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Jexas Rangers Make Good
Mexicans of Six Raiding
Concerted Attack Has Been
Planned According To
llrowusville, Texas, Sept. 7. Six
Mexicans were killed in a brisk clash
with Texas rangers at Cavazos cross
ing last night, advices received today
stated. A captain nnd lieutenant of
the, Cnrranzista garrison at Matamor
os, the report indicated, were .amonj
those slain.
The Americans "laid a trap, the
Mexicans walked in," the mesage lac
onically explained. Two Mexicans,
captured after firing from au auto
mobile, were put in jail.
Summary action was taken by Amer
ican forces with Aniceto Piznno's
ranch house, sixteen miles from here,
when it was burned down to prevent
further meoting of the raiding Mexi
cans, who, it is cluimed, had used it
as their headquarters. Two bombs of
military pattern nnd other incriminat
ing evidence wero located thore.
From information received from Stan
ley Dodds, who ercaped death at the
raiders' hands Inst week, the author
itios learned that the Mexicans planned
to make a concerted attack on Ameri
cans September 16.' He said Pizano and
Vicente Dayiln were the organizers.
Ordered to Keep Hands Off.
Brownsville, Texas, Sept. 7. General
Oarranza has ordered his followers all
along the border not to mix into the
"Texas revolution," according to the
Carranzista press and officials today.
This "revolution" they are calling an
"imaginary internal strife sweeping
Texas," nnd threatening to spread to
the entire south of the United States.
The press is printing reports that all
Americans except soldiers hove been
i riven from Toxas, and that many Mex
icans havo entered the territory to
join the "revolution."
Blames for clashes between Araeri
cans nnd Mexicans in this section is
charged against Texas rangers by Gen
eral Nnfarette, Carranza commander
across the river from here.
Artillery to Texas.
New Orleans, La., Sept. 7. One aun
d red and sixtv United States nrtil
Jerymen from Wisconsin will reach here
tonight e;i route to Fort Sam Houston
Earlier reports had indicated a rays'
terious movement of twenty-four car
loads of infantry, or.valrr. nrtillerv and
equipment, but railroad authorities here
today claimed to know nothing of any
move except by the Wisconsin forces,
Advance on Chihuahua.
Galveston, Texas, Sept. 7. C'arran'
zistn forces under General Luis Her
rera have occupied Guerrero and are
now advancing on Chihuahua, advices
here today said.
Ulista forces, meantime, are mass
nig at Torreon for a decisive stand
against General Obrcgon.
Memphis, Tcnn., Sept. 7. Charged
lint there are discrepancies in the
city's financial statements, and claim
nig corrupt encouragement of violation
hi tne prohibition law, a citizens com
in it toe today petitioned the chancery
'ourt to remove Mayor Edward Crump,
"'ire nnd Police Commissioner R. A.
J ;tlev nnd Poliea Inspoetor O. H. Perry,
iicglectin' ever 'thine clso at th ' table
A feller s vacation often benefits th'
folks he leaves behind si much as him
Vou en n't eat a
New English Naval Policy
Has Had Better Effects
(By J. W. T. Masou.) i Risking (heir speediest vessels, the
New Yorli, Sept. 7. England 'a navy j Germans swooped down and bombard
has changed ita method of protecting;,,,. tlle English const, while the inferior
Great Britain, and blockading Ger-I,, .. . .. . . , , .
many, aineo the carlv dr.ya of the war,
This accounts not only for the fact that
submarines hnvo been unable to tor
pedo England's warships but also for
Germany's abandonment of raids along
Albion's coast.
A year ngo dreadnanghts were kept,
secretly guarded, in unannounced har
bors of the west crust and Ireland, on
tho theory that the nation must pro
tect its dreadnoughts at all costs. Atjuajghts in tho North sea harbors pre
that time England did not know what pared for any emergency or big battle,
piano Germany had for whittling down j Submarines from Germans cannot now
tho English fleet. Cruisers and pre-j penetrate guarded harbors,, us small
dreadnnughts were constantly in, the craft aro keepig a constant lookout, to
North sea, awaiting tho German battle give the alarm at once if any German
fleet. craft eonie out for action.
Ambassador Says Hesperian
Was Sailing As Ordinary
Passenger Boat
Washington, Sept. 7. The liner lies
perian was sailing as an T,i:nnry pus
senger liner not as a vessel comman
deered for British government service
the .British, adm.ralty nd vised Ambas
sador Page at Lonio.i, he cabled to
His message to the state department
"The admiralty states that the Hes
perian was Bailing as an ordinary paB-
ganger liner, and lienor had been,' in the
government service -since the war be
gan, that she had no troops aboard ex
cept some wounded, invalided Canad
ians, traveling on individual tickets
just as other passengers."
The message was taken as eliminat
ing a plea by Germany that the vessel
was a transport, engaged in carrying
Canadian troops.
Page's report added that the admiral
ty has not yet announced whether the
vessel was torpedoed or sunk by a
A delayed report from Consul Frost
reiterated survivors' statements that
the vesHel was torpedoed.
Two of the stewards, he said, were
Americans Francis Dullns, of Buffalo,
N. Y., and Barney McMillan, of Grand
( Continued on page six.)
Several Oregon
Advertised at Big Fair
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Oregon Building, Panama Pacific Ex
position, Sau Francisco, Sept 7. Sev
eral Oregon concerns are receiving ex
traordinary advertising here. The Day
ton Evaporating & Packing Company
has a display of evaporated garden and
orchard products at both the Oregon
building and Palace of Horticulture
that attracts verv great attention. A
chemist from the department of agri
culture at Washington, whose business
it is to look after matters of this sort,
sow the exhibits the other day, and
said that he had seen no other anyj
where that would compare with tho!
Dayton product. He was bo impressed,
that he left here with the determine-
Hon of going to the Oregon town to in-
vestigate thoroughly.
The Pendleton Woolen Mills have a
magnificent display at the Oregon
building nnd besides getting the ad-
vertising, hundreds of orders are being
mi.. r, Wnl.,n Mill have
i, i (...oration at the Palace of
j iir vi'-Kwu i.
Varied industries, with the Mitchells!
... L '. .i.. i.v- lx.n miccftiu-l
ful in securing large order, from scores! a will popularize the Oregon building
of large eastern firms, besides selling; Witfc each sack of popcorn went a card
tremendous quantities of goods here, pelting forth the facts about the Kt
The Oregon Fruit Juice Company t em Oregon produc .on of corn, alfalfa
Salem is giving away a great quantity and fruit, and the Eastern Oregon i .booth
of the loganberry juice here every week had o magn.ficen display of all these
n.r hn. . rlHinnn'strator in a city depart- products and a little of everything else
ThrmMltMtla Or OmiTS UTO
. .
tt.un Tl. Kuirene l-TUIt irow -
... ............. V. . If
.....j. ,.,',. ,,f Knleiii. have hot -
tied goods and literature here.
Scotch Hop Ale, made at Medford, a.
non-alcoholic drink, is making a great '
hit nt the Oregon building. Tillamook thus the Oregon Bhowing is m onen
cheese is being demonstrated at n booth sken of that the attendance on normal
...i ti... combination is ahluvs is kept up satisfactorily and in-
wnmlerfiil refresher for the tired ones.!
This miceific endeavor, with others of
.... ...... ' .i i.rtnfore. ineuns the in-
crease of prosperity and enlargement! The management at the Oregon build
of Industry for Oregon concerns and jug wants it understood that expressage
will add to tl" "ni ""B1 1,1 ".uu ..
. . . te,.rt ut tllll Kf-
riveil from Dreg"" ........ -
position. '
a Mirvftl to Some.
.Indue Thomas F. Ryan, deputy state:
treasurer and a prominent fruit grower'
Knglish guarding ships were unable to
make sufficient speed to catch them.
Then Admiral Bor.tty's drcadiiaugkts
were transferred to the North sea, and
the German raiders soon were minus the
pre-dreaduaught Bleucher. The Ger
man dreadnanghts themselves might
havo perished, had Dcntty's fleet beon
thereupon, most,, n not all the dread
Austrian Representative Has
Appointment With Lans
ing Today
Washington, Sept. 7. Upon the defi
nition and application of "gross i.m
propriety" hinged the administration's
attitude toward Austrian Ambassador
Duinba today, a high official indicated.
President Wilson will be the judge of
the ambassador's admitted plan to
bring about a strike of Austrians and
Hungarians employed in steel mills and
munitions factories.
Ambassador Duinba was scheduled
for a conference with Secretary of
State Lansing today. He is understood
to have brought to Washington a cony
of the message which he gave to James
t. Archibald, a war correspondent, ar
rested in Londou. This dispatch was
directed to the Austrian government
and was to have been delivered by
Archibald. ,
It was pointed out in some circles to
day that the ambassador's dispatch
merely suggested the culling of a strike
in the American factories. In view
of the fact that there Is no Indication
that actual steps were taken", it was
believed 4flie administration would
take the position tho while Dumbs. 'a
action was in bad taste, it was not such
a gross breach as to warrant a request
for his recall. In the meantime, how-
(Continued on Page Six.)
of Clackamas county, brought with him
the other day three limbs of apples.
The Wagners showed fifteen apples in
a foot length of limb, and the (hopper's
Crnb counted twenty-six in the same
length. Many visitors gaze in open
mouthed winder.
E. O.'s Big Day.
Eastern Oregon gnvo away popcorn
again on September 2, 2",00U Hacks of
it. This was sent down by Malheur
0OUIIty and was wonderful popcorn, the
popped grains being twice the size of
the popcorn sold upon the grounds,
Thousands of people were drawn to the
Oregon building bv this little occasion
nnd all Oregon reaped a special benefit,
for tn(, visitors stopped to look at the
various exhibits, ami because of the
hospitality went away to speak pleas-
nntly of the Oregon building to other
people. Representative J. A. Lackey
and a bevy of women fuir with golden
hair lind all they could do to serve the
! ''r"wd ns it constantly surged about the
i ustern uregon Duma, una M jomiy
. -( ...
nnu line spirit inai usually accompanies
the absorption of popcorn made a gala
occasion of Eastern Oregon Day, such
. . ... TJ..I...B H. n linn. I'Hi... n n.l
lO Hum. IUU. mnci, muiurui, iiiiiuueuu
i wuiinwn cuimum rvmyun u u-kiuh
i n-n... Iiirfnt furtilitl' Dtul rff.U.l limit Ofl
! port unity. The object o all the special
days and the giving away of anything
in large quantity is to get the word
Oregon into as many mouths as possible,
creusing numbers of people come to see
i and make Inquiry.
. Won't Pay Expressage.
will be naid only on perishable prod
ucts fruits, vegetables, etc., intended
for displnv pur poses. Grains, grasses
and anything that may as well be ship
' ped bv freight should be shipped that
l ' i .... k
way and not by express.
Seltld Policy of Administra
tion Is To Move
Oncers of Hesperian Make
Joint Affidavit As To
By Charles P. Stewart.
Washington, Sept. J. As in similar
cases in the past, the administration to
day kept an open mind on tho destruc
tion of the Allan liner Hesperian. It
awaited full reports before in any way
tieeijing its course or action.
From Germany the administration
bad intimutions that as soon as Foreign
Secretary Von Jugow is advised of the
facts in the Hesperian Vase he will
make a complete report to the United
States. Ambassador Page at London is
making an independent investigation to
dotennine, if yossible,- whether the big
liner was a victim of a German torpedo,
or whether she fouled a floating mine
off the usual course of the under-Bea
boats, and particularly, whether the
Hesperian could be classed as an armed
His report, and a statement from the
British admiralty, as to facts in its
possession j.s anticipated at an early
moment. .
There was increuiliip doubt hers that
the vessel had been torpedoed. . In fact,
many in official quarters, believed the
Hesperian struck a mine, particularly
in view of the fact that her position
was somewhat out of the submarines'
Unofficial intimations said Germany
might pursue the same course as with
the Arabic repudiate an unwarned at
tack, if it proved that the vessel had
been submarined. ,
That she might plead the submarine
commander exceeded his instructions,
or left his base before orders against
unwarned attacks were issued was con
sidered a possibility.
At any rate there was no indication
that this government intends to ask
Germany to make an' explanation of the
affair before all facts are iu American
Affidavit of Officers.
Washington, Sept. 7. C'onBul Frost at
Queenstown cabled this afternoon to
the state department that officers of
the liner Hesperian had made a joint
affidavit, declaring the vessel was tor
pedoed without warning. Fragments of
steel cast up on the dock, removed
doubts as to the possibility that the
vessel had been mined, according to the
The state department requested that
the joint affidavit of the captain and
three officers be forwarded here.
This statement, Frost said, declared
that from the odor of explosives, and
from the shower of steel fragments "it
is indubitable that the vessel was tor
pedoed and not mined."
There was uo warning, the track of
the torpedo was n"t seen, nor was a sub
marine sighted before or after the ex
plosion, the officers swore.
Regarding the six Inch gun on the
Hesperian 's stem, the affidavit de
clared that this wus inconspicuous and
invisible to a submarine at night.
Only one American, Francis Dallas
of Buffalo, N. V., was aboard the liner,
Frost reported.
National League.
If. U. E.
Boston ..! - - 7 12 1
New York - 2 It 4
R-nguu and Gowdy: Perritt and IKioin
Mathewsou replaced Perritt, Meyers re
placed looin.
, 7
H. E.
Douglas and
3 3
S 0,
Burns; 1
Tincup replaced j
II. II. E.
Cincinnati 6 il 1
Pittsburg 3 12 1
Toliey and Wiiigo; Kantelhner, Ad
ams, Cooper and Gibson. Hill replaced
Cooper, Wagner replace Gibson.
American, League.
R. H. E.
ew York 8 12 2
IVuiton 3 H
'logiidge and Kruger; Shore, Collins
and Cudv, Curriguu,
First Game R. H. E.
Washington 0 8 6
Philadelphia 0 8 5
Gallia ami Williams; Anker, Knowl
son and McAvoy.
li. II. E.
t. Louis - 4 3
(By William Philip Siinms.)
( United Press staff Correspondent.)
(Copyright Ittlo by the United Press;
copyright in Great Britain.)
"There has been a violent bombard
ment of the Forest of Apreinont. "
From the French communique of Aug
ust 5. r
With the French Army at the Front,
Aug. 5. (liy mail.) When .the per
formances of Bernhardt, Iriviug, Duse
nnd Mansfield cease to be anvthing bull
faint recollections I shall still remem
ber quite vividlv an unpretentious
vaudeville show given by soldiers to sol-1
diers out here in the open air 1500 !
yards back of a certain famous woods
through which a most unhealthv part
of the firing-line runs.
The performers were soldiers; the j that Just over tho ridge aways death
stage was built by soldiers with scraps was falling out of the skies at that very
of lumber collected here and there; the. minute. The tags und tho bomburd
curtaiu was painted by a cavalryman ! ment mado the war seem vory near,
ou tarpaulins which had served in the I Au imitator of Houdini caiue next,
beginning as covers for boxes of am-
munition; the sky and a tew walnut i and ciiains, ropes and other queer para
trees played the part of roof, while that phernnlia. No chains seemed too Be
part of the regimental band not busyjeuroly fastened about him for him to
bearing wTiunded on stretchers off the j free himself of it suvo tho ono which
battlefield, furnished the music, these held tho plague which would identify
men and a young, stoutish surgeon lieu-; him if some day he and a shell should
tenant who doubled on the piano when;
not stage-managing the acts.
The bill was the regular bill. It was
not specially arranged for visitors.
Since January 14 this "house" has
been playing to standing room only,
two performances a day, at 2 p. m. and
ut 0. Sometimes as often as possible
therrtll changes; sometimes the head
liner fails to be on iinnd for his cut;
a shell or a bullet has interfered. But
always, rain or shine, good bill or bad,
the curtain ' goes up" on time and
the soldiers on their repose week (us-
I ually they have a week in and a week
back of tne trenches) never miss a per
formance. As t) p. m. drew near the plank
benches in front were creaking under
their maximum burden and hundreds of
other poilus the soldior's name for
himself, meaning shaggy wore stand
ing at the back and on either side. A
heavy rain began to fall precisely at
6 o clock but the fat surgeon, on open
ing the piano, turned and shouted:
"Poilus, you don't mind a little thing
like a few drops of ruin, you vouf "
"No!" the poilus thunder back, and
tho surgeon, sitting iliyn in a vory wet
chair, began pounding out an astou
ished intermezzo on a uo doubt greatly
outrairod piano. For. being in the place
where the orchestra usually sits, the
piano as well as piunist was catching
the full forco or tho young eiouimnrst
Everv time a cniibbv finger struck a
key there was a splash.
As tho curtains parted tho Germans
began to bombard the French positions
a shorf distance away. The explosions
of shells punctuated every spoken line
which followed and bent time to the
music a if jealous of the big base
A clown in costume and makeup
which oulv tho ingenuity of a r rench
soldios can account for, rushed out and
began to sing and grimace. Tho aud
ience roared. It was clear that ho wus
a favorite. He was just back from the
trenches and as he jabberod a comic
'patter song, with grimaces und antics
like nny Jiarnum & Bailey star, one
caught sight of his matriculutiou num
ber liounil ny a steei enain to ins wrim,
for identification in case he fails to
dodge a bullet somo day. The clown
sang on and when he got round to the
chorus his comrades in front joined iu.
A captain of dragoons, occupying a
seat on a bench reserved for of'fieon,
Cleveland 17 1
Parks and Agnew; Mitchell and Egan,
11 innings.
R. H. E.
Detroit 8 13 3
Chicago 10 l-'l 2
Dauss and Htrnnge; Russell and
Schalk. Oldham replaced Dauss.
Second iraine R- H. E.
Washington - 7 ID l!
Philadelphia , 5 2,
Rice and Williams; Pillingim and!
Lapp. Haas replaced Filingiin. j
Federal League.
R. H. E.
Brooklyn ' 1"
Finaeran and Land; Heiilbuch and
Ruriilen. Brandon replaced Beulbavb.
R. II. E.
Chicago 0 0 0
St. Louis 3 8 1
Brennon and Wilson; Duvenport and
Hartley. .
' R. H. k:
Pittsburg 3 H 0
KanstH City 2 i 3
Kni'tier, Parger and Berry; I ullop
and Easterly.
Baltimore-Buffalo game postponed on
account of wet grounds.
tonight ;
n e s il a y
near the
coast ;
eustciiy winds.
sang and laughed with tho others, free
ly and without reserve, yet I recog
nized in this captain a count and mem
ber of ono of the proudest families in
the Faubourg nobility of Paris.
llie elown with his ldentiticntion tag
gave way amid applause to an acrobatic
soldier in peace times a professional.
wearing tho pink tights of tradition.
He, too, had a tag on his wrist. A hori
zontal bar had been rigged up on the
stage and us tha soldier in pink tights
began to girato upon it, the "comic."
partner came out and "comicked" In
the way everyone who has ever seen a
variety show knows. Under his very
much too lurgo "comic" dress eoat, on
'a very muscular wrist, was his in-casa-
of death tag never letting one forget
wriggling out of handcuffs, padlocks
get too woll acquainted.
After him a British Red Cross at
teudant, in khaki, sang "Alexander's
nag lime Hand excruiciutingly bad
to much applause from his allies. And
when he completely broko down as to
voice ho laughed good nntiiredly and
allowed his legs to do a not bad "buz,
zard lope."
Last on tho bill, save tho movies
they havo movies at many points along
the front now camo a singer, an or
diiinry-looking soldier in an overydny
uniform considerably the worse for
the worso for tronch-wear. Ho was of
less than avorago height and not even
ins small blond mustache could lift his
appearance to ono of very great dig
nity, it was told that in private life
he was a cobbler, so as the surgeon
splashed into a bar of a dreamy und
rather protty ballad, I feared the worse
feeling not a little kindly towards, the
Germans who were now making more
noise, than evor with tnoir bombarif
ment. - With tho 'singer 'a first notes,
however, I chnngod my mind. The
notes were liko pure gold.
Boom! Bang! went tho Prussian
shells close by.
"Twas just a tiny flowor dropped
besides my wayl" Bang tho Frouch sol
dier, paying no attention to the noise.
He' put all the artistic interpretation
of a Caruso in his song.
H n n iMi u-ml wunt another shell.
"Just a little rosobud fallen from
her hnntl!" This lino came as an in
congruous renponso to tho terrific ex
plosion. B-o-o-o-ml B-o-o-o-o-m More high
explosives seemed to mnko the loaves
tremble but tho tcnor-warrior-shocmaic
er with his hand on his heart . enntin
ued to tho end of his refrain and bow
ed before the tempt est of applause. He
bad to take an oncoro and be deserved
it. every hand-duo of it, so again, with
piano, fluto, clarinet and tho patter of
rnin accompanying him, ho repented tho
verso, while the big guns chimed in, a
good substitute for tho band drum,
now soaked and out of commision:
" 'Twas just a tiny flower dropped be
side my. way!
Just a little rosebud fallen from liar
But Cupid cuddled in it and with his
litMo lay
Turned nil tilings to golden, like
Midns, in the land!"
Rhode Island Metropolis Be
comes Center of Murder
Providence, H. I.. Sept.. 7. From a
lively busiuuss community, scarcely
ever iu the sensational limelight, Provi
dence today suddenly sprung into prom
IineniM) as Now .Engluu'd's ''murder
With two Btrunge cases listed, and
still mystifying, tho police lire mak
ing every effort to solvo them.
Tho cases arc:
The killing of Dr. C. Frunklin Muhr,
in which throe negiuns, charged with
tlui murder Implicated tho uluctor's
wife us instigator.
The killing of Judge Willis S.
Knowles of the eighth district court by
a man, who, with bii oath "Now I've
got you, you "
Persistent reports declare the police
have further evidence teniling to im
plicate Mrs. Mohr in tho form of let
ter addressed to one of the three ne
groes, whom, It IS alleged, sue nireii
to do the killing. Mrs. Mohr und her
attorneys, however, still insist that she
is Innocent, and that if necessary she
will reveal stories of criminal opera
tions iu Providence that will startle
I the country. Public sympathy is be
! ginnTing to stir in her favor.
The shooting of Judge Knowles is as
j deep a pnr..le as it. was yesterday. Po
lice are making every crrori to run
down n man, who had been the judge's
guide on hunting trips, In the hello!
that perhaps he con throw some light
on a inolive for the deed.
General Mre Said To Have
Visited Italian Front
To Confer
General Offensive Against
Central Allies Part of
Rome, Sept. 7 Mans for co-operation,
with the Italian forces in a grand
scheme of offensive against the leu
tons, has brought General Joftro of
Franco to tho ltalma front, reports
here today said. The military critic of
tho Idea Nnzionnlo uoolared the
French loader discussed with General
Cndorim and tho king plans for meet
ing tho expected Invasion rY.-
. .. ' .Ka r.lm hinted
At. the same .ui.u, v .......
ii.. om.ntar movemenv
, -I- .linn-tod along
SimilHlllimiunij - , . - .(,.
French and Italian iroms w ..-- -
ToutoiiB to protect their own bordors
and thus koep them too buBy to permit
them to prosecuto a Serbian attack with
sufficient vigor. ,.
a. Tr rlnnnrted. a Japanese mili
tary commission arrived here and pro
ceeded to tho front. They Included
ordnance experts who will observe the
allies' noeds for munitions. This move
was regarded as significant, in viow of
the r'eportod promise of Japan to rauke
big shell shipments to Russia and
France with iu a few months.
Two Kussian Cities Captured.
Berlin, viu London, Sent. 7.-HoM
Marshal Von Mackenson has captured
Drohycaln and Cliomsk. and has arrived
witliiu 3d mileB of Pinsk, it wus an
nounced today. i- .1.
Concerning the Riga operations, the
official statement mentioned ouly that
German cavalry ) had advanced upon.
Daudoewnd, southwest of Iroidnch-
Btl"East and ' southeast . of Grodno,"
said the statement, 1 ' the enemy U
reformed his linos from Mcldel to Vol
kovysky. In this region we have cross
ed tho Kotra and Pyra rivers, fighting
heavily all the way." '
tionWul Von Gullwitz, by a series of
night surprise attneks occupied points
on the eastern bnnk of the Robs. Prince
Leopold's Bavarian forces are progress-'
Ing southeast of Volkovysky.
, Bloody Infantry Attacks.
Paris, Sept. 7.-Bloody infantry at
i..i,. ..i.., tlui Souchez cemetery re
gion have been renewed, lighting at
this grim location, whore in recen
struggles, many have been killed, does
not murk tt general offensive movement,
however. Only small detachments are
ongngod. They have been hurling pe
tards and grenades in bitter night en
gagements. .
French artillery played on the Ger
man works at t)uecnieres, and on the
Nouvron pluteau, while violent engage
monts woro reported too in the tham
pagno region.
Venice Kalded by Airmen.
Rome, Sept. 7.-For the fifth time
since tho war began, Austrian aero
planes yesterday bombarded Venice, it
wns announced today.
Ono aircraft shot down by anti-aircraft
guns, fell into the lagoon anil
its pilot and observer wero captured.
Bombs were hurled along the lagoon
and in the vicinity of tho city forts.
Petrograd Panic Btricken,
Berlin, via wireless to Sayvillo, Sept.
7 l'trogrnd is panic-stricken, Berlin
newspapers said today, because of fulso
rumors that the Germans have captured
Kiga. ' , , .
An Athens dispatch reported that, in
connection with the city's terror, the
president or uie rcirogrim puin-o
been ussnssiunted.
Mined or Torpedoed"?
Washington', Sept. 7. The United
States today ordered its representative
abroad to determine whether tho Allan
liner Hesperian wns mined or torpe
doed. In n long, confidential prelimin
ary statement, Consul Frost at (jueens
town, declared there is extreme doubt
us to the exact nature of the minus of
! destruction.
Czar In Command,
Paris, Sept. 7. -C.ur Nicholas has
personal command of the Russian arm
ies, it wiib officially announced to
day. Military, experts Interpreted that th1
move meiint he will bo constantly at
the front encouraging and arousing his
soldiers, and, it wus pointed out, inci
dentally showing his displeasure at
their failure to halt the German ad
vance. Belgians Killed by Airmen.
Berlin, via London, Sept. 7. Seven
Belgian civilians wore killed nnd tw.
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