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EditoriaTPage of "The Capital Journal"
Editor and Manager.
I Lands Eliminated
Make The
From Forest Reserve
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
Lfll.f .'
Mis Jane Addarns, who is more an authority on,
social settlement work than on warfare, is reported io( p, r,,an.i. o,., juiy M.-.wor.iir.g ,
have aid: j a" otm'oiii.wriTii moi by Hi" fur-
"In order to make bayonet charges all nations make,..t, vrw-. client t?
. . . .. it i 1 L r . :kl,. 1 ir-i.-i a'. ,-i..njiw nrl'T. rntiknij: an
their soldiers practically drunk, before it is possible. ; n ,f a,r.,. a .mail
In oth'-r words, before the terrible bayonet charges they f v.iu i, patented or i-m-an-
L- .f u-irr. .Ir,.,! thi mm must rWxl before theV fr",n ,h" l'il 1
rllA.. II K1-1IKR,
prm ) !
5 l'f " i
" ' , (Vj JVf Ki'nlh
iMilr l.v earner, I' J""
J,lj lij- il. P" J"'' '
.-jitTcin ui u --.., . ....... . v.(v-... . u.,, f,, ,n i-.-ntrai nr- jii.
will Sta't." I'1"' sf'-'" t'li:r.inir.-'l rum tin- Fr"
karMaiatl. -
Judtrc f . C. Goodwin, of Salt Lake, has bven a famous
alitor and orator of the Kocky Mountain sect.on or,
probably half a century. He is RrowinR old it s u
L h pen rtill draws fc-auUful word pictures a ,
mind frames thoughts as clear and sound as m the d. is
he made the Salt U'ike Tribune so loved and feared in the
Kreat mining and Ktock country which cnt-red its busi-.
and Political interests about the capital of .j,'ham
Young new Kingdom of Zion. H; - is an address ,.I
JudKe Goodwin's to the children, through his Weekly,
and it is u Rood that it outfit to be wi.My n-printi'H:
"You went, thousands of you, on Sunday last to see
Uie old Likrty Hell. Did you notice how rude it was.
When it was cast the art of making fine ca.,Uns was but
poorly developed.
"Still thousands of men every year tf.r.e on that bell
with uncovered heads and often with tears in their eyes.
Do you know why? That is do you understand the real
significance of it? If you should be lust in deep woods or
out in the shadows of the desert and did not know which
way to tfo to find a way out, and you should hear a voice
crying, 'come this way children?' you would be r!ad
would you not?
"Well, a j'ood while ajjo, when there was not much
liht in the woild; when tyranny ruled and oppression,
when there were the chains of slavery on the wrists of
iMiino men and the more dep-adintf chains of superstition
and fear and ignorance were on the souls of millions, and
the world did not know the way out through the forests
of doubt un.l across the deserts of injustice, suddenly this
old bell which jou saw on Sunday last, became a voice
crying to a perlrurhed nation, 'Come this way children.'
"That is why in that hour it kcamo more precious,
than gold; that is why now after one bundled and thirty
nine years have rolled away, it is guarded by night and
by day; that is why strong men uncover their heads and
watch it until they are blinded by their tears. Some in
spired men had met and after weeks of consultation, had
formulated n paper which in truth was a declaration of
freedom and a defiance of wrong, and when their work
win finished, the old kll which yon saw rang out what
may In' termed a triumph peal to the world over their
achievements, Those men long ago finished their work
and fell hack to dust; but the loins they gave to this old
kll were immortal and they have been ringing on and on
ever since, until half the world is filled with tbeni and the
men who inspired the ringing, while all that was mortal
of them lias vanished away, have fastened their presence
in the thoughts of the world and as one generation sue
coeds another they take on more and more life like
presences, and will continue to ;o long as the stars com.'
bt kiss the world at night and the tub s of the sea bb
Slid flow,
"The jslory of it all should be a lesson ill pati ioiis'n i,
)cu, and beyond it should he t. fmihi-r lesson, tl at
though on may be humble and . if .ni can ca'l up
from o,ir soul thoughts that are high enough and in
.eIVh enough and brave and generous enough to I... ,.f
bo:seM net-vice to jour fellow men and to Vour country
tlie measure of your Woik will ti our place, and ,f it i,
high enough and pure enough all the waves of i. ih m
never dun the light that Sou will km.lle ,.n earth "
K '
'Hie National Economist, ,m f (l;L, j , , t . t , v-1 1 . I
interests, is Jeiry on the job again, and is k ing .sent out
five to all the new so.ii.ei s m tl, .i ..
I!... I" .' , . . ." V. . " .
"K'"' "lu oe I el'l 1 1, i ei I, 1 Us on
gix-at battles are among the class that never witness w hat ! k. n- u,mu nr.- ruling a.i r...-ky.
they put to record. The result is that truth gives way to ;:;:':-';r::,:;fllll,o;,;lr:;!ir
dramatic (dfeCt. TV h-..l r.,n..ri.Mi.g the 1'uulina cUm-
As probably there never was a campaign executed as SS'
it was planned, and as every battle is an accident as to , .. v:iik. r n ..i.- .,t m..u'an,( ai; i
how it is fought and how it comes to be finished, we can "-" ? " ,,;:r"'-
see the play given to the military fancy of the generals i:,f;v ,i,. ni..i . in-h-u-u ,ru - ,4
in their rc-ports and the wide field of imagination open J ,f - 'i ; 'Kri;;l
fi tour' lctri I i rn ( i-Mirirtct's
.Most of the fierce charcres. crossed bavonets. hand-to- !'f,-l,-r.-'
. ... .. . . .. . . . 1 a -r-l.liv .-t;i;j'l "t 1
11 I.; r , , I -a 4n,all n.-b in T " . It
n.' :!t'i;.ii
.-r :ii :''.
.'i-'.i. wi 11. iv.. v. i it i . i .in.-i v. i.i tiny uiiiu, mui'i lv
ri in i.rim in n 1 i.i-l' in ! rut u lin .i n ffn'i'iVln V.ofHn i i-u rhi. .
iKlii't uh'.uiii. 1,1 lit tin. ,,11111 ill (A kLI UUIC 1UI.U., an III'. Uln'll t!, I'l lllll'li :i
work of imagination. If the historical journalist and '"'.in. ,. , , 1N hi
artist could know that the element counted on by generals' ari."VI',?,!,i,VT.,,i'.'.'..",i.'.A
in their (.ilrtllalion of elinoron i fitiir nml nut i "nn vnhf. a- -- -1 1 .- ui !"' t
they would be saved much absurd work. 1C u'll" LTV, 'm'T '.t VhiV--
"Do you mean to say," asked a correspondent of a i"im1"' "-': "' '!'" " ,,M- i,r-'
veteran officer who has seen hard service in the war, ,,,.. ,,),,, M ,i. ..,,. i,,,' ,:....
"that bayonets are seldom crossed in battle? Well, when ,l!,v'' M'1"1'"1 " -'"'"'
a bayonet charge is ordered, what happens how does aZJ" ' TV' TrTV'TlV V
it etui?" -"' -.i' i:'ini t.in.i- ( em!., i. ti.
"Why," was the reply, "if the other fellows do not run Z!' TT'lTrX T', 'Vi V'Z "C
away, We do." I ! ti. I . r - . m ti --. Tin- - a'i,.i "f tii.'
.'tiniinii!.'l itl'.'a run' tT' :n l.r.i 'i t'.'.-r uj.
" " .'linn n ,1. .1 a n a 1 1,". i'i .ii; I ,i n ;', , t i,.
The fact shoul.l not be lost sight of that the Marion VTTTVVVtVa. ,Br-
county court is doing a great deal of permanent road t, :.
vvoik and paying for it without resorting to bond issues. JT--TT'T''' '-' VXTVT
This is a policy which should he commended hv the tax- .Ii"i'..-"i..'i-. iT-r'TT"
payers because U will give us an extensive mileage of "rVTVTVT Vi:V:V'''"T'
."ood roads in a few years without increasing our interest- t,!",i'. V. CVluVV.'T v,:.' i
bearing debt. It should alw ays k borne in mind that C'l ' VT"V"V
otoir oonus means more taxes,
A. II. 1;,;.,
aM.'l-lv. If
I" a- I...
The he.'iev liw ,.ir, i : i. . i
'' "om-us n.is seriously crippled tne
,''".l'"l," i'l-mies, but down in Mexico the loss of a VX' 7,',
private m,vv and then is a harder blow. Their supply of JVTTLTJk
generals is inexhaustible o,. , .., ...
mm la.-! , a-..u Win ! 1 I . ;.-!, .
The aeroplane Heels of the allies are reported quite ,7' 7" i''"r"r ' ''
;- ;ve but a good many observers think it's time Cv ZC
i. mie down to earth with some of their operations ' T!"v '
1 ' III.. ial -i! .i :,,:;i,il.,ri.'.
If ,1, , , , . ' "-) ' ir.'i.lar fr.,m
ii ini ''rmans had to pnumunce the names of -ill tin. ""' ' "-k-"" ar.iM.s
,rr .y ,,.,. ,,. ,,c,vs;li;i1;', 1 , :-xr.::t;:.5EV.-
glial deal slower. .. o... ,i, ....,., i,,,, ia,
' '' 'r''t '' :"r (,ar. It MM'TIll, l,'V.'t t',
'I'll.. l IC ..1 ll -I t'l.'ii..r. I'i.'vai, M nun in ,iitni fi'.
. I M.'-llonl Daily Sun seems to be ashamed tint it ! '" '" "' "" i,,Ml "" r,,v "
s Published under the shadow of the stars andVtniS - TtSZ
. ' 1 "'' 1,1 lnirt .'n.-rry. . ,
Latest advices illdievte tleit tl, .. . ! r ,r''' '" ,r ': ' mi, !v
about t hi. n 1 1. i . "', ttU'U IS nothing soft ,,:, ,.Mll, i, ,.;
"'""'t tlie war situation in the land Mush "' nv.. ,TV
. ' -:r ,. y,r ,..) ,.r. h;,r.l ratVr
. .TL. n- U a in,.,- ,. I;ssb ,,., nn
Buy a pound of Marion Creamery Butter,
"MEADOW BROOK" and also a pound of butter of
any other make.
Then subject both to the same exposure and treat
ment during the warm weather for the same number
of days.
The result will prove absolutely that Marion
Creamery butter has deteriorated very little, while
the other sample will be in a condition strong enough
to speak for itself.
Marion Creamery butter can stand harder treat
ment and is more durable because the cream or
hutterfat from which it is made is not only pasteur
ized, but also clarified.
The clarification process eliminates countless
bacteria and other impurities, which if left in, would
multiply a thousand fold as soon as the manu
factured product was subjected to a warmer temper
ature and thus quickly deteriorating the butter and
making it unfit for use.
Why use a butter of inferior keeping qualities il
you can at the same price secure the very best
creamery butter, one that is not only good when you
buy it but will keep good for a longer period.
The same money buys the very best.
Ask your dealer for "MEADOW BROOK" and
make the test. That is all we ask. The result will
convince vou.
Marion Creamery & Produce Co.
-VS S. Commercial St. Salem, Oregon. Phone 2488.
1 i a
'0 :'! a ii',n.l.,.r
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' I'
I 111 -lit
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su eahi'i
paid for out of the I rn. id
lias a w av of a-ci ibii.i'
!u n
a'.l ca'.ai
w.ieu. i n; puoiication
tl'l llil'll t.ll l' f I I'll lll.v
s ill liUM!,, vs to
TV ,., s,,,, ,,, n,uh Rut
o I'1. i !,-, ii ,.,, y.u .
eoiH ( trt
1K) S'nit ri'M
" ' ' 'llllljj fnt U ,ll'.k,,.t
1 ' '' 'it li'larant, , ,,
' :' " " f if ,l,.. ii , ,,.
" '' " v On mil I ,1 r, v
' ' Ihnh. M i ,i
' l h '!" !"i'l I , ' mr , I v .
' ' In !l lia.l i l.r k.,. :,
trll hnti ttiat n
' ' '" :-- ,1-,l..t ,,
' ' ' " fl'H nii.ntli.
" 1 .Ki'l. (,,.,, h 1 1 .
' ' rr in ,u : ,
' ' ' 'K"iti..tt ar, .
i t,
t.' Si,!, n.
"' '' ' " i i'l I ll..-itv .
l:'-t ilailv u
'"''i "l'.M'll,..,.. I
'I'-l.i l.'.'l .:,... .. !(,,, ;,
;i" 'l T..- l:itii,..
at ,,:: , .
"' 'i' ' o.-if t:,.. ,,.
' ''! I . "J t f;.
i ' ai I Ii,.. )., ; .,
'"' ' ' " ...
ij iis'J Urn
4th St Junction
Market, Ellis &
SAN FRAMrmrn .
fll:D Llr t rst . . f-t-r-nn - Ir
Centrilly located within Kail block of eTOything-on
durct car lin lo the Eipoubon.
1 50 outside rooms hot & cold running wtta loerny om
P-inch.-d bath Prlvat,- Kiih ,
2! . K-IOninfl.'
SI. Si, SZiW double J9, IvOu dnubi.t
Tikt Uunml Im dwKt to Hti)
J" ..' .l i.fl .1 , h . .,Lk.,.L, i .t .- -
-"'- vwn rmimii I.'.' m
... !
i I l
,,,,,H'U'10 I'rMsbUion and eserv vival of nmkits ,, ,1
".. "im:;s oi proM, iK'e,
whi. Uo., wheat, sne.ir U.i,
II '' 1 l";i!''l:- ui
oilier lOiiil.i.U
any in'. I I i
" "'"1 !
tl, ,..;, l
tll'l'll. I'.,'
W-'O tli.it
I .1 I n ,
' In' n i ,
I,,'.,. V.
ill.. .ui ... i
t' f..r
t i, ,,r Mr
' lr-'-'; i- .
' i-'v I,.
1 ," -'lu.- ! Vll,,.,t SI,,,,,,,
I:.a..-I O'.r.i,..., v....
"tills Hi"
niU-t. ami s..i,,n- tl.m
)'- ' ' 'a.'!..ry ,;, ',,,tian,l. II,.
'- -'Vtal t.
, V. '''''' "f Va, ,l;,, ,i
,'r; '' '--m, l.'t't ilus
' '" :' :" ' '' 1 l-'Huurc trip
I Ua. 1. Hiaau, Uanatr and Praidrnt j
I., i
if in .,., iii,n
in ,.U'U..
1 r i it. i 1 v
.i'"i I I It. I IV SAJ
M.- Fav I .A aop". 6rvproo, up-to-date Hotel, I
' ''a k. i, l i,', the center of emything and on !
'"' f Mr ai l J i'rn:unotheEiDoitiooCioundi. I
zr-r. RATES 3
, ;v ... .,,vt , hi,r I 1 50. 2 00 doubl 2.00. S2 SOdoubtt I
' , ' 1 ' ! : ! ft.if.ti allv 'WRwMalSJdCoaaW EwyCamairac. !
''"v '' ' r 1 o n of ! r,1 Tkiid J Tow-d Si CW. hi. ci I
I , , ', r h' I T,ke "Unlvenal- Du. direct to HotcL I
l h in l.'iy at tmmf ai am w t Jj. 1
' ' r ' ' at :l',, lVtvrnin ; .
- - ".. ,i'i. , . . ,, !"'' ifi.'titi.inn nml o.-tinrntos on fih-
- ... ,, '"" ' Mr"- ,,l' I'ffiii' of tho Citv nrter of I
. , : ,. . . City lii, h 8ro .r,.',v ror-rnal to 1
: . ' """B mu,l.. part of this mti.-.
- ' ' ., r'. , "'" a-'a sil I'i'l "ill be opened on or til-'!
. '. . ,!l':"rr''l -t"l ilttv ,f Au(!tt.t. 1!'I3. nt '
. . '. him :-1 oV'.,H'k p. m.. in open i. 'I
- , m, ''' r'' '' "X'l'tir.C in the City Hull in Salem. ''
lion. Kaeli bid aubmitteil nint I"
' , ' ' '"'' -V..iatt. ' "iiil'tiiii.'.l by iv certified ehi-ek e, it.i i1
a:i who :ln1, '"ir tn !') ier rent of tiie . ' '
(root wba-h the ta,;:r lv,,,u,l a-e adm.t!,.!x '.'l
j..;;l t!cpea. null, of the .,lv ,,,
old tir. e li.ke ,.! :,t tl ... . . . . ' ' "'
I I I. I ,
tr.-v . ,
u in h... ''
, f..i:,.. , ,
t..-i ii. e .
it ,.f
.ui iii t,
aa 1 1 . i
LADD & BUSH, Bunkers
TrsriNact a Knutal Ii:tuLiiik' busin,,
Safct) HtpuMi Ih.xoh
savjncs ih:paktmi:nt
.ii.u .:: y-
til-lite an Sh,.'
.I'l .it., v .
t r;v. :, t .; .
' .0 r. A- .
l I!'.-.;,.
Jj. .1 ,
e I. oi tti ,
l;..i'i. i , ..
j' ;.. it. I ii
' ' tne .a.. ,. ..
' . li:'t. . , !.
. I U ,t, , ..
rt i.iai
' k rN.-
" WIT i ...
tel.. iv iV -
. 'II. I I ,
I'l. I. TI.e Citv rrsiTvea ttie ri.
'f i! no ile.irea "lind hi il.ier
i"r, uft.T. to l oti-tr.i. t tho improwf
"f 'aid utr.'ef .y nil i With the tl'.a-'..
'rv n-al eipiipni.'nt b,'l ,: i;in; '"
''' "f stil. iu. , prvi,!,.,l .v tiri.na1
N". Tl., .,i,i,.... ! :
- .. . - " - i - ,
.,',,, -oe io' aiac..ive dava m a ''
at.' '-e.;,,H.r in (t, Citv if Sv'.eai. "
-t-,.,, i'"-i. th.' .!..t. , f the' ft ft (' ' " :"
ri, i. ! tUo 21 at d'jy of J'ltv. l!':.V '
aw. 'late i.,f the In t f.biie! n ;
t w :Tfi ,;:,y ( f VMS.
c!!.. r. n wiv.
: .My 27 c,rv K. :