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Editor and Manager.
ger. I
September 1". lt'lo.
Editorial Page of "The Capital Jouroa
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
President Vice-I'rcaidaat Bee. and Treaa.
45.00 Per month.
n.ni hi mi.il. Mr year 3.00 Per month.
V . ' -
New York Chicago
Ward Lenin William Special Agency Hnrry K. Fisher Co.
Tribune Building 30 N. Dearborn St.
Tb Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
ianer to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, aa this is the only
ray we can determine whether or nut the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 81.
The members of the land grant conference are in Sues Portland Theatre
danger of becoming very much puffed up the way the ry prew fJ0or Line
speakers have been handing them bouquets about their
fine appearance and high intelligence One speaKer i JM t
ex-congressman at that, said that the convention com- lower floor of the moviri(! lwtare house,
J 7. e UK, ..rlfV, fUo Toti-ATiQl nnea Vpnresen-i William D. Allen, vokired. is today
parcu very uxvumuiy n iiaUou ..ou , ti(, Ve0lri
tatives and the somewhat hesitating and scattering ap-. ianv. ro; $.v,ui.sr damages. Alien item-
plause indicated doubt in the minds of the delegates as tXtm9,
the value of the intended compnmeni.
if I.IMMJ.
It seems utterly impossible to please the opponents of
the present national administration. Here we have the
Oregon City Enterprise "roasting" President Wilson for
driving "war orders" out of the country, in the following
Some time ngo. when it was announced that I'uiirles Schwab nan about to
ill indent fur submarines mid bonis for the allies, in this country, such pre
Hire was brought to hear on him by Hie administration and the peace pro
pagandists that Mr. Schwab decided to change his plan.-. We now learn that j
tllO ElfCtriC i tufl t ' O., Ill Wlll'll f.'IIWUH l IIIIITWi, IIU ilir,c uvi I" ilium
fi.'iO high powered undine hum. lies at Iii.ouO each, a nd these boats are to be
constructed in Halifax. 'Dins a contract culling for p,tti)ti,W is to be filled
outside the Cnited States, and not part thereof will u " American labor.
Moreover, had this contract been curried tint in the Cnited States wo would
noon have the inu-h i nor v and the capacity to turn out submarines and sub
marine antagonist - Hie purpose t'nr which these launches are to be used
greater than that of any other country in the world. This is another illustra
tion of the Hit in in il i it 1 ion 'a shortsightedness.
Then the Medford Sun, an organ of the same political
party, lambasts the president for catering to the war
business in the interest 01 the allies. ihe bun says:
The Mexican raiders outnumber the American troops
along the border only ten to one. This is hardly giving
the Mexican a fair fighting chance.
Walt Mason
ation and chagrin.
Klowers, 73 cents.
I Taxicati hire. $10. 1
Theatre tickets. JO cents.
Violence of iiead usher, $2,.'i00. ,
1 In what manner the flowers and taxi-,
cob hire enters into the dispute is not
revealed, but Allen is clear tin one
1 point the head usher certainly was
rude. j
; Sunday Closing Law
i May Be Enforced Now:
; Hnseburg, O.. Sept. 17 The question
' whether the Oregon Sunday closing law,
; recently held to be constitutional byj
the state supreme court, is applicable'
to Sunday baseball games is today re
1 ceiving the attention of District At ;
! tnrney fieorge Xeuner of this city.
Xeuner is of the opinion that base
ball, when played tor revenue, is a
commercialized amusement and as such
onstitutes a violation of the Sunday!
r ' 1
a v 1
All in all President Wilson's altitude toward Ihe European war has been the
greatest uciiievcuieiii or ins iiumiinsi ru i mui, imh n is iu,u,.sii in ' mini mm
lights of humanity have been put above nil other considerations.
President Wilson has put the right of American business o profit from the
foreign conflict above the human right of putting an end to it,
No well informed person believes lor a moment that the war would run
linue without the financial and material support of this country,
Looking nt the situation then from Hie standpoint of civilization and
Immunity, alone, mi embargo against arms would be essential to any consistent
aland, in this direction.
President Wilson, however, holds that such an embargo would under the
circumstances constitute an unneutral net, that it would deprive England of
nil advantage her sen power justifies, and in putting an essentially legal light
above an essentially human right, he undoubtedly has Hie support of a vast
majority of the Amciicnn people.
JNow just what is a poor president to do witn the news
papers of this constituency so widely divergent in their
views of what he ought to do? Probably his plan of say
ing nothing and sawing wood will best satisfy the great
mass of the American people who occupy the plane be
tween these two partisan extremes.
Poor father often has the blues, the stricken soul with
in him groans ; the children need eight pairs of shoes, and
he has only seven bones. The good wife
needs a Sunday gown, with flossy gussets, '
seams and tucks; he d send her shopping
through the town, but he has only seven!
bucks. The'boys are all in need of suits, to .ii, n' 11. Lake left this morning for
clothe their shapely limbs and trunks, and J' 1;i,:l""ht,'r.- MS- Alil'e
he himself wants rubber boots, but he has Mrs. ( has. Urown and children visit
only seven plunks. The blizzards from the Thursday with her parents in t;.e
, , 1 ... , ... i . Triumph neighborhood.
arctic pole will soon be rolling down again, j a pam- or friends and neighbors
and how can he buy wood and coal, when he ";;-';! ndavamt'ad' "'It
has only seven yen? And there are taxes yabie time.
Ur. ,,of n,r n-A killo II nA Vo'llc -fr.t.i A. I), (iarilncr is once more able to be
nc uiuot pay, aiiu uino iui uu anu uiuo iui at rl( mi ,,,,, is (.onsi,orai,,v wllnU.
gas, and bills for prunes and bills for hay, and bills for end by his rect -nines,
pills and window glass. Expenses face him every hour;UAr ytwZkLiLl?o'h'
what wonder if tired father yips, what wonder if his face; ijy one of the Taylor boys,
is sour, when he has only seven chips? But somehow he, t)l; faof the Vvek foJ'Mnikaio. 'east'
will do the trick, and feed the tribe that on him leans, for, ji",,!,Ir''1,:""l;,,.srtol ""'so'i1'"1 Mer
good old father is a brick, although he has but seven beans, i "work before returning.
- .ros. Eisner, Harry Porter and John
RrntW nf AmWcarlnr ! IIRIf ACID IN MEAT
from their mountain trip. Thev secur-
w..v u..wmuuv...u. " . i,i ,,,.. ,:., i,, , , L
. ... inn u,, HI III II grtUIC,
owin - to the drv weather.
Hon. ('. L. Hawlev and familv, of!
McCoy, visited Sunday at the home of
his sister. Mis. Dr. H. A. Heauchanin. I
Mr. llawley is senator from I'olk coun-l
H. W. Mnrnhv nnd Cms Harold motor-
(In the return
East Through California
You can travel to any city in the East or
South through California at little additional
expense. Tou can visin
Panama-Pacific Exposition San Francisco
Pan-California Exposition San Diego
are allowed 10 days stopover at San
pucisco, 10 days stopover at Los Angeles and
days aiopover ai m raso witnout charge.
j You will see grand mountains, fertile valleys,
irivmg cities and strange people.
4 Trains a Day
In each direction provide comfortable ac-
cemmodations and connect with , through
juins at San Francisco for Eastern and South
in points.
I Let our nearest Agent outline your trip.
i Our folders "Wayside Notes" and "Cali
fornia Expositions" will be of interest. They
are free.
jfa M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
iyt . a a h - i ! : b n1 c; :
Works As Section Hand
Missoula, Mou't., Sept. in.-Though Take a Glass of Salts If Your Back
his brother. Dr. ( ontaiitiii Uunibii lias Hurts or Bladder bothers You
held the .highest diplomatic posts in I Drink More Water,
the seivice of Austria. Alex Duinbu is i
nn ordinary hard working nectinn blind j If you must hnvo your moat every cd to Albanv vestenlav,
on the Northern I'licilic railroad, it was i day, cat it, but flimh your kidneys with , trip Mr. Harold was so unfortunate ar
learned todav. i suits occasionally, snvs a noted author- ; to break a.i axle (in his ear. jk
He has I u in tile Cnited Suites foritv who tells us that meat forms uric; Frank Silhavv sufiere.l frnn. ,!, T :p,!t!S!it!lc11!
three years, and recently has been ntjacid which almost paralyzes tlia kid- j poisoning several days this week, bo.
St. liegis near here. nevs in their cttorts to expel it from i is improving.
r 1
U-5.' 151 II
2 tt
1 0 ton: 3c:
"w niocxri
;. Hotel QT DTPIC S'-J-nion
Centrally located .wittiin half block of everything on a
direct car line to the Exposition.
150 outside rooms, hot fic cold running water in every one
Detached bath Private bnth .
vSl.OOsiniile S2.00 ainnrlf
$1.50, $2.00 double $2.50, SU.OU double
uutwuI an dirtct to H.ld or horn F? tv ukc anv MarkM
St. car iret off at ith St ull. h.n.ku-b . ... t- , T .
wad take my C4f going up lh St., f ott u Miuion. " Si
lif it
Have you over taken the trouble to analyze your
troubles or, more properly perhaps, the Cause of them?
As a rule people dont.
They come to regard trouble and themselves as a good
deal like Daniel Webster's idoa of liberty and union one
and inseparable. Anil they go through life accordingly.
There is everything to justify the belief that Nature
intends a certain amount of struggle and disappointment
for everyone. The commonplace experiences of life prove
that neither wealth nor rank afford immunity.
IUit the notion that there can be no divorce from
trouble is wrong W times out of the 100.
Usually the worst of one's troubles are of one's own
making or, at any rate, of one's own permitting.
The man defies the laws of nature or commonsense, or
both, and pays the penalty Or he sits supinely by while
adversity ties him up, with the exception of his tongue;
this he works overtime, telling of his misfortunes.
The overruling Power is beneficent. Man is meant to
be healthy, prosperous and happy. Hut in the sweat of
his brow he must make not only his living but his life.
History as it is written for and taught in the public
schools is'largely an account of international misunder
standings so garbed as to keep alive that body of preju
dices which Tolstoi, brilliant as was his intellect, mistook
for patriotism, remarks one of our exchanges. This in
ternational crime against future generations is incompre
hensible from any broad humanitarian viewpoint. It
were better for us, if we cannot teach the facts as they
are, to throw the lies labeled "history" out of our schools
than to foster international hatreds that generation after
generation drench the world in blood. What we need is a
much wider, deeper study of how the nation lives and
what forces of love and good-will have contributed to its
growth. Our wars are but passing incidents in a national
life that is essentially peaceful; our history is of the field
and factory and not of the camp; our international con
tacts have been, with very few exceptions, those of
friends. Why not teach these things and inculcate a
patriotic pride in the things of peace?
Iioiiilui .vas dined ndvnntuues yrven f.,e blood. Thev become slin'L'ish nnd
4o the elder Huiiiba, whose recall from Uvcaken, then vou suffer with a dull
the position of Washington envoy was ; you imV0 rheumatic, twinges. The urine
recently ashed by Secretary of tut ' Kit- clouilv, full of 8ocliiiiiiit, tin? cUnn-
i.ansmi.. I misery in the kidnev region, shnrn
or sick headache,
Frank and Andrew l'erv left ves''
lay tor a visit with friends
1 1 ii in i nt ami mis leiitiw section nanus, i .l(1jI19 jn jM, im,
an ;m,s,....s, v ere ,Msr ,ea . ii.e.r , .i pml V(Mr stoim,h 1)U rs, ( Ke is
nation ol l.auMuK tor his action. ; (,1flt,, , W(1lti,r hm
j nels often get sore, and irritated, olilie,
iii( you to seek relief two or thrcn
times dnriue; the night.
To neutralize these iritatiiiR acids, to
e.leanso the kidneys and flush off the
Simple Home Treatment Destroys Germs ! b'"'ty S "r',""7 Mte' four T"8
of This Dangerous Disease. if ' 1 T", 3 fr,"V,n? I''"'"'""'? i"'roi
The reason why o many people who ako,a tnl.lespooiiful in a Bl" of wu-
t. i ..... .. .... ii.. lLr uviure iircasinsr ior a tew uavs
and your kidneys will then net fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of L'raiies and lemon juice, com-
omen with litlun, nnd has been used tor and Nettie, tit Kinestru
Miller ad sun llcniv.
suffer from Catarrh never seem able
to get cured is that they aro continu
ally seeking the inomentury relief of
sprays, douching, greasy crenuis, oint
ments, etc. Such things do
Aneel. Thev will til,, v,it rt-
laud with their sisters, Misses xf ,
and Anna Fery. j y
Miss (ilndy's Mill was down"mj':
Mill City Satnrdav, the guest fher;
pnients, A. Hill u'nd wife. 1
Mrs. Andrew l'erv a.i'd childri and ,
brother. Mr. Illume", w 're ealler"'1
lay. They iiad been visiting in t;"'i;
cio'is ii.'.iiulacturing industries town,
Mr. Illume expects to leave
i f next month for his home Soutli
1 Mikota.
Iiev. Oren Wall, pastor of o'lnirch
nl lliiena Vista, visited se'1' l'".vs
last week with ,.v. Cha"r- l'1'
prciohed at the M. 1-.'. chu Sunday
iiioi mug.
.M is. .. Ki' mer and
The peace movement at Wash
ington appears to have come to
a halt.
A lull js noticeable in the
fighting along the Aisne. Both
sides claim to be advancing
Hussian general staff claims
offensive of German nrmv is
broken and that a new invasion
of Knst l'oland is about to be
Nish reports continued suc
cesses against the Austrians.
ruu short, they are now selling nost
j cards to ussist in defraying traveling
Their route brought them to Denver
! on the Lincoln highway, then the Ocean
I to Ocean highway, the Sunset high-
way and now the Pacific highway. Aft-
er their six mouths' hike, the gills lock
J just like the average girl would after
having spent two weeks at the beach
and acquired the regulation tan. They
expect to write a book, do not camp out
! at night, do not talk loud, and will
leave for Albany, where they expect
to stay this evening. They said this
i was a pretty town with its wide streets,
all of which is trua.
! -
the aw ,. lie., nostrils and clear the head " '7 , . . ,
ril.- i,..l.i., i..., , MliniKis.il kidneys, also to neutralize the
I while t ho disgusting blowing, linn king
spilling and choking, but they never
i cure. To drive out Catarrh for ootl
you have got to get down In ils real
-cause. Catarrh is a germ disease. The
air is always full of catarrh germs
thrown off by one person and absorbed
by another and when the system does
fail to throw off such germs they find
peiiuanent lodgement in the " nose,
throat and head and multiply rapidly.
The genus of catarrh can be liest
destroyed by inhaling the pure incdi
caled air of Hvoniei ( pronounced High-ii-niei.
This splendid and nuweifnl
cointonatiiia nt ml of r.ucalyplus with lor several
other healing agents has a wonderful trouble, hn
geinncidul action. You breathe its air
into your nose, thiont and lungs by
means of a small hard rubber inhaler
which Oaniel .1. Fry and oilier leading
druggists heie in Salem ami vicinity
supply with every treatment. This
mcduntcd air is certain
acids in urine, so it no longer irritate
thus ending bladder weakness.
.lad Salts is inexpensive: ennnot in
jure, ami makes a deligtitful efferves
cent lithin-nater drink.
are home from the cxposi'- They re
port the show fine. an'".i,,.Vt',l t'.ie
trip grentlv. I n . .
II. .1. Mutchler, uceoni'""! by M. O. Daniel J' Has sch Faith In This
nnd M. A. Ma, k and F Walters, ex-l Dyspepsia Remedy - That He
Guarantees It.
Czar Nicholas Tnrns
Down Reform Program
and j
' a.,,',
I'etrHMii I
has refused
I the .hi.
Sept. It!. Crar Nicholas
to uraet liberals further
i i their reform program,
a will be prorogued today
,n it was reported. No
evtr, is anticipated over
the chiMiic. 'I "b-r these circumstances.
Measures haw lieen taken, however, tu
pievtnl ileum, m rations by the radicals.
The I'iim 1,.11'inl nji'nouncciucnt that
the diiuia would be prorogued was made
this iiftcn simultaneously, it was
more troops would be
If you want to keep your huir in good
condition, the less soap you use the
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali. This dries the
sculp, makes the hnir brittle, and is very
i harmful. Just plain mulsified eocoanut
One of the greatest successes in the ( wliich is pure and entirely grease
sale of medicine has been achieved by I ""U'''1 better than soap or auy-Mi-o-na,
the standard dyspepsia rem-1 "'ing else you can use for shampooing,
j-'dy, and its sale is iucrea'.iiug so rapid- "8 thia enn 't possibly injure the hair,
y that Daniel J, Fry, the popular drug-i !SinlP1.V moisten your hair with water
gist, has hard work to keep a stock oiil'""1 rul' il '" 0,16 or two teaspoonfuls
hand. It is very popular with' bunkers i ,vi" mttke 1111 abundnnee of rich, creamy
nnuisters, lawyers nnd th.,r ...u.-J !, lather, and cleanse the hair nnd scalp
thoroughly, The lnther rinses out eusily,
who hive! """ removes every particle or dust, inn,
iiuligestion tliromrh irfe- ."lutf n,Hl excessive oil.
""" or proiession keeps them close
'Otll iit'i . W- ,1 ,1
The hair
er causes,
dries quickly and evenly, nnd it leaves
tenth to the """'nm ,'d
genus ot CHturiii and drives them com- """" '" u,rs.
pletely out of your system and when " 1
the germs are destroyed the catarrh Wnolr 1U., Wnn
w. II. alUts disagreeable symptoms will. WeaK, WCary WOmetl
slop. Kvea two or three minutes use
will give refreshing relief, while, if Learn the Cause of Daily Woes and
reliable' im" a,ld "My,, bright, fluffy
, . ii.-.,. iu uiunuge.
come in tablet form .i : Y,,H "in Rft nulsified coeonnut oil at
in a metal bov i,,.,;..n.. , . .. , most anv druo- store Tt ia very cheiio.
town tor couvcnieiiee i earrvinir ' the mo.n n"(1 a ftMV ounces is enough to last
cine 1,. 1... .... .. " ineui-, . -
' pticM'i or purse. It is pleas- 1,1 "'e luniuy ior inoiuns.
'in, II, III ;e i, .-..j .. .
you will use it tow or Ihdee time n
day for a few weeks it will completely
banish catarrh and eery symptom of
calnrih. As llyomel is pleasant to
breathe and is alwa sold by tlrug
gisls everywhere with a positive guar
nutee of successful results or money
buck, surely no catarrh sufferer should
; go long befiue trying this simple home
remetty ,
New Orleans States: The men ot
Houston aro eiicouriing the "lloy it
in Texas" movement but Oeorue ltiiilev
pe-'s to ,ac t'ae L'l"" " " u : 1 1 1 ;
trip in tae vicinity 0fddell, Dregon. !
It. .1. has been nhi'-i Horses
I 'n. filling i,i,n' pretty ''bly lail;.
mi outing of this ' w'" do
Monday. ,,a nrriv 'l0,"e from the
hop curd", .1. II. An,'."1 '" getting ,.;f
Ihe wni.oii steppe," n ''huir whl 'h
tipped and threw" 'he grou-ii,
1 r, akin;. ( !H. nf bones in the 1,-tt
hand. Dr. llcau. H' reiliiced the frac
tine I, nt I,., ... anv a I i,,,,. Ii.i
In s e time. I "fHKht on
A M KiM.'h''""l "He. of Wo.l.-"lar eating, worry
l"ke, Xibinska'.1 A- ' nnd W, V.'llllvf found relief
doansoa cid ('''' Salem ivic remedy.
guests at H,c ,'ome Nitnrday.l -Mi-o-na
;!-. Kist'iihnrt l"' "ner of the mer- ol,l in
eetitile '.usii.'r 1 "", N''bia.'
fi.nneilv ovU'v -Mr. Voung,
i.... an, i hi,,, iu., '
, lei: Mr Suh''''" nioining. They go should heir. 'mV, 1 r'' "'f an'1
'to ,n,,erin, the lemovnl ,.. their 1,.. , Tt : " f how'
boas, hold to 'his city, us thev i ; " ""I "-"'""ly has been'
l,.., - .he .ee ll,o '.. ,. '"' "'I'-eessfn that ltnit t:
!. . .. . . t'nr ti i rr.v wl" "i future sell mi., , ! beginning classes will be organized m
1 u made ,.,.. t.; ' should not nrov except the senior HiiHi school. All clnl-
1 . h ...... mis win, ..(.,. . fiv satis-. .t... r , .
....,1 I . .Ill i,l,-ii , ... .1 v
M,i ne g i.i 111,'t expect tv
si'cud 1 1 '"''' l',rc Standard,
L'niirn,,, 1:1.. .1 " " Pupils will nut he admitted tn the first
volumes for tl, ,o.i. .. i"'""
Then. i. .... "l "'moity.
of (lie Houston Pout is frank enuugh ''""n l.coines weak and
to admit Dial the stuff is made in Ken , -Mv ' k kiets Initio and
r.nd Then)
When the I a, k achtw and throbs,
When housework is torture.
"hen night bring no rest nor sleep,'
" nen uiu. i'v ,(isorilers set in,
Women's lot is a weary one.
t'enu's khincv fills nr., for went;
. . . IIA.X llll I II TJ nCfl I A I iiia ,l.v l.:.
" w jiiv "Kui 10 oe done If
Have proved their worth in Salem. I v , u ' .."-v on' "as dyspepsia, today is the' b.t
This is one Salem woman 's testiniony. ! 1VV ' Sept. Id. New man Krh. 'tu" ,0 begin curing it '
Mrs. tie,,, stotlar, IT'.bl Mission St..' "il''"' rr"lr'""1 i", will know; 1 ' ' .
Salem, say.; "1 am subject to spells Sl,'' .'T medical Turn Vn,ln- I.J'
"f kidnev , o.it and the kidnev I k'' h" from, the effects of 1 "U 1011112 Lafl CS
disordered. '" : . V ' " luon "e took
School Announcement
Beginning classes will be organized
iMillifire Railroad Man
Has No Chance to Live1
No other .i,..,. :. ,. . ' ''n'n who are six vcnrn obi nnd nil wlm
ifver had a large enough perce Cn'!!? W 'xx V"" old ,fr November
''"res so that it could he sold i ,h ' 1!'13'. wi" b received. BegitiiiinK
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SG3
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Doxe9
I'oait's Kola,
and rid me t
order. ' '
I'rice ,',,, nj
simply ask for a
sort', too. i
,,. stake for headache medicine.
l'hysicinn. i,..i . l ittle Siumkie fknn,." :. -
fill, alwavs help me "Z . L"? " "' Tf,"nv' but not
........ ...- .1. :.. '.L.-'l1- '"""i:u to move. l' lV.iei ;..
iitl-t miBin, in Pllliri - k..- .
, . .,, persipratton in the hope of ' "vo round blaeh ,,V,,T
all dealers. n.. tr'" """ l""sn. .u, r na, ,e ll( ,,rki,,e Bvv Zl
kidnev remedv-oes . -' mul'. " "'ay be too nJL
lanls Kidney IN1U-.,",.. ,K..'. ., . BECOME PARK. Mis, Maude R, ,i" Tu!. ,0"
Mr. ..... v.. ....;.. I '"- wtmntt. dr.. Sept. i:.Mi,,,- !, Katb H..rUv .i... -Miss
""liner or i lie t'u um. "iMiig from ri.i.D ... . . ..
, I'rops., Hiifiiil,,, X, y.
u highway, and the surrounding tc
t'oi-Mtllis, dr., Sept. IT.- Itclief that
toe drinking water had been poisoned
wa expressed here today l,v Thomas
Vidil,., father tf Lester Vidito, aged ,1,
who is ilea, I from some mysterious
cause. The familv recently went tn
in,.. .e,ie,i. e in pica nop., in a snort . '"fc . oiiiparcu witn rysiem i,v virtue ot a court ,l,v ...i
I.,.,.. , I... f.i-..,....' .., . i . I!rvi. nv. tl... ,11,..,.. T.ll . .k..l 1; i i o .. . ' "
...... ........ ..tn tn,i;iiier o. n "' . iicnir. ; . ritiru l.r r, tlenson
s , nun ..uisnui aiuu , n j,nf;u mini iciiviiiv. y ,ur properly- and prtcnte
nn ,,r, .ivh.i. i.v rev,ri.i ,inv, , r.'riuiug iieisnus on me s cnv as a luav n round
I t..,.. II... 1,..,,.. ill VI V. I ar.l - .- .. .. .... . T:. .1- ... '- -
- - '-". 1 4 i iart.sun. uui wnerts t '.o'i,iii over a slieer p
ito is now in a serious condition a i'd the man who rc.r.L Mr. Vil IfO'e ninri than sim i'e..i in l,..i.,i, I
l primnry rooms aftei October 4, !'!".
it no time like the nre.nnt'.n i imperative that the primary clnl
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The schools In the McKitiley building
I will not he organized next Monday,
, September 20. because of a delay in the.
, receipt of various materials necessnry
! for the completion of the building. It
is hoped that this school mny begin
the second Monday of the term, but this
1 may not be possible. A definite an
; nouncenient will be made as soon as possible.
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September lfl. IMS.-
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