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Greatest German Military Genius Succeeds Von Buelow In
Command of Armiee Operating In Baltic Region
Russians Offer Stubborn Resistance, Making Numerous
Counter Attacks-French Aviators Invade Bavaria
British Submarines Active
London, Aug. 12. With the "official
announcement from Berlin that Field
Marshal Von Hindenburg is in com--ninnd
ci? the German forces in the Bal
tic region and not General Von Buelow,
new interest centered today in the
fighting about Riga and toward the
Wnrsuw-Petrogrnd railway.
At the beginning of the great War
saw drive Von Hindenburg was in com
mand nlong the Narew liue. The early
operations in the Baltic provinces, it
was officially announced, were carried
'iiit by vast cavalry forces under Von
liuelow. With the determined attempts
muni mt- ui'uig mane 10 seize Kiga,
however, and the fact that Field Mar
tial Von Hindenburg has been placed
in lonimnnd of the Baltic operations,
it is believed the kaiser regards this at
tack on the Russian flank as the most
important movement on the eastern
In view of the violent offensive
which the kaiser has apparently deter
mined ti continue against the Slavs,
the early forcing of the Dardanelles
is regarded ns more pressing than ever
if the Russian situation is to be saved.
There is every indication that tho Dar
danelles assault has been resumed nn
..mKi- ainic tue advance is only ny'"1" "'K mi me iuriusii warship (Joe
vanls, however, and an enormous tnsk
yet confronts the allies in this region.
That the Russians are offering the
loives of Vmti Iliudeuburg .stubborn
resistance is evident from' the German
official statement which reported coun
ter attacks by the Slavs. These at
tacks are declared to have been re
pulsed, but yesterday's statement re
corded no advance for the Germans in
this region, At other points the Kus
sinns nre apparently continuing their
orderly retirement.
As a rosult of the placing of Field
Marshal Von Hindenburg in command
of. the northern flank and the steady
thrust that is being made further into
Hussinn territory in this region, the
belief is growing in military circles
that Petrograd is tho real German ob
jective. Where Korno was originally
planned as the northern extremity of
the new Kussinn liue of defense, 'this
fortress is now besioged and its cap
ture momentarily expected. With the
fall of Kovno this line can no longer
"e ncm uy tne Slavs in the north and
a further retirement may be expected.
Unofficial reports have declared that
the Russians are also preparing to
evacuate Vilna, the junction point of
the railway from Warsaw to Petrograd.
Vilna is about 375 miles from Petro
grad. The principal German effort is
now regarded as the attempt to seize
toe railway to the Slav capital, ac
"minting for the assignment of Von
Hindenburg to the task.
Germans Will Attack Serbia,
Sofia, Aug. 11. (Delayed in trans
mission.) The Austrian and German
ministers visited Premier Radoslavoff
-Monday, seeking Information as to the
iiinnnanU .,f h nii; ;
1'iilgnriaii participation In tho war It ' .le ljns'8 of a withdrawal from Bel
's understood thev informed the premier .?""" Rl"1 lm'' "''ly fade overtures
'hut Germany was about to start a new to l,0I)a for , mediation.
s'iliian offensive md promised Bui-' JSe correspondent declared the Aus
ruin important concession If Czar For- tro-Germans were not willing to endure
iinand would remain neutral. another winter campaign.
The socialists nre demanding a pop- j
"hir referendum before Bulgaria takes i German Jews Protest.
' decisive ,tep. j ril,rii vi Kiu,U,m , 8llvvini, A
'he above dispatch was evidently fil-12 An association of German .lews to
;" .'" ,oflil 0,1 Monday, hut was held day made public through the military
'i' hv the censors before being relayed their rnbliis protest against the ship
" i-er in until yesterday. Cables from ; menf of munitions to the allies for dis
""" "'" Ba.kans during tho past fort-j tribution through neutral powers
Von Hindenberg Is Playing the
Leading Part in Russian Drive
(By J. W. T. Mason.)
i Written for the I'nited Press.) i
lork, Aim. 12 For'the f irst !
':ie niiw r. H, . ft j forces southward into tho arms of
I-rent eastern ftensive iUreh Vo Mackensen'. arm-
"' '.iign was stnrted the official state-;ic, along the Vistula. But the anni
!uii V m"u i ann0l,n''J th1 l'rt liilntion of the Russian field forces per
' field Marshal Von Hindenburg is: haps is mit the major objective after
Mi.nng. it Kllown 0).1V hHt he is: ll
- .,,, ot ,n opcratiuim 011 the
mid is cneikinu the advancM of,
KllSSinus dlirimr l..t f.,
iii'l'v ' roaJ Siuiultau-i Insten.l of expending strength in try-
Viea '"I,"'" ominously, tho Novo ! jng to envelop the Russian forces, the
ia, letiograd 's leading uewspa-1 Teutons may intend to isolate Petrograd
!'.,',' Jl'l""'ted to have warned thejbv blocking the armies in central and
.1..,.,.',' ,,IB l'ml Germany's real ! southern Russia. Then Von Hindenburg
Wli .l,,-1 ft ,i'-V of r','tr0Kd. could march on to Petrograd and com
t..r .i.' r'V "M ""'derburg is, mint cen-lpd the czar n il l his court to flee for
th!. si.v .""X f "nMl force; safety.
N,, to sue for a separate in-ace. ! IWause Napoleon could not hold
. Ii,i, ,1 minis nus neen
"lined with thi Blnmoiu ,..f.....
it,,,,, il i . r ripinenis or mvst
the beginning. Only the bare
"ii.cnieiits of occasional rTOirre
, , - vi ii, i ,nn ' i
asienal progress has!
""''i contained
in the offieinl pnrn- i
les. The in, ml,.. 1 1
I L iiii-ii riiKitK'1!!
Pn k(Tl secret. It is asauracd i
" -i iw w minmiii nrrrun
night have given evidence of boing
held up from one to six days in addi
tion to tho usual delay in Berlin and
Turious Fighting at Verdun.
rnris, Aug. 12. The most furious
ngniing tnat has occurred on the west
ern front in a fortnight is now in prog
ress about Verdun with artillery rock
ing the entiro region and violent as
saults being made against entrenched
positions. Hand grenades and large
bombs add to the din of exploding
shells from heavy guns.
Two German night attacks were re
pulsed near Maria Theresa and Foun
tain Aus Charmes, the communique an-
lumit'iu iimuv. rue crowd prince,
however, is hammering hard at the
trench line near Vienna Leehnteau.
Strong attacks are being made by
tne enemy in the Pont-a-Mousson re
gion, it was stated. The eueniv has
piled up hundreds of dead about the
crencli blockhouses in this district in
unsuccessful attacks during the last
24 hours.
British Submarines Active.
London, Aug. 12. The admiralty to
day was without confirmation of an
Athens cable to the Dniiv Toi.,r,..,i.
ien, renamed tne Sultan Selim, had
ueen torpedoed near the Bosphorous.
An Athens dispatch to the News de
clared a British submarine had tor
pedoed the cruiser, forcing her ashore,
and had also sunk an armed Turkish
transport near the liospliorus, but this
also lacked confirmation by the admir
alty. Austrians Repulsed.
Rome, Aug. 12. Charging forward in
the glare of Austrian searchlights, two
Bersnglieri companies drove tho enemy
from an entrenchment on Monte Seibus'i
with the bayonet, General Cadorna re
ported to the war 'office today. Later
Austrian artillery rendered the position
untenable. Italians withdrew, but not
uimi iiiiit uiey nad wroeked the works.
"In the Cndore region we repulsed
nny.iK niuciu or tne enemy toward Sei
koici, i.eiiernl Cadorna reported. " All
attacks on the entire Carnia front
were repulsed. We advanced slightly
at Plavruidness, "
French Aviators Raid.
Berlin, via London, Aug. 12. French
aviators dropped bombs 'upon Swei
bruekeii and Snnkt Ingbert, in Bavaria,
killing eight civilians and wounding
several others, it was annoinced todav.
Sweibruckpu and Snnkt Ingbert are
but 10 tnik's apart. Both have exten
sive machine shops, manufacturing es
tablishments and iron and stel mills.
Says Germans Want Peace.
London. Aug. 12. A dispatch to tho
Times from its Milan correspondent
declared it was reported (hut (lernumv
was willing to negotiate for nence
that the Mirnose of the Baltic offensive
t eut the Warsaw-I'etrograd rail-
r'"" 1,1 """"Pt to drive tne Kii-smii
task ha
has perhaps caused the abantton
of the plan it it was really ever
.Moscow is no reason wnv tno iterinans,
- :.. .i .,i.i i;.. ....
vim v in i ruiiKMii, i ,iiiu ii"i n v"
indefinitely. The Novo Vremya est i -
mated that the Teutonic power is seven
imi irrupt nri N'nonlfHin 's. Whether
. ..:- : '.j k. k
nus.lH nils int. n--'i m i i's"i
seven fiJd remains to be proved.
nuoDiAii utrtns
Invaders Now Within Twelve
Miles of Petrograd Rail-
way, Says Berlin
Berlin, via wireless to London. Ana
12 Crushing tho Russian defense along
the Narew and advancing within 12
miles of Petrograd railway at one point,
new advnnces for tho German forces
were reported ail along the line by the
war office today.
General Von Seholtz captured the
important bridgeheads over the Narew
at vizua, east of the captured fortress
of Lcmza and nlso occupied Wain, the
omcini statement declared.
South of Vizua after a cattle lasting
.1 r . . ... ...... n
iwu uuys, uonerai von uallwitz occti
pied Zambroao, 12 miles from the Po
tronrad railway. The Russians bta Ha.
dared to be retiring rapidly upon the
railroad irom J.omza and Novo Geor
Inmiediately.east of Warsaw tho Ba
variau forces of Prince Leopold cau
tured Lukow, only 17 miles from tho
important railroad point of Sidlce, the
statement continued. This gives the
Germans control of the shortest route
over which the Slavs can withdraw up
on Brest-Litovsit and makes it impera
tive that the retreating forcos take a
roundabout way in reaching the new
"Our airmen bombarded the Bialos
tok railway .lnnction. causlnir several
explosions," tho official statement said.
"Jn the north, General Kichhorn re
pulsed a Russian attack smith of the
Niemcn in a bloody battle, during
which the enemy suffered losses.
"In the southwest, General Von
Mackensen penetrated fortified posi
tions of the enemy after stiurp fighting
ueiween mo aug river ami l'arczey,
j lie enemy is retreating."
In the western- theater, the only op
eratious of importance are in the Ar
gonne, where the crown -nrincfl is nt
tacking the French lines, it was stated.
A group of positions was captured near
Vi..im.i T.Q f'linl.... L .
. .......u r V.UUIVUII, (.IIU BMJlOlllCIlt 8U1U
Sixty of Orew Drown.
Berlin, via wireless to Sayville, Aug,
I-'. Hixty members of the crew of Hw.
British cruiser Ramsey were drownod
wnen tno namsey was sunk Sunday
according to reports hero today.
Reciting tho "adventures of the Our
man auxiliary cruiser Meteor in pene
trating the British patrol line and sail-
imr nr.ll milaa it,. -
ft ""-" nuiu nn uiint?, UCWSpuperS
today said the Meteor sowed numerous
mines m the North sea beforo being
.. 1... ..1 .1 tii . . , . . "
ttuuuutinua una uiown up-at'tor sinking
lieutenant Sutton of Signal
Corps Seriously Injured
In Accident
Washington, Auir. 12. Cut.uin
George K. Knox was killed and Lieu-
imiuiu n. a. i5iinon, a signal corps
aviator, was seriously injured when an
aeroplane in which they were flying at
Fort Sill, Okln., became unmanageable
during a practice fight and crashed to
t lip ground today.
The aeroplane' fell from a height ol
:i'0 feet.
Sutton's home is nt 718 lloyt street,
i-oruuiid, ure. ins mother is Mrs.
.lames M. Sutton. Knox' home is in
New York. He is reported to be the
son of the hatter and was known as
the righest man in tiie army,
.Sutton was rushed to the' army hos
pital upon being taken from the wreck
age of the aeroplane. Knox was dead
when extricated.
The reports of the accident forward-
ed hero said Sutton made every effort
to right the aeroplane as he started to
lull. It miule two spirals hi the descent
l.... .1... l:.... ' ... . .
inn me iiciiienuiii was uuniiie to lirjng
it to nn even keid and was entangled
in the wreckage when the machine
crashed to the ground.
Washington, Aug. 12. Gener
al Villa has a reel with lien,
rill Scott, chief of staff of the
I'nited States army, to suspend
hostilities indefinitely pending
pence negotiations, a dispatch
to the state department, pre
sumably from Special Agent
(leorge ('Brothers, announced
this afternoon.
The statu department an
nounced no formal reply will
be miide to (icuerul Carranza 's
note warning against "med
dling" by the I'nited Stales
and Pan-American powers, ilia
communication is believed to
have made possible a mure tan
gible reply than a formal docu
Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli
Belching Fire, Smoke
and Lava
Vapors From Vesuvius Cloud
Bay of Naples and Villagers
Flee From Homes
By Henry Wood.
Naples, Aug. 12. The Brent vol
canoes, Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli
have suddenly become active and are
belching ateami andt'snioko.
Lava is ponrinir llown thn on0t.
slope of Mount l'2na from two new
craters, threatening Sicilian villages.
Naplos and Messina are terror stricken.
The inhabitants aU flucking to the
churches, offering pravers for the
uf.Rtl . of thc 'ti('H' Tarunte and
Hnndisi have felt frcnuirs and there is
in reasing fear that a gigantic earth
quake is about to shako Italv, though
scientists are taking every moans to
reassure the public.
En route from Allium tn v.,i.,.
aboard a Greek steamer I ner,,m,ll
witnessed the renwakiminir nf
great volcanoes. Passinir throuut, Dm
Ionian sen, smoke from Mt. Ktnn was
visible for miles. The cone of the
volcano, standing two miles above sen
eve , was shroudod in a thick cap of
black smoke and steam.
At Messina, sixty miles in tlm i,,.-i),.
oast, the people nre clamoring for the
traditional procession tn n,., ..i,
della lettera, popularly believed to have
often saved them from Mt. Etna's
StromlKili. risinrr snnn ff
tho sea on ono of the Linnri l.inmi.
seen to be emitting an angry stream of
lava toward the sea while spouting.
. - ...... , 4l j,, nlJ w
could ascertain from the steamer, none
""'""I Liuillt fill I nillflKn An Fii. .
. . nuiui, viuages at tho base hud
been burned.
Vapors from Mount V....t,t...
the bay of Kunles ,
here Residents of village at the base
of the volcano are flocking here. Thev
are trudging Into Naples with their
(foods strapped upon their backs, flee
ing before what. it. is .f,..j
mother outbreak nf the volcano.
(Copyright 1!1.j
veiling Post.)
1'7 tho Now York
INew lork. Auir. 12 Tl, ...i.
-i i iin-T uHiivi r rciru nr v i,,,i.. 1
. . , . . nivi;ft llllir-
times there was a uood deal nf .,u,..n..
"lent and weak. i , ,mrt(,rH,
irndiiiLr was ess act vo
sharp bidding up of specialties, somo of
". .. .1 uinuiieeil violent V nn t in ni..
ulation of riiiiiiirs of liii-in ,iii
......v., tiieie was aotning interesting in
the speculation of the dnv
Sentiment was inlxo.l .i u ,
lent that the " war stocks " as a class
have lost some of their popularity
since the new high mark, weri estab
lished. The market as 11 whole was laricly
professional, reflecting a sort of pool
manipulation often ,oe at this stage
01 a speculative campaign, chiefly
"rougo the cra.c in "war stocks. " The
ast hour was .piiet with interest rou
tined to iiidii-liials. Homo railroads
were weak but there was no heavy sell
ing. '
Liverpool, Aug. 12. The
steamship Adriatic, carrying une
of the largest cargoes of muni
tions since (lie opening of the
wur, passed safely through the
war zone and docked here today.
The vessel h ft New York Aug
gust 4.
Oregon: Fair to
night and Friday.
Westerly winds.
Reign of Terror Along Mex
ican Border and American
Troops Massing There
rsiownsvillo, Texas. Auir. 12Aft..r
1 quiet niRiit and torcnooii, three Mex
ican bandits were killed in a ruuninir
llirilt with hI.IIa... 1 i . "
- D",lllr!i "'i ciu.eus neiwoeu
.Mercedes and Donna this afternoon.
Thirty-five bandits were driven back
across the river hv tho ,i,.;..
mere inev wore loinei hv 111) ntl.nnu
. IHOIID, llllk
nun iurtner trouhlo is expected.
Three companies of the Ninth infan
try arrived fron Laredo todav. It was
rumored this 'afternoon that, fivo til ft 11.
sand troops had been ordered here.
Two troop trains from General Obre
iron's headquarters at Mnnten.v nrri,-.
ed nt Matanioras last llkrht. TViiu la
regarded as significant, in vi.. f
threats of nn attack upon Brownsville
in ense of intervention by the United
Reign of Terror Prevails.
Brownsville, Texas. Auir. 19 With
terror prevailing all along the Mexican
border practically every able bodied
mini of Cameron, Hidalgo and Starr
counties are under arms tndnv nil fir,,,.
Iv bclieviim thev nre fiieiii., m, ot.
tempt of Mexicans to seizn n nnrt ,,l'
Texas and convinced they nre bent up
on accomplishing this end by wholesale
niiissncro ami destruction.
the "army of liberation for Mexi
nns in Texas" is declared todnv to be
spreading. In suatchlnir the 'border
land (rem tho United States, the Mexi
cans are said to be plediied to slnv
every American over 1(1 years of age.
(Inventor Ferguson has nslicd that more
troops he sent to tho Kio Grande by
too government ami everv rancher i'n
this region has joined tne volunteer
forces who are engaged in running
down the bandits ami organized bauds
terrorizing the community.
According to reports here, literature
lound 011 Mexicans who have been
union prisoner Imitates that t in nt
hick against the American territory
was to have been made under thn "plan
of San DicBO. " This incbolimr !,,.
killing of all American mules over 1(1
eiirs of age along the borders in Texas,
r.ew Mexico, Arizona and California.
Hcports of additional Mexican forces
arriving on tho border and crossing.
tno liio Grande are constantly reaching
nere. ono report declare 17(10 Cur
rnnzista soldiers havo crossed the river,
being scattered out over I miles be
tween Bio Grande City and a point, be
low Brownsville, Henrvh for detached
bodies of bandits of cavalry and rang
ers continues nil along the border with
the accompanying outbreaks of "bush
whacking" at. intervals.
Washington, Aug. 12. The entire
Atlantic fleet will leuve Newport for
southern waters August !!, it was ad
mitted nt tho navy department today.
It was denied that tho vovoiio of the
rieet nad anything to do with the Mex
icun summon, jiau mis Deea the rea
son for deciding to send the fleet south,
It would go immediately, It was ex
plained. The cruise is customary at
this season for target practice ami
maneuvers, officials declared, verifying
the statements by records. Thirty ves
sels will bo Included in the fleet which
will leave on the I'l'th.
Although the ordering of flic fleet
south was declared to bo a matter of
regular procedure, it was nevertheless
thought that the presence of the war
ships in the southern waters miulit have
a quieting effect on Mexico,
Washington, Aug. 12. The iiinbont
Sacramento left Vera Cruz at (l:2u last
night for New Orleans with the Brazil
ian and (iiiateuinlan ministers, Iheir
families and their suites aboard, the
stale department was Informed today.
Wiisliiiigtoii, Aug, 12, The Carnin
zista agency here received an uneon-l
firmed rumor today that Zapatistas had
blown up a train at Jalaim, killing!
fifty passengers and murdering the ,
'miliary escort.
W,i.l,!(,.M A..., i .!,...,,. 1 I,',.....
... T : ... "
1011 uiouy reponuu n iieiiicuiiieiii or i lie
Ninth infantry had been scut from
Laredo to Brownsville, Texas, because
of threatening conditions there, Addi
tional troops will probably he sent from
Texas City to Laredo.
Vn..,r,i.f 1 T A..., 10 TUn .......
orcd cruiser, Montana, is gathering up1!'""1' ""r. ",",'r,1''1
,.,nri.,. fr.i, th.. I,u, hi... 1 .. I llU" ''U'rC.I ill
is to sail for Mcxicau waters, according
to unofficial reports,
it is understood the Atlantic fleet is
fn sail for the southern drill grounds
next Monday in order to be nearer
Mexico. The collier Cyclops departed
..... id
today, presumably for Vera Cruz,
N'ogalet, Ariz.. Aug. 12. Troon K:
Tenth I'nited hlateif cnvulry was rushed
to the Kn Hiifiiel valley todav to pro-i
teet ranchers from Cnrrauzista soldiers
who have crossed the line ami are loot-"';
ing farms on foraging forays.
Philadelphia North American: Von
Mackensen and von lliiidenbiirg seem
to be proceeding on the principle that
one good turning movement deserves ,
another, I
Defy of General Carranza Presents New DifficultyPan
American Conference Opposes Intervention In Any
Event-Situation Along Texas Border Becomes Acute
-More Mexican Raiders Killed and Entire Population
Is Under Arms
By 0. P. Stewart.
Washington, Aug. 12. President
Wilson faced nn involved Mexican tan
gle today. General Carranza has de
fied him. It is known the udministra-
tion intends to answer, whilo this sit
nation is being dealt with, conditions
along the border aro becoming moro
The ontiro Atlantic, fleet will lenvo
Newport for southern waters on August
zv, ana though it was domed at tho
navy department that this movement
of tho warships has anything to do with
Mexico their presence nt the southern
frill grounds will put thorn uonror tho
Mexican ports should they be needed.
ftvon berore Secretary of State Lans
ing ami the I'an-Americnn conference
had time to make a final "get to
gether" appeal to thc Mexican factions
'resident ilson received General Car
ranza s message warning them to
('couso meddling." This was followed
by a pronouncement from General Ilcri
berto Jaru, a Carrunzisfu chief, scoring
the administration, tho I'aii-Amoricau
oaleieuce mid financial interests on
both sides of the border ami pledging
armed resistance to outside interfer
In addition the Cnrriurzista agency
here inndo public telegrams from eleven
Carninzista lenders, including Generals
Ubregon, Gonzales und Trovino, declar
ing they would have nothing to do
with any program which Carranza does
not approve, and pledging their loyalty
to resisting 1111 enforced compromise
wiui tno reactionaries."
The tone of the Caernnzista communi
cation aro not alone defiant but aro on
the verge of insulting. Many officiuls
expressed the belief that they sought
to compel art 11111 by tho United States
as a means of consolidating all fac
tions on Carriiiizas side and winning tho
sympathy of the I'an-Aniericnii powers.
Secretary of Htnto Lansing was tho
first of President Wilson's advisers to
consult with hi in after his return from
Cornish early today. Cariunza's defy
was taken up by the president, ami his
premier. That it was deemed ex
tremely objectionable was admitted.
It was recognized, however, that such
an answer us the administration wanted
to make would likely precipitate a sit
nation south of tho border ns would
render intervention inevitable.
Another conference between ' the
Latin-Aincricun envoys and Hecretiirv
Lansing was regarded ns possible this
arternoon, it wnB believed the de
tails of the coming note to be addressed
to the Mexican factions might require
further consideration by the conferees.
Tho president and Lansing went over
thc final draft today The secretary nf
state said his conference with the presi
dent had not changed the sitiint'on and
that thn note would bo awarded as
soon ns it was finally prepared. Lans
ing and President Wilson worn together
for an hour.
The Latin AincMi'iiii cnvoyi hav' re
fused lo endonn inlyrvci'tiiMi. They
opposed it tl-riughout thn coiifeiencc's
with Secretary Lansing and today,
inniugii 11,11 ( iiii.iiizistn agency cimn
thc n.inounee.nent (hat file president of I
rtrgentm.i had elided Cnrrinva thnt11 -mim me union
Argentina .'iitcrcd Ihe cni;fer,.,.(. (in ; "y "f a count ry-I energetically pro-
the nnder-'au.li,,., Hint. M.ixU.m .lo,.,..,.
ile nllairs end intervention would not,
be disnoss id,
If the United States Intervenes, the1
(i.h.iinilrull ul II......C... ....1 ....I..I1"
.... 1. I.,., ..... ... . .
' t on iis own iiiiiiiiuvc. nut, act,
r:;;:i:,::;,,;r;::;,;r.", '
. ... ... , '
"r'I.T hii.l
" "V '" "'.v morn . Harm-
'?. ' ' n non.l.l 10... in . Vera Cruz nr,
ii,,.,.,, 1,1, ,, , .1 .
(loncrttl I'linston reported that mar-!
auders stvll,, the, Iv.. .. ,
liberty of Mexico and Texas" are oner-
... i i m ' ,
tiling in the Brownsville section. Kuns-j
1011 necinriM 11 is troops ruptured a pre-,
hm.ii.ius on. no r ag Tuesday bearing;
.... ns. r pi.on nrmy or liberty." A
hand -bill was nlso taken which rend
'Mexicans: Today wo will iiecmn-
lei.i, i he revolution'
a few days gigantic!
proportions. We are united as brothers from General Carlos Tejndo to Cnrran
to expedite tho fortunes of ours. In za, read:
these solemn moments we will vindicate; 'I rn ..,. ,.n . . 1....4
,"'r r'"'" , .I1"""'" 'r nil tlme.i
-'".v tin. Il)it Rli.tio 11p.u1 uH in all onri
' J,""1"" , ""V" u'"1 "la-v " 'r"w" ""r
, 1 , , , ., . ...
" " " .r.. -,r, j 11 11 , .-
this movement, initialed In Texas, of!
''"""'"I"''"'" " to bring nbout tho
'""!'" """ .1"""'" wp "m f,,t-
At the war depart meiit it is believed
"""""" Horner aro merely (
ri'',,rr,,l by General ,
. in. si.. 11 as 1111 en. iise Kir wniesprea.i
While withholding their actual ties-
filiations, Secretin v
Daniels admitted I
that condition), might nriiy.
nt Vera,
'"ruz necessitating tho disint..h of thel
battleships New Hampshire and Louis-1
iana thoro. lie said orders would pos
sibly bo issued within the next 24 hours
sending them to Hampton - Roads or
Guantnnnmo. It is believed the orders
will be for tho lnttor port, which will
place thorn, within atriking distance of
vera i.rua, Tlie secretary intimated
1 that sending tho battloships direct to
1 Vera Cruz might precipitate an out-
DrciiK sucn as the administration wwnea
to avoid.
The gunboat Marietta is
the onlv
Amoricnn warship at Vera Cruz, since
tne Sacramento dopartod with the
Brazilian and Guntnmnlnn ministers1
abnnrd. Captain Scott, her commander,
is expected to keep the dopartmeat in
formed of all developments.
His Representative Publishes
Scathing Arraignment of
Present Conference
Washington, Aug. 12. General
Carranza, through his agency here to
day authorized the publication of a
scathing arraignment of the Pan-Auior-icun
conference at the White House and
financiul interests In both thn United
States nnd Mexico, written by General
Jura, 11 constitutionalist.
General Cnrriinza'a foreign minister
In Vera Cruz today cabled the agency
here the reply of Argentina to the
"first chief's" note ns to the Pan
American conference. In this
the president of Argentina wua (pioted
ns stating that ho understood the con
ference was not to discuss Mexican
domestic affairs or armed interven
tion. This substantiated press dispatches
from Galveston as to a cable received
by the Cai ranzista consul in which the
"first chief" gave a similar outline
of Argentina 's reply.
"I nm informed' that the American
department of state suggested to the
A B C powers the idea of Interferring
in a direct mnnner in our affairs and
that it, is proposed to Impose on us a
president who will bo supported by thn
White House by force of arms,''' the
statement, from tho agency declared.
"If such a thing tins been accomp
lished by Mexican or foreign .lews who
from other side of the border speculate
in scandalous nnd criminal war without
misfortunes, and if the Washington gov
ernment considers the highway robborv
,""''li,,.H. Wl.'11 ",m't wnr,hy '
"'"' K"'" outrage of sucti a ehar-
, 1 ncter.
'It ennnot be justified cither in the
! name of civilization or the principles
of hiiniunity, Inasmuch ns, if such sen
finicntN inspired Washington and thn A
n 1. . ,1 , 7, , , :
renn war where civilization nnd lm.
lllllit hllV(, r,.,0vM t)ir ,,..".
,,,WN j,,,,,,,,,,, uf with Ml()!i n .,'
W(mk 't,uul,try) ,mikB ;.
" i less obi nun iiccoroi s iccaiisa
..... i:..i..:.. .
fereiiro less just und decorous because
V "K"u" ,ur l"'M''-
ance or commerce,
"You may rest assured, (Icnerul Cnr-
riin,11, thnt the working classes now
with mo will follow your patriotic ex-
lltlI., al), w wiM he ,)V V()Ur si,U
, ,. f..,l nut nl nutonomv with arm.
i in linnds."
, , , , j
General Jura is the former supervisor
f ,r v,.m Cr,
Another m,l r,,,i,i: -
- ......... , ,i,i 1,1 11,,, mm
s...licr will follow you In sacrifice."
Severul generals wired Carranza they
would die rutlicr than submit to for-
.. i (4 11 iiiierierence,
port An Prince, Haiti, Aug. 12.
Uenerul Dnrtii-iiennve, president of the
national assemTily, was elected president
or mini today by a, majority veto or
the assembly. ' There was no disorder.
' '
Philadelphia ledger: If the Mex-
leans want to fight why don't thev
go to Kuropn, where the fighting it
good f t
' )
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