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Social Personal
Misa Gertrude Winn, who i with
the fish and game warden's depnrt
men t at Portland, is visiting Miss Yoon
in Halcro. Miss Blinu will return to
Portland this evening.
Mini) Dfrothy rUeuskff and Minn
May Hteusloff entertained at a delight
ful "500" party Thursday afternoon
at their home on Court street. The
rooms were niost effectively decorated
with zenias. The guests circled five
table, the eard compliment being re
ceived by Miss Dorothy I'earee. The
lawn formed an attractive setting for
the serving of the daintily-appointed
luncheon which followed. TliOHe who
onjoyed this affair were: Miss Jennie
1'ry, Mian Hazel Downing, Miss Isa
belle Mc.Uilehrist, Mist Kdna I-iicker,
Mia Rita Hteiner, Mim Marie Church
ill, Minn Myra Kom, Miss Ada liofta,
Mrs. D. K. Bosa, Mim (iertrude Cun
ningham, Mim Kdith Carter Kuney,
Mias Mildred Wilson, Miss orothy
Vearee, Mini Helen I'earee, Miss Lorot
t Ford, Mills .Jennie Ilarritt, Miss Ger
trude Walling, Miss Constance Cart
wright, Miss Olndvs Cartwright.
Misa Gertie Capps, who is spending
few days as the guest of Mrs. Carrie
Cbape) at her home on North Front
atroot, will leave Wednesday morning
to resume her lKini t inn as teni'her in
one of the schools in eastern Oregon.
There are a number of Oregon 1). A.
ft. in Kiin Francisco attending the ex
position who will remnin to bn present,
t the national conference, Heptemlier
1.1 It!. A number miire nru going with
in the week to attend the event. Oth
ers frnm the Snlem chapter who will
be present besides Mrs. Isaac I.ce I'at
terson, state regent of the I). A. H.,
re Miss Mien Thielscn, Mrs. It. I.
Howard, Mis. Mary Creod Howard mid
Miss I'ary Howard.
Invitations have been issued for the
marriage of Miss (fertriulo .(ones, the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mndison L.
Jones, to Merrill Mm itch, of Portland,
which will take place Mcptcmhcr 15
Dt 8:30 o'clock ill the evening lit St.
1'aul's Kpis'opul church. The services
at tiie church will bu fullcmed by a
reception at the home of the bride's
aister, Mrs. (ieorgn W. dray, 544
f.'hemokota street. The" guest fist will
ineludo many I'ortliind people.
Miss Margaret Conper has returned
from a two nirmlhs.' stay in Hun r'riue
risen, where she had charge of a edu
cational exhibit In the Oregon building
at the exposition.
Miss Alice Fields and Mins Laura
Heist have returned from a pleasant
month's outing spent in Portland and
t various points along the Columbia
Mrs. R. H. Wullnee entertained In
formally lit dinner Tuesdny evening,
rrrnpliinentary to the Misses Helen mid
Dorothy I'eirce, lho daiigiiters of Mrs.
Neorge I'earee, who are leaving for the
ast. Miss Helen I'earee will attend
Haileliffo rollego and Mins Dorothy
I'earee will enter the Huston Conserva
tory of Music. Mrs. C. A. Turk was
also a dinner hostess in their honor
on .Thursday eveuii g at her country
liome In Folk county.
William Wallace (iraiiuin, the well
kown vbdinist and conductor of the
I'ortfftnd Amateur Orchestral associa
tion, has returned from his farm on
Graham's prairie, where he passed part
of the Hummer. Tho orchestral asso
ciation is expected to begin rehearsals
September J3.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon De Mers, of Fort
Maries, Idaho, are visiting Mrs. De
Mors' sister, Mrs. J. K. (lirlfrey. Mr.
De Mers is president of the First Na
tional bank at Fort Maries. The De
Mers, who are former residents of this
section, are touring the Willamette
valley by automobile this full, having
spent lust full sojourning through
Washington. They will visit in Folk
and VauiLill counties after leaving Ha-
Tho Sained! club held its regular
fortnightly meeting at the limno of
Mrs. J. A. Churchill, Saturday after
noon. After a study hour devoted to
ino work and lite of .Jane Addiuiis, a
social time wus enjoyed. .Miss Marie
Churchill gave several pleasing solos
and dainty refreshments were served.
The rooms were prettily decorated with
sweet peas and roses. Though the
Hnniedi club started originally us an
embroidery club, it has broadened its
scope considerably. Literature, philnn
thropy and topics of n culinary na
ture aro among the subjects discussed
by this unique und interesting organi
zation. This winter the members will
pursue a course of study relative to
various people and topics of interest
in America, The first three meetings
will be deviated to women philanthrop
ists, the following three to Oregon
poets, the next three to woman writers
of fiction, succeeded by three discus
sions of humorous writers, und the last
three meetings will take up Oregon
nistory. The members of the Saniedi
club are McHilames. Alden, Huthorford,
V'ass, Doliitug, Hotsford, I'utnum, Fawk,
(ihulson, Churchill, .lease, Sunder,
Steoves, Misses Hunt, Rutherford mid
. it
Mrs. Fred A. Wiggins and daughter,
Mildred, of Toppenish, Wash., nre vis
iting Mrs. Wiggins' sister, Mrs. George I
Hodgers. Miss Mildred Wiggins will
attend Willumotto'uiiivcrsity this veur '
Mr. and Mrs., John I). Sutiicrlund
passed the week-end in I'oitlund,
Mrs. A. X. Moore, is spending n
week in Portland as the guest of rela
tives. it
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Cross, Mrs. E,
0. Cross und Miss Veda Cnns inothred
to Portland Friday, from where they
planned to make tint trip to Mt. Hood
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. A. Elliott ami Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Allen formed a motor
partv to Portland Saturday, where they
were" joined by Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Price
and the party motored to Mt. Hood.
Miss Goldie Green of Ashland, is vis
iting friends in the city.
J. X. I'cetz and wife are spending
week's vacation at Newport.
Miss Lota Dodge is visiting a few
days with her father at Dallas.
B. L. Dillabaugh. of Portland, is here
today visiting the family of E. A'
Peetz. Eugene Sherman, of Portland, is vis
iting this week with Herbert Fawk in
Pofk county.
Miss Alice Cnstri left today for Ta
coma, wrier; she wiil enter a business
college this winter.
( has. Wicklander, of Portland, is a
week-end visit's- here with his father,
Kiehard Wicklander.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mountain return
ed from Medtord today, after a month's
absence from the city.
Al Godfrey is in Turner today, con
necting the residences with the water
works system just completed.
W. It.' Winnans, of Hood Kiver, went
to Portland this morning after a few
days' visit here with jriends.
If. P. Hoise. and family returned yes
terday from a motoring trip to Murint
Kninier national purk and Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. liert Dennis spent Sun
diiv at lieu.i Vista, visitinir the narents
of Mrs. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. W. U Key
nobls. ,
G. C. Hoggins went to Hood River
this morning for a few days' visit he
fore entering the I'niversity of Oregon
next week.
lireymun lioiso leaves this evening
for Heaver I.uke for a two weeks' vis
it, accompanied by his grandmother,
Mrs. Margaret E. Ilreymnn.
O. (.', (iraham, local agent for tne
Oregon City Transportation company,
accompanied by his wife, left this
morning for a motoring trip to Vancou
ber, H. C. During his absence, D. Dia
mond of Portland will be in charge
I'rfS, i
Salem Back Yard Grows
Record Breaking Tomatoes
The Willamette valley has not gener
ally been considered as a favorable see
tiou for the growing of tomatoes hut
lliiain Xeugi luiuer, of 1 11)7 South Com
mercial street has put this theory in
the discard. He lias n hundred or more
plants, tied up to stakes about five feet
high, that have grown to the top of the
stakes and then on pules between them,
making great festoons of dark green
foliage, which just now nre especially
beautiful, the big ripe tomatoes are
peeping out in crimson beauty from
their green surroundings nnd hanging in
great bunches from every stake.
Mr. Neugebaiier grew the plants, and
is as proud of them as a boy over his
first pair of red top boots, nnd his
pride is justifiable. It is well worth
walking out thnt way, just to soo them,
which run be done from Commercial
street, they making a big bouquet of
green and crimson in' the back yard at
his place.
Now Does Her Own Work.
Lydia E. Pinkham' Vegeta
ble Compound Helped Her.
Ironton, Ohio.' I am enjoying bet
ter health now than I have for twelve
years. Wnen l De
gan to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta-
ble Compound I
could not sit tip. 1
had female troubles
and was very ner
voui. I used the
remedies a year and
I can do my work
and for the last eight
months I have
worked for other
women, too. I cannot praise Lydia E.
Ptnkham'a Vegetable Compound enough
for I know I never would have been as
well if I had not taken it and I recom
mend it to suffering women."
Daughter Helped Also.
"I gave it to my daughter when she
was thirteen years old. She was in
school and was nervous wreck, and
could not sleep nights. Now she looks
so healthy that even the doctor speaks
of it. You can publish this letter if you
like." Mrs. Rena Bowman, 101 S. 10th
Street, Ironton, Ohio.
Why will women continue to suffer
day in and day out and drag out a Bick ly ,
half-hearted existence, missing three
fourths of the joy of living, when they
can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound ?
If you have tho slightest doubt
thnt Lydia E. I'lnkhum's Yc-geta-blpCompound
wiil help you, wrto
to Lydia I'-Pinkliam MedielncCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Muss.,i'orad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a womaa
and held in strict confidence.
?f f- t- T 1- 1- .
wid vr.ws OF ONE '
The battle on which tho fate
of Paris rests is raging along a
front of ISO miles, the Germans
apparently attacking in greatest
force (ci the Krench right. In
the Marne vallev the French
have driven back the Hermans.
Nancy vigorously attacked by
(iemian forces are within 1U
miles of Ghent. Their attack
on Antwerp has been delayed,
through fear of assault by tne
remnant of the Belgian army, it
is believed.
Tho Austrian resistance is
reported broken and the Rus
sians are in pursuit between the
Vistula and the Hug. Russians
are encompassing Przemysl. It's
fall exported to mean much to
ward making an advance mn
perlin possible.
Belgrade still stubbornly re
sisting Austrian attack.
Good dry
Ash or Maple
$4.50 delivered.
Wood for sale in the timber.
Ward K. Richardson
2395 N. Front Phone 494
! Imperial
:: Dermatologist
"Gee, I never tasted any
Flakes like these
Post Toasties
They're absolutely
new made by a new
process that brings
out the true corn
flavour and that keeps
the flakes firm and
crisp, even after cream
or milk ia added.
New Post Toasties are
made of the hearts of selected
white Indian Corn, cooked,
seasoned and toasted; and
they come to you FRESH.
SEALED as sweet and appe
tizing as when they leave the
The little puffs on each flake are characteristic of the
New Post Toasties
Your grocer has them now-gct a package and give your
appetite a treat.
Nearly 350 Cases Pending On
Appeal Before State's
Highest Court
Negroes Believed To Have;t
Killed Dr. Mohr-Would
Prevent Mrs. Mohr's Trial
The nuriremc court of the state of
Oregon will convene tomorrow after a
month 's vacation and on account of the
large number of cases before it, the
court will hear the arguments in three
ennctt daily for several weeks. Accord
ing to the records of the court there
are approximately IIjO eases on appeul
of which about 170 are ready to be
heard at the earliest open date and
about K!S cases pending on appeal not
ready to be heard at this time.
From January 1 to .September 1 when
tho court went on its vacation, there
were 2!I5 eases appealed and in thi
same period 2li2 eases were adjudicated.
Despite the fact that the number of
cases on the docket hns been decrea-
n,.. !.,. ..e ;..:.,
Killing of Edward Pfeiffer and i::,';:r"t,,rff:hindv;,,thX
uiit'Kci vwncn win not iiKeiy ue cleared
.1 .. ..
i"r counter year.
The following cases nre on the docket
for tomorrow: l.oughran against Bark
er, State against Louis Hinir. Stnte
against Nichols. For Wednesduv: .State
against Hollingshond, State against
l'eery, nnd State against Lock. Thurs
day: Miller against City of Portland,
School District No. 35 against Holden,
and Lander against Van Aukin. Fri
day: Davis against Carleton Lumber
cumpniiy, Mctiee against Cnrleton Lum
ber company, ami Temple against the
A'lty of I'ortlund.
Moritz Schneider Was
Providence, K. I., Sept, . The ehuin
of evidence, connecting three negroes
with the strange murder of Dr. 0.
Frnnkliu Mohr is considered by police
today as complete.
They planned to have several wit
nesses vise the prisoners as the last
step in fastening the crime on the
blacks, who, the state charges, killed
the doctor at his wife's behest.
In connection with the police plans.
they have found two fishermen, who j
heard shots and Inter saw two men.
they believed to be negroes, standing i
beside motorcycles on the lonely llynti t
road where the doctor was killed am ;
bis girl office nssistaut badly wound
ed. Frantic efforts, tho polico say, are
being made to prevent Alohr's widow
from going on trial. They intimated 1
tnat prominent society persons were in
terested in keeping her off the stand,
for fear that she will rattle some skele-;
tons in a number of family closets, in '
the matter of criminal opcrutions.
In connection with this hint, ilrs.
Mohr's attorney's words ' ''the public;
will be startled when it hears what we
can tell," was regarded us particularly
significant. ' ;
Police officials said today George P.
Healis, Mohr's negro chauffeur, told
them (.'. Victor Brown, another of the
j alleged murder trio, solicited bis aid
in the killing plot two weeks ago.
Hrown hail been discharged by the
doctor and harbored a grudge, tile po
lice say, on this account.
Massage and Sham,
pooing a Specialty..,
My scalp treatments cure dand
ruff and stop falling hair. I
cure black-heads and pimples and
remove worts, moles, freckles,
hair on face, neck or arms.
301 Steeves Bldg.
Phone 393
Gold Bar, Wash., Sept. (i Frank
Pfeiffer and Frank Murray are being
held as witnesses today in connection
with the brutal nvirdVr Saturday night
of Kdward Pfeiffer, of Gold Bar. father
of Kr.uik Pfeiffer, nnd Moritz Schneid
er, of Fort Wayne, Ind.. bnther in law
of Edward Pfeiffer. There nre no
clues as to who committed the double !
crime, nor of the motive.
Pfeiffer 'a body was found early Sun
dny morning by Jack St. Louis. It 1:
face down on, the logging railroad of
the Gold Bur Lumber company, half ii
mile fr om here. The fact that a sock
filled with salt hung on a nearby tree
lends to the belief that the men's as
sailant used it us a sand bng. Pfeiffer 's
head was crushed ns thougn by a sharp
Seheinder wus found a quarter of a
mile further up the road near Pfeiffer 'f
cabii). His head was mutilittod beyoni'
recognition, presumably by a piece of
ruilroad iron. The murderer moved the
body from where it first fell, us ther
is a large blood stain' on the groum'
some distnnce from where the bod'
was found.
,WT!'." f")''t ,h!lt l"",1 found n Prank
Pfeiffer 's bakery corresponded to the
one found filled with salt and thnt foot
prints near whore the crime was com
mitted were the same as his. led to his
arrest. Murray is a friend of young
Pteiffer's. '
English Peer
Munition Worker
London, Aug. 24 (By mail.) The
latest titled wnr worker, despite his 511
yenrs, is today clad in overalls working
alongside plohinn war hands in an aero
plane factory in Surrey.
He is the earl of Norberry, who can't
enlist because he's tor old. but who
insists on doing "his bit." He is a
titter. Itis hours nre from 6 a. m. to
7 p. m. with a half-hour for breakfast
: and an hour for luncii.
j He receives exactly the same treat
ment as his humbler fellow workers
and sleeps his just sleep in a single
room near the factorv.
"The Triumph of Man" wh tbe r ; e '. "' ' ' - '-" n- "
";"' topie of Kev. Tiscl er, of the Un '? " '?T ?hM- ""ite U,C
tar.au churn,, a. Sumlav morning, se . ! ' f p.wrM !" "'' ""ity of the
vice The San Francisco fair nVV"C ,'" 1,0m' f en,in
be thus summarized, declared the sdcuIi- I
t. nFrancircoisagrea.itv w ,l e' ,S W 'tBelea are still in the way
'verytlng is done on a large scale ' 1" ,l,.v'"e r,alLzi;,io11. "' the vis
We have been told that the ureal me "'1 ' r" 1 h fwn s Francisco is
tiopclis of our neighboring state is w,tm'"'",1l0 win overcome all obstacles
""guoiy city, etc. I rather
I Milt
"The Triumph of Man"
Is Way Salem Minister
Refers To Exposition
Baldy Breeze rs
A business succeeds only as It
' serves j. this is particularly true
of the Laundry business.
We must serve you right in
every particular, and tho more
particular you are, the more
pleased you'll be with our
Home of Baldy Brcezer.
Salem Laundry Co.
Salem, Oregon
and remove even these mountains in
the ti'iumphat march of man and lm
Thirty Years In Prison
Fnr Kissinor Girl and
Robbing Her of Ten Cents
n no cuv. in this li.n.l r
faith ever more triunmhnntu.
nessed than bv the people of San' Fran
cisco. As by magic she lifted herself
out ot her fcshes and ruins. nv eight
.veins since the great quake and fire
devastated the very heart of the citv
o.lny men of faith of constructive
faith ot that kind f faith which re
moves mountains of obstacles of tHt
kind ot taiih which is not nieasuied bv
tueulngicul speculation, but bv itx w'n
.re:itne power, by which, in this in-
-".I, u greater and nobler citv
nig usen to replace the
What a noble witm.. n;. ,i
( , L . . W ' fill III it' '
.entnnsiiiMii, this coimn,.. ii,;- . . ,
do things on a large s,-ule rcnllv is,;
"t merely to the great resourceful-1
uess or enterprise, or genius of the"
people, but first of all to their mag-!
nitirent faith, whiil, Ii,. .iliml 'J,!
..... nilTI'W. ,Vt flllK,. vt.
OUm UnleM you ray "HORUCK'S" you nwr set u Substitute
is rear-'
former Sun
f Silo, ,!,., . ...1
ored pnliceniiiii uh.,.., v n'....j :.
in for Inn.." '
Frederic & Mendenlml
Piano trrgan Theorv.
Mynie Loug Mendeuhall
Voice Culture,
t.iideiit Begistered Thursday. Sept.
Sacramento, Cnl Sept. B. Charles II.
(.uvton, negro, who was sentenced to
thirty years in Folsom prison for rob
bing a voung white woman in I.ns An
geles of t,.n cents and then hissine her
III III 1 I l,,.u I:.., . - .................
, . '" i'"'-,i m inc governor . ""! me go.llessness of a wii kcl , .
for pardon (iuvt was received at "".v. let all who can lea, ,. ' I ?it l Calltal Normal and Industrial School
" "u savs he was
ed on the tcitim.,i . t u..i - - wlmt
, .. ' u it
iiimi i-uy with tins ,
- i. tm .1 n'l 111 !.,.... ' 1
testified to several i.thur I staclcs In r.r lriire.w t.t I... !
crimes l.uytnn i, !i..rl to have com- rh, Inumph of man is further at'!
itttl and .wore tl.-.. h, nde prue- 111 " progressive mhanne of
tice ot holding ,, ,.(r,(1 wm,,B nt!m""r" trvnius in art, culture, indium
tlie point ut a rev,, ; .nniiufn.-tnre. e,lii,.,n ., ' !
back yard of I,,, !,m, ,, ,tttteked ""' ,h" in religion.
"".'I"' ... . , lflT,hl' ht of or ll theologv is
risnn officmU lit, have talked witV I passing away and truer, nobler
.1 is a '-.er or tvpe of e.,1- " "" "n,rr ""una. einphas,. i rnnidlv
orii,t it.,.,1 ....... i... - . .ItiikiniT itu ..I...... i'.. i '
v , . 1 " n greativ impressed i ,. . i -"- ' "oer ine ol.t
-hi. ma siurit f ,r,.(e.t.
Those Tho have taken an interest if
the case bcl.eve the,, has been a crave
mjuHtice done.
tric.t to prejuire mnn fr heaven
mr Minn ir iiihm.
, .... . . ..,., ., (.pturv
men wre catching the PW Vlon out ()f.
which a new emphasis i, growing. The
nu.r.. abundant life of larg-er opirtun
itv, of greater useful,,,.,,, of ul
nihility, f nobler service. We are be
ginning to realise that behind nil d,f
ferent ration, behind all varietv m the
Oi.twar.l realm of manifest if (what
ever it. f,i,m or type) there abides .
d.viue tn.ty, , illfini Unl.
which n the eternal imm-ii of n ilfl,
eallcl "the father of the soul. 0f all
: Salem's Educational Directory :
Music Business Law Art
Schools and Colleges
, Willamette University
(pe.,s September 13-15
j Carl o. Doney, President.
' I. H. Van Winkle, Dean of Law School
Music and Art
oi lier I
"' ; ipicsi,,,,, vv. -.yvi,.,, ntfl
tne thwloginu. ,vin8 nl,0t (;0,it Th.,j
new uuerv : "Wlint 1.
for n,nf" The old theoloyicl ..i,.
Dn F. Langenberg
Hn.o ( BntaiiTe
Ute pupil f r, Arnw
".mm i.,. it.. 17 n,,
riuuie L(i7
nr.l lll.lg.
planinq mill burned
Walla Walla, W.sh.. Sept. fi.-Tei.
tho,,.,,,,,, dollar. i , Rnim;n, timnt
c tiHliiv to have been lost in the fire
wlm-h destroyed the li. (). Cox planing
null yesterday. The ,', lumber vnrds
aer... the .tmet were threatened. '
, r.re started in dry
nearby vacant Int.
grns. on a
Uiogo. S'pt. (t.- Rni, threatened
tiHlay to mar the ,.,v.,ig ,y i the
woman national Kf ,hnmpiou.hir
here following n hrvV downpour Inst
night. "
1'ittJ.urK tlirett- Time: American.
ho 0 abroad time ilnv. are more
likely to fitiire In is.. ....... .i...
;tl.e ..K-ietr voliiinn.-.
,....;rtn)t .Churchill, Piani.,,.
rrder i. l.egiitf , prepaV.M ,e f Wc r, K ''ri' ai'':
i tor man "Tk.. i.:..' !V ..' "estcru I onscrvainr, i
n I'liitcon ,!,,,,,. u ... i.inu.
I'hone ltlTl-H
i 111 I hone Coiti.R
la the fimline of tk! iv.l..
hod pf (,od we must fin.l . .... I
rlivi... r,.l....l....i '. "1""
I Mrs. D. T. Junk
''hina Artist.
M. Bertha Junk Darby
; houe lii:,ci w. t!:t, x, KMVw
I M1m Beatrice 8helton
n. v . "',"r or Piano
M.rien St. p,
I'hone lL'iin
Mil. T .i -I
man . . Mnon
uv.ne truth we must mik. th. V. ! .o,.1?00'' uf vi--e and The,,,.. I
Edna Weller
Lischitezky Technic
banning System
Improved Music Study
for Beginners
Phone 13M
603 N. Liberty