Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 18, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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On Mat Pr word eaek hw
Copt for advertisement ma
t der thia he4ia ahould b la by
4 p. m.
New mniv
FOB SALE Gentle nonv mare. cheaD
FOR SALE 4 head Jersey eows. D. R.
namrnac,, Kt. 8, Salem. Sept 21
HABKY Windowcleaner.
rhone 768.
LOST Nofolk coat belt at hand mi-'
cert last night. Leave at Salem ice
Sept 18.!
"WANTED A oae-horse wagon. Phone
68F2. Sept 18
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rocnis. 339 Center. Phone
20 M. Sept 21.
OLD LUMBER for sale, cheap.
430 Court street. -
yOK RENT Houseekeeping rooms. 336
North High. Phone 4. tf
FOR RENT BccBis for house keeping,
furnished. Phone 2093.M. tf
GOOD 5-ROOM HOUSE at oC7 S. 18th
for rent. Phono 2348J. Sept 21
FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
room: cl030 in. G. V. Johnson. tf
FOR SALE Good work team, weight
2700. R. W. Batt, phone 21F3. Sep20
ASH AND OAK WOOD At a bargain.
John H. Scott, phone 1552. Sept 22
FOR SALE 12 White Leghorn pul
lets, 50c apiece. Call !105 S. 21st St.
f! ROOM MODERN bungalow for rent
at 431 Front. Ennis D. Wait. Sept22
DRESSMAKING at home or by the
day. Phone 2381 M. 2359 Center St.
FOR SALE Choice pointer dogs, train
t field work. Phono 24-F-2. Chas.
Sweelo. tf
1 WILL NOT be responsible for debts
contracted only bv mvselt. V. vv.
Caninbell. Sept. 21
WANTED An experienced coa'i and
housekeeper. Call 1800 W between 9
and 12 a. m. Sept 18
W ANTED Man wants-plowing or oth
er farm work with team, lioute
Box 33, Salem, Ore.
SALEM firm wishes to rent glass show
ease for fair week. State price. Ad
dress G. S., care Journal. ' Sept 18
FOR RENT Housekeeping Tooms for
ladies only, 910 N. Church, phone
745.T after fl n. m. tf
oTTt alenuintr rooms: close iu. Call 250
S. Cottage or phone 773R. Sept 18
namr ArniihonA 10. and one new drop
head $10.50. 265 S. Church St. Sepl8
ABOUT 25 ACRES of E. H. flory place
for ren't including house and bam.
mum 12. over Ladd & BuBh
bank. - Sept 18
Cisco exposition ten, ou it hub,
road $30. For sale at Fred's Night
Luucli. Sep"8
" 3 miles" from Salem. Enquire John
Simon, West Salem, Oregon. Phone
2154W. 8optl8
etc., easily and quickly mended with
lnr9 fJnm. Sold nt 165 S. Commer-
" cjai. 8eptl8
FOR SALE One nico chiffonier $5
one nice library table $5, and Beveral
nthor nieces of furniture. Cheap. 265
Church St. Sept 18.
FOR TRADE $750 equity in $2500.00
residence leased for Sflou per year.
Would consider auto or good lots,
AddresB M, care Journal. Sept 18
for cash, Phone 76
Sept 21
BIG 'Becond growth fir A No. 1. Also
gruo oak. Phone your orders to
11F14. Sept 21
BLACKBERRIES 25c per gallon, de
livered, rnone or call. Kcyal bakery.
Phone 378. tf
LOST Tabby cat last night, weight
about 12 lbs. Return to 233 S. Church.
Reward. Sept 21
ROOM AND BOARD in private family
for one or two Btudents. 1195 Marion.
Phone 1027 R.
Sept 18
LOST Ladies' small black purse con
taining .f;.4o. Reward lor return
to this office. Sept 20
BOARD AND ROOMS Very close in.
Host home cooking; furnace heat. 514
Chenu'keta St. Sept 20
WANTED Horse to keep for his feed
this winter; to drive to high schcol
to buggy each day. Phone 11714.
WANTED Refined elderly lady to do
cooking and light housekeeping for
two gentlemen, no washing or heavy
work to do. Address K.' E. L. care
Journal. Sept 20
WANTED By university Btudent,
stenographic work, two ci: three hours
a day, all of Saturdays. Call 797 M
between 7 and 8 a. m. or 6 and 8 p.
m. P. F. Green. Sept 18
r"" """"" r : ' J
I .... ..... v l
... ... -( - ... r,
'" : 1 ' Vf'tr.'-.? ' ' , i
' ., ...... -I i
' ;
if:1 SU' " I
i " .
Stove Time
Is Here
We have a complete stock
of heaters in all sizes and
styles. . , . . . ...
Prices Very Reasonable
Laurel Ranges Have
Special Features
Laurel Ranges have special features.
The Laurel twin flue Range is of a fuel
saving construction, being made so
that you can always control the heat
and put the heat where you want it.
You can heat the first lids or the whole
ONE HORSE POWER Stover gasoline
engine, pump jack, 1 galv. iron tank,
1000 gai. Price $70. Also 4 ft. - in.
galv iron pipe, 7'ic per foot. In
quire i L. Terwilligcr, Moose. club.
FOR TRADE Good gentle mare. Just
the thing for women or children or
old pcOpla to drive Will trade fee
cow or wood, chickens, sheep, goats,
wheat, oats, or good bicycle. 1155 N.
High St. - Sept 18
Six-room house $ 7.00
Six-room house, furnished 8.00
Five-room house n.ao
Twelve-room house 12.00
Nine-roon house 12.50
A. E. Bell, Room 229 Hubbard Bldg.
WANTED A buyer for my modem
five-room horise, lot 50x130, east
front, paved Btreet, lawn, fruit and
flowers, or will trade for modern
buncalow; located near North Couv
hiercial St. to move onto my vacant
lot. Owner. Too N. Co n '1. Phone 60H.I
Edward Poland and Thos. W. Ross In a scene from "The New Henrietta at
the Grand Theatre, Monday Evening, geptemner 27.
Movie News Notes
Strenuous Feats Performed
By Actress Marie Dressier
New York, Sept. 18. Supposing you
were built "on rather generous lines
about six feet or so altitudinously and
fairly well hohizontally supposing bo,
how would you like to:
Fall twice off moving automobiles,
Be pushed through a brick wall,
Be yanked up into the air on a steel
Be rolled under the open spigot of a
, molasses keg,
Jump from a culvert onto the top of
a moving freight train,
Jump from the aforesaid moving
train into a little boxf :
"Mnrifl Th-essler. comedienne, does all
these thincs and a lot of other slightly
less bone-breakiiitf stunts in her new
movie and likes them. In fact, she is0( tno 0t),er members of the company
,.,n.,.r ahmit Ilia movies and insists, in ,inn uml rmiuli water. Ho fought
nevermore for the stage. She i taking; bravely after thei other members of the
a vKiiliin iiiKt nt nresent after working! eonuianv had returned
out "Tillie's Tomato Surprise" heri fi.-.'ally triumphed;
reol lanuli uroducer in which 1 been for his
"Well, you dear old things, how
beautiful vou arc!" That's the way
Knthlvn Williams talks to lious and
tigers. Sho doeB truly. First she walks
over to the cage and looks 'em in the
eye. Then sho spenkB to 'em kindly,
and after, that they .lust naturally oe-
cnniA her friends. It is all the system
ulio ;mn. nnd Kathlvn sayB it's uot
' when Andrew I.orence, of Hilverton, and
i'i,..ut..r Pnnltlin is some swimmer. If Miss Marjory Hayes, of Rickrenll, be
vou don't believe me you should hear como Mr. and Mrs. I.orenc.e. The wed
ih .tnrv thev tell about one of his ding is to be strictly a family affair,
adventures in the briny deep. In inak- however, in spite of the fact that it is
ing a new two-red Keystone there was t0 ,e consummated in the most public
a scone that lett Chester in a state of building in the state. Tho groomsmnn
nxhnustion at the finish. It was a live- ; Tlbert Haves, and the bridesmaid
top without the oven, thus a large savi lg of fuel. See thft Laurel before buying.
Marion County Couple
Will Be Married In
Dome of State House
The second marriage ceremony' that
feet reserved. Therefore, tho decree ir.jtho state mnkhig liberal allowances to
this suit shall bo without prejudice to the company should negotiations bo
any other suits, rights or remedies' entered into with a view of purchasing
which the government may have by 1 the grant.
iu conclusion let me
suggest that
"In analyzing the claims of tie rail-1 whatever plan may bo submitted to
road company with a view of arriving! you by the governor of our state should
lv scene, with Chester and n half dor.en Mabel Hnyes and the officiating minis
ter is to lie vt ninru i nayes, 01 mi-
sho pulls the stunts enumerated above.
"Yes," she remarked, "those stunts
are a little hard 011 the nerves, and I've
accumulated a number of bruises but
i there was an awful lot of fun in mak-
MONEY TO LOAN $ 1,000 up to $10
win on improved farms. Tnos. A
Kobcrts, 209 V. S. National Bank
Bldg., Salem, Oregon Oct.15
In the latest William Fox production
"Should a Mother TelU" there is seen
dramatic action thut is rarely it ever , th(J pi,,tlire, j 0ne scene I'm sup
beheld upon the screen. The story it-1" . ,lllulll1 throuoh a brick
self, bv Rex Ingram, is ono of ex
ccptionul power and presents a problem
that calls for dramatic uction of such
intensity as could be portrayed by per
haps no other actress than Betty Nan
sen. As tho mother torn between an
almost fanatical sense of justico and a
desire for the happiness of her daugh
to shore, nnd
but if it hadn't
swimminir we wouldn t
have had any more Chester.
! posed to be pushed through a brick
wall. Naturally we Duia mar wan wan
watery . mortar, not. expecting it to
stick together very much. But some
thing intervened and we couldn't take
that particular scene on the afternoon
the brick wall was constructed. The
next dayvhcn we came to filming it,
wo found tho mortnr had dried and
I want to tell yon that it was a mighty
lfiST Smnll. tarf-colored nurse, con
taining gold crown for tooth and
about $(. Finder plcaso return to
this office. Reward. Sept 20
"WANTED by experienced men, dairy
ranch to take charge of either on
salary or shares; must be near school
Address W. P. R., ejirc Joirnal
; er and is advising all her stage friends
to take up the work. She had a private
exhibition of her new film nt tho Ged-
ter, Mibs Nansen has opportunities to
UiBii ay lier wouuerrui emouoimi powers - , . . , 1, .., T rnmnd
exceptionally. Indeed, it may be said , hM b wall that. I as rained
,...i v,d,;,l lm. been found for this' Misa Dressier is a great movie boost
extraordinarily gifted actress.
Stuart Holmes, who supports Miss
Nansen in this production as Gaspard
liuroiH'ss UtlUllliri, uv -v..,... -------- . .. il.
well with their respective roles. In other stage nnrs 10 wiu.ess u.c
many respects this picture is one of the All through the evening she was as
most remurkablo released in quite some nervous as if she was going through
timc , the "first night" of a real slngo show.
' T- IT..,,! WViIia Plntna rPnont-
scoundrelly husband, portrays tne ney ran ' '. - ;'",
to perfection, and Arthur Hoops ly, nnd invited William ( ourtney and
Claire Whitney, as the Baron and bis wife, Virginia Harned. Unusc Dres-
Myrtle Stedmnu has been chosen 1 to (.v(i)
play WITH JIHI'IVH rtium:i':
Reformed Politician" for the Morosco
the Hosworth studios. The
II be directed bv Frank Lloyd
Himluinn is deliehted with her
new part.
When securing the permission of Sec
retary of State Olcolt today Air. Lor-
ence slated that the honeymoon would
include a trip to Portland, Seattle anl
Bellinghnm. In Scuttle and BoJIing-
hnm the newly news will visit relu-
has ever been performed in the dome t the amount which is justly due them
I we mould keep iu nund tno ilH'Kiil mi. oh
. lUr Bltttli "pivi .w. ... ... .
formed tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock wnicn nave ueen init io ... r0.......,.-r
er ecpiity in the grant than ,H,000,000;
tliat its receipts from sales, leases, ere,
amount , to over 5,000,000. leaving a
balance due of less than :i,()00,0(HI;
fiat if the prevailing rato of assess
ment and taxation had been njiplied
to said coiiity ol' $H,000,000 .luring the
years 1H72 to 1915 its tax payments
would have equalled if not exceeded
the amount it claims it has paid to
date; that the administration expense
the company claims to have inclined
was of its own making and can be
properly be charged as against, its
equity in the lnn'ds. These facts, how
ever, should not slund in the way o'.
receive your inont careun considera
tion. "
"This holding company could, with
the consent of congress, take over tho
grant, ami alter pledging it for secur- '
it y for the funds necessary to satisfy
the claims of tue railroad company,
deed the lands to the state for the ben
efit of the school land.
'Tho grant, of course, would bo tak
en over by the stuto subject to tho
mortgage i.-.'debtednesB which could be
cleared in duo time through tho sales
of timber. Under stato ownership tiio
control of the grn it would pass to tho
stale liiml board, and as it could un
doubtedly ho handled with little or an
increase of force i.t that deimrtme.it
Hie cost of ndininintrnlioii would be re
duced to the minimum."
Seven Life Certificates
Issued to Oregon Teachers i,
Tim iirnttv little iiiifeiiue. Neva Or-
ber who bus lliousunds ot menus sne
Seven life certificates were issued
during the past week by Huperinlon-
TAKEN t'P At my farm, Eoute 8,
Kaiser Bottom, one irongray and ono
bay horse. Owner please call for same
and settle. O. O. .UcUelian. oepuo 1 nOtrmV iWrlWrWen-WBril
KOOMS FOR RENT Two pleasant ""-- v n
roo-ns, modern in every rl'et. rrc., . . . F. FWT U
blocks north of ptate house, 1-2 block ( SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT
j 1: n .III R40I.MI
jrom eajiiuu, w " Tilwl
V nion street. "
3-XIR SALE Used heating stoves ga-1
lore! Oood stock of used furniture:
ll kinds. Oood stock of newl
The Popular Contralto in Songs I hat riease
noods. Exchange department. Deutsch , W
iTOUK "tflB Should a mother
ceive vocal pupils afternoons from L
till 4 the week beginning Monday,
Sept 20. Voices will be tried free
of charge. Phone 1295. Studio First
National Bank bldg, corner Commer
cial and ( hemeketa Sts.
CORDWOOD Niie cords big fir, good
straight wood, cords second growth
fir, 2 cords ftrub oak. Threo dollars
per cord on the ground. Five miles
from Salem. Good Toads. Phme
45F24. . Pfl't 18
ItONEY TO LOAN On improved
farms at 7 per ecnt annual interest,
eI cat her heart out in
11 silence, to protect
n those near and
S dear to her, when
5j by betraying her
could save herself?
1 am representing the Commerce Safe' -Deposit
& Mortgnge Co. of Portland,
Oregon. Quick delivery ot money., j; . .
1 1113 Yiiai ijuwiivii
is answered oy
Write me or cull at aMrion olltel.
J. Berger, Salem, Oregon.
I'Oll RALE Four pure bred A. J. O. C.
.Terser bulls from 8 months to 2 years
old. Nre of 3 of them is a son of
tiolden Ulow'i Ihicr. I'am 01 ""7 j
and graud dam of two gavo over l0.-!
000 lbs. of milk testing over 5 pcr,
cent in one year. Priced reasonable W j
makes it a i.iiint to find out wiiat ner
frl,.n,U rnSllv think of her. Every week
she takes a different group of them to
see her new releases and binds them in
imnnr n Kxnress their true opinions
whether favorable or not. In this way
sh learns Knw to correct her faults and
accentuate her talentB.
kev in Philmlelphia. And some monkey
is Mike, lie receives 3 a day and
.... .,1. i,..nniits amf candy to feed a
whole fauiilv of ordinary monkeys.
Mike'B pet aversion is the office cat
lie spends most of his spare time teas
t. 'l' l. i wn .in v
n t 111 I- I'lIHUV. 1 I1H H.IUI .HIT
took his best friend, who is the Liibin
dachshund, in his arms and curried
him to where Pussy was and dropptil
i,im nn loo of lier. The dachshund, lie-
i; i.lnvfellow. dill r.VA object
to the vovagc, but even he did not like
the contact with tho cat and a lively
fiiilit ensued, to the amusement ot
move quicK.
ville. Ore.
Jos. A.
Ditter. Aums
Bept 21
8ALKKMKN Pocket side line, new
live proportion, all mechanti, in
town's of 100.0IH) and under want it
Paya ! commission on each sale. No
eollccting, no risk to merchant. We
' take back unsold goods. Easiest, bi(t
pest pavinn sile linn ever offered.
! Canfield Mfg. Co., 208 8igl Ht., Chi-
, eaga Wept 18
Betty Nansen
The World's Most Eminent Tragedienne
Sunday and Monday Eve 20c Monday Matinee 10c
made in "America Beauty" (Mutual), dent of Public Inst ruction .T. A. Clnirch-
111. l.lie eerTmenien mi iiii.y ,-a-ceptingin
a four year high school were
issued to Minor u. rrouter aim ji. .r.
'.rslnnd. The former is a graduate of
the Oregon Not mill school and the lat
ter is a graduate of the Iowa Htnlej
Teachers' college. To Flora I. Fore
man was issued a life certificate based
ntimi nn evuMiinnlinn iii twentv-four!
Mike is Hie name of the I.ubin men-1 HiilijcctH. Special life certificates based
upon graduation from the Oregon Agri-
cultural college were issued to Geo. E. I
Sanders to tench ngiiciilture, to Gladys!
Roliev to teach domestic science, nnd
domestic art. nnd to J. W. Motley to
teach manual training. Funiiie ftchlnnp !
received a special life certificate for i
drawing and writing based on her grad-1
nation from the art institute of ( In
cneo and the Fort Madison Business
college. i
Portland Golf Club
House Is Destroyed
Portland, Ore., Kept. 18. Htnrliug
from a defective flue, fire totally de
stroyed the club house of the Portland
((If club nt Fltirluck station early to
day, The loss, including the building,
furnishings and the members' personal
property, is estimated nt between 4,01X1 ,
anil fi.OOO.
Hcveral club member, who were mail-1
in i? their homes in the club house dnr-
inL' the summer months, were handicap
IC( in Ilgllling IIIC riHIIIl-S Oil urnjum m
t'm li. . immie Daly ih one oi im- tne hick o iwuier,
most important people in rue i.unm
atudiiM. He is 60-odd, but doesn't look
....... .in Tun score Years auo he be
came ari actor and played many parts
in manv production. Thirty years ago
li. Im,r iliainBtic aehooL in Philadel
phia, and today some of his pupils are
stars of the theatrical world.
By All Odds the Best and Biggest
Show in Town
Tomorrow and Monday
Keystone Ccmedy. 2 Parts
THE AMERICANS Full of thrills and heart throbs.
OLD JANE Of GAIETY Comedy drama.
Bligh Theatre
Adults 10c
Always the Best
Children 5c
vl;eYn.l Greenwood has the record
' - . ....
of plaving the greatest number ot I
,.f m,'v film favorite. You will
m.iMil.nr tier lis tho trifted voing Amer
lean (Mutual) player, fhe has played
over H0II purls and has only been in
the movies a few years. Thiring her
i.. !, leiriiiiiiiite" she l.layed
.10(1 tinrts, vsiving from tont ot ennu
in "ZigzaK Alley" to leading woman
in her own road company.
Former Governor West
Speaks To Conference
On Land Grant Question
Former Governor West made iris of
the principal addressc before the land
grant conference Thursday. In conclud
ing his remarks he said:
"In the consideration of tho con
tentions of the riiiliond company we
should keep in mind that the court in
en o n nir furtlicr sines oi um ninun
Maclyn Arbuckle, who plays the Rev,
Murriiv Hilton in Joseph Hrooks' five
star combination presenting "The New
Henrietta." his associates being Wil
liam II. Crane. Thomas W. Rs, l-aorn h ,, ,,. ...v .lB. n(.e., salest
IIoie Crews and Mabel Taliaferro, has jn vi,.w" r,f the disregard of the
been emnlovinl! bis talents as a cartoon-L,,v,.nniitH. a.id icit i ri' uf illegal emolu-
I t in cnriciitiiring the entire group of ..,, an,i jn view of the govern
tor. Mr. Arbuckle has exhibited bril- m..nl ' intercut in the exact observance
liant faculty for catching likenesses ano 0f t.m ,t might seem that restrictions
upon the future commi t or mo rnurouu
,ompnny and it various agencies is
imperfect relief; but the government
has not asked for more. In otlr
words, had the government asked for
a greater relief they would undoubtedly
have received it.
"It also mid: . .
" 'This suit whs brought, it is al
leged, to lU'terinine tnj" rights and
remedies as to the unsold lands and
il.,.i iil,i.(ioentIv other suits will be
impressions in his cartoon work and has
mfirA frcniietit ly employed the art of
caricature upon himself than upon any
one else. Ho use the pencil merely nt
a pastime and as a means of giving
pleasure to his frienmt both In and out
of the dramatic profession, by the gifts
of works from his art shop.
Baltimore Htar: Jlerlin
Hermans arc "cutting off
II ..-A f.ttiA Inwn. In th asm
region that are In greuter need of 1 instituted n:i to tho sold lands, rights
.hiirleninir. 'a'"' remedies cm to tnem bem in ef-
says the
Singht Monday, Sept. 27
The Pre-eminent OiYering of the American Stage
Joseph Brooks presents
The Great Five Star Aggregation
Supported by an excellent company in
"The New Henrietta"
Seats on sale September 2;?.
Prices: Lower floor $2.00, balcony $1.50, gallery re
served $1 00, admission 75c.
Mail orders filled now.