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Commercial Club. s
i Members Will Vote
. j , i
Ull Several AmendmentS;
Cards have been mailed to the 825
members of the Commercial club, an
nouncing a meeting to be held thiB
evening at the rooms of the club for
tho purpose of voting on several amend
ments. In order that the 825 members
should be fully acquainted with the pur
pose of the meetijig and amendments,
notices have been ported on the bulle
tin board of the social department.
The first amendment to be voted on
this evening is the changing of the
nanie from the Commercial club to flint
or Salem Chamber of Commerce. An
other amendment is thnt hereafter tne
mercantile department shall be known
For dyspepsia, indigestion, souring of
food, gas, and hyperacidity oi. ine sium
nch (acid Btomach). A teaspooniui in a
fourth of a class of hot water usually
gives INSTANT KKLIfcf'. om oy a
ilruirirists in either powder or tablet
form at 50 cents per bottle.
Sacred Heart
Under the direction of the
Sisters of the Holy Names
Most approved methods, Pri
mary, Grammar and High
RpVmrJ rinriffmpnf5 P,Om-
plete Course in Harp, Piano,
Voice Culture, Violin and
Harmony. No interference
with religion of pupils.
Modern Conveniences
Domestic Comforts
Scholastic year begins
6econd Monday in September
-. -
Occtraies a Floor
M. . . . . . .
Selling Space of
,000 Square
as the Business Men's league. There
is also an amendment providing that
I members of the Chamber of Commerce
who are engaged in mercantile, protcs-
sionni or niaiiuraeiining uusihbm i,
become members of the Business Men's
received into the league on a two-thirds
league, biiii mm hch uiwiiui in ..."j -
vot of those present at any meeting,
their names having been propoieu at
a former regular meeting.
Anotner pmendment to oe voted on
this evening is to the effect that all
members of the Salem Chamber of Com
merce may have the privilege of taking
part in any open discussion oil all mat
ters brought before the club, but can
vote only in the department with which
he-is affiliated.
Only Way To Cure ThiB Disease la To
Destroy Its Cause.
By A Specialist.
If you have catarrh and want to get
rid. of it yoa must kill the germs which
cause catarrh. Stomach dosing, oint
ments, sprays, creams, douches, etc., fail
hncinixn thev overlook this fact. They
nil heli) hv irivinif temporary relief but
tiiey do not reacn ine germ mo mm
'has found lodgement in. your head, nose,
throat, and could not destroy it if they
The best known way ot destroying
the dangerous germs of Catarrh and
consequently ending the disease itself,
is to breathe into the air passages of
vour nose and throat tne piensaiu, pene
fpnt.infr nir n f llvomei (pronounced
Ilighomoj. Hyomei is ninde from
pureBt oil of Eucalyptus combined with
other powerful, healing, antiseptic and
germicidal ingredients. You breathe it
through a little 'pocket inhaler which
Daniel J. Fry and other leading urug
gists in Salem and vicinity are furnish
ing with every complete treatment sold.
Every timo von inhale the sweet, fra
grant air of 'llvomei through this little
device you are drawing into your swoll
en, inflamed, germ In.lcn membranes a
medicated air which will not only re
duce all tho swelling nnd inflammation
and open vour clogged nose and stop-iied-up
nir" passages, but will absolute
ly and positively destroy every trace
of "Catarrh germ life it reaches. Drug
Dints are so sure of tho blessed, lasting
relief that Hyomei brings to catarrh
sufferers that they sen it i'""J
U ;if "
the positive guurnniee mat mum-v
a Hyomoi outfit from your aniggis
ilav and begin at onco to drive this
dangerous and disgufting disease Troin
yair system forever.
Detroit, Mich., Sept. 1. Francis Oui
met, national amateur golf champion,
got a big surprise today when Jin,
,v. Blandish, of Detroit, played h,m
to a standstill in the morning half of
the second round of the national cham
pionship tmrnnment at the Detroit
Country 'flub. Ouimet's card was -6
"h'thfiir"- bole, were oyer,
Jerome D. Travers. former champion,
was one up on MaxMarston.
Store in
Change of Rates
By Parcel Post
Hereafter, if a postoffiee is only 150
miles frojjn Snlum on an air line, but
300 miles or over by rail or stage, the
parcel post rate will apply to the ac
tual distance traveled in delivering, and
not as the crow flies. Heretofore, it
hna hppn tim Cllutrnn tn fiirnvn 7finp
rates on an' air line distance, but the
government has concluded this is not
good business, and beginning tomorrow,
zones from uny single point will be fig
ured on nctual distance traveled. With
the exception of a few towns, this will
take tho counties of Crook, Curry, Lake,
Coos, Klamath and Jefferson out of the
second zone from Salem and ninke a
third zone rate effective. Heretofore
a five-poind parcel post package could
bo shipped from Salem into these coun
ties for 9 cents, the second zone rate.
Now it will cost 14 cents. For a 10
pound package, the second zone ratf
was 14 cents. Now on the third zone
rating, the same 10 pounds will cost
24 cents. This order from the post
office department at Washington goes
into effect today.
je $
Tiis is what you should do to she a
spoiled complexion: Spread evenly over
the face, covering every inch of s'tin, a
thin layer of ordinary niercolied wax.
Let this stay on over night; .vasli it off
next morning. Hepeat daily until jour
complexion is as clear, soft and beauti
ful as a young girl s. Tins result is
inevitable, no mailt;' how hoiIo'I or is
colorel the complexirn. The wax liter
ally peels off the .filmy surface, e
posin, the lovely young skin beueuth.
The process is entirely harmless, ho lit
tle of th ! old skin con.ing off at a timo.
Mero'b.ed wax is obtainable nt any
drug (toie; one ounfo usually suffices.
It's a veritable wonder-worker for
rough, tanned, reddened, blotchy, pim
pled or freckled skin.
l'u re puwdered saxolite is excellent
for a wrinkled skin. An ounce of it dis
solved in a half pint witch hazel makes
a refreshing wash-lot ion. This renders
the skin tpiito firm and smooth; indeed,
the very first application erases the
finer lines; the deeper ones soon follow.
Kan Francisco, Sept. 1. The l'min-ma-l'acific
International exposition is
clear of incumbrances, l'aymeut of
110,1115. to a local trust company put
the exposition out of debt.
Friday night the elaborate cele Illa
tion of exposition period will be held
in commemoration of the event. All
papers or incumbrances against the ex
position will be gathered in a pile and
burned and the uehee scattered to the
winds from an aeroplane from the Tow
er of Jewels. W. 1). Ryan, exposition
illumination wiznrd, is preparing fire
works and lightoing effects commensu
rate with the occasion.
Report of Work Done During
Past Three Months Just
A report of the activities of the Com
mercial Club during its first quarter
since the re-organization, has just been
issued by the president, W. M. Hamil
ton. The total membership of the Chamber
of Commerce, now numbers 825 and the
total income for the first quarter has
been $4,809.
The biggest single activity of the
club was the Cherry Fair, held July 2
and 3, which has been conceded by all
to have been one of the most success
ful affairs ever ghen in the city, and
at an expense uliuut, half tho usual
Additional work of the club has been
the distributing of hundreds of bottles
of loganberry juice to the touring
Shriners, Elks and other lodges and the
entertaining of several excursion par
ties, among thciu the Iowa newspaper
The agricultural department has been
busy attempting to solve the market
proposition for the fanners living near
tho city. A successful market day was
held August 7, one that was attended by
hundreds of fanners. This department
has established booths at Kerry and
Liberty streets, but there is a feeling
Binong many of the members that the
success of" this market movement de
pends solely wilh the farmers.
At the suggestion and urging of L. H.
McMnhan, a iniinicipul swimming booth
was established. During August more
than 10,1100 were on the beach, and be
sides the pleasure given, the Club feels
thnt the beach may have prevented
many drownings during the bathing
The Industrial department hns In.
vestiirated several factory propositions,
Many have not proved available. The
Department, however, succeeded in aun
in ir the Abbott Hroom factory to
Salem's growing IWt of payrolls.
The Club now is laying plans for the
giving of a proper welcome to the Land
Grant Congress to meet here 200 strong
September 16th.
Portland. Ore., Sept. 1. General
George Goethnls, his wife and son were
visiting the engineering works at Cas
cade Locks today. They went to
Cascade Locks by lioat and will return
in Portland this evening by automo
bile over tiie Columbia rivet highway.
Foreign Exchange Needs
Help to Stimulate Trade
New York. Aug. 2S, 1 9 1 .".
Somo form of relief in tiie foreign
exchange, situation is imperative, uud
a solution will undoubtedly bo facilitat
ed by tho conference between American
and British bunkers now on the way
to this port. Our foreigu trade contin
ues seriously derailed, imports being
greatly curtailed while exports persis
tently show a tremendous expansion.
For cxainple, the exports from New
York during the week ending August
14th were $31,N00,000 against $10,700,
000 the same week last year; while cr.ir
imports, though increasing slightly, are
still running far below normal. This
excessive preponderance of exports will
continue, and probably upon an even
larger scale during the remainder of
tiic calendar year. On .Tune ilOth, the
excess of exports had reached $1,000,-
000,000, and some authorities estimate
that it will touch as high as &.W),
000,000 bv December Hist. Kurope can
not pay in merchandise or gold; some
form of credit must be established if
we aro to accept foreign war orders
The urgency of the crisis is emphasized
bv the coming to New oi k of Lou
ilon '8 leading bankers. The idea of
importing 2.50,0110,000 gold is less pop
ular here thnn when first broached.
Tho supply of the precious metal in this
country now estimated at nearly $2,
000,000,000 is so excessive that our
bankers are naturally unwilling to sec
any further addition because of its use
lossnoss and its possible inflationary
tendencies. The latter must be care
fully guarded against. It is well to re
member, however, that it is inflation
of credit that is most dangerous, and
bankers always have it within their
power to curtail credit, whether based
upon gold, seeuritios, merchandise or
reputation. An excess of gold or money
may nnd sometimes does cause inflation,
but this tendency can always be avoid
ed by those who control the lending sit
uation; and now that the federal re
servo system is in oKrntioii inflation
could bo much more easily resisted.
Moreover, if this proposed $2.50,000,000
in gold were imported, the credit based
thereon would be almost entirely de
voted to financing foreign war orders,
and would have little effect here be
yond tho stimulus of wnr orders which
has already been experienced and large
ly discounted in the present high prices
of tho wnr group shares. Tho settle
ment of British obligations by sales of
American stocks seems as far off as
ever, flood buyers could undoubtedly
bo fcfind, but John Bull is evidently in
disposed to surrender more of iiis Am
erican investments, which are among
tho choicest of his possessions
has been some talk of mobilizing or
nillssinlT Itritisll hntllillS of Americans
and depositing them hero as collateral
for loans, lint even this plan arouses
no particular enthusiasm. On this sido
of tho Atlantic the most approved plan
is, of course, a liritish loan in this mar-
ket on conditions likely to attract Am-
nrienn capital: but tile terms asked are
likely to strike hard at liritish prUlo
and urestiae; because England cannot
expect to borrow on this side of the
Allnntic at rates and terms to which
she has been accustomed on the other.
Capital naturally commands better
rnies nere mini in i-.urup, m-n' t.
now nere in iiuinnti vcam, uu.i nimu
can buyers would certainly balk at Cie
liritish income tax on the bonds. Some
o-io of these plans may possibly be
adopted nod nn important loan, pos
sibly $500,000,000, arranged for at an
early date. Others would follow, pro
vided tho United States Itself is not
drawn into the war. If perchance we
become involved in military operations
against Germany happily a remote
contingency thnt would materially af
im i : : I .......... .....I A mn.i. '
fect the plncing of a .Itntisli loan, so
far as our immediate financial necessi
ties nro concerned, this government
cnnlil easily raise for temporary Pur
poses $50,0110,000 by sale of Panama III
per cent bonds and another $100, 000,-
000 in It per cent notes, which would
nrry us iibcig until congress asseiiiiiieu
as usual in December, when tin issue,
of $:iO0,0OO,(IOO for pri'pnrednesti, or States us t' the conduct or her sun
$500,000,000 in case of actual wnr, 'murine warfare.
might be added. With the possibility Ambassador Von Hernstorff today
of these enormous demands upon tho submitted (0 Secretary of State Lull
American money market before us, it cing the substance of Germany's reply
is well to move cautiously in nil inune- to i'lendent Wilson's lust, noto to lier
tnrv commitments. I lin. nnd it consists of tho acceptance
At tins writing the outlook or our
relations witn Germany is decidedly
more encouraging, smco neniiiuiy
through her representatives has stated
that she would endeavor to satisfy our
demands when convinced that she is
wronif. The hope, however, that Ger
many will modify her methods of sub
marine warfare to suit our ideals should
not lend us into uuwisci confidence.
While it is to be devoutly hoped that
President Wilson's demands will be sat
isfied, it is simply common prudence
to keen ill mind the cnnsecpieiicos if
they are not. As to tho war itself,
there are no dependable peace signs
yet in sight, notwithstanding the peace
talk that occasionally comes to the sur
face. Passion between tho belligerents
is too intensely aroused and the issues
involved are ton vital to allow set t In -
ment before one side or tho other is
exhausted. It mav bo that weariness
and oven financial embarrassment are
making themselves felt, but. of the sheer
exhaustion necessary to end the war
there is as yet no positive symptoms
anywhere, unless it be in Turkey,
which has been the "Sick Man of l'.u-(
rope" for generation. '
Somo idea of tho increase in business'
activity can be obtained from a com- j
parison of bank clearings with a year
ago. The total clearings at principal
cities for the first three weeks of Aug-;
list was $!I,!I77,000,OHO, against $(!,!II7,-I
000,000 a year ago, an iiicreaso of $:i,-
;i0:i,00O,000. Jnclmleil ill these loiais
aro clearings at New York, amounting'
to $5,005,000,000, against $U,7 15,000,
000 last year, an increase of $,Si),00o,
000. The great increase in New Yrk's
clearings is chiefly due to tno excep
tional outburst of activity on the stock
exchange, which was closed a year ago.
There has been a sharp revival of
speculation, amounting to a boom in
the war group, and the transactions
since January 1 arc more than double
those of a year ago. At tho same time,
there has been a steady expansion of
legitimate business throughout the
country, as demonstrated by an increase
of Ull per cent in clearing during tne
second week of August in tho Middle
Stntes, of 24 per cent in the New Eng
land States, 10 per cent In the Middle
WVst, 8 per cent In tho Pacific, Stutes,
10 per cent in other Western States and
4 per cent in the Southern States. Re
ports from 135 cities in the middle of
August showed an increase of nearly
44 per cent, than which no better evi
dence of trade improvement could be j
found, even after eliminating specula-1
tive transactions.
Tho business outlook continues siitis-'
factory, the only cloud being our dit'fi-
adjusted, as now seems probable, we
ma)- look for good business during the
balance of the year. Tno agricultural ;
districts will teel the lienefit ot huge
crops and fair prices. Tho steel indus
try shows increasing activity at ad
vanciug prices for reasons well under-
stfl; and our railroads must soon re
flect the changes for the better in
larger gross earnings. Talk of an ex
tra session of congress should bo dis
couraged, because it is absolutely un
necessary. The executive department
of the government under President Wil-
son's leadership is abundantly able to!,
meet almost any situation liKelv to tie-
velop between now and December. Of
eenrse. only congress can declare war:
and peace is more likely to be preserv
ed when congress, which is only a legis
lative and not nn administrative body,
is not in session. On the stock ex
change business continues to show
feverish activity, speculation being
most pronounced in the industrials ben
efiting by war orders. The market,
however, exhibits a broadening ten
dency, and there is more disposition to
operate in the better class of industrials
mid railroad shares, especially those
which will benefit from trade improve
incut. The technical situation of the
market 'ma been somewhat improved
by temporary setbacks which acted as
a test of values and brought in a new
influx of buyers. Unavoidably the wnr
remains the controlling factor in the
market, which must be expected to
fliictuuto sharply in either direction,
according as the day's news is regard,
ed favorable or unfavorable.
Pacific Mail Steamship
Company Passes Out
San Francisco, Sept. 1. Before the
end of the month the Pacific. Mail
Steamship company will cease to exist,
according to A. J. Fryo, assistant gen
eral manager of the company. '
The Mexican fleet of tho company
will bo sold within tho next. 10 days.
One western and two eastern firms urn
i biddiim for tho shins.
f they are bought by a local com-
! nniiv ihi viwmcIu will lirntinlilv rumnin
in tho Mexican aud Central America
trade. It' not, they probably will go,"1"" controversy mroiigu uipiranuuu
u, the Atlantic, coast. exchanges; admit responsibility for the.
. Arabic's deut ruction, disavow the act
aj . lj in ,w and award reparation for the loss of
MOURl MOOfl r0rSt TlffiS American lives both on the Arabia and
a in it i n .
Are All Under Control;
1'orflniid, Ore., Sept. 1. All forest'
t,., ;,. .i,,, .;i;iir nf i.umf II,,,.!1
,!,,,. ,.ont,. t(,;llv wM;, ,), exil,v.
timl of i,;, jH imrnjll(, friw.isly
hctween ( liicliaiiias and Clear lakes, de-
spite the efforts of L'5U men to extin
guish it.
It is feared t'no fire will burn until
rain sets in. It already has a front
of 111 miles nnd buck firing has been
resorted to, to prevont it from spread
ing. Will Warn Liners
Before Firing Torpedo
(Continued from Page One.)
American deiniiiids was the "greatest
stroke of modern diplomacy,
Note Direct From Berlin.
: Washington, nopt. I, normally wis
accepted tiie demands of the vinted
:ot' the representations mailo oy tins
The German ainbusmdor received
Germany's noto of acceptance direct
from tho llerlin foreign office, lie imd
not yet had it translated into Knglish
so communicated tho information to
Secretary LunsiiiL' orally. When tho
ambassador left the state department
it wus with tho intention of putting
the acceptance in writing and submit -
ting it oi. quickly as pmsiblo.
In effect, Secretary Lansing said,
Germany hns agreed to nil American
leinaiiils as to winning being given be-
, fur,i uli'ips lire, torpedoed and also re
inirini visit and search before a ves
sel is sunk, j
The communication is in relation to1
submarine attacks which may be made
1 in the future ami agrees that all rules
la i'l down bv this government will be, have torpedoed the liner Arabic bus
complied with. Matters and facts of, not yet reported, but. admiralty ot'fi
past attacks are left open for future I cials are not inclined to fully accept,
consideration. t.hn theory that the U- boat was sunk
it is taken for grunted that the com-1 by a Dritish warship.
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munieation makes this latter provision
! because questions of reparation have to
I be settled End diplomatic, exchange"
j will be necessary to reach a basis of
! agreement. .No difficulty is expected,
. however, in adjusting them,
i So far as Secretary Lansing iudicated
nothing is included in the German eom
I munieation in the way of a request
.that the United States reciprocate by
.... .......:.... e tu.. 1.I....1....1..
luniugg u nil? tiicniiuu m luv uiuinNMU
with Great iiritain.
It is thought likely this may be
touched on Inter.
The communication which the stuto
department received, Lansing said, was
a formal assurance that tiernuinv would
lacuniesce in President Wilson's do-
n,,..u in -pioi..
I Officials declared tho assurances com
lately revolutionizes all plans of tim
" """" '7 '"" ,l" " . """ , , v.
uinnv in the Liisitunia and Arabic,
cases. It was believed the communi
cation from Merlin would be accepted
in good faith at the White House.
By admitting the validity of the eon-,
tentions of the United States, it w;n
said, Germany practically admits that
the torpedoing and sinking of the Lnsi
tania was not in accordance with inter
national law and was an act for which
reparation will be giauted.
i "e greatest satis action vas eviiteut
; "" .. o.
wns declared to nave completely cluing-
1(1 "ow 10 cnv 111 promise.
The acceptance of tho American de
mands was regarded as evidence ol
Cenuniiy's determination tiuit then
shall be no further friction between
the two governments. It was pointed
out ti.at tli J imperial government had
not only removed the possibility olv
rupture, but ninny maintained,' Ger
many had deprived England of her
chief excuse for muintiining a block
ade. Some were inclined lo mink Germany
had attained a diplomatic victory.
(Ireat Hritain, it was said, could now
linrdly avoid unpleasant and persistent)
inquiries from neutral powers for tho
reason of nny continuance of the block
ade in the Morth sea, shutting off com
merce between neutral ports.
Some expressed the belief, indeed, ,
thnt th neutral powers can hardly fail .
to look for a modification of the Uril
ish order in council.
Note Came As Surprise.
Germany 's noto of acceptance camo
as a surprise to officials. An answer
iiad been expected through Ambassador
Gerard. They woro also less hopeful
I out ot tne outcome tnau was wnrranto't
by the nature of Germany s reply.
In virtually .admitting the illegality
of the destruction of tho T.nsitanin, the
belief was expressed that tho Herman,
comniunicaiiou makes ready to assumo
full responsibility and make reparation
tor the sinking of tho Arabic.
There were growing doubts today a
to the possibility of any report reach:
iuir Berlin from the commander of tho
submarine which torpedoed the Arabic.
Lacking this report, however, official
! ui'l'oved Germany would clenr up th
Receives Written Copy.
Washington, Sept, 1. Secretary
Tumulty nnnoiinceil shortly before noon
that tho state department had received
the written copy of Germany's noto of
The communication is now being pio
pared tor President Wilson, he said.
Tumulty ninde this announcement after
having visited Secretary Lansing's ol
f'ice. Stock Market Stronger.
New York, Sept. 1. Germany 's for
mal acceptance of the American subum
riue deuinnds strengthened the stock
market today following a decline bo
cause of the denioralizullon of foreign
exchange. Sterling opened at 4.51 'j,
off four points.
Liners Will Be Wamed.
Washington, Sept. 1. "No liner will
bo sunk by our submarines without,
warning and without safety to the
lives of non-combatants, provided tho
liners do not try to escape or offer
resistance," is the written assnranc"
given the United States in the com
iiiiiiiicntion handed the stnto depart
ment by Ambassador Heriistorff today.
German Press Comment.
' (By Curl W. Ackerninn.)
(United 'Press Staff Correspondent.)
Hcrliu, via Tho Hague, Sept. I. One
of tiie most significant ilevelii;mieiil i
in tiie German-American situation came
today with the nppenriincn of articles
in tiie newspapers laying stress upon
the value of the submarine, waiinro.
! They went apparently inspired ami
gave statistics of the number of boal i
1 sunk, the tonnage destroyed, and nrg
, ed that the submarine atlncks had been
a success.
Though it is felt thnt what threaten-
ed to become a crisis Mas passed, gov
ernment circles arc still somewiiat tin-
- , pi, nl'oitable in anticipation of the next
American note in view of the bbnitnesi
with which tho lust communication was
, regarded.
Tho submarine which is supposed to
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