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Social and
A new feature in educational lines t
lie itate fair this year will be the kin
4ergartci work vuder- charge of the
Oregon toiigrcua of Mothers to be sup
ervised by MiM Nellie Caaebere. Pre
vious years, tbero haa been entertain
ment provided far the children, left in
the care of a competent committee in
order that both tbo mothers and the
juoall folk could enjoy the fair to the
utmost advantage la their own lauiiion,
out this year regular kindergarten work
will be introduce!. This not only
inrushes pleasant occupation for the
little tots but nlw will add a kinder
garten exhibit iu the making to the
general educational display. Mine Case
We is excnptio'.&lly well qualified to
supervise this short course for begin
ners, as she iia studied l.i one of the
best schools in the Kant, at Wanning
ton, 1). C, vhiiro tho aim of the school
it to sUadardir.o tbo work (if kinder
garten throughout the country. The
first week in October, Miss (.'asebere
will open a thoroughly equipped kinilur
garten conducted under modern methods
at her home, .'188 North Winter street.
Khe will bo r.ssistcd her work by Miss
Kthel Cnsebere, a graduate of Willam
ette university. Tho kindergarten will
be permeated with a hunu liko spirit
which caul nut but be greatly strength
ened by tho attractive surroundings
now under preparation for tho wee
folk of Hulem.
Mr. and Mrs. if. T. llellyer enter
tained at diu.aT tlio first of the week,
Mrs, Hooves, of Lebanon; Dr. Wulto.i,
Air. and Mrs. W. I). Hinith, Mis (I nice
rmith and Miss r.ha niiuth, of Ha
leni. a a
Karl Ilurr, who Iins bei'ii spending the
Hummer nt the homo if hi pnrmi'tH,
Mr. n.id Mrs. Theo. M. Hair mi North
1'oiirteculh street, has returned to Col
umbia university where lie will enter
bis second year nt college.
Mrs, George Iliiigliani lias left, for
San Francisco, wilcre bIio will spe.i'd
two weeks visiting the exposition n:nl
otuer points of ritercat.
The ladies of tin) Eastern Star held
their find regular nieeting irf the venr
this afternoon' nt their hull on fcltn'.e
.id Commercial strei'ts. During the
summer months, the Knstern Htar lius
met outdoors at the homes of the mem
, Mrs. K. T. Trvon, of t'resswell, Ore
gon, was tho guest of Mrs. W. 0. As
eln over tho week end.
V. W. McDonald, of Medford, spent
yesterday .i a guest at tho home of
J'r. and Mrs. K. K. I'imier. Mr. Mc
Donald who is a former lowan acquain
tance of Dr. and Mis. Fisher, was re
turning from a trip tu Centrulia, Wash
ington. A mos enjoyable reception was held
last evening whe;i (he lust year's IVul
iy at Willamette university entertained
informally tholiew members of the fac
ulty at l.niiKHuiie Mall. Thine who con
tributed in a largo measure to the sue
reus of tho evoiii-ig wero tho committee
i elisrge of the affair, composed of
Mrs, F. Von Kscbe.i, Miss .lunin Todd
and I'rofensor Wallace MacMiirrny.
Miss (lenevieve Avison ni.'d Miss Car
rie Cooksey assisted in serving.
Miss Anna Cook left this nftermon
for l'ortluud to spend a few dnvs.
Mrs. II. H. llninter, of Kingfisher,
Oklahoma, who lui'i lieeu visiting her
rousins, Mrs. llnl Sheldon, in Fast Hn
lem, ami the Woods llros., of Nilvertml,
left today fur l'ortlnml, where she will
take, (he steamer Tuesiluv for Han Fran-
Cisco. Trom there she will go to I.os
Angeles where she will visit nt the
bomes of Mr. and Mrs. .1. ,. Wood, and
Sept. 23-24-25
rtur of earlr Western Day
Low Round Trip Fartt
fn m all stations on
Ask the nearest Aeut.
Gtneral Feuer AfcnU
' I
Mrs. L. M. Wheat (nee Bessie Wood)
former residents of rialem.
The Ladies Aid Circle of the First
Methodist church will meet tomorrow
afternoon as follows: Fast Circle and
Naomi with Miss Kodgers. Houth Fast
and Knglewool with Mrs. Nels. Mavage,
eorner of Trade and 14th street. West
Central and Vew Park with Mrs. Baker,
545 Court street. Houth Central Circle
and Lucy Anna Lee in the church par
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Meredith are en
tertain'jng as guests, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Meredith and Miss May Meredith,
of Byracuse, New iork. The visitors
are enroute to the expositions at Cali
fornia and will nlsn visit st the home
of Mrs. K. B. Lockhart, their cousin,
during their stay in Halem.
a a
Professor C. W. Boetticher,' superin
tendent of the Albany schools, and Mrs.
Boetticher spent Holiday in Halem with
his sister, Miss Ida Boetticher, of the
Woman's Fxchange, ca their return
from a motor trip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Roberts aie
spending a few duvs in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Dnuglns Minto and son,
John Doug'as, left tulny for a week 's
outing at Newport.
Tho members of the Junior fiiiild of
the" Kpiscopnl church were entertained
this afternoon hy .Mrs. Joseph Haiiin-
gartner at her homo on Center street.
The first order (if books listed in the
year's course, of the Chautauqua Read
ing t lire In has arrived from the Fust.
Tno meetings of the circle will begin
tho first week in October at tne library.
Miss Inez; (lollrn lias left for Port
land to resume her work at Heed col-
lego, whe.ro who enters upon her fourth
a a a
At their 1 (me on Halein lleiuhts. on
Halom Height avenue, Mr. and Mrs. N.
I. llellyer hud as dinner unests on Mini
ilay.uvoniiig, Mrs. Curd, Mis. Catherine
lirown, Mrs. Hough und the Misses May
and Ruth Rough.
Announcement 'nave been received
in Halem of the intirringn of tlrnce Tay
lor Webster to Robert Jerome Hhepnrd
on Friday, September 3, UH.'i, nt Haines
Alaska. Mr. Hhepnrd is a brother ir
Mrs. John It. Lewis of this city, mid
will be r umbered as a graduate of
tho Willamette law school a few vears
ago. Mr. Hhepnrd was elected as
principal of the Haines public school,
His sister, Miss Ruth Hhepnrd, was
present lit the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler mid son, Paul, of
2!l2i! N. Front street, have gone to
Lebanon for a week,
Mr. mid Mrs. Forrest. Davis, who
were murried Heptember 1, have re
turned from their honeymoon, spent
at HeaHide. They will make their home
iu' North Halem where Mr. Davis is a
clerk in W. K. Richardson ' grocery.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. Fav Morrison, of
Perrvdiile, with their baby daughter,
Pauline, spent Hiiuiluy with Mrs. Mor
rison ' father, Mr. L." H. Peebles, of N.
Liberty street. They were accompanied
by Carl Morrison an'd lady friend.
Little- Lucile Itunii, who has been
quite 111 ut the inline nf her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ( has. Whitney,
corner of Columbia and North Liberty
streets, is improving rapidly.
Nearly every body Is gone to the hop
viinln just now. A few families re
turned the latter pert of tne week.
Los Angeles, Oil., Sept. I I.
"For we are but of vesterdilv
and know nothi.ig because our
days upon earth are a shadow
Job 8 0."
That ipiotntion written' with
chalk iipim Hi,' ,,or of su out
iiouso indicates to the detective
that Johannes Nclieive, 70 years
old, an artist, hud a prciuoiiitiou
of hi death. Ncheive arose
early today, walked from his
room to the back yard and drop
ped dead.
Dcaln is believed to have been,'
caused by heart failure. The
matter was reported tu the cor
oner and he will eider an autu
sv held la oi, In- t determine
the exact cause of death.
The widow of the dead mail
is visiting in Pes Moines.
One Hundred and Four
Teachers In Salem jCity
Assignments of the 104 teachers in
the Halom public schools were an
nounced at the school board meeting
last evening, with the total salary for
the school year. Three teachers were
added this year, one in musie and two
for the new McKinlcy building.
On account of the building of a new
school, and the junior high schools,
several changes will be made ia the
district for each buildiug. These will
be announced this week.
The following is a complete list of all
the teachers, showing the department
iu which they will tcaen, school build
ing, and, the total yearly salary:
Senior High School.
James C. Nelson, principal $1,740
English Department.
Kthel I. Kigdon, head 1,035
M. Regina Long 600
R. Mae Hopkins B00
Matilda Amberson 810
Mrs. Wm. Fleming 855
Margaret A. (iruham 7(15
Ida B. Davis, public speaking... 855
Mathematics Department.
F.mily (1. Palmer, head 1,0.15
K vi' I vii Jones 855
History Department.
Jessie I'. Cox, head 1,035
Kthel M. Jones POO
Commercial Department.
Merritt DaviH, head 1,400
James F. Norton 705
F K. Horning 720
Gertrude Walling, shorthand und
typewriting . ... 810
Foreign Language, German and Latin.
Ruby C. Knmsdcll, xermnn .... 855
Linn Heist, German 810
Klva M. Hmith, Latin POO
Hclence Department.
Herman Clurk, head 045
II. O. Clancy, physiography and
athletics '. ." 945
William P. Murphy, physics .... 810
Home Economics Department.
llerthn Edwards, heud 1,035
Marie Ilofer 7(15
Manual Training Department.
(I. R. Bonell, head 1,500
C. Fdwin Piatt 855
Art Department.
Kthel Merriam 000
Teachers' Training.
I Mrs.) Olive Metcnlf Hand .... BOO
Miunettn Mngers 675
Washington Junior High School.
F K Onnnctt, principal $1,100
luntlin Irvine, matheina.t, ..... 720
Ruby K Iy, mathematics .... 705
Mabel Robertson, history 7(15
J. F. Axley, history 810
Louise K. Weniger, Knglish .... 7(15
Lorn Milam, Knglish 720
Clara L. Hchnasse, languages .... 720
David K. Brace, science and
athletics 810
Mrs. I.ousie Biggs, science 720
Kdith Fiigate, Room 1 075
Ada Dayton, Room 2 720
Jessie Cromwell, Rnom 3 (175
Klsio White, Room 4 (175
Bessie H. Shinn, Room 5 (175
A linn Pohle, Room (I 720
Grant Junior High School.
F. A. Miller, principal $1,100
K. B. Fletcher, history 7(i,r
Louis J. M unlock, science and
athletic 720
Walter Hines Page,
Looking After
By Wilbur S. Forrest.
(Cnited Press staff correspondent.')
London, .-opt. 2. (By mall. The
: name of the busiest American in Ku
rope today is Walter Hines Page
i To nvernge Americans who may think
j that nil American ambassador in l.on-
dnu is ('donated ill war time to drink
1 nips of afternoon ten with itinerant
I'liuntiyincn; to tin ml out fatherly ad
I vice when they are in triable; tn'lmnil
jthem money when they nre "broke"
J iiini perform niyriud ether duties of n
niriui nature, they line got another
i think iiul'.
( For the busiest American : it tit ion that he had convinced the Turks that
(in Europe today ia located ut No. 4 $200 was a far inon- reasonable figure
lUtosveuor Gardens the American em-1 than $2,000 and (lie Turks had agreed.
; '"'"'y- l' "irn, this fact wa immediately Com
i Hero the iMii'iiiv uiwl nlicii iimiiili.M in miiiiicul...! t, !.., li-t,:i. n J
a. ... , ,v. uriiisii ((ovi'i Hiueiu
TGieut Hiituiu, ol three warring nations ( and Hie ransom was paid, though in
i look for money to buy their daily food: i directly, fur ransom is a word of which
J look for advice when they need it und 1 the British government takes no cog
I v i 1 1 look for protcrtion when protec-1 ui.ance.
lion is lie
Tj Fioni mi authoiitntive source, the
ll'iiited Press learned today that lain
4 deeds of thousand of American did
lai have been
I'cessary and will in
future be expended to care for
'Illicit ihaiges of Ambassador Page
is the sole ici icki nlnlive in II rent
Itntaiu not only of America, but tier
niany, Austria ami Turkey. Nearly
twenty buildings in Loudon, property of
these countiiis, are in direct charire
or iue ami'iisMtiior ami lie not only lias
... ui, i, iu,. iiipiomniic c.rrosmui!oiiee lerrognting the npplica.nl as to his ante
of Ins own nation to handle but the ver-1 cedents and must aiiiuwl require proof
liable "bales" of mail snd telegraphic i that the applicant at some time or eth
exchanges ran led on with oilier war ! er had been born. After the firs
ring powers by the kaiser, the emperor : round of questions the liberty loving
of Austria nod the sultan of Tm key. : American begins tu tet mad. IVfore he
I'n iiinke this wmk possible the Ameri-, has boon wormed out of his eutire 'life 's
can embassy has iucressed its uoimiil ; history, he or she n . the esse miiv be.
business teu fold. It has eiiudovi..l is thoroiu.hlv l .. .. i l. i .. i' '
, , . .i
.., ,.. ,,, secretaries , ,i0
wii- si r, inm ii-ii to tnree Petoie the ,
'"" '"K"t;eo 'rp hi rxpeit
ccouiitant und clerks who respectively
k. ul. .... ,1 : II hi . . . 1
ii. iii mi- iiiiuuiitivi iiisoursemeuts I
.... i .I--.. i i. i 1
iMiiiiiri-vis or iiiH'umetits
The lllolier thus ain-iil fur V',,..u,,.i '.
enemies during the wr will be repaid
to I'nile Sm when Imstilitir cem, but
in 1 1,.. ,.,.,,., ... r....i.. . i . ,
... .... .... n , , ,r r-nlM p HM'SeiS
must be the source of a never ending
lu addition to bcinff in ctmituiii
'' t touch with the state deportment i
at Washington, the Amcru an'eml.,.:' !
a London i. .1... I.. .Ii.il. ...
Hon w i.h the ri.,1..!.. . ' n .t .V v . I
an, Coustantuiople, Komr and I VI rug rail l-l f O TtrVrmin
which cause the costlv iiterchnnge of Tl I I N I " I I r7W
telegrephle eorrpod..ce at les-t trlBBV''"ll-l I Lit J
time the volume of peace time. Oc
casionally telegram cvM the (nvera-
Are Assigned
L. May Raneh, English '65
Miss Allen, 1-2 to Lincoln 765
- Qrad.t.
Carrie II. Chapel, Boom 1 720
Alpha Donaca, Boom 2 765
Edith Wert, Boom 8 :t0
Bertha Duncan, Boom 4 75
Lincoln Junior High School
H. T. Durham, principal $1,110
Mrs. E. Mae Tlllson, history.... 720
Mildred McBride. science 720
D. E. Cooper, mathematics nod
Miss Allen, 1-2 German
Abbie 8. Davis, Room J
Julia Iverson, Boom 2
Mabel Temple, Boom 3 675
Mrs. Mary Meador. Boom i .... 675
Englewood School.
Mrs. Marie Earner, principal and
room 5 $1,050
Adella Chapter, Boom 1 675
Esther B. Byan, Boom 2 585
Carrie Martin. Boom 3 75
j Olive Chenault, Boom 4 t)30
Garfield School.
Margnrot Cosper, principal, nu
pervisor of elementary grades. .$1,200
- Grades.
Bertha Byrd, Boom 1 7t5
Dollio Hmith, Boom 3 585
Gladys Luthy, Boom 2 55
Ocie Brown, Boom i 585
Greta Phillips, Boom 5 75
Hibyl Harrington, Boom 0 585
Grace Davis, Boom 7 (''to
Highland School.
Mrs. LaMoino B. Clark, principal
and eta
Mrs. F. It. Brewer, Boom 1
Daisy M. Carter, Boom 2
Ellen Currin, Boom 3
Eva D. Fisher, Room 4
Ruby V. Hazlett, Boom 5
Genevieve Hobinsoh, Room 0 ..
McKinley School.
Emma Kramer, prineipul and
Room 2
' Grtdos.
Delta Dillnrd, Boom 1
Ermine E. Mushnell, Room 3 ..
Lulu Walton 075
Fork School.
U. S. Dotson, principal and
Boom 0 1,050
Heulah Baldarree, Boom 1 585
F. Ruth Fugnte, Boom I t75
Kdith Campbell, Boom 3 t;75
Minnie Cornelius, Boom 4 7
Amy E. Mnrtin, Room 5 720
Elchureiul School.
Anna Fischer, principal und
Room 2 iiCO
Christabel Jewett, Room 1 .... t',75
Adonn Cochrane, Bo.,i 3 075
Etta P. White, Room 4 585
Mary Ewiug, Boom 5 C30
Supervisors and Special Teachers.
Jessie v. Miller, music
Florence V. Wucst, drawing ....
Evelyn Cash, physical educa
tion Frances Alva Aitken, home econ
omies Edith Hhaw, home economies ....
O. W. James, manual training ..
O. C. Hart, iianiinl training ....
Flora N. Case, libiariun
Busy Man;
Americans Abroad
ment $1,000 each.
An amusing episode was the outcome
of a series of such roWmnl.;,.
changes with the American embassy in
Constantinople, it has just been learned.
I Ambassador Morgentunu reported to
London that the Turks had imprisoned
'many British citir.cn whom they were
bidding fur ransom, the sum of $2,000
being required in each ease. The Ainer-
' lean embassy, in London immediately
communicated its information to the
British government and word was sent
back tu Mnigenthau to that effect. The
next inessnee from Mnn iIm, ' u,-
However, hind w, rft is but a part of
the troubles of No. 4 (irosvenor Squure.
The greatest are passports, The docu
ment, henrine the irreat seal of the
state department, w Inch guarantee safe
I'oniiuct ior American travelers in h'n
lope, is now the most riiridlv drawn ot
any nation, but b. tore war was the
loosest, Efficient clerks delegated to
handle the passport department at the
embassy have become nervous wrecks
and new "hands" nr.i onstiintlv n..,...t.
sary. The passport cterk begins bv in-
in,,, nr. vw suv, iwnvi-B
"ic emunssy heapuii! ,-oal of tire on the
nea.is or the men who are delegated to
nmninisier tno affairs of America in n
l-l - 1 1 1
I lllclBI II
To You
Th rin i . v , , .
I ".. . ",ut Ji4 Algesttoa; als
"P W 60W,t tg..t.
Stcmach Bitters
Commercial Club Will Pro
. mote Corn and Potato
Siow In December
A mnfimr nt the airlcultural depart
ment of the commercial club was held
met night to discuss general plans ior
club work. Besides the corn shows ana
farmers' institutes to be held in several
parts of the county, plans were made
for a corn ana poiaio snnw 10 uo
in Salem four days, beginning Decem
h 1 This show will not only take up
the discussion of corn and potatoes and
an exhibit, but will devote one day to
dairying, when a Marion county Jersey
cattle cluub will De tormea. Anomer
day of the Salem show will be known as
horticultural day, when soils, crops and
live stock will be discussed.
At the suwrestion of L. J. Chapin, the
advisability of sending on exhibit of
corn to the first ivationai corn snow
at St. Paul. Minnesota, was discussed
This corn show will attract farmers
from all tho central and eastern states.
and Mt. Chhpin is of the opinion that if
thm county should he properly repre
sent.ed, it would be a great advertise
"The general impression among many
Eastern farmers is that this is a fruit
country and that ercn, cannot be
raised," said Mr. Chapin, "and it
would be a fine thing for us to show
what a fine grade of corn can be raised
in this part of the state.
This idea cannot be carried out un
ions tho m,r ev necessary to make the
display is vo'ed by the commercial club,
Ar.otuer suggestion made nt the meet
ing last evening, was that scene time
next spring, Halem should have a good
roads day, when every member of the.
commercial club should select a special
tract of road and make it his business
to put it in proper shape.
There seems to be a general feeling
among tho members of tho agricultural
department that an effort should be
madn to secure a government specialist
who would stay in this valley and
study tho prune situation and assist tn
combating the brown rot and other dis
eases of prune trees. Other states have
secured government specialists, and it
is hoped by the agricultural department
that the claims of this part of tho state
will bo put before tho proper Wash
ington authorities and a study of prune
rur.umoes no tnaen up ny an expert.
Walter E. Keyes is in Portland tollm
en business.
Ileorge Mc.Corkle, of Halls Ferrv, is
in the city today.
Curtis Hoss. an attorney of Silvertnn,
is in the city today.
M. A. McCorkle is on business here
today from Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Stafrin, of Dal
las, are in the city today.
J. S. Johnson, "of Xampn, Idaho, is in
the city today on business.
W. A. Decker, of Joplin, Mo., is in
the city, visiting with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Seymour, of Falls
ity, were in the city yesterday on busi
ness. C. T. Pomeroy returned this mornim'
from r visit of several davs in Port
land. K. (1. Loo und daughter, Miss Tenn
Loe, were visitors in tho city yester
day. T. D. ,Ines and wife, who have been
spending the summer at Newport, re
tumid today.
D. K. Durtruff. or yalem, spent the
week-end with friends in Eugene. Eu
gene Register.
M. ). Evans, of Corvallis. assistant
stute lender county agent work, V s
department of agriculture, isinthecitv
J. W. Bristow, special representative
"t the Pontic Mates Fire Insurance
company, is here today on company
Frank Neuner left tl, ...
Ior Siil., ii f.. I .t . , . . i
. ii..,, "en i ii me siiiily
of lav
in "inaniette uinversitv
. "!"" ',T- I'l'rvine. who luls l WM.
ng hop lueses in the Independence dis
"I'' fM. is in the eitv
today on business.
Mi A. K. Town, of S,,, ,.
' ", VI1"'.'"1K ' ilrshfi,., ,,,i
' this i city. !,. f,,r her l,. yestei
ituy. Kosebuig Keview
Mrs. Myrn Albert ViggiH, of Top-P-'iHsli,
Wash., who has been visi.i,',
re atitvesiu the city fur the past week
Ml tins ntternoon by steamer for San
Mis (reuevieve Frajcr. 1, ),,,
Martin during the s,,ner moiiths, wiP
return to Corvallis ue.xt Thursday to at
tend the O. A. C. duri.ii. ti...
whoi I year.
(. "1 ' "in i mj;
Mrs. (ienree
Brown, wife f
foreign dime.
lime cools anger, however, and in
variably the applicant is back within .
day or two to ask some favor of tin
n ml hi iii.l, ,v X:.. . .
,, ,"'; ""' "'ues out of ten.
. iiiniiii( oe granted because
of strict rules that regulate American
cmbtissies. A favorite r..,i.,., i- n....
valuables be ,,t i the "embassy
sate. One woman brought a string
of lH'nrls which she insisted should bo
put away for her until sl. returned
Seme want mail scat to America in the
embassy p;.tb,m while other would
hold pm onged chats with the nmbas
sailor relating; to family r business nf
fmrs. All these matters are imp,.,-
lrrevpective of the smaller trifles it
ha. b-vn learned that the administra
tion of affairs by Ambassador Page for
the governments of Cormnnv. Austria
and Turkey has evoked highest praise
Trom these government who hnv. in
dieated the hope that the day will come
wheu appreciation may be expressed in
wore free and easy mnnner.
In the meantime Ambassador 1W
and his wartime staff are hard at work
and will continue on until pioe shine,
br.thl n?r Europe ' wur d.rkened
Many Letters Mailed
at Post Office Are
Only Partly Addressed
If a letter i carefully stamped, and
then addressed to Mr. A. S. Witt, care
of G. Sidenberg, what can tne post
master dot Of course if the writer had
taken the precaution to make a notation
on the upper left hand corner of the
envelope to return to a certain address
within five days, it would have been
easy enough. About all that can be
done in mis-directed letters is to post
them in a eonspicious place, trusting
that by some streak of luck, the writer
will happen along a ad take notice.
Iu this city, these mis-directed let
ters are placed in a giass covered case,
near the general delivery window for
public inspection. Here may be seen a
letter marked with the received date,
September 3, addressed to Miss Myrtle
White, Union avenue, care Lambert
house. Possibly with the aid of a hotel
directory and a fair amount of luck,
this letter could be sent, on its right
way. Another is addressed to Mr. A.
S. 'Witt, care G. Sidenberg, and the
cancelling stamp shows the date of
August 23. A lettci to Mrs. W. E.
Parker, 1308 Terrace Court, is undeliv
ered, as there is do Btate or city given
to iudicate in what state there is a
street named Terrace Court. A letter
to Miss Esther Sicbert, addressed to
Huntsville, Orcv mailed September 7 is
held up for a better address, and on
Sept. 3, some party carefully sealed and
stamped a letter and delivered it to the
oostoffice, but failed to put on any
address whatever. There are good reas
ons why many arc looking for the letter
that never came. Iho postoltice depart
ment for years has urged the use of the
return directions, placed on the upper
lctf hand corner of the envelope.
This is what yon should do to shed a
spoiled complexion: Spread evenly over
the face, covering every inch of skin, a
thin layer of ordinary mercolized wax.
Let this stay on over night; wash it off
next morning. Repeat daily until your
complexion is as clear, soft and beauti
ful as a young girl's. This result is in
evitable, no matter how soiled or dis
colored the complexion. The wax liter
ally peels off the filmy surface skin, ex
posing the lovely young skin, exposing
the lovely young skin beneath. The
process is entirely harmless, so little of
tho old skin coming off at a time.
Mercolized wax is obtainable at any
drug store; one ounce usually suffices.
It's a veritable wonder-worker for
rough, tanned reddened, blotchy, pimp
led or freckled skin.
Pure powdered saxiiiite is excellent
for a wrinkled skin. A n oiincn .if it-
dissolved in a half pint witch bawl
mimes a rcireslnng wash-lotion. This
renders the skin quite firm and smooth;
indeed., the very first application erases
the finer lines: the
.Sonttle. Wlioh Sn..( 1-1 ..
M01 -ton 1, ,0,,ths old du.igiiter of Mrs.
I. U . Mnrlfltl in .Inn.l I
h.. .- " i"(iny nnu
her motner is smferiiig painful, though
not Rprirria iiim;n0 l n
..... ', " 1 ri-siui or nn
autnnioliilo wreik on the I'arifie high-
nniiuf 5aiiiniav night. The
nmihino skidded. Tho baby was dash
"d against. B telephone polo.
torney General H rnun unin 1
Lome yesterday to Milem. She wi
visiting here n few davs with her
parent, Mr. and Mrs. A. j. Uollows.
Hiiselmrg lieview.
Miss Kthel Tooze. of Kugene, h0
tO lllivp tlio I. , ..
- - .uu.ui uniuc in tne
local schools this year, arrived Katur
uay evening. She is a I'niversitv f
I'reijon irrmlunte mwl .1. ...' ...
, , " , " " ''i iiiuriiuirii
teai her. Huseburg lieview.
., V-',,'' ""ml,"' of Kugene, hi sun.
r.. I-.. Met lnnnlinn 1 a 1 .... ...
, ' "f -iui;i-ies, I'.u
tiillinchani. stnti. lil,r,.ri,. ..7-
und Chester Chrismnn, ef Kugene. left
..n.in.nv iiniriiing tor the lower SiuS.
law. where they will fisli.-K,l(ree
: Salem's Educational Directory :
Music Business Law Art
Schools and Colleges
Capital Normal aad Industrial School
Terra of 12 week opens September 13-la
ra of 12 week opens September K
l"th and Wilbur Streets, Salem
Frcderio S. Mendeiihall
I"inno Orpin Theory.
Myrtle Long Mendeiihall
ViiiiiA CiiIi.i.a
Stiidin, room 211. ll,ii.i,....i
Students now registering.
Fnnk E. Churchill, Pianiste. !
I upil of Em I l.ielilin,f r.i V... , I
ate of Wester,, ,. " '"K".r"""-
c,,,: oiury, 1 nieago.
Stuilii-lieoms :, or(,ra .,
Ke. l'hono 1071-K,
MiM Beatrice Shelton i
Teacher of piano.
Studio 343 Marion St. n,ue 12w
Elma Waller I
., 1'ianist
I.isihitezky Technic iui,l Pninir SvJ
tern of Improved Mn.lc &
... Beginner " i
I hone 1331 6'.5 N. Li.srtv
William Wallace Graham
j, ., Teacher of Violin
te..u:,.,.a.,;, SmS. tu07ny V'' J--hi. Mar-
'ne and one half year Fiirn,,... l"n,''' comniendalion from them,
ginner. ' r.ropeau experience. A specialty made of be-
I. hone h.te"oH1urVoVMui Maw ul r,on' F" PH.intii.ent,
I hone 154" M. ,ry WUltt, Assistant, 1 HO N. 21st Pt.,
rvTsi vt r
x iu ixiatLCi UUW line
the steak, toast or
other meat Hot
or cold it 'will
be better with
Free trom Bcnzcwte ofSnrl '
"""llliii nr
Chicago Herald: Wben this country
gets a force capable of keeping Colonel
Roosevelt from speakinc riirht nut .
actly what he thinks, it will be able
to lay down the law to both hemi
spheres. IN EVERY
Black Silk Stove Polish
Is duttrent. It does not
dry oar; can m axd to die
Jut drop; liquid tnd past
one quality; abiolittely no
waato; no duat or dirt. You
get your money 's worth.
Black Silk 1
Stove Polish
8 not only most Monoraical. but ft (rive ftferiltl
Mt, silky luatTB i that annt hj obtafnrd with nnr
nib off-it Jam four times u long as ordinary
polish so It buvcs you lime, work and moocy.
ant stove poli-h, be mire to
KkforUlackMlk. Ifttisn't
tho best stove polish yon ever
uswJ-your Jca.tr will refund
your money,
HI..! till- C. B-I.L
Works, Sterling, Illinois. H
ITm Rl. filib . : . 11 , I
Iron namal on ffralin, ri-u-lalers,
atovo-pipeat and auto
mobile tire nma. I'revtnta
tuatinB. Try it.
U; Black Silk Mn.l Pol.
Ian for silverware-nickt'l, tin
ware or braaa. It works
oulckly, caaily and loavca a
brilliant atirfacti. It Iiha no
cquai ior uae oa autoinobyes.
ai a
Sacred Heart
Under the direction of the
Sisters of the Holy Names "
Most approved methods, Pri
mary, Grammar and High
School Departments, Com
plete Course in Harp, Piano,
Voice Culture, Violin and
Harmony. No interference
with religion of pupils.
Modern Conveniences
Domestic Comforts
Scholastic year begins
second Monday in September
nrlllnm!-. TTlllAIcUO
Open September 13-15
vmi vr, vuu j a
I. II. Van Wluklo, Dean of Law School
and Art
Ban F. Langeuberg
I.ato pupil of F. . Arenr..
Studio 311-15-10-17 Hubbard Bldg.
I'hone 2070
Mrs. D. T. Junk
China Artist.
Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby
Teacher of Tiano
Tlione 1D50 W. 679 N. Cottage t.
' Mlsa Laura Grant '
Tiano and Musical KindergnHen
S.")U Center St. Thone 20ia l
Miss Lucile Barton
Teaeher of Voire and Thoorr
101 North Twentieth St. I'hone 064