Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 15, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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    " TTTT? nATTV n A BIT A T TlT'r VT AT CAT TAT rtnnnnr tmn..n...
" J vntiinii iiutn.inu, ormmn. vyjvriUUlN , V fj UIN fiSL) A I , ocirl. 15, IlQ. THREE
The Greatei
Corset Covers worth
50c and 60c.
1 lb. English Breakfast
Men's 50c Work Shirts.
1 Dozen Boxes Matches
65c Satin Table Damask
50c Child's Outing Gown
During Our Sale.
5 packages Arm & Ham
mer Soda.
1 pair Men's 50c
Suspenders. -
6 cakes Diamond C Soap
2 pairs Men's Heavy
Wool Sox
4 Cans Condensed Milk
Boy's 50c School Caps
We Want Your Trade
Men's $3.50 Wool
Child's Caricule Coat
Ladies' $3 Dress Shoes
Boys' $3.50 School Suit
f $3 Heavy Wool Nap
Ladies' $3.50 Wool Dress
We Are Price Makers.
The Greater Chicago
Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 15.
Hearing a band tooting "Circus
Solly," th docile steed of
Mounted Policeman C. H. Mar
ion obeyed an impulse based on
ais youthful experiences
the sawdust ring and '
dend" on Hill street.
' played
in the
midst of the heavv traffic
Marion sustained bruises. In his
circus days, it was the horse's
duty to lie down and roll over
when the band pluved "Circus
For dyspepsia, indigestion, souring of
food, gas, and hyperacidity of the atom-
'' (acid stomach). A tcaspoonful in a
fourth of a glass of hot water usually
Rives INSTANT RELIEF. Sold by all
jj'"KRists in either powder or tablet
wrm at 60 cents per bottle.
The Time To Sell Is When The Public Want To Buy
Ladies' Caricule and Per
sian Lamb Coats
Ladies' $10.00 and $12.50
tailored Suits of Serge
and Tweed
$5.90 and $7.90
Ladies' $7.50 and $8.00
one-piece serge and silk
At 6 l-4c
10c and 12'2c Dress
Ginghams, light or dark
colors. Good assortment.
At 48c
One lot Ladies'' Waists,,
up to $100 and $1.50,' at
48c while they last.
At 19c
Boys' Blue Bib Overalls,
worth 25c and 35c, all
At 75c
Ladies' 16-button White
Silk Gloves, double tip
ped, regular $1.25.
4 For 25c
Best Gloss Starch; Krin
kle Corn Flakes, Aster
Condensed Milk.
At 49c
Children's 85c and $1.00
Felt Hats, all styles and
colors, fall stock.
Intervention In Mexico
Is Near Declares latt
Who Opposes That Step
Los Angeles, Cul., Kept. 15. "We are
nearer intervention in Mexico than wo
have ever been becnuso of the policy
we havo pursued. We neither watched
nor did we wait. I do not want inter
vention in that country because it
means a tremendous responsibility."
This is what former President W. II.
Tatt told interviewers today at th
Alexandria hotel, immediately after his
arrival from Han Francisco, "Coupled
with his remarks concerning the Mex
ican situation, however, ho stated he
believed President Wilson should be
supported in his course, not as a mntter
of politics, but because he is tho chief
executive of the nation.
' Touching upon candidates, Taft said:
"I am out of politics permanently.
I believe that a republican president
will be elected. I did not find many
progressives back east. They have col
onels and generals and lieutenant Ren-
i. onli.mnlv (n council to
erin wnw iv -
I decide whnt shall be done, but they
have not taken a census or tncir ioiiow
As to the possibilities of the return
bowmm b MnMaMBmnaflMHMBBHMawmi nnillinmirn nr tup rnn innrn imir
. - I bUUIMKIto Ur Irit DUU Alio LIMN
II &a vn 4 ii i nm rnnnni ninTninm nr n iv rn mnrn
lmtdHU tJlUiC I lii 1 1 obnuUL Ulolitlblol Ur rLAA; OU AbKto
Ladies' Velvet, Satin and -sjfifZi
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' 98c . m
Trimmed Hats, all new lfv
Styles, up to $3.50
and $4.00
Black and Colored Velvet
Trimmed Hats, latest New
York styles, up to $5.00
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Ladies' 15c and 18c
Fleeced Cotton Ribbed
Top Hose. Buy all you
want .
At 8 l-3c
15c Bleached Huck Tow
els, size 18x36 in. 50 doz
en in the lot.
At 23c
C h i I d r e n' s Fleeced
Shirts and Drawers, all
sizes. Regular 35c and
At $1.49 .
18 in Ostrich Plumes,
black and colors. Regu
lar $2.50 and $3 values.
At 89c
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ton Ribbed Union Suits.
All sizes in stock.
At 25c
Boys' 50c Hickory Work
Shirts & Blouse Waists
of the leaders of the progressive party
to the republican fold, Taft said:
"If a man comes back to the repub
lican party he must conic ns n republi
can. There is no other way."
Olympin, Wash., Kept. 35. Joe Pur-
rot, convicted of murder in the first
degree for killing Fred Weiss, Olympin
tailor, has been denied a new trial by
Judge D. F. Wright.
Salinas, Cal., Hept. 15. Hearken to
the hunting story of Abulnrdo Cooper.
Hunting in the Hau Lucia range, he
found a four point buck with a green
glass eye.
Onkland, Cal., Sept. 15. Louis
FTBiikenheimer's horse stumbled over
a stone on the old Watson ranch. The
spnrk he struck fired and destroyed
800 acres of feed.
Washington, Pept. 15.Hecretary tit
the Navy Daniels announced today that
Admiral Winston has succeeded Admir
al Thomas B.-Howard in command of
tho Pacific fleet. Howard has been
ordered here as head of the naval
examining board,
Seattle, Wash., Hept. 15. "Swift-
.frn I i iatit m nDnvo
A regular 85c Corset
Children's 75c Koveralls
Men's 85c "and $1.00
. Dress Shirts.
I Ladies' $1.50 Fur Neck
$1 Child's Wash Dress
A 72x90 Blea. Sheet
Let Us Get Acquainted.
Ladies' $1 Crepe Gown
Men's $1.25 Flannel
Ladies' $1.25 House
3 lbs. Spccial Blend
$1.00, Messaline Silk all
1 gal. Picnic Pickles.
Tell All Your Friends.
Ladies' $1.50 Middy
Men's $1.75 Wool
Warner's $1.50 Rust
Proof Corset
Ladies' $1.75 Crepe
Men's $1.50 Wool Un
derwear. $1.50 Rattan Suit Case
Our Aim Is To Please.
I water Hill" Cntcs, one of tho most
spectacular figures in the early history
of the Yukon und Alnska, is in trou
I ble again, this time with his motber-in-'
law, Mrs. Ida Beebe, of the New Cecil
j hotel here, who claims ho is not sup
! porting his twelve year-old son. Bill
I is under arrest in Hpokune, Hovcrul
I fortunes were won and squandered by
(tutes in the Klondike.
San Frunoiw'0, Sept. 15. Gregory
( hesalkin, better known as George Nel
son, the ban'ilit who committed suicido
Sunday alter a bultle witfl the police,
was a rabid anarchist, according to a
statement today by Jules Pinhurd; for
whim Chesalkiii drove a jitney bus.
Finburd said ( hesalkin never lost an
opportunity to express his defiance of
organized government and continually
incited Russian workmen by prcachig
his doctrines.
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 15. It's going
in hn wen a " lonffer time between
drinks'thnn it used to be hereabouts.
Prohibition leaders rimmed today
they had woa overwhelmingly in the
referendum to decide whether prohibi
tion should replace the present local
option law.
. -J.-' ,K3f
New Lines Have Been Estab
lished For Coming School
The following instructions have boon
issued by Superintendent KUiott, giv
ing the exact boundaries of each of the
nine schools in the city. Although this
rearrangement o fdistriets may take
pupils to a school different from that
attended the Inst school, year, yet on
the first dixy, next aronduy, all pupils
will assemble at the rooms that they
were in at the close of school last June,
with the exception of the seventh ele
mentary grade. The pupils of this grade
will go to the junior high. school situ
ated iu tho district in which they live.
The instructions are as follows:
Tho Salem public schools will-open
Monday morning, September 20, at ! j
o clock. All pupils will assemble in the
same rooms' and buildings that they
were in at the close of school in June,
except that all Bcventh grade pupils in
the elementary schools shall assemble
in the junior high school situated in
the district in which they live.
The junior high school
shnll be as follows:
The Grant junior high school district
shall include all territory within the
school districts limits north and west
of a line drawn as follows from the
bank of the Willamette river on the
west boundary of tho city running east
along Division Btreet to Cottage street
thence north ou Cottage to Al ill creek
thence in an easterly direction along
tho creek to the intersection of Summer
and Pnrrish streets, thence east jjt Far
nsh to Twelfth street, thence north on
Twelfth to D street, thence east on D
to Fifteenth street, thence north on
Fifteenth to Nebraska, avenue thence
east on-Nebraska to Seventeenth street,
thenco north on Seventeenth to Frick -
ney street, thence east to the limits of
the district.
The Washington junior hiL'li school
district shall include nil territory south
of tho boundary of the Grant junior
high school district as given above and
north of a line starting at tho bank of
the Willamette river running east along
Mill street to Winter street, thence fob
I lowing the street car line south on Win-; which flax may be grown. Mr. duly,
tor to Oak Btreet, thenco enst on Oak j who has supervision of the plant will nt
to ' Twelfth street, thence south on ; tend to this or a practical farmer will
Twelfth to Mission street, thence east ' be selected to supervise the field work
on .Mission to fifteenth Btreet, thence
south on Fifteenth street to Waller
street, thenco enst on Waller street to
Seventeenth street, south on Seven
teenth Btreet to Hines street, thence
east to the Turner road, thence out the
i Turner road to the dimits of tho dis
All pupils residing south of this line
shnll attend schunl in inc Lincoln junior
high school.
The boundaries for the elementary
schools shiill be an follows:
The Highland district shull include nil
! territory north of a line starting at the
Willamette river nnd running east on
; Shipping street to Fourth street, north
j on Fourth to Norway street, oast on
J Norway to Church street, north on
j Church to Jeffersoi street, east on
i Jefferson to tho car line, northeast
on the car line to Madison street, them e
out Madison to the Southern Pacifie
The enst boundnry of the Criint
school district shall be the Southern
Pacific railroad. The southern boundary
of tho Grant district shall be a line
running along Mill creek stnrting at its
mouth on the Willamette river to the
intersection of Church mid D street,
thence out D street to the Southern Pa
cific, railroad.
The Englewood district shall include
all territory east of the Southern Pa
cific, railroad and north of a line .run
nigg from the intersection of Twelfth
anil B streets, cast along B street to
Eighteenth street, thence south to Asy
lum avenue to Twenty-first street, then
south on Twenty-first street to Marion
street, thence east on Marion to the
limits of the district.
Tho Onrficld school district shall in
clude nil territory south of a line run
ning along Mill creek to the intersec
tion of Church and 1) streets, thence
along I) to Summer street, thence south
on Summer street to Trade, thence west
on Trade to tho Willamette river.
The Washington school district shull
include nil territorj south of a line
beginning nt the intersection of Summer
and D streets, thence east along I)
to Twelfth street," thence sniill on
Twelfth to B street, thence enst on B
to Eighteenth street, thence south to
Asylum avenue, thence east on Asylum
avenue to Twentv-first street, thence
! south on Twenty-first to Mnrion, tliencr
east on Marion street to the limits of
the district, and nil territory north of
a lino drawn from the corner of Twenty-first
street and State street, west on
State to Seventeenth street, thence
south on Seventeenth street to Trade
Btreet, thence west on Trade to Sum
mer street. Tho west boundary of the
Washington school district shall be
Summer street.
The Richmond school district shall in
cludo all territory south of u line drawn
from tho intersection of State und Sev
enteenth streets, cast along State
street to Twenty-first, north along
Twenty-first street to Mnrion sreet,
thence enst on a line with Marion to the
limits of the district, and nil territory
east of a lino drawn from the iiitc
section of Seventeenth and State
streets, south along Seventeenth to
Turner road, thence out. Turner roud to
the limits of the district.
The Park school district shall include
all territory sooth of a line starting
at the Willamette river going enst alone
trado street to Seventeenth street,
thence south along Seventeenth street
to irurner Iroad, thence out Turicr
road to the limits of the district. Tin
southern boundary of the Park school
shall bo a linn running along Mishim
street from the Slough, cast on Mission
to Winter street,1 thence south on Win
ter across the Aereuge to Davidson
street, thenco south on Davidson to
Howard street, thenco east on Honard
street to Berry street, thence south on
Berry street to Rural avenue, theme
east on Rural avenue to Twelfth street,
Board of Control Decides!
Against Large Tracts of !
Flax for Next Year i
morning und decided to limit the flax
aereuge for next year to .10 acres for
olio grower, and the flux growing dis
trict must lie withiu a radius of 10
miles from Sulem us. the convict flux
pullers will not be sent out for a great
er distance. The minimum that may be
contracted for is five acres and only
500 acres will be contracted for this
time. This acreage will be increased
before the flux planting seuson but no
more than 1,000 acres will bo contract
ed for next year aud thero is a possibil
ity that thin may even be cut down to
700 or 800 acres.
The board will furnish the seed to the
flax growers at $1.30 per bushel and
this price will be subtracted from the
price of the straw when it is delivered
... l.a ,,., tit C1.iv .ilni.f ft
... .' ,,, ,.,..,; , ,, .V.;,.
3 iMiH,-ll lib ,11V mulling 11,111. 11,1. V
farmers in one district of this county
were willing to contract for 401) acres of
flax between them but State Treasurer
Kuy was of the opinion that the flax
growing should be as widely distributed
as possible and that only the best land
for this purpose should bo allowed for
It was stated that this year the Btate
lost money on some patches which were
i as small as one-half urre and that some
..1) tlmm -u-nvA an fill- iliututtt tlmf tlie
ni)t0 ,s for hauling tho convict flax
pullers to and from their work, cut
lIown any profits that might nccrue.
jn vicw of these facts the minimum was
! iix0ll at five acres to ono patch as a
' K!,11(? 0f ;jo convicts will pull five acres
; ; 011P (iHy nn(i ,.,,, to the institution
, lt ,,1, jj i also probable next year
: that at the lamer patches the convicts
, will be established in camps, where they
j will remain until the work is completed,
j It was not definitely decided at the I
j board meeting this morning as to the
j man to have charge of the flax planting
' and the selection of tho lands' upon
for the flax growing industry.
W. Ar Jones, secretry of the state
fair board, was present this morning
at the board meeting nnd was given
permission to borrow a few bundles of
the flax to bo used for decoration at
the state fuir grounds this year. The
ilnx will not be placed in n special ex
hibit but will be used only for deco
native purposes.
Salem Testimony Remains .Unshaken.
Time is the best test of truth. Hero
is a Salem story that hns stood tho test
of tune. Jt is a story with a point j
will come straight home to many of us.
P. W. Brown, fnrnier, l.'IOll Slnto St.,
Salem, savs: "Three' years of mill
wright work in a damp atinosphero dis
ordered my kidneys. I often hau lnmo
iichh nnd soreness across the small of
my back. When having an attack, I
heard of Dona's Kidney Pills and got
a supply. They removed the backache
and soreness, together with othe.' symp
toms of kidney trouble." Statement
given Jan. .11, illiKI). After a lapse of
more than six years, Mr. Brown said:
"All I said recommending- Bonn's Kid
neys Pills when I publicly endorsed
them before, holds good. I usi them
occasionally when 1 have symptoms of
kidney complaint nixl I never fail to
get quick relief. Another of tho family
has also used Bonn's Kidney Pills for
kidney weakness nnd hns had tho best
of results."
Price .We, nt all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Brian's Kidney Pills tho same that
Mr. Brown has twice publicly recruit-
! mended., Foster-M illrurn Co., Props.
Buffalo. N. i.
Seattle, Wash., Sent. 15.
Orson A. Drake, aged id, of Sun
Francisco, ami Mrs, P, Drake,
aged (15, of Piiyallup, are remar
ried here today. Their first
wedding was HO years ugr They
were divorced '.'0 years Inter.
4 Their children brought uluiiit
the reunion, Mrs, Drake said,
jfc )fc c )( sjc )fc )c )c sje )c
thence out Twelfth street to the limits
of the district.
The Lincoln school district shall in
clude ull territory between Mission
street and n lino drnwn'from the inter
section of Davidson nnd Ilownrd
streets, thenco along Howard to High
street, thence south on High street to
Superior street, thencn west on Superior
to the boundaries of the district.
Tho McKinley school district shall in
clude ull territory south of a line start
ing at the boundiiries of the district
ritiinilic fiOMt. lilfintr Simerior Mtfnut to
High street, thenco north on High to I (run run tee of "money buck if you want
Howard street, thence enst on llowurdl11.. ,v,ry ,,nx f Mi o tia thut ho
street to Berry street, thenco south on 1 A guuraiifeo like this speak
Berry to Rural avenue, thence east mi i '"""'s for tho merit of the remedy.
Rural avenue to Twelfth street, thence I " 1
south on Twelfth street to the bound !, '"'sbiirg (iii.clte. If ), t,in)(
arles of the district. (keeps up it will be considered profuri-
"y r tell anybody to go to Mexico.
A Big Surprise
400 Tonts at cost prices for this week only. Also everything needed
for camping. Don't fail to see ue If you need any thing in this line.
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
The House of Half a Million Bargains.
302 N. Commercial St. Thone 808
The Standard
the safest,' most reliable
and most popular for the
common ailments of stomach, ;
liver and bowels, is always
TluUrttrt Salt S Any MfdunMinUu Wtrii
Sold uv.rrwher. a besot, 10c, 25c.
Gorman forces in Franco re
ported strongly reinforced and
have taken up favorable defen
sive positions. Severe fighting
for several days around Sois
senna. Manbcuge, reported captured
by (lemmas soino days ago, still
in allies' hands.
Russian official sources give
Austrian losses slnco full of
Lernberg ns 250,000 killed nnd
wounded, 100,000 prisoners and
MW guns.
F.mperor William reported at
East Trussian front.
John Redmond calls on all
Irish to support England 's
President Wilson, answering
the kaiser's note alleging use
of dum dum bullets by English
and French, snys it would be
unwise, premature and incon
sistent for a neutral government
to pass judgment now.
Only Way To Cure This Disease Is To
Destroy Its Cause,
By A Specialist.
If you hnvo catarrh and want to get
rid ut' it yo'.t must kill tho genus which
causo cutnrih. Stomach dosing, oint
ments, sprays, crenms, douches, etc., fail
because tlicy overlook this fact. Thov
j H 'vlp by giving temporary relief but
they do not reach tho germ life, that
ha found lodgement in your hcud, noso,
throat, and could not destroy it if they
The best Known way of destroying
tho dangerous germs of Catarrh 'ami
consequently ending tho diseaso itself,
is to breatho into tho uir passages of
your noso and throat the pleasant, pene
trating air of Hyoiuei (pronounced
Uigh o-nie). Hyoiuei hi iiunle front
purest oil of Kucnlyptua combined witi
other powerful, honling, antiseptic amt
gunuiciilul ingredients. You breatho it
through a littlo pocket inhaler which
Daniel J. Fry und other leading drug
gists in Salem and vicinity are furnish
ing with every complete treatment sold.
Eveiy time, you inliulo tho sweet, l'rn
graiil air rf Jlyomoi through this litllo
device you nro drawing into your swoll
en, iulliinieil, germ laden membranes i
medicated uir which will not only ro
diico all tho swelling and inl'liiuiiiiatiuii
aud open your clogged nose ami stop
ped up air passages, but will absolute
ly ami positively destroy every truuo
of Catarrh germ life it reaches. Drug
gists urn so suro of the blessed, lasting
relief that Hyoiuei brings to catarrh
sufferers that they sell it invariably
on me positivo giiarautco that money
l"li(1 wi" refunded if silcccsslul re
sin i h are nor secured lroni lis use. uct
a Hyoiuei outfit from your druggist to
ilny und begin at once to drive thi.i
dangerous and disgusting disease from
your .system forever.
Former Secretary Bryan
Confers With Henry Ford
Detroit, Mich., Sept, 15. Former Sec
retary of Stute Bryan mlide n flying
trip to Detroit lust night and confer
red privately with Henry Ford, mil
lionaire automobile maker, for an hour
over the bitter's proposed tlUJIOOJ'OU
peace plan,
Ford's secretary said today that no
definite plans hnd been made.
Your money buck if you want it is
the way in which Daniel J. Fry, tho
popular druggist, is selling Ml o ua, tho
great dyspepsia remedy.
This is an unusual plan, but Mi o na
has so much merit und is so utmost In
variably successful in relieving ull
forms of indigestion that lie run but
. little risk in selling under a guurautuo
of this kind.
Do not bo miserable or make your
I friends miserable with your dvspepsia.
Mio-na will help you. It doesn't,
tell Daniel J. Fry thut you wnnt your
money buck and lie will cheerfully re
fund it. ,
A change for tho bettor will be soon
from the first few doses of Mi o-na and
ils continued use will soon stnrt you
on the road to perfect digestion and
enjoyment of food,
Mio-na bus been so uniformly suc
cessful that every box Is' sold under a
positive guarantee to refund the money
if it does not relievo, Whnt, fuifer
proposition could bo made.
Daniel J. I'ry gives his personal
for Hop Pickers
!l V