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    The Capital J
i r
Editorial Page of "
September 21. 1!M.
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Phone Main 81.
The Medford Mail-Tribune is very much opposed to
war in all its forms and in any circumstances. Here is a
typical editorial from that paper:
"In the Illustrated London News there is published
every week a shocking series of pictures.
"There is nothing immoral or disgusting about it it
is merely a double page full of small photographs of fine-
looking young men. The shock comes when one reads the
words printed boldly above the pictures 'Dead on the
Field of Honor'."
"Dead on the field of honor !
"All the pictured faces you see are dead. A fine, up
A Galley o Fun !
Balkan was the name of the range of mountains which
forms the watershed between the lower Danube and the
Aegean, but has come to be applied to the peninsula of
(From the Lawyers' Magazine.)
Comes now Ignatz Waldo, who
complains of Miss Lucretia Smyth
and declares that by reason of her
grace, beauty, and general lovability
he lias lost his heart to her, where
fore he prays the said Miss Smythe
that she take pity upon him and ac
cede to his request, to wit, namely,
standing lot of young Englishmen they were intelligent, : hoiy wedidck.
clean, brave and gay but they are all dead. That boy,! . thereupon the hereinbefore-men-
i,i ,i j ii e i ii i,i j. i. i.M ; tioncd Miss Smythe treats the com-
witn tne eyes iuu 01 glorious youtn and the moutn sun pi ainant in a cruel and inhuman man
sweet and whimsical he is dead. There is a man with ' s,;e la,1h.9 ?cornfli"?
........ -i , -i i 1 li i in as he rests on his knees betore
the face of a chief firm lips and steady eyes and square her, and declares that she win never
chin-but they led him to death. This one must be a poet,, "laWmffi
the beauty of his face revealing his mighty visions for the another giri at the railroad station on
future but he is dead, too. And there is a face from the; l1 Vn "o!
Canadian prairies, a iace that is strone and eentle and; which she swears is true to the best
clear-eyed with looking out across mighty acres of wheat; 0!c;ek;i,rvu;erIetoa1eb1omniai
Southeastern Europe which lies south of Russia and! PVPS rin nnw and rlpnd. Tt is nil rlonrlrru vnnth that! mlTSry. 1'' errorC0an!J states
Austro-I ungary and east of-the Adriatic sea- j pushed us up and on the laughter and courage that sweet- $e SeW.Lfo
1 his territory is now divided among seven nations:; pnpri t-hp world, thp Hi-pa ms thp etreno-tv, the mnn.nnwer of the i at the railroad station I
i) : r..i it,4. a 11 : f i . . . . ' , -
ivumaiuu, urnu'ia, out uia, lUuuiuufgru, tuuixmu, uieeue aj dead On the field of honor.
and Turkey; but within its limits are found 158 different I '
peoples. Ilence the constant troubles that have made the I '"On the field of honor'
Balkan peninsula the puzzle and dismay of the statesmen j The field of honor is a' field in a gtrange land The
of Europe. ... . j marchin? men thought it was a preen field, full nf musie
By the Treaty of Berlin in 188 the six rowers of j and elon, but it was iust a SUrar bept fiplfl vprv muddv
'-' V ' f - O 7' V 1
and full of trenches that in time tirade good graves for the
honored dead. On the field of honor there was no music
only a roar and a shrieking; no marching of brothers
Europe thought they had settled the Balkan question by
dividing the territory among the peoples chiefly populat
ing it. But they made the mistake of leaving Macedonia
in the hands of Turkey; and the two Balkan wars of 1912 1 homWlnnlv lvi flat in th ,id t cht vww mn-
and m. upset the balance of power, and left unsatisfied no glory-only hate, and dirt, and horror, and real pain.
Bulgaria, which is the most truculent if not the most it vvn thp fiplH whow mon th
powerful of the Balkan states By the strategic position j the iove of women the future of children, the existence
of its territory Bulgaria holds the key to the situation in, 0f a race, and then-beautiful creative life itself the fipld
the Balkans.
The present situation is that Rumania wants Transyl
or honor !
"We look at these pictures of the men who died on the
vania, which is peopled largely by Rumanians but is ruled fieid of honor and offer a prayer for theh. gouls and the
by Austria. Bulgaria wants the part of Macedonia which souis of those dead whose bftdips wt livp
"Then we make a prayer for ourselves.
it lost to Serbia by the second Balkan war and also the
territory down to the bchatalja lines, not far from Con
stantinople. Greece wants the Greek cities on the eastern
shore of the Aegean sea. Serbia and Montenegro want
ports on the Adriatic. Italy wants the control of the
straits of Atranto, so that the Adriatic may become
practically an Italian sea. Albania doesn't know just
what she wants, but she wants it very mHch
'Lord! What shall we do to be saved?' "
Most of the New York banking and financial interests
are in favor of making the big foreign loan. Here is a
sample oi the argument put forth by the circular review
cause tor action, inasmuch as tne
young lady in question was and is a
sister to the party of the first part,
.ind under the Constitution of the
L'nitcd States and the rulings of the
Interstate Commerce Commission
(Ala. 2-34-0) such kissing cannot be
made the basis oi a complaint for
unjust discrimination by the fiancee
of said kisser. Whereupon Miss
omythc reverses her decision and
orders that, alter being signed, sealed,
and delivered with a kiss, the mar
riage decree be duly and fully promulgated.
Journal" Jgi
PIOliteAllft Qn Round Trin
l M W&V FromSale
fi (fl IW N W1Ul Meals ad Berth Eluded
SWTHv' Free Extra Feature and Refreshments.
JllMlM Elaborate Cnisiue. '
ICrflll 2Tein Electric y- The North Bank
Prrs- m NORTHERN" and
ilfllSSi III ill fi li I f i I ') l! ill) I EV6ry Tuesday' Thuraday. Saturday.
Wk M LcaX? PortlBnd 930 m., arrive San I
Ml I Francisco 3:30 p. m., next day.
U llil Expositions now at their best
jJJlUijJJJ Hfvl I J-iW' Kitt'hie' A8ent Oregon Electric
-iTtlj hj&4stUllJ -V-' 6alem- San Francisco 665
fj--Mlfflffl' Market St.
First Life-insurance Agent. Hou
ihoiit Smythe? Is he a good risk!
Second Life-insurance Airent. He
is no reason why New York alone should undertake1 be if 'e was undci
itni,, ,nc i...i ,,f ,.. ,..uu A.f...-., .1 .i 1 issue! i ov j. rjacne ana iomnanv. wmcn rem-esents
war on Turkey on August 21; but, curiously, she is not Prc"y wf the VaIl Street viewpoint: "New York alone
yet at war with Germany, having no cause of quarrel. could underwrite a loan of $1,000 000,000 on its present
The Balkan nations, at the outset of the war, were serve which last Saturday was nearly $225,-
annarentlv united in svmnathv with the Pntonto nllinnco. ,000. In fact, on a basis of 18 per cent reserve, this
hut for spvoivil month i nst dispnnl h.n nniwrnnt! sui-pius would warrant a loan of $1,20,000,000. But
among them. The success of Germany in the Russian! ere 1S "o"eason why New York alone should underta!
drive and the natural enmity existing between the Greeks! . . operauon, because tne country-every part oi it j
and Bulgars have probably had much to do with this !f interested, and on the whole, much more interested!
change in sentiment. Bulgaria seems about to side with! tna.n Ne)v And niry- a a whole is abund'i
(.crmany and Austria, while Greece and Rumania will antl? abl take care of this financing. The combined!
probably take up arms on the other side, Rumania because su,'1j1"s the National banks and the State banks of the
of close relationship with the Russians and Greece to get cuntry is estimated to be oyer $1,500,000,000. As an 18;
another chance to humble an enemy of long standing. ! gSnL1' 'SVY1, loans ,f, over
i .w,.jUU,uuu,UUU. bo that a 1,000,000,000 loan would be a!
the war is problematical Germany would gain a road comparatively small matter. Furthermore, it would be a 'J wucriy.
through to assist her ally, Turkey, but on the other hand "a lk ruum LI11S enormous creau
He plucked the dandelion and blew
upon it.
"She loves me she loves me not!'
ho muttered inanely.
Now, the flower had suffered long
and il its patience hereupon brokt
down under the strain, what wonder!
"O, ask nie about Schedule K, oi
something relatively easyl" it ex
it would enable the entente powers to drive at Constanti
nople by land without violating neutral territory, over
coming a condition which has forced them to attack by
way of the Dardenelles with its almost impregnable
There is a movement on foot to "standardize dances.'
power which the country now possesses, and which is, in
itself, a menace and an invitation to wild speculation and
tremendous credit inflation- For many years' this coun
try has been cut off from participation broadly in the
business of the outside world. Since the Civil War, our
banking system, and our navigation laws practically
destroying our merchant marine, have made us. in a
While Bandit Fought
He Comforted Hungry
Woman and Children
Sun Francisco, Sept. 21. Mrs. Sarah
Krow and her two babies are in want
in the "death house" at Buchanan and
Oak streets, where George Nelson, the
Los Angeles bandit, made his last stand
for life.
They are destitute in a bullet-riddled
room adjoining the chamber where Nel
son blew his brains-out. In this room
the littlo mother conversed with the
bandit before he died and while he bat
tled. Nelson whispered her words of
consolation through the thin partition,
she says, and finally called upon the
police to take the woman and her
children out of the danger zone.
"I believe this bandit was every inch
a man," sobbed the mother today. "He
gave my children food the day before
he died. He heard them crying and
when the oldest boy told him he was
hungry parted with his own slim store
of food that my babies might have
something to cut.
"That night when the battle with the
police was at its fiercest he tried to
comfort them with soothing words when
he heard them crying.
"I dirt not hear him fire more than
five shots. The police were doing all
the shooting."
Mrs. Krow fared ejection from her
dingy room.
Chicago, Sept. 21. President Ban
Johnson of the American league, and
meniDcr oi te .National commission, ex
pressed the opinion today that permis
sion will be given for the two teams ia
the world 's series to go to the Panama
Pacific exposition after the big games,
for a post-season series with a picked
Pacific Coast league team.
It is understood a delegation of San
Francisco men will eome east soon to
make the request.
San Francisco, Sept. 21. Declaring
himself in perfect condition after bis
long rest and ready to don the gloves ,
as soon as cooler weather prevails in
the east, Freddie Welsh, lightweight
champion left with his family today
for Chicago,
Welsh said he is figuring on retiring
frtf.il the ring at the end of a year.
Fine scheme. Next thine in order will be a salaried com-1 sense a narrow commercial nation. Here Is the first I
mission and inspectors for the tango parlors to see that. great Plortunity for us to take a commanding position."
all the rules and regulations are properly followed out.;
At present there is still a small number oT people who are
not on the public payroll and they should be taken care of
very speedily or face the dread necessity of going to,
work. !
Portland's big brewery is to be converted into a near-'
beer factory when
year. This fact wil
ject of the value o
rohibition .U'comes effective next
naturally arouse interest in the sub-near-beer
as a beverage anil many
residents of Salem are strong for it especially when it
is as near as Independence.
hf Ml - I M. 1 LV1
m w ill rm wjtwu
-fy Walt Mason
"And where," demanded his wife
with Hashing eyes, "would you b
now, only for me?"
l lie man glanced at the clock. Ii i
was verging on midnight. Hi
sighed, and was silent.
Mother (to tive-ycar-old daughter)
-ics dear, Heaven is the most beau
tiful place there is every one ii
nappy there and it you are good
so"ie day you will go there.
Daughter. Well, mamma, if it'a sc
nice up there, why did vou have tin
doctor come and save your life whci
vou had such a good chanca to die
My Mabel cannot sinu a note,
She writes no verses free,
-lie cannot paint a little boat
L'pou a wavcless sea.
Notice is hereby given that the uu
dersigned will receive sealed bids up
.i or hick p. m. Monday, October 4,
' ; 1 ' ,"r 'be construction of a cement
sidewalk on the west side of Liberty
street between nl, o.i r..i:.. w....
"lie riKht is herein- reserved to reiect
mil' .i.i.l ..11 1.: I. . . J "
.....i uu inns ia uic interest of the
City Recorder.
Information for
Lung Sufferers
The milkers of Kekman's Altera
tive will be pleased to send reports
of recoverlos from tuberculosis and
a booklet of interest to sufferers,
with information about diet and
fresh air. Investigate this case:
2141 XnnquehiinDa Ave.. 1'hllii., Vn.
"Mr l)r Slrl For two Jtarn I
vrxa afflicted with hemorrbnue" of
the lungs, and later I a'"
wltk a never artnek o pawimnnla.
Whn I recovered aumrlently ta
walk about the bonne I wan left
with a frlejhtrul, hacking eonKn,
which no medicine I had tnkra could
alleviate. It waa at thla time, March,
1H02. that 1 atarted tnklnn Krkinona
Alterative. In a abort time mr
couKh waa none and I wan pro
nounced well. I eannot apeak too
klahlT for the rood It ha. done."
Kckman'a Alterative l most eilica
eloua In bronchial catarrh and se
ver throat and lung affections and
up-building the system. Contains
no harmful or habit-formInK drucs.
Accept no substitutes. Small sz
1; regular slie, $2. Sold by UadinK
druggists. Writ for booklet of r
coveriea. . . .
Eckmaa Laboratory, Philadelphia.
nt friend, I bid you, do not paui
And say with knowing look:
l'e lovo hi lii,..l i.
Mie certainly cm cook!"
The "dollar day" is becoming almost ns popular as the!
"dollar dinner" was when Hryan was at the height of his1
popularity ami lame.
What's the use of worrying? William Jennings Bryan
is going to Europe to stop the war.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S68
Transact a general banking business
Safety Dvposit Boxes
i not that she cook., n
1'hat wiiu her nl.ce liili
in and do love l:il,il ...
Mccause she doem't try I
Mn. HcitDcuuc W rrr von u.-...
V C-i A VU V4AirV 1 IUU UJL I I . , V . J vfu (Will-
yan, who jumped the ship of state, when1 Z"' h"
u should he a-tryin' to make vour record 1,1 V ,u:"iie tregretfuivv-Xv,
roight. Great truths you ai? parading,! " M
The man who's always talking will some day talk too' " 1
much, and with disaster shocking he then will be in i I,
toucn. 1 OU jabber ike a nwver nhnttf frio
blooming war; is that what your employer
is paying money for? You talk a lot of
BiiittKiiu vueai i rut is v
and ologies profound, when you should he
out spading the fertile garden ground. You1
talk about the neighbors, and charge them'
up with crime; are there no wiser labors'
to occupy your time? Go, mark the down-!
ami-outers, who th
the most of them were spouters, who always talked too
much. Go, watch the bums who sidle around with empty!
maws; they let their arms ham
their jaws. The man who still discourses when there is' TlJZlZ::
naught to say, until his larynx hoarse is, will get the' , -V'-By-v. .r; ;nt m 0i
bounce some day The boss will bar and ban him, and' VSIr (.rrwv-n. VoU ,
ni'nn.f li,i .i n .l,, ...... 1 l . . ' . ... I..... ... , , . M "am
vuumit, unu snoo ana hit? anil enn him ' uimoinie cneap?
and semi him to the dump. M
"We bad an I'nole To'm't Cab'i
iii...uy at the Up'ry Home ni8li
octore last.
"Ah!" returned the facetious drum
nier. "Did the venerable drama cen
10 .depict the horrori of slavery a'
vividly ai it lined to?"
"Wf'1.. .dqnVleil th horrors a
I ndc Toms Cabin u vividly
Sept. 23-24-25
reatures of early Western Dayi
Low Round Trip Fares
from all stations on
Ask the nearest Agent.
General Passenger Agent