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wrnvFSTUV. AUG. Z". niZ.
1! Annual National Golf
Amateur Championship
New Yoik.
stars of othi'i
i in lit' ton wh
:i t i ;t t -1 1 r gull
A hit. -' Many golfing
days will not In- seen
it the annual national
liaii'iiion hili tn-ui Ji
is seeking a match with Charley White.
Iltifhie will be here the ia:t-r I art of
the week to confer with manager, j
Watching the Scoreboard
Country club links next
Middle-Weight Title In Muddle'
Several Names Are
, l.'iJ
I.OS AllgclcS
Sun Francisco. 77
Vei nun 7.t
Salt l.ai.o
(l.n.l'ti. I ti'l
Portland HI
yesterday's Results.
At Portland i . r t In ii -i '.j,
Lns Anele 2.
At San l'raiii isi--Sa!t Lake
.". I tnklund
At I. us Alleles- Vernon (i,
San Francisco .').
the Detroit
It will ii.. the fir-it time since tin'
American champion-hip :i establish-
.-il that Waller .1. Travis. twice title1
i-I holder and nice champion nf Kngland,
I has not participated. I
, Fred ll.TivMliuir, Oswald Kirkby, JI.;
'chandler Kgan. Fin.llav Douglas nii'l
!vV. C. 1'nwiieri alD failed to enter.!
Uarrv K. U. Havis, of San r'tanci:o,j
I recently ilutiollnced li.V flilliert Nichols'
' as the "longest driver in the world,"
:vill uci come east for thin event.
There are Us entries. The climinu-1
itiun r hi will lie plnycd Saturday,!
,ainl tlie .pialifying ami match lay
riniii'lH ne.it week.
(By George R. Holinos.)
(I'niteil Press Stuff Correspondent.)
New Vork, Aug. "". All things eoini!
to those wli') wuit. 1 1 'm 1111 aged whee'.e,
apparently one that has a little truth,
concealed nlioiit its person.
'I'Iih pugilistic worll has lieen wait
ing, these many jours for the clouds
to roll away from tiie middleweight
Isnglo ami reveal a champion. In a'
nociitiiigly unending iroeeHsion liMdiel
McUonrty, Jimmy flabby, Milte (lib
bona, .link Dillon, Al Mei'ov, (!eorge,
'I. In V........ Al.. I .I' .litn J
mer lights liavti passed before the as
sembled intiititnile nnil then faded,
lin k ei 1 n n ami ipiurrcliug, intu the hack
Lfl oil II 'I .
Hut liv this time next mouth lliete
should lie a middleweight champion for
the public to shove iln shekels through
1h wielter gate ,0 "'''. A ein .I i n to
- I.Iih filil reliable iliilie the ellanioionshil)
lien lietween three men Mike millions, 1 1 " tl I
l,.,.L,... M,.l.'..,,,,,l iim.I I..- Ihin.i.V i I'
Who in that guy f lie's tint jny that
put the slccphis.t on Kihliu Metlimrty '
chin liowa Anstrlin not long since,
. thereby winning for himself at, least
Tiierii won't lie inui'li ilispute ahont
tlin winner of the Mel''arlanil -(lililiotm
ipmrrel lieiii ronsiilereil the eliiHuiest
thinij mi the miililleweiulit shell'. Hut
how he's ((i 11 IT to V!el away from 0
meetiiiir with this Dureev persiin is
harilly visible, Meliuoity Pur a Ioiik
time has been eousiileieil onn of the
few real I'laimautH to the rhanipiiiii-liip,
ami in some imrts of Wlneoimin he iiusl
hiien eousiilereil tile ehuiiipitin. I here
fore, the 111 an who ran put him away
mIihiM lie not lii;hllv i'oiisiierei.
The fielil linn praetieally mirriiweil (
M'Farland Is Training.
Chii-aao. A uc. i"i.--l'aeky Mi-rarlaml
is paying elose attention to his hamls
in hi liaiuiiiL' for his mati-li wit II Mike
lie owns the chanipioiihhip now, as a (;i,ions at the iiriuhlon .Molnnlroiiie,
result ol' Ins l:i nui nu a kmu'lidit on -,.w yHIk. Si-ptemlier II. As his one
(li-ore Chip. A I i a lion l the only one I ,. Illlrl,rll ;M ,.nti.r the rin with all
who iloes a.lmit it, however. His IU' jie ItuiiekleH in place ami the eonfi
tions uiit of the riii) are alioiit the only Ii,.,,,.,, l(,v w st;uM nil he will
thill! that stamp him a -h:inii he sel- ,,jv them, it is apparent that lie din's
lulu tihls 1111. 1 lie ilemanils In if cli 11 11 r H 1 ,,,,. propose to make a riinniiii' mateli
of inuaev when lie iloes.
if Jink Hilloii emilil still make I'l
poun.U nnil lie stroni, he'.l have tji be
eousiilereil ill this thiiii all the way.
i Hut he can't, at least he hasn't for
J moiitliM, anil ilnesn 't seem to eare to.
j Why not have tho winner of the
I I'ai'ltey .Mik'i iiffair meet this Dareey
Innil .icttle it all. Then there M he 11
real champ in every department lor
the fiist time ill inauv veurs.
of the (iililions bout.
Monlrenl is makiiii' a liiil fur the
tic spollinlit. Twenty-roiinil lint-
to a ilecminii are uoiui to ue al-
loweil there liel'ore it comes timet) to
put on your heavies.
Woiil from Walter Iturke, formerly
iiiiiiiaer 11 several fighters, was that
he hail secureil pnrmissioii from the eitv
city authorilies to Ntiie maratliiiti
eveiils, mill he has taken over the
Hoi hclau'a A. A. them with prospects
for a K""'l season,
Montreal in wartime, with most of
the men at the front, ilii'su't look like
an' especially nllurini fielil, hut Hurke
is eoiifiileiit hu can put it over. The
dull coiihl ilraw some puliimiiii! from
New York for a ciiampiouship affair,
luit it ' too far away for (lothaui sports
to travel tusee the smaller fry, especial
ly if they're noini to see decision fights
Change Coaching System.
New Vork, Aii- ". The entire sys
tem of concliiiiK I ho I'iMiiisylvania state
lootliall siiiail will bo changed this
seas'in. For this reason Charley lirick
ley, former captain of Harvard, has
been named assistant to Dick Harlow,
chosen, to succeed Hill llolleubecli, it
was annouitceil today.
Vernon !ot enough in tl.e tir-t to
win, but tlu Seals' iiilly in the clusii.,'
.stanzas scared J)r. While so he sent
I'iercy to the rescue of De-anniere.
filiv. Fisher met the iiin.l ball ami it
was iii.s. He knock, d it over the fence
,if 1'ortland while Jack Kyan. the mas
ter muiblist, atoul a'ape and Portland
heat f.os Angeles 3 to -.
Oakland didn't stun playinu' ball un
til the ninth, and by that time toe Bees
1 ad the game in pic kle.
X.eft.y Williams csus"d PI Oakland
.swatsmen to gash the atmosphere.
Hruves assassinated Pirates 10 to 0,
making a clean svecp of the series.
They sent the stretcher bearer in after
Cooper in the fifth after he had been
hit nine times for seven runs.
Red Sox snatched tiie first game in
what may prove the American league's
deciding series, beating Detroit :! to 1.
Three hits in the first gave P.ostou
a three-run lead, and the Kcd Si pep
pery fielding kept the Tigers from
forging to the front until the last man
was called out.
Bouton Now a Giant.
New York, Aug. 2"i. liubn P.enton,
formerly of the Cincinnati Herts, is
today unci! more legally baseballically
upeaking--11 member of the New York
jtiianls. Kenton was awarded to the
Ci 111 11I h by the .National league ilireciors,
who decided that Cincinnati must pay
I k to Pittsburg the money paid by
Pittsburg to Denton.
Li&-n In lliumi llirnn (li.nrir.i Chin is
to, aucl. Y.iunir Aheiirn is a mile tool Teillll Fa'w Enthused.
heavy, anil besides, he's going ftherel Soiithainplou, N. Y., Aug. !!". Ten-
tueiii is some real fighting, and no uis fans today were still discussing tiie
weight bickering to Furope. Jimmy playing of the Caliliiruians in yester
Clalibv should hum into the argument
NoniKwhuri), but Jeems husii 't displayed
his wares for several months, ami in
hi Inst few time out he didn't win a
lot of glory for himself. That leaves
Al McCoy and Jack Dillon. Al admits
lav's round of singles for the Meadow
club cub, The work of Ward Dawson,
Clarence X, tinlTin and William M.
Johnston was the outstanding feature
of tho day's play. All won in straight
Wolvorton Given Free Hand.
San Francisco, Aug. 2.ri. " Harry
Wiilvertou has been given carte blanche
and don't be surprised if we land some
new material within the next day or
so," said Henry Perry, Seal owner, as
he left todav for the mountains to spend
his vacation. Kerry wired Manager!
Wolvertun last night, telling him to
"go us far lis you like in getting play
ers, regardless of the emt."
San Francisco, Aug. 21. After hav
ing set a new world's record for con
secutive hitting the hutting lamps of
Jack Ness have dimmed and he is now
in fourth place in the list of sluggers
of the Coast league.
. Bunny Brief, of Salt Lake, is lead
ing with nn nverage of .'!7.'l. Harry
Heilman. of the Seals, and Harry Wol
ter, of I,ns Angeles, come next with
averages of-..'i5 and .Ml. Ness has
nn average of .,1110. This is a slump
during the week from ,3fi7.
Portland, Or., Aug. 2'). Art Bnrthol
emy, a bush catcher or this city, was
signed by Manager MeCredie today. Ue
will probably not he used this year,
unless one of the regular catchers has
to be out of the game.
Capital Journal Only
Complete Paper Sold
The Capital Journal is the
oniv evening daily published
i Salem that is a complete
newspaper. The Portland
peddled lure are printed in Hit
forenoon about 11 o'clock, are
viinplv the regular edition ot
the dav before wi'h some
changes on the first page. Iney
are oulv extras made up t"T
street sales and out of town
circulation, milking uo pi cease
to being real newspapers. The
Capital Journal on the other
hand, contains the complete
leased wire service up to 3:M
,,. 1,1., which is 6:3U p. m. in
.New York and past midnight
111 Kurope, the seat of the great
war. It also contains all the
local news of Salem and sur
rounding territory that is worth
while. It is a complete after
noon newspaper and the only
one circulated in Salem. When
vou pav your money for a Port
land evening paper here you are
merely being "faked" into buy
ing a cheap extra with big
headlines on the first page and
yesterday's news everywhere
The Capital Journal sells on
the street for 2 cents. Pay no
Rumored Cobb Sale.
Detroit, Mich., Aug. !!". Ty Cobb
today denied tiiat he had any knowl
edge of an offer purported to have been
made to him by the Federals. The
slnry asserted that Cobb was offered
$1110,(100 for a three-year cmitract.
Ritchie Wants Match.
Milwaukee, Aug. LT). Willie Hitchie
Portland, Or., Aug. 2". Conscience
stricken, James Donovan, aged 2!', a
stenographer, surrendered to the polico
this afternoon, confessing that he took
2"iD from the Texas Oil company in
New York City recently. Donovan was
employed by the enncern.
Portland, Or., Aug. 2a. Portland's
reports for the fiscal year ending June
Hi), were valued at $20., lOfiJiHli, it. was
officially announced today. This is an
increase of about $7,000,000 over the
preceding year.
A cent a word wilt tell your
ttory in the Joumal New Tody
: The extensive plant and the business (
of the Falls City Lumber company at
Falls City are in the hands of a re-;
j eeiver, It. L. Sabin of Portland, whosoj
! appointment was made for the benefit:
I of the company's creditors, says the
Polk County Observer. Yesterday I
morning J. Goldsmith, representing tho'
receiver, arrived at Falls City from!
Portland and at once began an iuveu-i
ton- of tho store stock, following the'
! completion of which an inventory of i ;
i the lumber in the yards will be taken. I
! It is understood from an authoritative I
source that the receivership does notj
'include the timber owned and bonded j
by the company. 1
; V7i"'
' W
The Law on "PIPER"
No way to enjoy to
bacco so thoroughly as
to chew it and no chew
ing gives you the rich,
luscious tastiness that
"PIPER" does. A law
yer does a mighty lot of
rumination (chewing).
Go into any law library
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that while he ruminates
a knotty problem he
chews good old
hnf r your tobaccco
J" dealer's name,
and we'll send a full-size 10c
cut of "PIPER" and a hand
some leather pouch FREE,
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folder about "PIPER." The
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steady user of " PIPER."
Chewing Tobacco Champagne Flavor
It helps him to think
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"PIPER"yourself and see.
The famous "Cham
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ilnTm-Tsll - . -1- t
rirjm a. utu tsuiacK
ine taste that is uniquely
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"PIPER" is the world's high
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Sold by dealers CTery.
where in 6c and 10c
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wrapped, to preaerre
the "PIPER" flaror.
Td Tobicco Com
pan? of California,
Philadelphia Ledger: Every tramp
I this summer is not necessarily a Bel-
gian refugee.
Advertised August 24, 11)15.
Adams, Miss Kmma E.
Allen, Master Duncan.
Bueldwin, Mrs. Louise.
Burr, Mr. C. C.
Boyer, Charlie.
Byers, Mrs. F. F.
Case, Miss Saruh.
Chamhberlin, Mrs. Dealia.
Chcnowith, Mr. J. A.
Dennison, Frank H.
Flagler, W.
Hampton, Mr. Arthur.
Hnmium, Mr. C. W.
Hays, Mrs. O. R.
Hoage, Miss Margaret.
Hogan, Mrs. Mabell.
Horner, Mr. W. 1).
Hovis, Mr, J. S.
Howse, Mr. Kdger.
Her, Mr. A. U. (2)
Inglis, Miss Ruby.
Jerabck, Mr. Harvey.
Jonos, Mr. and Mrs, Flavel.
Kurtz, Mr. A W.
Lai, Mr. ,S. W.
McDowell, Mr. A. B.
Mncy, Mi'. Clarence.
O'Brien, Mr. J. J.
Oliver, Mr. G. L.
Phillips, GUmn.
Randle, William.
Smith, Mr. G. A. it
Tanner, Willard.
Taylor, Mrs. C. H. I
Tryon, Mrs. Clara.
Uyei, Mr. Nao.
Walker, J. A.
Yeamumote, Mr. Charlie.
" " 1
aaaitiaittattittttatattiaiin r e 11 1 real .' , Saturday for her home. and sou, Walter L. Tooze 111, motived
t APATrnrAni j t ucean waves Ding Lunaoys inai
t nvmiju uL.ttiu aim
Sixty-two room, modern hotel,
right at the Oeemi. Near (Invent
meut l.ightlioiiHe. Write for
Reservations. NOW OPEN
Office lorntcd at Hotel. Luis
ud acreage for atilc. Several
fiirulshe.l CottaK'S For Kent.
Spend Your Summer at
Agate Beach
Tempt Visitors to Stay Longer
Than at Any Previous Season
Furnished Cottages and
Tent Houses
Write for rait ami rese. viitluns,
V, V). Box No, a.
A. J. Van Wassenhove,
(By Lamar Toore.)
Newport, Ore., Aug. 'Jo. Reports
from Oiegtai beaches aie to the effect
that the present season is tho louuest
,111 venrs. And Newport is 110 inception.
1 Contrary to early predictions that the
I Sail 1'rauciscn i'uir, hop picking, the
, ciiiuiiieiiciug uf public schools and other
counter nttiacliiitis would cause a no
ticeiible slump in Newptnt's bein h pu
The Misses Portithy and (liace Whipp
of Salem, are sojoiiriiing at llui McAI
ister for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S11I1I, of Sab'm,
were Friday arrivals in Newport. Tiiey
are registered nt the Hradsluiw.
liny Cooper, of Salem, lias arrived in
Newport and is staying nt the Abbey.
Mrs. Oscar llnyter and children will
leave sleuth' for their home in Dallas,
illation, this resort is witnessing as' after pnssing six weeks in a cottage on
huge an 1 it 1 1 1 1 v of visilots as at any 1 1 bliil I near the lintel Ntcolai.
tune during the present seawtn. The
arrivals shll mceed departures by a
good margin, ami the number of sen
hoiihI rem, I 'ills who have exprcsxed
their intention of reiuniiiiiiK well into
September is cousiiicrable.
I he yi. 11I weather in the reasuu for
Miss Merle Hamilton, the attractive, to Newport during the week and are!
daughter of .lutlge and Mars, .lames W. established in a cottage at Cherry City. 1
Hamilton, of Hosehnrfr, will leave short-1 Mr. Tooze is an attorney of Dallas.
lv for Itoseburg. Her parents will not I Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. Welch, of Salem,
return homo tor 10 dnvs. Miss Hnmil- arrived in Newport Thursday, and will
ton intends to enter the Universtv of; enjoy an outing here. Mr. Welcii is
Oregon next mouth with the freshman ' ehief of puljce of Salem,
diuni, I Mr. and Mrs. Fed Vergen and sons,
(l! K. McAfee and fainilv and guest,! l-yl mid Norman, of Aurora, are among
Miss Mabel King, of Saieni, aro so-j the Marion county people summering
jouring at Suiitivsiile. 1 Ht ''each. The Vergens are located
' Representative and Mrs. William T. in 11 cottage at Tent City,
drier, of Falls Citv, and Harry A. Pack- Mrs- nra Fox and Mrs. M. F. Dickey,
mil, of Portland, have returned to their; ho have been passing several weeks
homes after passing two weeks in a ai v Beach as guests of their sister,
cottage near the Nieulni. I Mr"; A. Payne, departed (luring the
lircta and Mary rhillips, of Salem, I eek tor their southern Oregun homes,
are among tho Marion comity i'ottngers Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zeuger and chil
li t. Nye Beach. They are located atidren, of Salem, nre listed amoug the
1 nerrv 1 liv. eounuers ui cuiiiivsiue.
! 1 New Cliff j
Miss F.lhcl Itonnev, of Woodburn, is
at Tent City.
Miss Clara II. Kirscher, of Salem, nr
rived 11 few days ago for a brief so
journ ut the New Cliff hotel.
Mr. ami Mrs. ,1. Ii. Pollock and daugh-
ier, iieien, 01 villein, anil ineir gnesi, i i ,tlli.,
il... ...1 1,1. v 1 .. i l 1.' 1,' i.',..u t m;,i, ...ii. 1 '
. nil i.,-,.m. ,,. i-npuri una nevj ""-' ' Cllllttll k. of
it seen us ci mil lor years. 1 in l av'"1 '"' ny cum uui; urtrniiis
mi' iieiicia lor 10 tiays.
Frank Hall lieeves, of Snlem, joined
lite Mai inn county contingent nt tiie
seashore during the week. He is stay
ing at the New Cliff hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. S, C. Kightlinger and
Charles K. Spaiilding, of the Spuuld-!
iug Lumber coinpnny, of Salem, has
joined his family at the seaside and will
1,1 mi,., m o ::M"c;f , u ! t
-'.', -lilVIII. Ilitlll- T
lor the mist mouth have been ideal.
Life here has been u real pleasure to
visitors. Many have been the excur
sions, beach parlies, "hikes," and nth
1 1-1 i-iiiiiiii in 1 nit-i m c iiteisious tiiiring
ithe past few weeks. Should tiie fine
Hot and Cold Water in
Kvery Room
weather continue lor three or four daughter, Mnrv Kliubeth, of Salem,
I weeks lna(r there seems to be a string lure sojourning at the Hose City ciiuip
I'riii.aniiiiv nun .-.epieiener will see a 1 tig giounds.
siikui iiiuiiiiiinoii oniv 111 the sue ol
the bench crowd,
Tho tliversiuiis of Newport, as at any
other reiirt, are about tlie same every
enr. Hut tins season has been char
ueterli-cl by mucli greater activity than
i" t'in ilv the ease. Sucn Mttriictutmi
the nightly baud concerts at New
port proper and nt Nve Beach hse
gone a lung way toward instilling in
terest. holiday' exeof.loti to Newport
brought dm" people from Portland, Sa
lem ami other Vt illiiuiette vnllev cities
'I'l. .1. . 1
ii ii" "ii 1 ne mrgesi 111 tile aeuson.
Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge T,
.Mrs, h. r. llav, ol Siiokane, has rail
ed her husband tit the Imiiiioii ami will
remniii until the fiist of the month.
Mr. Hay i brother of ex Governor
Marion Hay, of Washington.
S. S. Ili'tthiiigs mid family, uf Mt.
Angel, are so.iourniiig at tiie Home.
.lame Church and fsinilv, uf Salem,
registered .it the Hotel Kellv Saturday,
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Ho.lger and
daughter, Margaret, left Sat unlay noon
for their home in Salem after passing
two week nt the Damon, Nye Beach.
A picturestpie visitor In Newport at
the present time is "Rattlesnake'' Jim.
Swisa globe-trotter, who has visited
(ierliugeri most, uf the countries of the world.
Chester A. Moure, of tht staff of the
Morning Oregoniuii, accompanied by
Mrs. Moores, is enjoying tho attractions
of Newport.
Miss Kthel llminev. of Waidburn, is
among the inauv Marion county people, ter of State Treasurer Thomas B. Kav,
..in. nn- !,,,nmiiiii); av inn ... .r. , .vii nn u Mit-iii nan, 1
Mrs. A. S. Shaw, daughters, Anna and I Richard Stolz, of Salem, is listed:
Sura, of Conallis: Mrs, H. Carnfel, of,nnioiig Thursday's registrations nt the
and Misa Katheriue Me- Abbey. 1
I'orllaiiil. nre established! The Misses Charlotte nnd 1 antii.l ,
in one of the cottages at Sea Crest, Nye! Croisiin, of Salem, arrived in Newport'
ic.ii 11. t '"si it mm are slaving at the Ab-I
Mr. and Mis. S. A, Kor.er, of Salem, 1 bey. ' '
nre included niinuii; the arrivals of the 1 Mrs. ,T. C. Applegate and children '
Newport Transfer
Baggage delivered to any part of the city.
Will check your baggage from your residence to any
railroad point.
Wood For Sale Livery Rigs and Saddle Horses
H. H. CROWDIS, Proprietor
week at the Ah!
leputv in the
Mr. Kor.er is ehief
letarv of state's of-
wno nave ueen visitinir the H. A I'nv.
lies tit Nye Beach for several weeks.
lice and fermeilv bank examiner or departed the latter part of the week fur i
ineir nome 111 llillsliorci
"ohm of regent of the I'niversiiv of
1 1 Oregon.
Mis em Martin ileuarted Ut buW
tlfor Sit lent, after paomg an en lovable
iouting at thcrry City.
an.l ttauglit -rs, of Dnllaa, drove to Newi'Miui" make a Meinlty of visiting
port tsniuruuy, remaiiiiug until Monday. eollegw, and during the pt few
Mr, (ierlluger i a tueiiiber of the i month li liaeii at all if tlia lrjF In.
stitution on the const, Including tiie
I'nivmitr of Oregon and the ()regvn
Agricultural college.
Mi Carolyn Dick, of Salem, who w
at the Damon fvr several days, left
Mr. and Mrs. .1. K Weatherford, of
Albany, joined the Linn county contin
gent at the seaside Saturday, passing
the week-end here.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. F. Allison, of Salem,
arrived at the bench Saturday and reg
istered at the Copeland.
Mrs. A. N. ltitli and Miss Winifred
Bynl, of Salem, accompanied by Mrs.
Bush's guests. Dr. F.ugone Fuller, of
New York, and Miss Alice Brown, of;
Westrield, Mass., departed during the
week after a vacation here.
Mrs. Thomas l Kyan, of Salem, has
returned to her until after a brief so
journ nt Nye lU-a.h. Judge Ryan and
sou will remain mint time longer. '
Mr. ( hria l.M'hele and on, Elbert. 1 em Oregon.
or Salem, are at Nye Hcticb ami are
guest of the Mc Mister.
Mrs. A. 1'iinlv and daughter, of Sa
lem, are en loving a vacation at Nye
A. H. Pratt ami E. F. Smith, of Sa
lem, arrived at the beach during the
wve-k, aud are located at Tent City.
Mr. and Mr. Walter U Tooe, Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Joseph and .In turn.
ter, Kitu, of Philomath, nre domiciled
in a cottage at Snnnvside. The Jo
seph formerly resided ill Woodburn.
where they are well known.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mitchell, of Kit
gene, were among the arrivals from
Utne county .luring the week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Moore and
daughters, Klesttor, Dorothy and Agnes,
of Turner, are at Tent citv until the
first of the month.
Miss Mattie Beattv, of Snlem, is the
house guest of Mr. and Mrs. A J
Basey, also of Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 1). ClrV ....1 .uk
1 ..... 11 1 7 :
..,-,,iT, nave joined the east-
Twe and Three Room Furnished Cottages
Close to the Stores at Nye Beach.
Electric Lights City Water Sidewalks
CHRIS. ARMS. ProorUfnr
Write for Rates Newport, Oregon
' TTTTTtetttttti
arrived Saturday for a short sojourn at!
the Abbey.
W. M. E. Smith and family have de- .
parted for their home in Jefferson after
passing several days at Cherry Citv
Miss Margaret Stolr., of Snlem, was ,
a recent arrival at the Abbey.
John R. Conner
who now conducts
rrn Oregon contingent at Nye Beach' is planning to develop
Tf ? 1"ro,lltI Hierry City.lver dam lon'l near Mcsl.J
a.' M-M'lktf'lh"i n.l family, of! to a cele y an, h a.V, h,
salem, are ocetinviiiir una ik.
tsget at the Whitten camp ground.
II. J. Sprague, of Salem, has arrived
in Newport and I paising hii sununer
outing at Nye Beach i a (piest of the
l). I. MacCarthy, of Independence,
of Independence,
a "thirst narlor."
I acres of hen.
Medical anrimm in.
ranch aft.,,. 1,1. 1..,.:
closed tip at the end of this year. He
has anot.ier l.to acres of land near the
beaver dam land which he also plana
to put into cultivation. . H believes
'h"J f'i'1", M', --"n be met
with in the development of the celery
v aiso owns one of the
Mc Allister House
Overlooking the Ocean
Board, Rooms, Housekeeping
Apartment and Tent Houses.
Sun by Salem People for Salem
Meals Served Home Cooking
Mrs. Bertie Shafer
best hop ranches in the Independence
section. Dallas Obserrsr.
Many interesting side trips, such as the Devil's
Punch Bowl," Otter Rocks, Heceta Head, the
Lighthouse, and many .others of never-failing
Agate, Jaspers and Moonstones on the beach,
making much-prized souvenirs. First-class hotels,
robins, cottages and tents for rent at reasonable
m4444t M
Newport, Oregon's ideal Slimmer rer nn h
shores of Yaquina Bay and Pacific Ocean, is now
enjoying the cool sea breezes. . Finest natural
scenic beach in the West.