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THTTBSDAY, MAY 27, 1915.
PRnSPFCTS nnnn mo I
Moore's Saturday Afternoon
- vlw 1 KJA j
' -M
Our customers who are attending this
$2.50 Heavy 10 inch Aluminum Spider.
Sale Saturday Afternoon Only
Hero the spoc.nl for after 1 o'clock Saturday. A UiKh-qi.alitv
ton inch Aluminum Spider, fitted with blaek wooden handle, with
end hanging ring. Handle is securely riveted to frame, which
mensures 2'i inches deep and is lipped on both sides, of splendid
'luulity aluminum, silver finish. A spider that would cost $2 50
... nay, 10 sell nt this most unusual price. No
u.uvr ncceiieu. unly a limited number to sell,
urdny afternoon. They won't last long.
Increased Demand Is Manifest Eastern Markets - Some
Contracting of Fresh Fruits with Canners Augurs Good
. for Evaporated Product -Important Business Will Be
Transacted by Loganberry Growers in Salem Monday
Over 730 jiwrn in the state of Kan
sas almm have placed a line of Wil
lamette valley loganberries, in cartons,
iu stock w ithin the past two months.
I This, according to informal inn given
out by the Snlein Fruit I'niun, is but
the results of the efforts of three men
i nnuiliing tne unit as a side line for
nro for the big meeting of the growers,
which will take place at 2 o'clock in
Die afternoon.
Latest reports from the country in
dicate that, while some damage has
been inflicted upon the culling crop
by the frost of the morning of April
;t0, the chief damage, aside from reduc
ing the crop prospects probablv SO
Come earlv Sat-
Saturday Afternoon Only
Just Received
Beaver Cabinets
In the Beaver Kitchen Cabinet you get all the .. modern
ideas of convenience, and practicability with the excessive price
of other makes left out. Beaver Cabinets arc "Oregon Made for
Oregon Trade." They are substantial, convenient, handsome and
low priced. See them in our east windows, then come in and let
uh show you their many points of superiority.
.1 I. . i. l ' ""!' """
...null, .....I .i .... . .mining ,,o with i per cent of a normal, was done to the
""" w oub.iicss, oi aa initial 'first blossoms, which will have a ton-'-
or introductory nature, which has been Money to bring the berries on the miir-'tf
done in Iowa, .Missouri and other mid-! ket somewhat later than usual, but this'r
die western states and throughout the seasi.n is considerably advanced over:
''"IV . , . the ordinary season and the difference
llns is only an lns'uine ot how the will be very slight. The second and'S
ogaiiberry. in the evaporated state, is, third pickings are usuallv the heaviest, 3
being exploited by t ie union, II. s. (!ili ' and the frost is said to' have wrought 3
A: to. a.:d Hie Willamette Valley the most serious damage upon the bios-!
1 rune (iroweis association within the.snms of the first three ph-kincs but'
pa-, i.-w in, nuns, aim it augurs good this will probablv be coni sated for-
lor the tonne of the evaporated lugan-! to a greater or less degree thr.tigh the1
berry induslry. Not only have all of : development of the laler blossoms,
those grocers in Kansas placed the which, under ordinary conditions,
ui'u. i.n-.i aiiri.vs id in. given snrivei up anil ilo not mature
.. irv-oui,. inn. uie.v nave ncguii tu( Local fruit
eslablish a deinaud that is stcadilv de-1 contracted a
,...,r.,.K Minm... uii iiiuicine per- iresn l.;:lliin'rr ics lor -ui.nit.ir Mir
canneries are said to have
considerable nmniint ol'i
The Store
That Saves
You Money
nuinency, but repeat orders are coming 1 poses at 2 cents per pound, and. in some
in coiistuntiy. In tact, as has been ; instances, a shade better, but the mem-'
stated previously in the columns of the bers of the association and fruit union I
Capital Journal, the " loganberry is' pool do not regard this as serious. On1
just coming into its own." j tlu contrary, they are pleased to henri
Loganberry growers from all purts.it, since the pool has been closed and!
of the valley, where this variety of the detracting in being done bv grow-
fruit is grown more or less extensively, 1 era outside of the pool, ami all'of this
will bo ill attendance at the' meeting j fruit will be disposed of and out of
of the Loganberry tlrowers' associa-, the way of the evaporated product, j
lion, which will be held in the Couimor-1 It is said that growers who are selling
einl club assembly rotrn, in this city, i to canneries for this low price, which
next Monday, and it. is expected that' barely pays fir the picking and culti
soiue iinpoitunt net ion will be taken ! vatioa with a small martin of profit
benriiig upon the future stability of(tn pay for labor and taxes, are of the!
the industry. At this time especial at-1 class who do not hold for a fair margin)
trillion will be devoted to encouraging ! of profit upon their product, nnd ui
nil growers, inside and outside of thejually sell to the first man that emnes
association and pun', to spare no ef-; along for. enough to cover expenses,!
forts to secure the very best rcsultsj with the result that ail inferior grade
ill the curing of the fruit for the mar- of fruit is dumped indiscriminately up-,
ket and, above all things, to stand out' on the market with deinoialiing ef-i
for a living price for their products. feet.
At this meeting ways and means will At any rate, according to those in
also be discussed, and probably adopt-, position to speak with authority, the
ed, to provide for a systematic cam-j future fir the loganberry industry is
pn 11411 of advertising and education very promising, and is' being daily
throughout tho country in order to buoyed up by receipls of repent orders
place the liiliny virtues of the fruit,1 from the east, and these are decidedly
both in the evupoiatcd and canned encouraging. It is expected that, next j
state, before the consumer to the very 1 Monday 's meeting will be the largest j C apital Journal Special Service.) I
best advantage. At 111 o'clock in thcever held and elaborale preparations 1 Dallas, Or., May 117. Al 11 meeting of
morning the lumd of directors willjarc being made for the receptiun of I the musicians of the cily held In Dallas
meet and outline a program ot proecd-itho glowers. armory Monday evening, steps were til-
are wearing the
broad smile
Just because they have bought
At prices that are so low that it proved a great surprise to
them. An
Honest Sale
Is always handy for
the economic
you can
person. Just think,
Save One-Half
On whatever you buy in Clothing-. You certainly will need
that summer suit, so buy now and save money.
We are waiting to wait on you.
Come today to
The Firm That Guarantees Every Purchase
Famous Dallas Band
Will Be Reorganized
its eyesore where all sorts of glaring
posters disfigure buildings, fences iinfl
wall, Sumpter is no exception, in fact,
a walk around our streets would lead
one to think that Sumpter is a regular
lumping ground for soap, tobacco and
medicine signs."
Mcdfnrd Mail-Tribune: Some of the
Corn planted in the valley in being re- Astorian: When (lie special commit
planted owing to failure to germinate' tee of the council returns from its pave
property, caused by cold weather. Some! "lent inspection trip we'll know wheth
of the seed planted which did sprout, ' eT streets or cafe menus were examined,
turned yellow. Warm weather is need-1 It is deueedly hard to shake these hos-
By James Elvin.
(Capital .loiirnal Special Service.)
I n I his, (Ire., May 127. A. .1. U11I111, of
Albany, accicnpaiiieii by Mrs. b'ahn.
were Dallas vn-itiirs Monday afternoon.
Monis I'uwle. a prominent resident
of the Ail lie neighborhood, was a I 'al
ius visitor Tucilay.
('. I,. I r i -1 . i.l in again able to at
tend to his duties al his office after
being confined to his home
ilnvs bv sicklies-.
;l to put the corn in good shape. Con-i
'hlerahle acreage has been planted to I
Komlun grass us fodder.
pitable pavement men, you know.
linker Democrat: linker is to cele
brate the Fourth of July after all.
This was a foregone conclusion. Thnso
who saw the importance of it would not
Marshfield Ifecord: Some of the men
Mo fish fr tho Mnrnhfield Fisher
men's market brought in a devilfish, oc
topus or cuttlefish, this morning, one of
unusually large spread. Although the
'tupiis vulgaris is listed iu books as
Hible, nobody on Coos Bay ever ex
pends any time in experimenting with
Infra in that Hue. The octumis is a
,, sucaj, ot tensive looking denizen i ,,ff un their good time until thev
IT Tn.l u.,n ..... 4 ...I-
mo, nun eat one would 1110
anout the Inst thing a person would
tomk of. The arms were 18 feet across.
The annual reunion of the I'nion
County l'ioneer Association will be held
at Imbler, Saturday, July -.
AHiany Herald: Traffic, across the
"'"iinlams by way of the old Pantinin
Hr, road has opened. It opened nn
lly early this season because of the
wnee of the nsuiil ammint of snow,
'"fee different, unrtien hnvn erne.l
, ...
'time Itenpie economi.e oy
heir go
too 'old to care for them,
11 re
"Swatting the fly," observes the Ku
gene Register, "seems to be rnpidly
giving way to the more scientific meth
od of trapping his ancestors. "
San Kin in isco, May -'
. Agr 1 that
llllritli; tlin ,.,. e 1 - fVir. Hnwiiiilin I
,.i..i n- tuns, Hi-coruinir 11. . , , . , , ,,1,
neorce Tell.,,- . ; shou 1 be ineienc. in size and strength
Hward, near I'rinevilte. wh w... '"'t expressing opinions on
nionir those ,..:.,.. ir '.1.1 . 1.. taritt, whiih were not
- ..e M.111 ...Hi me ,
""" on tne suminit is about axle-deep
'hat 111 ml is to be more fenre,1 tlmu
iii'liiMtrv item in flold liench
"Til ft 0! in .... 6 1 if 1 1
.1 n'Pi inn ur luiiiucr ivi
'' n,nv bridge here in town, arrived
J'""IV, The bridge is to be built bv
'lUlckl-st cn.i(rn..t.i.l 1. 1.1. r ..f its
in the country.
' i v li.
' .:..! ..
i. '""inn onservniion
"""n American: "Kverv
the sitar
a unison, 'l
in, -ml. lis of the congressional pnrtv,
1 which has been tuiring the llawaiiiin
; Islands, landed here yesterday when the
Asiatic steamer Smioiiia docked. '
Among the members of the parly were:
Senator Cummins, ot Iowa; Senator J.
ill. Iveriniin, of Ninth 'andiiia; Con
' gressman J. K. Knowl.'ind and 1 niigrc
'man William Kcttner. of ' alifoniia.
j If a prize were oll'ered for the bit:
I gest lie, anybody could win it iy ' '
ing that heome hen id n wei'ian plcul
in Illue ing with her husband to bad nw
town has ! money to his kinfolks.
The oil that's all oil
all lubrication
Chaiitanoun time is rapidly uppron
ing and the days beginning July .1th
mid ending July llth will be packed
full of lectures and entertainment and
music galore,
A few days ago I stepped into the
busy offices of the Kllison White com
pany unci my friend Mr. Kllison said:
"tin buck ami tell the good peoplo of
Salem llinf we are going to give them
our very best program this year."
Ours is one link iu the chain of one
hundred and leu chaulaiupias on the i r- J
ciiil. Tie Schuinaus are coming to .Sa
lem! The concerts o be given by these
artists will be well worth the price foi
the entire chautiiuiiiu. The members
of the quintet uie exceptionally trained
musicians ami J congratulate heartily i
the many music lovers of Salem for the'
ran! treat that is in store for them. Mr.
liiinperts, the leader, has a national
reputation as a leader and musician, i
ami is a most courteous and obliging
gentleman. The musician of our city
will be delighted with him and his as
sociates, I am sine. They played at
The llnlles for two seasons and drew a
larger crowd and were more popular
than any other attiaction on the pro
gram, Aiming the really great lecture attrac
tions there arc two lecturers coining
who are especially well known. Newell
llwight llillis i everywhere recognized
as one of the foremost orators of Amer
ica. He is paslor of the liiinous I'ly
mouth Congregational church of limoli
Ivn. the pulpit of which chinch was mi
li l1y and eloquently filled by Henry
Ward H her.
And I oloncl linin of Kentucky. The
very mention of his naiiie tiinl;es me
homesick. 1 heard him back in New
.Icrsev twenty years aio, when he held
ten tiioiiMind 1 people spellbound for tw"
hums in the immense auditorium at
Ocean l.roie. And these are but a few
of the ultra, tions coining to our city
ii nthis splendid pftrani. I have been
studying verv can-fully with llr. Kp
plev the ptotirain and after many years
of rhaiiianqiia work and experience, I
can heartily recommiunl the program
fur this ynir and can liuihfully mi l
sincerely tell the prugressive citizens of
Salem that any I v thev mav spend
for i hnutaiiqiia will be windy and piof
italdy spent.
I The lialhis I oinniercial club
a large sack of sugar beef seed Mini
iday morning fmm l.n liranilo, The seed
will be given to parties desiring to try
the culture of the slime. It is the in
tention of the club to experiment this
y.ar in raising beets, nnd if the experi
iment provet a success to endeavor to
locate a sugar I t factory iu Dallas.
Mr. and Mis. W, L. Soehren nre the
; proud parents of ( baby girl, born Sat-1
! unlay, May li-l. ' !
J Karl Kugcl was the fiist fruitgrower
in this section of the county to market 1
charries this season. .Mr. Koel pla I
a quantity of the ripe fruit in the local
' stores last Friday.
11. I'. I'ntlerson and little daughter,
Alice, were iu I ndepcudeine Sunday
Visiting lit the home ot Mr. Patterson 's I
' parents.
The reiinlar monthly ohcu meeting of
for several' the Knights uf I'ytliias lodge was held
.Momliiv evening, .-ttcr u short tunc
ken tor the reorganization
icons 1 lu 1 1 II h bund
season on account
city cneil to lipproprinti! a
money for its iiiaiiiteiinuce.
received . spent ill listening to an e
I gram a delicious luncheon
These meetings are rapid
popular and llie lodge ha
packed to its utmost capacity.
, The condition of Mis. T. C, Stock
well, who is ciiticiilly ill at her hnoe
on .IcITcrson street, snows no improve
ment, ami little hopes are entertained
for her recovery.
The loin Isome new residence oi Murk
Kllis, on Siiclloii street, is inpidly
, hearing completion, J
I John II. Mills, of Salem, was iu the.
city Inlay gieetim; old fiieiols.
j Attorney illeu o, 1 1 1 1 1 ii u was ui
business visitor in Cortland the first j
ol the week.
Mrs. ( has. I. chimin, of Woodland,,
; al., is in llie city the guest ot her sis.
! ter. Mrs. .1. C. Shalt..
.Mr. and Mrs. I'. .1. load and Mrs,
Ora Ciisper retlllhed the first of the
week fiom a short business ami pirns
are trip to rortlahd.
Mis. .1. i.. Sweeney is
her home on .Mill strict
case of bleoilpoisonii.g in
I'leve lllllch is iu the
this Week tailing the stat
M iss Ve a hums, of tin
teacher in the Bin na V
has been elected bv
ii'' eiliuatiiiu as one
sum of.
A I'om-
uiittee ot' business men have been al
work for the past week with members
of the band and a sufficient sum ol'i
money has been subscribed for the slip !
port of the I ui ii I for tl uiing six
inonlhs. At the meeling held Monday
evening, August I'. Kisser was elected
president of tile organization, F. Smith
secretary. Will lloydston treasurer, Carl
Williams manager and (ieorge Morton'
collcnt nro- i"i..i"i .no. asnisn.ur manager. -
was served 'r' ""'n. ''"' director, who comes
v becoming1 ,r"" 'v,"llll,l"b W'H hold the first baud
i is usually ' l""' ti.'e tins evening, when steps will
oe tiiM'u tor completing the orguuiii
'riltTlii'sblimicii' lust The Well-Known Undertakinc
of the failure of the r; , n a
nrm 10 move to torner
of High and Court
i ',
Ai.H it.., i. n.r.ni ai
At the buseliall game held Saturday 1 i,
afternoon between the team of the lal
Ins high school nnd the Airlie high
school team, the latter plaveis wi're de
feated zy a score of II to I. bain iu
llie latter purl of the nfteia.1011 broke
up the plin ing,
Barham Sella Orchard,
Webb, manager uf the under
taking film of Webb & Hough, wlui
Ims 1 11 identified with the firm fof
the past two years, has closed ll long
time lease for the property nt the cor
jner of High ami Court al reels. Thrt
pioperty is owned by Hie Klk lodge,
and was formerly occupied by the llug
gins gin-cry. The firm will' move into
its new locution as soon as the build-
ing ciin In. ri -inodeleil on tl Isi.bi
lunl re built on the interior. The re
modeling of tho building will practical
inline ii u new' nun. ting, as it will
et soveriil feet back I'liini Court
street to allow u. front of pii'tol plautu
and pnlins. Tim front of the building
will be of stu i finish, with mission
style of a re hi tee tore. The eliupel en
trance will be from High street,
through a pergolu extending from tint
side of tho building In t lit street,
inns Hiioruing proieciion to those
The A. .1. Durham prune orchard.! "'ring I rum the street.
consisting ot some twenty -two acres of! 1 111 ei none will no furnished in
young trees northeast of the city, was
i .,.1.1 VI. ,.,.!,. ... U'.., I.',.,.
ii-ration being i'2 Ion. Mr,
confined ti
with a bad
one of her
capital city
bar exiiiii
city, now a
sin schools,
the I'urtlaiiil hoard
ol' the teachers iu
the metropolis for the coining year.
I!. A. Uaiiiilton, malinger of the
Tow iisi oil creamery in tins city, was in
I'orvalbs Tuesday tailing the state n
annual ma lor cieanu i v butter imikeis.
T. A. Iligg". "f I'oillnnd, was in
the citv hist week Visiting lit the hnuie
of Ins mother, Mis. I'. . It if t-".
II. A. IIiii-Iiiiw was ii M' M ii!iiillc
was a isitor the fiist of the w'-il'..
the consul
Kurs resi-i
deuce property on llavler. street, valued
at about .'000, was tinieii over by Mr,
llarlinui iu the deal.
Arrangements for the celeliiatioti of
Memorial day have been completed by
j the local post of the i. A. 1(. ' !
j Word was received iu liallas this
week telling of the death of II. W.
Smith, of Spencer, Iowa. Mr. Smith
wiihh brother iu luw of the lute Kugi-nej
' Foster of this city, u ml has visited in
I'allns several times. He was in liallas
, Inst August mid intended the fuiici'ul
I of the late Mrs. Foster, and it was his
I intention to nialie this city a visit Ihis
1 vt-nr in company with his wife and son.
I Mr. Smilh's death was caused , heart
i trouble and ocuried Thursday, May .'(.
'The dm Hi was the third to occur in the
family in the past two years.
mission design, nnd will include an (.
f'ce, n pi inn room, family runn, rais
ed choir room, r iving and prepuia-
lory room nnd the chapel. Tl haocl
will be III by HI feet, with colored win
dows, and furnished with opera chairs.
The upper floor will be arranged into
the s,w riiinis, ml,,, depart incut Ulll
the morgue. The elevator will be to
cnted al the I of llie building Thii
lull, on the space to the rear uf lli.i
a inklil.
Blue Sky Laws Save
Millions for Investors V "
In tie
RfoSiindmlOilorMor Cars
Dealer irtrYwhtre. and at
agencifl or Scrriet Statioru.
iu about deiiriry in bulk.
SUndard Oil Co.
ill our ll
I Sun Framisio, May 27. On his rep
1 resctitations that the forces of (i.-iieials
J Villa and Cnrrnn.a lire in the habit
'ot swonpinp down oil th" ftaie of
Tcnphita Acebo, in Mexico, sn i tal.ing
! whatever suits th''ir fancy, .lu-e I.inar. s
!idiniiiistrntor of the estate todav sue
Iceeded iu having his 'ond reduced
! from $l'i,(ioii to by Snp-nor
'judge tlrnham. I. inures de.-laiid that
m.t.,rt h'.S HOW Oil V OOlllllll
ue owing f" the depredation" of
for. es of the warring . hu flams.
the Nil'-'
,v r.-eMly
i.'.r,. Ii" I'
nte Y v !
e vcid
f ll' -islef
ii 'I.
. In
lb ,
The .1..
giv. the
bum llav '
Judges C
illdgi S. wli
N.itu iial
t.ie :icnteric
d 'states circuit mint of
.nt John II. l'litterion
,1 ash Iligister com
received the d ngratu-
I, lifter Judge (Win, I ll of
nneeil the .1. cision thst
., i.al'ies decreed ugainst
and twentysij of his
. ui the National C'h
i ment thirteen months
f the celebrated case
ions of Juslue Wil
sui.renie court and of
Oakland, ' al.. Mav 'I hat
sk v " la wn are (ii 'In- w hole a
ill the stnles wheie thev ha
tiied, aiel that, tlnoiigh them, mil
lions of ilollais are him I niiiiiiallv tor
ine. tins and bgitiuiiite concerns, was
the consensus "f opinion todav aiiiin.g
the slipei.orH of stnte I.ji ui, s who are
meeting ill ( .illV'-llti.tll heie.
F. W. Mi rro k, Imnl' .iiperiiiieu.li i,t
of Mi.lng declared Hint the i-.o'
iiiiporiiinl i f fori oi' oi h laws is to
defer take promoter from attempting
to operate. There is also a laie gain
10 Icgitum.!.' Illdostlies, who receive
the money ulhcrwi-e invested in fly
l.v u 1. 1 concerns, he said,
la the opinion of W. F. !Vnn,
San Fmucisco,
i.aiado of lj s.
the opening of
.inn. Ciiv, a
I of (he c
one at the
grounds. '
batgii liiinli
May -7. A gigantic
-tioos tnlav iiiatked
the cchbiatiiill of
day paitnipaled In
ni'issinonires of Die
I'aiianni I'll, itie expusitiei
.iieea una ' ' on a roval
I on the Manna at If
o cloi k fici.iuipai I by her ladies Hi
waiting, auibas.adors and miiiisteis of
slate. Ilefore a gigantic crowd of nil,
li'.ll she was clowned queen of the ..lie.
A " butt!. shii ' ' will be blown up
in San Frum-is. o bay by u seiies of
sol. o. in ine mines opeiated by army and
in.vy ofl'icers. The aio-hoiagi s of the
battleship Oregon and thu ..-r uimT
Mk.lileheud have been shifted to Ic
move those ships from the dtinger one.
In the destruction uf tho ship UoM
oiiinls of the navy's new explosive
will bit used,
Judge H-dl t.
the of the jury In
I lation of the
f id
l,,n and sanioru, uisTrm
l-uril the appeal of the
( lull llcgister orricmis ir".
nd penalties imposed lev
' following the v. rdicf I
dii.K 'hull guilty of vio
l.i rinun anti trust law.
,.f k',.,,.1.. the rollildete success of the
system now depends upon the framing; Hero, '., May "7. Tn an Attempt
of "blue sky" Inws which can passllu "scnp frmn the Nevada dtute prison
the severest test of tin. courts, Tho' today, James Mellowau was shot
inability lo do this, he said, wenkena 'through the heart by a guard and in
many of the present laws. istniitly killed. Nil other convicts par-,
The ..invention eirni rises banking ticiimted in the attempted bleak. Me-1
cmniissioarrs ami siiiierinttudenti Cowaa was servinir a term for fuigery ever sunt Hie b
from nearly a "re of states.
j "oi.n.iitt eil in Klko county.
molding, nd milling the alley,
will I reeled,
The firm expects tu have
many in the building uf. all time
llie llnpl'ir, eiuelit to the building
alone will approximate tJ.'iiin, mid will
be ready for occupam v about July I,
The ti'in i I. chimin 4 dough is ciin
of tho olilest lertaliiug film. Iu Cm
stale. I . ll. Webb, the pieseut man
agi r, . mil o, er Mr. Lehman's inton-st
iilioet two ears ago.
In Hu pie.cnt localiou Hie fino f. It
I hat. it ci.nld not give, the service to
which it, intions were eiitiil.-d. The
building when completed, with its si ic.
ui iiii-siei, I'nui facing on Court street
nnd pcrgo.ii on High, will he mater,. il
""I nuclei it. to tin t inn ,,f tl,,. , iiy.
Aged Hermit Lies Down,
Dug His Grav e lo Die
I.os Angilcs, C., Mv L'7....-Feeling
; 'b ath near, "Hutch Louie," an ng. ,1
hermit who resided ill l'acoriiiii canyon,
near I in Angeles, told his few triemli
that his hours were numbered, dug Nil
ginve, iloniieil his best chillies, luy down
beside the grave and died today.
. Coroner llartwell, who Investigated,
1 announced that, death wns'ifm to nat
mill causes. He ordered Dutch Ismii)
buried in the tomb ho had o can-fully
, prepared.
For many years "Dutch Louie,"
, whose real name is unknown, lived ft
i in.v sterioiis e.nistence deep In the uioiiii
tains. Hu had a nodding ui'qiiniiitnn.-e.
with a few ranchers. It was to thc
that he told hit story of a swiftly np.
pn.a, hing ind. The clothes in which
he dud were of antique design and had
evidently been laid away untouched
nn i t wont to the bill
I to res'de.
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