Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 25, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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"Consider Quality
Three Day Special Sale of
Women's White Skirts
Up to $2.50, Extra Special $1.89 Each
Your choice of corded or honey comb
weave, well made and cut in the newest
style. Offered special for three days
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Regularly priced to $2.50
All Around Town
Dr. Mendolsonn, specialist In fitting
glassei correctly. U. ti. bank bldg.
The river today Is recorded with a
depth of 1.1 foot neloiv zero or low
watermark. The depth of the river has !
riniiigeu uiit mtiu for the past three
Laugh It out with your newspaper
friends, "Tint Cult," tonight.
Georgo Monroe, who wni arrested last
night nu u charge of being intoxicated,
entered a plea of guilty in police court
this morning unit wn given a fine of
I0 or five dnys in jail, .Monro pre
ferred to rinse the money.
Dr. Stone's Drug mom. tf
Chester UuKgbis, manager or the A.
T. (). fraternity house of the I'n'iversity
of Oregon, went to Kiigone yesterday oil
.....umi.i. j illiniums, me lust semes
ter of tne unwersuy opens Septem
ber 15.
Chlnig Chlnlk In a sploiidld program,
Oregon, tonight.
John H. Albert, a member of tne
advisory board of the state highway
eoininission, has been mimed by (Iov
ernor Withyeoinbe lis Oregon's repre
sentative to the Pun-American road con
gress, which meets in Oakland, Oil.,
September 1J17.
The hop crop thU year doponds large-
ly on the weather for the next three
weeks more thiin at any season for the I
past 15 years. This is the opinion' of I
a prominent hop miser who hits been
in the business near Salem fur the pust
in years. v. arm, clear weather is need-
ed to insure anything like a crup.
Dr. Btona'i Drug Stors,
Architect Oeoige M. Post aays that
the new concrete band stand in Wlllsim
park will be ready bv the eveniiur nf I
August 31. The while sund finish adds
much to Its architectural beauty and I
whw -H,","",r"'
.-Mi, .ncguii, luuigui,
- .- "in me ma-1"""" is tiecuieii not to appoint
Th ArtoTrlaco prir. driU team held L'Mm',"i ' '!,"H?1 ,;",il"'!-v '"""'"""' 'I ' 1'almer. former congressman'
meeting (hi. week ami formed ii :-1 ' ' ' , ""'K"'.. I'iel, turn Vnnsylvn counsellor of the
self into a permanent club, adopting bv- ' ' " "' t , ,'"',"r "11 '"" 1 1 ,,u' tl;i,''','it. it wus learned tdnv.
laws and a constitution. Mrs. U-JJ, ' "K"- . Ku'7 ''" w,l) ", "'-'.v ''' 'N( Vl,l,,,," fr the ehangv j tho
Peterson )s .eleete.l prvsi.lent and L ' U,"'"'"'! "f K''m,,'u'r September ; 'li'i'l ration 's plan for filliiVg the vn
iliss Olive fasto. secretary. The club I t'liney made by Hubert Lansing ,,.
is making arrangement, lo hold regular
Chimin! Fadden, the brightest com
edv nf t in hciimhi. V l.it....i v i.,.i,.v.
and Thursday. ' ' 'I Hubbanl is getting ready to build an
o- I eight room 15,0(10 scliool' building, and
A long dlsUnca automobile party waa Xlr- weltv, who has been a school di rec
ta the city this niorunig. They came 1 ,or ',,r "i l",t five years, is getnng
from Nova Scotia, Ciinntlii, hud traveled '''w 'l,,'WH ,''u ronstrtietitin iiuil ar
11.000 miles and were still going. The 'Mngement of modern buildings for
driver of the ear said Hint t'uliforniii scbonl purposes. He i slum n through
was the only state through which he "'hoi'l'1 by Hirector Max tl. llureu.
had passed in nhleh he wus compelled o
-1 .01 "',rul "'' ' held over the wife
May roim Tv Jin r
v;.... ,.ii ' ., . """""iiiia wite
Kveryth.ng new and ,.t, AiiJi'i :
. iiiiii-Ki. iiiitues huh .'inn
Tb state engineer t.ntav m.i nt
e-iuipntent for a imrtv tt. ha'ate the ex-
ten.H.u ,.f Columlda liigliv in WW..!
and to be in .lunge ,.f AsV,,,,.,,, i;
gineer J. A. Klliott. Mr, Klli,"t wis'
ia rharge of the w,.tk on Columbia high. ,
way at Mitchell point. The i.m.l t.. I...
l.H-ated In Wasco cnuty r, j, fll,m
Wonicr to the Dese.hutei river.
Chlmntle raddeiL the brluhtest roil..
tly of the season, Vo Liberty, tndav: o
Thursday. j The Orange club, composed of alumni
, - ; , ni1 students of the Oregon Agricultural
The state engineering department uloibg... ,m.t ,, ,,-,.,,, , ,, .....
aeslgmng live re in forced concrete
Itntlge, for Pacific l.iuhwsv ... l l:
fi MCttil ovkp (rtirtkai tutu t...l..t..l i1!.
..esiga. are aimila, to tho. f. the
l.ri.lgea along Columbia highway , I
the longest ia that over Jackson frees. I
which ia 140 feet ill l.....-ih Tt.. ,'t..
bridges will be plseed over Oriffin,
bavnge, OhJ and Willow creeks.
varjiwiwina ana riaatoriiif . tne guest ot honor. The Orange club in-' ..,.1 .... Z. i V , i I" 1 . ' . "ml acuve. ' ' morning. v er.trn ia. Wash .Tr i11'
Kid. are requested for repairing high elude, all almuui of the o S O VaJ V . 1 T . ,H V? mto the second hour with railroad. Tonight tha mi.' fc, h - . I Angler, the V.d 1 1 :5,
ss hottl ...go. 'plan, ready at ellee It all .tudent. o, tht.e who t d, r,b . ! vt ,ru'k " ,,h,;'? '-'".l"tl le .Ireegth. though ij",. " ,U ' "ool grad-, killed I hi wife , tZT Tn h
(ieo. V. Post. Wednesday at .to... Pro-lthi. vear. About 50 are e, .ect.s I . - 'm1" ",.TV i"!,'r"""" '"'l 're heta,i.,g. ricneml V' ' ,',',,r "'l l"i-ic aear,tlve, will Jr?,r'B,Vy,w,,fct m.,-
posnl. to be ia by Thursday evening, attend. ' ' T ?!J l I'.' tU hv' yhri wt R ' 17M- oVlock M ."v 'y Rt Uniir, i, nf in-
You'll Find Prices
Your Qhoice
See the window
Word received today from Hal V
Holu.n, who is at his homo in Portland;
is to the effect that he is recovering
slowly from effects of un accident lust
wfi-k, and tliut the injury to his ey is
causing much anxiety! .Mr liolum was
tnrown tiirnugh the windshield of n c
in an accident near the city lust week,
besides other injuries, receiving a deep
cut just below the left eye.
The Hob Nob has something differ
ent tor Hut Indies and misses who cure
for exclusive lull hats; no two alike;
all pattern hats. Kxquisit.t models and
very distinctive. Splendid traveling
lints. New shipments every week. The
Hob Nob is the place to see them, one
door sooth of l.ndd Sc Mush linnli.
Buck Coffee and Goorge Sherman, the
Ivvo 17-yenr-olil boys picked up by the
Sidcm polico as suspects, were released
ycsiomuy to Hunt for work and to v
t inn t to the niilicM utniw,,, H.;..
' r,M ........... .inn iitiiu-
nig. I lit buys said this morning tlint
they had secured u job picking hops
and would walk out to the hop yards
today , Their money nmf vulunbles'weie
returned to them and thev started out
to mnkw their fortunes picking hops.
The Holt Nob Invites t.lm n,n
(inspect their Christmas needcraft. sup
plies just arrived from New Vork.
Nothing like them shown before, lie
sure to net the pick id' them, yrm
instructions an 1 suggestions nlwnvs
... S1'0":. "". "'' 'lor
Ul I
i.add & Hush bank.
Accordiug to a communication today
fr,,m '-,N. .McMuhiin, it is the inten'tiun
"l '"one in c
hareo nf tli ,, ;....i
bathing beach, to permit childieii to
ride free on the ferry at nil times, and
not to restrict, their free trips to the
island to certain hours of the al'teinooa.
mil... It n lOllllCII IV I 111 I'minii..!-.. ..I
mm lo '"' he Mtliiii, f ti, i,,,,,,.!,
urn nr. w. It. livid. Kuloh I). M ....
1,11,1 - N. McMiihnn
if,iii. ........
t , , . '
tiovi eiiy oi jiuuiumi, was in the'
ity yesterday, iiemectinir tint n,. M..
Kiuley school bnildiug and 1 1,,, arrange
mem or tne interior of the hie h cl,,, I
r,lu ur 'lol" ''"''h. Kor
tllU H'lVHTM Hllil III! mil tiinL
..I . Ii ' . . . .
J ' " ,.V . """ f,'r "",
( . ., ... ,p. ... , , , nuvu, services were neiil
In this city, with Interment nt tli.t n.l.l
"lTx'y "'
. " . . ,M"1' l'l,u'- Among those
T " V"'1 " '"ml
' tnU' W' '' 'I'.bbnls
linn wite ot tort Cnsev. Wash.! t). C
awrem-e, Portland: Mrs. Anna Hunk-
- ''"I"
or land; t.eorge (),. ,,(
land; Hurry Wynne and wi
Portland; I.. 1). p,,.,, Hmi lft
wife, Port-
iff. Cottage
tlrove, nud t'lvile Hail
ns, of P, rooks.
of Peiw A Cimoer "t, I v.,.th ti.i. 'i
to, .1. . ..'...."i . I
(.. . v . ..;
next Mitmlny evening. August :t0 Tie !
imrtv will assemble u, A ..VI A . xvVi
.on trk. and fr... .1....- .... i . ...
ih., !, ... .. ",".' '"!
for the evening. It , hf a basket
lunch, and a program that Is sure to en-
....u ,,,, ir it iiiivcomtie a
Lower at Meyers"
STRAW HATS 10c kind,
extra special 20c each.
Just the thing for hop
pickers. (In .the Men's
Canvas with elastic wrist
band large and small
sizes extra special 4
pairs for 25c
German Newspapers
Discuss All War Topics
But American Crisis
By Carl W. Ackerman.
,1,",'r,i"1 viu Tll I'lgun, Aug. 25.
J he Merlin press today devoted its at
tention to the Kussian defeats in the
east, the Hulkans and tho reiehstag
J here were no indications of anv pros-
.... niiii-Mcnii crisis. Jjut lit.
He space was given to development
in tho sinking of the Arabic. This in
" nuti.rmi-iii, in iiirnier Mecro-
"'yiiii Hint the incident
should not lead to war.
Ackerman Has a Son.
New Vork, Aug. ir,. Carl W. Aekcr
iuii, tinted Press stuff correspondent
in Merlin , t10 tllt,L.r 0f tt baby boy,
Merlin advices stated here todaV. A
son was born to Mrs. Ackennan it the
hour which nroved to be the timo when
Ambassador Von Mejnstorff was con
firming Ackerman 's beat of Alondnv
that tiermnny did not .admit the tor
pedoing of tho liner Arabic.
Ackerman : United press dispatch
brought the fust word that tlermany
believed there might bo doubt of the
Arabic, having been torpedoed. Sub
sequent y Ambassador Von Hernstorff
forwarded to the state department the
coniinuniention asking that this gov
ernment delay action until official re
irst were -received from Jierliu.
Friends of American
Active In His Behalf
Sun Hit-go, Aug. 25.-Priends of K.
Hull, the wealthy Pusadeiiun, who
mis been held incommunicado at, Ti
juana, .Mexico, following the accidental
killing of a Mexican soldier by being
run over by a machine Jlull was driv
ing, were making desperate efforts to.
day to secure his release from the Mex
ican prison without a trial.
An automobile caravan made no of
lnwyers, prominent local business men
"' intluentiul Mexican and Spanish
rcMHlniilu u.... t: . 1 .....
nmi (.,.v t.llv Hrill ,. '"
" vl I'icgo ictt lor Ti u
of i , ...M '. "
the death of the Soldier.
H is hoped that. Hull will be released
without trial after this evidence,
iu ii Mia wiiii iv imitiu.t.i
"nshmgton, Aug. 2.The adminis-
1 " c,,lry of state was
Palmer recently denied he ... ti.
luitn mentioned in the New York World
(.erinan propaganda expose us giving in.
format ion gained through an interview
with President Wilson.
The funeral of Henry W. Savage,
I " : , ", " " morning, will be held at
' o floes trulay at the .Savage home
on Harden road, two miles east of Hie
city. Interment will ink,, place , j.,.,.
.Mission cemetery.
TouiKht. the Chlnig Chinik camp fire
girls make their fj,-t ,,ubl.e appear
itn.e at their benefit to be given t
the Oregon theatre. The girls will ap
pear in several choruses nii.l in dance
nun soiu work.
Oliver Rioiisbeck and Jack Campbell
l l 77 if . ' 1"lt
'."r ' Webster's curt yester-
! day :.i'tenioou and I'll eh r.tiiiiv.t'u ;.... :
01 9'n llllil e.i.t. 1.. tl I.
. ' n 1 1 in
r v.-r-,.-, 411 lilt' IIIVMMIOO tH I
ri'Ui I'UNli Loth liii'ii won ..,..,!. ,).,. I ;..
un- rmimy jnil, when they w
"I HIV HUt' Ul f .
ty 1 HHtlDfuM.
per tiny until the coiiu
... ,.... ..... coiui-
ft Atforney Hi,,-!
state but Hies-1
were their own !
K vitrt'NvnW t do
i't-vk aiul i'uillllH'U
Uw vom.
. ""r " "
"" ,,w,r,'"1 vegetables
" -!'" aamuer msposed of a I
A T . . ..
in short or-:
cnoon with the sssistnm-e :
lli h 'J'Tl
" .''. K'lcu truck
n I""',t when !
' yrtgoi, Metric train tan.e
in and
.he horse took' frigh, and wen, dow n
inga stieet oa a run. He stitrtd t..
turn the corner at State street when the
"ft LlVl r Mill M tn tll. als.t.tl h.,lu.i.. I
, " iminpT irnrs
. i . . . tw.irr, "i!i.'''u etl ia the afternoon and .i), ..i
Over 1600 People Attend
Annual Celebration Held
By Southern Pacific
The Southern Pacific "Safety first"
picnic wax in full giving today at the
i,fuir (rounds with speeches, music,
T sports, dinners and all of the attend-
liant enjoyments that go tu make a sue -
centum outing. The Hiou people present
were enjoying themselves to the at -
most after the first train arrived at
!):30 this morning, (iovernor Withy
combe spoke of "Safety First" for the
nation and this popular phrase applied
to the nation means national prepared
ness for defense was the governor's
declaration. The governor called at
ten t ion to the small standing urmv nn
the sense of security which prevailed
throughout the nation when in reality
T'tl.f, I,...,!... ... , r...l with
Ti .. J . .. . .
IhA tinmen nf K,ir,,,.i, wnn .1 turn, hull.
a sniull corps of the
huge fighting
bodies now engaged.
Kev. jr.- K. Marshall spoke in behalf
of the C'herrian and I!. J. Clancy, as
sistant to general manager, delivered
the principal address on "Safety
First." Jn summing up the data oa
tno ratio of accidents to passengers
carried Mr. Clancy suid:
"In tho year 1513 the Southern Pa
cific (Pacific, System), we made fif
teen thousand', one hundred and ninety
four efficiency tests on its train and
engineinon, and the percent of ef
ficiency was 91) and flli one hundredths.
In tho year 1914 twenty-three thousand
fivo hundred and forty-four efficiency
tests and the percent of efficiency was
99 and and one hundredths, jn the
year 3915 thirty-five thousand, three
hundred amp seventy-eight efficiency
tests and the per cent of efficiency was
9!) and 93 one-hundredths. in the year
1915 we mude five thousand eight hull-
i ..!..- ....... .
um, eoveuuj--in.,e , u.i no ne ,
signa , distant s.gual and train order,
signal without a single failure show ing!
one hundred per cent or perfect. A
correlation of these, bests with accident
statistics pertaining to the movement
of passenger trains will explain why it
is that a passenger muy travel on the
Southern Pacific the enuivalent dis
tance of three hundred and sixty thous-!
mm times around the world without .i
ilanger of loss of life in train accident.
"This is not only n splendid record
for tho Southern Pncifie as a Common
Carrier in its relations to the Public
but it. is a splendid testimonial to its
train and enginemen who hud to do
with tno movonients of traiiiB, to the
.i;u..t.,i.AH .i. .ii . ..i .. ......
tispatelier who directed train move
ments, to tho insitectors and mechanics
.hn1!l'.'pt 'i'8 ,,l,,'I'mnt. '." wrvieenble
omnium, in me division engineer,
roadtnnster and section foremen who
kept up the track and to trainmasters,
road foremen of engines and the super
vising authorities directing train move
ment." Speaking nf the relations of the
Southern Pacific to tho people of Ore
gon, Mr. Clancy said:
"Tho Southern Pacific has cast its
lot with you. It is hero with large in
vestments and, what is more, with a de
sire to keep step with the onward
progress. Approximately 2o,000 citi
zens nf your state are supported bv its
payroll and it annually distributes for
labor at various iints within your
state, npproxiinntelv .'l,.'$.ri().HIO. ' Its
payroll in the city of Portland includ
ing the Prooklvu shops, eontnins more
than fourteen hundred names and
ninoiints annually to approximately .fl,
4011,000. In the city of Salem its pnv
roll sustains one hundred anil eighty
six families with an annual disburse
ment of more than $1:10,0(10. In Hose-
tturg it lias three hundred and twenty
employes with a payroll of if.'biO.OOO, nu'd
Ashlan.l o... I.,,.r.....l ....I .. .
11 'ii vn mm i nriii . i n r j i i'i u r, nOT Will 1 1 1 I- 1
employes wi,h payroll of 113,000. fhaiige i the present coinnio i,y r","v
it annually pays into your treasuries ns 0,1 l""'Ki't:es of anv siw (ir ,. i
taxes more than ii;0,0tt0. Jt affords 1 "l-ti.-nlly all f tht, ; eases .r, ,,,'
you splendid service and Is the medium l""'k"ges mer.-hnndlse weiehin.r -through
which much of your products' l'n,llll or less, ,.r ,.,., , K.:''
find their way to market. It appreci-l 1,l,r' J'.v l"ircel post t less tin
ntes your good will and patronage and v l"'''l'""'''l express rates.
is ever ready to respond to your pro-1 4 . . ' A -
gressive needs and reiulrenients." II
After the speaking a ball game wns I
staged between the Itrooklyn shops and 1 1 DIED
the Hereto,, hh..p which wns won bv j. . .
the former t. p. Tht. athletic events!
began a little after 2 o'clock this after-i s it-..... .. . r"
noon aft-r the piu.i.era had spent null',,,. ,' .f "",y on the tlnnleu
hour or more in the giove around their! ..'w of ,,u' '',iv- Wed-
Germany's Action
Anens Mnrk Mar rPtMuibm. i.ii,. ,. M.v,"i-'
fi n. m mm i
- .'aM. ,.
copyright nn;, i,v ,u, j,,w York Kv-'V.
Xe7 ;r v , iH-rt 'Haas Zl'T Mr"' Al' : '"'pted to lead ! f-
!.lay late .aarte.ril.;,,.;. mount n , , 1 Savageli I , U hiih hr " "f .
eme on the k exchange today three small children, N;.Vi U"J. South Portland last night ..... It' " ,'" i 0 0""0
j .nitt i.erniany is laboring to avert a,""" ""r, vagc. nuind for rag time bee-iuie s i., ' . . " l'"n '""ke
j ' V ,,. , r,,m,r!'l nrrnngenieiits have " w threatened ""'" will enable vou to
Wall street discussion did not differ I 01 1 n made. i Uuicklv ,wit..l,;.. .. '.. ... , J " 10
from that . U...U .w .k Henry W. Snvn .... . the l..i -. ''"copnte.i airs : at good
1 '"HIV, 1US, IU
.... - ,
'hat the omnium cation was not in i
........ ..tf i: . ..... .
"" to oisutowai; tlnit tt reserved ;
the privilege of denying the presence I
of a Herman snbn.ariiw ill the Arabic I
disaster sand that it net even" intimated i
regre, ill t,.se the Arabic was torm-loed ;
K' VA.-Ol
Wltllll.ir UUr....... .. L
the regret .
that Americans happened to be drown
fl till opened up the possibility of un
satisfactory rouclusiona.
"TT' V1 hl,ww' ,h' tf"m-
l"g ef the financial community and the
market w, t,,
what would, in ai'
t'P toward disavow i,l ,,f (he .inking of !
the Arabic
The maiket l ,witU, an advance 1
lit. 4.1..." . . a .'
r""-a u'uiiy niul Cimiinurtl aiv
(t ot tie coiniiu,ni.nti..n mud.. .,,,1,1,.. i "goinu, .tuiv s; ' the chorus'' " pleasant, Look
. . '. ...... -, . , - -t.- uorn at t. v .'"" m'i em ion..... I. . .
Intra-State Schedule To Con
form To One For Inter
state Shipments
After a hearing conducted ill Port
land yesterday on tne petition of three
express companies doing inter-state
business in Oregon for an increase in
! rates to the schedule allowed bv the
j interstate coniiaerce commission, tne
. public utilities commission decided to
let the proposed schedule go into effect :
in this state September I:! unless the1
shippers object. The schedule adopted,
by the interstate commerce commission ;
goes into effect September 1 and allows:
an increase of !2.-ii per cent on all ship-'
meats under O0 pounds: This increase i
i applies more particularly tct packages I
t.cigiiiiig less man ju puuiius, on ivuicii ,
class f f siiipinents the increase is ap!
proximately i per cent, increase. Over;
I i.i lier ecu. ol l ie evoress cniiuiiinic
business, however, will not be affected
by the proposed increase, of the rates,'
as none of the commodity rates are!
affected. j
All fruits, farm products, meats,;
vegetables and such articles are at pres
ent shipped under special commodity'
rates, which are not changed by the'
new tariff. Tho increase allowed by
the interstate commerce commission
was 5 cents on packages from one to
five pounds; 4 cents on packages of:
from six to 'J9 pteinds; 3 cents on paek-j
ages of from :t() to 49 pounds; 2 cents1
on packages of from 50 to "U pounds,;
and 1 cent, on packages of from 71 to
99 pmuds.
In consideration of tho fact that the!
rates will have such a small effect in j
tiiis state the commission decided toi
allow the proposed rates to go into:
effect September 12, as the commission!
did not feel that it was licccssjirv tu1
ct it upon its own motion. If anv
of the shippers, however, feel that they j
" '"H cuaruru excessive rates, a I
complaint from them will cause the'
commission to take stens tn . , . K- 1 '
All of the express eoinuaiiies oiunnt.
iag in the states of Oregon nnil Wivti-
ington have filed with the public ser-,
...o i-oiiiioissions or tne two states tar-
ing the aauie graduated 7dvnnec""'in i
package charges for shipments weigh
"V 'ess tnan urn pounds us were allow-
J1- v'-'. ----- I
sion interstate business elective1
ino t'ounnissioiis of the two sfatos I
v: ,o. 1 7 ' T"? m ' '
' 1 " . 1 " 18 ,lml in intra-!
ixents ami tho f,.nii,..;.,.. ..i.t ... i
L . .., '..,"u ""nne,i iiusiness of a reprc-1
1 . ,. : --"""iii uiuicn.,,. ... j,,.,,,.,,! n,,,l rto,l,, ,l.,i!M
for one .lav and Hh!!wantL111.t'.'!.,ih..ui:VV
t l ..i... '""" ""'I'::
business of the tw, i Z,-" "K mH,i
inents and charges under iiresent ,in,l ' terrorized the country about Hartford I
Imposed rates with I e ee, a tit 'ifur W"i"t sessions
creased revenue, applying toXlta T
n Number of all shipments handled 1 werc (1,'lult,(l to be persons who were
-Ul.,; present charges. .tl4.")n.9- Tirr' ! indebted to members of tho organize
posed charges. I.Iki!t. i'.' Hon or had disitlenseil them in n l.nol.
:l-;s"; l'orceiitage increase,' 2:26. ' ' !
Hie -OI.) Iiac lllirea tl,.. ......... I.i.ln
v J.. . " : ""f i"""'r
tne sliinmeiitH .1.;,.,. -.a . ,
mid under II,. mi;: '"11 '. I'Olin-IS
subiect t ..' """"'nn ; nunioer were j
Nuiuli.r ' I' "ompeimon:
... ...... rn. ivnj.es mere were tooo n"11"" luK "! i"e nuuiorities ,tu ni- , . , . . , - -
saipincuts ot r,t) pounds and under on leged members of the organization were n. "u 1','l,ls
" Inch the increase was ni.OX or 'per-1 indicted. ,wu'e
cen ageincri ase of S.2. Jerry Clark and his son-in-law, Kd- .7T
express chnri-es ?' ' I j"l'f-ed I were sentence.1 to two years imprison
iiarges, tiMM.' ' 1""''1'1 l
fprjgL;:::1,,: z HIMES CASE BY C0URT-
Iiarges 07.; r ., ,' ,. 1 1 "M
Itnmr..' ;,',. llll" "0
hands. . "r ?"rr?
i.nn.l ... ....'. ..!ul-'"lig 190
i r..r,.. 'v 1,1 "
years, from
.-..ii iiiuure.
rv v ittf in... i i .i ..i
' , ' ituiw, nrt
- ' mihiiimi. r riiiiL 11 w
.- ., , rrunK tl. Savaee livi i
owing, nil
.aiem: Heur
r.v I" Nivnge,
' ayttgo
i.itrry ravage,
' Inter he
TV" ,0 "'j ''""try and .
Indiana, living ,i10r ,:,
.rated in
,.. . . 'n in.-rt"
," ' w l''"e to Salem niul I
n.l .... tt... tf... . . ' 1
- fist or the c tv, where
h, "'''' P to the time f ,i, ,
J1'; hlli' '"''mber of the ,
'"'K" f" 50 years, and w, 1,1 ,.
V ' neighbor, and le.ige
'"'.tes. lie had been engaged in ,1...
. . " i
fir!". i"te in nearly two wh limi!...i
service on the tr.,..t ...:i .......
mt oi 'i"niisi..n bv the tt'opi.-nl hur-
llrltna aiu.!...! !.!. . 1 "
vt mm morning.
"' "if igi ar i.M.l
-P river in launch,.
mvi Hfi,. Ilia I II I) ! h. , ...1 . . .1
enarges ,r cent ,..' . . 1 ' uijimi. UH.l sin. oi vol II VS. 10114:., ',. . - ".n v.
press charges ,,r Vf si, , 1 Px; (''"', (' nl, to prevent delivery of' th.e " jumped from a second story
post, a saving of :; 7 ''v l',",1 county warrants for certain services1 "im,owl " Rv '"mself from suffoca
effeeted over the" , r , ,. I '" ' H' rou.lore.l by the Mimes Engineering t'(!n' A rof fell on B. Broderb-'k, nit
rates. 1'ropos.d express ..pmpany, was argued before Circuit ! utller f'rem""-
The itronosed ml,.. ..:n Judge licit on a demurrer tn the on....;
Positively The
Friday, AUG.
Wcrltfi ChallMB Mmm Li
Broupaol winf IN CNE ACT
Leopards, Jaguars,
Elephants, Camels,
Zebras, Sea Lions,
Causes Thrills of.
,Only Real Wild AnlmalCircus on Earth
Glittering, New, Mile-Long S treet Parade at 1 0:30
Exhibitions Dailv. Rain nr Khlno
"Possum Hunters" Are
Placed UB Trial TodaV
i " t
a- of ,u& 7& ' t i
H ., .'..r.l IT.. A Off , .
w hen Zi n I . n 1
when with alleged members of the
"possum hunters" organizntioi
: tiled to be placed on trial, thrci
heard that witnesses were to b
i,i i. i 1 - ow"-14
iidated and officials menaced. I nf1
iln. mm,,.,n,i ...;" .. ,
uwsv summoneu as witnesses appeared I
,i.mu.,, ' J "
The "possum hunters" organization I
i . . b i
terrorized the eonatrv ulrnit H.rtl I
i geu or oraerwise iunisnen. 1 lie victims 1
ness way. As a result of nn investi- j
ration mm e bv tlm nntlinritina Q(t nl. !
- - -"
t:..i. . .1 i
:"' '' .. , co , eseu 10 imvillg
'"'en connecteil witli the "possum
nunters" wiien arraigned tottny and
The in.unetinn smt of Voth vs. Tolk
Judge licit on a demurrer to the com
plaint, misnitf the nncstimi nu tn
whether the i.liiintif 1, ll.l lmriil .... tin..! ... I
to bring suit in his own name. Jt is
contended by counsel for the defense
that the suit should have been brought
under the name of Xlr. Canfield, countv
surveyor. Attorneys for the plaintiff
and defendants have submitted written'
briefs on the nuestinn of tl,. .i '
, , .iviiiuiirr
and the court rendered' its decision yes
terday, overruling the demurrer. The
case will be tried on its merits.
It is to be understood thnt this de
cision does not settle the question oft
its merits, as the case is not vet nt
issue on question of fncts.-Dalht
, I ortland, Ore., Aug. 'J5. Tile
. ..... wm, pone,! th(, lne,.rv wn01,zi,
Ul"1 iniixi
, . . ,"" """i" to soo he the
tivnge beasf niexnt rn...tl,.,
ine oenet totlnv of W' F
I'nil.l il.tt.i. na.' il . ".
Crowded Quarters at Poor Farm.
Two charges have ben., ...
''""iitv poor farm within .v . ,
.lavs "an I , wir . the vt few
.pi of lecomim. !."K ''!, in ,ln"-
present r . e ,i 1 Sv nt the
, Judge Te sr , a InnT! l" Pr,,,,,m-
- - - - i-.-ui .o in.
from Mi..,,...: .. "nm Williams.'
nutnth. - " f for
'-'KwenT ;,!;:
.vs neither of these men . ...... , i
. I-".' i
..tT'"1 ' .t.tln Ti
arraigned v.i..i V. ""'"y- When
Only Big Show
This Year!
Moil Thrilling Wild
Animal Act Extant
GK Instructive,
Amiiilnq, Amtjlnfi
Thrilling Acts
w W Premium
Koreas and Ponlti
All Actors
Animal Clowns
Big BUI, Wrestling Grizzly, Tango
Dancing Horses, Fares Comedy
Elephants, Horse-Riding Lions,
Leopards and Bears. 200 Military
Ponies. High -Diving and- Jumping .
fn anfl ail r. n 1. A . "
9 anil ft P II Hiuih On am 1 T
Couldn't Convince Them
He Wasn't Rpar
, . .
,2 f"
tint he was not a bear, four companions
v. iv. jtuis, or Acniict. took eiht
" " Ially clip
' tu """ 1,1 ""- US- "dH was lit a
(i(.sfi tci, nf hvnun i. ... i......
' J " "U IUU XUUI IlllllL-
ers, Jo0 yards away, were sure he was
i!I' v:.. , ,
ftTtdf Itnmn. .... .. ...:i- .
R.,Pt,iie, kv ki. "1
, .u?,?' VS
. "'T' rn r "'lies on a
1 . e- , . , . " ' v " "
let. fired nt him.'
The members of the huntiiii? imrtv
were Modesto Bontadclli, Vornon Cros-
' Adi? "S nl Ben Wilson, all
ul '""Cl. II IS 1101 KllOWn YVIlOse Dlll-
!..( t.if v.i.i.. i.
uui eueu man urea
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. 25. Two fire
men are seriously injured today and
A. R. JlncDougnl, a storekeeper, is suf
fering from burns us the result of two
fires in the Mount Pleasant district.
Here yesterday. The loss wns estimated
-i ...n? .... ... ... ....
'7 'T-J.ouu. v. j. .jaekelnch, one cr
What Shall I Do?
Lay offs occur frequently in factories
' .
" """ii'ipni.an.i si,,,,,. uut vorv -,,,, . h,.H;.
employee makes good.
at this school whore
the brotinration thnt
oinmund permanent
wngos, and the work is
into the mutter now.
while it is on your mind.
Capital Business
High t Terry Bts., Baletn, Oregon
WBen In 8ALEM. OREQOV. ttnn .1
T t ..
8U1ctly Modern
Tree and Private Baths
ThA.Tn V5' .,1'00, 1M ?EB DAT
e!r,- .h0,P ,ln th buine' diatrict.
Nare,t to - all Depots. Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
Homt Away from Home
T. O. BLIOH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto But.