Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 22, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Shipment Made By Aumsville
Resident From North Dako
ta Is Reported Lost
Tioth tho public utilities (railroad)
rrunmiRs.ni, nod the railroad companies
are making a still but viconms. effort j
io nolve the mvslory ot me compiet,
lo ' .......1.. .. n ..!.. .. ..
...sappeurauco 01 I. .Mono cnmun. u
lioii.sehold Roods, iii.-lit.liii; at. nut"ino-
one. wriu'tl was suippen o i urn. i.i,
Jiorth Dakota, to Autiisville, on April i
2S, last, by H. W. Iteidesel, a re-blent
of Autiisville. The nearest trace of the
missing property is the location of the;
ear in which the shipment started trom
Cathay, N. D., an.l that was at Motit
pelier, Idaho, xvhen it was headed east
wind with a load of oonl.
After waiting a reasonable lenr-th of
time for the arrival of his household
Hoods nii.l automobile with no appear
fltmc. or sign of appearance, Mr. Hied
took the matter up with the tttili
'io. eotnini.ssioii. The eoannissioii took
it up with the railroad company hen
Drink Golden
The New Non-Intoxicating Beverage
fi-nm tlio vorvr VlP.'irt of DlU'e CGrC.il
pleasant, healthful and thirst quenching
. drink. Produces an appetite and invigorates
the system. Positively no chemicals used in
the manufacture of Golden Cream Special.
For a Family Drink
nothing will compare with it. S.'e that you
eet what vou call
Sold by All First Class Hotels
Drink Parlors.
Alf . S. Walker
7 5
We have divided our Suits into
three assortments
One line
Onefialf Price
Another, values to
$35 Now $10.00
The third assortment, values to
$25.00 Now $5.00
We are Salem agents for these
quarters in Portland, the nood. havitu;
I been routed over the "Son Line'', with
jtho result that the ear was reported as
passing thrniiKh Xlontpelier, Idaho. The
eonipauy followed this clue up and as-
leeriained t int tne car, w ii.-ti wuh sup-
i , . ... ... ,. ,. . '.
posed io eoiuniu tno uouseno .1 Koo.is.
was n.w loadod with coal, and what I
Uooama of the otin'mal caryn bail not
iH'tn learned up to inmii nnJny, Tho
I railroad enmnnnv. Iiiiw-over. in hot nn
I the trail and w ill loubt uiifathoiu 1
un. ni.siery in one course or lime
Cream Special
s. A
GOLDEN lhv.am
and Soft
III AwrDir A'C
III inbivi v s-j 1 1
! Ill AAiffiorAeA'!' f"-'4'lEiiA I
Two Thousand
at Fair
By Tlora Woodward Burns,
' tram-two. Ca .. Juno IS.
-.., ...me i.
iuesdny. Juno 15, wn!1 Oregon .lav at
the fmr and I wonder h m.,
i I horn" f . L 'nK " ""lt "asi"n- i
'.cirti,.,',,.,., ' "'re more to
'ties t 'C f:"-Vl'"1'8 n,.ul fi'stivi-i"Tlit
ties, to eniov t in Ki .
it i .
-. p. hi .tgneuiturnl band and to eon.
tribute to the n-eiinr,.l .,
i'i,. i) ""uuMUMn mien
. . -- v.. iKuu, nrmen espe-1""1 "e ouserveu wu.n eherrie. fron
eiaily tor tins event, was ri.,l.,-..,.i i... .the Willnmntt. nll., :n i... ....
i . ii. iirentland. but even those who
'" i'i-n muse wao 1 uu- i. uiuuit'ue oeotn in tne . lr ' i un
tietly ut home will experience Brecon state building, and we nre nil '', t0 20 tivt dt'l'tli. Al
pride at the troiliv ii-oonl ii"ti il'ntinjr tins day, not only for the ' "Ilt:, "m' w,'r0 " "l"lll',r of people
r state. In both the'horticul- hospitable reception which we know ' , -K , re v,'ri' " '"""ber of poo-ncri.-iilturul
fields the Oreoon ' ''i neeonled us bv the friends in' '!' v"'il",.v H afternoon not n
thrills of
set bv our
. , , . "' i'" IHTIU-UI-
tural aiui npri. -n .in-ill r;.,i.i.. iw
exhibits have earried the grand prices
thereby L'ivim tn tl, -t..... ,
! est rank of any of the states mirtiei.
I'lititiu in these exhibits. In addition to
the big sweep f prizes eariieil off bv
the smtn tti.i ;...u..:.i....i ..i -i -. ..
the state have been tin. r, :..i ' ...
i'i'ii.i, nil I'xu imru nt
three medals of hoi,,,- ii!t silver
2 F-K meilaK and S!( broZl. lm,lllls
all va nous products of the state.
In the evo,,,,,,; a reception ,, llnm.,.
was pven tor the visi;in? (.repmians,
Mrs. (Inirles A. dray, the clinnniaK
nad Knu.,s hostess assisted by Hiss
Ihompsoa, of 0,e.'.
Wednesday. .1 tit . in i i
Ko.-e Day" and the streets of the city
Ii'gy'iP - i. ...... . na
V7 V, Ull I L ft IXWl'l 111 L-4 nUOLil' lift
... , , , . .. ...
.Working Peoole. Church and Society,
- - v..,". , . au-.-i,
AU lutctestcd ln-Tlio Absentee.
Tin- better class wol liinijinen and
'their wives and children are sliowiiii;
xtraoiiiinaiy aiiiount of interest in
it .Miihial Maslei piclure
I lie .A i oca I ee. i ii umi i;no o . i ne i oiui-
...i.en '' Tliinnohnl.t (lie conn-
trv ineetiii' s aie beini; held to .liscoss
it. and the woiI.iiil class are beint!
nrjjo.l bv their bad. 'is to go to the
tin u, r, whore it is being shown, in a
bodv. One tannins ngitaior .leerilie,l I
it i.s the .alii, est and most artistic
I'titatioa it the worker s ease, ami.
Jlr. nr.l Mr-
M. K.
Davis returned
Friday t'lom I, ml,
,,i wh. r
she lius been
.Mis.s (ilmlvs i
u ho
s work
to visit
' ing in "-al, m. can.
at home.
.'litis,. . tune i.ih
family and nephew,
(lenient I'm 1,0. "el,
, nesdav no .t'inng to I
to Hrooks Wed
k logiinbcrrics.
Mr. and Mis. ,1. I.. Is. irk put nek re
tiiii:i, hotne .-l.tuldiv f 1 'in the Hose
Kiel Oarbe and Vineta l.nslbiirn
went t" Nl
Fred lirnbe.
1 A vo'ii g I
s-uiiday to visit .Mis.
, is at the hospital.
ity ns given at
home .Motidny
the W. D.
Mrs. I ly.l- Hliv.
iting with lo'i- par
f Salem, is in
, Mr. and Mrs,
W :inl
l, lei Ininilv' 'In'' weeK.
Ii. II. M. N
Friday evete'
cal. ot Mat inn. ' i. ")'' last
... ,,n l,ns,iiess. lie re-
turned I
:ii,ir,li,v :,r:,-rio
i after
fat her,
!, hi
spell, ling tlie evening n
11. W. McNeill.
i.roeiiiiii and 1
I' will be
lo w burn
,. c S. C.
. liven .Pine 2(til "t 1 'ilbett '
oil" lllile We-t "f Shaw I'V tie
Mu-ie bv the SI.IIVV on'.iestlll
, , s, rved nt i' p. rn.. '-'0 '
llv- ',.
eilbodv wl,'"!."'.
1'i e 'l'aieiit Toi" !i r assoemtioii met
, ,,e leu f Mi-. '. K.rkpi.ti..-k
I I, ,,r i.llerno. II. Th.'V hlO" "I,
... I'll ,,. tl,eV will giv" II I'i' l'l
,1'ilv 'Itli. runner no
oil s
i, ill be OlVell I
t week
Pomona grnng" hi1'!'
held at
I'fiA'l l I-IN'i
Marie Dressier
Mabel Norman
g Reels of Keyston". wm
TTtc pkW! that Ut mad all
tb world latucli.
Tuesday and Wednesday
at refioced prices
BLIGH Theatre
on Oregon Day
'were gay with lavishly .1
jtors iiml wngons Containing blushing
."..- ...u. wagons containing blushing
"ml '''"""""K row., both Oregon pro
ll'"'ts- fx1 former tnkini: keen oleaimr.
f,r""! ,he . 1rt'si,li". commemorate
""'"ver "in any, was hoard again
shot which was heard around the '
i.i n . e .. . ' ' v ,
- -- ... . ..vui hi,- 11.11 , i, n,i in .
Oreeon. '
Then on .Tulv 1. (Vpim rtirr.. .t..,
i will lie observed when eherrina fii.'m
l,(1 fro'n the Willamette booth i the
I "' ""l'""" iuru we KIHtW
'uin i... .... .... .,. . . .
, 'l'rKO of the various exhibits it is
nlunv. lib., n i.n.,.i : .
"lieu one visit the state bil,limrl. ;
" ur mouth, are h.-Kiiiiiii!; to water '
for a taste of the luscious "Oiieem"
, ti I... ' ..i . i. . ... .
..mil i tii-i i nun 11 k i ivu n..
nnr iinrtion in din ii.mr i i
' l, I,,,- i ., ,.i
,,,, thr.e weekVto act Z"
, number of tourist, from the , ,i Idle
W1,st ,, j fiml witl,(,t ,,x,, ti( ' ;
the interest is centered in ,l! state o r
Or,T, itt variou. products and iudus-'
tries .and above nil the cordiality and '
tvitl, much ..nitifieati .1,, , V I ., :
... i... , .. . ., . i
that rerritorv.
, ,, . , , , .
a si, t ie miiin rat lieciinse to . u ...
. ' 1
ores, vet ,.,,.( to the i. tt.-ut ..... of
On tho other haH, it is att nn lino
altentii.i in .-hiireh and Micieiv circles.
"Mr. Woods an, I M r. Cniiaune, " said a
elerLrviiian recently at at. eeniiiL'
ser. ice, na. e ion. it suirv III t ills II lie
setv ''loicii
(.orieiil picini
that, bus the for. .. nf i.
ibbcul in uiiiction. Knrlv that nioiu
ing his Sun, lay classes had voted to at-1
tend a maliin c us a unity.
The Absentee" will bo shown at
, the Might Ihea-er Thursday, Pro lav
tne Hlignt iiieicer lliursilay, I inlay
and Saturdiiv of tins week.
and Saturday of tins week.
V... . : I...1 l... r . ,
Aumsv gningcrs, namely Mr. and ' ,
Mrs. Wm. St.a.yr. Mrs. Miilio Marti,,1, ' 'j"""1 Vl. 'I'"" "''
and Mr. Woods. l, roi.ort u fine time.1 '' "l1" "l;''r""""
lelpful both iniil'-riully I ..-i..ii- "' " '''"'"" 1 """'r I""""1"'"1 I"'1'
One hiiudred and fifty weie pn-'ent
including Hie I. inn county Pomona.
What uiiolit lin.e proved tn be a
disastrous tire ivas accidentally started
Thuis, lav iifternooii when I. I-,. I.inville
was painting the roof of Ilein's lion...
v.ith creopote. When lighting a cigar
til" paint caught lite and had it ; ,.t a
stll.t it would lllivil swept the whole
hull' Id' " k cl -an iiicliidiiig the hi, i
mvs building oc-iij ie.l by Itobinson U
K ii !. pi.l tie!. 1 1 1- . t in tit store and the
Heeiii I office, guito a crowd gaihe id
to witness tlie i v itenient, but ti e tile
wns so, ,u extii-g'iished ,y ,,f
tli hose. He. "id.
Cherrians Select Candidates
For Cherry Queen
TI.e orgvii.-.li' ii Homines for "for
ry fair queen were named ns follows:
,Mi-- es . ii i.ii Yi.ntis, lliith Kuti.te,
Pnscillii Kbining. I'nry Howard and
Helen lleckcbl.'-ll. (Tinrles Hi ,-k WIK
I to have .diary.' "f policing tin-
sin-els f,,r llo' I'a.r and the baby pi,
rade. Tlie I lei linns will inv. shgi.te
the matter of l,av,ig the Coiiim. n ial
i-,,b 111, I ill ine ting the expense j,"
.iiiing to tl," I lo iriinis when in s,e I.
,1, 1 ii if v work ii- a visit to Portland
f,.r in-tniire. like the recent ..r,e tn
,-ti.,a w itli tl," rose festival.
Grand Opera House;
Trices 7,c nd S2.
-t nit.M-i.l lit in
Henry W. Savage'
triumph since lie
Merry Widow. "
op, r. '
br, -iiit
t . iiii i. ny thut
HAJOU i.rd eiitir.
n year aiel u lu ll
N"' York.
Big Hpecl-l Oichestra
BriliiAi.t Chorai,
"Mill" .( II,'- "Si.ri" I'nio.s
" r-.,ri ' ' li.iwnp.
Fate Of Nfiwnnr. nnv
- - , w arvr
Ci'ii n i
aim Remains mystery
(Or.fitr.l Journal s.vil s...;....v
:JZr ;l-n,r: MVV, Mot
Uviaei.rT." i-paIln "V'"i !'""' Mr'- M""".
Mtanur .Newport, who has boon ; pan od bv Mrs 1 V Davis Mrs
t ?,-Ji: wM:".; n1 -
at .1 o .lo.k who,, A. O Hani, who eon-1 five. Pan Marsh it. acting a suhstj.
T ,'wr. vort....kinK the buy. i tnte carrier on route I, in Mr. Marsh
saw the liov ii nvin,- ., n ft.,... ...i..L
. t -H 1-111, H-,(M- IM.
lllfT Tli.i wilt... .. i ..'.I
..... . ....
Captain 1
Tn, , . n- "put."
JBiobson hud seen the lnd just prioi
I T , "i just i.rioi
1"8 WanH " the evening trip to
Ya.piiua, ubout hnlf past two in the uf
i."'rn"on. ine boy was first nnso.l
. It is believed that the liov while
I'lnyitit! on the flout, lost his 'balunee
nu ion into tne hav ,h at Hi,
;!!"lld,.or 8 ''''.v "f distress was heard,
1 lie tinted Mates Cmist c,
" r - l'tn lliarles 1). siluart. hnve
"'"j-'K" "'i' buy in the vieinitv
. l'"t .ni.'C Friday with K,',.
-. -
---r- in. inn,- , neen
tound of the body not even his hut r
:olh,'r -rtiele. of elothini;. Saturday a
" ' "( -"'
' V JfV I 7 '." T""-
' , ... i ,'. ,t0
V , 'X , ' uV '
M very o,,- w t T i'r '" "'U'
, , .e . , re Z i ' , ' """n
' "' '' l " l '""1 1
r several allies n t unit re-
Although there is no conclusive proof
that the boy whs drowned, all iiiili.-n-tions
support that belief. The boy was
extremely fond of the water. The ,1a
eobsoa home is located up the bay near
Olsoi.ville and the dacolisoa children
have been accustomed to plav near it.
The water at 'hat place is iery slut!
low and not dangerous.
It was believed at first that !.
child mioht have, either in the cone
puny of other children or alone, become
lost In the Hoods. A telephone cull
trom the l-'aiitiilj miicli, about t -
miles from Newport Saturday mine
inspired the belief (I,,,, t. ,v ,, ,
come lost. Mr. Kail field repo'ited Hint
he liail In-i'id a child civine, in
woods mar his home Nitimbv mornine
but he took no note .if it at' tlie lime,
not knowing f the illsappeaiauce ot
the ilacobson boy and tliinkin ii s
one of the neio!i,ors' children. An
autoniobile party of Neopoit ciliens
weiii nt once to the l'n i li. l.i ranch nd
seiirched tin' w Is in llie i m in ,',) i ii t -
vieinitv In no mail.
The disappearance of the child has
east a clooni vei Newport. He wus
unusually brijjlit f,- MS ,,,. ,ln, ,s
tavnrite amone; the sailors and fisher
men. All efforts are beinrr aimle to
locate a due that will I 'ad to solulioi.
.if the mystery.
Mi. .Inc. bsoii, the boy ' mother, is
frustrated with grief over Hie sad nf
Prominent Politicians
Are Under Indicment
liid l.Mii.olis. lnd.. ,1, 2
ii,.. v.,
'. ; ' f K " ' - t ut e In, .run. ii of
tional li.ino.raiie c, it t,.., Mm,,,
i.losepll H,. (Inef ,,f 'o,,. hamuel
Pern, It and IL'.", otliei IimIiiiiui ....lx ,,.
j 'ana were imli, ted by the Minion .
t.v gnu., I jury here today. Tiny
I l'l'.l.'i-il With Colisl i
' to I
-Miii.it for
nt count.
t eight leloni
in the lec
Tin: last i.ini: or commhh
1 Noti.e i- Iietobv given that tlie I'oiu
, 'i ,. , ' ,, .I.- 1 1 ,,l ' Io- . in ol r-iilein, l ire
ll'oil. .1", in. It i V I ". lr II I ulel lieleliy ,r
- ll , s ts Mil ciil i.i.i I, t,, pin pose I o
, Inl I Ii ill I I o e Pi lie. ne -tloi-l I ...In
Hie I.ii-I line of I mil ml Mreel to
;il,e W.-t hue ol I, ib, rt. Si with il
'i" Ii 1 lu-lo .1 Po I. Portland l en I
dlolile -ae,li,l,l Willi IIiIiiiii.'ii
! Kg M.l lin e ;I two I V)
, l,g i.iid a !,a, et,t pn
. ,1 Hill s. II ,.', Ill I" e ,
of the ill, ',11
llv within siiol
,- oh I lie plaint niol
said sleel iiiipiove
adopted I,, Hie I oin
I 1 1 1 . of .Nl Io in. II lei
' ol ol Hie I ll'.
i I plans r a uioie
I' d 'le.' ll tin II ol
Ine herein retell"-, I
s I',
- In
fl. I, . OU 10 ll l.f s
'....V on l.le in llo-
ift ' 1. 1. 1. r, w In, I. -ai
, Ill-lire ami ,1'iiiil,
aid ifeprov , in. at a
in. I at I bv i, I. -, n
III" roll, e. U MM
ii,a,e a part ol
remnnst ra lo e-
ngiiiii-i niol
lll ro e .. -lit II. II be llill'le
in v .itne Wi'liiu l da's llnm llic
I I-, ll-ll jllioll of tills In I Ill tlie
innnnei pr.-v on , l, tl.e t it . Inn er
of II, e . itv of "-iCiiii. Tin- in roe is
p, ,1,1 s, .1 for Io .1..' i bv eider of Hi.
"nioin.li . .nil,, il under b'es.,1,,1 i on No
Mil. 1 1 1 an. i adopt, d Hi" '.Hst dn
i f dun.'. If I ".. v. hi. I. si... I r'-.obil ion i'
iiorel.v r.'l'fre.l t. and bv rof"ietii"' i,
aeri'l '' inii'l" a i art of tins indiec, Hi.
.Pile . f the f.r-t p., I.lo a. ma being Hi,
LU'i. l .!i,v of .1 I''l '..
ll s. k. i;i.i;iv,
I it v becorder.
"The Cowboy and the Lady"
Clyde Fitch's: Komani.'c of tho Plains.
Special Vaudeville
'I tit; Ri-aiitiful 1'lnylct
in One Att
"The Village Fool"
A. ('. Soieurer, 8. A. Miller. It. 11
!. Ktd Cooper mid Otis Tovvnsend
Mr". Vandeleur returned Mondnv
n.u-n-,ir re.linied .M0ll,l;iv
I'rom rortland, where she went Stm.ln'v
to visit with her sister, Mrs. Mclioii-
noil, and niece from California, who is
en r.ute home from Snnkim., vi
er from Portland to S.n Kruneisco.
.-siipcrinton.iont w. M, Smith and Sa
liorvisor .1. W. L. Smith nr i.,
I .lav .onferrinc with Mr n,i,.,r u.i
I Clerk W'ehert of the Aurora nchool
board Ulmn the mnllnr n, ii. .mi.
a hih school hero the coming year. The
:i n. r mourners or tne Hoard were out of
i Jlr. and Mrs. (iuv V. Niekok and
son returned iron) .McMiunville Mon
day, where Mrs. Iliekok has been with
nor tnotner and Mrs. Mead sine- tiie
oirtll ot her little son. Mr. and Mrs.
Iliekok were accompanied by Miss Hal
tie Sho.; ,,f j, (iranilo, wlni will be the
Kiiesi ior a tew ,ia.vs.
A number of friends surprised Miss
Clara Will Saturday nicht t her home
tn celebrate her birthday. Cards ami
social conversation were the features ol
the evenino;. Hefreshinents were serv
ed. Thus present were: Mr. and Mis.
1. M. Will, Mr. and Mrs. bonis Wobert
Mr. an, I Mrs. T. M. Snyder, Mrs. Hat
tie Khlen, Miss Kmnui .1. Snvder. Miss I
i inina r,. Snvder. Miss l,izi Will, ,
Hertha Stark, Mrs. Tripiiiuo Will, M,
I'lr.aheth l oslaer, Waller Krv, Percy
Will, A. M. Kry, .1. S. Snyder and A. C.
"n.v.lcr. I,,,.,, ,,TT7T; :
(M.o lilosseraad A. II. Will received j " ,L?1,"r;,,,"'f '""T"
an express shipment of bull frees last) ' ,,r 1
Kn.lay from Nampa. ,lalio. trom ,lesi . ' 1
lliltv, a cousin of Mr. Hlosser's. The : u- . v e ... , , , .
I'acili ,st bull fron is .nmew In! ,1.1 1 , , ' w" "!l" f'"'
( r ihe A,h.ntic "ates imlll fur ''"'"' f'
troi!, and is known by the scientific , "
name liana Aurora from the pecnliarj I'OU S. J.-,n i ,v ,,,, , M
r,'.!?, " T,ml A""'n -""" h'fise, 2',' blocks fr,
; hnl I tin,. . know n by tl :,me ,arl ; locate I North Salem. Ph.
liana ( atesbiana. and oltea (;ioi eitl.t u I' ::'. ,loi,e".i
or 10 iiol.es Ion,,, t S na iue.1 from . L
ts lou-l bellow :ni; rotes and h lioavv ! V"l HKNT A nine loom,-,! house on
build. Tlie fi,,., in,, r, (1 nej comer el' I oinineicial and Marion.
been laced in a spriait near the citv Impure III.'. .Not t h t oiniaen ial. .liiuU2
"i nooes ma i tcy will multiply and
"itutsh tl oiuniiinity with deep 'limed
,ii,,o,ii ii n,i ii hi; leiis, 'M'sereer.
licians will be indicted.
Allocations of ,, i-mtioi, r
repeal. ne. tamt'crnii. will, r...
threats and violence In voters and vio
lation of the iiiles oovomiii,! .,,,;
niai liines are made against Hie indicted
men. Don lioberts, former inavor if
Torre Haute, now in l.cnvcuwnrl'h pris
on, following bis conviction in romicr.
Iin with election frauds is ainong the
men inline. I.
A majority of those imli, ted ate
Hemocrats. There are several If, pub
beans, however, the most prominent ..
ing Hubert Metger, former sheritf of
Minion county. I'p to noon no arrests
had been niiide.
There are women who put oi
because that is iiIm.ii t all they
handy to put on.
Begiunliig Today, for 3 Days
Hazel Dawn
In the I'mo'irul Comedy
'I'll' riifliM.y of II
lliiit iiwrh tu lit'
irr'k "tillllt'
itfi'l t)"f a
fruil. lf(l oi
UMIIIM'IIH'll! -ill
Hi thn lini'lt .-I
iti.t( ti, ju.rnry tnntfule.
In Addition
South American Travel
Series No. 5
U. S. Juvenile Indian
Band of Chcmawa
This In mg tho regular . .ini.st
ant lieiiefit mi' hi, at who Ii Mi-.
II. O. Hi ndi rson ree l."'. Illtv
H'blit.oni.l v. tis (or .a. Ii nd
lOIH'l' tl I.l tile l. ii. k e".1e-l.
House of Lost Court
On, cent Vt word Mck lnMf J
-'e7 tot dTrtiement nn- I
dor thu headiag ihoulj b la by T
9 II m '
KRKD'S Nin'nt Lunch. June2a
ood fir 3-50 ffr cord. Thone
Hil, UK.Yr-A furnished five room
enttiiRe, modern equipped ami fully
luriiislu'd. lot! a, 14,1,, Jun0 2a
I.OCANIiKliliY pickers wanted. iV.nk
talabu, lit. 1. Uox Junea-t
M.KKl'l NO prch and sleepinu ri.ims
" .em hi .hi roiua fourteenth
ftm'- Junell
W ANTK1 Work iu town ou n farm
by yonai; man. Address s-j Mm
"'"'' t Juno 2d
KOU N..K.Si,la fountain and outfit,
toiutually new. Inquire nt t 1'.
Harlan liioceiy, 12ih and Leslie, tf
hame?, new,
' onimercinl.
iiiSle top
bllcev ami
m N'orLli
W ANTKU- Small house, bui.Kiilow or
rotl.ii;.', modern, reasoaablv close in.
Address X. K. ti, " (f
week, , hi
Sal, m.
five Kood milk cows thin
a p. Ii. I. .No. S, llx UH,
; 11 Alili V -Window and nuto
t' leaner.
Phone ls.'ni ,1 n' !er (1 p. in.
W A N T'KM Kxperieoi e, man to oper
an. Pane hay puss. Must Im.e r,.f
elelices. ( all at lioute .", Pox :ill.
.InncJ I
- '.Hi i..i AXtiK I
full register., I
Pnoi.e !'l K I'.,
Juno 22
Poland . hina boar.
I'. II. Hill, unite 7.
WANI'KII-- 1 1 y mumcl couple, with no
cliiblieu, baby or .mall child to board,
t'.iod home mid best care. Ad
iliess I.. It., .are ilouinal. ,lun.,22
2c liolNII TltlP Til K'lT- 'I o Port
lai.d. Kiel's night, lunch two wings,
.lane 2
WAN TKIi. .totm an i,a-,unil,lo interest,
tor J to ! years, .irt moilgage, on
close in pioperty. Address o, Is.,
louriiiil. ,lunc2:i
DIIKss MAIvlNtl-W ill go out by day
or do wink at Inline, I'JI.'i Shipping
stieet. Phone L'IH'1,1. Juno liil
KoJ H. l,K - I heap, if taken at oucn,
to. ..I gentle woili nunc. II. (). 'tut,
b'oiito :t, l.oii 17.1, Salem, Ore. ,liiu.;i
Poll b'KNT 7 ruoiiii'd dwelling, largo
lot, good lo, iilioii, 7 per month.
Pin n e ( aiey K. Martin. PI e 111,
WAVI'lill If seine propeity owner
Hill build me it modeiu il renin lions,,
I will lease il lor a term of venr.
lu-t Lo located clo-e in. A bliess II,
.aie i apilal .li.irmil. tf
I i. If s.M.I' A ,
hold s Is. ,'h
Wile s .1 . il 1 ll .
omplete line of h.Mls.'
Mp, on accoiiiit i.l my
Impure l;i!Mi Kir
sin. t.
I'olt III Nl' Modern tiveroom looist.,
. ei io r Twenty I Ii 1 1 I and Slate, l'n 1 1
ba-i on nt an, I fin luce. Impiiio II.
W, ,l,,liii.oii ,v I o. I'lioue IT. .liin'.IU
l'"l( s M.l' A small grocery stock
and fill. lies. I'll..' ISO. Will ri.,t
or sell Ion b ling, Impiiie T. II. David
ion, W i,i atlniid, ( tie. .liine'.'L!
.WWI'll' light loganberry pokers
..I...I II, e In -l of tie week, lumpers
I"' I' it. I In. ut A. Ael.lcv, Id.
1 I., v II, oi ph., ne il. -K ,i Siileio.
June -d
inii'li .Sl'.i. K RAN. II I'm -i,le or
e.' li.ii .i'. I stock iino-li of
I II , Ine lonolii , a, le, Well villi-
aiel, w,i .ill on uny terms or tako
ni .V enice ,,ily to s.'Vei.tv lores,
I'il .11 I I.V.-"I. w ll hill I I.. miles
of Mm in. Pn o raie lor llllli'll
frn I on ii':ii,-o". I, oh, i ft Deti.'k,
Join. 2'1
M' w;.nl ail e,ple wli have ihruhic
e h irniii le or con-tipation. im mat
ter . f liow long stun. bag, to liv oik
,, e of Mavr Molldelful Peine. Iv -i
no .lose W ill rnliv jo e Vou. Tins i the
in'-'ie in,' o j,, nnv of nnr 1 . .-,i I p.-opl.,
have ben inking with surprising re
Mill", 'I he most lltnloilgli svste...
'I..u,-ii ever sold. M.nr's W'eiolerfi.l
j Un... -Iv is m,. by l.-iuling druggists
jC.eivwl with 1 1,,' positive nclei
, tail. In. j( Hint vour mcnev will be r.
. fiiiol. ,1 milium ipiotioit nr .piibble ii
oNK hoi tie finis .i g;ive you absnlul.
I lalistHctt. n.
I ....
If U'$ for talt, a Journal
Want Ad will tell it.
Two Office Rooms
Best location in
n .. m
303 State St. I
Mail of
H., oflne
' ii. ro w.
.ll Klidny.
m nmrBOTiniiiwiiimiiiwi mm wiwri ii
I ..Will