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JUNE 1, 1915.
Social and Personal
'jweek in Jndcpcndonco ami Dnllus. Sho
Tie Capital Journal is al
ways glad to print social news
from outsido of Balem, and will
appreciate anything of this
kind cent in over the tolqihone
or by mail. In sending; in nows
the writer's name should al
ways be signed, not for publica
tion, but aa a guarantee that
the matter is reliable. We do
not print anything sent in un
less we know the author of it.
TIIK regime of Mrs. Charles A. Gray
as official hostess of the Oregon
building, I'annina-l'ueif ic exposi
tion, begins today. Mrs. limy is of Sa
lem, being the 'charming daughter ot
one of Oregon's representative) anil
sKjwill be outurtained quite extensively
ijand will roturu Thursday evening to
c , bo soloist at tho Oregon theuter for
tne benetit performance to ue given
by tho "Niki Klnhaiine" group of
camp fire girls. This evening in Inde
pendence she will sing nt the I'urent
Teacher association meeting, being the
guest of Mrs. Claude Skinner. She has
j. I UISI) IIOCH uskcu iu sing UI. SUMUt annua
i in Dallas.
?! Tho following item from the Daily
?! Chronicle of May 2S, Centruliu, Wash.,
is of interest here:
"Mrs. Cleurgia Ijamlrmn gavo a de
lightful afternoon affair yesterday for
a number of her friends, complimenting
Mrs. Harrison Doe, of Siilem, Ore.,
mother of Mrs. C. H. Wilson. Hoses
effectively arranged about tho room
formed a pretty setting fur the group
of charming women, who embroidered
as they visited) spending a most enjoy
able aftornoon. Three of tho guests,
well Known pioneer lumn es. jmio is i ;Mn(i ,,,, MrJi W- llumU allll M,,
eoci.it favorite and not only well versed Jujft i,;Bi,ury, were foriuerlv from
in the natural resources of her native :,, ,i :..,! ,,ik;,, ,m;.
..i... :.. ii... 1. l:, t ...,.li ' " ' ..j-v-'- h
ttlUlu, uui lu nil' inntui., uii-miuii- unu
legendary lore us well. Mrs. ijray has
many friendH in tliu "Oolileii State"
who will give her a hearty welcume
mid honor her at mime rims delight till
social functions of the exposition.
Mrs. Alsa N. David and little dough-
sconces of the state. In the lute niter
noon dainty refreshments were served
by tho hostess, assisted by her daugh
ter, Miss Helen Lundrum. The invited
guests wore: Mrs. II. W. Tliiimpson,
Mrs. W. D. Roberts, Mrs. W. H. Keir,
Mrs. Julia Kllsburg, -Mrs. II. T. Hunt
ington, Mrs. J. 1'. Hymens, Mrs. S, II.
ter, Joan Fiances, will leave this even-1 Itluomcr, Airs. It. II. Johnston, Mrs. (.'.
ing for their home in Atlanta, (lenigiu. 1 1(. Wilsiin, Miss Helen Lundi inn, the
They have been passing three mouths
in iSttlem as house guests of Mrs. Da
vid's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ('. T. Me
Jntire. of Ninth Capitol street. Mrs.
honor guest, Mrs. Doe, and the hostess,
Mrs. Georgia liundrum.
Miss Marion Kn
nn advanced
David has been extensively entertained violin student of Miss Joy Turner, will
during hor stay, friends regretting that assist on the benefit program to be
lior Btuy is not longer. On her return given nt tho Oregon theater Thursday
trip she will stop off in Wan I'raiicisco I ami Friday evenings, fur the "Niki
mid Los Angeles, being entertained as I Klahanno" group of camp fire girls,
the guest of l'riei ds in both places. fr which Mrs. (ieorgo Fnx is guunlii n.
I The girls tbemsolve:; will give an in-
At tho final meeting of the 'haiitau-! tercsling sketch, illustrating camp fire
qua Heading club Friilay, in the public! work,
library, Mrs. Frank K. Welles was!
rhoHcn to fill tho office of president for -Mrs, Ciirmel Sullivan I'ower, harpist,
tho coining year. Mrs. F. V:i Kschen, who has been heard here in recital with
who has filled the office of president, -Miss Shelton's pupils, was heard
:tolos last night lit the reception, Mult
nomah hotel, i'ortluuil, at the meeting
of the National Federation (if Worn-
declined the lienor lor another year,
owing to n ii 1 1 1 1-ru 1 1 s ether duties, but
was induced to accept the vice presi
dency. Mrs. (Dr.) K. K. l-'isher was! en's clubs.
named secretary and treasurer. Miu-lij
flood has been i.cconiilislicil fntn this Invitations uro being received for the
year's course, the subject for Ihe entire i tlith annual coininencemeiit exercises at
study period being " Knglanil. " Ses-' tho Oregon Agricultural eu'lege, ( 'orval-
sions huvo been held each Friday alter-1 lis, which begin this year Sunday, June
noon and the attendance and attention 'I, and continue until .lime !),
lias been most satisfactory. The mem-1
borship for the past year numbered Mrs. M. D. Moser, of Tnromn, an ivei
lihout -0, a larger cnnillment to be had : I'Ynlii.v oveuing In pass four or five
the cmiiiig year. A number have al-i weeks with the K. ,1, Swal'l'ords, of
ready put in their application fur nieiii-1 Ferry street. She was formerly Aliss
borship mid the list is still open fur; I Jin Swafford, and for five years was
tbnso who nre thoroughly interested. ! instructor of (ioruinn in the Salem high
America will be. the study topic when school.
work is taken up ugain in September,' "
Miming tho subjects to be considered Mrs. T. D. Olinslead left vostordliv
lieing Social uml I'.counune I'lirces in! lor an extended eastern trip. She will
ny nun; --i mine-1 oe nwny noout, two miintiH. stnpiuiiii at
M nicngo, Jietroit ami other places of
m. d. p.
Wednesday afternoon, May 20, at the
former 'b country home. The roams were
prettily decorated with cut roses and
vines. The Bunshino after tho week of
rain, called forth 40 guests. The in
vited guests, besides the members,
were: Mrs. Heasoner, Mrs. Frank
Steams, and Mrs. Trindle, of Salem;
Miss Frank, of Webster City. Iowa, and
the Misses Lena and Katio Slize, Leora
Morris, Cora Fisher, Martha Woodward,
Mrs. Wood Carson, Mrs. D. M. (rouse,
Mrs. bounds, Mrs. K. II. I'rothero, Mrs.
William Coolidge, Mrs. A. W. Mize,
Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Sender, Mrs. Wickburg,
Mrs. Firsthrook and Mrs. Chapman.
f.. Wiilinm Snn-ver was awarded a
prize, a very pretty hand-embroidered
piece, in an interesting contest. There
were two consolation prizes given, Mrs.
I.! ..... t i. ..... I .1 ui.idl) hnilfot
l-lisioruun recri.en un,-, t .. .....-. . -
of confections, while .Mrs. Campbell was!
..: I... il,,. ., mil,, nf tho am. I nt V. 1
K w ii l.". "- v. -. . . . . . . j. j,
Miss ( ora Fisher unci .Miss ueora .mens itvjfijffitififrfT
assisted in serving. The society will
for IS years
The Standard Skin Remedy
Instant Belief
Skin Troubles
The Guaranteed Remedy
riTv waii mm
till 1JU1JUU llliliu mc
I Handsome Evening Frock
I DaIi a Trt (lirt O AHjl I AAA
Duui ui laucia aim Litttc
The gown shown here is built of apri
cot pussy willow taf fota, combined with
embroidered net. Tho low cut bodice is
equipped with nn ovcrblouso of the silk.
cut lowfront ana LneK ro snow nn un
derbodice of the embroidered net. The
skirt is finished at tho waist lino by
two rows of Bhirring, ending under bows
of taffeta, and the tunic fulls from un
der a slight pufting of the Bilk.
. . i a chargo or gambling, picaucu ginnv
police court this morning and paid a
Mrs. Oswald West and daughter, MisS rino of i1il00 Tlle eilum deposited
Helen, left this morning after passing .,. i.-m , n, ,,rfi,...r seized 40.0Ti
several days with the lien W. Olcotts. i u) witi, so b k wi,ite t.,n,ls
I...- n I I. I...I.I
I ana run strips or paper wnu n neie m-m
Mrs. A. h. Drown will leave tomor-. ua evidence,
row evenimr for Derkelev, Oil., where
she will be entertained during an ex- A fire alarm was turned in lit 11:30
tended stay with her daughter, Mrs. jtnis morning from the Sacred Heart
Hnlph Matthews (Mis-s Blanche Brown)., academy on account of n small bla.e
which started around the stove in the
Mrs. C. C. Walker, a pioneer of '52, kitchen in the basement. The blaz
came up from I'oitlanit t inlay, accoin-jwas rAuiigiiisucu oy im- iMIM
panving Mrs. Fred J'urvine tr lier nouie tore uuy serious uamagc u ounv.
in Spring Valley, where she will re-; There was considerable smoke evident
: i nt i 11 as guest of her relatives, the and the children were marched out in
Dudley Henrys and I'urvine families, j good order.
Before her return to 1'ortlnnd, she will I
visit the J. i, I'urvines, of (.Ink street; I Ex-Supremo Judge C. U Ale Nary paid
the F. L. I'urvines, of North Sulem, I a fine of $5 in police court this moining
and other relatives here. on a charge ot driving ins auto between
" the front of the Oregon rJectric depot
Air. and Airs. Klbert Thompson en-;'""'1 thu tiai"-
tertnined with a beautifully appointed J
dinner of 2(1 covers Sunday nt their at-1 P. AL Stump paid a fine of 110 in
tractive suburban residence on Fair-! police court this morning for speeding
mount Hill. -Masses of ni'cs and sweet, his auto on State street,
brier made the ramus frnuruntlv at-
tractive, the same decorations being The total number of arrests for the
used to ornament the table. Small 'month of Alay were 7.1, according to
plaques embellished with the national ; the police blotter. This is by far the
colors made appropriate place cards. i largest number of arrests made in any
The affair was in the nature of a re-! one month this year. Seventeen were
union of relatives calling, a number ; charged with drunkenness, 12 begging,
from cnt of town. It also coiumeino- j violuting traffic ordinances, 7 driving
rated the birthday anniversary of Air, ; in front of the Oregon Klectric. depot,
Thompson. Among the guests were! 5 bootlegging, 8 miscellaneous, 10 turn-
Mrs. Alsa .. David, of Atlanta, Cteor-1 ed over to state otticers, and ) as sus
gui, and her small daughter. Jean 1 poets. Onicer Ntchoh'im assisted in
Frances; Air. and Airs. Hubert Oilnnn, ; IS arrests, Stubbs in 22, White in 11,
of Lebanon: Dr. Hnss Alclutire. of In-i victor in i. Varney in III, and Chief
dependence, and Air. and Mrs. Clvdei Welch ill 4.
Holes, of Mill City. '
j V. H. J-a i n u in rppeaied in police
.miss inemia Messing was n Hostess; court this murium; on a charge (it being
l-riday evening, entertaining infurmnl-! dnink ami pi; id a fine of if 10 upon his
i,v nir a iev close irienus ar Her nomivplea of guilty.
un North Commercial street. Her guetsi
Here: Miss Stanis Andreson, Miss James Thompaen and W. J. Clark,
Trances (inu.i .nough, Aliss Dora Andre-i both of whom woi'o arrested yesterday
son, Aliss Louise Alauiiil, ALiss Mabel: on a chargo of begging on the street's
Nye, Ira N'ye, Hubert Clearwater, Koby ! of Salem, pleaded puiltv before Judge
K,.i,.i;(c u,.i i:.. i i 1....1 i..i.-.. '.- . r. .,' . .
....... in, i.ii.ui in,, iuii iiuu i.-ii 1 1 1 r. i n i n in mi ice coi rc i s i (irn in n u
Shipley's Stor
June White Sale
Andreson and Lloyd ( ate.
each began serving u five-day sentence
. ' itaf 5
in nropTpsa nff...
tional money saving values on all Summer Whit- Wo
White Goods. This is an opportunity to
wear and white goods at prices that will not be dunlilt I
for another year. Every article in white included, e ceZ
Richardson's Linens. Kavaov'a ni.... . . . '' e'lcetlff
' Arnolds' Eabv
and Rubber Goods. dUMear,
Extraordinary Values
Attend Mornings When Tossible. -
U. G. Shipley Co,
145-147 North Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon
American llistorv,
irv. ' I v
Inn; America," by K. A. Ross: "Ame.
ran Ideals in Chariicler and Life," by
1 In mi It on V, Maine; and "The W'avs
of Pianola," by .Mnilhii KvuiiH .Martin,
K it
A literary nud musical program given
by 1 lio Kpwoilh league at. the l-'irsl
Methodist church Sinulny night occupied
tho place of the regular service. The
prograiu was as follows: Vocal duel.
MisscH Uracil Smilh and Itutli li'ugnle;
rending, Miss Kuid Llliult; violin solo,
Miss Lucille McCullv; vocal solo,
rrank S. ltailon: readiiiL'. M iss L. U.
Theion Hoover and Kugeno lloustoh
were in Pallas Saturday evening, mo Jacob Amsler, who was cited to ap
ii.iniu in it in luiruu a uenguiiiu peur in police court tins morning on a
dancing party. charge of driving his auto between
the Oregon Klectric denot platform and
At lat nignt s lodge meeting of rlic ! the train when n train -was in front of
itei. chilli in their loilge rooms, .Mrs. the depot, tonic 1- hours to cuter his
interest, returning bv wav of the Pun-1 ',, , ' '""". 1 n"."K Itrainii , plea. Mr. Amsler said ho thought it
aniii l'acific. exiiiidtiiin. ' : . , M"nh' '' lsi-l, vice grand ;! wns only forbidden lo drive in front ot
i.mis. i.isie Mineral, Mvretary, tirul .Mrs. , the depot when p:.:;:.eugerH were being
name i iiueion, treasurer. The in- dischurgcd. lie claimed t lint none w
stiillntioii will til ko place about tile first j get ting on or oif the train at the time
oi .iiiiv, an to liol.l oflice tor the com-'ami the other side of the train was
ing six months. The following month ' blocked up bv e:;nre:i wamuiH
win witness n.any aiiairs or a social
nature in this lodge, next .Monday
evening to be the date of the semi-open
meeting, ll.illas, Independence nnd Sic.
Minnville lodges to send representa
tives from their lodges nt that time.
Morton llatley, of Twin Falls, Idaho.
was elected president of the senior
class for the coining year at the Cai
versity of Oregon. Miss Louise Uniloy,
of Kageiiu, wiih elected wicn piesident ;
Miss L'rnn l'otzel, of Oregon, city sec
rclary. Noiiiinatinas for offices of the
junior clans brought out five cnndidnles
tor president, There are two I'lirtland
men, Kolnnd tleury and Luriv Mann;
Wulton; vocal number, Misses Smith Carl I'.eck, of Villein, ami l-'inuk Senif
iiuu rugiiie; vocal solo, Miss I. Ma Me
Addanr, reading, Miss I In tint Kdwards;
vocal solo, llnndil Jury; male ipinrtet,
M'l'Bsrs. Sfetcalf, llnwers, (lillette and
Jeffreys, mid organ u!o bv Dean Fred
erick H. Meinleiihiill. Children's dnv
exercises were held in the chinch audi'
toriurn in the morning from !l: I, I o'clock
lo II, eliildien of the primarv pint giv
ing the greater par! of the 'program, u
feature being the awarding of diplo
mas to tho little folk who were pa-sing
from uao section of the primarv divis
ion to another. Kach child was Veipiest
ed to bring a floral gift, the entire
floral offering being given to the wom
en of tho Kclief Corps for use in ves
torday's memorial services.
and Nicholas Jnucrgy, of Kugene.
i. h
Miss Stella and Miss Cora Fritz left
last night, by way of Mm Francisco,
I. ii Angeles uml New Oi lcans for
(Ireenville, I'eiiusylvaiiin. Thev havi
resided in Unleiu for five vcars, and
have liiado ninti v friends, who regret to
learn of their intention of inuking their
homo in the east,
Wednesday nl'teriioon the Woman's
Home Missionary society of the First
Molhiilist church will meet at the
liome of Mrs. William K. Kiik, LI-IO
State street.
Catf.rrh Germs Breod By Millions In
Air Passages of Noaa and Throat.
Just One Way to Drive Them Out
i For Stomach and Liver
Siss Tne. HcuniMin will
I Mrs. W. L. Pray ami Mrs. William
Mel'iilluni were joint hostesses to the
tbn I ndies' Aid society of Salem Heights
V 1 IT A.-ry
Mrs. F. W. llenron, of Suleni. who
hud been visitini; with Mrs. P. W.
Ilavues, went to Siithcrlin this nlier
noon for a visit with friends. Hose
bun; Hoview.
Hen Williams, who is in the office of
ho stole insurance commissioner at
Salem, win here to visit hiR parents,
Colonel and Mr.i. .1. M, Willinms, yes
terday. Kugeno Register.
I'. .1. Whitney, editor n" the Orchnnl
and Farm, a mouthlv am ieultiiral oub-
licntion of San Francisco, is in Salem
for ii day or two, stopping nt the ltligh.
He is spending two weeks looking over
different parts of Oregon,
liov, A. M. Si'imeler left this morn-
Don't take medicine for your Stem
ach ailments morning, noon'niid night,
as usually such medicines only give
temporary relief .,, simply digest the
food that happens to bo in the stomach.
nun i permit a surgical operation.
There is always serious danger in op
erations and in manv eases of stomach,
liver and intcst in,, 1 ailments the knife
can bo avoided if the right remedy is
taken in time.
Kon't go around with ft foul smelling
breath caused by a disordered stomach
and liver, to the discomfort of those
you come in contact with.
It you are a slmnach sufferer, don't
think you can not be helped; probably
worso cases man yours have been per
manently restored' bv Mayr's Wonder
tf..i i, i..
in ivcinein,
.Most stomach ailments nre mainly
ciuiseu oy n catarrhal com it on.
ig for Salem, where he will attend it Mayr's Wonderful Ifmnodv nt- mitv n.
inmittee meeting i,f the heads of the moves the cat 111 I'll M I ttlllMIH hilt IlllflVU
the chroni,. iiiflaminntioii nnd assists in
Fust Willamette Vallev Ministers' as
sociation of his church relative to the
district convention to be held in Ku
gene next month. Kugeno Guard.
Lift The Latch
of the telephone door to praeticiilly every
representative business house ami resi
dence in the Pacific states. The improved
"Loiik Distance" service now offered to
our patrons, reaches (M'i.OOl) telephones
in California, Oregon, Washington, Ne
vada and Idaho. You can talk to 1800
cities and towns, over the "Long Pis.
tance" lines of this Company.
Make a "Long Distance' call today.
Ask for Pacific Long Distance
Home, dune 1. liight llev, Kdward
llunua, auxilir.ry bishop of 8nn Fran
cisco, today ns formally appointed
archbishop of that province, succeed
ing the late Archbishop Hiordnn.
Uev. doseph Class was appointed bish
op of Salt l.i.ke.
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, the less soup vou
use the better.
Min t totips mid prepared shampoo
contain too much nlkali, This dries
the scalp, makes the hair brittle, and
is very harmful, .lust plain mulnified
cocoauut ml (which is pure and en
tirely grctis.dess) is in nc h better than
soap or anything else you can use
for shampooing, us this can't pos
sibly injure the hair.
Mmply moisten your hair with
water and rub it in. One or two ten
spoonfuls will make un abundance of
rich, cremny lather, and cleanses the
huir ami scalp thoroughly. The lather
rinses out easily, and removes every
particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and
excessive oil. The huir dries quickly
mid evenly, and leaves it fine nnd
silky, bright, fluffy nnd easy to
Vou can get nnilsificd cocosnut oil
nt most any drug store. It is very
cheap, and a few ounces is enough to
last everyone in the family for
rendering the entire alimentary and in
testinal tract antiseptic, and this is the
secret of its marvelous success.
Don't suffer constant pain and agony
and allow your stounich ailments to
physically undermine voiir health. No
mutter how severe von'r case mny be or
now long you have suf fered onn dose
of Slayr s Wonderful Hemedy should
convince you that von can be restored
to health ileum. M,1Vr'. WnniLufnl
lfemcily has been taken and is highly
recommended by Members of Congress,
Justice of the Snnreinn Court. Educa
tors, Lawyers, Merchants, Hunker", Doc
tors, Druggists, Nurses, Manufacturers,
Priests, Ministers, Farmers nnd people
in nil walks of life.
Send for FKKK valuable booklet on
Stomach Ailments to tieo. 11. Mavr,
l.-l-l.-,tl Whiting St., ( hicngo, 111.
Mayr's Wonderful Hemedy is sold bv
leading- druggists everywhere with the
positive understandiii,. that vour inouev
will be refunded without qm',,ion Or
quibble if (INK Lottie fails to give you
aosoinie saiistuction.
Riree Drown When
Launch Is Capsized
Portland, Or., ,Iaac 1. Threa younj
,'cople, members of a pleasure party,
.eie drowned in the Willamette river,
below St. Johns, last night ia a launch
ing accident, Harbor .Master Spcior was
lot i tied today,
Tho n nines' of those who lost their
lives are Miss Doris Sliunnon, Clytk
Davidson and Amos Weiss,
i Sirs. Amos Weiss, the fourth occu
pant of the launch was rescued.
I Only the boiled ' ' spud ' ' nnd the Gr-
nun fry go in Berlin now.
To stop catarrh for good you must
drive from your system he germs that
cnuse catarrh nnd that are now feeding
nnd growing fat upon the swollen in-
flamed mucous membranes or your nose
and throat,
A splendid means of destroying
catarrh germs and overcoming catarrh
has long been recogni.ed by physicians
in the well known oil of llyoinei (pro
nounced Ilieh-o-me'l and it is now n
very i-imple natter for any catarrh
sufferer to use it with splendid resuls
at home, by breathing its air through a
little hard 'rubber inhaling device w hich
leading druggists nre supplying with
each large complete treatment, .lust
pour a few drops of the oil of llyoinei
into his inhaler, place it net ween youri
lips uml then breathe naturally and the
pleasant smelling autisepic, germ kill
ing nir will penetrate deep down into
every fold and crevice of your raw,
sore nose, throat and lungs nnd give
you quick certain relief, opening up the
air passages, making you breathe easily,
''topping the inflammation and dis
charge mill driving from your system
every catarrh germ that has found lodg
ment there.
If vou want to be free, from every
symptom of catnrih, are tired of try
ing one thing nfler another without
benefit go to Danitl ,1. Pry or any other
relinblo drug store hereabouts and get
a complete llyomei inhaler outfit, use
it every day for a few minutes nnd if
it does not drive the catarrh germs out
of your system and give you real last
ing relief from Catarrh, your druggist
will give you your money back,
Judge McNsry Talked & SttSi
To Linn County Growers' JXmIM :-S5
. done by individual efforts. j
(Albany Democrat.) i ' I'vcry inemlicr of this nstiOi'iutioi,"
, , ,. , . said Judge McNsry, "must pt Mraill
T ie directors nt tho l.inn and Benton .i.:.. i,,,.; i. i. . ,..(
; Vina 1111.-111,1-, ii inn, in- iiiressiirv mr.
(.'ounties (.rowers- associaroin mcr inis souu ,lf lMl tn make sacrifices, but m
morning nt l o ciock ana pioceeueu must llM ,,. ilt( ,1,,, i,,,,,,,
to consider the business lit mum. I no is tu ,p succcbh anil vmi are lo rraliitl
steps tor incorporation were not ri-K.cn ; t, mnst ( cf ;t, smf of ycu mat
up rouuy on nccouni ui no uiu mo mn nlromlv Imvc mrMiiM laroi grnd,
been received from the attorney general I established, a 6ranJ of ynur tm, iml
regarding tho new corporation laws, No I ...... ,.. he (liiinii s iiite Wimh. But
business w as trnnsiicti'd nt the moniing i 'tu,ru 'lll!lt ho no CfmVim in tVw
session. At noon tney adjoiirneii to i ( nmllm.r, Lveit th( it
o'clock when Judge C. I,. MeN'ary, of j ittn temporarily to rnnVc the mmfief
Salem, addresses the growers, nfler !..., ....... ,() it.'for it In only bj cm-
which tho directors got down to busi- ',imM et forts anil all workins fr "j
ness nguin. 1 standard that vim tan suiwhI." h'
In this talk Judge McXnry gave the iMi wns Very interesting nnd lmfr
members some good pointers ulong legal ; received by tiic members of the us-ii-i
lines, nnd gave some valuable advice re- fortunate i-nnugb tu hear hia. 1
guiding the fruit mid produce business.; 1,1
As n member of the Salem Commercial ,ttjrf l j the new shirt, woman il
club and the Kalem Fruit Cniou, .liulge ! . (,r (, nlll t n her m
MeXarv has had u great deal of ex-J '.
perience in this line of endeavor uml
spoke with a Knowledge of the business.
His advice to the growers' ussociulion
and to the farmers of the district gen
etrally is to get together. Small grow
ers cannot hope to find a market for
their products here in Albnny. There, (
is the questions of uniformity of quiil-
No matter what yen kMtJJ
sell, a Journal Want AdU
eel! it for you if it can h. wlo.
After a short illness, Sirs. I.nvilla
Cooper, wife of John 1!. Cooper, passed
from life on Slonday, Slay 21, aged till
Horn near Independence Sfarch HI,
IS-lfl, the daughter of Leonard Williams,
Independence 's first postmaster, ,shc
had n sided in this section nil her life
and the high esteem and respect in
which she whs held is evident from tho
number of friends who so plainly show
ed their sorrow and the largo attend
ance ut the funeral. Kind, charitable,
unselfish, she did more than her part
to make life more pleasant for those
she knew and loved, and truly exempli
fied her favorite text, "Sho hath done
what she could."
l.nvilln Williams was married to
John It. Cooper in lSii-l and seven chil
dren were born to them, one of whom
is dead. The seven children who with
their father, nre left to mourn the death
of their mother are, Mrs. O. . Dickson,
John A. Cooper, Mrs. l.aurnnon Crane,
I'enrl t coper, and the Slisses Iva Hnd
l.nvilln Cooper. There urn thirteen
grandchildren. Sir. and Mrs. Cooper
joyfully celebrated their golden wed-
uing on April ,1, ot last year. Indepen
denco Monitor.
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Stockton, Cul. June I. V'.xtrndition
papers are being prepared today for Dr.
Kdwin N, Carpenter, under arrest in
Portland, Oregon, nnd wanted here on a
charge of performing a criminal opera
tion on Miss Florence ,. Ilurrower,
aged lib An officer will leave for
1'ortlund tonight,
Ono cannot look at the above picture
without being Impressed with the
thought that (Julluta has the murks of
the soulful ortlst. He will bring to
the enmliit rhiiulauiiuil R trio Unit will
be declared tho renl thing, only tills
Isn't just tho wuy these artists wouui
describe It
Gullotn made a Mr hit the first time
he ever appeared at n Chnutnutia.
That was when he was fresh from It
aly onil did not know the wnys of
Americans. Hut he went Into
Inuipia town In Itlluols on a hot after-
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