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4 -r rV A ' l V"0 can'f mae a man out of a 1
V , t v - , Aoy fcy puffin' him on ttilts.
' :. ivWiJ An' no proce.i er maie
J . Jtr.'-Uk. "t V tobacco mature. You got to let
'One Pound Glass Humidors;
toft X
ill , -jjip
Among Men Recommended By
Parole Board Was LLC.
Von Klein, Polygamist
Hritih fro th Mnrnf, l!or
mns retnt M miles, ltolioveil
succesg of Allic in ohock'nig
Gcrninns greater than war
offit-e announeements indicate.
Borliu reports Maubeuge tak
en, with 40,000 prisoners. Bord
eaux dwpnteh denies.
St. Potorsburp reports Russian
Toland free of Austriang.
The kaiser has sent a protest
to President Wilson agniiiHt tho
participation of the Uelnimu
people in the war and a state
ment of regret at the destruc
tion of interesting places. De
clares the Kngtish are using
dum-diiin bullets.
Governor Withycombe yesterday is
sued 16 paroles fot prisoners now serv
ing time in the penitentary who have i
served their minimum sentences and
were recommended for parci'es by the
psrols board. Among them was K. B. (.'. j
Von Klein who was sentenced from
Multnomah county . Juno 17, 1914, to
serve from one to lour years for the
enmo oi potyttamy. Von Klein is tue
son of ft professor in the 1 University
of Minnesota and his record showed
that he had been making a practice of
marrying women lor tlio money tlioro
was in it for him. Ho secured about
$:i,0U0 worth of jewels frrcn a Portland
woman bv marrviiiL' her when it was
found out that he had another wife and! er is a retired newspaper owner from
after a ehae across tho country was) Minnesota who hnS selected Salem" ns
finally brought bad', to Portland where 1 his homo after thoroughly looking ovei
ha was convicted. other favorite residence places on the
Mr. Shaver Is Building
Beautiful Home Wilh Many j
Original Ideas Carried Out
The new residence which P. A. Shnv-
er is putting up en tho old Fred Hynon
place at 744 North Cottage street, is;
in taste of design and in enre shown in
execution of the plans, of special credit j
to its owner and to the city. Mr. ishnv-
Special Today
Ray Ltwrence, In "Just an
American Girl."
Billie Strong
The ..Minstrel Boy A Gag and
a Song Twelve Minutes of Joy
The Eleventh Dimension
Two Fart Universal Feature
Her Friend the Milkman
Nestor Comedy, Featuring
Eddy Lyons and Belle Rhodes
Coming Thursday
The Lindons Marion
and Tim
Sayings Bongs Steps
The full list of paroles granted by
liovernor Withycombe l'(Vlows:
Kobert A. Miller sentenced to the
const, such ns the beneh-cities of ( all
fornia. Two other Minnesota citizens.
Mrs. J. T. Little and His. J. Alex-
penitentiary from Ponging county, onjnndor, who have been visiting "Mrs.
the twentieth of July, 1913, for the 1 Shaver, have carried buck glowing n).
as -
HOW So you suppose trie "kite gets info a tobacco
N leaf? filature, of course.,
How do ybu suppose . the bite can be taken out)
Nature, of course.
Natures way. slow, careful ageing is th my. That's why
VELVET ages for not less than two years. . Huge wooden casks
protect the leaf. Out comes the natural harshness, commonly
called "bite." In stays the natural flavor and aroma..
And VELVET starts right by being the pick pfjhe.Burley
crop considered unequaled tobacco for the pipe,
What are you smoking? . ' .
HaD you read "Tip "Philosophy" J$f& JKifAJoacco Or.
t-Vtl-Oet Joe's ntu booK of tr4 St.Louii.Mo.
and brijfht sayings ?
Send a ttvo cent stamp for a copy..
Cvvritl 1915
J ' 4 l f 1 " ' ' ! P
hv. "f. '
Astoria People Killed
In Accident Were In
Tliis City Last Week
YORK MOliuc r-i-- 1 w
A. Y. AndrrPon, his wife and mother,
Mrs. Maicnret Aw'.crtion, and Anroui
Andoroon, .a cou.;in, who were killed
yestorday afternoon in California in j
an auto ncciiient were visitor in Snlem
a week nao venterday and were shown 1 ,1.
tnrou;n t no Hinie noir e oy r ren .
ISuchtol, deputy state senior of weights
i:nd measures. A. V. Anderson was
deputy eolleetor of diatoms at Astoria
Huchtel. When tho party came through
Sulem they stopped of for a short visit,
with Mr. liiM'htol nnd were shown
thronph tho state house and the other
state buildings by him. Mr. Anderson
was on his honeymoon with his young
wife and were nicking an auto trip to
the exposition at Han FraeiBco when
their enuine died on the track in
front of tin approaching train ad all of
tho occupants of-tho car wero instantly
IU 1111.
The news disnatch states that tho
driver of the nuto reached tho track
before ho hoard the train and in nn
effort fo reverse nnd back off of the
track, killed his outline.
Demonstration Given Little Screen Star, in one of the principal streets of Los
toy Los Angeles Crowd,
A splendid compliment was recently
paid Hessio Barriscale, talented stnr of
"The Mating," a five-part Mutual Mas
tcrpieturo produced by the New York
Motion Picture Corporation, by several
enndred screen fans of
many of whom are
to her. Under the direction
with a kitten snugly asleep
in her nrms. Home friend in the crowd,
recognizing Miss Hurriscalc, despite her
makeup, set up a cheer and immediate
ly the entire crowd joined in. Miss
llarriscale, blushing profusely, later
stood up in tho car and thanked tho
1' . ...,!. in . nrettv sneech. At Her re-
personally known; queBt the men and women moved bK
direction of Pro- from the ear, nnd the scene for which
ducer Thomas II. Ince, Miss Harris- she was posing was 01 npu-i..
fale, garbed in the costume of a conn- "The Mating will be shown at the
try girl, in which she is seen in "The Nligh Theater Tomorrow, iriday and
Mating," was seated in an automobilo I Haturday.
TiOuisvllln. Ky., Pept. 8. Many of
the crack horses of tho country aro
entered, in the lonu distnneo races which
ill take placo on Kentucky's courses
this fall. Tho Louiavillo cup, tho first
f thoso events, which will be run off
at Douglas Pnrk September ZS has 34
entries; while the 81. Lodger stakes, to
be decided nt CuhrhiU Downs has 32
rntries, anil the Latonia cup to be do
eided on October 27, has 47 noinina
Portland, Ore., Kept, fi. Judge Stev
enson's antl-boore club has another
momber today. He is Gus Johnson,
Ous was charged with being a persis
tent inebriate. Mis ninoty days sentence
to jail and 100 fine will insure him
ngainst temptation until the pn.hiliition
law takes effect January 1. Then
Johnson, together with a half dor-en
other members cf the club will step
forth into a "dry" Oregon.
Paris, Sepi. H. King AIIVtiko
of Spain, expressed the belief,
in an interview hero today, af
ter the war, I he nations instead
of ilisariiiini!, veil arm more
tiinii ever.
Ilo ex re. . ed regret, that the
wur hud nei-essituted postpone
ment of his proposed visit to
Freddie Welsh Would Fight
Any of the Aspiring Champs
crime of obtaining money by false pre
tenses; C. V. dinger, sentenced from
Douglas county, on tho nineteenth day
of May, 1011, for the crime of robbery;
Joe Alvode, sentenced from Wasco
comity, on tne eighteenth day of Feb
ruary, 11113, for the crime of burglary;
'hrstor Arthur Linville, sentenced from
Lano county, on the third day of June,
1SI14, tor the crime ot larceny In a
store; K. K. C. Von Klein, sentenced
from Multnomah county, on the sev
er.to nth day of June, 1914, frr the
crime of polygamy; K. W. Kolt, sen
tenced from Multnomah county, on tne
sixth day of February, 1!)12, for the
rime of knowingly uttering a forged
bank cheek; John Walters, sentenced I
from Dougl.13 comity, on tho nineteenth
lay M May, lllll, for tho enmo ot
robbery; (Jcdder. tlriffin sentenced ficcn
Malheur eoui.ty, 011 tho twentieth day
of September, 1H14, for tho crime of
mrcenv troin tue nersnu; Cnnrlos tlott,
sentenced from linker county, on the
twenty-fourth day of September, 111 14,
for the crime of larceny; K. Ij, Kstes,
sentenced frmn linker countv, 011 the
twenty-fourth day of September, HM4,
lor the crime of ohtninipg money by
fitlso pretenCB; ( hnrlcs Cook, sentenced
from Malheur county, on I ho twenty
tirst day of September, 1013, for the
criiiio of larceny of a gelding; Kdward
Coulson, sentenced fi'iiu Ciiiutilla coun
ty, on the first dnv of Seiitember. mill,
for the crime of burglary; William
Sweeney sentenced from Umatilla coun
ty, on tho third d:iy of September, 11M 1,
for the crime of larceny, in a houso;
William Itnchren, senleiued from I'liin
tilln county, on the fifth day of Sep
tember, liHI, fn- the crime of larceny
in a dv.'olling; Ceorgo l.udwig King,
lenteiiced from Multnomah county, on
tho fourteenth dny of Jul, 1HH, tor
tho crime of obtaining money by false
pretenses; nnd J0I111 Kreise, sentenced
from Lane county, on the eleventh dny
tpf October, !! I 'J, Irr the crime of lnr-
ccny in a hemic,
Term of Each.
Robert A. Miller 1 .1
C. V. ('linger 3 !"
Joe Alvode 2 5
Chester Arlhur I.invilin 1 7
K. K. C. Von Klein 1 4
K W. Kell
.Nihil Walters 1"
(leibles Oriffin 1 r
Charl-s (iol'f 1 11
K. h. Ki tes 1-- r,
Chsis. Cook 110
Kdwr.nl Conhon 2
W i 11 i;i 111 Sweeney 1 7
William lliio'.iren 1 7
(bo. l.udwig King 1
Jiilin Kreiso 1 7
All parn'i's ijninti'd wero recommend
ed by the parole bor.rd.
counts of the beauties of Sulem to the
famous wheat state of the middle
Tho house Is in the nrt-crnft seml
eoloninl style, the simplicity of the out
side lines harmonizing with roominess
and substantial character of the inter
ior plan. Tho rooms have beam-ceilings
and full panneled walls throughout. He
twecn tho rooms downstairs nre sliding.
beveled glass doors. The finish is of 1
grained fir and white enamel.
Mr. Shaver has fortified ngninst the
cloudy season with esnecinlly designed
lighting facilities. There nre thirty
five windows in alii most of the room'
having three or four each. The house
is full-ventilated, the upstairs bed
chambers to the extent that thev are
practically sleeping porches.
The place will prohably cost some
thing over four thousnnVi dollars be
fore it is finished. The architecture
wns Purvine, Parr ha, the plimihing In
charge. Mr. Pettit is tho head carpen
ter, and Purlick is installing the warm
air furnace.
The Angelus Duo
Classy Costumes change and
Harmony Singing, Act.
Come and see pictures shown on
the now Diamond Bay Filter
Scroen Giving Daylight effects
and mellow pictures.
Ou tent per word each inter- T
, t T
Copy for advertisements' Ba
rter this heading should be la by t
p. m.
SALTS if backachy:
Drink Lots of Water and Stop Eating
Meat tor a Wliile If Your Biaddor
Troubles You. -
t 11 a it it 1 winuowcieauor. rnone iu.
nn woon,
1 22m.
1(3.50 per cord.
WANTKD To trade for sttimppullet.
Phone "He'll. Sept 14
OLD Ll'MHKIl for sale, cheap.
430 Court street.
l'Olf SALK
I'hono 4,1 K2
Veiilch ami
tint hay.
Sept 10
sale. Phone 34 I'M 4.
I'Olt SALK .Modern house, close in,
easy leiuis. Phone "i.'MM. SeptH
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 8. There are
either some excellent crops or somo cx
cellont liurs throughout the Northwest.
Among the recent things Northwest
newspaper correspondents have reported
Watertown, K. I). Chased by a bull,
John Davis sought safety in the upper
reaches of a corn stalk.
Huron!, P. D. Hens nre laying, be
cause crops are growing so fast they
make a burr.irig noise that keeps hens
Hettinger, N. D. The oats crop la so
large that when Olaf Olson attempted
to put a bnshel of oati into a bushel
measure, much was left over.
Breckinridge, Minn. No, 1 hard
wheat Is so hard that a sledgp. being
used to crack a kernel, on a sidewalk,
glanced and went through a plate glass
window across the street.
Churches Ferry, N. D. Business me
are using kernels of wheat for paper
weights, "Bumper Crop, 1915," beinf
engraved on each kernel.
Charlotte Walker in "Kindling".
The noted Dramatle fltar of
Ileauty in a masterpiece of mo
tion picture art a drama that
moves and thrill.
Tonight and
"Kllmny" JTriday. Mary Pick
ford Sunday.
San Francisco, Sept. fi. The flolden
("Into nark courts stands out today as
(the incubator of the cemitry'a cham
pions. W. M. Johnston, who won the nation
al title yesterday by defeating Maurice
Mi'IOiiizhlin pliivcd his firnt tennis on
the Uolden date courts. Mi Loughlin is
also a giadiiLtc from the junior tennis
Hull wiiieh hd'ds forth on these eonrts
I while Clarence Oriffcn, John Htrnchnn,
Dr. Mel Iing and numerous other plnV-
inrs who have attracted country wide
; attention learned their first tennis In
-Golden Gate pnrk.
San Francisco, Sept. 8. Freddie
Welsh, light weight champion who is in
San Francisco on his "vacation," de
clared today that as soon ns he has
0110 or two ten round bouts and gets
buck his judgment, he wants a twenty
round go with Charlie White, Willie
Uitchio or Joe Mniulot. Welsh snid hi
was getting back bis desire to fight.
Freddie is undeniably ia splendid
shape. He has been resting upon the
benches of southern California for two
months, anil is trim, so far as weight is
concerned. Discussing a fight with
liitchie, Freddie said there is just one
way ho will meet the former champion,
and that is by Kite hie milking the
same concessions to him flint ho made
to Ritchie in their London hout.
Many More Banks Join
Federal Reserve System
Washington, Kept. 8. The following
Oregon banks hnvo joined the federal
reserve system during the past month:
A t one Net ions:! bank, Astoria; First
National bank, Itaker; Jlarney County
Ntimnl hank, Horns; Itenton County
National bpnk, Oorvullia; jeirst. Na-
tiotifil Hank of Southern Oregon, (Jra its
Pass; First ISnti-mnl tin nil, llcrmiston;
llillsbnro Nnlionrtl hank, Hillsboro;
First National b:ink, Klamath Falls; Ia
(Irnnde Nntiounl bank. La (Irnnile
First Natinnul hank Lebanon; Me.Minn
villn Nstttsifil bank, McMinnville;
First Nationel benk, Merrill; First Na
tional bank, Milton; Ontnrlo National
bank, Ontario; First National bank,
Portland; Koreburg , National bank,
Koooburg; First. National hank, Ml
Johns; First National bank, Tillamook,
When yon wake np with backacho
and dull misery in tho kidney region
it generally menus you havo been eat
ing too much nieiit, says a well-known
authority. Meat forms uric acid which
overworks tho kidneys in their effort
to filler it from the blood and they
become sort of pamly.ed and Inggy.
When your kidneys get, sluggish nnd
clog you must relievo them, like you
rolievo your bowelB: removing all (ho
body's urinous wnste, elsn you have
backache, sick hoad.icho, dizzy spell';
your stomach sours, tonguo ia coaled,
and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. 1 ho mine is
cloudy, full of sediment, channels ol't
en get sore, water genlda and you arei
obliged to seek relief two or three .
mini's during the night. I
Either consult a good, reliable physi-1
emu at onte or get from your p.iur- ; ;
macist about four ounces of .lad Suits;' '""l M. . vi'iio -tl,l(MMM to
tukn atnblespooufiil in a glass of water j J""r 1 r''1 " N'l11 l'"",'h; ...
beforo brcalifust for a few days nnd i rV't '"
your Kiuneys win men act tine, mis ro,. HALK Choice pointer dons, trtiu-
fOR KKNT-Furnished
room; elo.'o in. U. W.
Johnson. tf
WANT Kl (I ood
must be ehenp.
rtecond hand trunk
Phcr.io 2HH or 1.VJ7 J.
STANDS of beoB for sale; modern
hives; cheap. 1ft. 8, Pox 1(13. tf
to field work,
Phone 24 K-2
When the man is in his eradlo and the
giideinaii in his bed,
And I cover up the embers on the
And the frost creeps in upon us, with its
silent, stealthy trend,
And the snow hus hid the bare, brown
face of earth
Then the wolf that in the daytime keeps
his distance, hides and slinks,
(Irnus so hold that lie (lures to snut'fel
at the door,
Is it fancy do 1 sense him, through the
unprotected chinksf
Is that sound the deadly menace of
his paw t
But I push the bolts In tighter, and I
steal into my bed,
And I listen till 1 hear his howl
Safe at least until tomorrow, for today
wc have been fed,
And the Wolf of Famine leaves us ns
wc are!
New York Times.
famous salts i ninde from the acid of j
grapes nnd lemon juice, combined with
lithia, and has been used for gcucrn-:
tions to clean and stimulate sluggish 1
kidneys, also to rieut.ralizn acids in th.i
urine io it 110 longer irritates, thus, earl
ing bladder weak nets. 1
,lud Sails is a life suver for regular!
meat caters, It is inexpensive, cannot
in.j'uro and makes a delightful, effer
vescent lithia water drink.
Women's Suffrage May
0 Into Constitution
Albnnv. N. Y.. Sent. 8. Women 's
Niiffrniro msv be incorporated in the or- Knit TKADH New International drop
" 1 , .... I.:..- r II tf:..
acini sewing iiiucnim, mi um m
wood, or prub 011k. Call ri.-il Ferry
street. tf
WA.NTKD -Man wants plowing or oth
er farm work wilh team. Iioute 4,
llox 33, Sulem, Oro. - tr
IK n IMS With or without board or
furnished for light housekeeping. 212.
S. Cottage street. Sept 10
LOST -Last nigh!, n giuy horse about
lll.'iU pounds. Pler.se notify Kdward
Urns. lit. Illth and Stale. AugH
ItLACK IIKIiKIKS 2."e per gallon de
livered. Leave ivr phone orders to
lioyill Hakery. PI e 37v Scptlil
Junes, Alnsku, Heit. 8. liecmisn the
sU'ttinship Princess Sophia enrried two
Americans, Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Fawlk
ner between two American ports in
violation of the American admirnlty
laws, the Canndir.n Pceifle Steamship
company hns been fined I0() by Col
lctor of Customs Pugh. The couple
lion riled the vewvl ner and disem
barked at Ketchikan,
(Polk County Observer.)
The Angora Journal, published at
I'aluxy, Temis, has the following about
ono of Polk county's goat raisers:
"P. K. (Irant was tho first president
of the association nnd held that office
continuously up to the meeting at
Albii(pier(ue in 1014, when lie was suc
ceeded by A. II. Collins. Mr. Oriint.
lives at Dallas, Oregon, and it Is said
that he was the means of placing Dal
las on the map. He was one of the first
to achieve distinction as a breeder of
high-class Angoru goats, '(Irant (loats'
nr known wherever Angoras nre known.
He has produced some of the most noted
bucks ever produced in this country.
Orniit is considered steady, conserva
tive and possessed of considerable sound
judgment, tact and diplomacy."
Cincinnati Times-Star! Mursn Henry
Watterson is having a better time
cracking the kniser over the head t'nnn
he hns had sinco Cleveland's second
gnnio laws of tlio I'.mpiro sinie.
The stato constitutional convent ion j
will re conveno tomorrow night to give
full approval to the completed docu
ment containing proposed amendments
to the state constitution,
If tho suffrage proposal receives the
people's approval at tho pulls in the
fall, it will be made a portion of tans,
under the draft of congress ivnw ready
fur the committee 's indorsement.
In general the drnft is branded as
"radical but constructive," Among its
proposuls are; permission to the legisla
ture to abolish sweatshops and prohibit
manufacturing in dwelling houses; em
powering the legislature to make suffer
ers from occupational diseases, bencfici
nrias under the workmen's compensa
tion law, provision for home rule of
cities tnd towns; provision for a con
servation commission nnd constitution
ulizntion of existing public service commissions.
TIIOIiorilllllKKl) femalo pointer pup,
pnrlly broke, to tmilo for a good
Colt or Smith an Wesson revrjver.
Turnkey, O. 8. P. Septlt
SKWIMi MACIIINKS We have a few
sligiitly used, good drop head inn
chines, l(l, II to $20, must be sold
at. once. 20.1 South Church street.
Sept U
Mrs. Ida Sniffen Walters
Gives Birth to Daughter
New York, fcpt. 8. Mrs. Ida Snif-'by sympathy for hor.
fen Walters, alleged poisoner of two of
h,er children during the time she wan
the "love wife" of I.orly Kltou lingers,
today gave birth to a daughter. Kogcni
married her a month ago, that the baby
might bear his name, and clear the
woman of the stigma of her relations
with him, Since that time, she hus
been in seclusion,
Tliut the birth of the child will have
11 material bearing on tho charges of
murder against her was the belief here.
It wn:i predicted she will never go to
1 trial, largely because of the difficulty
of obtaining a verdict, not Influenced
Theda Bara