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" - - m i AiriA Art 1AA LhiI. . 1 1
Social nd Personal
ll V V W V llUUUIIILIlll I HUH IU UU. Ewnedy for Kidney. Bladd er and All Uric Acid Troniu
tl C EJTDI U V C li iro nTT- r rouw
4 1
corned the opportunity of meeting her'
again by honoring her with numerous
K'i'iitl attention!. LuHt Sunday evening
Mm, Williams gavo a in Oct intercnting
locture at the vaairelical church on
Word nan been received from Miu
Mabel l)e lone and Mien Kunane Craig
who are touring California, that their
trip bua more than fulfilled all delight
ful anticipations, both as to the inter-
eat and accnic beauty of the placet via- the work of the census department, on
ited, aiiil aim the genuine kindlinew which the is exceed! n(ly well qualified
and widespread hospitality of tfeir to speak. Mrs. Williams leaves next:
many friends in California. Of theaejwoek for California to attend the Pan
Wrs. Matilda Eckerlen Cornell of Los ama-Pacifie exposition. Nhe will return
Angeles, a former Halein girl, enter- Kant by way of Oklahoma where she i
lamed in. honor of -Miss lie Ijong ami i will visit ner sister.
Hum Craig last week inviting especially
as guests olc time resinenlH or naiem,
who were in Lo Angeles at the time.
Among the former well knrovn Salem
(firla present at the tea were Mrs. Mar
garet Wilson Morgan and Mrs. Pran'Jtie
"Newman Dillon. Miss Craig and Miss
Long will return home about the
first of October.
' Alfred Oliver left thiis morning for
Corvallis, where he will enter his sec
ond year at O. A. C.
Miss Vera Mae Wright lias returned
from a twommtlis' vacation in Kant-
era Oregon, whero'uhe visited her sister,
Mrs. Kaymond K. Drtiko at her home
near lone. Mrs. Ilrako was formerly
ill hb Kin in a Wright of Kulciii.
.'Miss flaynl lliildwin is spending a
week iii Portland, after which she will
po to Pendleton tu attend the Pendle
ton Hound l'p.
Harold Hager leaves toniorm-.Y for'
Harvard to c.ter upon his senior year.
Minn Mign'o.i Oliver has left for Seat
tle, Wash., whero she will spend the
Among other interesting features
which will constitute a part of the cal
endar of the Halem Woman's club for
this year will be the organization,' of a
HhnkeHpiviero department which will
fill a long-felt want among many of the
club women. It is thought also tuat
his department may be of some service
to the high school students this year,
iiinsiuuch an an attempt to introduce
Hhnkiwpeare plays i.to the dramatic'
activities of the high school is hci:ig
planned thin year. The Shakespeare
department of toe club, as well a all
the other departments of the Woman's
club, will lie u;iilir the supervision of a
general department committee composed
The New Fall Overgarments are Meeting With Ap
proval on all sides. This store is prepared to supply
your wants on WOMEN'S, MISSES' AND CHIL
California Oregon Shipments
Will Be Affected After
October 15
Over 200 advances in freight rates on
commodities to be effective October Jo.
Dr. Zberle and Dr. Braithwaite as Dr. Pierce during many year rf
well as Dr. Simon all distinguished mentation has discovered a new ,
on the Southern Pacific between t ali I describe, svmutoms.
ifornia and Oregon points are contained free medical adviee after Dr. Pierce's
Authors acree that whatever may be
the disease, the urine seldom fails in
furnishing u with a, clue to the princi
ples upon which it is to be treated,
and accurate knowledge concerning the
nature of disease can thus be obtained.
If backache, scalding urine or frequent
urination bother or uietress yon, or if
uric acid in the blood has caused rheu
matism, gout or sciatica or you suspect
kidney or bladder trouble just write Dr.
Pierce at the Surgical Institute, Buf
falo, N. Y.; send a sample of urine and
You will receive
i of Mra, Jos. P. Palmer, chairman; Mrs.
The chirr of Ht. Joseph s Catholic , j,.ln Cartwrigh. and Mrs. Klm.-r T.
church will si:ig Locschs mass in )' next ,uddc.i'.
Monday. Also by special reipiest, Dan.
K Jjlngenberg 'will repent the Ave Mr,, j-"r:1I1n Hrown and son Keith
Maria by Itosewig. Hoth of tnese com-1 m v returned fr, t vvi. weeks ' visit
positions an. of a very high order mid,,, ',.ndlclon. Mrs. Hrown was the
Ihose who attend the services lit lU.IIU , ,,,, : t,,r ..,,, H11.... ,.,p..r. ,,i
Piinday will hear them fit their best.
I ner stav, mining which was a brii
luncheon given hv Mrs. .1. It. .liKol
Mrs. Piper of '.iii. il, Idano, arrived wnVi t)l ,vjf(. ot: , nssistunt tunsi
In Halem today to visit her daughter, i ..j,-, , ,i. i-,t,. l,.,,it.. I i, .',.-i',
'lurk, i Oreinn. and ll ten oiven liv ilm s
Knitted Underwear
Muslin Underwear
Infants' Outfits
Kid and Silk Gloves
Silk and Lisle Hosiery
Black Cat Hosiery
Phoenix Hosiery
School Supplies
Dressmakers' Supplies
Richardson's Linens
Bedding and Blankets
Jewelry & Leather Goods
Pictorial Review Patterns
U. G. Shipley Co.
145-147 North Liberty Street
Salem, Oregon
orrected tariffs filed I chemist has examined the urine this
service commission. hp earpfuiiv ti0Be without charce.
iiuiiu oml vftn will ha.nnrinr nn nh itrilfuin.
Mrs. It. O. 'Shucking, accompanied by
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. tJii
liert, rctiiined yesterdiir from n most
nnjoyulilo motor trip through Califor
Ilia. Itesiiles attending both exposi
tiins the party visited Vosemite, lyiiko
Vincent ot that citv.
Announcement has been made of the
marriage of Miss Kdmi U. ndcisnn,
I the yn ingest daughter of Professor ami
.Mrs. h. II. Anderson, to Lewis Aiiioth,
sit ;:t
T,.l ,n, ,.lhr ,.:nl. ,.f u,,.,.. ,.l l.lwl""' '""'P "'' I- lit till'
1rest to the motor tourist, being gone j """" ",,,tl"' ,'1l;i',1"'" ! "''. "r New
l,..i ul ..,,1,11 I., ii berg. Mihh Hilda AmlciNon was the
Tim Monday Night Dancing club
held a business meeting lust evening to
discuss their pinna t'ur the season. A
bonrd of directors was chosen to man
ge the affairs of tan club given during
tun winter, the members went exceed
ingly enthusiiislie in outlining thoir
activities for the. year and some, very
Jilensiirnhli) social evea'ts am anlini
jsteil this Mason, 'Dim dunces lire given
once a mouth by the club, which n um
bers tfliuut Till members.
Mrs. J. A. (Irny and her daughter,
Miss Nellie (irny of (Spokane, Wash.,
lire house guests of Mrs. It. 1;. Kteeves
at her home ni North Church street.
Visiling Mrs. Htceves' sou, l.aba.i,
Hteeves, is Pred Teal of Han Mn!io,
Cal., who intends to enter Willamette
university this venr.
Doi.'uhl Hynl has left for the Pnl
versily of Oregon, where ho will begin
his sopiimnoru year.
Wis, Klin KiM'ul Williiiins nf Wpish
ington, 1). ('., has been visiting at the
Jiomii of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. C.
K. Woyal, oa North Twenty first street,
inr inn past two months. .Mrs. Wil
maid of honor. The cereuioiiv was per
formed in the presence of a few relit-
city yesterday. Inst evening from n'two weeks' v
Mrs. I.. (1. Curtis is a business visitor the Man Francisco oxpoyitien.
in Portland today. Mrs. T. B, Kay mid .daughter.
numer iioiversnn, ot Mivcnon, wasj juric, are visitors in Portlund teili.v.
in the city yesterday . I C. 0. Oraham, agent fur the Oregon
Arch Jerman, ot Mission Bottom, was Cfty Transportation coin.ninv, iumI wife.
., visitor here yesterday. I returned lust evening from a wo
liuvmoiid jMshcr was in the citv yes-j ..noi, ;:, ; r,::..iT c i :
. 1- ... 1' . II I '.''lltllll It
leruuy, lniiu rtuotioorii
l(eiiier Allen, former postnuiHter of
lives nun ineii.ls. Alter N'ptnmber silvorton, is in the city todny
Mr. ami airs. Ainotii will he at lionie Kml i.0i prominent farmer of Hil
it inrii iiKuinn uii inrl illill rilMi'll
near Nrwbor.
Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Vleteher nnd fam
ily are domiciled for the winter nt their
hoinii on North Winter street, having
returned from their farm homo ut North
Powell yesterday to spend the school
year in town.
Mrs. Florence lliiulmiiii nnd Miss
Mary lliu'diiian, who hnve been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. K. II. I'rntheru of the
Jefferson rood, left yesterday for II
two-weeks' stay in Portlund, Seattle
and Hrilixh Columbia, They will re
turn to Siilem later.
fluy Woods, a graduate of Willamette
university, who was formerly with the
Barnes store, linn again taken n position
i vcrton, wns in tho city yesterday. ur '""
) Miss Florence Cunningham returned', Hubert Peterson, of Aumsville. wus
yesterday front a two weeks' vacation. ,'n the city visiting friends yesterday.
! rie wits on nis way to ( orvitllis to nt
j tend the 0. A. C. the coming yer.r.
Miss OriineiK Ryle, of Del Keo, Cal..
arrived in the city this morning. Dur
ing the winter she will attend the junior
high school, making her home with J.
C. Nelson, principal of the high school.
Pennoyer Knglisli, n rrnduute of the
W15 class of the. Salem high school,
Will Hoggins returned lust evening
from a visit of sevei.r dnys in Port
land. Mrs. Ida X. Ilussell left yesterday on
a business trip to Portlund und ren
dletou. U. F. Hichitrdsmi will motor to Tilla
mook tomorrow morning for a week
end visit.
W. C, Knighton is in Portlund to-
I ".v.
P. S. Cox was hero yesterday front
dellllrtlllllllt lit VnHliiliu-1 Itnv fUlier .if v, ,,,,11. u ; ., !,.,
ton, is a former resident if Salem and citv yesterday.
her many friends In the citv hitvo wel- Fnv Clark.' of Macleav, was in the
liums, who holds an important, posltituij
in tho census department at Washiuu-1
His Majesty The School Boy
Will Be The Honored Personoge Tomorrow at
yt lJKt lii-U) M JJ I
Buster Br own School Shoes
for Boys and Girls
W. W. Hull, n druggist of Clutsknnie, I left yesterday morning for Corvallis to
nttend the O. A. C. the coming school
Mr. and Mrs. Kldridge Hnsmcr, of
Seattle, who have been visiting with
the family of W. P. Morse, left tins
morning for I.ugene for a short visit
before returning hemic.
J. II. Collins, of Rainier, representa
tive from Columbia county, is in the
city attending the Land (iriint congress.
He will huve charge of the Woudhurn
schoids the coining year.
Tho Spniilding Lugging company to
day shipped their second car of Indinnn
silos to eastern Washington, the car
today going to (Irnndview, Wash. The
other ear this month, was shipped to
North Ynkiins.
is here, us delegate tu the Land Grunt
congress. .
Chris. Schumiiii returned this morn-
i ing from a visit to the Snn Francisco
Asahel Hush and wife returned yes
terday from n visit to the San Fran
cisco exposition.
Coiigressmun W. C, Unwley nnd wife
went to AHiitny this morniag on the
Oregon Fleet ric.
Mrs. Hubert U. ' Nicholson has taken
it position with the Hitrues store during
the busy season.
.1. P. lingers and daughter, F.lennnr,
left lust evening for a visit to the
Pttiinma Pacific exposition.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K. V. Ryder returned
in fifty pages of
wita the public
Most of the advances are
bound shipments.
Following are some of the advances
made from California points north
bound: Agricultural implements in
carload lots, 3 to 3 cents; less than !
carload lats, 6 to 11 cents; brick, 20 .
to L''.-i ce'.its; canned goods, 20 to 23 j
cents; coffee 11 'i to lii cents; cart-i
ridges, from 20 to 23 cents to 20 to 29
cents; fertilizer, 20' to 23 cents; dried
fruit, 3 to 2i cents: hardware, 20 W
22y cents; plumbers supplies, California!
poiuts to Portland, 23 to 2b' cents, to'
other points, 23 to 2!l cents; petroleum;
products generally about 9 per cent;,
sugar from Alvarado and Crockett, 20j
to 23 cents; twine and rope, 23 tu 26
Some of the advances for southbound
shipments follow: Canned goods, For
est (irove to Ashland and intermedi
ate points to Stu-kton, 5 to 8 cents;
hay ar.d stiaw in carload lots from
(iervais to San Francisco, 33 to 30
cents; minimum weight for shipments
of grain, etc., from Portland to San
Francisco changed from 20,000 to 30,
000 p(. :nds: grain, etc., Portland to
Keruicia, 20 to 22c cents; condensed
milk. McMiiir.'ville to Stockton,
to Z'.t cents; McMinnvilln to Los An
gelis, 40 to 421-.. cents: Hillsborn, For
est (iiove and Newberg to Los Angeles.
10 s Vl- cents; Amity tu Sacramento
2.S';. to 30 cents; packing house pro
ducts. Portland to Beuicia and San
Ftaiicisco. 20 to 23 cents; paper from
Portland, Ortgnn City. West Lynn and
Leliai.nn to various California points.
10 tu 25 pi-.r cent.
which is thirty-seven times . ' miT
erful than lithia in removing Uri,
from: the System, -If: you arc surf
from" backache or the pains of rheum 5
ism, go to yonr best druggist and . I
for a 50 cent box of "An-uric" n,,
by Doctor IMerce. Dr. Pierce's FavnJ!!
Prescription for wean women and ri
Pierce 'a Golden Medical Discovery f
the blood havo' been favorably knnl
for the past- forty years and
They are standard remedies today
well as Doctor Pierce's Pleasant PeIi"e,J
for the liver and bowels. You can hav
a sample- of any one of these remedie,
in Tablet form by writing Dr. Pierce '
Adv. . -. .
Judge Percy R. Kelly will open court
in denaitment So. 1 nf tln eirenit
court of this county tomorrow morning
.vi tu o chick 10 near motions tor new
trii.ls and to transact all other court
business that might come before hi:
at this time.
There are none better. No in utter what price you expect to pay, you
can't get uroiied Muster Hrown Shoes. If you pny more fur School
Shoes than we ask for these, you pay too "much. ' If vmi pay less,
you waste money on inferior Shoes." Hosier Hrown Shoes lire hon-'
estly built over proper shaped lusts, of solid leather thmughout nnd
give the wear (hey ure expected to give.
J. V. Lenvitt Co. hnn brniurlil unil
against R. M. Dimmick to collect 14li!
1.) alleged due for goods sold nnd deliv
ered und nlso for $Ml.3fl nlleged duo
on a bill for $17,t!il.2i for automobiles
sold und delivered.
B. K. Knnpp was today appointed re
ceiver of the laO.Oii acres of land in
volved in the suit of R. K. Knntin.
trustee .against W. K. Mullorv, Rose
Miillory. Mu M. Mallury and Mary M.
Mntf. In a complaint filed Inst month
the plaintiff in this suit, asked thj
certain dieds given by V. K. Mnllory
to the other defendants be set aside,
alleging thnt they were-given nt n time
when the defendant, V. E. Mnllory,
knew himself to be insolvent and to dis
pose (.f them before he filed a petition
tor 1 tnkrvptey.
Last Park Concert of
Season This Evening
Boys' School Suits
Stout Fabrics,
Smartly Tailored,
Handsome Suits for
Boys of All Ages
Every Suit in our splendid line
was selected through the im
p!se of this one thought
SERVICE. Every boy will fret
tho maximum of wear for the
- r . . v i v. u a v ivic
ranee nf fuhrina nml n-i Ho
- Libiua
-me laiinnmr i nr tho
and the fit perfect.
$2.65 to $7.G5
The Best and Largest
Scratch Tablet
150 Sheets of khh quality
Paper, extra larpe size.
Note Books, Tablets, Slates,
Pencils, Pens, Inks and Var
ious articles used in school.
Sweaters. Underwonv.
.Stockings, Hats, Caps
Anything that your boy may need in the way of
wearables wil be found here in splendid assortments
and dependable qualities. Our prices are based upon
the spot cash plan of doing business that's whv our
customers need so little time to decide, they make
purchases quickly and are satisfied.
Get Wise It's Free!
We give free a guaranteed 25c Tooth Brush with
each 25 cent tube of Tooth Paste or Tooth Powder
bought at o ur store Saturday, September 18th.
This is no fake but absolutely good goods. Remem
ber the place, Saturday only, ;
372 State Street Phone 276
Association Estimates z Total
Yield Put Down To 80.-
street, was badly sninked and a hole
burned in tho floor this morning afc
4: when it caught . fire from th?
I ehimnoy in the "Jitney " coffee hounfti
burning out.' The lluo is in the brick
wall between the two establishment
anil the tin which stopped up the holr
I into tho bakery wns covered with,
layers of paper. The heaet of tiie.
! flue binning caught tho paper' in tho
j bakery and th burning paper dropped
i to tho fliur and started the fire.
J A large iiole was burned in tho floor
jand about -100 loaves of bread waieh;
j were piled up on a tabic were done to
ia crisp. J. W. Hastings, the proprio-
tor of the bakery, estimates his loss at
about $75. Tho loss was partly covered''
s by insurance. :
The Oii'gcn hop growers expect to
reap the profits of their policy of
"watchful waiting" according to J. I,.
Clark, secretary of tho Oreirnn Hun
(irowors' association, who snid tmlnv
that from all reports recived thus far
by the association tne hop crop
could not possibly exceed N0.000 bales.
"In fact," said Mr. Clark, "all indi
cations point to a much smaller yield.
By October 1st we will have n'uarlv
complete reports in from nil sections
of the state and will know within a
thousand or two the exact amount of
bales harvested. This information we
will give you as soon as obtained, no
ports from all hop producing sections
of the world are of shortages. In the
face of this, we arc very optimistic thnt
values must advance as soon as tin
brewing trade realizes the correct situa
tion. Never for years has the outlook
been so promising and if the growers
will rest easy, they will reap the benefit
or these conditiniiQ "
The present market is still quoted as'
'nominal" and no business hns been!
done lis vet. There nrn f, n,
anil even those. outside of the associa
tion are prone to hold for hingor prices
It is expected that as the sample
become more widely distributed and thr
. .-.urns .wg,,, onlin(, , th.lt tho mnf
Tic ,.l.., Mil;...,, i i . if', WI" '"'g'n t" hum and after a few
HcqiuMs have been in-.. ! for "China- Tl V n n,
town, 'When Vim W.ir.. .. t..i:.. ! h IU hira I mioin DL..
"TiH -arv; overture' "Vo " W , 1 V ""V? V,U
! ' '' -links ami selections
ion, I nnncn. Hy reipiest Mrs. Ilalliel
uirrish Hi-iges ,vill sin'g lionuie, !
The t,r,t number on tho program,
winch will l. played by re,p,et. is tin) I
;;iiiil;i.-iti,.ii of II. N. Stooilenmever.l
Nil. in hrt. This iiuinbcr was I
I'Uivc the evening the now baud stand:
wns ilc, .rated. ,M ,ct w, a V(.v!
lavouil.lc rcceptio'.i.
Kltotts aie being made with the man-1
iicr ot one of the moving picture1
shows ,y Which. during t, ,.i ,, f
. lne Mar Spangled llnnner,1, the flag '
in colors may I... thrown t. ,.N
" ith the r iDii i.f H
In the Modern Bakery
Tho Modera bakery, at til!) Court i
--H f-f-f'f-H-f-H-f
Sacred Heart
Under the direction of the
Sisters of the Holy Names :
Most approved methods, Pri
mary, Grammar and High '
School Departments, Com
plete Course in Harp, Piano,
Voice Culture, Violin and
Harmony. No interference
wun religion or pupns.
Modern Conveniences
Domestic Comforts
Scholastic year begins
second Monday in September
: Salem's Educational Directory :
Music Business
ll 111
., ... , "'il"U. 1 IIO
Schools and Colleges
rt ""IMIin ll M 'lH
1 attendance of j lerm pf 12 ofeni September 1313
there has been n total
I'OSSll. V over :i.. mill ..1.1 ... ,t .
,,iiiiiigii .tiunager
i.ibcr regards tins as a verv conserva
tive estimate, .-vyh-. tonight close
n 111 iik r .,i....nuui-,.i .
the a.pr.v.ati..n of ,. pMi(. j
musical stH;.,l,,.,t, ,, in thl, ..
oral public latereM that i.as been taken
in the coacerts by the town people and
' ""I the MnToMoli.-.y, conntrv.
OklAhoman; Wall,, valln, V,h
i shipping IM to of prunes each dav!
lusmes, , ,,.,,, j i()V0UMU,B1)
unioiig boH.dir.g house mistresses.
"'"' .Alien, e.l.tor ot the C.innt,
vouncr, attcmling the l.nnc
v.rum coniereitrr.
l.tlK Ul:il l. . .. -
"nuut mrcots, Salem
Music and Art
Willamette Univorsity
Opens September 13-15
Carl O. Doney, Prosldeut.
I. II. Van Winkle, Dean of Law Silifcl
Frederic. S. Mendenhall
IMano Organ Theory.
Myrtle Loug Mendouhall
Voice Culture.
Mudio, Room 211, Hubbard
Are You Ready
vi uur i np ( lane
Malted Milk
Motoring, Ft.hln(f. or QolfinV.
A nottliiottt.MiUrying Food-Drink
In mom.nu A good llKht lunch when
Und ot run down. Simply diMolve in wter,
fcot or cold. A Br nyhti mt ie auurtd
JV tek cuplul hot txkirt rtitingv
Our Lunch Tiblets era the acm of con
voniwit nourlihtntnt. Dlnnlve few
in the noutk whn httf uad or hungry.
'I'' KOKUCX'9, RadiM, WUl
EOT SowsMtiH ka "luut Oood"
M HwMrlCK S, th Original ;
I Mise Beatrice Bheltin
j T-acher of l'iano.
Otud.0 345 Marion St. n,uu(l ;
Elma WeUcr
.. Pianist
I ,em of "'"Froved Mimic. Studv for
L K .. .. - M.
Dan T. Langenborg
T-ate pupil of F. . Arenr..
Studio ;U4-15-10-17 Hubbard Iiblg.
Phone 2070
Mrs. D. T. Junk
China Artist.
Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby
Tcecbor of Piano
Pliono IPPO W. 679 N. Cottage ft.
Mlsi Laur Grant
Pinnn nnd Mimical Kiii.lnrnnHen
i venter PL Tbone
Mini India Barton
r .i .... .
1 v tu. . ,..r",UHr or V01,e B1 Theory
J3 X. Ltwy, 1017 North Twentieth 8t Phone CM
William Wallace Graham
t-u, Uulif.j vHrkr", lL!:J V'v- ar Joachim, War
Nine and one half year, Eunm-L 'Khat commendation from them
cinnen. ' rn experience. A .n..:..n. i. K.
"hon, hotel or"S;VoVaUaJ J1"1'1 M"rio'- For appointment,
Phoae 1M7 5f. H " Mar Wult, Asai.tant, ISO N. Slit J?t,
"-7"irwrt rr"--n'jw.