Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 23, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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EXCELLENT Fred's Night Lnnch.
s-CEXT lunch at taa Jitney Coffee
Club. Jiy24
BAKHV City window cleaner.
WOMAN wishes to do housework part
of day. Phone 1598-M.
OAK wood $5, fir 3.30 per cord. Piou
SALEM chimney sweep.
Phone 19.
1TRN1SHED apartments,
1'hone 2093-M.
close in.
pjk KENT FurniBhed six-room house.
0 W. Johnson. Jly26
vtV potatoes delivered at your house
theap. Phone 14-F-24. July23
PUKMSHED rooms, bath, for rent,
Hose in. Phone 382 or 2480-J. tf
AWNINGS for sale. See prices. C.
lMlman, 2011 Maple avenue. Jly23
joliJS) Purse with money. Inquire
Albert Jouientz, at Steusloff market.
VACt'L'M eleamng, 20c per room,
l'hone 2129 R. L. L. Buekner. Jly30
UHi, sound horsa for sale, cheap, or
trade for pony. Phone 7ti-F-ll.
YVnltK. wanted by man and wife, hay
iu" or threshing. A. B., care Journal.
July 23
il'liMTl'HK of fivo room house for
-In. nuuire at 4.1.) t-or.itn seven
teenth street. Jlv2
yolt SALE Some fine red pigs, also
gasnlino engine 1300 Ninth Front
t l'hoin HU M. July:.:,
vri? tslt HI) hniiL'alow for rent. 175
South Nineteenth street. , Plume
r.ill-.l, after (1. tf
ytil'NC lady
good family
.) on mill .
wishes housework in
Address No. B, care of
PuK SALE One, new gas range, 4
burner, 2 oven. Inquire 14!5 (.'ho-nu-ketu,
or phone 1202.
WANTED 3 or 4 furnished rooms,
close in; price must be reasonable.
J 'In ie 1D3-.I mornings. July23
A suit for divorce was filed ester
y by Ber.vl Lo8n against Homer Lo
gan. The couple were m&rri.l . su.
lem in 1913 and uave one child, Doro-lney Evans today.
"v ' montns. The plaintiff al
leges cruel and inhuman treatment for
cause. She asks for a decree of ab
solute divorce and for $0 as suit monev
and support, and the custody of the
child. Carey F. Martin is attorney for
tho plaintiff.
Portland. Or., July 23; After a
qnarrel with his wim wife, Ben Tan
nka, a Japanese interpreter, tried to
set fire to his own home, fearing that
she would sue him for divorce and ob
tain the property for herself, accord
ing to his confession to District Attor-
Six months son Tamfe fonjwl with
Miss Mamie Poti'.e. a Lincoln- hich
school ftudcut.
Tanaka is held under $2000 bonds.
Sprinter Will Compete.
Portland, Ore., Julv 23. 8am Sten
strom, the I niversitv of vVashington
The case of Conrad Mever aeainst 8 .1 vrs.ty of Washington
T. (i. Bliuii ... ..Y1-.1 i.- .v ' l J'nt, will make the trip to Han
.,.. .i,r..... """"irroneiaeo to particinato in the far
court, department No. 1, this mornina . . . ''""'"''V0 m tn
a. soon a. the jury in tie BurseT. ea.ei I" lntL0D?chumVon!iV
oti,n.l . .k. .corn
S. ibVinging n,o,Z.u7:;!pr:f HW fh0StD to.-r t the
$1651 88 leas the nm of k- uilaclflc Northwest association, but it
iiirnur uunuing in Albany under a,
contract entered into by Mr. Mever o .
nd Mr. Bligh. Mr. Bligh' contends that P TlUfT
while he managed the Albany theater Tortll,m,V''" J"'-v
that he paid all of ti.o rental due and T' ,!,,In' ? S?,h v.1
Sf f..!U",eiJ ,0. r. Uf lur, of ; S V v
cording to information received here to
this city, and has no further ct.inec
non witn the case. He claims that
after he transferred the lease to Mr.
iaiiar ne had no further interest
Senator Tillman to Alaska.
Portland, Ore., July 23. Senator Ber
arolina. acconma-
his daughters. Mian
Sally May Tillman and Mrs. Henry W.
Hughes, and his two grandchildren,
the little daughters of Mrs. Hughes.
will leave toincut for Alaska Th.lgon
th mno 4t . I party will go as fur north as Sknownv
Weatherford, of Albany, and (luv O ' the t.r'1' W1" 1,0 Prin,r'ly one
Smith, of this city, are appearing for" : '"IT"?' hi'mU Till'"au wi" look
the plaintiff, and John A. Carson and I , ' f tftf " ",7 "''
John MeNary for the defendant. j,n,lr01"' to be built in Alaska.
Four Boys Arrested.
Portland, Ore., July 23. four bovs
are mnler arrest nml warrants are out
Judgo Galloway was ilclaved this
morning in reaching this city from
i.ainyottc to open court in bis depart
ment of tho circuit court and did not ,, 7" ' T ' 8 r,ot wn,,'h
take up the matter of the resign on ! "T V
of Insurance Commissioner Wells as! 1 1h K "'. l"t .night. Victor
.or of three mutual fire in.ur.nepj :,, Ita lfor I 5. ,1 I """ . ,
mi m i thi. .Uf.. . ...i.: . '""'I A Hradtord. a 'layground director.
were very roughlv hiin.llt-.l mid severely
iniiir...! I... 41... .....t. .... it '
win rrob- ; ,"" uo-vs
1,1 "'i" i'i-iii ul'l'rtI.
HlOWM Witf tvi IU oil 1 V thn rmwi
A default .judgment and foreclosure "!"' ""J j " w '"
was ordered in the ease of the Htnrl r""l""K h"-
Land Co. against Albert Lewis audi
ntk..u !.. 4k.. ..: . . I
bv .hid, i.nli., tv. i.i. ...i..V lort.iuid, (Ire., July 23. That t.ie
that the ,dninti.fil,, 7. . , i. ' ! ,!,m'" '"" !" ""'"l i Portland .is
companies in this state, one of which
was the Horticultural Fire Relief of
uregon. Judge Cia ownv
ably dewde tho matter tor'norrow.
Warrants Nat Called For.
ludge Galloway,
the plaintiffs
ment in the sum of $!l(Ml with $7.1 lis at
torney s tees auiunst Albert Lewis, Sr..
and Leonard Lew:s. A mortgage on
the east 100 feet of lot Nn 1 of block
10, Southwest addition to Salem, was
ordered foreclosed.
they might be is indicated by the fail
lure of 22o people who served on elec
; tiun hoards Inst June to cull on the citv
. rc.isurcr fur a total of ifTiil) due thorn
1 Ml salary.
The inventory and appraisement in1
the estato of Letitia Kvans, deceased,!
was filed today in the probate court. (
The inventory shows that the deceased
Pi'li .sALK 7-year-old bay horse, gen
tle and good worker, weight 1250
tniinds. Cherry Citv Barn.
Pull KKNT 7-roomed dwelling, largi
lot, good location, 7 per month
Phone Carey P. Martin. Phone 419
WANTKD (rood, fresh cow, Jersey
preferred; must be good and reason
able. Address S 13, care Journal.
U. S. Treasurer Coming.
Portland, Oie July 23. 1'nited
States Treasurer John llurke is ached
uh'd to arrive here tonight from San
Krniicin-o for a visit with his brother,
Tii......... n. ...I... I-..:., i i,
wns nose,l ,. ,a, 4 .k.. 4 ' o'kii .-lines collector
. i """ij m im- niiiirnf ...,,1,,.,.,
.mi.i- ui .r."i.i.--. ,i,iaiii ii. r.gan.i
noorgp iMiiney and J.ou Martin were
-Marriages licenses were issued yes-'
terday afternoon bv tho eonntv clerk1 llv di rectitltl lit tint Iinll.-n unnmuu.
Wiediner, a .Salem cigar i siouer of New Vork tlioie , ,,..,! in
Maurer, a school every stable where pu'ice horses are
also to Jesse VY.Ikct.t. n nf u-lii, I. . I,.. f.,n.
Savage, a Salem gnrdincr, anil Anna a com ;
Wells Resigns As
Recdycrlof Defunct
Mutual Companies
Stating that the extra work and num
erous letter received daily are taking
too mock time from his regular duties
State Insurance Commissioner Wells
yesterday asked Judge Galloway to re
lieve him of the duties as receiver of
three defunct mutual insurance corn
panic. The companies of which Mr.
Wells haa bees serving as receiver are
the Horticultural Fire Relief of Oregon,
The Oregon Merchants' Mutual Pire In
surance association and the Pacific
Home Mutual Fire Insurance company.
Mr. Wells requests Judge Gallov.ay to
relieve him of the duties of received
August 1. The appointment of sew re
ceivers for these three companies will
entail an added expense to the policy
holders of about $500 per month as
Mr. Wells has been serving w ithout pay
for this work.
Ia his letter Commissioner Wells says
in part:
"Dear Sir: This is to notify you
that it will be impossible for me' to
continue as receiver for the Horticul
tural Pire Relief of Oregon, the Ore-
Merchants' Mutual Pire Assur
ance association, niui the Pacific
Home Mutual Pire Insurance company
for the reason that I can not do jus
tice to the work of the insurance depart
ment and give proper attention to the
For Any Straw Hat in
Our Store
Former Priced $4, $3 and $2
Hammond-Bishop Co.
Leading Clothiers
1 67 Commercial Street Salem, Oregon
to llarrv J.
maker, and Helen
teacher of this citv;
I). Schirmer. a cashier.
Foil RKNT Vroom house, close in,
with electric light, water nnd gas.
Partially or unfurnished. Phone
213U-J. July24
TDK SAI.K Green beans, market
price; delivery Tuesdays, lliursiiays
and Saturdavs. Cnll nisins nud even-j
ings, phone 2H-K-5. July23
WANTED TO KKNT Dairy farm on
shares, on or before October 1. Life
eipericnce; best of reference. Ad
dress X, care Journal. July2(i
FOR KXt'll ANGK. Large well located
r-alcm house for mountain ranch or
alifornia acreage. Address 2217
Fairgrounds road, Salem. Jlv24'
HK CAME HACK If you have auyj
old carpets you wish woven into beau- j
tiful ilutfvrugs uotifv S. A. Dobner,
phone 2lib-W. " tf,
AVTO Folt SALE Overland roadster,:
1113 model, in goul condition; just
been overhauled. ScO H. H. Mills,;
Spnulding Logging Co. office. tt I
"ANTED To rent first-class rooming!
house, best location In city, to car-1
peiiter in exchange for work. Phone
rM days, CM evenings. tf,
tilt A IN FARM FOU KENT Good '
house and barn, running water, 240 1
acres, mo m cultivation; tt mill
north of .Salem, Pulk county; terms
cao. l'hone 7 P-I1. July23
Poll KENT 2 aero fully-equipped,
chicken ranch; renter to buy abuit
2 ,0 i hi, kens of best breeding. On
D stteet, 2 blocks from carline. Ad
diets H, rare Journal. July2l
IXiK KENT Nicely furnished modern
room in private nume. Hath adjoin
ing. Four blocks from Ladd k bush
bank. One or two gentlemen pre-1
ferrcl. Address S, care Journal, tf ;
Aili. ImitsoN will begin a sis weeks'
roumier mhool at the Last building!
'"M M,ii, lay morning. Any pupil;
''suing to mnke up work, review or!
tsk advanced work niav see him at i
the school house Monday foreuuon.
"AliTl.ET pears wanted. We arc in !
t,ie market to contract for large or
sniall quantities of Hnrtlet pears.;
Call at ,)ij State street, opposite;
cirt house. Phone 56. Drager Fruit
' o. July 23'
"'! SALE New, modern S-room bun
(slow st a sacrifice, by party going
to Lin no colon v.
l'('R Tl! AM'.--; miO equity in a modern
ni i Hi f,,r an Btitomot ile, ly a party
guii.g to the Llano ooUsiy.
See lliorth i I'etersun Co., local
a"etits l.lanu Colunv, 327 Hubbard
Baltimore Star: Seems strange for
the Balkan states to be oiilnoking while
the rest of Europe does the fighting.
Today and Saturday
The Famous Players Film Com
pany Presents the Eminent
John Mason
In Sir Charles L. Young's Phe
nomeuaUy Successful Drama
(Capital Journal Special Service.1
'upitnl Hill, Ore., July 23 The berry
picking in this vicinity is most a thing
of the past.
Mr. Winter's lost a very valuable
horse Sunday by being caught in u barb
wire fence.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Pnge nnd daughter,
of South Salem, drove out .Monday ev
ening to visit Mr. and Mrs. John lii'll, I,
before shirting out on their long motor
ing trip.
Miss lleth Day returned home .Mon
day utter sH'nding a fortnight with
oh! school mutes at .Maiioii.
Misses Elizabeth and Amelia Small
er, of Albany, are here visiting their
sister, Mrs. Marie Paulson.
Myrtle Thompson and daughter,
Swyncth, of Eugene, ur,' visiting Capi
tal Hill relntives this week.
Mrs. Chase and daughter, Julia, nre
leaving today to vii.it a daughter nnd
sister at Shedds.
Mr. Flunk Hench, who went to Wal
la Walla to harvest, has returned, not
Treasurer llurke was formerly uover- i '"''"R nl,l,, ,0 "''""'""'I the heat and
......... . , l1M ,l i, ; .1... ..,1 . .' ' i ,..
1111 1 lll-ll l pn 411 llll- 4ll,-i,l lii'll,.
Little Miss Lorettu l.ushnny, of
Portland, cunie up Sunday to spend a
week with Vera flernstml, iier cousin.
Miss Minnie Sprnnger is spending
her vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Mich
nrdson, of Portliind,
Mr. Puulseu has just had finished a
ninety foot drilled well.
i nor of Nil th Dakota
To Thee, My Master, 1 Offer My
Feed me. water and care for men
and when the day's wink is dune, pro
vide nic with shelter, a clean dry bed
uinl sl.ni wnle enough lor me to
excursions to vnriou.. units, including
both the south and null, talis, while
their ciders enjoyed themselves in con
versation on various topics in the shade
lie oi tne camp gronn1.
low ii in comrort. HUH tu me. ourl Ice. crown ami cake were served in
voice often means as mum to me asltiie nf term,' n betoro the party started
Jet me sometimes, that 1 1 'or their homes alxiit six p. in.
more gladly and! Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. T.
HKKR In woinlrt" nd Dtiiirvtml
lny. Nnt nrntruli , ,miI eninttiumlly
Mirrt. A ty nhnul errrUv P
pla nirh hb we mi! In dully 1U. Mitt Ii
l km hit hmntin (f.liMin nrn tren II U
ulriinK an Itiiniutt iiiiluri U v rk. Vmii
maul niftkff It point tu r thUlt U tv
Mv illur to nlii.
July 24 and 25
' the reins.
may serve you th
learn to love von.
Do uot jerk the reins and do nn'
jwhip me when going up hill. Never
.strike, beat or kick me when I do not
iunderptnnd what you mean, but give
I me a chance to understand you. WaUh
me, and il' I tail to do your bidding,
stv if there is nut something wruag
wiin my narness or loot.
M. ration and daughter, (leuevieve;
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones anil children,
Thoiuas and Alice; Mr. and Mis. J. T.
Hunt and i,augliter, Helen, and sun,
Marion; Mr. and Mrs. C. J, Hunt and
children, (ieorgie and Unchol; Mrs. T.
J. Hill and sou, Mux; Mr. and Mrs. I.
H. Carter and Hazel Uecr; Mr. and
Mrs. . II. Tate and sons, Winnie,
r.xamine my .teeth when 1 do not eat. Dick and Libert, and duughter, Kdua,
I may have an liberated tooth, and and grandson, Kruncis, of Portland:
tnnt, you know, is very painful. Do
not tio my head in au unnatural posi
tion or take nway my best iletense
against tlies and im.scpiitors by cutting
off my tail,
And final, Oh, my master, when my
useful strength is gone, do not turn
me out to sturve or freeze, or sell me
to some cruel owner to be slowly tor
tured and starved tn death; but do
thou, my master, take my life in the
kindest way and your God will reward
you here and hereafter. Vou may not
consider mo irreverent if I ask in the
name of Him who was born in a
stable. Amen.
By Hall Cains
The Ln.lUs' Wa Hi dub of the Wal
do Hills held their annual July picnic
at the lieautilul Silver reek
Siindnv, Julv IS.
Most of tho party arrived In autos
fr,4ii I il:. 'til tn 11, and in another hour,
a dinner, nu ll as the ladies of the Wa
Hi club nre famous for, was spread un
der the miigmt leent trees that surround
tho lower falls on all sides.
After dinner the young people made
lr. and Mrs. It. Wagner and diiuchtcr.
Mnyhellc; Mr. and Mrs. Prank Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Harrows and ,,
Ijoater and Freddie: Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne Ashby, mid Mrs. Itoharda and
daughter. Miss l.ncile, of Portland.
Htaytou Mail.
Although but a few people turned
out to see the stick judging Saturday
in Htayton by I'rufcssor Pitts, of the
(). A. ('., vet it was a success from
every point of view, ns the interest
was kce'l and the different points were
closely followed by tho crowd. A much
linger attendance would have resulted
if tho day and object had been longer
and better advertised.
The good points of a dairy cow were
Palls, taken up in the tivrnoou and a nice
bunch of sin or seven cows were in the
The prof,'sor gave a lecture before
judging the h, t I and eiplamed every
point and aiiswen d many ,,,, est ions, K'.
Shepherd's cow nn lirst, J. K. Sin-
toe cow was carefully scu'ed in ap
proved show ring style.
An interesting talk on the horse was
made in the afternoon, but undoubtedly
the most inter, st centers around the
dairy cow.
The Staylnn (iiange it to be thanked
tor 'heir eflorts in getting l'nil'esoi
Kills here, and it is tn be hoped that
thers will be more such ,enioi,tratiiins
iu the future Stnvlon Mini.
Huston Globe: As Huston under
stands it, the lO.liuil puiitsmnkers in
New Vork who were to go oi strike
yesterday mukn trousers.
Clashes At Night
i Mark Progress Of
, Bayonne's Strike
(Crntinued from rags One.)
Sunday Excursions
Newport and Return
Heginning not Sunday, July S,1, and
every Sunday tin rcafter miring mini
mer, an Kxcursinn Tiain will run from
W Iburu, via. Ml. Angel, Silverton,
'leer and Salem to Albany connecting
there with regular 'Homing train for
Now poll. King stops will bo n, li.it) u!
ii!1 iiitermediirt poii, Is goin and re
I '.i ining,
Lcav Wood bum r:iio a. m.
Leave Mt. Angel li.17 a. m.
Lesye Silverton 5:;w a. m.
Arrive Salem U:.'i!S p. m.
Leave. 8011th Salem H;;l'J a. m.
Arrive Albany 7::
AiTlvo Newport 12:13 p. m.
- Rcturnin''
Leave Newport fl:00 p. in.
Leave Albany 10: Mi p. m.
Arrive Hslcm 11 ;R p. nv
Arrive Wvodbunt 1:1!. a. m.
Wooilbiirn, Mt. Angel, Silverton,
Sslein, f2. "ill, I iiriesponding low fares
from ol her points. Tickets good going
Mid retiiriiiug Si nduy only.
Pull p4i liculiirs from nearest Agent,
Join M. Scott, (letters! Passenger Agent, Portland, Oiegon,
truce might be effected while the com
niissinnris confer Willi the strikers.
Ii it w ii 'im yurd.i l'ri',1, t tin wall about
the oil plant, about which the fatal con
filets were fought , luring yenlcidnv's
nn'iiig. Styker.i nnd their sviiipathi
its paced up uud down on the othei
per s seeoiKl, aii'l .luo. .Mielke
.Score cards '
supplied and one of
Rumored Dynainits Plot.
Itavoiine, , J., Julv 'J't.- Ituiiiors of
dynamite plots kept the police on the
uiert here Inlay, but up to a lain hunt
tois atternoon there hud been no ie
l.cwiil of the liloo.lv fiL'htlliil which
mlllked the .triko of the Sinn, lard lil .cities l"lav re.pieslllig l..illci,rnl po
eoiot v i midlives vestenlav. in omen in uiii ine null ioi, o noo ,o
S.e, llll deputies mvoiii III bv Shenfl I lies.
Kuikesd patioll, d a "dead line" he
I men on doty This force, Im helievi s,
(Will be siillbient tn control the siliiu
lion without the aid of m, litis.
(iuaids nipiile tun Slinidiiid (III plant
were wiifiud l,y Sheriff Kuikesd tods
i,l of the lino wlilen thev were tor ! that if they fuel a single shot, ei.ept
bidden to nr, but no shots were filed in ,l,l, ,i-e of their lives, they wmld
since during the curly morning. As be uncle, I iiiimediiilelv.
that tiiuo tlido was only iiiteiiintlenl The mediiitoi appointed by I he do
firing mid no one was reported wound . piirtiuent of hilmr arrived In Mumum,"
todliv, Thev eoiifenrd Willi llleuuthoi
Mies, Lilt lo-pn ts of a Nellie, ne, it went
legiinb i li s glol.mv lo'-'Huso the trlli
'Ts me no oiaiii''d no, I Ihcie are im
re, Mi'lll. ed I, H,l M with wti i.u tl.e
in, l mi I..I s , an lo gel ill te.
The slienlf fcle honed lo III ne.iibv
If thn reipii st in eoo,pl,el
il luive 1 1'll iiildil ioiiiiI iioif.
llied ,
vi 1 1 . 1 , 11 if.
Two Office Room
Best location in
Salem. Inquire of
303 State St
-,.,,.. mummmm , ' i' 1 ii in i I'll lip" ".i ni'iww Mini mil ip, isi ii ii u iiiiwim m in TPiinii mis 'sspipswy m iiiimi m
I;",, ..'.,..,....' , ' , ' - Vl' ' " ' " ' ' ' f' C'"1" ' '' .'R.Mi.i.si.'.V'.pl. ,,
msm- rf v item
j ll(.lt.it,WT.J- -iiMiiiiirt .ii.ii- ' : s-- ' n-iinotiisr-MhsMisisi-i A n:rr-i mulSMtrii li"T r f
Saturday Evening and Sunday
Great Mimical ShoW'-Vocal and ImttumcntuU-Admission 25c
Tonight and Tomorrow
Bring Your Sons and Daughters to See Ihia
Weekly Events Showing Shooting of J. P. Morgan