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Present Week May Be Most
Important In National
League Season
New York, Aug. 23. ThiM wink will
bn, ierhun, the moNt iniMirtunl one ii
the prhou, Imiielmllirnlly Bj,eul(iiig. A
pennant winner may be mailt) or broken
in the next six (lu.v. A tail emler, ('in
rimuiti, for iintnnre, ran all but gain
the leHilernhip of the t'utjii, providing,
of cuurno. it wins all u umniiH while
the lender arc lotting all of tln-ir. It's
very improbable, of eourso, but it koi'h
to kIiow that the race in the Nulimml
league null anybody ' ol.l hemuiiit
tile fourth week in AugiiNt, the 1'irnt
time Hiich a tute of thing dun oxili'd
Mince Horn was a pup.
The Itrave broke biudi Into the run
ning Saturday by taking two game
trom inn rirute. Mulling' crew went
from fifth place, to thirl, but four
gjnrie bchinil the rirmni'iiit'liiig I'hillie.
BoBtcrt Punch Not Gone.
'I'lie feat beniibn nhiiwing how clone
t.ne game Ih, ilemiinxt rate Hint the old
punch wiiich cnrricil the llosiun c In n
out in front lust year, is not entirely
gone, despite the well nigh complete
rapiluliition of (Hie of tile bent pitching
Htaffn the game ever aw. Htulliuii
piekeil up ii new twirler, a Mr. Nehf,
formerly of Homo I'oly college, Hutur
ilny, ami the yoiingKter went through
with color flying. Kiulolph alto won.
All tlimton need, hall player nay, I a
little ileeent plti'hiiig lo place Iheui In,
the running until the curtain fall. It
in a significant fact that practically nil
the player believe the rnco will ulti
mately nlmmer ilnwn anil find the
Jliavea buttling for the pennant.
On straight Hrooklyn generally Ih
coinmereil the inoHt evenly halanceil ag
gregation In the leaKiio. ' Wilhert Hull
non' well known penchant for young
pitcher lifts hail its gnu. I remill, ami
Colonel Khbott now ha -one nf the bent
Htaff, If nut the bent, in the Tener
Jnop. Aibleil lo the tremendous hitting
ulrenglh of the Dodger, till mnken the
Brooklyn outfit a formidable foe.
Betting Men Qiut.
Knnteni betting men have practically
quit thrown tip their linn. Is In dimimir.
A iwlug nrimnil the sporting hangout
today fulled to reveal a single hunk
niaker willing to pluee his money on
any one team at odd that would moke
it worth while to the ordinary chance
taker. "I've cloncil my book," wit the In
variable answer.
"I'd Just a urn in bet you Hint the
aim won 't rise tomorrow a place a bet
on any one team in the National
league.," mild one, mid hi companions
ochoed hi cntlmonl,
Joe .Uclison' purchase by the While
Hex it KoiiikT f0 liavo a iie'avy bearing
ia the Ainericnn league race unless all
the sign fail. Chicago and lietroit
both have strength d their teams this
week Chicago by taking Jackson nud
the Tiger by acquiring Hill Jniucn,
late of the llrown and an A I pitcher.
The ItosUia team wa a tl tn r! favor
ile to win until Chicago and Detroit
both picked tip tar, but. better men
today were dubious, If n fty vfu.
ing to accept tlni wairers.
OonUakay'a Mntlnxl Unpopiilnr.
There la a lot nf Indignation in some
cllie of Mail Johnson ' circuit, over
the tactic of I'ominkey, l.nnnin and
Nnviti. The charge lia been openly
made by apiirt writer and fan that
the magnate in Chicago, Huston and
Detroit are tryintf to "buy" a pen
milt. Comlskev ha spent approximate
ly I0ii,iiiW n hi club this year ex
elusive of salaries and the plnver he
In traded lu. He paid 'iil,iiH0 for
r.nnie 1 omns, annum for Kddie Mur
phy, 0,miil lor Jee Jackson and i:n0
fur Nemo l.ieluild, beside several more
thiiUMind for minor leaguers.
Following hi exiii.iile. I.iiiiniu ,f n,..
lied Sox, Imughl Jack Hairy for lit,-
oo, nun a lew ilays ago ,Viin, of le
Iroit, kicke,! in with l,Viioil i',,r li.ll
lame. Tim ha made mngniile in less
il'urtable circiiuisiauce and unable
lu follow suit rather Indignant, some
openly nngiy. Tl atunil coiiscp ce
I the race 1ms settled down to the
three Hub with rendv cash apparently
"cli of a dc. i, ling fa. ior as idaviug
libility. 1 '
Of the three there I iiiui h to cheese
iietweeu lis. el,;, II nieii have dis Idcd
All three aie evccptioniillv s'leug uud
hIiixiIiI go battling down the t:viigih on
eonipmative cen lenn. 'I'lie niiines of
the I. '.un. wined will do battle the fimi
week in tl, ul,er are still as mil. I) of H
uiysteiy as is wlm sta-ied (i,,, wur
t Watching the Scoreboard
Hed Sox bent St. I.ouis a'l d.iv ,
being l I, ft :i, Leonard er.oiicd' 1 1
ler ill the sec, 01, 1 game,
I. .it I
IVeuark led beat I'ittsbuig I ,m, ,.
bii.I regained first pine. A Imiuo run
in (he tirt and triple in !,e second
lest lold the tale.
AugeU had Scul hsug -ig ,m tl.
rope most of the time, but Wulvetton 's
Mien fought to extia innings in (!,e ..t
In the morning I. on Angele profited
by infield mistaken and iuppel, i lu I
OaklHr.it and Vernon fought t 1 I I
draw In Uie morning out at Vernon.
I'lie came mi rnlle.i when time n
Oaks barely hud time lo cut and hur
ry down tow a to Waahingt.in Park,
where they mnssarrej the Tiger, S to II
Yemen pulled a triple play in the
'morning, caving the Tiers' , slp after
Oakland kail made alt preparation for
Halting It away.
8ettl Times; Tht marine revered j
Ik uual order and tolj it to Haiti,
ttttntuutu i iitituxttm itutuiiiii sunxunt i
1 Salem Loses to Yelobans
By Score of 11 to 3
After disbanding lor the season Sat-1 empire become menaced more and more
tird'.iy, the Senators called the Sunday : doea the Turkish police department, the
game with MeMianville off, and then 'one and only department of govern
til help Mc.Miiiuville out of the hole u ment for which the Turk ha ever
pick up tea, n was called together forkown a real i'Miiu, increase its actiy
the game. The Senatorial pick-up team i itiu. Tile Turks any they have a mil
had slim picking- with the Mi Minuville lion and ft ipiarter tf men under arms,
regulars, and finished on the small end ; One would be tempted to believe they
of a d to II score. i were referring to the number of police-
A series ol' five jjames was to be !
played between the Sci.ator and Mr j Hecently complaint wa made to Kn
Minnville. but now tue Mcl inn ville I ver I'lislm that there wan too much mir
has won three of the games and the 1 veillance of the Scorpion, the l.'iiited
Senators aro willing to admit that they Stutes station ship now anchored in the
stand little chance in un argument in Hopht.-u nt tiie foot of the American
'heir present condition, n it is likely 1 College for (lirls.
tnal tin; lelolians will Ktaad the uiujis- "lint n in me nuty or tne ponce to
puled champions of McMinnviHe andlwatih everything, to watch every
vicinity. jbody," replied the .'l.'l year old minister
Craig pitched for the Salem team. I of war. " Mvcrv 'M minutes of the day
but hi support leaked at critical 'times
and after a listless and sultry alter
noon s entertainment the scoreboard
was found to contain one lonely trey
and a pair of uucs. No one asked any
ipiestions, but the Salem boys said a
pleasant time was had by all those
W I.. I'.C.
f.oa Angele H2 lili .Oiiit
Sua Francisco ... 77 .Sia
Vernon 72 iil .511
Salt Lake 115 7,1 .471
Oakland (JO 7 .455
rortlund 110 74 A IS
YeHterday'ii Result.
At I'nrtland Salt
Portland 2.
Lake 3,
At San Francisco I.os Ange
le B-S, San Francisco .HI.
At l.o Angeles Oaklund 1.1,
Vernon 1-0 (morning game call
ed nt time limit in eleventh).
Saturday' Results.
At I'lirlliind Suit l.ako (1,
Portland 4.
At San Francisco-San Fran
cisco ,'l, l.o Angele i!
At l.o Angele Vernon (15,
Oaklund L' 1.
Portland, Ore., Aug. 2.'l. Southpaw
Pat Callahan has been Hold by the Spo
kane Northwestern league team to the
Cincinnati Nationals, it became known
The sale was luailu apparently on
the Gil hi h of Imiuediute delivery us
Pitcher Speck Hurkness, who ha been
out of II job since released by Aberdeen
several weeks ago, wa hurriedly sum
iniiui'd to join the Indian.
Callahan tried out with the Portland
Heaver nt the beginning of the season
but failed to malm good. He has since
developed wonderfully, it i aid.
Hellmunn is Sick.
Sua Francisco, Aug. S.'l. Harry licit
111 11 11 11, Blur first sucker of the Seals,
may be out of the game for the rest of
the season, physicians said today. He
has been troubled with ili.y.y spells, and
while running for u train yesterday was
so attacked.
Tommy Tetinaut Released.
Portland, Ore., Aug. 2X After help
ing to make Pncific Coast league his
tory for nix year, Tummy Tcanaat, the
veteran first sucker, i seeking a new
berth today. He wa unconditionally
released Sunday by Manager Hlunken
ship of the Salt l.ako team. Tommy no
rompanied the Hee south but not as a
meiulier of the team.
Gen. Siler.
Th hounhold hipr$ your
uif nutdt can bt found auiclh
fnreugn mt Journal Irani
v4 ..; j
.. ' -.
; j
1 :. M
- J
" ' ;' " ' " '" J-T$
i - K'vy"s ' ' 1
i .... ...sj c 1
i?ti .
Activity of Policemen
In the Turkish Capital
(By Henry Wood.)
( I'lnted I'rcs Staff Correspondent.)
Con-taiitiuople (by cuirier to De.lea
gatch and thnce bv mail), July 14.
More and more, as the existence of the
' and night a patrol boat passes my
house. I am watched like all the rest
This sensation of being constantly
under the eyes nf the police produces
on the part of the foreigner here a de
gree of caution, lie never know at
what instant a chance word which he
may utter may he overheard by a se
cret policeman ami in consequence of
which he may be charged with the ut
terance of treason.
Only 11 lew days ago Colonel I.oipslz,
the military attache of the Herman em
bassy, wa killed. He was a magnifi
cent type nt' the German officer, over
six feet tall, a gentleman both in ap
pearance mid in actuality, known and
loved by everyone. The official an
nouncement said that while changing
from uniform to civilian dress in a
little railway station upon hi return
from the I'.inlanelles, ins revolver had
been accidentally discharged, the ball
entering his forehead.
Utile l.esler Slianbeck is recovering
from an acuto uttack iif appendicitis.
J. W. lierkey is looking utter J. S.
I'islier's sawmill business while he is
in tiie hospital.
Mr. ami Mrs. ,1. K. I.angdon and son,
Homer, were in Portland Monday to
see the circus.
Mrs. Taylor Skees returned homo
Mommy alternuon lrom her cumping
trip nt Nye Bench.
Guy Weaver arrived limine lust Fri
day troin two weeks on the coast. He'
reports n good time.
Mr. and Airs. Geo. Gregory, of Molal-,!
la, were the guests over Sunday of Mr.
ami Mrs. Frank Fry.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seholl and
daughter, Cannon, returned from their
camping trip Sunday afterucoa.
Charles Sumner Clark, of Salem, is
visiting A. C. llaker over at liroad
aeres and getting used to country life.
S. V. Phillips, an operator at the;
Warm Springs, Mont., institute, this!
week purchased a tract of the Gotidy'
land of Crow & Pierce. I
II. O. Painter and family returned
Tuesday from their const trip. Theyl
visited several of ttho camping places!
ami benches in Tillamook county. I
Airs. Frank Dcklcinhnna, of Mjir
marth, South Dakotu, a former school
l',.l I ...I M 11 .-..I L . 1 I
i.inu I,, .inn. 1 i'iit viiiveri, was uer
guest from Friday to Wednesday of
this week.
Mi. C, K. Martin And son, Krncst, left
for Sun Frunciseo Monday ijioriiing and
will spend smiie time with her pnreuts,
Air. uud Mrs. llluke, residing at L'kiuh,
I'p to date the immediate vicinity
of llubbiird ha reported no cases of
lire blight. Wherever discovered the
brunches are burned to prevent spread
ing the I rouble.
Tim child of Mr. and Mrs. E. 8.
Miller, dangerously ill for several days,
has passed tiie critical point safely,
and is now rapidlv recovering.
Mrs. Alum Collurd, of The Dalles,
arrived Tuesday miirniiig and is the
guest of Mr. und Mrs. Percy Calvert.
Mrs. Nolan, of Portland," came to
Hubbard Tuesday morning to visit lior
daughter. Mm. W. S. Miller.
Mrs, J. S. Peek, of Salem, who has
been visiting a brother lu Cauby, came
to Hubbard Tuesday morning to visit
her father, 1 I'.' llershberger, and
other relutivc a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathaii Whitney, or
Sacramento, I 11 1 were the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Geo Knight lust Saturday.
They made the return trip bv boat.
When M. H. Kester built' his onion
house last year he was advised it was
entirely too large for hi a Is, but
it will not lie nearly lu rtie eiimufli lit
house this year's crop.
S. M. Vi.ler, of Aurora, cnllisl on hi1
triend, ,1. S. Fisher, at the hospital
eduediiy before stinting for Surrav,
North Dakota, to help harvest. From
there he will return to .lis home in
Belleville, I'n.
l.oney Yoder who will leach at the
I'l school this year is taking a special
course at Oregon City, Koiag down
on the eurly morning train and re
turning in the evening.
1. II. Howcit, g, ral freight agenl
of the O. It. & N. stationed nt Tncoma,
visited over Sunday with hi wife and
daughter, who are spending the sum
mer at the home vt Mr. and Mrs. Frunk
Frv, I
Vhe Sunday school rlnsse of Mrs.
H. C. Mack and Mis Mae Critlen
dea had a fine picnic Tuesday evening
at Wolfer springs. The boys' and girls
io n )joou utile, I
Mis Phillip left Monday morning'
for Forest Grove alter spending v.
vrui weeks won nor sister, .Mr. Oolnv
Veget, and many friend. Alia Phil
lip intend to attend normal at .Mon
mouth this year.
Mr. und Mr. Chn. Kinter, Mrs. Ave
Keed and Mel M alone went camping
last week cast of Hubbard near Table
Keck, considered a luitd trip as the
last few miles a park auiuial is the
mode of travel.
Mrs. Klla Ctiyle went to Portland"
Wednesduy morning to visii her son,
Juy, who is recovering nicely from an
operatiou for appendicitis and found
him well enough to accompany her
home Wednesday evening.
Mrs, Anna Wilder of Taeoma and
Mi 1 Nellie Mislilcr went to Albany
Motsfay aftct a pleasant visit with Mrs.
ln llcrshhetgcr. From Albany Miss
M miliar will go lo Cstlton. where she
! There wan scarcely a foreigner in all
j Constantinople whu did not see in this
i mysterious death the culmination at
I least in part of his convictions that
; sooner or later the Turks will turn on
; the German officers now stationed at
i Constantinople. But not a single per
Isni in all Constantinople once expressed
' this suspicion.
I "They say it was accidental," is what
everyone said to hi most intimate
I friend, and lo this remark silence alone
; followed. A word more 'it'cred might
1 have been overheard by a secret police
and the individual hauled up for trca
j That the position of the Germans at
I Constantinople is becoming daily more
delicate there can be 110 uiiostion.
iknow personally tha; even in the case
I of the death of Colonel Leipsiz the
Turkish censor insisted that thft Otfi
cial announcement as prepared by the
German ambassador be sulunitteii oe
fore being telegraphed to Ilerlin and
that the original text wbb altered.
Many German officers after their day's
work at the "Quartier General
change tti civilian's dress before ap
pea ring on the streets in the evening.
German and Austrian civilians are Icav
ing by every train. Part of thoso who
let t on the same train 1 did lett cursing
the country which had joined them in
war. One German correspondent repre
senting one of Germany's greatest pa
pern the Berliner Tageblntt was ex
pelled because he saw things as they
actually were and not us the Turks
wanted him to see them.
But there is overv indication that
the German soldiers, sailors and ofl'i
eers nnw in Turkey will stay to the
una. wuatever the tate of Turkey may
bo there is everv indication that not
a man will hesitate to una re it, and if
tho Turkish empire passes out of exis
tence it is likely these men will pass
witn it.
will teach in the high school this com
ing year.
Bev. Ui 8. Stoiner from Pandora,
Ohio, who was visiting in and around
Hubbard several days recently made
his home during his stay here with Mr.
and Mrs. Christian Schumacher. He
left on Monday, August l(i, for Port
land on his missionary trip to Wash
ington and then east.
K. W. Hose visited his old school
mate, L. M. Meeker, oa Tuesday. Mr.
Rose is principul of the Alolnlla high
school and was responsible for the
three days of high class lectures given
by the professors from the Agricultural
collego this spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Taylor and daugh
ter of Astoria, Or., visited at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Hnrve Mulone from
Sunday to Wednesday of this week.
Tho Taylor family is on the way home
from the Woods fair and is making the
trip tn their Chalmers car.
Miss Mary (loony returned liomc
Wednesday evening from several days
spent visiting in Tillamook county,
stopping at Cape Meares lighthouse
and Netnrt bay and many other points
of interest. Miss Grace yrnncc of Hebo
accompanied her on the return trip.
H. W. Gable and family went to
Portland Saturday to tnko advantage
of tho latter part of "Buyers Week"
in furniture. Da Sunday they visited
Mr. Gables sister ia Washougal, Wash.
K. W. returned Mouitay morning leav
ing Mrs. Guide to visit her brother at
Multnomah, Or., returning Monday
Last Saturday evening August 14
eighty friends gathered at the home
of Mr. and Airs. Samuel Daniels in
honor of his fifty-ninth and her thirty
fifth birthday, both receiving many
beautiful and useful gifts. Refresh
ments of ice cream, cake, minced
chicken and hum snndwlclis were pre
pared by Airs. Daniels and was serv
ed at midnight. Knterprise.
Government Wants
Operator For Wireless
If any young man wants a job ns
wireless operator, the government is
willing to pay liiiu $(10 a month as 11
starter, and when he becomes really
proficient, the reward is !H) a month.
An examination will be held at Seattle
by th civil service commission, Sep
tember "2, for wirelesa operators.
The examinations to be held by the
same commission, on September N, cnlls
for a scientific assistant in poultry
husbandry, with a salary of from $1,000
to jil.SOO. - From the government 'a point
of view, the matt who knows a lot about
chickens, is entitled to a larger salary
than the man who risks his life as a
wiiv less operntur.
An assistant is wanted in poisonous
plant Investigation, male at from 1,200
to $1,500. Cheese li nkers who can pass
the civil service examinations are as
sured of a fair living, as they start with
a salary of $100 u month and later re
ceive $1'.M a month, 't his same examina
tion call for a gardener, who is valued
along with the wi.vless operator, $1)0 a
month. An assistant in forest etymology
will receive from $1,200 to $1,400 a
year. Any young mull who has ambi
tions to join the government service, or
who would like to take a chance at the
examinations, iimv receive information
at the local office, or will be sent Ap
plication blanks from the postmaster lit
t. Morgan, who lives about three
mile soutii of tienais, met with a ser
um accident Tuesday night while lead
ing n large bull to water. The bull, who
had a ring 111 hi nose to which a pole
wa attached, became ugly, and break
ing the poll made a dash for Mr. Mor
g.ni and pinioned him against a tree,
.niniug a eomiHiund fractur of hi leg
below the knee. Mrs. Morgau and the
hired man ran to hi assistance, and
with an iron pipe and aiiitehfork man
aged to drive tne bull away. Dr. Hick
man, of Gerxais, was railed and found
the fracture no serious that he rushed
the patient lo the Salem sanitorium,
where he could belter handle th ca.
Mr. Morgau is Ad years of age, but
strong and robust, and hi many friends
hay gtwat hope of a eoniplrt recov
ery. Genai Star,
Top, Dr. D. A. Sargent, Hon. Chas. E. Townsend,
Judge Beit B. Lindsey. Bottom, Prof. Irving
Fisher, Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis. Dr. J. H.
Kellogg, Governor Ferris,
Just what effect this European war
will "nave on the advance toward hu
man perfection through eugenics and
euthenics was discussed at the National
Conference on Race Betterment held
recently at the Panama-Pacific ex
iJr. uaviit Starr Jordan is at tne
head of the executive committee and
will bo one of tho speakers at the con
ference. Others who delivered address
At the request of Arthur Hooker, sec-j
rctury of the' International Irrigatitri
congress, Sacramento, Governor Withy
combe today appointed the following
fo act as Oregon delegates to the In
ternational Irrigation congress, which 1
convenes nt Stockton, September Dl-j
14; Fresno, September 15-10; Snera-j
niento, September 17 IS, and Snn Fraii-i
cisco September 20: j
A. M. Hammer, Albany; A. 0. Val-
ker, Alfalfa; C. C. Clark,' Arlington; W.;
II. Strayer, Baker; P. H. Dencer, Bend;
C. S. Hudson, Bend; ,1, P. Keyes, Bend;!
D. ('. lirownell, Umatilla; Wm. Hanlev.l
Burns; Dr. W. J. Kerr, Corvnllis; Wm.
Boegli, Culver; Wallis L. Totv.e, Ihil
las; C. M. Keilfield, Deschutes; A. B.
Thomson. Echo; 0. I). Tcel, Echo; Dr.
Henry Dexter, Knterprise; Roscoe Card,
Gateway; Harry J. Cheaowetli, ('rnuil
view; A. B. Council, Grants Pass; J.
K. Fisher, Haines; J. T. Hinkle, Her
miston; J. Afessner, Herinistoa; E.
E. Kendall, .lamieson; K W. Brower,
Junturn; V. S. Wonlm, Klamath Falls;
L. D. Howland, I.a Grande; ,1. N. B.
Gerking, Tumnln; Fred X. Wallace,
Tnmnlo; Alfred A. Aya. I.n Pine; L. A.
Hunt, Lower Bridge;' L. 11. Irving, .Ma
dras; H. V. Card, Aladras; P. ,1. Netf,
Medford; Abel Adv, Merrill; T. At!
Duncan, Nvssn; .1. 1(. Bluckubv,' On
tario; A. W. Trow, Ontario; Rov W.
Ititner, Pendleton; W. Al. Slasher ' Pen
dleton: F. S. Stanlev I
Chnpmnn, Portland; 0. ' Lau'rgaiird!'
1 oriiaiui; r.. 11. wininms. Powell Butte;.
J. 11. Bell, Prineville; L. E. Smith, lied'
mond; Guy E. Dolison, Redinoinl; .1 P
Duckett. Sisters; Jas. M. Kvle, Stan
field; John Kigby, Vale; W.' W, ( avi
ties, Vale.
The Monitor can find no evidence to
change it opinion, stated last week,
that the crop in the Independence dis
trict in the yards of experienced grow
er will be gool and t'unt in other parts
of the state it will be poor.
Picking will commence the first week
in September, ami labor will be plenti
ful at 40 cents. Cleaner work will be
insisted upon.
The market is nt a standstill. A bet
of $'J0 was made on the streets of Inde
pendence Saturday night that the price
would be 20 cent before the first of
the year. In thi instance, the grower
who bet that the or,,.., -.,i 1.. 1 . .v.
... , . ....i,ii, 1 ne w
cents will lie very much pleased if he
i"'". iiiuepeiinenc .Monitor.
Mr. and Mrs. T. XI. Clodfelter. resid
ing at the comer of Maple and Church
street, enjoyed a reunion with their
children Sunday, the first time in 20
year. Those present besides the pa
rent were: P. H. Clodfelter and wife
of Emporia. Kas.; S. O. Clodfelter, wife
and son, of Wasco. Ore.; W. I. Clodfel
ter, wife and daughter, of Springfield,
Ore.; S. S. Clodfelter, wife and daugh
ter, of Salem; Mr. Minnie Roe and
two aous. of Portland. Dallas Observer
Ed Weaver wa attending to busi
ness matter In Riddle Monday. In con
versation Mr. Weaver stated that he
would have approximately 2i,')i)0
pound of prunes this year. ' U recent
ly disposed of hi entira crop to the
i'rnrr rniu companv at Ji cent or
chard run. Riddle Tribune,
I1 1 V ' ' 1""' x ' i
tot f: J
gyG . . iv ii.w I"
es were Luther Burbank, Professor Irv
ing Fisher, of Yale; Kdwar L. Hewett,
director of the Tinted States bureau
of ethnology; Dr. J. H. Kellogg, su
perintendent of the Buttle Creek sani
tarium; Dr. D. A. Sargent, director of
Hemingway gymnasium at ' Harvard;
Senator Charles K. Tci.vnsend, Judge
Bin B. Iiiudsey, Rev. Newell Dwight
Hillis, and Governor Ferris, of Michi
gan. It is admitted by leading eugenists
Salem Testimony Remains Unshaken.!
Time is the best test of truth. Herel
is a Salem story that has stood the test;
of time. It is a story with a point!
will come straight home to many of us.j
P. W. Brown, farmer, 13D9 State St.,'
Salem, says: "Three years of mill-!
wright work in a damp atmosphere (lis- j
ordered my kidneys. I often han lame
ness and soreness across the small of
my back. When having an attack, Ii
heard of Doau's Kidney Pills and got;
a supply. They removed the backache
and soreness, together with othe.' symp-l
tonis of kidney trouble." (Statement1
given .Tun. 31, 7000), After a lapse of
more than six years, Mr. Brown said:'
"All I said recommending Dona's Kid-j
nevs Pills when T mihlioK, att,l,,.ua,l .
them before, holds good, I usithem
occasionally wnen l have symptoms of
iwnuey compiniut and I never fail to
get quick relief. Another of the family!
has also used Doan's Kidnev Pills for!
kidney wenkuess and has had the best
of results."
Price one, nt all dealers. Don't sim-l
ply ask for a kidnev remedy get;
Doaa's, Kidney Pills the same' that
Air. Brown has twice publicly recom
mended., Foster-Alilburn Co., Trons '
Buffalo. N. Y. I
Children Cry
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AH Counterfeits, Imltati" n7aV.? TdceclTe you tl'
i:xporiutonts that tr ih, mu? J":- " but
vvnat is CASTOR I A
SBStStr ft Ofl, rare.
iul aUayg PeverUl..." i'0r lct,tr"y Wormi
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'"ears the
The Kind You Have Always Booglrt
In Use Fop C. nr J
I that the war abroad will delay the in
troduction of eugenics as a fundamen
tal law. Some claim, however, that
the war will bring a survival of tha
; fittest which may after all rebound to
j the ultimate betterment of the race.
! The first Nationnl Conference on
jRace Betterment, held at Battle Creek
: in 1914, was characterized by many sen
sational addresses, and it is anticipated
that tho San Francisco meeting will bo
equally as full of interest.
Good-bye sore feet, burning feet, swol
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Good-bye corns, callouses, bunions and
raw spots. No
more shoe tight
ness, no ' mora
limping with
pain or drawing
up your face ia
agony.. "TIZ" is)
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right off. "TIZ''
draws out all the
poisonous exuda
tions which puff
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'TT7 inH tnr.
get your foot misery. Ah I how com
fortable your feet feel. Get a 25 cent
box of "TIZ" now at any druggist or
department store. Don't suffer. Have
good feet, glad feet, feet that never
swell, never hurt, never get tired. A
year's foot comfort guaranteed or
money refunded.
for Fletcher's
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has borao tho slrM
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miuxLn Experience against Experiment.
Signature of
"r ou Tears