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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
Editor nd Manager. '
-. ------ I
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
See. and Tresj.
Diilv bv farrier, per rear 15.00 PT month 45c
uuly by trail, per year
3.00 IVr month 35e
If we were a political prophet we would say that '
neither Root nor Burton will be the republican candidate j
for president. A new deal and a new man is likely to be '
the outcome of the next national convention, alter a
hard struggle between the eastern and western wings of
the part. Justice Hughes alone of all the old-timers has i
a show to land the nomination.
The Ctpital Journal earner by are initructeJ to put tbe papers on the
poreh. If the carrier doei not do this, misix you, or neglects goring tte
paper to you on time, kindly phone the e-.rculation" manager, as tLi in the only
ray we can determine whether or net the errit-r are following instructim..
Phone Main 81.
j Pascual Orozco, one of the prominent leaders of Mex
ico, has been killed by an American posse while rustling
cattle on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. That's about
the calibre of all these so-called Mexican patriots and the ltd explain that inability to perfect
Texas rangers know how to handle them better than any- roweit in the art u the or.iy obstacle
nno f.lco 0 -TOur marrying and having a home
V A t. .
I ' -tt&t&Sl : MX k -
A Galley o' Fun!1 f. ( 7
""""" f i d 7 .'A rv J.-.
CINERSi f JV" Ui,. f '
Tnr - hi H iiiMifiiiiiiiiriiiiiMiiiiii f'W.rM
Compliment the host on his carving
it your own.
Assure your hostess between mouth-
England and Germany both seem to be coming to a .uu that the best restaurants can or
realization that the Wilson brand of diplomacy is effec- ?er nothin comparable to her viands;
til-P Rnrri rntmn: ?.,. cf,-n, ;B ,1 tha nnn. :it you have pined for home cookin?
uujuiig mo iiianuai u.i u.c tun- for year, and that even in your bov.
Uncle Sam is a great figurer. He has done a lot of tive,
investigating and conies out with the statement that 85. duct of civilized warfare and trying to conduct them
v ' it l ui cioj iw jl men in 11113 wuuiuij aic cai .-cit3 dttUI Ulllglj
$15 or less each week and 95 out of even' 100 have no
money at the age of 60 vears
The late Professor James of Harvard made the as-1 be enlarged to hold the medals won by our exhibits
L 1 1 1 . l . L - f L !
seruon mat me average man uses oniy one-ienm oj. nib
A lecturer once gave extensively what he called "The
New York. N pt. 1 The an
noumement tunny l,v corset
niamifiietiircrii tlnit young wom
en clri-sini; piece by ,ieee,
would iippcar in fashion fere at
the M. AIpin hotel next Friday
ere.itod no niurh interest that it
is feared the manager will be
fur.-ed to "hire a hall " to tic-i-iiinmniiate
all the intern"
nnd tho-ie "interested'' whom
thev invited.
Classes and the Masses." A newspaper compositor who
got his space in wrong set it up as "The Classes and Them
Asses." Perhaps he was closer to the truth, after all,
?ince the 85 out of every 100 of us constitute the mass. :
Hut are we asses enough to waste nine-tenths of the
power of the greatest engine in the world, the human
brain? Are we reducing to the level of the donkey-engine
what could and should be a Corliss? j
Think of it! Eighty-five out of every 100 of the men
of this country of boundless opportunities hiding nine-!
tenths of their talents in a napkin, smothering nine-;
tenths of their possibilities, and going down to old agei
without means, obliged to fight with young men, or boys,' opEN forum
for a chance to work for a pittance and condemned to ' n urtN i-orum
depend upon others.
With the marvelous free educational facilities of to-;
ilnir :inl trip imdloce mult itnrlo nf V.nnn lirinL-e nn fill cnl-i. Kdit
! ood days you have no recollection of
wring enjoyed anything so much.
Tretend to have a tremendous ap-
rr-i n , .. ,. , ,, ... ,, , petite and to have eaten enormous
ine uregon Duiiding at the hxposition mav have to quantities, but be careful to avoid
iccond helpinsrs if the youngsters are
e siting for a second table.
Smile brightly when the old aunt
:e!ls some of the 'cute baby sayings
if your host.
Agree with the old soldiers uncle
r hpn he says the United States can i
l.ip "Roosia" and all the other ua
iuns of tbe world combined.
Display keen interest in the reports
jf Cousin Abner's crops last season.
1-aiigh, and blush it you can, when
:he host intimates you have matrimo
nial designs on some girl they all
iinow that you hate.
And afterward be sure and beg the
laughter of the family to play for you
ind to sing if she will, and when she j
assure her that she ought to i
t Telegraphic Tabloids
i "
; San FraiH-iseoi S'lit. 1. .M:.- i.har-
Ml-? ford Williams, of tfcis . -ity, and
J.'oilacy Hootii, of liothl.-hn:. I'.i.. met
j. ,;.ei in 7. Thev will he m. allied ."-a.-
wrday after is year-'
1 'Uitniiun
San FranriiM-o, IS-j't. 1.
ata aceidentnlly aorayeil
Mini.irer with water whih
Ills' garden. The straiiper
a bullet. Arata will rei-ovt
Andrew Ar- i
a jasini
woriiin; in'
replied with uoes,
today without leaving my desk." The manager of a
large manufacturing house talks to his agents all
over the west by telephone.
Our improved "Long Distance" service makes this
possible. The distance to any point in the Pacific
States is the distance to your Bell telephone.
Make a "Long Distance" Call Today
a visit
in a (treat triumph of
Boosting for Oregon,
r of Ji.urnal:
Tl . ...
iwtc nrv mm rnmainc irrnnennt nn,l innffimnnf nnrl .r. fVin',. , . ' R 111 "' . "")'" "' w"" und
J inuii iviiiuiii.1 ij,nviuin uiiii mi. nicum una 111 lac ov iin n e ena develop our resouieen
lower grades of work and pay, except voluntarily. "l,r ,wn '" ''r advertising,
The way up is open to all alike; and it is the ciimbing, ITI:;;"
rather than the successes it brings, which makes the man KTM u of the people
a useful and valuable man. ! tZ VZZ'tf.
rifie 1 n 1 r at aa FnineiM'o is the lire
1 irn liiiiMini;. due can hear more favor
j able roinmeutn ot' the (jreat thronCH,
I who at the present time are visitinu the
V':.1 fair. Our rtate lniildinj; utaiols
out in I10M relief from nil the rest of
the Mate building ami is tvpiuil of the
Civil! Mate. The exhibits are also Bond
and eerv Oreitonian may justlv t'e..
proud of bis state aid of 'the men ami
women in ehnree of the Mate iutereMi
at the ft.ir.
However, there ii another feature o'
deelopient to whieh 1 am tliinkinu.
1. e.. the Mihie of isiting the f.iii it
self. Not so mm h f.ir the fuieee-s of
the fair itn-lf. ( whieh i-ominemU iis.-lf
to every Aim-riean eitiea ) but f ir the
"tiiiiulatinc efteet which mnh
hiii upon the WKitui.
I he fair in (traiid, 110M
and eilitvniit. It
linemive Iteiiitis. It eombine the I.AhI
in I'll, eulture. industry, miiiiufa, tme.
etc Piocre,!. i, trulv witin .M'.t in i-verv
department. The irenernl s.heme i oil
n luriy and majeitie nenle. No one
inn well e.i;erate the beautv and
the urainleur thereof.
Hut 1 am not niereiy rryinn to b,M,,t
for the fair, but for my own Mate nnd
for my onti eity. I know of no better
or i tie, tie way than to nk our people
to make a in to the fair. 1'iiM to
eniov it. Secondly to b, ue filled
null the eiitliu-iitiniii if " Hi Thiii(;."
To net the pirit of liit;tle.x int., our
lieait an, I mimls. To learn to do things
in a Hie Way."
To .pen',1 two weeln in the eotnodi
tan i,tiio,pliere of San Franrinen will
pioe 0 bapti-m to any num. Me will
come awnv refreshed nnd filled with
to' etith Ma.in which mean new lit','
l'rein an educational Mamlpoint for our
oej mo I (Ml. of hiith n. liool ace
the !:ur iv ,impl boToml eoiiipiitatioa.
IV-lmp. net et ri : 1 r." 11 ulna our 1: lot mo
lt ul we be pi n il,k-ed to ti-i( tl a
fine fan on li e I'll, ,fi.' 011,1 ai .me
lt . e , ;,n not a t ,t, to iai- tl,
op p.. ft imitv.
Vthit ,-lem need, iiore than nut
tho L- ,!. i. :, lutle litnanne Kii
th i-n-ni " 11 In r more appreciation
, ,t he: ot 11 1 .".,to! ,( o' v
The -in I'-an. ,, :i 1 r in like unto
r n.iith'v t e.icV.m ,o u,-h all of ,
mat d'n.k "the in. unto. u of doinc
bv' thiei'. in a -. win," thercfoie
l.-t all w lo ,,S.,,!l , ,, j.,, ti,,.,,.
nil 11 i;n r tisi hi k
X.ashington, Sept. 1. May Irwin,'
M tiefs. in a letter to l're;,,.'ut Wilson
waois a newr gojveriimenr 'lepartmeut
tf iatiithter establifhe, with herself a
head, "to lancli out tool and self-
seekers, jiest nnd Jingoes who art- try-!
inU to annoy." !
daeksnn, Ky.. Sept. 1. .Mrs. Celin,
Smith, ill in the mountain .0 miles
from iiere, had her threeft ear old
daiii;iiWT shipped to her vta par!-el post.'
The-rhild a.-rived in ito. ,,i-i,niun. i
Do these thinps-whlle you may t D0y Died III LUOXl
iiul uave any ium, u'fur.i wm,
A news item in the Eugene Daily Pveg'uter is signifi
cant. It tolls the story of the great success of municipaj
ownership of public utilities in that city in spite of strong
private ownership compotiton. When the cty went into
the light and power business there the Oregon Power
Company was charging the people 13 cents per killowat
for lights and proportionately high for power. The
municipal plant fixed the rate at U cents ami forced the
Oregon Power Company to meet it, but made so much
money over operating expenses, interest on bonds and
pinking fund provision that a further cut to S cents was
made. Still the plant makes money, and all the people
have the benefit besides of getting their lights for half
I he money the private corporation charged them when it
had a monopoly. The Register news items shows the
growth of the plant and how it is able to meet the re
quirements of increased business without resorting to
bond issues, as follows:
An aiivilinrv elect lie plant opfnt.-.l by te.uu will be built bi the l.u,.ciie
wiler bontd thin fall, to be lor I in cn.o of n, ident to the ht .lio elect no
Uiit near Waltertille, on the Nf Ken.-ie river, which fumi-hi-n litht and
jner f..r the (ity. The eMim.itc.l cot of the plant ir between Vi.ooh and
t'rll oiin.
"The bom, is mot n-Mi i; for bid for the inMnllatioii of thia plant, and
offer the bid me in. whnh will be wi'hin few weel.s. the rontrnet will be
let, and it i hoped to complo'e the p'ai t bt the fn-t .,f the tear. It will be
l.e.t'. at the mill Matioi. un,l t in uMer ming plant m Keceae, tin I utter H
eriiiipletion will le hehl in teii.luie at all lin,e in rae of eineritemy. The
1-laiit will be paid tot entiiele out of the i-ainin;- of the muni, ipal ele, trie
phlnt hot re.puiiii the isMiltioe ef UooU bt the cll."
Daniel J. Fry Ha Such Faith In This
Dyspepsia Remedy That Ho
Guarantees It.
in the
nieved by
dyspepsia rem-
One of the itreateft suceesses
sale of meilicine has been adi
-tli-o-uu, the sran-innl
tot. ana us saie is increasing so rapid
ly; that Daniel .1. yty the popular drim-K"-t,
has hard work to keep a stoek on
hand. It is vert- popular with bankers
ministers, butter, ond others where
"Miles r prote-Mou keeps them el
it eontiiie,!, tO.ile those who
brought (oi iieii.-, Mion tliroiiuh
mar eaiino, rry, or other causes
have foui relief ,-. in this reliable
Mi-.i-a, eomes i tablet' for,,, , is
"old in a -icimI l,v esmviiilK- .!.,;,
n enrryiiijr the medi
: or purse. It is pleas
i" qniek ridief and
u e, no matter of how
This remedy has been
Hfut that Ihiniel
, l'hysieal director of the Echo Park play
1 srouuds. reeovererl thA Knrlv .ft, ,i:..
To Save Injured Gold Rshl.W.lfet'rAS
, of Walter, witnessed the tragedy. When
Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 31. In anM.e bod-v was br0u(.ht tip, the gold
effort to save an injured (told fish that ioT which the lad Kave UP n'8 lif
floated helplessly i Echo Park lake "as fol"'J Tiishcd ia hia hand.
Walter Ford, nn-'nil l-l lnt hi. i:r vJ. 1
drowning today, lie got beyond his
oepin ami went to the bottom in 14 I
feet of water.
By a strange coincidence, Walter was
14 years old at the exact hour. 11
o'clock that he died. ti. L. Mitchell,
Ton cannot' afford to mlM
reading the Journal Want Ads
every day.
Fifty-Fourth Annual
'(loll.' i s'poso he'll duck ag'in!'
"My! What an unreasonable col
3i ed person: lie seems angry be-
utise 1 object to concussion o the
State Fair
tor i-uuveaiei
cine in the p ,!.
nut to ta'.e. oji
should help .,,,v
lotitf a stan lii,;.
" 1111 i T::, If m
Fry will i fi)lu
positive cuarant
if it Shell),
factory. N
ever li
Her face Is flat expressionless,
Her eyes are dull and black;
Vociforoudy loud, her dress
Is negligently slack.
Her attitude is wooden and
Hevoid of any grace:
I J et. tbou:h vnu nmv n.o i--..,
wll Mi-o-nH n.H.r a 1 lonu to seo her fnoo
to rofun.l tho monov
i"t prove entinOv satis-
" . hi - r ! VrntPimiri ma,i; ......
"' that it culd be sol.l in thi-
nianner. auarat.tw like thi, speaks
"'! ""' f"' ' "it of the remedy.
there ,, ., , ,,. ,ikp th(1 fo
' "l- in n .e.j.iu to be done.
nut on,, a
time to honin
in, today is the best
g it.
The Christian Soionct' Monitor, says the Astorian, re
cnlls that when Washington hound the I'nitetl States over
to strict neutrality upon an occasion of war in Kurope
he toll the people that hy ivtaininc: a disinterested atti
tude toward the struggle they would actually aitl all the
participants more than they could do hy taking sides with
j'nyone. He reminded them what thev had paid to free
tlu-mst Ives from the ties that hound their fortunes with
those of Kurooe. It was as if lie hade them Ih not again
entangled with the yoke of hoiulage to old-time notions
of headship, hut to rememher that a democracy is a
homogeneous population, no part commanding the rest,
none exalted over another. Independence, cnualitv, and
My every Impulse toward her goes
To see her how I yearn!
t hose lifeless eyes, that crooked nose
To view I f;,ry imr.n; '
Think not I am a silly pill, " '. "(
O'er homely tirls to niiisli
If .lT 1 should draw the One..., f.i nit
A lovely royal Hush!
Win ni
'ate it.
UliL' the
dieted. It
will hiirdlt-
lde, ,'
Spt. I.-Heavv
n western Cnnndii
pofwibility of liar-
old nnent erun tire
0 long necked creature at the Zoo,
How fortunate for ma
M.v lady fair does not compare
lesiicct wnn thoe;
ated that the crop'l or 1 "hi'uld need a prince's purgf
.'.'0,0(Hi,iini) bushels.' An l''--otut like an earl's
s,'in Kriin,
fot no r 1 ,
'IKced ,.
inauiiler of f
' ISC. I.
again equality, is the lesson which the American Union Ti,'n',n...',,t. x u k
Nlilen, llaek A T,
I'tker ,.t in I, Ik. ;
lias for the world.
t tl to tie,
eier , I.. 7
Co. to 1
. H,irln,;toii
. '. W.
. K
Most young men are partisans of the devil. As they
grow older they are apt to U-conie at least neutral, re
marks an exchange.
Xoith y t
it:". and
ttho tttie,
interurl,ii n
i in tl,
lotting t
lat 1,'lit.
it. 1 Jack Hentty
leu first bnseninti.
ttalay for the re
!-ini with Sail Kran
play with the Seals
ept. 1. lYnitively
a-nil who held up a
treet enr week
,1 of Wing the man
, the Seattle Kverett
it. Fied Starr, aged
.ail here today, fob
. hnse by the police
Had I to deck so long a neck
Ail up and down with pearls
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
LstahlMicd 1SCS
Capital $.-.00,000.00
Transact a general hankinjr business
Safety IVpsit Boxes
li. M. I.ce.e bv ndniv. to Wall
i lie.lt ot 1 I, Ik. .!:. IKfol.l l,l
b'.t, hel Martin .t u to I.. U. Mnitm
I .1,'hn All, i, nl t cl t;j o .
l II Mart, a ,t u, to 1.. It. Mnl(in
lot. J nnd li bik 'J llrook.
i lt roii i.tiin e u t b. , i;,;,,, .,,
I ii I t . .lol.n , ;,o v, pt. ,
I'omh, el .' ; i j
bull M t.rim el , to Iter, it (,.
I"IUI it W. H I'lilker l. Ill I .
I t . ' '-' et tir to N li. Meets
1 1 1 ' ii I .it ,r cl .'is ;
of the
the tt,
le, tin,
til rep
pa-s ,1
he tt
onver. It. I'
b It n i, ,
be.t V
t. Will k
.attt in
"cd 'her,,
h riiic...
'V. I'r, f,
Clllle, a i-M
i H e.
AM-fc l' '
M I'J i .
4 J .
ik m.irtai;
dqj,l PV atM ..fjmnviwt
do tonna,. uSncunt nti
aiu ot pim jtj no twi utj
Hn ptttjcto ah pjpnnn
Sept. l.-Trofessof!
of lb'llinhain. one
'i mining engineers in
i while w ith n pro.
!' l.ilbxtet district, it
t lay. In Irvine to
one of the party, on
r tint den accident- rrt Rimlwleh m. w .,
i tilled. I ...
Second Sandwich Man-No. Thr
!. JNtm t.eifner, k ! ,in't '"U'-h tuoney In theso littrarr
runfewed linlay atjil)tv8t
"Wt'i invetijntinn j .-
,;n. tnat he kill.sl
New Yo-k s. i,i
pritnte detect,
i the ttart ef the ,
i into hi ttn'e ' ,,
his wife .,! j,,
prvvionslv hil l
in Kiny
He ttl l,..v I,.. I .....! . I
' "i nun, n-ini nt imv
tl tile ,lv nf thit
lll ttife ernl.l,t' ..., !,.-. I..
r tin
'a fit of nncer. He
i limed Hint men wear
hud killed her t bin
in his
A k . ?: S'sc
TV... Ut.l H.l , . . ,
',...., ""'-'inS rrem b
' ' i i i 1 1 i ,
Mlcrt.b on Apple-Wly Is yonder
n-n wtlttg in iuch k lrniendou
hurry T
Microbe on rrar-Aprolntmeni wti
kl. divtor. He uklng treatment
for Indljeftloa during hi luncU kour
taiiii.wl '
Salem, Oregon, September 27th to October 2, 1915
$20,000 Offered in Premiums
Come and Stay Seven Full Days
tta MaiS Er.PtncendS " ' ak park right at
v.wnuiia cAe-ept racing stock.
Trials of Speed
Shooting Tournament
Band Concerts
Two Aviation Flights
Boys' Camp
Girls' Camp
Everybody's Camp
Free Sheds for Camp,
ere Teams
Moving Tictures
Social Center Tent for
Dancing Pavilion
Children's Playground
Bee Demonstrations
Animal Circus
Amateur Dahlia Show
raved Streets
Special Days
"Children's Day"
"Woman's Day"
"Good Roads Day"
"Salem Day"
"Woodmen's Day"
"State Societies Day"
"Portland Day"
"Transportation Day"
Elks Night"
"Press Day"
"Oregon Manufacture
h ers' Day"
"Scandinavian Day"
"Shrine rs' Day"
"Grange Day"
"Pioneer Dnv"
"Carnival Night"
ioFnfedS En"'y Blanks Any Mm6.
AAL JONES, Secretary, Salem. Orn.
" ,'. s": n,Kf . i i MfmxnmKn tuna
.atttimiUliil t ,(r im-jwmm wm-w mfrmmm