Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 09, 1915, Page SIX, Image 6

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iu!u:u ttuuiuttuiuututtu
Sport News
Washington, Aug. H. fienrge
William-oni, the mini who mixed
the fir.il "Kin riokey, " in read
' here today. The drink was
, iiami'il alter Colonel ".on"
I Ifiokc.v, of Missouri, who had
I In- i nfj ' ) i ii f i n .
Senators Play Ragged Ball
Behind Keene and Boot
Away the Game
M.-.Miiint ill
oi'lll ground
was featured
liaird, III ...
F.dwar.K el
Hngarlh, If
lift V l, SS
til0l, illl
Mutt, L'b
Knot, c . .
Courtney, rf
Jlirhnm, . .
Willi OVor Saletn Oil till'
yesterday in a gam,' lhai
by eight I'lTin ifi tlh"
McGraw'sMen Showing Burst
of Speed Which Makes
Them Pennant Rivals
To tu l
Adams, 'Jli
IIHIKIT. ('.,...
lOIII'll, lit ..
Punk, rf ....
M ill.T, .
Tnstn, If
tewitnr. The scorn, j
MiMllinvillo. j
Alt It. II. I'D A. K.I
I II i !l II II j
:i j i ioi
a s : i in
4 i i r. ii ui
4 0 O i) I II j
r. o o ii ." ii
4 0 il 1 1) 1! Ill
4 0 1 I ') i
:i u it ii :l i);
:td .1 7 2? n I
Hal em.
All It. If. I'D A. K.
All It. II. I'D A. K.
New- Vork, Aug. H.-Th
run yi'i nut i i iiii nice ror i
h-ngne M'iiiiiuit. MeOraw1
i(lil to Ik; iillot, ii ux showed
ipocd tin) tin st week tliat
Giants art'
Ike National
Tulnla III! !! 27 1 1 H
Itntlt 1 fur Miller in Hi,- Htli,
Struck out: Kccne, III; llarliiun, II.
JUse. (in linlla: Hnrhnin, I ; Koenc, 2.
l'nua balls; 1 1 an kit, II, Hit by pitched
bayy: AiUum, F.dwarda, Hand. Two
haaii hit: Davis, F.ilwnnU, Hogarth,
H ii in 'l r-vi. 1 1 oTti run: Allium. Dou
ble ita vh: Keene to Huiisor tu .Iiiih'ii.
Stolen liaes: I vix, ,'t; Hogarts, 2j Kil
wurda, Hull, Adama. Sacrifice hit :
lliiuaor, Hiaiinp. Tiiiiii of KiiuiH, 2:10.
Umpire, t hevne.
t Watching the Scoreboard
Oaks twin aneeiiiiihod I, of,, in I In'
Tiger sluggers. Tlmt give.. In.' Vermin I
ton llllnl I'laeo,
I'nrllnni lout iIm audi straight lo'
tlin Angels in tln ti )l i' i ii n , h ,i .'i.1
'I'lni koi in, etc.
Hall Lake began playing true to Ihnlj
cellar -Ilfl in lollli It lt I II nil. I loa to
Sun Francisco 12 In Finn; Hodio ,n,
llii' henw Hi i . I, liilior for llio Seals. I
I'llilflib'lphlll 1 1, I I ii , i ii tut 1 1 II. VV
sav iiioro? I
IImhiMmi took two fioin tin. Cub., '
Tim second game was clone, llmolilvni
winning by Ihe rovf iluiil evelami.
Tluee 1 1 1 ii v pit, bet lell before the:
siege gun atutf iiiicui hod bv Si. I,,,ns,;
"nil Hie acme win 7 In 2.
Hun Krnnrl.,',,, Aug. m. Tliree hold I
r of world's I rink rem, I, do, lure, I !
here todtiv that they woie t'lrotili Kill,
tlin track, Kiiine.
Ilowanl iie, ihe n,-,i un from'
l.m Aiinelea, hnhler of the norl,l'
let oiil n il :i ,1 ,, ,,r ,h, i ,1, ytl
wh; r're.l Kelly, the l,. Aaueleutl,.
Ii'ln nhu hl,, ti. i,', r.,,,,,,1 f
aei-uiula flat fr Hie I'.'o y:1r, lii,r,ll,',
niul .Norumii Tidier, o' MuMon, h ,l,lei
of tin. Korhra reeor.l of 4 J ' :l n r
tlio mile, rill nnnl thev li.i.l run then hi. I
Willi the A I'. u, iw nnlior of
lliaton, alliletie iulel'enl i'enti"e, in H,c
two ilav ilelnv eiiruual, ,iln,l, ,,.,.,
her to.Uy. The lelaia will ru nK,. r
ion ineirea lo mil,,. i,.,, f-
ineii to iMiii,ete la pra. (letill
lor the I'll ilJii-H uml Jim von nliiu
l".iiiis turn into the .Nriitcnilicr li.nni
.stret, h, The raniiaiit ulunin of the
(limits must make them re.sieeieil. As a
mutter ol tail, however, but one tenia
enn really be declared out aihl that is
(Inrlio llerzo( ' rilliiiled Iteds.
Never in the history of busebull have
seven cIiiIih swept turoiih August so
closely bunched us this year. Hut four
(jiiiiies separate the seventh pincers und
the loading rhiludelpMnns, ttnd liny
club that ran win four or five Raines in
row is not only K'i'K ,u look K'""!,
but it Is K'lint; to look like a Komi bet
to cop the flii. A short winning streak
will send any of them out In front, and
once out they urn (ruing to b mighty
hard to catch.
Huston ' i huneeH, it mixlit j said,
deis'iul to a Inrite extent on whether
Johnny Kvers cum keep his temper and
stay in the k'iiiio.
On Weduesdiiy of last week the
llraves Imd won 15 out of their lust IH
Karnes anil the dopesters uckiiii fi((uriii)
out t In i r Heats for tilt) bit; show in
Bean Town. On Wednesday, however,
Johnny jrnt into n aeriin with Fred
t'lurke i t l'ittsliuru ami drew a three
day siispeiiHiun. Tho llraves did not win
Ii Kiinie tin rest uf lur week. It 's not
"''''Ii lid' -its fact tlin) (he llraves
can develop a wliinirij( Imbit without the
little Tri.i,n. They dinn't start on Unit
l.i aine slrcak iialn rvers Rut back
In the name. .Their whole defense nml
oflense is built nbu him more than
iver this ear. with JSIalliaKs forced to
net I Ioiik wllhoiit II, rvices of the
liinlolph Tyler ,1a trio.
I tiiru'liiill n have stendilv prophe
sicd that the I'liillies ouiild eriick under
the AiiKUst sun. Just a Irace of a crack
appeared last week and it widened per
ivpubly on Hunilny ut Pittsburg when
the I'irates look butli ends of a double
header. Alexander, around whom I 'at
Moriiu has built his whole club, shown
sinus ul the strum, too, by ilioppitij.
tliree funics in u row.
The lioilera lost a Iiiiki" part of their
j"'1 hopes when thev took the road.
Ileloni starliiiK west, thev had devel
opeil a men Utile wmiiiiiik streak, but
the western clubs soon showed them
wnere it whs all wrung for 1 1
I lie t libs are considered
luiseluill men to be the dark
the leiiKiie. At tunes Hiesiuihau 's club
looks like a world bealer, and iiKiiin like
il hunch of bushel,.. Tl,,, ,, ,,,1,,
be aanl ',. the t'ludnmls. 'I he I'iriiies
hnieu't shown I'onsistenlly cuouo,li lo
lie really daiiKerous contenders.
It's mi) body's , peniiiiul vet un,l
the ,IcmI take the hindmost. '
liv many
tiorses ot
chancH in
cop! that
Tnere were piacticall)
, .,i,cnciiu ii-iiue race ex,
the White Ko cliaiuea look
inure nuelcil nut limn I,..,
Il looks like Huston and licit,, it to
''onie itilo September fi,;litiiiK lr the
lend. Iloatoi, ,. ,e ,;tl,. n, ,.,,,1,,,,,
ctl.'lea due , i the ,, lr ,ulull.,,
ot the club, but ,f nKhev .leatiitH .
uetiin utiolhi'l A I
" i'c is niter, lliorc
II lot of liode,,.,! .,,
r.iich club won a ,l 'iil,
sal or, lav.
The W lute s, rc di.a,,oii ,,.
no ,1S(, ,. ire,.,i , ,!,,, ,..,K,.
"" I'M" ' iiaries mii,i,Ki' h
usuois or ilollais I, i imik
Ioimiik pliiveK nlm ,
Woilli in, t,.d f
tiave let to mi, ll,,.,.
now mi. I iet the Iciim, In. I.
aie K'
n, i; to lie
lilc hciole
was ii
Sea il'e
I'e .I'lppeii the iIlperyeH, I huve,
I . 1 1. 1 ii 'I like to do it,
lint II litor he Kot too smart,
And I allow he'll rue it.
J I am the iniiri who pays his debts.
And will not be insulted,
S,i when the editor K,,f snout
I want to be coioilllteil.
I tool, the paper 'leveii years
And helped him all I could, sir,
I'.ul when it comes to diinnili' me,
I didii 't think he would, sir;
lint toat he did, mid you can bet
II made ii, e hoi as thunder;
I says. " I'll atop that sheet, I will,
If the doKone thills koi's under.1
I hunted up the editor
Ami for his ciiiiuin ' cuper
I paid his leveii years to quit
Ves, sir, I ..topped the paper.
John Senile, of t'ollax, Wash.,
llervuM vi-nlor Mouila)', Mr.
was a resident of this sectiua 111) years
Mrs. Orville Smith is overseeing the
picking ot vvergreiui berries on her
falher in law 's place near Silverton.
Tlin Misses Kdna and (ieorKia Ann-
strong visiled over Sunday with their
sister, Mrs. lle.isie Crawford, in Al
Miss Annie ( hoouettu returned Sat
urday morning from n delightful trip
to t lit i" I'iihuiiiu exposition ut San I'rau-
Mrs. I.'. I'. Walker is having a new
bniiKalnw built on her place, one nnlo
south of town. I-:. Main & Son are do
ing tiu' work.
Miss Nellie Walker, of I'ortlainl, and
Miss Mildred Walker, of Wiiodburn,
visited with their uncle mid aunt. Mr.
and Mrs. K. V, Walker, one dnv last
I 'hiirlea II. SieKiiiuiid, a teacher of
iiiniiniil training in the schools of Mil
waul.ee, Wis., has been the. ouest (rf his
ciinsnis, A. It. Mini I,. K. Siegiiiund, Tor
Ihe past week. Mr. Sii 'llllllllil mi
his way home from the I'aiinnui I'xiiosi-
t ion.
Mis, Nora Miisuti. of Wuodburn was
the guest of Mr. nml Mrs. ,. )). II,.,,
Ming Weilnesdav.
Mrs. K. M. Klinger nml little son and
Miss Heitha Kliiiger left Wednesday
tor a two weeks' outliitf nt Newimrt. '
Kthel Jiuien, the eight year old daugii
ler of W. Ii. Jones who lives near
Hn.oks, had the misl'orti to full from
a horse Sunday, breaking her right arm.
I'r. Calvin s, Whit,, and family and
Mrs. Hell nil, I daughter, of I'ortlainl,
inotuicd from I'ortlainl Sunday ami
were Ihe Kiiests of Mis. Ilardiiig and
Jos. !'. Nathinan was a I'oiibiiid ,i
iter Sunday nml returned M Inv with
'S- -Mil till , who is feel inn fine
after takiiiL' Ihe rest cine i',.r i..
maiority of t'ne hot uruweis me
spra) nig ami iv r. rt lice in r,.., i
i' hiiice, but it is In I M, i
hiiu now ui will be nunc faio.abl'.. r,.,
their destruction.
Mis. K. .1. Iluidiiig mid Miss Harding
went to I'ortlainl We,n,,,av. Mina
Tiny W lute, who has I , ii,, s,,v
era I weeks v.-1 III I licni, returned l( her
Miss .1 tin n i t II lileasoll, nee pall.Ci!
' ' in. Miss Tessie Mainline.
iiiiiiiu. n neai 1 1 inn -ii, hi, l.i
,lav eiening with her pments, Mr and
Mrs. I.. '. lileason.
Miss tiertie. Wei'i'i lefl We.ln.w.l..,-
and her father. John W OINX I, IIS I'lni..
lav I',.: (lH,.go, to be pieseut at t.ie
reuiuiiv when Sister Mnrv l..i-
W'cial receives Ihe' . ...I
r-eivg I, In, 1,1
hipped from tin
a w inner,
nve proved then
oing pliotn, ins !,,,!
puts in the lug !
Ihe pun, h '
ni-' daw ci: ). i
I i
1....H1-. ii winner l.ddi,. CH,
. ,.s lie ni i ,,r :., ,, ,, I . . . M .... i
. '" '. - Ni'Mii. I icl'i,, Id tor ilo oii'i'i. !hoi
' ' ' inn ,, v.iiiug panels, , ' iipicl
Willi, oil appiiioiilli g.tiing ,,,, ,,,
V i.-'.;v'-i... ,
-f. .-'. ;;n-Jl,; " -'Ar LKAOUK bTANDINOS an- all
(fX ? . . J - -. '
i, I s" I .in. ; ..s m; . Mi
I y ' -t "I I '' lo..' 'o. 1st wele
t it. S"- "' ' M I,". ,"'!,
y r- . .; ' '- " '"' l.M and M
! h . . , I ''"' lot .',
- ., ' ' f ' i
j V 0V Yi'steutay , R,U
. . r. . v ;
fi lis,,,; " ";'sr;','o !,:
, , . ' . . Salt I :il A ;
. ) :; , M.itunliy t Result,.
yU ' '''. , ''" V'velos , IVit'au.l 4
(';' v' ::':h' ) X " " ":,KL""' -
'W'S y 'jy'
1 y i i.
';A i ,cl
leiru-s are bciitu
station at tin. mt.,
,"" ,-rmos per .In v, and it is esti
mated that next week il. -i....
pel en, Ii dav will be more tliuii ,loubl,',
, it' i "i"i iiaugmer, ,Miss
wlio have I ii nnikiug an ex
'".led visit with Mr. , ( (j
'"'lor a II, I nlliot I I, ,,, , I,
I'M last Sniur.lav
thou home i.i V',,,,, ii,..
I.' i. i ,- ,
' ' o' li'M'r, loiiner pastor
,,',li- III i- int.. , .. ... I. ... i
1 Itomlilig Ihe 1,'lliualiv' imik , -.,i,i,
Cog. siupnse.l , ....... ,. ,
.-. i,i
-" M HI ,11,1 I ,.,.,., ,..r..
vcii'iig II,, H 0
1 'io . and sa s H ii.
'' on belief iclnl to Mrs
health, ami ,n,t the famili
i's I mo star
ng ne
I'ullMl at
Mill, II Mind.n
! at I lii'ii
t "I- has l,..,.
M, i, k
IllOllllllg t'oi
I'tr.itci: bkck nui'tiai.h
-"la Heck n,,,! ,,,,.lr ,.,,,,,
I'lllls,!:,! (,,,,
' the Ionic s l-nr,.l. l .
H'S-,1. cm, .,r H...
Hell, ot COMIllli,,
oniinn, n,,,g tlio
'' a t nr in ong,
The couple sto.id
miln ami ,,,IU
'f I ln I'.iil.n I'l,.,
wis , ,,,,,,i
I' siia Si,,,-r
en I'ruh "
anlihilli g,i,M,,,,l in
lir. and Mrs. Bursell and children
mii'ort'il to Suloni Wediimlay.
Frank .lohnaon rnd "isCr, of Shaw,,
worn in town on business Monday. I
Mrs. liosa Simp on, of Shaw, visifdj
with Mrs. Kninia Simpson Saturday.
Myron Miller cuiae Wednesday morn
iug to visit Lis sister, Mrs. K. K. Kalin.
Mrs. If. M. Fuson went to St. Helens
Tuesday morning to visit her sister. I
Mrs. Ii'. f. I'l ii in her. j
Tho I'riseilla club tact with Mrs.j
Ciias. Martin Thursday afteiwtju. A I
fiim time was reported. '
Mrs. (.has. t licl'tiags retiirneil nonie,
from nttending camp meeting at Wood
burn Sunday evening.
Fran If .lohimon, of Shaw, had the
riiisfortuiio of loaing OUP of his fingers,
last week. 1
Mrs. V. h, I'ound, of Sal"in, camel
Wi'dncsdiiy foreiionn to visit with Ora,
Hound ami family, of this place. j
Mr. and Mm. Harry l'runk ami little
son, Karl, who are ramping at lleaohes'j
wood camp, apeut Sunday at home.
Miss (irace Hutton returned hornej
frum Woodbtirn Humlay evening, where
she has been attending camp meeting. I
Mrs. W. I). Wrk'lit und little son. I
Allen, of I'ortlainl, came Siilur.lay even
ing tu visit iier parents, Mr. and Mi.
'. F. ilelri, anil 1'aniily.
i . i r , i .... i . . , .
"o. o'i .lira. t. r,. iniriiy miuoieu ioj
Alseu Suttirdiiy nvi'ning to visit over!
Sunday with Mrs. Darby's sister, Mrs.l
Andrew Tilson.
Mrs. Unville and sister, Mis. Decker-1
ing, returned home Sunday evening j
i, .',.. ii .i.... .i. i i v.i
" .itiiiurii, wncru lacy na.e neon
attending oami) meeting.
Mrs. K. K. Arrel nml little daughter,
rrsnlu, left for Lohanon nnd Sweet!
Home Monday evening, where thev will I
visit relntivea and friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F.d. Deiiham were in!
lown Tuesday visiting with Mr. Don-1
ham's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Den !
ham. who has recently moved iutii!
Did It Ever Happen to You?
By Mort Burger
' fP1" I'5rK5oMfr Coco' I i'W SENT Tel'
, JT ti'M '.4J sf Aw lUUft" ' 1
' ;mm
Mrs. If. W. AreN'cal returned home
Monday afternoon after a week 's visit
with her daughter, Mrs. M. I,. Porter,
of Turner, anil hor ion, (I. II. Mc.Neal,
of Marion.
Mr. and Mm. Frank Tucker, of New
Vork, came Hundnv evening to visit
with Mr. Tucker's' sister, Mrs. ( has.
VanN'uvH, and family, and nephew, II.
. Lewis, and family. Several years
ago they left thin state to make their
himic. in New York, hut Oregon seems
to lie a place so attractive that, once
here, you cannot stay away, for it has
licen nuthoritntivelv reported that Mr.
ami Mrs. Tucker will nmke their future
hoimi in enstern Oregon. Hoeonl,
A. II. Will expects to leave tomorrow
lor ii week or 10 , lavs' outing at. N,.
tarts bay. He will be armed ,v,th R
tide book.
Among thme. nhoppiii here this week
were Mrs W, .1. fppendahl, of Mark
. 'airic; .nr. anil Mrs. Peter 7,
ing, .his. f.rnest 1'ipcr nnd (I
( il ro-
Haywaid, Cal., Aug. 9. A
noiseless romter! That is what
Judge W. (I. Deal, of Hayward,
clniins he haa produced, by the
science of inti'ilirceding. By
keeping his eye on those bens
which were not blessed with
vigorous voices, Judge Deal has
produced a rooster that can hiss
Imt not crow.
Hulph Zimmerman came up from. -s
'lll'i.'l Sllllll-.l,,,' tn u 1,1 .
: : .' siiriin tMe weeK
wiiu ins parents, Mr. ami Mis
Rir. und Mrs. John .T. FIU
.;. i.oinei, ,.i,i., arrived nere Tuesday
lor a short visit ,,-itl, fri.Mi.ls here who
once lived in Hethol.
I'hil l.iveslcy, the Woodlnnn I,
buyer, was in Aiirirn Tuesdiiv luoking
op the chances to d Ihihum-Am in this'
sect ion. ' i
Mr. and M,,. lrvi CnrtiM- nml fri I.1
of himmelaw, Wash , were here ,
'( visit Mr. tarier'a sister. Mrs li I
i ergen, ' , u
Miss Helen Sweeney Is visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mills
in Salem.
Herman Petre and
of Bridgeport were
Ihurcdny morning.
Mrs. Kmmn Stunts has returned to
her home in Monmouth after a visit
with relatives in this city.
Miss Thelmu Messing of Snlom is a
guest at the home of her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Blessing.
Miss Una Campbell returned this
week from a several week's stay at the
F.Uis cnttage at Newport.
('. H. Morris is in Portland this
week attending a meeting of the Ore
gun Jewelers nssociation.
A. I,. Martin of the Oregon Power
company was a Corvallis business vis
itor eiliiesilay.
Mayor and '.Mrs. E. C. Kirkputrick.
illinium visitors tins week.
little son, Eric,
Dallnn visitors
II. I.. Chin
from his home
spraying is busily
) ards.
Cass Siimb.r ns here Saturday, He
'lies uiai many r the i
. -, , .'in, ,n
e alien, r been pu,,,, as well
upland crop, in the Hubbard
i Mrs. . 1'. Fiske and daughters.
Iciirgin, Hiienu und Hoxenii, are en
joying an outing at Newport.
Miss ( arrie Dvans has returned from
.sii io me i-nnunin-i'noitie cxiiosi-
.-'K.-ii. ,
was in ,,... i i....i""n at san tranoisi-n.
north of town, where I '"' '"'"fge Kurre of l'ortlnnd is a
going mi in tiie huplKl"!M "' her parents, Mr.
east or tne city
sets lin
ns tho
Mrs. Anna s,e
Missouri, has been
visiting Mrs. F. I,
I and Mrs. F an Svans
.Mrs. t harles Oregon- has returned
from a two week's outing at Newport.
! W. V. Fuller und F. J. fund wen'
, Inisiness visitors in Salem Wednesday
, anernoon.
man, of llaniiibalj t'ounty Sohool Superintendent ,
here the past weekir"- " '. Seymour, linn, und Mrs.
Miller. .Mrs. Hher. "corge . Meyer nnd Miss VI,
The World's Greatest Exposition
Is now at its Height in
San Francisco
Never before in the history of the world has there
been conducted such a magnificent and wonderful
Exposition. Here is artistically presented the pro
ductions of the mind and labors of mankind through
out the ages.
Iifl'v Hound Trip Tickets are on sale daily, to
Francisco. .
four commodious trains leave
eveiy day for San
is fasinntiiig, varied and unsur-
"" is eu rout,. ,n, from ,hl ,
Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Popejov left Sun
'"' "ir rortland to take the Shasta ! noy
' ', "" "r.Mine, i at., where thev
will make ,1,,.,,- flr(,
,, hi,,',""i! ''as begun ill this vicinity.
Hoth the I ole muchin nml il, Ii .':
illlr ....... I "'
7, '".' ""io arc
.o Ilea h
Kopan returned Tuesdnv fr
I outing m the Ni,,?. Huain.
om a
ire ace
week 's
I ntchlow, n Portland ntt,,r
was a Ibillas business visit, ,r tl,.,
ursi or tne week. Mr. CritoMnw was
formerly a citizen of this citv nnd i
a gnulniitc of the old Dallas college
Miss Kiln Murkier nf V..I,. (i
iiiieiutioii 'P..,.. id , ... .i.. i ' ' . K '
,- , .u'.t,. ' i . .'" '"c n,,,"c "I -Mr. and Mrs
- " """'', .XHOUII . II. I O HIS
una gone to eastern
llirehing season. He
"'O, and was accoiiinn
'ii 1'lie Dalles bv Mrs.
toi irned Mondnv even
i ing
Hail Hand l imkeil
, lli! lmiJ Ctmlutt uf l.o An ,
Ui Im it m duri t de.'iuU'it of ly
ft'Vkott, tb famous hunter n.
Lmpprr, who rupre.enlej hi native
flaw oi ivnnt'sir i,tr tnr yir In
oiirrmi, hua rnjtto thruughout
ma tit a, r irat ts a ini you r
light thn irinJ.," and h wi
killed at tii Isattln of tin AImo, Sr
Kntunio, ')', in I.S id. Young liar
a a ffra.grral MTanUauii Uia or
Uiiul I'avy Cr.kiL
s.-.Mlo W j a ....
1 the tilinii plmer, Iioiii ,i,y
an I 0. o,,n oii'i.,,-!. i,,l I,..., i
'i i,',i l,ne oi i a Ii f.n ii ia t,,, ,v i
tl,,. i,, ngi,r, Slate ,,n,,neiu ,,pen
. .., ,,. ,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,., nuM
wiin in.ne Hun Inn enlncs
lb i nt Spokane, Jolm. oi ci(
an.l no. -ell t S.-atlle re M
the men events. I, I,,
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II"' I'inle was I
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U let Ik- ,et."l,ii, u ,
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'tide, in I. io dining ,,
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me oeri'imliiv, oft,, inivd
-Uo nl the mamnge of
" .i Mend, ., k
1 e ,.,,. .. the v .. ,iir
"' V' V- ' h" Heok SI,
gi.lii.te of ii,,.,,,,, Uru.uUal
.' ".""f in gun the
uliiiiii.it.'. in rhm .,l ',
",.,,- one, I,ii l,,,,,!.,,.. .. :i
as Ml the ,.,,-t.
.. . i,,'-irer
"regoii t,u th
mot, lied il.
Hied a, far
Schemer, w
Nlr 1! A I, m, ,,f I'mrov, Wash
. ........ ( . inn, y.
husloiiid Is a brother of
" "I' this place. She will
a t" .lava,
!" Harding, of Salt Uike
I M mi lay til Visit her
'' s I i r. and ('turn Will.
'" II 11 hillllit ('run, tl
' l'"t W I 1 Halt .ill,.,..
... .,i ii-atni . I, , ,!,,,
! ."ni. .,il,i,tt
"aide stall,. ,ii '
! when he ,-,ne
on NVnshington street.
Mis Inn,'
W. W. M
rco, am for
Miss t-'l, -.
' it), nrriv,
''isMls, ,.
.hiss ivarl Hurk and Miss H,,lh
Hurk loft Tuesday for an extended vi
it with relatives in Marahfield.
Miss Norma llolnuin loft Wcinosda
inoriiiiig mr .M.wport whore she will
remuin tor the renitiiuner of the sum
.Mr. nnd Mrs. ('has. Mollovitt arc
: vismiig ut the imiiie of their daiight
weorge i nKei ,n Ttidepetidenee
Chns. lnivou and T. C. st.skweli
i were Independence visitors Thursday
, K.dgar Winters returned the frt ,,f
the week from a several week's visit
, in enstern Oregon.
Scenery cnro.it e
Electric automatic Block Signals gnnrd tno Wav.
Our folders "Wayside Notes Shasta Koute" and
'' California and Its Two Expositions" will interest
Our nearest agent will give your inquiries courteous
John M. Scott, General Vais jngor AKt Portland, Or.
in the Sea of Marmora, according to
advices hero today.' Part of the crew
was saved.
lho Kheyred-dm Bnrbarossa was
It was stated t'ne war office had no
inloriniition as tu the reports to make
If true, the repoils in Petrnoi-nii
id. i . pear to indicate that the sit-1 formerly the Kurfurat Freidrich Wil
M , , '", 'i'"'.!"? r,liovt"1' Mm 8n'1 wn purchased from Germany
I h ev sw. V? 7 th" (s7m"" aa in 110. The' battleship was of 9U00
i t , ,, th 7. 11 0,!I ,,ni1 ,li8' ,0"9' m ft'et l0"l? f beam.
t r, , ., i'. C ,,,,,nr,,.1 The? WH11" complement was 579 men. Hor
I'l , u s , w ' flt Brnmmeiit included six 11-inch guns,
i ne Kiissinns were said to be evaenat-
ng nun i no tan of the
lieved imminent.
city was be-
. A
French Aviators Brought Down.
Berlin, via wireless to London, Aug.
0. Two French aviators who partici
pated in a raid upon Saarbrucken yes
terday were brought down by German
Turks Lose Battleship.
Herlin, via Amsterdam, Aug.
Imttieui,!,. u- ... :. ' onkisn guns, it was announced today. A tew
,, I ." .,i oin iinruiirnssa, one ,
" mi' largest in the Turkish
civilians were iniured bv the boml.J
navy, I dropped upon the town.
'V;v.,7(Vego,?"Crmans Blast Their Wav
Molnlla, lost a val ' m , , 1
lnrough May rortresses
Hot ween the rml
idgoa west of Cnnbv,
' Into the river to
' 'imwning last week
Inl.i II,.. M..1..II.. -:
1. 1 t .i . .... .,n,,ii 11, or
" ' 1 ie nor, i. Tti
',''i'i ami Wo,;,, i,
l'i'0'lo elloii ,p,
"1', Ilti'll , I, . !...., , ,
lei,t!v I,,. i , , ' ' nB" ,,V1
', om, ami inn noise
I "i il.o deep water, Mr.
' '' I, to leave the buggy
1 ' l'he animal was a vi
fOiitlnued from ragu Oue.
v Inn, lieoi
ion I, of the!
lu. Ii mi
sweet ocas'
who I'eilormo.l
some L'."i ..its'
Mr. and' Mi, ,
"nl and uinie of th,. ,
ei,t!v beoi
as dr.inn
Not, I, lilt w
'Hil'.l help ,
i, able ,,,,,,
io,,. a-n, t.iin
h.ll nig li,',,M ..ft, ,
A Mighif.i ,,
Mr. a, 1. 1 '., (
"'"'t I'd .tit . . I h.
tensile in t,u, u,e
the Italian, stronglv
eiaootnti. ,tein,
il' em
'lo,. t"
i- is no liieiinsnler. I "eriin, Ma wiiel,.,. t,, ,..j,m y , ,
al hundred dollars' 11 -I'ruga. the eastern suburb t'' Wnr
I for the stall ion. I saw-, h.i, been o, ,-im,i,.,i i, .
isi V-arty was gnen Since exaoiiating r,u ,;. (i I,..'.,,.,
Kilera by friends at j s) steniat n allv bombm de-l S,. citv
' on the Willamette, '"'"v the eastmi bai l, ot tl,.. .
,1 ... ..I u.,l . II...I .L.. II. . '" '''!
cards ami , , , "' "iiir and ' "' iar,.,, wn.. , to..o, th.. nx.-r
bv M , 1 '''l," reading was given n"v' "W nrucn thoin .,,;t ,,f is.. ..
Und wh "'"M, " S"T. f l'rt- I'.-.M their g,. ,..; !
HciiM II ,.. .''""'I. B"" 'i. Mrs.! "a'ctiieiit annoiitne,! to-iav.
w.'i 'i'.'f'' , ' ami ic cream were Tho Kiiasiau were t' -'. ( t rot r,
l-r-'om wore: Mr ..,.1 furtner to the ,.. . r
toiti.ni, ,. y,,.
,-.l.l, , in..
-" ' "' "slant , ,luer
""" s""c '"ink. He !,
Irlte of 1 1 I 1 . ...
- - ,"M.r I'l'senef
of t.ie
1 g'Jd
M-s C. V
cs. Mr an '
ae 1
Settle Times The I n, ted Stt,.,!
I-eagoe of I . ,, Hu.a,g ,,
so. iali.Mii a'ntM that 1.H tt.i . g,,t
..n. i iii it, n lor os'I.ij a i.
vi i . .
...oii.B,-e. e. ut U - Fi,
....... ...ii,,,,. ,.,H.1
' oil'.slev iiii,, nra. i lki ... '
r,, .i... . . . ."'r i "1
Vol., File
in Hrci e
ei :in
Vo, ii
vi I
S.tf V
.tti "nr. .nr. , ., tne v,-,i m es.an.. .-,.
and Mr, t han. Kil-, "" C'crniana who re olosmg , ,M,
lonrr Itoege, Mr. and "gl formed bv the H,,g ,;,t y ,,
Mra Stiu.man Cr.i-a. ; "' "vera. The force, u, hot pursuit
Wm. Stoinloh, Mia, the retreating si,, ,)!.,,.
Ana Mlor. Mm Joa-i la rwl" complete ring about Vic
i nia
" ,, 1IOI1PVIOVO IStlltB.M.M ,.rsjrui!'W,K. I till 1H.M, .1 , .
ami M .,,... .. . 1 .. .l.... .w . . .. .'.". ,m iito,y
- --"..,, ,,ri, ,t
KiiMian and which IcUred t
'iOsrJ to rei,t a aiego.
r uM ii. i
. .... ion v
f' ' ' ' " f . a'hob Jturrough
Lew Vouag. Aurora Ob
s.!'.";'h.n;,''VT."i'"' " Tho cable
that 'Ti-rkev .,l lt.lv ...
Milan fcavapturad.
rotrograd. Aug K The
am iiriven back tk,,
tieti.'he.l l.l,i.i I :? a. 1 1.5 i iTTH 3 ' . T I M ' , I
't ll" ' 'N't 1 i raf.'lHA
'rti', f,
"wmi to Is- apt aJuijj
- . .... ri-war.i or f mi ha
boci I ,,JiJ break
At thta distance it ii . Cuurtaml and Jt ' ,n
vi'-roj lur tno aiprohontivia
r,h jara t0
what they ar aaitiny for.
in to unofficial .H,rt$ h,re MiJ
,' 'wnll