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Social Personal
Mrs. Ralph While was boates at ' National I). A. R. conference, which
charmingly a pom ted dinner last even-! will be entertained in the 'irtgon build
iug at her homo. 91 South Church ! mg at a reception or. Wednesday. Ssep
atrwt, complimentary to Mias Nell , tember 12.
HyliM, who i leaving for I'rineTille, J
Oregon, where- sue will take charge of, Mrs. (. A. Brasher and Mrs. James
tan il (imn 1 1 icrc. and rl rft-nart'i Altwft . t n rrA UAHllar v n ' n f ...
went at the Oeok toiinty high araool. a week's outing at Newport Mr '
Til tslil V'l hpatitif iiltv ntj.red ' Rrh..r an. I Mr 41hrt than
with a eut glasa howl of alters. Ihirinf over the week end.
the evening "500'' waa plaved. Those
Mim r.dra Kramer, of l"uieago, is
, the home guesrt of Mra. .f. P. Kamsdcll
and Miss Ruby Ramsdell at their home
Ion North Winter street.
eirrlin; the tLhle were: Mia Nell
Syke, Mr. and Mrs. Horace 8yke and
daughter Mini Jewnette Sykea, Miaa
Beatrice Hheltnn, Mim Margaret White,
Mr. and M.-. K.ilph White.
San Frajeisi-o, Sept. fc. San
Tn.ar.wo girls hcve tiie shapeli
est legs ia the world.
Edward BoOroot eays so, and
he's phvri'd director in the
public schools here. Moreover,
their general carriage ia more
graceful, t.' ry thin that of
girls in h :ith cities.
The rta.sonf
San Francisco's kills, climb
ing of which strengthens the
limbs, wairt and back.
But c-ida from tho merely
'nysi. al superiority of the girls
h're they're more temperamen
tal and artist:.', (still quoting
Mr. Pt-Grooti than other girls,
because tl tho aesthetic influ
ence of the Ian'Jscape about the
Golden Gate..
BY WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS. consequent explosion while being filled
(United Preae Staff iorrespondeBt.) wita chedite later.
(Copyright 1915 bv thi- United Press, i Girls jack the grenades with the ex
Copyrighted in' Great Britain.) plosive whk'b resembles sulphur or light
With t.e Preach ,rmy a. the r'ron, J
Aug 6. (By mail) ioii-g jm.s and j an1 mnh a tlag js roTI,ei down int0 tne
women are the principal workers in the j grenade's neck to the point where the
factories where bombs high explosive I lemon begins to swell.
sheila, hamt grenades and similar man- While tins is being done the st4-
'killing device are manufactured. It, per" is assembled bv other girls. From j
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Gregg, of Traer, !
Iowa, are guest-, of the S. M. Kndirottsj
at their residence on North Church'
rtreet. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg, wao are)
old time frieids of the Kndicotts, arej
fn tneir way to the exposition at Han
levemng from .North I'owder. Oregon.!
where he has been spending tje sum-j
Mr. and Mrs. W. '. Knighton have re m,'r ... !
turned from a delightful motor trip to; , . .
Mt. Hoot. Tl,ev reported an unusually! ,a,1"mc ''''"' -lorn. Hi has .lecnied. ,
small amount of anew this summer. UeT IMBT 'VM hve been made to.
... her, to engage in indiviiial profession-1
, ... vo.ril wirk in l'ortlriu.l. She
JlZ . ! .'i . thr'K"""' l-ra -tar ..f pro,,, ,-,,. e. a
members of the South ( cntral Section ,.h(M 1BZ,r .r,f, ,;, ,an
gatmnal church at her home on High ,at,aiI1 ,..,,,;..,,, '
mrei't tins iiiti-ri.ooii. . . ,
strike nn a. iwl.l that frad wtimeu the woods turning department come tne
should be making the terrible engines woc.len plugs wiich close tho grenade)
of war, yet they teem to like their job.jaud contain the operating button. A
entering into the work with a patriotic j hole runs through, the middle and'
fA..i-.ip. pii. V. AnA ; ..r.nnn,, Tuntp und ! through this r.ases a Bickford time'
Bowcrman. of Portland, spent j , aa-oeiatu with the cu'.ntrywtm-1 fuse. At the upper end is a cap some-1
Mrs. I.. H. :en 0f jeatl(, r,. j thing like tee cap of an old-time muzzle i
, Out here siirnrisinclv ncr.r the firing i ioaihr.g gun which s exploded by the!
Geo. V. Johnson was a passenger to jne tn,ri, jf a Me.f aud iron works! push-button mentioucd above. At the ;
Miss Itervl Holt will return t.mnrrr.ir Portland tins morning on tbe morning whii-h in tiraea of neace made lots, audi bottom of the fuso is the detenator. -
The aid witty of the Woman's Re. ; -
lief I'orps wjl 'meet Thnrs.lay after
noon at the home of Mrs. John hit.n.l JV
lU.i South Fourteenth. All men.bers yesterday :th his mother
are rordiallv rcunested to attend. i Boerman.
Mm J. i .',r.n c,
Miss Helen Wast ell has arrived in hr daughter. Gladys and son arvl. has
r.iem u-r spending iim miner at her retnnie, ir,,i
nn in Itahliiiid. California
tell ii
Miss Was 1 alifonua
nior in Willamette utiiver j .
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic
Oregon Klectric. i,an Tar ilmMnL;... At' trie. I potatoes, i The vaiiout oberatinns of assembling
W. M. Spnyd. I'll Prince street. left,trie bojing 0f cabbage and the tewin ' this apparatus are performed by girls!
yesterday fur South Berkeley, Cal., for j r,t- ragouts. Now the military are injand women, some quite young, some!
a month ' visit. ; charge and mortars Iron, ttl milimeK-rs J old. grandmotherly and bespectacled.
F. D. Fisher, rout" nger.'t for the-to s inches are the factory's product. ! Each girl or woman has but one oper
Wciis Fargo Kxpress company, was in : those and tiie projectile? h'.irltd from j ation to porfurm however simple they;
the city yesfrday. their muzzles. may be. One inserts tbe f-.e another
j, ;1 1 .Mrs. f. 1. Miles was called to I'ort- j Also several varieties of grenade. (adjusts the cap. a thin the ueto&atCT,
firt . tarel yesferdav by the illness of ber;bonib and petards are s;i ( bed here. - a fourth makes the joint betaeen the
ui.le, mother. .Mrs. J. . Baker. i The "lemou" is one of tae newest ! fuse and ditonator s:'e by n.ear.s of
,1 to- V.. N. l'eet. was given a surprise j and most effective of the Many brands i sealing wax and so on. the "stoppers"
j liirtbday pnrty Inst evening at hislo hand grenades. It iikewise the i flowing sir.ofi-hly ij..iwn this ' hu&aB
' hiuiie, .j'i"i North High street. I simplest, it is mad - in the -haic- of a! stream rapiiliv and without iei-np un-
-oiii.inied l.y II. S- Gile. of Salem, spent the day ! lemon, from which it gets its m. knam- j til at last i.'u-v pour into the grenades
on 1 arvl. has m iC'seruirg visiting witn tii brother, ! ami at one end is prnvi led v itti a sor:
weeks' visit in R"bert Gile. Hi.seburg Review. I of button with coil-spi:ngs a button!
( W. P. (riibert and fnmilv. of Port- workinv nn tli aunt, nrinrii le the
"Long Distance"
You can now talk by telephone to
1800 cities and towns from Vancouver,
B. C, to the Mexican line in the States
of California, Oregon, Washington,
Idaho and Nevada over the Long Dis
tance Lines of this Company?
Miss Reirna Long is entertaining as
nouse guests hr broth' i and Ins wif.
Mr. and ilr
lows, at her
third street.
Jeff J-onir. of MiauoU.1"'
home on North Twentv
who have resided in the s. -html of
music building for seven years, now
h.-.ve their re-idence at U:i7 I liemek-
Mr. nud Mrs.
turned yiH.terd.iv
lay at A-toria.
Frank J.
from a
Miller re
five days'
Mrs. Henry K. Merwin held an apron
shower this afternoon ut her heme on
Belmont .tree lor tho benefit of the
Haint Monica Altar Society Hnr.nar.
Those asairting were: Mrs. Herbert
Stiff, Mrs. Fdrd y,iinii. Mrs. T. Mur
ray, Mrs. T. A. Frmtt. Mrs. V. H. Inge,
Mrs Thomnu Cam bell and dnughtrs,
the Misses Marie, Gertrude, Catherine
and Fleanor Campbell, hnn returned
from Xewrt where tliev spent the
et. while their studios are
i the lliibber.l building.
-Vlr. lieoil'e It. illirnett IS I'liwlinn l..
Mis. i.iiuley, a cousin of Judge Burnett. C. 1). purdv and fnmilv returned yes
to arrive this week from i Sun Frnnciseo.; tcrdav fro,,,' a to montlis' visit at
tin, ,'ru " ,0 l'or"'""l Friday (,,.,. i.nkl. r,irk. VuTing hh vaea.
to meet Mrs. t.i.nley. , ,; thh v,,ir Mr pr(iv t,ilt B fami,y
f i vi ti. -.. , I f'ttage at Ocean Lake park.
Mr. ad Mrs Thi.nas Brown and, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Sh errill. of Salem
land, were visitors with the familv r lone you nse in ringing for Mane
Dr. B. F. I'-.und yesterday. They were servo the coffee. Tuis button is harder
returning fmm a deer hunt near Grants 'to operate, of course, as it sets off the
Pass. I grenade when pushed in and w.-.e it too
Chester Muggins left vesterday fon"asy on the trigger it would be t-i
Kugcii" to attend the University of , dangerous U operate. Belnre throwing obyct with tor.-e. an explosion re
Oreou the cening school year. He is,ne bomb you simply hit the button I suits within four and a half seconds the
mannger ft ri.e a. o. 1. fraternity i J"o,u you woum to open a r-otiie oi i tune tnese sje.-iai grenades are sot
stream tor Iinal adjustment.
A hole is made in the tightly racked
. he, lite with v hi.-h tiie grenade is f 1 11
, cd and into this hole the detonator
is ass-'.l. The grenade is now nearir.g
completion fnd bceoioes extremely don
ger'.ss. Sho-ib' one be dropped, or the
button of one hi', against anv hard
1 PI
soua-pop. tor. I niiseuently trier now on. until.
Here is bow tile hand gru.adts are 'the grenades are 'packed for shipment,'
. f jail workmen sit beside a barricaded
First the shell is cast, a 'hell some 'stone and brick over which a bomb1
quarter of r.n inch thick. It is indent- whi- h has n.et with an accident may be
ed all -over to insure its hunting into tossed btfoie it expkdes. ' i
i.uiunimerauie fragments waen expint- in tnis strange war hand grenade'
i uo jciKe uiiiiiuer oi iiagu.enis, , navt occome ot more impertance ir. ,
Hr. and Mu. K. K. Fisher are ex
peeling tho arrival of. Dr. Fisher's
uncle, Albert Fisher, of Monmona conn,
ty, Iowa, tomorrow. Mr. Fisher is n
brother f C. A. II. Fisher, of Salem,
and will remain in the city several'
-u-nel-a l.f, c.. ti:.i.. uoier in I nci arter earetn tests. i!jt . nionv ino.-,ti.o. , 1,0,1 ..;fi.. n ..,
t -- ' "n hum 111 11 y hi, i,r Hiire, j , . , ; 1 "- v j , . a i .111 ueuij;
j ur., where they will reside. Mr. Sher , ';K",:'" uiring aooiu int siie 01 me ncrii r-peciai corps ot "grenadiers
Mr. and Mrs. E T. linu.,.11..
the weekend ,n Poitli.nd at the Hotel'''''0 wl'"rn ,h"v
ltenson. While there they ... iroC"'.1""1' ,ha S- K-
Miss Faith Kennedy and Miss Uubv
Kennedy have returned frn San frail-
attended the enpo
A. II lid other niiint.
of interest in California.
nlj has been appointed principal of the
high school at Bridge. Eugene Guard.
Frank Neuner. who has acted as
stenographer in the office of Xeuner
& Wiinberly, will leave in a few days
for Salem to enter the law school of
Willamette university. His position in'
the law office wiil be filled by H. W.
Evans. Roseburg Review.
mn or a .Mition lit" the Ileilif.
Tim Omego cla.s of the Islie M K
church was entertained Monday even
'K by Mrs. J. C. Spenier at he, le
Myers stieet. The members brought
tbe.r nce.ll.. woik ,,, ,, ,hrt t,,,s,n,,HM
meeting was hebl, followed bv a social
hour. Tho ilecorutive n.otif (if red and
white nas atlrnrtivel.v carried out in
reiresieneiils. wutenneloi, I, '""ay. i eastern tr in t.i e..,ir ifernt; ..1
rnvnd, and pl.iee ennlH suggestivn ofi. M "- M- Meyers is a Portlund vis-1 '"' v" to operation oi river boats. Rich
watermelon, adorning the table, A con- ""r ''"'"r ! agi icultural sections nlong the Coltun-
test was also en joyed, whereby Me Harvey Fisher was in the eitv vester-' lln,l Snake rivers will be tapped and
number Of melon u-edis in l,ol. . IIBV from Arlie ' their ,.nli,..i. ...,1.11.. 1 1..
Air. and Mrs. . J. Tliggs motored to ""'an going stcaiushipa nt Astoria for
Portland today. transportation tlnoug'u the I'anama
C. K. Powell, of Falls Cilv . : , ciinal.
Astoria, Or.. Sept. . The Astoria
port commission will at once order
constructed Isoafs and barges to be op
erated on the rivers between this port
and inland points, to bring the products
of the interior to tidewater, it was an
nounced tl. Ill V TVi .le.M.len -
rived at when' the commission heard the
ir ' "''""', "f Engineer Frank J. Walsh, who
tarvey Wells is a Portland visitor ''"s ,u-t returned from nn extensive
me up 01 your little tinker, ot very: have been formed. These are bein!
rough edgesand, at short distances ! drilled in their special work daily-. '!
these weapons are never used other- "Don't tell where vou saw- us' innk
wise capable of piercing a two-inch ing grenad !-.'' was the final injunction i
plank. They make very dangerous of the colonel of arti!l"r'v acting as su-1
wounds. Iperintendent of the works. '-We were!
These cast-iron shells, shaped like a I visited by a spv this morning. The i
cimri, are next ehnned; outside by Germans "want to know mst
are so tney ran ilrv bombs on us from
Third Walk-Out Occurs This
Morning -Thirty -five
Hundred Quit
brushes wielded by women, inside by a
revolving tppratus resembling an egg
beater. This inside cleaning is
to prevent grit r particles of iron re
is to prevet grit or particles of iron re
maining to cause a possible spark and
their aeroplanes. W o supply 10.000
grenades a day to one army so you see
how important it is that we keep work
ing. 1-tesides we don't want our folks
Vlli.ad.i.l VI L'. i i
TtT 7 . . rn,," nciniiiWer winning
th high Inmors. Tie ofl'icets f,w the
ronunx yepr were e ted: Miss Cecil
llohaiiiiou, president; Miss (Hadvs ar
on, vice pre.iident; Misa llluiichn Mil
lor, awrettiy; Miss Helen Ingrev. re
porter The society also completed its
p r.g uf i:'5 to tl. ehurch. Addition
al guests were- Mrs. y K. Sherwood
Mrs. I'unk White and Miss Nellie (lib
on. .
Mrs.- lsic .'.ee Patterson, state re
gent of the Oreg,,,, Haugliter of die
American devolution, U1, un (o
Jraiicisco. he,o ,,e will 1. honorary
hostess st the. On coil bmlding fr t,io
the city yesterday.
Mr. IIiil I). Put tun is in' Portlund. j
visiting with ner pnrents.
l. J. Rutherford, or Corvnllis, regis-' Seward. Mnskn. Sept. X. The Alaska
tereil at the Illigh yesterday. ! " 'ucrn railway purchased by the gov-
Mrs. K. K. Armstrong p.ti, ,..,! '' "inent to bo used us a liiik in the
icritny irom a week-end visit in Port
i.. it. Minion an
today from n to
Mrs. Fiinslon ami gntn'.blnngl.ter. j
Ruth, of Aunisville, are visitors in the'
city today. '
government railway, will have to
Jutiapa, In Guatemala, De
stroyed By Earthquake
Panama Canal Safe
I.ul.ibertnil, Salvador, Sept. S Heaps
of ruins, murk the city of Jutiapa, cap-
uui oi .minion, luiatemnla. as the
nn entirely lelun t. it is initio, I i. . , ... : "r'
n.... i that the i-uwrn ni ti Hi,.,, ,l ......i t, ,. . . . "'" iiumti
r icuirneu V, 1 I .. , . . i , ' "U,IK" meager advices today showed
weeks' visit nt New ; 1 ' the Panama canal, I s! of ,, thl. yioiente of ',he fho,.h
Boom In Lumbering
Is Predicted When Peace
Comes Again to Europe
Seattle. Wash., Sept. 8. An unprece
dented boom in the lumber industry of
the northwest is predicted by Harold
J- Neilson. representative of the Fast
Asiatic company. Ltd., of Copenhagen
who is in Seattle todav.
"The Americans won't begin to get !
benetits from the canal until the wari
is over.-' he said in an interview.,
l-.urope will, after the end of the'
struggle, at once become a bnver of j
northwest lumber, particularly Douglas I
,,r, 10 an extent not itrenmeH i...
ermen. "
Cardiff, Wale Sept. 8. For the
tliird time in a Tew weeks, South Wales
cinl miners ary today on strike.
Thirty five hundred of them walked
out of two collieries, protesting against
the employment, of non-union workers.
All strikers resumed work last week
and both government and labor leaders
assumed that the difficulties had been
definitely ended through an agreement
between the men and the colliery iter
ators. On the two previous strikes, the
workers protested that the first agree
ment had not been followed bv the
Further conferences between govern
ment leaner, and union representatives
fill probably be held as a result of this
latest trouble, inasmuch as the govern-
"'P"V9JUt'V a'' nation
which threatens directly or indirectlv
to hamper tho munitions output. Fuitli
ernjore the government has shown
nclinat.on to meet the men iialf
to avoid trouble.
San Francisco, Sept. c. The
total yield of mine goM i i Cali
fornia in 1914 was .20,i ).'1.41lij,
an increase of $24ti,5'ii over
1913, according to compi ations
made by. Charles G. Yale, of the
local branch of the United
States geological survey today.
With the execpfion of one year.
1S.S3, the mine gold output of
the state in 1914 was higher
than,' it hag been for fifty
A ctnt a word will till your
fory in th Journal New Today
sad the extent of property damage led .
to the belief that soma casualties must!
have resulted.
The quake was general over Salvador
and Itiiatcninla, taking a toll of lives
or propeity. or both, in San Salvador. 1
rsanta Ana, Nominate and elsewhere,
Fall Coatings
A Carefully Selected Collection of Worsted
Fall Coatings now on Display
September calls for new coats, and here are the materials, direct from
the uu-ko woolen mills, with which to make both very stylish and comfort
able garments at very moderate prices.
WhiL' pile fabrics (plushes ami velvets) show up in tho from rank this
season, there is no dearth of variety in the host of oilier desirable
Coating Materials
Seal-riush Silk Velvets, Corduroy llolfino, Military Coatines, 1'iaid
inline . ( hirich.lla in cream white ami colors, Tweeds. Astrachans. Man
mshc oatmgs, Mack and white checks and plain colored Coatines. Widths
are oO to ot inches hioh cut to the host advantage.
HW'KI)$..00 TO $3.73 A YAK I)
Urge stock of new Novelty Huttons, also Lining and finding suitable to
use with these ( oatinps.
A purchase will convince you that you can do better at
Panama Canal Safe.
Washington. Sept. 8. The l'aua.na
ciinal is safe. Wat department advices
showed today that the zone was not
Int by eartliouiikc which
Vj'i.itrmuhi, and slightly shocked Mexico'
V 1 , , .
Slides seve!;il
rted. but tlier.
llolilllll nu elm nt s
ngo uere re
no mere than
Official Welcome Given
American Bankers' Conven t
Nn'tl". W:
clc 'lie t !
se.'ir,M"M -is
1 isler. M:u,.
piesidelit ...f
I'llllkcis' C, ,,
1.x I'res, 1,.,-t
I'Ue here lit s
N ill 1'C gIVrli ;
il:gt.'ll lle'i l, r,
tlliee i,.lr,sM.
tniMts i t lit
Seattle Celt . i
This wns fi,
Sept. K. titfieial
t erit an Pnukerc' as
' tended bv Covctnot
I. 1 end P H,,rks-
s- : ttle ClenrirVr House f ""s ' alth
'.' ft'jsion of the j
" n t tli Moore the i
1 .T. Frv. the nnnulnr ,tr,,.,;...
has been ln the drug business long
,'iioi.gh to have his own opinion of the
best way of selling medicines. He savs
the plan adopted by Mi-o na, the great
dyspepsia remedy, is the fairest, he hns
ever heard of. H0 doesn't believe that
a medicine ought to be paid for unless
! it dees the user some good. And Mi-o-
a i, f,dd under a positive guarantee
o reheve dyspepsia r to r,,fllIlJ ,ho
T.citif-v simply le.,vo ,nts
b'losit with Daniel .1. yTV nn,x jf aft(
y'l 1-ave ;,ed ;he b.x of Mi.0.,la vn
I 1. 11,1- none vou 110 goo,) VI
.' '; - to .to is to tell him so and he
I return veur nioiu-v
H,.n,lre,ls,' f people have been relieved
!. k-""""' I'.v using ,hi, ro.
"o.l digester; it i
! e,l of the diiiesf.i
U.lltll n
sim pi
Practical Joke Delays
Weddiiigln Los Angeles!
A"fr,w' f'aI- I't. S.-The wed-'
'ling ceremony f Mins Avis B1(.w
i i JJ ",5, utiyl? vou,,K brok". '
''.l today while a sM.,ad of police,
dispersed a mob of more than 1 .0.10
uXrt0t ,hP !'" i-;
The ,en and women thronged the
n m tront of the pretty buijnl.nv,
' crowded the solewalks d block-.1-"1
the street. They were there i
n., r I" l'T"n'1 j,lk,r, ' new;
paper and rending:
''Waiiltd-J.-u . t0
V M I:r."luc,i nf mm,IUi, l
.... u.rr T..III iV
'"is morning at !i;:lu o'clock
1 nlnieiiga avenue. (Sigurd)
''OH plltlV,
' st had the intimation that the wed-
S'lleil,,!,. tlmplft oV!,.kHh 1
"".,- bcean , Hlrivo ,
"t iron, three to a dozen
As.ael, person was told that the mat-
I ter. was a joke, he would take his place
ion the sidewalk or lawn and wait for,,
j the others. Blewett endeavored to per-"
; suade the victims of the joke to leave
j but they only demanded carfare and
I refused to go.
Then lie telephoned to the police sta
J tion and a score of ofl'ieers were rushed
j to the sceue. Some of the men muttered
j threats againBt Blewett nd the othen!
I tried to persuade the crowd to visit the'
; office of the newspaper u a body and
show their displeasure there. The
. police finally dispersed the mob with
i out using violence.
The Original
Unless you say -HORIICK'S
you may get a Substitute.
X Dermatologist
I Parlors
ut T 77 1
". X. I.
Massage and 5Aam
pooing a Specialty...
My s.alp treatments cure dand
ruff and stop falling hair. I
cure black heads and pimples and
remove worts, motes, freckles,
hair on face, neck or arms.
301 Steeves Bldg.
Phone 303
v.'- gie
A !
seen nfter
". a.u.1 it
e the powe
; a I'd 1. 't 1
'oil e
f t'i
m'.l 1
)f Mi
is expected to m I "v ti
1 clock tonight, lie ward.
'- 'ption nt the Wash j Mi o na is s
Thursday will ilt-liv, i inlce ;0 r.-fu
!!, is tine of the en-I not cure. Tli
;-' tourriumctit at tin -j ! bat can be o
1 hursdny. the niedicine.
i s Htniin oo si - I .seinir.g
asswiation. netir Dim w,ui(
A. Law t nil, d the I o'ua'itv
nd rt'nd his Bnuuul
ic'dn me that puts
r-ins in'.i norn.al
ud'ly. glowing, vig-f,-r
the better
ic first few doses
"otitinuc.l use will
" cat anything at
1 ter distress after-,
t : Salem's Educational n; vuf niv
. "vim f
. . . i.
us1C Business
"1 under a positive gur.
' 1 '-Honey if it does
s 'lie strongest proof
as to the merit of
Schools and Colleg
A. ,1
. t n
bv Sir Richard Mc
fish Ctdunibia. who
r "gteetings from
l rresideiit
meeting to or
He was fo'l.
Hr:,lc, premier
tendered the
the great north
He sddr.. , f M,.nrT p. KBstaliroek.
of ork. i, tinned a a possible
"publii-nn rnmli,!;,.,, fur president of
the I tuted Mt..,. WM fh primluul
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Carl o. Doney. President.
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IkM 1351 ,ftlTT?'-h'r Voice and Theory