Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 31, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Special Sale Prices
Special Sale
No, 758th Wednesday Surprise
Tapestry Pillow Covers
Extra Special Only 19c Each
Here are splendid tapestry woven Pil
low Covers all made ready for the
pillow many different designs to
choose from. A fine article for the
lawn or porch for camp, automobiling,
Salem's Big
Department Store
All Around Town
. i
Dr. Moudel.solui, specialist In fitting
glumei correctly. U. 8, bank bldg.
Tlio latest owners of Btiidobaker cars
nrn W. 1'. Dinger and Mici'innn V.
Ifeckmau, both of this city. These
nils were purchased last week.
Dr. Btono'g Drug Store, tf
T. R. Leonard brought his family
from F.iigonn tfe week anil will inn lie
Hiilem his home. He Is cn'gnged in the
nale of farm machinery ami imple
ment .
Let Jac.Vi do your worn, Hotol Mar
lon Harbor Shop. A, .1. Daniels.
Arthur R. Wilson says that the un
elnirteil lake in which he and (leorge
Johnson ('aught the fine rainbow trout
is locate. I In section !M, township ID,
range 2 east.
Dr. Stone' i Drug Store. tf
Mail your orders
in from the hop
yard. We pay
the freight to
your nearest
Plciibi lliimi lie
2.1 lbs. Onions for lific
toil llm, Onions for 8.10
Walla Walla Sweet Onions,
4 lbs. of mmill white benm
for ... aflc
No. 3 Utrd , U"o
No. Ill Uird i. aa
Our Special Coffee- fl can
for Mc
Huron ( 'huiiKa !So lb.
Host Iticukl'ast luisoii, b gac
flOe. Japan Tea, duriiiK (hit
' 400
14 lis. Nugur $1.00
Nice Green Coin, per doen . fie
Gold Oust 1'lour , ino
Good I, uck (Hard Wheat ... 11.(10
Mm (No. 1) Hard Wheat ... $1.00
W buy direit from the mill.
Country flub Milk, do'ea .... K;ie
4 11! lbs, Japan liiee for $:,.
Tomatoes, cr doren nins !Mt'
5 1 11 lbs. Curve Cut Ma. ,i i 'j:,0
Cresniory Hatter ;c;c
Lemons, dorcn yoc
10 lbs. Ficsh ToihMoch '.',V
There U no doubt llu ti,ri, ,
making I bo luwent pib-r u
Uroceilcn l( Salem, p.uv u fliMi
order and get a ll,.p n, kvi's
Nlruw Hat free.
Damon & Son,
riiou ei 8M N. Commercial
TrM Dlivry,
Rfruc any SaUiu Bank.
on All Wool, Cotton and Woolnap Blankets
Prices on All Trunks, Cafes and Bags
1 VCS'
Ilmm Al.len . horn, frnn, month'. I
stay in Seattb' During his mo,,,,, , , . J."-" "ill -'"
iibsence Mr. Aldcn devoted hm tune to.
the interests of the university ., a well AceonUng t0 adices rf f
as to Ins persoicaM.uMncKs attairs. j ,,,,, , irK1,.sl v ,,,,,
T " . , . . 'eity me supposed to ditch their straw
Dr. E. T. Mclntlre, physician and hats and punainns and come forth in a
surgeon, 211 Masonic bldg. l'hnue -1 Iu. j new fall hat on the first of (September.
The annual Inventory of hooks in the ; Dr. B. F. Pound and wife returned
Salem I'uldic library will be taken this i today from an outing f t li rci weeks
week anil next. At present, there are j in the eastern part of the ctute. llur
about II ,5iMI books in the library, ami a , ing their visit, the doctor and a friend
check and invoice must be made of! did some hunting up in the nioiiataiiiH
each one. ISO miles from civilization.
Mr, Business Man: Spend au hour
at bowling ouch day and watch results.
The Club, t North Commercial,
The nutomobllo party, with O. E.
Nchaffer, George llobsou and Win, II.
Welch and their families returned this
morning Iron, a tup to ( nil or lulu
They were nut ten' davs, covered sini
miles and caiae home bv way of Med
ford. . '
The Capital llotol, undor now inaii-l'"r
ngemeiit. All rooms coiiiiecled with the
aiiiomalic gas Inciting iipplinn.es.
mooiiis from "M cents nil. I(t
f ... .., .
n -
A fifty horse power Tierce Arrow
car has been put on their automobile
service bet ween' this city and Inde
pendence by Kduiundson & llurner. The
car will easily hold 12 passengers and
is one of the finest cms in the state
in use in the auto sen ice.
Will go on vacation. Dr. W. L. Mer
cer will leave Monday, September li,
tu' llreitoubiisli Hot Spiings, where he
will "1 1 two or I luce weeks. Scp2
Dr. Carl Gregg Douey, prosUlont of
Willamette university, letiiinrd vestor
nay I rum l.llL'eiic. w here I... ., ,..,.!.... I
hist Sunday, and left this morning lor
Spokane, where he will deliver an ad
ilress before the auiiuul session of (I,,,
Columbia river rimi..,.. , ,i' m ... i.
I odist church.
Do not foil and bear Mrs. W. II. 8el
leek, leader and iiupiessioiiist, at the
First M, K. chinch, Thursday evening,
at X:U. (liven under tiie auspices of
the Mother's class,
C, B, Webb anil family roturned yes
ter.luv from an aiitono.bil., i. ... ,,r . .. .
I weeks to points in neutral Oregon.
Crater bil , I il ., , . " 'i.. :? .1
. , , . ' . ,''. ""'.V Weill
to llend hrough the McKcnr.ie pass, !
land from there motored to Crater lake,;
I " " ,ml, I
I ,.TsT , . . .
The Y. M. C. A. iwimmliiK tank was
j emptied ycs.er, uy , receive a con. !
i 'f t"te eiuiiiict to put it in shape for
jthe winter and nil sin,,ig , ls,N
Mll be culled off for the ncM 1,1 1
days. There were a few leaks in I he !
i tank which will be patched with aspha,, ,
iM'foie the uln.e enamel ,s applied. j
Carey F. uuTZi family returned I
ypterdii, f,, a three weeks' outing!
at He knap sorings Mr. Martin re- j
oris the roads ,, fine condition be-
tee here and Helkiuip springs. He
also rep,,,, plenty , 1(m,
' ,l" "m'M ')" ' ''
'' mountains from the i
Thorn. three tn.le.
" "r the Silvcon r I.
another piogr.MsiM, farmer. On CM ,
a; re. he l .,., ,r,..,,ed !!110 l.usl,. !
els of whet ,ul 4.;,.,. !,,,el of en,s,
am I bus giniu stacked . i
.:,.00 sucks. Hut 1 1,,,, i,,Ct , lv I
- !.,,'i,'!f"f,,,',,"lm",'' f''' "''"" ""
,, ' i , ''l",'i' '"' '"'Kl
I M he e., unn.es will average h.ia
l.o i.ui,cis4,o ,i. ,.,,.. i
: Crop, 1 .r,.;r.t bad condition, 1
sound strange - u .ho.e bviiig in this!
rar of the illamct.e vallc, . J. A.
Mills it in r mt of a letter i.biv
from a friend living at Manhattan.
Knn, in which it is stated that on
account vf .he heavy tiiias all moiur r
the com crop was entirely destroved in
th:.! pin of (he siate, and that bn.i
itm was brd. as this was ,h th id
cu.p Ihev had lost.
Chief of Pellet Jack Wdlsh dropptd
i t the piiloe station this morning
lo look oer th police nffuiis that
have pae, during Ins two weeks' ah
euc. The chief will take charge of
etc. will stand lot of hard usage. Sell
in many stores at oOc. Tomorrow
only 19c each
Sale starts at 8::i0.
See the Window Display
the dejiai tincnt tomorrow ami Officer;
Robert Nicholson will begin his twnj
weeks off. Mr. Nicholson is planning a
hunting trip to the Alsea country. Mrs.!
Welsh, ami (laughter, Kuby, and sou,
Mussel, returned yesterday' with Chief
Welsh from Newport, where they spent
their vacation.
As the program this evening nt t.ha
dedication of tin' new band stand in
, "l""n I.""" .Will probably be two
According to a recent decision of the
Interstate Cominen-e commission vx.
press companies will be permitted to
increase their rates on' all interstate
shipments, XXII per cent. This refers
only to shipments under 1(10 pounds and
will take effect tomorrow.
. J; ' Porker, county fruit inspector of
1 J'"1 '"""'.V' and Prof. (i. H. I'osey are
I1." eity today, coming in from an
...-)... in, ii mi iM1. ongnr, along tile nv-
m'"1' Salem in I'olk county. Mr.
''"'ker will conliniie his inspection this
'r norm us near Wlieatliind
lose to the river. l'r,,f P,,-... t...l
limsliml Ins work for the two counties
and will return to Corvallis this even
ing. Stacy II. Reeves, of the Perry drug
store, will leave Thursday morning for
Jiinenu, Alaska, where he will become
manager of the Juneau Drug compunv.
lie has been with the Perry Drug com
pnny for the past, five years and has
mado a host of friends who will wish
him nil sorts of good fortune in his
new undertaking, .mnenu now has a
population of 1,0111) and is the capital of
Alaska. With Trcudwell and Douglas
a I located on the s e bay, there are
"" four days' ride from Seattle on
"""in i, ooo in i no eoimuiiiiitv. It
'' .MtisKiiu Meainslnp con,
puny s bouts, and a ticket from Sulem
to Juneau costs i:I2.75.
According to reports from some lo
calities, there is a scarcity of hop piek
ers tins season, and the" Kedeal Im
migration bureau of Portland is adver
tising the fact that thev can place ful
or more families. One, lirm in this citv
is calling fr :t(iO hop pickers. Man'v
ell iiitormcd hop men arc reducing
their first estimates of tins, season's
. ' .'!'. "'' estimntos
neiv Close to I l.l, I II I ia i s the well
formed ones ,e puttin'g " , Zt In,
Com l.Hi.iitul bales Then , 1 it,
'"" V'"1" " 'i"K attitude. o p,e-
dictions are being mud,, as tu the mob
aid, urse of prices The ave, , ..
for picking sec'iu o 1 ',,".. X, C
, - - 1 , x
Attorney R. 0. Wygnnt retiirniyl t,
.hi, city las. 'ig I Z ,1
instruct in nnlitaiv afi.i , .
Va over luirnick? ' , ,,. "
family !, returned Thursday fr,
."hC nTl
the rk of serge,,,,, in l,e"b, ,,, , i,
company and ,. , , J ,
caiup.ucnt was iissig,,,,! (o .1
Vancouver for f,.Ptl.or ins , c i ,
,ho ,u, uf Hnrfii "
i the I", s. aiiuv. Mr Wvgu,
American armv has b-arucd' manv ies
oas from the C.i.ope,,,, ,lr llmj
theeonstrnc.iouof.agtie,, he ,,,
bomb proof si, .-Iters. At Vancouver
Wyga,,, wasaij. 1 ,o (V i I, ,, "
faii, rv. I', S. A. .which was iVde r , I,
l( ,UulvZ,
That ,h,J nmM iuon in grain U
' 'TliK.' nny cemlilioi.'s ' ' c
pe, , ed before in tin, coun.rv. is .he
Iwn (lf li(,));i, K lttvuM(. ;;;;
TL 'ihe "St L.. !'!"
past ;!! years, the Ins, 1I having been in
, , U..y. Ho m m,Vlr .,,., , ,,
wneu wneat rould not b, shipped and
there was a mniket price established.
The present situation seems to be that
with no ships earning wheat to uny ev
tenl en I ho Pacific, and no foreign
market, and no menu's of moving the
crop by water, the demand will on
fall off, and the only buyets will be
those who buy as a sveulat'ion. Should
the fut liters offer their wheat iu too
large quantities, the pioects Kn. (mt
the bottom would fall out of the mar
ket. Today the market is weak, with
price hovering aruuud T5 cent.
Largest and Most Compre
hensive Course Ever Of-
fered In This State
A new course of 8tii'y for the "'fl'1
Mi'imois of the State ha ha just V.f'-n
issued by Superintendent of I'uiilii' in
struction J. A. Churchill. It is much
larger ami more complete than any
former course and contains 114 'fiif-J.
In bis introduction to the course, Mr.
Churchill Btates that his aim 1ms been
to make somewhat definite the differ
cut subjects offered, with a view tu
tfi v i 11 help to the incxpericn. d teach
er. He explain that in the country
High schools it in often neissary for
teachers to give instruction in subjects
for which they have made no special
preparation through their college
courses, anil for such teachers a definite
outline of work is of much value. Con
sideration has also been given for the
different aptitudes of pupils and for
the different preparations which a high
school must give in order to fit all of.
its students for the larger spheres of
usefulness. Much free. lorn in the choice '
of electives is given in the larger high I
schools so that a student will not be re-j
ipiired to take subject in which he is
not interested or for
. li lie has but
little aptitude.
The minimum requirement for gradua
tion is 15 units of high school work
with recitation periods of 10 minutes in
length; but pupils lire urged to com-!
plete the course by taking four sub-1
jeets each year for four years, thereby
earning 1(5 units. The course of study;
permits pupils to earn from one to three
units for graduation in either vocal or!
instrumental music taken outside of
school, provided the work is given by
a competent teacher and the pupil J
spends at least 80 minutes daily in prac-l
tice or instruction. There is also a new'
course that is required to be given in1
all high schools, upon the completion of i
which n student will he permitted to I
enter a teachers' examination. This1
course is made necessary on account of I
a law- which became operative on Sep-.
(ember 1, requiring all persons who havel
not had at least six months of success-j
ful teaching experience to complete an I
elementary teachers' (raining course be-1
fure thev' nro permitted to enter an j
examination for the teachers' ,.,.rtifi-!
cale. The elementary teachers
lug course is in addition to the teach-.
its' training course which has hereto
fore been given in many of the larger
high schools. .
In the preparation of the new- high
school courso of study .Mr, Churchill hud
the assistance 0f the follow ing teach
ers ,1,11 of whom are particularly skilled
in. heir respective lines of work, lie
gives credit to K.Hvin T. Heed, Oregon
Agricultural College; Mrs. Jessie (lod
dard McKinlay, Lincoln High School,
Portland; Mrs. Mabel Holmes Parsons,
I diversity of Oregon; Miss l.ois Owen,
Hu ker High school, Baker, and to Missi
Florence H. Wagner, Ashland High
school, Ashland, for tlio preparation of
the course in Kuglish; to Mr. Harry C.l
tMislhain, Jetterson High school, Port-
laud, for the course in Physical (leo-!
graphy, Physics and Chemistry; to Miss
Vera Darling, Jefferson High school,
Portland, for the course in Physiology,
Itotany mi. I liiologv; to Mr. James K.
Klton, principal Astoria High school,
for the course in Latin; to Miss Juliana
A. Holler, Prankliii High school, Port
land, for the course in (lemma; to Miss
Jessie Cox, Salem High school, Salem,
for the course in History; to Mr. Mer
ritt D-vis, Salem High school. Salem.
h'or the course in llookkvoidiig: to Pro
fessor II. C. Hriiii.li.ii, Oregon Agricul
tural College, for the course in Manual
Training; to Professor Ava li. Milan,
Oregon Agricultural College for the
course in Honiesti,- Science; and to Mrs.
Helen H. Hrouks. of the Oregon Agri
cultural College, f.,r the course in
Domestic Art.
Three Men Were Killed
In Powder Explosion
Oakland, Cal., llg, ,11, Three men
were instantly kil,., ami one seiiinsly
injured when two car of a (ram train
cnirvitig Tiii'i, i n,s t,f dvnainite ex-
iploded ut Her, ulcs this morning. The
j train was trai.dinj from the powder
stoiehonve ol the ilereules Powder com
pany to (he wharf when the vxplosiivi
occurred without warning or knownj
cause. The dead aie: Harold Itennett.i
engineer of the t,ai; llert Talbot., I
I, rem an, n h,,r,,r ho has not ns
jyet been i, lentil .d. The men were!
blown literally ( piece. The shock of'
he opl(..uin biokc windows for miles!
, around and endaugeied a large quantity'
of powder stored n, (he warehouses at
I Hercules mid Pinme.
! The coiicu.sioii t (he explosion was
terrific. The train gliding down'
Mhe Iramwav a a..,,!, the three men!
;iii tueir n,c,istom,M positions Sudden-1
I ly, without a sceiul's warning, therei
was a deafening port, a cloud of de-!
bus Ihnmn fr,.m ., to 50 feet in thei
juir and all was st ll. Employe of the!
pluiil lushed from ,e0 various buildings,
bewildered, lunching the sceue of the-
tragedy, nothing ,t gaping hoi,, with'
jbits ot twisted irou and steel, here anj
;aim, there a ie. e o," crothinir, here an-1
'other portion of "luican analomv, emld:
I be seen. All :), llirt ,.0Vered, splin-i
iteicd and smoking mass. Workman'
were ininicbatelv pt to W(,rk with
hope of gathering together tho remains!
lor the unfortunate men.
J. V. Outhcte ami wlf and Porry!
Abbott and wife wcie In the citv this
morning, coming fr, ieii n.rt and on
their way to their home nt Portland.
Mrs. (iu.hrie and M,. Ahlvott are mi,.
lets of Tom Oideman and friend of
the J. t Sett family.
Luther J. Chap.n ti in AumaYtUa to-
r ... .mm .- -m-w-
ty. airanging fr .he corn show and
institute to he held at that place this
Successor, White, Is
Scored For Bringing Ser
ious Charges
T'ortland, dr., Aug. HI. haro.es said
to have been made to the war depart
ment by Adjutant Ccuoial (leorge A.
White, that his predecessor in office.
William E. Finzer, had made personal
profit from the government's purchase
of the I 'lachamas rifle range for the
Oregon National Guard and had em
bezzled government funds in connec
tion with the purchase of the State
I'il'le association's club house have fal
len flat in the face of an investigation
by Colonel 1. C. Shanks, inspector gen
eral of the I'nited States army.
Colonel Shanks, in summing up the re
sults of his investigation severely
criticised Ccneral White for making ac
cusations which he could not substan-
tiate. Colonel Shanks savs there is no
foundation of truth to any of the
charges made by White,
"X tun very far from believing that,
there is any kind of sufficient ground
for referring to General Finzer as an
embezzler of public funds," savs Col.
ill his report to the secretary
of war.
"The present adjutant general was
formerly a newspaper man. I think it
is widely recognized that his selection
as adjutant, general is a political one,
and I believe he cannot himself deny
that he owes his appointment to polities.
"I believe that General Finzer worked
hard and w-as honest and conscientious
in his efforts to secure a rifle range
for the national guard in Portland and
"1 do not believe that a single pen
ny of the government money went to his
own pocket through a dishonest mo
tive. "It is most tinfnnrtmiate that his suc
cessor should seek to make a founda-l
tion for his own efficiency bv be
smirching the record of his pro-
Portland, Ore., Aug. :U. The violent
coughiiiR of the five months old baby
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Clark probably
sftv''" ' ' tiimil.Y from death in a tire
which destroyed their home early to
Smoke from the fire choked the in
fant ami its paroxysms aroused Mr".
Clark, who in turn awakened her hus
band with her screams.
Seizing the baby nnd another child
the father and mother were scarcely
out of the building before it began to
The flames spread to a nearby grove
and for a time threatened other honies
in the neighborhood, but were extin
guished after several hours work by
the fire department.
I l.os Angeles, Cal., Aug. ,11 . Mrs. Hose
i Lloyd Smith, wife of a street car con
ductor committed suicide todav by
shooting herself as she lay on a bed of
lilies in Westlake park. Before lulling
herself she called at the apartments of
Her sister and announced her in. en. inn.
l.os Angeles Times: In some of the
coast swimming contests the Indv en
trants are showing great form.
Atlanta Journal: Life these
is one Kuropcan government loan
Mr. Richard Steven wearing ur
, plice coat.
The aocial elite who attended the
'cent tennis tournament at NwTiort
tred in amaicmant at Mrs. Richard
Stvn when lha inir.,l
,n of th finest urplic lace coabT
Thera isn't a doubt hut th.
tion if iroini to kecoma noimt.. --I
only In exclusive nocietv but 'even
- ' -v V J VU, rVQH
monk- those who are not an for,..
1 ' otherwue, ai to travel in h
i rmart et,M
v '. v1
t t 7
Dedication of New Band Stand
Special Music and i
Arrangements have been made for a
propel dedication of the band stand
presented to the city by Joseph H. Al
bert at the band concert to be given
this evening. An address will be made
by Governor Withycirnbe for the state.
Mayor Hurley O. White will respond
for the city, and Ivan G. Martin for the
musicians. The music for the evening
will include many of the most popular
band selections, opening with "Salem
First," composed by II. X. Stoudemeyer
especially for tins occasion. Tom Orde
iiiaiin will sing "Mother Maohreo,"
which was so favorably received last
week, anil Mrs. Hallie I'arrish Hinges
will sing "Old Folks at Home," ar
ranged by Mr. Stoudenmeyer.
The Orpheus male chorus o 21 voices
will assist in the evening's program.
Among their numbers are "Ileaiiteous
Night."' from "The Tales of Hoff
man, "' "The rfn-ary," to be sung by
request, and the ever popular "Funiculi
Fuuiciiln. ' '
The baud program in full is as fol
lows: I. March "Salem First"
2. Overture "Zampa" Jlerold
:l. Waltz " Diinseuse" Miles
4. Vocal solo "Mother Jlnohree"
Arr. by Stoudenmeyer
Mr. Tom Ordeniann.
". Comic opera selection "High
.links" Friml
0. (a) " Kleanor"; (b) (new)
" l'oppylaiid"..Sani Few Co., Pub.
7. Vocal Soloi "Old Folks at
Home" Arr. by Stoudenmeyer.
Mrs, Hallie Piirrish Hinges.
5. Musical comedy "The Chocolate
Soldier" Strauss
1. March "Jack Tar" Sousa
I'ojdilar numbers for encores.
Crew of Forty-Seven Men
Saved By "Taking To
Small Boats
Seattle, AVash., Aug. 31. The Alaska
Steamship company freighter Edith wifs
reported on her beam ends and sinking
rapidly -10 miles west of Kutnlln, Alaska,
by a wireless message from Captain 0.
.1. O'Brien of the steamship Jlariposa,
of the sunie company, which wns forced!
to cut loose from her tow nnd abandon j
the vessel to her fate this nioniing.
The crew of the Kdith numbering 47
men put off in small boats Inst night;
when a cargo of 2.1(10 tons of copper con
centrates, valued at $2.10,0110 shifted in I
a heavy swell and stood the big ship!
on her beam ends. They were picked;
up by the Mariposa which camo to;
their aid in response to the S. O. S. call!
received while crossing the Uulf of
Alaska from southeastern to southwest-!
crn Alaska on route to Cordova. The
Mariposa took the Kdith in tow but.
when the vessel began to sink by the
head, the line was cast off.
Officials, of the Alaska Steamship
.oinpanv received n. wireless vilnv,i
from Cordova to Astoria nnd thence to
Seattle lute Monday night from the
Mariposa indicating the Kdith was safe.
At noon today, however, another wire
less from Captain O'Brien stated the
l'-dith was sinking rapi.llv.
The Edith, a steel freighter, Ivns
valued at . 100,0110 and was built nt Sun
derland, in 1SK2. she was formerly
used as n coal carrier from Lndvsmitii
to San Francisco until she was pur-1
chased by the Alaska. Steamship com
pany hi lSio.1. The vessel was 2SS feet
long mid 117 foot beam.
' iiptain C. 1!. McMullen. wns in com
mand. Killed By Ice Block !
In Attempt to Explore
Cave In Paradise Glacier
Tacon,,,. Was),.. An(r, m.-Onisbcl
be catl, an enormous block of ice which
t-'ll squarely on his head when he iu
autiously struck ,. ceiling f,f .
cave with his alpenstock, 11. W. IVriru
son, age, r.3. of Sele. state agent for
the yucifie Coas, Csaltv eomtmnv
. . , , , "-1"1". com,
"ti- iiimiii r V ki ,, .
1, , , , ""'Hung an,
. " .nig,e,i almost beyond reeoe-
r.ition. m ..:.i. .... ,
. "in occurroil a m c
: "it p. rB..on It
killed while he. , company with two
other member, of the party. hd gone
in i advance of the guides and had en "
ed an ,ce v i ,1,,, ral,ulis(, ,
hout taking prp0r prautions.
He examined the ierior of the
cave and then reached p with his ul
K ''ruck several b o'v," ,
he ceiling. Without warning a hug
i.i...,. - me ice ami lmrv tie
" "M en,,, ie fragments. After con
Mdera e effort the ice was removed
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The Picture That Everybody
Likea. '
Keystone Comedy
First Run Pictures
No Repeaters
Adults 10c Children 5c
Portland Publisher Pleased
With EiihuRoot's Speed
Portland. Ore., Aug. 111. (.'. S. Jack
son, publisher of the Oregon Journal,
who for ilo years has fought for govern
ment for and by the people, today sent
a telegram of congratulation to Klihu
Root, on his speech condemning " boi
sisni" and the "invisible government"
delivered before the New York consti-
tutitr.ial convention yesterday. The
telegram read:
"Allow me to congratulate you upon
your splendid utterances at Albany in
behalf of government of, for and by
the people. You have deservedly
crowned yourself with tlio grandest,
title in the world, truly republican or
ileum rat. Hulo of the people in Ore
gon grows morn fruitful us each yea
passes. The Journal, , over which I
have the honor to preside, backs it
with more and more ardor, with 35
years of conviction and enthusiasm for
it and belief in the eoinineni people, so
called workers and toilers in this freo
land whose greatest enemy is 'in
visible government,' Again, congratu
lations." Stone Is Sarcastic.
T.os Angeles, Cal., Aug. 31. "1 havo
only the highest regard lor Klihu Hoot,
who is an able, brilliant- num. As a
presidential camltduto I am sure that
Mr. Eoot, whet iu somewhere in the,
70 's, will find it u great source of sat
isfaction to look back in the evening
of his life and proudly number himself
as among the also runs."
Thus did William J. Stone, chairman
of the senate committee on feceign ro
tations, who is in l.os Angeles for a
few days, pay his respects today to
the opositiot, party in discussing tho
report that tho former secretary of
state intended to enter the Joists (
Hi Hi.
Philadelphia Ledger: The Galveston
sea wall paid for itself iu a singlo
Baldy Breezer's
hen it conies to class in Lnun
dry Work; this is the place you
are looking for.
Vour continued patronage de
pends on our maintaining a hifch
standard to meet with your ideal
nnd w e do it, Kaultless Lnunder
"'tt that we are proud to hand to
the most, exacting is trtir hobby.
Home of Baldy Breeze.
Salem Laundry Co.
Salem, Oregon
J- . ,,pnntiful 7.room bungalow nt
.,., ... ,- k uu doiii si miui";
tnn Wednesday, 8,.pteinber 1, 1015,
'nt -:,lo n. ,, ti. l.. .. ... . '
tn nouso will oe open
We in.. I P'Tchnscra Tuesday.and
Hea na " . '"'"B" ol next wceK.
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