Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 23, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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Trading Friday And Saturday
Before the inevitable rush of State Fair week all of our patrons
and friends who can conveniently do so will find it great y to
their advantage. Come while the choosing is good, come Friday
if possible. Thousands of visitors will be here next week when it
will be impossible for us to serve you as we would like.
4 jhSP
' '
$12.50 Chinchilla Coats
special for this sale
$10, $12.50 and $15
Ladies' Caricule, Plush
and cloth Coats will go
during our sale at
Ladies' $22.50 Silk Plush
Coats, all new, shown to
day for the first time,
see them -
Shown for the first time today.. Representing a great
variety of New York's latest models in the favored
Blue, Green and Browns.
sign. Regular $16.50, $22.50 and $25.50, priced special
$10.90, $13.90 and
Astrachan, Chinchillas, Persian Lamb, Teddy Bear
Cloth, etc. Latest novelty weaves secured by our New
York buyer for early Fall business and just placed on
sale- Regular $1.50, $2.50, $3.50 up, priced special
75c, 98c and $1.75 and up
Shown today for the first time. Our sale prices dispel
the illusion of high prices you've heard so much about
All Wool Serges, Crepes, Novelties, etc. " .
At 39c, 58c, 98c, $1.18
Every Department Has Its Added Attractions
Just received another For Men, Women and New lot of Boy's school Each day's business in-
shipment of millinery by Children. Cotton, fleeced suits, all ages from 5 to creases as the public
far the largest of the or all wool shirts, draw- 15, Knicker Pants learns that cash prices
season. Ladies' shapes ers and union suits. $3.50, 4.50 and $6.00, are.,ower By paying
49c, 98c and $1.48. Every piece reduced for gale prices are sh you can save from
Trimmed Hats sale iut 10
$1.49, $1.98, $2.98 23c, 49c, and 98c $1.98, $2.45, $3.98 15c on the $1.00 '
Another big shipment Men's Shirts, Gloves, Largest shipment of the We will show today for
arrived from New York. Hats, Suspenders, Neck- season just in. Never the first time those new
Children's Cloth, Plush wear, Hosiery, etc. Com- have we done such a gold band dishes. Dinner
and Caricule Coats for piete new line 25c, 50c shoe .business. .Men's, sets or separate pieces,
all a&esmtday or - and $1.00 articles Women's and Children's See our 42 piece set.
$1.98, $2.98, $3.90 12'c, 25c, 49c 98c, $1.69, $2.98 At $3.90
The Greater
Stire. Fn'.r Grounds, Sept. 23. A
busy day tlivo.uhont the groumK '"
ccsaioners busy building for the com
iiif! busy week.
No due'. and n mud during tne ':
inn state f:iir to onnoy the guests.
4'ii'tl tqunre vnrds of new paven.ont.
eliminates the poibility of dust hud
l'':iriu ol.iHt will be made by She
frllntiiiin I iitmi: D. XL Low. Al.-
lnr.d; J.co.itrd Gilkey, Thomas; Cliewter j tomle.l that fair, ti-cre are thousands
Mi-kc'son, lYrtland. Mr. F. M. Si-i- ,0 will i.ttond th.) Oregon state fair
man, of Lebanon, sold his most exc!l-,for the iiitt time. This spirit is shown
lent exlul.it 'Vat he hail prepared V r t,0 hundreds of letters received by
competition in the personal farm ex-' jjpcritaiv V. Al Jones and other mom-
hibits, to the Linn county people who
oil tne prize that
n..k, (iillium, Union, Wallowa, Morrow,
Clatsop, I'mntiUa, Washington, Lina,
(oliiinhiu and Benton. A total of scv
ee.lce!" of the largest ever exhibiting
at the ii.i'C fair. The largest previous
number was last year when 11 counties
entered. Those showing last year that
will lift come in tiiis year are Halter
and Malheur. ' Superintendent of the
avilion, Oscar K. Kreyrug, says that
the large percentage of gnin which is
ncarlv twu percent - shows that there
is a f'lir spirit abroad in the land, and
tb.it while thousands of Oregonians
i.ut. ci.i i. to Kan Francisco and at-
11 Year Old Boy Lost
and Does Not Appear
To Worry About It
Inspecting Properties and
Asking Many Questions
of Miners .
I Rouse, Colo., Sept. 23. Colorado sun
and-, wind combined today to blister
John D. Rockefeller, Jr's. nose so badly
i that it peeled. On his trip about his
jcoal mines, he was forced to stop for
some cold cream, but he confessed rne
fullv to newspapermen and movie oper-
'atois, with whom he paused to frater
nize, that even cold cream eoukln t
touch Colorado sunburn. " '
Making a visit to Walsoubiirg, he
passed the Aguilnr colony, with it '-'(1
abandoned tents.
.Informed that these marked the site
of a strike battle, he answered, "" It is
too bad to mar this lienutitul country
with warfare," but he dodged all "fur
ther questions as t the strike or con
cerning national politics "
Rockefeller set the newspaper trait
ors a fast pace on his automobile trip
iiur 40 mile., nil hour, while th renort-'
ers' car wheezed along behind and had
frequent blowouts.
The oil king stood in the coal dust
here and talked with T. A. Mitchell, a
big negro, member of the miners griev
ance committee during tho strike. He
also talked to another negro who had
met the elder Rockefeller years ago,
and shook hands with a number of ne
gro employes.
At each stop he inspected homes,
talked with ninny mothers and their
children, attended schools, inspected his
properties and conferred with employes.
hverywhere lie asked questions.
$12 $15 1
' WWW,
A Galley o Fun!
"Well, now, Mabel, we must may
i rout, How about the trip on the
"O, Henry, I couldn't take that
trip! You know Florence took that
trip and I have borrowed two ol
Florence's gowns. I don't want thr
people at the hotels recognizing Flor
ence's gowns."
"We might go through the Thous
ind Islands."
"It wouldn't do. Henrietta went
through the Thousand Islands, and 1
have all her shirtwaists and two ol
.ier hats."
"How about the Berttshires, Lenox,
ind all that? Fretty country, they
"I'd love to see it, but Gelievicv
spent a lot of time in the Berkshire!
nd the evening wrap I borrowed
;r(im her is very conspicuous."
"Atlantic City, then, for a starter?
"Horrors, no! Somebody would b
sure to see me on the Boardwalk
wearing Elizabeth's tan coat."
"Well. I Kiiesi we'll have to pasi
lp the trip little girl. You have col
ected a nice outfit for yourself but
we don't seem able to map a routt
hat won't conflict with your clothes.'
Providence, R. I., Sept. 23, The
Providence Journal will sny tomorrow:
"Tho reason why the German govern
ment has consented to change its sub
marine methods is becuuse more thnn
SO per cent of its submarines have been
destroyed and its undersells warfare
brought to complete fuilure within tliOj
past two months.
"The Journal is able to print the full!
and accurate story of the manner in
which the British navy has accom
plished tliiB week.
Operations Cover Four Months. .
"The operations under the present
method have lasted over a period of
four months ami they would have been
brought to a successful completion
many weeks ngo if tho liritisti naval
authorities hail realized that some of
tho mechanical contrivances Hindu use
of were not fit for the work.
"Sixty-seven (ierinnn submarines, 27
of which are declared to hnve been of
the newest find latest const ruction,
have been sunk by the lliitisli navy
since May 5.
"It can be said on positive authority
that the full capacity of the llernuin
shipyards foe undersells boats is not
more than" three a month, but that even'
if Germany were able to replace her
submarines as fast as they hail In
destroyed, the must grave situation bIio
faces in regard to this method of war
fare is tho actual destruction of tho
morale of the officers and crews of such
Danger Realized by Crews.
"It is declared that while the sailors
who man (iermuii
brave and efficient us those of liny
tion in the world, the authorities
Every man ought to
have at least two or
three good suits they
last longer, look better
and you always look
well dressed.
We can give you some
splendid values at
$12 and $15
Let Us Show You to
Prove It.
Brick Brothers
The House That Guar
antees Every Purchase.
Corner State & Liberty
Citizen. What do you want
Outcast. Why, if yer got a plat'
of hot soup in yer pocket it'll do u
Washington, Held. 2:1. After
ho had called nt the White
House with the avowed intention
of telling President Wilson how
to end the sins of the world, Ad
am .Morris, aged 111, of Tulare,
('ill., was taken into custody to
day. He declared he us in
cominuiiicntion with the heaven
ly powers, and hence in n posi
tion to give Wilson the requisite
Mrs. Grogan. Oi hear Kelly win ii
in autoinoliecl accident.
Mrs. Doolcy. Yis. Little Tinim;
Riley across th' way threw a brick a
wan, and it landed on Kelly's face!
No Ministry Change.
London, Sept. ill. Premier Asquith
tiidav formally denied in the house, of
commons rumors that important changes
submarine ro u! in tlnwM. unet are contempmie..
as those of any iia-l " W". .'lo , ,rT!" ' . " ."""J''"
i ninii ruiMii ion or nniiiniry, n" nm.
II Hill) ' . '
! Bolivian Commissioner
Will Wed Miss Hyland
feol rerlnin of carrying
in the eountv exhtti ts.
The counties tha'. will make special
exhibits are Jackson, Polk, Lane, Ma
rie n, Clackamas, Multnoninh, Tillnm-
San Francisco, Nept. 23. Following
1 the receipt of a rableKrnm from Bolivia
Last night about 7 o'eloek the Salem .,.Ilt hy Lul, 0 a belli, Bolivian coin
police picked up an 11-year-old boy at mil,8iom.r t0 ,. Panama-Pacific exposi
the depot where he had been loitering , tlB ,,M(,ll(!(.1(.,lt of Milli Crystal
around all nfternooi.. The lad was i Hyhmc! and Abclli was announced to
brought to the station where he said his ( d Hva,l ' fnther'is George
name, was Leslie Smith but refused to M jiyluml, oiie of the Oregon commu
ted the officers any other details, sny . ,iom,rH ,0 . ,.x,0l,ition.
ing, "I'll talk to you tomorrow.' I Thc ,,,,,,.., f ,n young couple
This morning lie uhvI his father's, rumor(,, ,, ng0. Thereafter
nnmo was John Smith and thnt he lived j Al((.m r,.turil(., t(, Bolivia to gain the
about a mile east of the asylum on the ',., m Ml to tlle ,., T1(l
asvlum toad. He remembered no names : i,i. ai,..iii n,itu m. ...n...i.l
he board. Mr. Frcytag says oi any neignoors, uiey .... . H ,.....,, . and AM) at once cabled the news.
mililic caii ill iltte BS to tne: saiu, aim ink oi.iccrn cuuiii nrvu.u ..nil-
state lfcir over1 information from him. He snid he had
Tha Great FW-Sur Cart
Scat Bala BcpUmbar 2
Prices 76c to 12.00 '
.. i...... nf It. I
: . i... .....a .null Kflon i llm linn vnrrlu and tln.r. thn fnm
hat ct ormer ones, on . , j- - - ----
vl ile there is the eld saving "this is ily hnd resided in that part of the eoun
tho best e-er" the 1U1" fnir will prove try for about a month. None of. the
it tc- th'ise who have attended other j residents along that road had ever
fans held in Oregon. The state is, heard of the family and the police ap
urowing and tho children who aro .Br to have caught a tartar,
mog.ii.ol and mtde a part of this , , ,
a Drifted Across Ocean
representing thirty-five counties aim ;
bovs' camp representing thirty-four
the whole state is a unit in boosting aj
fair that is seventeen per cent better i
as a wh.-le than any previous show.
Kjven in the state fair history.
In Small Fishing Boat
Prince Rupert, H. C, Sept. 2.1.
Caught in a gale while fishing off the
Jnpnnese coast, his small fishing schoon
er drifted across the Pacific ocean
and finally went ashore on North Is-
1 IT I In ml, in yueen uarioiie sounu. mis
CaUSed HeaVy LOSS was the story told to immigration of-
Tacoma. gVtl H.
t,lay otyMMHOtyH'i J , beside, himm If lived
j.inii.. ....." ... - , ... , ....
American Marines
Kill Haitien Sniper
Washington S.epS.L.t
Washington, Sept. A column of
fifty American marines and sailors was
fired on by llnitiens Tuesday, Admiral
Cuperton reported to the navy depart
me nt today.
I The Americans returned the fire and
killed one ninluished llaiticn. There
were no A'tiicrimn casualties.
Burning of Sawmill
.l.....,.,..l thn
""" . ' . .I..i .1 Huinler.l
i,uunnr ' , t unnHl,thev sureredeil in attracting a
, u'..u inut inane n uru nw... w - . . . . -
on fish and game on the Island. Then I
' ... . . . m:
I to 1.W,00, partly insured . ne saw-, .. . ;
Kansas City Journals The English
pound sterling has been steadily de-,
predating In value, measured In Amer
ican money, but It has not reached .
the point wbera it looks like 30 cents.
mill, shingle mill and lumber sheds with
6,000,000 feet ol lumoer " -
I Men, women and children of Rainier
! irned out to fight th fire, forming
'bucket brigades, tut their efforts were
IThe origin of the fire is unknown.
Kxhibitrng nt the
The greatest in the State's his
tory. Special Premium
The Spokane, Portland A Seat
tle Railway company offers a
chime, metal-rased clock, value
450.00, to the eounty mnkaug thn
nest exhibit of grains and grasses
the number and quality of va
rieties to be considered in mak
ing the award.
been n 1 1 (i I to to keep from them tho
facts with regard to the mysterious (lis
nncariince of dozens of submarines with
their crews, and that this condition hnsi uettiiig
;....i wood."
urmim tumui. u I'm i iin,. .. K
all men in this branch of tho service,!
who not only believe that when they
leave the protection of their own waters
they are going to destruction, but who
huve not, understood how that destruc
tion was being brought ujtput. ' ."
The operations which have resulted
in the practical elimination of tho Her
man submarine navy have all centered
about tho fact that the periscope of a
submarine, particularly when traveling
in seas that are rough or chojiy, bus a
greatly restricted range of vision.
'Tlie netting which has been used by
tho British navy for the past two
months has been made of galvanized
material with a 15-foot mesh. This si.o
has superceded both the nine-foot
and the 12 foot mesh which preceded
it nml which were found to be iinpriic
ticnble for the purpose. This netting
has been cut into lengths of 170 feet
with i. .tenth of 21 feet. (In top of this
netting lire lashed great blocks of
The Want pages go to the
office and home and are con-,
suited often and frequently
cliDDed and filed ior ready
reference. The Journal
Wants are valuable that's
the reason.
I'm really in nn awful state,
All power of thought 1 lack,
Peculiar feelings agitate .
My region cardiac.
I can't keep still a minute. In-
Terinitteiilly 1 blush.
My friends all say I'm getting tbti.
I have another crush!
Much maudlin verse I daily pen,
As lnvc-siek suitors do;
, Her golden hair 1 sing, and then
Her eyes of shining blue.
A saner man, no doubt, would cal
My rimes inhoate mush.
I just can't help it that is all;
1 have another crush.
So sempiternally I sing
Of golden hair, blue eye.
Themes that inspire me to I!y jinn
Who was l hat just went by?
.Those huzci eyes! What hair! Liki
jet I
A mantling, rose-pink flush!
Hy jovc! My heart will kill me yet
I've got another crush!
N. Salsbury.
ike Gasoline
of Quality
Red Crown
the straight
refinery gasoline
Standard Oil Company
Gloomy Port. Ah, that's alwayi
.he way. Why is it that other men
lave opportunities and 1 don't
Now, if 1 were only a business imm
I could take advantage of that!
. We have all kinds of Aies, Hedges, Wedges, Haws, and Lipiipinonts
for the woods.
All kinds of Corrugated Iron for both Roofs sud Buildings.
A good thOO.OO Laundry Mangel, slightly used for one fouith originul
C""a good 4 horsepower John D. Clnsollne Engine, fully guaranteed.
Two Ponies and Harness nt a price that will surpriso you.
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
The House of Half a Million Bargains.
.102 North Commercial Htreet. Phone li.
"Mrs. Cloodbody pays her tour
.hildreii a cent a dozen for swattinif
:hc Hies that net into the house."
"How docs the plan work?"
"Nuldy! When their mother is
.way the little boy holds the screen
loor open and lets in the flies, while.
ii sister slays thnn with nealiiesl
mil dispatch. Soinrtimes when tho
1'iinil lady is absent for an hour or
o the dear children manage to iismh-
iiuute a sulticient number ot t tic prs
:ifcroiis insects to enable them to p,i
heir way into the moving picture
how that very blessed night."
Mrs. (iramt rcy. I was days an I
lays packing the trunks, and if thnv
lorrid customs inspectors tuxs the
Ilium about I'll never be able to get
lirm in again.
(irameriy. I guess there won't be
ny trouble, my dear, after they've
itizcd all the things you're trying tJ
imuggle in.
( I
! !
i !
i ;