Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 28, 1915, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 10

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. ;"
b Gslley o Fun I
the suprtciviG test.
"You BKfiiie lo become our Profc.v
oi or f.lot -rn UuiRunsoj?" asked tha
,1'i-fhiJenl o: the Hoard of Trustees of
11m Milled.jfvll'p Colloo.
j "Yos, air," v.-is tha respectful an
wer of l!i. applicant.
"Konr.cn 8i Deutsch aprechen?"
M the IWoiror sharply.
i "J i-.vulii:" caiiio tho answer of tin
ffi'li' iiil, r.ot ta be taken off bu
ku-trU thus rnr.ll:'.
"i'nrle -voun fr.-uralH?" demanded
be i.i c-.(i-;atr, kHUk the applicant
ln I m fur recovery.
' "Otii," raid I lie nppllrant. Tlie Pres
ident beamed with pleasure upon hi-i
MItv memberi of tm I!:iard.
I "It Kcnia," li.i said, ndil.-o.iHfnn n-i
run i i puliruiir, "lliiit Ilia CM tlemaii
I fmitu-ntly (ii:ill(ic(l fur tlie po I.
J ul," luminal ne,iil:i to applicant,
"IIkto i.i one more (puiiillon Hint I
l'U:t. n:ik yoti. V.'lmt l:i the kIiii i;i i
l(iiiv:ilent of fear as nsproKsnl I i
Iho monkey laiiitnuge an transcribed
! ProfKKor darner?"
It. oil. zing I hat he had failed in Hie
HipiPiiiH test, the applicant lurnei
atlly away.
( "Alwayn be I lie aunio as you am
low," In- whlnpcrcd In Imr tendi'ily,
"I'lid II ih all I ask, my (learnnt one."
"And if 1 urn, you will ulwayH lovo
Hie?" she Haiti, ipiletly.
Ve;, lie iinawered Imr, "always."
Hlie lii'ikcd beyond 1 1 1 lit Into iipace.
( nly SI IK knew that ero Iiiiik nh
Vtiulil bp (iiiel (IITTeiont, for Hbu was
KinwiiiK Hi nut!
I 'I'hen mIip Hinilcd Into tils face. "Anil
flic iiioip ynu nee of me, Hie Kieiiler
,VII bn your love, will It not?" slip
j "Yes," lie anuvercd, "I Hwear it,'"
Aliil IbllH iibe wiim iiiliifiiited.
Ami It c.iine to pa. in thai Kinlil
piu e.i..l lulu tlin ileu of llnn.i by ol
der of klni liaiiii.s.
Marly (lie next nun tllii K. KIliK I 'a
1 1 us went lii the don, roil,.,! ium,v ii ,.
line, a tut railed out: "lio Hie 1 . i 1 1 . ;
"Not unt'oa.iiinahly," reilled hanli'l.
jvlio w.ii well up In tlm K"iniial vei
lii'cnbir of the day.
"(h wnl," ej iciiliited KImk IiarliM an
p.n Killed back I he hIoiiii. Wliei e',,'n.i
(lie Went fmlli mid piiii'lalined to the
hiiiillitude Unit Hip lion giie..Ui.n In I
tlMieil solved.
Human ('illon What's tho Mailer, I
I fiend Tullius Miiitu iijueT
j Human lil.ur,ilii'i Anetil - -Mullet ''
,V. iy, the i oiiip.iiilcti have, Jti.it ilei iil
rd In ciimil nil I lift r potliM.i lieie on
the Kiound of a "nnirtil humid,'
The lliiaid of 1 iiilerwi i et -:i i:u
siiiiiitrii mk to iicipi.iim ninpi'iur j
u Willi I be lilt i
A QtlfiFtY.
The Pieiiclii'i (im.iiK vnlc
f.alvnluiii ii fu'el I i,i ynu w,in it
j l-'ililor t.,t!dd'iily nwaheiiiiic,)
1l,ri n ,u,. any piiiniiui'iit iienpln nn
N i In It mi might ijiyo ua k'.'Vimi Ii i;i
dull wolds.
t':ii.cy- Thin von don't think th'Me
tile any In-.li ilavei:i?
Militiby- No. ludiiile! WI iii Vol
l.Miey lliievv III" btlik ttii'io Wiimi'I
IH III, III of Itiliu would coiiiu out 'iu,l
I Kill.
v-! 4 !', ...x "
v,v- v.- :
V... , . ", .v?.; .
Mtrt FIRST f 00T3AL L CAM.
jptio -- It 'A h ioiii Ii name, I .n't p ?
Jle S by, es; I til m duri t
-r.-t to see It aottuu b aibiu.i'u .i
iiih ruuT
Your System
an occasional corrective to insure
good health and strength Success
ia almost impossible fur the weak
nd ailing. Enjoyment ia not
(or the sick. Impaired health
nd serious sicknesses usually
begin in deranged conditions of the
Stomach, liver, kidneys or bowels.
Pills n
are recognized all over the world
to be the best corrective of troubles
of the digestive organs. They tone
the stomach, stimulate the liver, reg
ulate the bowels. They cleanse the
Bystem, purify the blood and
act m the bent and safest
For Health
and Strength
Lrf fat 5U of Any Mlcin In tha World,
bold rarywher. In Imbm, 10c., 2 Sc.
Capital Journal Only
Complete Paper Sold
The Capital .lounial is Un
duly evening daily published
in Salem that is a complete,
lien -paper. The Portland papers
peddled here are printed in the
forenoon about II o'clock, are
simply the regular edition of
the day before with Home
changes on the first page. They
lire only extras made up for
street sales and out of town
circulation, milking no pretense
to being renl newspapers. The
Capital .loiiriuil on the other
hand, contains the complete
leased wire service up to 3:.'lu
p. in., which is li::iu p. m. in
New York and past midnight
in Kiiiopc, Hie seat of the great
wiir. It also contains nil the
local news of Hnlcin mid sur
rounding territory that is worth
while. Jt is a complete after-
1 a newspaper and the only
one circulated in Kalem. When
you pay your money for n Port
laud cwniiig paper here ynu are
merely being "fnked" into buy.
iug a cheap extra with big
headlines on the first puge and
.M'stenlny n ,. ,.unwlieri
The Capital
tlip si reel fur
.bun mil
! ecu I.
Housewives Warned That Use of Pro
servim; Powders Harmful And
format ion has
! C, Aug. .
come to the liciuiituiciit
HUH till' H 11 II I II 17 HI'.'lHlll, I,,,. i,. I.,
Hie iiniuI ileinaiol on the purl of house j
les for salicylic acid m ,ii,. ,,,.;,!, '
lliei,. prepnniii,,ilN ,-,, sunietinies sold
Hi the t'liini f ponder under Mitinus'
t-iadc names and are recu icn.led ln
Ihe pti'iiuders fur use in preserving
uiiined giuuls in home eaniiiiig, In the'
ilite. tions for use the l,.,uu.-, , i ., : ...n1
fill the jar with the fruit or voce'
j tables, cover with water, and add a
I leitspooiil'ul f t. preserving ponder.!
, Vv lule it is true that these coii,puiiii,U
I ieiiir.1 me ,eciiv of the fmit m-
I vegelnlde, i in pint,., ul ,v
; peits of the department Hint 'their use
! lon.v be nl tended In serious disturb.
! an. es of health. Siiii, acid is nell
"ii n a poisonous subslaii
ce. and
i "tie of the ev ils which nuiv
I lis us,. j deiaiioeineiil of the ,1,,,,
... j H ' therefor,, j.lai,, lm, "
jevleiniv,. use in food tuny lead o ,i.s
I tmbniices of digesti,,,, ,ilh health.
II I The federal food mid dings nd pro-
. i.'"i i.ne use 01 minium picserv
itiv ei
; hi loo.is lli.il enter interstale
I ' 111 """I uiw or nearlv every stale in
union foil, i, ti,,. a!e within th,
ot ilood.s that have
been pieserved
W ith Ii : t in t il I
lances. Neither the
era I
or State f,ni, bins iinoli. I,.
f In I b:i I are ciiiiued in the home and
i'"ii-oioe, there. It would seem, how
ever, that the housewife would nut
knowingly use, ni ihe foods she pro
vides for her family, siilistmn es (hat
she could not use In fomls lor il.
w illi.'ut v iolnting th,, vv, because these'
snl'slaii, es are inmiioiis to health 1
Anuiilal Preservatives
I'liiils and veeelablc
Not Necessary;
1 CSIl t'i hent
indefinitely if thev are steiilued b I
best mid pioperlv sealed, mid there is
no rvense, la the opinion of the c 1 "", ,i"rV formally reported it
peits of Ihe department, for miming wml1,1 have indicted two federal steam
nnv iik bv iisine nreserv Im. , ',,,,,t insH-ctors Hud two chew men' if
iu. Ii ii,av lie luinrii'iis to hesllh. The
use of no. h ponders in addition to the
poxibl,. injury to health rucuuriijtfs on
ileaulv or inrelcs work in isuaing.
K.'lian.e is placed in the elfiracy of
Ihe I'teserv lnK compound instead of up
on i leniiline and hent.
The Dei'iirtiuenl h I
. v 1
I . glM sm-ctic directions for tl pre ,, Vl A e:.-0tk.n,,',,t,o
' ' ng andcsiiii ngoffruiuandvegv ,lf ,-, A, , A s,llt,h
al'l. without the us., of pre.erving;,,,,.,,,,,,,,!, w ,.,,,,,,1,,,,.,, ,,..
I",K'''T or ipoiind,. ll.. bulleti,,,, , .,, , , , ,.f;
may h,! obtained without cost ftom the
Department of Agriculture. Applies
lion al'oiild be made for Fanners ' Hiil-
lettn, No. i'tu on Canned Fruit, Pre
j serves, and Jellies, and No. (i'JI on I an
tiling Toinsloea nt Hume and in flub
Work. ANo Forms X. It, "o X. k.
! N. I!. II, N. It. 34 mi l X. It. 7 nf Ihe
Office of Kitensinn Work, North and
West, Sttc Kelnl ion) Hervlef.
"Reasonable" Preparation
Advocated By fielder
Boston. Slaw., Aug. 27.-" Reason-
able preparation." against unexpected
attack by an enemy was advocated '
Governor Fielder of Xew Jersey, in an
address before the governor's confer-
i . i i- i - i i ,i
enee here today. I uder Ins plan the
New Jersev executive would have each
state train and equip 750,W men to
be available for uutional defense if
"The great trouble with militia
that labor claimed it is controlled by
j tlie employers anil manuiacturers, saiu
j fielder. "This objection could be elim
inated riy removing nit,- i.iiii.iu jiwu... n . ... .i.Mi,nfl,
strike and riot duty." UMilULn pit alands ami KILLS QUICKLY
Governor Walsh, of Massachusetts, ; OncMomnliievery7diesolcancM-l'.S.n port
answered former Governor Mease of j t!i
South Carolina, who supported mob law;n. u.. . puiuirvf nn Chamlgy ulltflnt
,.,! I,.r,.,i tl.nt when mol.B are n o i "II Ul. wnnillLLl V liU. BOOK SENT FRtE
and declared that when mobs are no
longer possible liberty will end.
j "Liberty does not mean mobs," said
Walsh. "There can be no liberty with
I out obedience to courts and juries."
Governor Lister urged the (greatest
I conversation of natural resources He
; said:
"The people of the west have come to
j s keen realization ot tlie true meaning
l of conservation. It is not their desire
to ruthlessly and wantonly destroy, but
I rather to do everything to make pos
I sible the use of our natural resources to
I the gniitest degree by the present gen
eration, ever keeping in minu that it
is our duty not only to conserve our
resources, but also to develop them in
a manner that will make it possible for
us to turn' them over to the future
generation capable of greater service.
"The question is one of such vast
importance that it should be possible
for those entrusted with authority to
meet on the broad ground of public
iood and enuct legislation that will
' bring greater development in the next
(jtltcn years than the last 30 years have
Stale I'Yngroiin.lH, Friday, August
'.'7, ISM'i. Weatiier yesterday and to
day ideal. Track is fast.
A surprise was given all hands yes
terday when Km iik Meredith, four
years secretary of llio Oregon state
lair, and now .'lohliug a similar position
in the stnte of Washington, called at
liead'iiarters. Kx-meniber of the state
fair board, II. K. Hatch, drove out with
Mr. Meredith, whit had taken a run
over from Vancouver, Wash., to see his
aged parents, and being ho close to bis
former field of successful labors, could
not resist coinini' out lo the state fair
grounds. He arrived yesterday morn
ing ami left ill tile evening fur North
Yakima, where the state fair for Wash
ington opens September "0. Secretary
.Meredith likes iiis new home and says
that Ihe Washington people liuve a
proper value ol the lair which is n
credit t ot he state.
leMoniay was ak nnr lien nay on
the fair giouudti. The Nebraska ho-
Icictv nf Siileni env-e a iiicnic in Ihe
grove. There wc.s band music, speeches
und a general good time had. The
'writer ol these lines treetner with HiMI
other nieiiiliers of the National I'Mitnr
inl assocint ion, were liiade ineuibers of
the Ah Sar Hen society at Oniiiha in
l!Hio, during the nationnl convent ion
Mrs. Southvvick, representing the
ladies of the M. I-!, church, came out
I yesterday uml selected lots (in which
.lo erect five tents during the state
j lair. The ladies will have tiieir tents
nrrniigcil in a circle with a court in
the center wiiere meetings cull be held
ill the evening. It will be a vei v pleas
ant feature.
The Southern Pacific Uailway coin
panv sent a crew of men to the grounds
yc-lei da v and brightened things up
nt'ter the -linn railroad people had hud
tlie time of their lives picnicking on
the 1 11.1 lump (ininiid. T.ic walk to
the main enhance pioved ail excellent
Inuring linn-.
United States Judge
and Mayor
i San' Francisco, Aug. 27. An open
, win fare of words broke out today be
tween Mayor James Rolph, Jr., of San
i Francisco, and I'nited States Judge
! Mani-iee T. Dooling over a bitter critic
ism by the judge of the mayor's at
litude in alleged contempt of court pro
cedure for the use of Ihe municipal
railway cars on Market street. Judge
Dooling berated tho mayor and city of
ficials for "successfully evading, if
not openly defying, the orders of our
courts in a pending controversy."
I The breach promises to widen todav.
when Mavor Holph will give out
statement in defense of Ins position.
Mayor Itolpl. was cited to,- alleged con
tempt ot court in refusing to obey in-
junction order in the failed linilroads1
vs. Municipal Knilwiiys case.
Steamship Manager
Indicted by Grand Jury,"!;!;.
- W. K. G reenbamn.
general inaiinger of the Indiana Trans -
poi tat ion company, w as indicted bv the
grand jury here today on a charge of
iiian'slaughter growing out of tho sink-
"l! 11 f steamer Knstliind with the
less of more than S00 lives.
t'lecnliaiiiu was indicted en three
i. : :.i -! i . -
""'s, "K'Ki'ii; nun nun i e rioaii ing
Hie Kiistland and using na iinsenwortliy
ii..... 1....1 ..... i .t.i .i..... i... i ....
thev had not been told thev'
mill no
jridietion in these cases.
The Indians Transportation company
chartered the Knstlinul for the excursion
of employes of the Western Klectnc'
foinpniiv which reunited In the disaster.:
believe thev will Imve enough fur a
bstialnm snortly. , The regiment is
nniiiie in tlu:t it is the nnlv kilted do-
tachmi'iit in the new citizen soldiery re-
serve of the l ulled Stuies army. Kv
etv rivruit takes nil oflh to enlist in
ease of war.
A cant a word will tU yow
ttory in f At Journal Ntu TJy
i, SALEM. Ulib., Aiinu.-i. n.
I 1
jjffoft " POISONS ttlf ftlii V llUcHlS U BOW I
1 WlulfllllliniKOrPaig.
j x,,KT.or..ther
'Finnic, nn isiana
piantrnskpsthe cure
1 Any TUMOR, lump or
. Mson ihe lip,faee
CANCER It "never
! palnsiintifjaststage
ii?KKA610 oSStStl!
m0niaijs. Witaaai
'MitoTT sniiwt. enitatt Cncv SlKnllst livlni
4340 1 43KE Valencia St, Sin Francisco, Cal.
San Francisco. Aug. 27. The
Panama-Pacific exposition will
be entirely out of debt on Sep
tember 3. President Moore an
nounced today that the last pay
ment of $1,200,000 has been
paid to Han Francisco banks.
Kvcry piece of paper or incum
brance against the exposition
will be publicly burned from
the Tower of Jewels next week.
Is Released i
From Vancouver Jail
Vancouver, Wash., Aug. 27. A state
supreme fcourt (decision which holds
that a female 12 years old and a male
11 years old may contract marriage, is
responsible today for tlie release from
jail here of Pierto Dusti, 23, and his
child bride.
They were being held on a charge of
perjury becauso, it was alleged, tbo;
girl's ago was given as l(i when the,
marriago liconsc was secured, when, in i
fact, she was four years younger. j
In view of the decision County At
4n....... t r t i : .. ,..i i 4i. i
I nniN-j ii. w. x'iuii, uiticicii iiiu leirnae
ot the two on their own recognizance
and it is probable that no further action
in the case will be taken.
Irregularities in tn proeurinsr of a I
license, it was held, is not sufficient
grounds for the annulment of tlie mar -rirge.
Daniel J. Fry Guarantees to Return the
Money If Mi-o na Does Not
Believe You.
"It's a pleasure to sell a medicine
when niv customers come in afterward
and tell me how much good it has done
I hem," said Daniel J. Fry, the popular
druggist to a Journal mail, "and that
is why I like to sell and recommend
Mio-na, the dyspepsia remedv. The
distribution of samples that I made;
created so much talk and so large a
proportion of those who ri.eived a
sample have bought a bon of Mi o-na!
that my clerks have been busy selling!
the medicine ever since. have so!
much faith in this article that I nni;
going to guarantee it in the future, and
will return the money to any purchaser
of Mi-o na whom il does not help. That
1 may seem rash but my customers have
said so many good words in its favor
, that 1 do not expect to have many pack
: ages returned.
I "Anyone who has dyspepsia, whose
food does not digest well, and who has
I to tako thought as to what he can eat,
laud when, can leave oil cents deposit
I at my store and take home a box of!
Mio-na and if the remedy does null
I regulate his digestion and help his:
: dyspepsia he can withdraw his money.
II don't know but whnt we would be
willing to pay him interest.''
slums great faith in the merit
of Min na. Jt is really a most unus
ual medicine and tho rapid increase of
sales since Daniel ,1. Fry introduced it
:in Saleiu shows that it does all that it
is claimed to do- -relieves dyspepsia.
! regulates digestion and enables those
I who use it ti, ,,.lt j,lst what thev want
vv ith no fear of tumble after.
a Car Stens Must R Lower
T H 1 11T
10 ACCOmmOdate WOOlCn
An ,,!,,, ,s.'11(,l, , .n,i,ii,,
utilities cm,,,,.,,,,,, reqiiiriiiK the Fort-
'aiin.iv, i.igin I'ower coinpnnv
to loner its , n, te, s on the Dak Grove
1 s" t,'l thev an not more than l.V
cs above tin- ,
nl. The matter was
nt ion of the public
i by the Social Ser
Grove an, I it was
I t' the nit.
utilities coMuuisv,,.
vice t-lul, ,,t (ta.
' stated in tin
i"i, ',:,int that the narrow
la.lv passengers would
skirls of ,h
I " ' I Hilt them to at.ui nil til lie em
Idaloriu. It nppeai, that street car
steps can l. altered bv the decrees of
fashion are n'l:iKit,-, and the oulv a I
leinative was tr the street car 'com-
I'mi.v to ci.iuc,. ,rs until t'ae wom
en could board Ihoin.
I It is stated, however, that the skirts
11 r' '"'' i"g wider ami slightlv shorter
now and that there will be liws neces
sity in the future l,,r altering the cars
to 'Qiiloiiu lo th,, tashions.
Flax Pullers Back From
Flax Fields at Gaston
The gang of ,i convict flax-pullers
and lo gmn,, retiiii,,.,! toduv from Gas
ton, whete thev av,. been for a week
pulling about loo a.rea of flux grown
in t'lat viciiutv. Tii,, nfficers reHirt a
good time and not , l,t on the
trip and no tr.nble experienced. The
flax from liast.ui will be shipped to the
penitentiary plant f,,r manufacture.
The fanners Mnriuii and Polk
count y who trcvv 1:it crops this year
have ,,,.ri bi,,v ,ir the last two weeks
hauling Ihe (lHX into the pen for stor
age, mid now ncsr'v' all of the lival
jfiax is at the plant 'readv for the ma
chinery which ia expected to arrive
BHaTara S
-",Vv rl j
r, fpr-nn I V M T OH 1Q1.n
Did It Ever Happen
Citizen Soldiery To
Hear No More Speeches
Washington' Aug. 27. Citizen sol
diers of the military instruction camp
at Plnttsburg, X. Y., will have no
more addresses except on subjects which
may aid them in training. General
Leonard Wood gave Secretary of War
Gurrison this assurance today in a tele
gram replying to the secretary's wire
of yesterday expressing the indignation
of the administration because of
Roosevelt's speech.
"Telegram received. Policy laid down
will be rigidly adhered to," General
Wood wired.
Asked if he had seen Colonel Roose
velt's comment on tne telegram sent
Goneral Wood, Secretary Garrison said
it was not his duty to save the colonel
from himself.
Garrison's statement that it was not
his duty to "save the colonel from him
self" -was made in reply to Roosevelt's
assertion' that the war department knew
three weeks in nilvsmc he was going
to speak at Plattsburg and as no ob
jection was raised stopped themselves
from any right to criticise General
"Colonel Rooscvnit takes the posi
tion," said Secretary Garrison, "that
it is notorious that he has a habit of
making indiscreet speeches and that
therefore, it was my duty to find out
if lie intended to go to Piatfsburg, and
if so, head him off and save him from
j "He is an extremely active man. I
am a very busy one und it is going to
be a pretty hard job to keep an eye on
, him all the time"
At the war department and also at
the White House, it was intimated to
day that no further developments might
be exported in the incident.
t. .loseiili. ,, ,v ,u ... . . ,
... 1 '"h- -1 special)
Ii you tire a model husband or pre-1
tend to be you get up t f,i, in the!
morning mid do th,. family washing be-
tore skipping uvvny to w'ork. i
What's more, you take vour wit',, to'
any place of ttniuseiiient' she wishes I
no matter how meager v.uir sularv 'l
l'.dvvard K. Fischer of tins eitv is J
model hiisbnnd. filing ,,it for di-1
voice trout his wife, Catherine K he'
produced a list of capacities ,, llt .;
ainments that proved he has earned i
ins tule rjsc.r is more tlinn a model ;
husl.iind. He is mi archangel. i
la addition to the family washlim
item and the entertuinn,,.,,, 'f his it
here are some of Fischer's records' 'l
Baves AH of His Salary ' I
Icfor, his mtirriage. hi(, (arlli
foo a nioii i ns ,. .... :i i , .
saved tm. i
la the eight years of hi, Imirri,Hl
ottice r f'"m ,ll
Almost immediately after his nmr-'
riage, his pay was advanced to ti,i,j
He owns hi, heme, pnij. fr f '
his savings.
lie is tho father of f. ,,-Mn '
the youngest one year old. While
the children were babies he arose everv
two hoars during the night to prepare
their hot tie for them. 1 ,
lie unities,- the children each night
and puts them to bed. .
Did Family Washiiu. '
He arose regularly t 4 o'clock everr'
Moiidny morning nan did the family !
washing Wfore going to the office '
lie assisted la d..iiia the ditl.es three
or four times a week.
Working morning and evening be
made garden and raised chickens.
Kvcry month he kre hit pa v check
fS-OMEL CIA&( , "j (5TArVTIrte To)
i zr; i
(-.: i 4 amo (b
to You?
Bl'1 i
similaiiiigiiicFooiJanilRcdula ling Uie Siomachs andBowdsof
Promotes DigeslfonOeerM
ncss and ResLContalnsneiifttT
Opitint.Morphine norMuexal
Not Narc otic.
fliirpiih SirJ"
Ami SaJi
Sttfm .
Iianqam Ikmr.
Apwfccl Remedy forCansfha-
tlon , Sour Storacti.Dlairtioca
Wor ras .Coirvulsioiis .Fcvcrishr
Facsimile Signarare of
The Centauh Compaht,
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
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Seldom Away From Home
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N-fl! "'fflJlSm-.T.. N(Mhaa
By Mort Burger
For Infanta and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
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Beautiful Compl
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Oriental Cream
Indispensable and Delightful
i oilet tiequisde
for Fashionable Women.
,i,Ai da,1; npcesslty for the ladles' toilet
Sonol ho,";e Sr whMe traveling. It
protects the skin from Injurious erTocta
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ilr . . h"""y o 'be complexion. It Is a
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Sol'l"' l,ttir lilch all ladies should
f, , i.Sfttt"'!i wh,:n ".''"ctliiK a toilet pre
paration . .Uinclng, bowllnir or oth
er exertions heat tha skin, It prevents a
greasy niiponrance.
Hi.i?Mr"1J" 0rlentl Cream has been
"'''""iineniled by physicians, act
''"'"; "l,nKera and women of fashion for
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lnn"l'iT'.ilow ""d Muddy Sltla.VivIng
, r"-i woman uetaret.
Great Jone, Street New York-.
uiicy umids Dealers.
$100 Reward, $100
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nJ.ioei'-"11 Cll,rTh Cure Is the only
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di.ltyCB.,arrh beln constitutional
nWt l?.",rX eonstimtlonal treat
KSin.11!".! CaUrrh Cure Is taken In
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for an,-' ey Rnor n Hundred Dollar
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