sixteen
acre field and running to the creek
immediately east of the one acre which
the said J. L. Smith agreed to convey
to said Katherine Dick. The said tea
acre tract referred to and the one acre
tract referred to being adjoining the
said Katherine Dick tract and immedi
ately east thereof.
And cancelling and declaring void
that certain contract made and entered
into on March 14, 1913, by J. L. Smith
with Naomi L. DeLong and recorded in
the Deed Records of Marion County,
Oregon, in Book "127" at Page 627
thereof, and decreeing the plaintiffs to
bo the owners in fee simple of said
premises free and clear of all claim of
tho defendant, and for such other and
further relief as the court may deem
meet and equitable in the premises.
This summons is served upon vou by
publication in the Daily Capital Journal
for a period of six consecutive weeks
(seven issues), beginning with the issue
of September 2nd, 1915, and ending
with the issue of October 14th, 1915,
by virtue of an order duly made, rend
ered and entered in the above entitled
court and cause by the Honorable Wil
liam M. Bushcy, County Judge of Ma
rion County, Oregon.
Dated September 1st, 1915.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Notice to Present Claims.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, by an order of the County
Court of Marion County, Oregon, has
been appointed Executor of the estate
of George Whitaker, deceased. All per
sons having claims against the estate of
deecedent are required to present them
within 6 months from the date cif this
notice, duly verified to the undersigned
at the law office of John H. McNary
and Charles L. McNary in United
States bank building, Snlem, Oregon.
Dated tuis 9th day of September,
Executor of the estate of George
wnitaker, deceased. Oct 7.
la the Circuit Court of the State of
uregon ior Marlon County.
Jay Bowermnn and Wayfo Bower
man, plaintiffs, vs. Naomi L. DeLong,
To Naomi L, DeLong, defendaut. "In
the mime nt tlu. ii., n... v....
,are hereby commanded and required to
Be Sure To See It
I. iV, I
on' exhibition in our booth,
at the right a you ap
proach, tho Old ravilion
from the main entrance.
Every housewife should see
this kitchen marvel "the
stove that stays In the family."
Don't miss visiting this dis-
Itlnv U-llllu ,'... ah am n
'ul irr.mtiil
o -
i . n u i v t iu "Bcsr-i-i-iaaBVBaiaiaiaH
Horse Covers, Cow Coven and
Wagon Covers
- Are made by the
Phones Main 1981 A 1981
1-3 North rirst St, Cor. Ankeny
Portland, Oregon
The Bergman Gold Medal Shoes
Sheriffs Sale of Real Property on
Nnlipn is lwtrolw itlvnn fltnf Ke vir.
tuo of an execution duly issued out of
tne circuit court of tue btate of Oregon
for the County ot Marion and to me di
rected on the 3rd day of September,
1915 upon a judgment and decree duly
rendered, oatered of record and docket-.
eil in mill hv sniil f'fittl-t-. nn tha 1')th Anv
of August, 1915 in a certain suit then
in sum v. on n penning, wnerein vviiuam
V. Olsen, as incompetent person, by Car
rie Olson, hiu irnurili'iil nn.l fnrria Til.
son was plaintiffs and L. B. Hansen
.. .1 T -. , m . -, .. , , .
aim iiessie c. irestran was ueienuunts
iu favor of plaiutiffs and against said
defendants by which execution I am
commanded to sell tne property in said
execution and hereinafter described to
pay t'ne sum due the plaintiff of twenty
five hundred dollnra. with intnroflf
thereon nt the rnte nf R nr eant
annum irom tne zmii day or .May, 1914
until naid. less the mm' nf r.wen'tv.twr.
dollars, and the further sura of two
nuaared liny dollars, attorneys fees,
together with the costs and disburse
ments of said suit nt fiftnun and 00.100
dollars and costs aiid expenses of said
execution, i win on oaiurdav the 9th
dny of October, 1915 at the hour of 10
o'clock a. m. nf Snid dnv nt thn waat
(Hour of the county court house in
Aiarinn COnntv. Ilrocrnn anil nt nul.i;..
auction to tho highest bidder for cash
in, nana on me uny or sale, all the
ritrllt. title, interest, nnd oatnta url.i.iK
said defendants and all persons claim-
hik unuer tuem suosequent to the 2Sth
day of May, 1912 in, or and to said
premises hcreinbeforo mentioned and
described In said execution fnllAtra
to-wit- Thn west tliirtir flft f
..... ...... ..... j yw, UMVB VI
tho following described property to be
oc uii uy n nuu arawn parallel with
the west line thereof snid antii-a trnt
beintr described as follow- Haninntn
at a stone on the east line of the Do
nation lnnd Claim of John Stipp and
wife, in T. 8 8., R. 2 West of the Wil
lnmette Meridian, in aMrion County,
Oregon, said stooe boing 32.75 chains
north of the South east corner of said
claim: thence north Kit ,lri and -to
minutes west 5.75 chains ta a stone in
tne middle or the Salem and Macleay
county road, thence north 83 degrees
and 15 minutes west 11 xn nl,n;na , .
storie at an aagle in said road, thence
smiia o negroes west i.i.ua caains to
inn wesi line nr tiia Krun mm at
point where its wet lin nt-Aauaa ti...
middle of the said Sulem and Macleay
road; theace north 14.43 chains; thence
east tlO chainjl tn t),a Ana i;nn a
- - v v-i..,v 1 1 iii. vi Mini
Stipp claim; thence south 15.18 chains
. . i. . , . . . . .
iu iuv iuni-a qi oeginning.
Said dale heinir mada ai,l,tAt iA A
demption in the manoer provided by
Dated this 7th day of September
Sheriff of Marion County. Or.,
By W. I. Needham, Deputy. Oct. T
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned by an order of the Countr
vuui aiunuu vouniy, vregon, has
been appointed as Admlniatratri n..
estate of Alden C. Estes, deceased. All
persons naving claims against such es
tate are required to present them with
in six months from tho data of
notice, with the proper vouchers to the
undersigned at the office of 8. M. En
dicott, S0d Salem Bank of Commerce
Building, Salem, Oregon.
unieti tnit ana day of September.
ANN O. ESTES, Administratrix.
The strongest and newest water
Proof Shoes Made
Loggers, Cruisers, Miners, and
Men's Comfort Dress Shoes
Sbrong Shoes for Boys
Manufactured by
621 Thurmnn St., . Portland, Ore.
Cream Cereal, Self-Rising Pancake Flour, Self-Rlsjng Biscuit Flour
Fine, Coarse and Medium Graham, Rolled Oats, Steam Rolled Barley,
Fine Middlings and Bran.
Highest Price Paid for Milling Wheat.
Court of Marion County, Oregon, and
the same is set for settlement on the
18th day of October, at ten a. m.
Any objections that may be filed
against said account may be heard at
said time and place.
Dated this 14th day of September,
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned executor of the last will and
testament of Laura Chambers, deceased,
has filed his final account in the Coun
ty Court of Marion County, Oregon,
and the same is set for settlement on
the ISth day of October, at 10 a. m.
Any objections that may be filed
against said account may be heard at
said time and place.
Dated this 14th day of September,
Oct. 14. JOHN H, McNART.
"Loju" Loganberry Juice
brings new delights for the hostess
For the old time-worn wuys of making punch, sub
stitute "Loju." From a mere formality, your
punch table will become tho center of delighted
guests. For "Loju" Lot nnberry ' Juice makes a
punch that is "fit for the gods."
Is more than or
dinary Logauber-
ry juice-it is the Loganberry
result of costly in- JSLQLm Inlro
vestigntion and yTyroffirF Zr' "UHAj
reseurch for the lijr
most modern way of bottling Lo-ganberry Juice.
Our great plant is in the heart of the Loganberry
district in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Only
the largest, finest, most luscious Loganberries fur
nish the juice for "Loju." It contains no coloring
or preservatives.
If you haven't tried "Loju" yet, drop in at
your favorite fountain end ask for it in the indi
vidual bottlo. The best druggists, confectioners
and grocers sell "Loju " .
I -, 1
Notice is hereby given thit the un
dersigned administratrix of the last
will and testament of Zarilda Miller has
filed her final aceouat in the County
308,213 Ford cars were sold last year
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f. e. b., Detroit Why pay more? On
sale at"
260 N. High
Agents for Marion and Polk Counties.
ore uur exniou at ihe Jt air.