Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 18, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Suits, Coats And Dresses Of Utmost Style
Very Modestly Priced
New Showing of Women's Lace and Crepe de Chine Waists
Immense Assortment Children's Coats and Dresses
For School Wear
A Sale of
Extra Special at 89c each
For the next rainy day Here's a sale of Umbrellas that will
cause women to provide shelter for themselves against the
next spel) of weather. These Umbrellas are of good grade with
strong, well made frames and neat handles- At this surprising
price they are bound to sell rapidly. Take your choice Next
89c each
starts at 8::i0. See the window display.
Special Sale Commencing Monday
Women's Gingham Aprons, 23c Each
Here's your chance to put in a supply of good
. kitchen aprons made of Amoskeg Ginghams
various size check patterns. One pocket Extra
special commencing Monday.
, 23c each
See window display.
" ' IN
Songs That Please
The Unique Novel
; BY
The Literary Divine
Continuous Show
Feature Starts
4:30 6:15 8:15 10:15
1J George Graves went to Portland this
T R. A. Hooper, of .Shaw, was in the
X t-ity yesterday.
Henry I-ee made a business trip to
T Portland today.
X David Aline, of Woodburn, is in the
;;ity today on busiuess.
1 ! Miss Olive .Skiff is spending the week
end in Portland with friends.
James Grieg, of Kings Valley, was in
'. The city yesterday on business.
F. A. I.nureinline went to Portland
this morning on the Oregon Electric.
Bert Dennis and iwughter, Loleta.
left this morning for an over Sunday
visit at Palls City.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. I.ivesley were
passengers this morning for l'ortlund
(in the Oregon Electric.
Mrs. I.ee M. I'nruh and baby. Doris,
left today for a month's visit with rela
tives at Parma. Idaho.
Mrs. W. H. Bnmk returned last ev
ening from a month 's . visit with her
son at San Francisco.
X. A. Hufford, cashier of the .Secur
ity State bank of Woodburn, is in the
city today on business.
Ry Keene and William Tieinhart will
leave in a few days for University of,
Columbia, at Columbia, Mo. 1
H. C. Farpley has been qujto ill nt
his home on North Liberty street, but
is improving now and able to sit up. i
.Miss Echo Hunt left this morning for j
Corvallis, where she will enter the soph-!
omore class in the school of pharmacy.
Miss Kose Aline, of Woodburn, ar-;
rived in the city todav to attend the i
Capital Business college during the fall
Miss Bertha M. Oliver leaves tomor
row fur the slate normal school at
Monmouth, where sne will enter the
junior class.
-Misses cornice auter anil Alt hea ; ... t nni u t n, fit,, vi ,,
... , , . , ll-IHK III 1. .11 "J- HIV V-llI I' V I UK'"
hs.-h returned to this city today after I terV-
Vw'rt '1, I,"'ls"i'l ft thl home s;'rviving him, besides the widow, arc
ot Mrs. R. H Itoluiia. ! five children : W. G. Miles, Salem; II.
Mr and Mrs. . K Burghardt, .Tr..!Milc!, Turner; Mrs. K U. Iiestne, Al-
. ... I....- ,., ,K ,1, H.ierc nicy j rmllv. Mrs. Samuel Hancock, Salem, ami
- ....... .... .. r....,u-n x ui-iiiK uns air-, ji,.s --rn. Esch, Sulem.
T , IT
See the Play Prom the Start, You
Will Enjoy it Better
MII.ES At his home, IJOt Jefferson
street, Salem, Saturday, September
IS, llJl.),'W. P. Miles, from heart fail
ure, nt the nge of 7H.
Funeral services will be held Monday
under the auspices of the G. A. R. ai
Ladies of the 0. A..R., nt 10 o'clock
in the morning, at the Christian cliurrli,
the Kev. F. T. Porter officiating. In.
ernoon for San Francisco.
Hop Picking Ended,
Prune Picking Is On,
and Threshing Finished
The public market today on Forty: present locution is not the best for the
street showed little more signs of uc- market, and this to some extent has pro
tivlty, as six booths were taken. One j vented several from bringing in their
week ago today but two booths were oe- fruit lind vegottildcs Saturday mornings.
enpicd. As no special notices hud been At present, It seems that the public
given to the public of the market, Minimarket proposition is drifting, with I
lis but two farmers had produce on sale , no one willing to take hold of it mid!
olio week ago, the town people n to push it to success. This seems to be!
have been in doubt, and business wns the opinion of many who are interested.:
not very rushing. There in still s e One Jap came in lute in the day with,
feeling among the runners that the j vegetables.
4 4 liuinxilliii.i.
jr., v
ife' r
That Girl
She'll be ready for school next
week thiit is, if her eyes arc in
normal condition, of if she is wear
ing properly fitted glasses. Are
you sure, thnt she is physically pre
pared for the long hours of study
and the trying demands that will
be made upon her Youthful eye
fight f It has been proven that
seventy five oiit of every hundred
children have defective vision.
Are you sureuhNolutoly sure that she is not among the
seventy fivcf She may not complain of her eyes. To you
or to herself or to those mound her it may not appear that
there in anything wrong with theai mid right there is
where the danger links the danger of Hot diseoM-ring the
tiue cause in time to remedy it, Therefore it is a good plan
to have the child'a eves examined anyway, so that you know
you ar on the safe tide.
Headache . in various form", smarting, burning, watering
even, dulncss. frowning, seeing double, updating in bright
light, restlessness, nervousness these are but a few of the
more noticeable symptoms of eyest ruin - there me many
others. Any or all of them may be corrected bv glasses
scientifically made ami fitted," Little defects grow into
big one. Neglect is sure to cause regiet later.
strained muscles
h severe mid ner
Eyestrain means muscle strain and
grow constantly neancr, mul that means
naps dangerous (train on the entire nervous svstein. V
child s pc ure delicate things, to be delirjtely handled, To
properly fit them In a difficult problem, re.ninng the rarest
skill mot greatest r pcrlr nc p.
My nearly li.t years' experience as an eve specialist, to
gether with the fact thai I ,Vi successfully fitted the eves
of mure than l0u children in Marion and' Polk counties
alone, is a guarantee that 1 am qualified to. treat vmir rliild's
eyes. I tin' no drops or drugs, and all examinations are frve
fioin pa I a or discomfort. Xo extra charge for examination.
All work guaranteed.
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn
All Around Town
.4.4.t4..t,4 , t
timxtuttumtmmnmammmttxtntui wtmitmimmmtmttaimmtnxmxtmtM
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting I The glee club is composed of about m
glasses curroctly. U. 8. bank bldg. . , singers and is under the direction of
o Miss Mincttu Magcrs.
George W. Henderson, of the Kansas
City Cash rtore, and wife, leave this ev-1 Dr. Mark S. Skiff today said that on
ening tor Mainath Falls, where they account of circumstances bevond 'his
will make their home. control, it would be impossible fur him
n, q. ::U ,0 " ahead with his plans of erecting a
Dr. Stone 8 Drug Store. tf : two story l.ri.-k building on the Skiff
u property on l.ibeity street, between
Mrs. Janet Waller, mother of Mrs. Z. , -s'ate and ('unit streets.
I. h'iggs, who underwent u serious oper- o
at.oa one week ago today at the Sani Captnlu N. H. Loreusen, of the Salva-
...MH,,,, i. ii-Mi,uni lo oe li riieress- Ilioi An, iv u
helped and this hap been greatly to tl.
advantage iu the crop gathering". The-
"pinions were expressed todav bv ('. .
' unstable.
s. George Waltun, of Keene Val
ley, X. Y arrived in the elfv todav
to visit her son, Dr. P.. W. Walton. She
will spend the winter here.
Dr. B. H. White and wife are home
from a visit to the exposition, Tliev
..... .1- 1! .1 - . 1 . . .
in.iue imrt ui me trip ny auto, driving :
as far as Crater lake and Ashland. j ("Capital Journal Special Service.)
Jason C. Moore is ill Salem today be-1 Quinnby, Ore., Sept. 17. What has
fore the state land board where ho pre-! been Oregou's longest hup picking sea
seated some reports relative to the lands ; son. for its shortest crop of hops, i;i
in astern Oregon in which he is inter-1 drawing to a close and the remaining
ested. , beer blossoms will bo under cover' by
Homer E'gan left today for Eugene j Saturday night in this section. Some of
tor a two days' visit before going to the pickers have remained to gather
Gorvnllis for the coming school year. ! prunes and dig potatoes, and many re
He will make n special study of liorti-1 quests have been made to the groweis
culture at the O. A. f ' for the use of hop shacks in which to
Mr. and Mrs. I. X. Van WinkleV- spend the winter, by families who have
turned to their home at Portland this 'no unrticular homes to return to in the
j n!"'mne "t'ter a short visit w ith tin ! cities. The threshing season has also
Jilamily of Dr. J. (). Van Winkle. They ! been extended this year owing to tin
4 were accompanied by Mrs. H. H. Kirk, i large acreage of grain, which is just
;ot Halsey. who has been visiting here now being cleaned up and the thiesli-
several days. ... tn work ullm. rtVcr see-l.
i . " 1 I The l.rice of this is two cents higher
me concert last evenintr nf tha Bn. 1 .i it ,...ne nuimi to the fact tlu'f
..iiin.uy I'liim Drought out one of loit little old seed a on the maiKci.
est crowds of the sens.ni Vi.f : r .,u nn m the clover
!oniy dot the town folks come out in : shocks mid prevented hulling in man;'
I lull force lor the final concert. butn nlthmurh tlio clover niidiie would
:iutomobilc parties were here from In.l,.. !,, l.,ct it n ltcrht croo anvwav. This
I pellltence, -MollllllUltll. Dnll.-m nn.l ..fl,n 1 i..ll,...-,l V,, freehor YVClltllOl'
u I places in the valley.
Crissey, chief assistant secre. lela
Dallas and other ! was followed bv the. freezing
Tile boVS l.ilil.-i rl : tlmt VHlol nnf tillllflfPds Of IICICS of
classy in their (.'herrinn uniforms and 'young clover iu the winter, neeessilal
tiiej played with unusual spirit, The i,,,, another planting,
singeis were complimented by. repeated Miss Christine Harold, accompanied
ensoieg mid the pnimlar band sid..i-ti.,i,v 1 1. vi, r-i,.,in. Uu.hmr motored over
to Prntum Sunday to visit the Powell
W. L
" or tnv u. v. imiiiI grant confer'
dice and (t. X. Van Smite, assistant sec
rotary, tinished the minutes of the con
i ...ice imis morning after putting j i.ruught up the enthusiasm of the lar
.iinio.-i uie eilllle lllelit on t ic uoi k no, i attem linee. , i:...,l , ! . .. ' ...to Af
. ' ...... .1,,,.,., lunula, iiu uric .Mini, .
a t e riiijou, oci the success ot tup .season and Di- j Clear Luke, Elbert Powell and his
iini'Mi s it ; feet fir stim. nnn...,.A. .1 '. ... .1 1. . . 1 .
develoiuncn, of ti.e Iwi 1 , 1, ,. . al Jl" y: sister Llla, will tenet, tie scuoo. ...
of Commerce and Mr V's.,, ..." i.. :.. I " Brooks, beginning next .Monilay
the toivign c meive bui.-iui ,
Portlund I'hamlier of Con,ir,en-e.
returucil Vj
Mr. fris.-i
Portland this
is chief of th
ing favoiably, mid out of danger.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store.
The Woodmen of the World held an
enthusiastic meeting lnt niclt .,,,,1 l;,i,
out plans for a ennipniiiu thnt it i
hoped will add :inil new ineiabers to the
order by the first of next war. Tim
aiTivM in the eitu tn. ! present niemliorshiu of tin. i.i'.i... ;.
dilV t'niiu h'n ...:ti ...... 1 tlin ltir.r.,c . ... , ''
h' '"el 111 HSMS1 llll. .loii.l Hill l.il u oiillni-u ol '
the Saturday and Sn.ulav inoiiOn.. .i I the World in the ..tut.. n... '
- . -- b "" , i . , i "IY
"no. riueiu eiimp, .No. lis. i,w rai:k
iu size, third in the state. With its
membership of Hi.ns:!, thl, W.....1 men of
the World has the largest membership
ot any tiaternal insuimice order in the
me i. add & tuM );,,il, i tn.. ..i
7 " ,h' "'en's Mtigh-s at the tennis tour-
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn will be in his nament to be held in this city Septcm
oltiee Mondiiy morning as usual. i '"'r -il '.'t-LTi. Tl ,aa wlio carries
o ,'iinny mis cuu hi i.. .1.,
evening services at the Salvation bar-
o : . "'a'e and i.iherty streets. Cap.
A special program of music will be!1"1" ' ""'I'eu is now stationed at liu
given tomorrow evening nt the First . ft'! ': " 11,1 hns just been es
llaptist cliuieh. Among nther nuinbers, l!,,llsle'l.
will be u solo bv V. S. lliiit.oi. ulm. o
will sing "Seek 'Yc the l.i.id," by. A silver cup trophy will b given by ' o
I-vnes. " ! the l.add k Itu-l. I, ...b ... .1 : '! T)n..n.. .t
....luiud me course or studv for the
three higher classes in the high school,
1 rincipal ,1. C. Nelson states that there
will lie no change iu the general re-
John II. Rhoten. of this cltv. U . 1st rate ,.,', ' . .. , " , V... "V"1'. 1 x" '"!"" '"' that
hibitiiur snnitde ears fr.,m ,a " the I rl,., . " : "V. ."" V , "" " .R'mi'L ' " l 1"' ne
. ,. ' , , ' I , i ". ' - i ne iiiniucue vn
com field on his farm that is as good ' ley.
yellow dent corn as was ever grown1 ' - ,.
in any country. It will yield till bush-; The 104 teachers of the Salem nuhlic
'' ,0 ",,ri'- l''l'"ols met this morning in the and,.
Dr. R. T. MTH.., Ji"""m, "f 'h'' -l.ol l'il-li-.K for
rii;iuiiU mm i." ." .i.i . oiiieri'io
surgeon, :H Masonic bldg. Phono 410.1 This aftciiiuon, t!
., - ' ; 'he principal of ih
int. YYiunmeue university Y. V. C, ithcy will teach
i no. nuernoou acid a picnic and re- iu building
.. .ii.-u in . iiesuuit iiirnt I rum V until school
ii .ii.ii., i ue recciiiinii uhm iiii.h u. ........
to the new girls attending the univer-j ,
"-v' L. B. Denny died September 6 at his
Mis, Maram r.sTf wU, resume hw 1 VHZ JjZ
- "in- .vm jip- years eld and
K.i.ueis a jpeeiaii.v. ,,(, ,
and instructions
teachers met with
' building in which
"n account of a delay
nintoii,,!, the McKinlev
opening will , Jidaveil a week
cross, , th,, plains in '52
is parents, 1,.V, j0 l),,mlv.
Just to help JhTf student. . 1 midTlugMer X C
ting aciiuamted and making them f....l , n , i..... . .... ti re, sisu rs. Mrs.
ut hom... m i .:,.., ..in r... I...H .. . ' . ' A. "met and
" r ....... nm i'v ni-ni i ins
evening at te Willamette university!
gymnasium, to which all the yming meiii
iu the university are invited." I
Mrs. J. J. Ashby, nil of Salem.
rtve of the latest pattern of nitro
gen lamps, using -luo watts of light,
'',,lvi " installed ,T Rosteia and
Onvunii... Wi , 1. ... v. . v.- . .
serving a ,e,, , e,,,,, iu th( , !
.Ylultnomnh t-ouiity jail, for the prime
or eoBilueting a l-awdy housp.
Ill tills also been ii.ntKllixl hr..ii..li.
out the stori. Tk i;.,i.. .. 1 1
ly in lighting this part of Comuiprcial
I ear. Much her iiiiprisoument her
health has declined and the governor
granted the prdon on the reeonuneitda-
tioit or the county physician. Dr. Harry
n, i urr, the trial judge
On account of the brown rot nd
....I .l...:.:. ' , . "
... ,..,,r,r, cracKPu prunes, most of the Rrowers 0f
prniips are diappirttcd in their early
(pstimates, as the emu. am muph
OOl fllM u h. -.:..!.... . ...
club will meet a, the high M ,.uiM. llXT.
till illitlulnV niiiritilitf II '...A .' . " ' vmb.
" ..... n . v iutonil'r to llt ll.r.nn.k U :..
state fair converts.' The dry ,0h , h ...uHallr
attorney having acquiesced.
The girU of the High School Ole
ut) will meet at
t Monday nior
practice for the
sarv. lucre will .e )(.w clui,( in
the commercial course. All pupils of
the high school will report at the build
ing Monday morning. All otlu.r ,,.,;,,
will report at the room they attended
last vear. except the seventh giade
d they will report to the junior high
school building in their district The
three junior high schools nro W'ashin
ton, Lincoln und (i rant.
Texas doesnt look good, especially
ter one has lived In this .valley sev
eral vears,
At I
Billy "Single" Clifford, In "Walk;
tins Way. ' at the (inm.l .,.. i.
:ift night, proved to be tin. s,.,.,.. ,.i....' .
! eoinedian as of yore wheulie finally got
i he handtull of jieople warmed up to
I ,"s ,sl"'.vv- Klly, himself, is capable of
producing n continuous flow of laugh
, ter but he only appeared nt his best
toward the latter part of the last act
when he begun eniovimr tl,.. . :, '
en.p-ye.1 him. The show was absolutely
devoid of any plot and appeared to be,
extemporaneous in a number of places'
ut a small crowd is not conductive to
hard work on the part of the actors the
performance w''' K"od considering the
'ironustancos. Too many rival attruc
tins was the probable cause of the
small house as Billy Clifford enjov. a
national reputation which usually in
sures a good house.
State Forester Supplies
Maps To School Districts
state Forester F. A. Elliott ha, r,re
l"ed a valuable map of Orego,
r('JrTnd-S,,Bte ""'"ialendon J
;V, ''"V1"1 "l"! '"'Kh eopies to sup
each seho,,, ,i ,,.., inl I
The mup is four feet by six feet
e physnal features of Oregon and
-" on of all cities,,,, ;. T ,
map is bright particularly p to date
"en show ,ng Jefferson county. I p
i ion i, ,s colored so as to "show he
tolloiving nrens n n,..... w . ,
1,1,1.. ;,i ... .... ' ' " -"ercnant-
. ......vi , ,.ul -over
UI I H ,u T IL ..v-i......
oi .or. and .Mrs. . W. H,H, ,v1(1
came to this cuutrv about s, vet, years
k" i oin tap northr
.- (.i.ii, en sent ot thnt stc.t., If. ..
..I ' '" ...l,', STOl-kltl., n.,.1 1 1
Loom six years here. Mr. Illll .'. u ...... . . "' ouisn. inese mans mnv ,
, ' .'" . i mi , i ol.t , ,,.. 1 f...... .1.. . '
I-..SSI.HJ icxns was the best ,.,,,.'..... . -county
areas. r...ut,,.,i.:....
Pllt.l,v..r .... . . .
em part of Tcvs .. . ," "ut. "' stocking, burnisl
of that state. Yet.,, ' 1. r. e'STOi'King. tnirned nrena not re-
lira here t, II:, , .-. .. ' '-"'"1. i.iiu ,
nte on u
ior nun at er all an.l l . . ..
ham about x months ago. P,t it .
the old story over again, the old home
wasa t what it used to be. Texas didn't
i, nm rinr, un, n. w Mr
ira. nm are here, mid will 10,
farm near Sprinirfield.
nana for the tennis tournament are
progressing satisfactorily and every
thing now points to a large ntterolKnrc
to determine the championship of the
W .llamette valley, when it co,c ,
tennis playing. Word was received this
morning from A. p. Wakeman, of Port
land, one of the ranking ptuver. ,,f .j,,.
state, that he would be here with sev
eral friends. The Albany plave hnVt,
writtpj that thpy will be here and let
ters of inquiry from other points indi
ct.'.' a large attendance from the tennis
flubs in all parts of the valley ,
unique feature of the tournament a
dance Will be given on Saturday, Sen
temoer 5, on the asphalt courts
You will soon need your
Bicycle for school. If
it isn't in running condi
tion bring it to us and
let us put it in the best
of shape. And remem
ber if you are not satis
fied with our work,
don't pay us for we
Guarantee Satisfaction
If you happen to need
a new tire, lamp, saddle,
chain, pedals or any
thing for your bicycle,
come to us for we have
the largest stock at the
Lowest Price. '
Scott & Scott
232 State Street.
'The Growing Bicycle
i m u
hool super-
Is Your Child Handicapped
in nis or Her Physical
Development by Defect
ive Vision? ....
You should make sure by a
....,.,., rnr optometrist
In Now York CHty iilonc the
school committee reported that
iMi.miO children have defective
eyesight. In many eases the re
sults were stupidity, backward
ness or various nervous ailments.
thoroucK fi Htm nn I .... I lL.. 1..... 1.. a
littlo ci,ize9 wKffe, V 0aT ' " ""'ong this vast, army of
....1.....1.. w" '",f,r "om defect v uv..i..i,t .L,.lt
seriously. "'" "eiecuve eyesight. Delays often result
We make these Tn ,
"'ethods. If von, Pkil "-T :,h' "t
urr asses
we Yvill tell
vou co
McCulloch, Optometrist
-OS..09 Hubbard Bid. rh. 109