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In This Country Latest Note to Germany Is Regarded In
Effect, If Not In Form, As Virtual Ultimatum -No
Threat Is Made But Position Taken Is Firmly Reiter
atedNext Step To Be Taken Will Be Dependent Upon
Future Course of Germany
(By Carl W. Ackonuan.)
(United Troas Staff Correspondent.)
Herlin. via The Hague, July 24.
I'omment upon the new American note
was refused in official circles here to-
lav. The official text appeared in the
lute afternoon papers.
When Ambassador Gerard was asked
icgardiiig his M niinnte conference with
Foreign Minister You Jagnw yesterday
following the delivery of the note, he
iid his stay wns of ns significance.
'1 alwavs like to stop and talk over
tin' situation." was the ambassador's
ilv comment.
Virtually An Ultimatum. I
(liy Charles P. Stewart.)
i I'niteil Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, July 24. That in spirit:
l lie new American note to Oermnuy is;
fin ultimatum was the concensus of I
iipiiiinn here today, following tha publi
cation of the strong protest against the i
laiser's submarine warfare. i
dt' cirirse it is not an ultimatum in
form. No time limit is named in which
Germany must give 811 answer to the
il Miian. I that the rights of Americans
upon the sens lie respected. In fact,;
I lie note demands no answer at all, butj
it says the last word of this govern-J
incut as to the sinking of the I.usitania
ainl the jeopardizing nf American live
through attacks upon merchantmen
without warning. !
The new communication contains no
ti'ivat of anything the United States
will do if its wishes are disregarded,
!'iit declares that repetition by com
liuiiidet's of German vessels of acts in
i ontravention of American rights will
"constitute un unpardonable offense"
ui'l will be regarded, as "deliberately
unfriendly." l i
'pinion differed today as to the
fiii.g Germany would deem to be in her
ivvii best interest tn 'do in view of the
firm stand taken by the administration.,
Some believed she would consider the
tiiciiilship of the I'niteil States too val
":ilde to lose; would hesitate about
ligniiig the world against her and em
"ipiently would not regard American
passive hostility lightly.
ithcrs thought Germany would feel
lie had nothing to lose by the adoption
another enemy. Defiance nf the
I luted Stales would leave her free to
proceed with the submarine warfare as
-ho sc,. fit, and those holding this
mow expressed the belief that German
mid" vioiill keep the government from
o ! ing down.
All agreed that it is now "up to
' "miany." There can be n. more
' "'':! b.i' k nr.! forth There is a
: -bility of mediation between Great
'main and Germany as to nodifica
I "ii as to the methods of warfare at
'. but in the main dispute discussion
i- on led.
'mm many need nut answer the latent
v". ii,;in note at all, n far as its pro
Germany Is Told Firmly
To Respect American Rights
A e-hington, I'. '., .1 liy it The fill
' the Auieruan iio!'' to lie'inanv,
':, i tu the imnenul guv eminent
I iv. i'nll..w:
it- No. ret arc of State, to Anbas
" 'lerard, department of MaV.
''''.'mi. .loll H, l'.il'i Yji; are
'' I to deliver text aally -he tub
m no',, to the .Miuis'.-r oi Foreign
in-1 cote of the i:t pe': il Gerra'i
'.mi.. i, t ,u:el July l.'t.-,, has re
''' th ..tr.fnl i,ili-i.er:iti..tl of the
"" rim., i t ot th- Unit".! .-:te, and
-.:-. t to . old c 1 to si.' the! it
" '""til it ery iiti-.:i':-fu.torv, be-
' '' t fail-, to meet tbrt real .liM.r-
'. I ti'in the n,i gu ..-nuo'iits
'. '.. '.nates t'tt wav in win. h the
i I rin. of 'a .i:;,aiiity
,v be app bed in the grave trailer
iti'r.n ery. l -it pr .,,s.., on the
't.'r-ity. arrangement f.r a pjrtiui
' ", of Ihov prim ip h;.h
''' ,;'v '"t th-m as..le
Freedom of Sea Eco$mxd.
" goveriiiutnt of the I n tel
notes with -if. t:ua that the
' pr: ii i,,'rn;an g.n e-nn-ent reco-
'is Wiho-it l- l.l.t,-
'h ' pr.n -tplen tt,,., ,n the try
'Bl.U1..tiofc whl.h hl trovern.
j t.n a:P., t., ti, j.riJJ
'r"-an (fivertimmt with re-i.-J to itt
visions go, but if on answer is made
the imperial government must comply
with President Wilson's demands.
If no answer is made then Germany
must comply with the American de
mands in practioe or face a break with
the I'niteil States.
It was in this sense that the note
was regarded as an ultimatum, though i
it was not regarded as such in a tech
nical diplomatic senso.
At. the very cutset Germany is told'
that the last communication from Ber-I
lin was found "very unsatisfactory."!
It was held that Germany had recng )
nized the validity of the claims of this:
government as to the rights of Ameri
cans by its plea of right of retaliation
against K.nglnnd's blockade, but the
note declaied the United States wns
keenly disappointed to find that Ger
many "regards itself in large degree
exempt from the obligations to observe
these principles." Germany was told!
that this government "must regard the
oviduct of other -belligerent govern
ments as irrelevant to any discussion
with Germany of what is regarded as
grave and unjustifiable violation of the
rights of American citizens by German
naval commanders. "
The German suggestion that certain
vessels agreed upon shall bo immune
from submarine attack was rejected as
implying that other ships were subject
to illegal attack. This, it was stated,
wTdld be a curtailment and therefore
abandonment of the principles for
which the United States is contending,
"If a belligerent cannot retaliate
ajainsf an emeny without injuring the
lives of neutrals, as well as their prop
erty, humanity, as well as justice and
a due regard for the dignity of neutrnl
powers,, should dictate that the practice
be discontinued," Germany was told.
"If persisted in, ,'t would, in such cir
cumstances constitute an unpardonable
offense against the sovereignty of the
neutral nation affected."
Germany mid the United Stjites ore
contending for the same great object
freedom of th" seas the unto declared.
The co operation of Germany toward at
taining this object was invited and be
lief wns expressed that it could be ac
complished in some measure before the
present war ends. In the meantime,'
however, the nnte declared, the valui'i
which tlie United States pla.es upon
the friroidslip between the people of
this country and Germany "impels it;
to impress very solemnly upon the im-
periul government the n.'iessity for
scrupulous obseri aiu-e of neutral rights
in this critical matter." I
" Friend-hip itaell'," the mite con-i
eluded, "prompts it to say to the im
peral government that repetition by
the r.imman.lers of German naval vo
set of ai ts in contravi iitnin of those
rights must be regarded by the golem
nient if the United States, whet) thev
nt'feef American citizens as deliberately
uiif-iei' Ilv. ''
mnooi ti,nt of a war " mid the
i c ot s'll'.iiaMiies agnu.st n.er. bant
m in tio high ,ei the pnti.'iple
that !. !iv-h ni an- tree, that the
l ar.i.t. r and largo of a ;i " liatittean
ni'."t l."t be as.-er'.i't.e I bef re h-
,ii n lawti.'lv I "1 or ietr.iv"..
an I that ilte livea of in.n batai.t.
o:av in no I'- put in j.opar lv un
. s the v...-el resist, or .. to e ape
alter being .nmn-f! '.ltnt I" ex
an ii atioi ; to- a b. Ibgerent a t of re
t.ibat'.in is per " an a--t I' 'you I the
law. r-iid tie ,etet,.e 1 in a t re
ft,-at..fy i an a lai..s.a t! t i t :l
' ' An eru a Is Diiappoitrt'il
The n .M--i.n..'nt ot t He Ui.it.-l
S-a'es i.. lu.nevr. S..'ei.!v .i a
',,t,.i to (m l thst the IMtenal Gef
i, an g.ivertu-ieiit re;ar . if-it in
l-.r-c .ege eieinpt t' 'he "bliga
t'ton to oi-rie th-e P'i"' i ev en
.here ne-ttal vcs-el, .-e . ua ertied. bv
wut t t-b.-v.- the H--v "
l -e of 1' .- gvernn-ent of Irreat Hnt
', to be in the t.r.-rt m with re
gt.r.1 to neotral Tk m.fr
, , no'l.t W.il fe-ti'V
m..ie'.ta.i"l tl.J th ;; .v er-.-..et of the
I l i!,.l Mil.. . iriaot .. " !-''' '
i . e t:,,t 11...!,
of the giiveia-iiTi o' --
(Coatiaivd "')
Ernest Empey Is Safe and His
Abductor Is Lodged In
Idaho Jail
Idaho Falls. Iduho, July 24. After
narrowly escaping lynchingnt the hands
of infuriate cowboys, I.on Dean, a sheeo
herder, nllcged ubductor of Krnest Km
pey, a well known rancher, who was
held prisoner in a little hut on Sheep
mountain jince last Saturday awaiting
Uie payment of a ransom 'of $fi,0U()
which had been deuinndedwas placed
in jail here early today.
Dean is declared to have confessed
that he abducted Kmpcy and said to
have stated that his reasons for doing
so were that he could have used the
money he expected to reuli.e to good
advantage. At the time of his escape
lute yesterday afternoon Kmpcy was
chained to a tree while Dean waa tak
ing a nap. Kidding himself of his
bonds. Kmpcy made his way down tje
mountain aide where he encountered
several forest rangers who escorted him
to Montpclier. Umpey is none the worse
tor his experience today.
After discovering thut Kmpcy had
escaped, Dean abandoned the mountain
but with the evident intention of mak
ing his escupe. He had not gone far,
however, until he was surrounded by a
posse of covvbovs nnd captured.
Relieved of the terrible stuin under
which they have been for the last week,
Kmpcy 's relative were almost hysteri
cal with joy today. The abductor had
threatened to kill Kmpcy if his father,
K. , Kmpcy, failed to pay the $ii,()m)
ransom by midnight tonight. i
Helicving that hi son's life would
pay the forfeit, Kmpcy had arranged lo
aetiiiesce to the desperado's demands
and the money wns all ready to be
turned over to him tonight wlien news I
nf the young inn n't escape reached
here. I
Seldom has this region of Idaho been
so wrought up, and little groups of
men were standing iibout the streets I
tnlking over the episode in low tones.
Although most of them were agreed that '
Dean should be severely dealt with, no'
direct threats of lynching were heard
after the band of cowboys who had de
termined on summary execution, were
reasoned into allotting the law to take
its course.
In jail here todny Dean talked foely
of the abduction of Kmpey. He suid lie
arrived in Idaho Fulls July 8, purchased
the chain with whicti he bound Kmpey
and established a camp on Sheep moun
tain where the plans for the abduction
were made.
Dean denied thnt he intended to ki!1
Kmpcy if he had not received the ran
sum, but would probably have held him
captive for several necks.
Dean said he had been a sheep herd
er all of his life, having worked fur
Kmpcy at one time, and desiring to go
into business for himself knew of no
crsier way of securing the necessary
funds than by seizing the young rancher
for linusom. j
Kmpcy suid today that Dean hud
treated him fairly well, feeding him on
provisions stolen from sheep camps.
Dean shared his bed with liim, tin pey
laid, but chained him securely tit night
by winding the iron links about his
body Ii lid legs and lurking them in the
A surprise would have awaited Dean
vv lieu he leecivcd the ransom motley for
I ii pey's release, us il was b urned to
day tliat Mieiiff A. bum. of Jefferson
county: I'obce Chief I.urrv Hanson, of
Mn If.' Culls, and William I. W.INie,
iv -stem superintendent of the I'inker
ti n i.gi ncy, would huve been concealed
in the tiugoii in which the g ild win to
I mveved.
Plans Are Progressing
For Wisconsin Picnic
I'!. ni uie piogn -suig uiiiiMiallv s.-itis
fa. I'-tilv fur the iiiiiioiil piciiie to be
.'lO'll lull We-lia tny Iv the Wisioll
in t uili'iii, u! the niate fair
gF.ioii.l '. The re. . pin, o committee are
pre. In ting the laive.t atli-iolinice in the
In-!. Hi of flute pi. m., ii lid the pro
lira m -in, in i f t i-t- is visually optimistic
The naioo on the list uf entertainers
is most olii lo.ive proof of the sile e
of this nil important part nf the gath
ermg. The program wluih will r,c given
at !ili"i,i half pa-t one n'rlo, h will be an
' g riv aii
A ! Iie. of Web .one
.In ige Daniel V. ..Inter.
rriseieiit o: the usum-Utiuu.
lteH,ne I,
Kcv. W. N. ICu Jet!
Ml A. '. Ilohrriatrlt
V....1I .- do
Hnef Ad lres
Whist hi i S- lo
Hea ting . .. .
Vu. al lo.
Ilea Img .
I Win
Mrs. Myrtle TilUiu
C. ('. KnV
Mrt. tjiVonie H lark
Mrs. 1 1. A .N.-yii
Miss Vrrna C-ooder
Mrs W. N. hiegmiinil
Mrs. I. I, Iwnai-tt
. Mis. Mrv W. k,,l
nliii r"l
"Mi- H.ih'e,1 Iv in the Italger
Ma'", G. O, M'Gihrav of t-)'il
, - W. U Morruoa
Berlin Reports Steady Ham
mering iof Russian
Pans Advices Tells of Bloody
Fight In Vosges
Goritz Captured
Iterlin, via The lingua, July 21. and Secretary of the Navy Daniels.
From liosan tu Publish the artillery of The statement from the" White House
Field Marshal Yon llin.lcnburg nre'said:
bombarding the liussiiin defenses mil "The president litis been considering
the left bank of the Naiew river. At1 every phase of the important matter,
tho same time infantry attacks are be I and intends, while away, to give much
ing directf(l against the Slav lines1 of-his time to full consideration of it.
north and south of liozun. la this! I'pon his return from Cornish there will
region where the Germans nre desper-1 doubt less be conferences between him
ately endeavoring to break through the!
Narew lino to the Hug the Hussinns 1
are offering determined resistance.
Heroin efforts nre being made tn
save Warsaw and the whole Russian (
line in Poland, but it is confidently be.l
Iieved here that the defenses must fall'.
Ivofore the relnu.a onslaught being
directed ftgniusf the Slavs nf ovcrv
It was admitted by the war office to
day that the (lermaiiM have been check
ed along the line from Illume tu O.ersk.
This line stretches over a thirty mile
front westward of Warsaw.
On the southeast front, however,
Field Marshal Vim Miickenscn con
tinues to advance against the l.ublin
Cholm railway nnd perhaps has already
mien the
me, it is declared.
Hnilroni's have been torn nil and the
fount ry devastated in the line of the During the entire trip tn Hartford,
ltussian retreat. Austrian forces are President Wilson bus remained in his
pressing against the fortress of vaii-i"'nlc room. He is accompanied by six
gorod, guarding Warsaw on Hie south-' secretaries. Kxtra local police are
east while tl.e bombardment of the, employed at all stops,
western line of fnrta and strono- line! 1 " "
of trenches is constantly increasing jnl'
violence. ;
Bloody Fighting In Vosges.
Paris, Julv 21. The shines nf little.'
KViolinckerkopf and smaller peaks1
about Metzend. in the Vosges, nre car-!
noted with dead mid wounded as the
result of bluo.
past few diivs.
fighting during the'
Attacks have I n delivered by the
Germans at intervals of everv two,
hours. Machine guns in the French,
trenches tear great gaps in the ran lis
of the chaining enemy. The ciiiiiniini
0'ie from the war office today declared
all a tin b is haie been repulsed so far,'
but the brol.0,1 raiihn nf the Germans'
are constnnlh being refilled for new1
dashes ui the heights.
The boinliiiidoieiit of the French posi
tions about her, and the shelling of
Kheiuis an. I s .kiiiii continues, it was
stati I. Th.- i.ermans are also prepar
ing for another attack liboul Verdun.
Italians Capture Oorltz.
Ioiidon. .lali 24. A news agency
dispatch fr.-in Milan this evening sins
tho Italians have raptured Gorit.
Italians At Fever Heat.
rtome. July 'M. Public sentiment
aaainst Turl cv and Germany has been
fanned to a f'
the agressions
Italians. A I"
press tu.ljiv ur,
Sisinst Gent ai
vcf ,,.nt ,y reports of
"f their trunin ncjilu-t
rtion of the Italian
'd lint war be . lei lured
'V nn I I'o -I ev.
Heading Mrs Tillson
Short Tell, lodge llllie.li-i.il
Mrs. '. V. 1 umuiings will plav the
piano accoit .; niitienta.
All who n'''-'1 I are reipieste.l to bring
well filled l.j--cts mi, I In. the
grouinls nt eleven o'clock, registration
to tal.e pla-e at twelve. The Hiiuunl
IlielT beri-hlp f is twenty five rents
All win pay 'hit mini to be presented
an off n ial b.i 'C.
if "1
( cf fiy
f'reg.m: Fair to
night n fi'l h.jn
day; winds most
ly northerly.
President Wilson Will Give
. Subject His Attention
On Return to Capital
Washington, July 4. President Wil
son will map out a "fair, reasonable
and practicable" program of national
defense upon his return from Cornish,
it wns announced at the White House
Coming so sunn after the forwarding
ot the strong note to llerlin, leaving
no choice to Germany but recognition
of American rights upon the seas, the
devote a great deal of his time to con
i sideriug the uuestinn of national de
fense while in Cornish and the pro
gram decided on will be based upon
the results of conferences between th
nresident. Secretary of War Garrison
and the secretaries of war and the
navy. The purpose of these confer
ences will be to procure information
upon which he can base a fair, reason
able nnd practical program of national
President In Exhausted.
On board. Provident Wilson's train,
Hartford, Conn., July 21. Kxhnusted
by his labors during the past week in
cluding the work on the note to tier
many, President WilsNi slept nearly
eleven hours last night and today still
appeared careworn.
The president expressed gratitude to!
the press for the unanimity of editorial'
approval nf the note to Germany and!
support of the administration 's stand.
lie has n mass of official documents'
on which he has been working during
his vacation.
llerliu, via nneless to Lon
don, .lulv L'l,- -The forces of
field Marshal Von llimleubeig
have stormed Pultiisli and b'o.
an to the north of Warsaw
and crused the Narcw river,
the war office aiinoiiiiced today.
Editorial Comment
of American and
English Newspapers
Voi k, .lulv '.' I - IMitorial
of New- York panel's im
Amern nn
longer 11
savs It
III! note follows:
"The United Slates is III!
necine.l wi'h what ilermaiiv
is coineriiel onlv Willi what
(ieruaiiv does '
.Sun: "'I lie future lies Willi
l llihi-r. Tio' Imtiiiiius 11 iisw er leal' '''One
ill Word". It mill' be er,tc--.. in
dei. Is. Whatever it" tenor, the United
Mates has d'nie neither 11 uie nor b-s
Ihiiii i's olilii:aii..n- d aiolcl an I cm
fronts the future Willi cull f idem e lilid
llltll iiili-clco I.'lir."
Times: "Will, ,. ,, utile,, and firmness,
I'n-i.lcnt Wil and !sc. tetary Liins
it,g have lojeindcd to 'lie h'.j.es al,,)
deep culiv i (lull of lite A u, ' 1 1- .1 II je'U
pie '
Herald: "Proba'.lv t,u di ul.m.at .,
Hole Hint did Hot te. e le Win e , er so
brul.allv hn 'on, ere. I 1 1, f.i.ls i i- in,
pos-ilde for the lieriiian f..r.-ieu ,ffi,,.
to rninitiders! and "
English Press Comment
1,11 lull, .lulv "I Kl.g'.fh ..per, I,,
dai- re,:nr. the ro w Ainc-:' un i,',ie as
l'l'ee,li,t;lv firm. 'Ul, II. e II 1 1 Ii g l.nill
the ofi nil Inl. the M'ar aid
"The note is Men lii' l in p'am, nn
lh't'llt able lallune who h will l.e lit.
lie relished III I'wrllll. The 1'laM- t ill,
In a- 'el,l.;j!.-. ia ttie I uli . 1 u s i ,oi , warlj.
itig lietfiiaiic tha' future a"a Is t'u
--rilmg Ami roans will l.e r ar b-1 as
'e!il,erieli n n 1 1 i c I, 1 1 V .' '
Tlii. News sai l: "The rote is de
role. tlv firm. It will make iii,;.!crtiiii'
ri-a ling for the Im.M-r and his h.u,. I,
men feud eKpolietifs of frihtfuliie-s
The I-ieiniig Man-bir.i pie lu 'e t tier
nianv would inure the Ameri-an de
n and.
"The drowning of more An ericans
will soon force l'r' "i lent W!.n In
slum what baikiig he is pfe,are to
give b ia tatrineiit,' ' the htanlarl sai l
DDTPP irwn
Indescribable Panic Results and Water Is Covered With
Floating Bodies For An Hour Hundreds Were Im
prisoned In State Rooms and Drowned Like Rats In
Trap Steamer Eastland Was Old and Unseaworthy
Was Condemned Years Ago
St. George, defense and Hero stranded near Jutland,
Lady Sherbrooke, sunk off Cape Hay, ls:i
Phoenix, burned on Lake Michigan, IS 17
Hoy nl Adelaide, wrecked off Margate, INfltl
Griffith, burned on Lake tine, In.'iI)
San Francisco, sank in Pacific, ts5U
Puwhatan, sink off Long Island beach, Is.'il
Arctic, collided with Vesta off New foundland, IS.'il
l.elyonnaise, sank off Nantucket, IHMI
Central America, sank lit Lantice, fv57
Lady Klgin. sunk in Lake Michigan, lsiin
lihone and Wye, sunk, ISil7
Atlantic, sunk off Nova Scotia, t S7.'J
Kapamlii, sank off llrull, 1SS7
I lupin, sank off Gibraltar, 1 M 1 1 1
Niiiiichow, sunk in China sen, IS!:!
Nloeuin, burned Kant river, New York, IIMM
(la.lii, sank near .lava, I'.MHI ,' ,
Sardina, burned, 1IHIH
Titanic, struck Iceberg riff Grand Punks, 11112
I.Usitania, torpedoed off Ireland, t!5
Knstluiid, overturned mid sank Chicago river, I'stiniut
Chicago, July 21. Estimates of tha
number of (lead In Uia Eaatland disaster
wera raised by tha police this afternoon
to 1,000 and possibly 1.H00,
Alter a tour of the morguea Deputy
roller Chief (khimttlnr said
"TTinra la no doubt In my mind that
the number of dead will reach ljsio and
possibly 1.H00."
Schunttler had exprosaed the belief
only a short tlimi before that there were
at least 7(K) bodloa still In Uie hulk of
the Eastland or tu the river.
W. K. Oreenbniini, general manager
of the Indiana Transportation com
pany, was subpoenaed to appear before
the grand Jury this afternoon. Two
engineers of tha Eastland weie also held
by the authortttna as witnesses,
Onntaln Pedcraon and First Mate
Fisher, arrested soon after the disaster,
are held as witnesses. No charge Ima
been placed against them.
Dr. Thomas Carter, of the board of
health, said he believed at least 1.H00
had perished.
Orrctihaiim estimated that the East
land had pasHengsra aboard, car
ry Inn full legal capacity. He said the
federal Inspectors turned people away
after this limit had been reached.
I hi. ago, July -I At b'Bst .Hill per
ishe.l mid indications nre that uotre
than loon men, w en and children
lost their live, when the steamer Last
land tinned over and sank in the ( hi
cagu liver early today, a mling to
climates III" th" police II II ' 1 coioner at
The steamer had been chartered by
the Western l.lectric cnmpiiiiv for an
ev. orseia of its emp'oles to Mo higllll
I ilv. There were 'oilll nluinrd when
the steaine.- auddeiily heeled as lion
dre Is bind the rails waving to friends
and relatives blunt! the I link stleel
bndgn and the do, I, s In add, lion lo
the hundreds who weie thrown into the
shIit, others wee trapped ill state
looms or nil the lower dr-cl s. lile.-lne
.lulls w- re i no, u, III,, I, i lc, I to rip UWIIV
the steel tilates nf the Kasllainl
in i Ifnrt to reach the victims. At
noon severii' plates hud I n cut fioiu
!),. side. Sinres wh i had been dapped
inside Were found d'lld.
Hodiea Are Carried Out.
A scorn of men w-re kept LusV enrrv
me out bo-lies as lust l Ihev could
enter and leave the -l.niiier who h re-l
d on its side III the middle of the
i iv er in alnnl "u f. et of water.
An official o( the Wesicrii l.le.lri.
.oit.jutiiv a.ild seveial deaitu is of
the concern, emploitng onlv 1'irls, bud
I.e. -II completely wiped out bv the ills
l Riot Follows Arrests.
'iiptain Pederoti and First Mate
l islii r, of Cm La-fliind, were nriested
'J el.s of thousands jammed the streets
fur I, I, lis about tin- .li.'h. When the
h.i.'s old. -era w.-re reeugmi-d Hie
roMds elideavore. to a"'l' k them. Two
II en lulccee.ie.l HI I'M'tllllg I 'I'del sen ,
an I I'isher and slru. k them in the face i
I he jam uein lirnlge, and in the strei-li
I i-aiiiii so great I hut police feared
'other disiis'era from uiercMfWdiiig, and
1, servo wers called Oil! to preserve
. N-r and keep the crowd distributed
as in'ii Ii as possible. ,
! I'.usiness n I hl aju was all but sua I
, i. lcl. )e.artment storea ami fiosi
n.-.s housi-a of all I in, l turned their
autuu.uliilcs and aagona over to the city
u'lthoritin to be u-ed In removing Ihe
1 .0110
ed ....
dead. The disaster Is second only to
the Irupiois theater fire In the appall
ing toll tn Ii i' ii, ami thosn engaged in
the wink of senreliiuir fur bodies feur
it muv even be greater.
Terrible Scene Wltneaaed.
Never before luivo such terrible
scenes been enacted within hill view
of hundreds, unable to render aid to
the victims.
The Knstluiid turned over at 7:41,
only n few minutes after leaving Its
dock. Thousands oil their way tn wiirk
heard the cries of terror from the pas
seiigeis as the ship listed over. There
wns a wild rush toward the duck.
Htriiggliug and fighting for life in
tho muddy waters could lie seen hun
.Ire, Is of men, women and children. The
water whs filled with human beiuira.
jnhl, ,v ,v w,,rB tl, ,w
r the lust ti , Scores of rescue
i bonis were soon plying about tho sunk
Inn ship. Tl riea'of those imprisoned
1 inside I ho Kastland codd be plainly
I heard, but there was no way of reach
ling them until the steel plates of the
steamer had been lorn off, A few were
Idragged lhii,ui:li port hol.-s, but a ma
; jority of the lni,,c, etcursuuiists could
jnot even reach these exits
Those rescued tob stories nf the hor
nble scenes enacted as the Kastland
listed and then forind over and went
10 the bottom. Women and children
were knocked down and trampled iitinn
hi the wild panic. Men fought for lit'
belts, for cliaiii or anvthing that might
keei them afloat. HiitiilrinU jumped,
icily o be drawn under or struck bf
tho side of the steamer as it overturned.
11 is feared that many may be crushed
into the mud hottotit of the river be
in n'h tho l-'astlaiid.
Cigar H haitli, a conirnlsalnn mer
'hull!, vi'ties-ed the disaster. Ilrt Im
mediately commit!). leered a Inrgrt row
boar mi l put mil toward the steamer,
whu h went dowa in the middle of tho
rner M.hni.k rescued F. W, Wlllard,
a mi. cneu.r, and the two then jisned in
aiding others, Thev tlrew nianv Im
pi i.nsiiiied on the lower decka tbrongtl
port holes nnd rowed them ashore.
Huved By a Violin,
I'ot.r lluiwi.h, a lioisiciltii, clung ti
his iiiiliu when he wus thiuwu over
I. mi. I, but li.sl it as he s'ru k the
vvaler. A teiv miniiti-s later he saw a
woman stioelmg in the water, .h-j
siii hanging to his vudni, (he insiru
, II 1 an. I iHse aiding her III ke,piii(
ntloat lluiwi. h swum to her and inuii'
aeil to gi t her ashore.
I nsplir l.al'lid, his Wlte and 'Wl
vouiig clnl (ren we,e se,arat'st wiieii
the l.oat turned over While -wnMiiin
iilioiit in sear, h of his laanlv, l.alinl
picked up h.s little luughlt-r and swam
ii-huro viilhiu a foist of where his wifsv
lauded a few minutes before. I. abut
sou is miss ug
The 'iMa-ter came as suddenly and
with us an up ailing effect as .id the
lro.ois dre in I bongo. The el'fect
on the ciiv was inu 11 the same.
Department Stotea Help.
Iie,arliiieiit stores suspended all do
Inert, s ami rushed all their automobile
and wagons In aid in carrvirtg the dea-t
and dung from th" wa'eilruiit Pri
vate niitumirliiles were also offered te
i he 1,1'fn ials lii aid in the work.
The Western Klclr ' eomi'uuy haj
.chartered the Kastland ami five ottiee
j ,,, f,,r the Slu higah I ily rimrtiui.
(Continued oa Fae I'lve.) t