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Circus Day
The Little Boy and the Big
Dandy Pony
Pony Knit Stockings
25c Hose, 21c a Pair
n r
Secretary of State Gets Re
fund of Bounty Paid Upon
Strange Animal
Secretary of Statu Olcott this morn
SL'",'1, 11 wImmI of n.M from
ty Merk I. j. Harrington, of
tVkai..,,, county, to reiinburso the
bin !',! I,i,lf "l tllc bounty paid
. . r"1'"1"" "I'on the sculp of
wlf t,"'inl ,s"l'l'ose.l to have been a
" but hieh afterwards proved not
tt I 7 '"i'l1 f''ounty'reecived a
Wm. of the p pni.1 t0 ,ho destroyer
bity. "ml wl'iit ut the
AwiM,-;'Ur,r,in,;tun pxl,,nis '"t oil
nil V 'i19 lVuar' Ul Al ('iltu-'r.
. SfI th"f. ''n,,,l,-v- I'WM'tod the
olf in m" a"""ul' s"l'Pose.l to bo n
Ike Co "' ' f"",, v ,'l(,'l' Wtt8 I"1'1'
inimal ,,- sent to WnMliington,
uifflil ".'' " w" "'overed that the
). thereupon Mr. (liltner refund
"taii r"1 l l0lk UnrrlnRton,
. oy irensiirer Hay.
,,'" -vn ever
iitupve.l"! ir v
: wiu
'''day, nnd he says that
very peculiar aensntion,
uuiiko that feeling
Jen the rooD ferments j
y ,
'l"of '.',f ""' '"'"ll,u wl'o com-
vwir- Hi,.. ,,nvo no ncttml
'"'t nil their tronblo is
. urn much uvul
ll ':"'1('S9 'o dose yourself
VWel ": f"1'- r-I"-in, etc.,
r'Moki,,. Miotilil lie neutrnliz-
lHi-: ," 11 11 "Tor.nful of Hicr.it.wl
"W,....,"1 a f"Ul-th lila.su of wnter
. ---.Id in ,. , .
"'united r
TJ... ' Mtiencsiii ribti,,..!,!., c....
.i 1 .n.,n,trnIiw nhnt four
"s S"da, nnd it is
"nine ii.-.i i..V- . .
fc.. ' l'li,l ...
"'.-Hung to i no tender
or the stonirrrli and
'i? ' ni- '"'f '" "l0 wnrst eases in
Mm. Biir , " "'mutes.
i?1" .',.,",'," '.'"''" Sunmntee relief
riin '' l,;,,"'i.'li neiditv or vi.ur
Produce' .,
at Stockton's
whin rumcMAtma i
Maurice Somborn in Berlin
Bitterly Attacks State
By Carl W. Ackennan.
Birlin, via The Hague and London,
May 1!). Tho Berlin police today ur
rested Maurice Somborn, a naturalized
American, who was ejected from the
American embassy at tho order of Am
bassador Gerard because of insults of
fered President Wilson and Secretary
Somborn declnred ho had lost his
passport when taken into custody. The
police agreed to release him that he
might search for the paper.
Following previous attacks upon the
president and the secretary of stnte.
Somborn delivered a bitter speech in a
lending eafo in which hu assailed I'rese
ident Wilson and his premier in both
Knglish and Herman. Ambassador (ier
ard, 1 learned, has determined to con
fiscate Somborn 's passport, and have
him expelled from (lerinany. He re
garils him as a firebrand in the pres
ent, crisis.
The Italian situation is delaying fler
niany's reply to President Wilson's
note, hi well-informed circles the
opinion prevails that, the answer will
not be delivered bcfi.ro next week.
I which comes over a fellow lifter he
.has been made the victim of a stale
I joke. "I started out from homo yes
terday afternoon nn.i though 1 would
I walk 'down tuwn," said Mr. Ilntch, in
relating his experiences. "I had not
Igouii far until overtaken by a man in
an automobile. Mump in and ride,'
I ho hailed me. Thinking, of course, it
iwni somebody who knew me and who
t could not 'place, I said, 'sure.' mi l
jumped ill beside him. All the way
downtown I kept talking and wonder
inu wlm he was. and I never received a
Ihint. nf what had happened to me mi
til, when he dm pel ine off at the state
house, ho held out his hand and aid.
'Nickel, ploa-e. ' Jitneyed, h 'gosh, I
I murmured, as he pcd off down the
street and left nw on the curb-don.'
scratching my bad.''
c . ..i.l l.l.t- will brt re. eive.1 bv til-
iCnuntv Court nf Man"" I'ounty for
f.iniishiiig the materiaN for the inmt
ing of the Marion County Court H""V'.
according to spcifl. -ations now on li'e
in the office of the C.iinty lerk. All
bids must be filed in this of lice m or
before Saturday, May 2J. "'Ir.V
Awards Contract for McKinley School to Shook & Traver
Lowest Bidders, with Understanding Salem Labor and
Materials Be Civen Preference - Contractors Declared
Unfair to Organized Lab sr.
In m.i e r,f the irotist of the Build
"ir Trades Council nnl tho Bricklay
ers union, suj.poite.l by the petition
ol about 100 business men nn.l citizens
of the city, the Salem school board
.list evening awarded the contract for
the building of the new M. KinL.v i..
school to the firm of Sacok & Traver.
contractors, an. I the lowest bidders on
ine .lob, for lMi,1l'S, ,,0ti the spoci
tientions i.rovi.litij; for u hollow brick
wnll ami raise.! sunn tin ronl'.
i Ins does not include the
heating j
)iu nt, .Iui,k for which are
complete mid I. ids tor which will be in
Mien at the nest regular mooting
no school hoard, next Mondnv night.
I he henting plant will cost, 'between
Wliltl and ;:,(iii. The total fund pro
vided by the tan lew for the now
seiinoi Dun. Iini' ii..k, nintes
i.ot inclining th,. heating plant, ( hair
man .Miles and Secretary Hiirolmclt
of the board, were instructed to enter
into u written cuntin.t. with Snn,,l
Traver for the construction of the
building and authority was also civen
to employ l'jnl counsel in the ilral'tins'
ot the. contract. j
Tho oily point that the school board
would yield, in recognition of tho pe
tition uii.l protest aitniust the 11 Will',
of the contract to Sni.dt k Traver. was
the adoption of Director Whites mo-
lion providing for nn insertion of a!
clause in the contract, requiring ihati
the eontriictors "give preference to Sa- i
lem lubci- and Salem inateriul wherever :
possiiue, everythiiii: else being eiiual, " i "'niuined on the "iintiur list" of the
which will iloiil.tlss meet tho desires ! I'eklayers' iiniii hut the board rea
and intentions of the business men and i "Iut t,lis ,v"s a "'"tier oitside of
salein ( ommer. ial club, but that it duesl""'"' ,)urisdiction and control altogether
not entirely satisfy the dciiunids of or-! ,luit tn".v W0IC' hoth moraHv and
gnnized labor, which demanded tho re-i'l'K"".v hound, unless it be shown to the
jection of the Snook 4: Traver bid j mtisfaclidii of the linurd that the low
oil the ground this firm had been do-' ''Ht ,)illlll'r W"S not competent or ipiali
clured "iiutair" t-i tho Hi icklavers' 'j1''1 " l'"t'r illln " ''out rii.-t, to award
iiniiin and that a clause be inserted ,, , 'he contract to the lowest bidder,
the. conduct providing (hat "Salem t ' l'"" ",0 reconimeiidatioii of the
labor exclusive v" be eninlove.l nn the huil.ling eoinmittee, tn which the ihree
building, goes 'without saving. j
A coiiuniltee rei.resentui ivn ..f tl... I
Building Trades Council of the eitv.is"""lt & '1'ruver was nccepied bv viva
.omnosed ot II l .l..vu.i ,c fi,
carpi liters union: K T Un rmn-.l if '
me plasterers, and 1,. H, Hill, f the;u'
painiers- union, was present at the '
meeting, nnd ct forth the contentions
of organized labor in siii.i.ort t the
protest, and Messrs. Snook k Traver,;1'""'''' '"r u" a-VM 111111 ",v vl'. After
voluntarily supported by II. A. Oleman I'urley and nrgiime'iit of the par
ol' Summit, a brickmnsi'm, who f.innerly i li!nientary phase of the mutter, a yen
wnrueii tor Mr. SnooU. defended the
"open i-hop" policy of the contiactors,;"'" ''""'n't was uniiiiinioiisly awarded
nn.i tiimlly won the day for the latter. " "'""'a 4; Iruver.
According to the repi-csentiitii.us oil, W1'il the delegation from the Huild
the delegates frniu the lliiibliiig Trades ' "ides Coun, , voiced no formal
Council, h. firm of Snook ic Traver l"'est to the decision , ,, ir,
had been d"chirc.l "unfair" and placed ! '"H'ler, it was evident that, they
on the black list of the bricklayers '! wt'r" displeased with the action inke'n
union ami, this being the ense, it would '"'"' ln" "'.ieetimi of the written pro
be impossible for them to employ union! ','"t' ''"'her compli, ations upon the
bricklayers in Salem and would have '"'",r uestion in eonnection with the
In import whut workmen were employed 1 " ''v "''hnnl biiihling wnild not be sur
on the buil.iing. It whs also represent-!1'1'"""
cd that, iii.'isniuch as the conlr.'i..ii.r 1 1 1
were on the luilair list of one trades
union, the six other tradesniens ' unions
affiliated with the bricklayers are1
oiithbouii.l to recognize the grievance :
of the bricklayers in consequence ofj
which the i i plasterers, lathers,
painters, masons, plumbers and sheet-i
metal workeis could not i opt em-'
ploymeiit of the "boycotted" con-!
tractors, ni.,1 it um.!.l I... .... f....
I Sunn I A- Tmiv. . . . i '.. .! .
' " i" "i. I'".. I IIOII-UUKCI
''raftsmen from nntside of Salem. '
In defease of their positions in Hi"'
mutter both Mr. Snook and Mr. Traver i
contended that the whole trouble ex-j
isted between themselves ami the brick-'
'layers iiiikci; that they conducted air
"noon shop'' and employed both union
'and iioiiuuiou lul.or, preferably union
when they could be obtained, and re
fused to be di.'tatc.l to by organized
I labor when their interests 'and the in-:
leret of the cmtinct'i s nnd the own
Ier of the building under const ruction
conflicted. They pledged themselves
solemnly to give preference to Salem.
I labor and Salem materials wherever!
I possible in the coiKt-llction of die
liuilding, and if the union craftsmen of
Salem refused to wi.li for them and.
the other trade. men Mood out in sym
pathy they would be compelled to' se-'
.cure labor wherever possible in order
to fulfill their obligations under their;
. contract with the school bund nnd
their bondsmen.
In their petition nnd protest to the
school board, the trades anion giiiirnn-'
I teed the board that they would liipii-!
date any difference in tiie cost of the
l building, between the lowest bid of
Snook i Tiliver and Hie next lowesl
bidder, winch, in this can1, was that ot
r red A. I.n.xon, w hose bid upon the
slime specifications was .Jii.K'mi. Tins
fca'.ure ol the petition nnd protest Mr.
Oleman, who chimed to hne be. a n
torn .er union man under compulsion tut
who hud worked for Mr, Siimk and en
dorsed him nnd his ticitineiit of labor
regardless of their affiliation", do
i. oni.ee. I lis a veiled atten.pt to bribe
the b.e.r.l nf dirctnis to reject the
Smoker ot
Turkish Trophies
Cigarette fifteen years ago
are smokers of
Turkish Trophies
tigarcttc today 1
mjfypun f jwrV tin Wi
' 'V.ft s Hol.s. 1 1 was
ll .7 ':'imnl.-' tl-c w
s-sHi? itt i",M n"r" "'r
r .i-v" i .i ' . :i "'mini i r hvn
" I ,.i,; ....
ii !
! t --.
! F '
! r.
I r
It i i eheiier no
i i i , . . .
-r.--'. l , il.,' riil,l'..
Snook & Traver bid on the part (if the
This chargo was challenged by Mr
Alexander, of the carpenters' union'
who explained that it was not the
unions but tho business men of tho city
who sinned the petition who hint agreed
to make up tho difference, whereupon
Mr. Oleman apologized tic- his state
ment. An examination of the protest
nnd petition later, however, disclosed
that it was the union h,,.r,o ,..i... i...
offered to liquidate the i!if....oi. iL.
twoen the bids and Mr. Oleman rcitonit.
e.l his original charge of n "n.nml ,.t.
'tempt to bribe the directum1' on the
pint of tho unions.
Chairinnn Miles and liirectors
i.arnes, iiuren ami White did
not see
now, in the face of the
la.t that
Messrs. Snook & Traver had given their
solemn promise 10 rivo preference to
could loyally go beyuid'
.-mom lannr nn.i materia s. tin. l,.,r,i
thnt wiil.,..,t
uisfrinniiuting between certain classes
oi itihor wlncii, Pireotor Whit.- inaiu
tained, would operate to nullify the
contract between the hoard and the
contractors, and also make it, impossi
ble to hold their bondsmen fir failure
on the contractors' part 0 fulfill their
i.i.i;. ... i... i -1
""anMim t.iM. i.uiirii. i lie union
ueiegiition tried in every wnv possible
t.: inn ko the board understand that the
award of tho cmtrart to Snook A
Trover virtually shut organized labor
in Salem off from obtaining work on
me illuming, so ions us the contractors
lowest bids were reterrcd for investi-
Kanon ami consideration, the hi, I ,,l
vii o vote, but Director llmnes ....i.,r..,i
8 tlMltl pro tOst Illl'llUSt I'll i I liniil i rur llm'
""" laroiigu in mis manner, claiming!
' very inemper ot the honrd should
l"1"' on record in ll vent of fu-
i'11"' disputes or eiut.plicatious. and he
""" v'-e ' Iinall.v tiilien. nnd
(Coi'tiinicd from Togo One.)
dines war. This was indicated todnv
by expressions of the Hermnii press us
well us by unofficial stateiiients in gov
eminent circles.
The Morgcn Post declared editorially:
"Austria und Cermiiny are determin
ed to show Italy official good will up
to Hie last sciiiod. They will not do
dure war and will not tolerate offen
sive public iillcini Hut if Italy ex
pect lo fight Austria nlniio she is mis
'alien. (Iciinnny will support Austria.''
Despite Hie statement of Chancellor
Von llethiiiiinn-lliillweg in the reichstag
yesterday (hat the government still had
nopes, iierinaiiy loimy expects Italy to
declare war within a few hours. 'The
newspapers g.ncially took the view
that when i.ai linuiciit convenes Ion, or
row it will empower the cabinet to act
fully und that a decision will be nn J
, nounce.i inline, nnieiy. Kuuiors circu
lated last night thai Austria may mnkc .
further coures.ii.iis were not ere. lile.l in
Lord North. liffe saw curly that the
censorship hi. old end disastrously, lie I
. campaigned IV publicity at u lime!
'win n even to suggest that Kit. lienor
was mistaken wss nlmost treason. Lord!
Noi I h.bfi'.' pieii.'hed Hint in a popular'
war i ne people si.oohi mum what ti.eir:,jr
sons and brothers nnd Iiii-I,:ii,.N me do I
nig. Oihei newspapers followed audi
at last the .'cii"..rshii was ii.oditi.'d. !
1 Newspapers lor the fiisf time ii '
too war were nll.nved to tell l.ngli-h
truths win. h w-ic not ad .nntngcoos to
Kit, hen. -r 's rcpi.iatinn. It was reveal
c that lie possessed his quota of hn
ii.iiii fiuilii.s. It was se-n abo'.e ev
ei viliing else that he was n 'ol lii r in
capable of .1.1. gating aiithonly. Not
eontenf with .I'Miting his uieloul.tcl
iil.iliti. s as an organi.er to raising nn,l
MTiiiiiing riiilloi s ..r rei'iuits, Kit-hei.cr
jiefiisid to nil'. others to . I i r t the
pro. In. 'In. u ol s'lfplies. At Inst npoi.
lit pieliK flOIII tiellerill I P ie ll lor
ui.iiiin.o., a special cou.tiiittee wil
led 1,1 l.'lleve Kit. lo n. r of the
on ,.f the llialilf.'O't.Ire ul' ui.iri.
li'.wn thnt sue e the be '
r hit. lo ner I, .-I i,i,i I,
Ihe shoring.'. News-1 a
to tell the . in. nt. v l.o.v
I Ol.tid.'le e ill the gov .
I. The gov err.-ri,. nt as
Hacked as the Ibil.-h
resp. li-li,li'y s ,
liaio the
re w a
Of s.,
::i:i.t the
bo k
. from the i,j
fa,; urn of th
eM'.irlH t.
II. w - ,. . I.
es. 'Ihe
f- r I ' M W'i'M 'I'l
ill lli' ft'lir ir
i'T .'lfi'1 riil.ci'
Viy, th.
n. '.
t!.:ni rtnv on' ( t"
t r KltriH'IMT V. '1
-ll .rn i I" ul' n., n. trial
It ll elle..tive.
; i J At the Tin
i i r. sci.tn.ent. :
j Oacular rcs'il
riling io the
! - 'or,-,, in- li.i. lv. II
1 .-i-sii led C.,,, l,,ll.
I) ) Thus, while H
I j surfa, .' to fro .!
r 1 reul cm.se .s ,
inyvc i, fut ii' rt,-j"iiiiiiiitn Will
LI mil II Mill .1 I I HI
Members Advised to Join the
, Reorganized Commer
cial Club
At a largely attended meeting of tho'
tfiisiuess Men's league last night the.
plan of reorganiwitoin of the Salem j
Umimcrcial dob was unanimously up. I
proved, and it was recommended' tli'itl
the members of the lemma l..,.n,., ,.,... .
bcrs of the reorganized I'omiuereial elm,.
i-tuiis iur ine reorganization wore
presented as prepared for the member
ship campaign, and basis of operation
of the Commercial club, following which
there was a leneiliv .li. ,. i,i ...
Itreat interest was shown. The enthu-l
smni perceptibly increased as the de
tails cf the methods for the new organ
Nation were brought out and their an
plication to the needs of Salem appear
ed. The secretary was instructed to call a
special meeting ,,f the members of the
league for Tuesday evening, May 2.V
for the purpose of 'determining whether
the league shall unite us n hodv with
the reorganized Commercial club.
The board of governors and the citi
zens' committee on reorganization of
the Commercial dub will hold n joint
meeting this evening at the club rooms
for the purpose of completing the plans
of leorganization mid formally approv
ing thcin as the basis upon which the
new organization will be constructed,
and the method of its operation.
Rockefeller Sits Guietlv
and Hears Himself Scored
. I
Washington. May 19. John D. Rock-
leiicr, ,ir., sill ninety at. the lienrn.ir
hero today before the
relations Miniiiiiu;.,,, ,..i I.....-.1 i.....
it .i.'iin WHiiisiri.il ,
,. , " V ' """ " " "
I.ugeno S. iiaddis denounce the social I
and woilinig conditions nreviiilinn i !
tl.,. It',,. .1, .!'.. i .:....'... I
I nruaghoiit. the stiike b'ev. Mr, (lad
dis was la elmrge of the sociological
work of the Colorado l-'uel & Iron com
pany, Die Rockefeller subsidiary in tho
Coloiadii coal fields.
"If an investigation committee can I
be kept out of Cobiiado for nnother i
I1"" us Mini, inn shackles!
I ,.,,i :.. i ... . . . . !
"... ..u.i.ii uc securely rivoioii, anil u
111 '4 0 the heli,-h Ineu of llllothler
to break them."
Dallas, (Ire., May III. -As a result ofj
lilting shrimp salad nl a social event
ll. I It i- l T.tizc, , wife of mi nt.
lorney of this city, ini. Miss Naida -
.lan.hier ol a l..,-ul inercliant.!
were cntieally ill for two days wilh
le. .,,.;., e poisoning. AH due 'Suinlav
their lives weie despaired 0,' but the!
are now reported out of danger.
Notice is hereby given thai Ihe Com
nu.n Council of the l ily of Silcm, Ore
gon, invites sealed bids for . making
of nn iuipiovemeut of Helleviie si reel
from the east line of Cominen ial slreel
to the west line of Liberty sheet, in
the cily ol Salem, Oregon,
uilli It i in-li 1
I ortlniid cement cou. icle pa v cnieul, (I
null bituminous concrete piivcn (as-.
phallic, concrete), und bilulilhic pave j
mint, in a. corduii.e with Die plans,
spi . Hi. nlions nnd e-liieales on file in
the office of (he I ilv 1,'ecoi.ler of said i
city, which are lieicl.y referred to audi
inn. I ' n pait of ll.i.s le.ll.'i'. !
Sllid bids will be opened on or about
the ;th ihiy of June, I'.M.'i, at or nlunit
:'M o'cloi k, p.m. in open in, il meet
ii,g la the Cilv Null in Salem, Oregon,.
K:i, h l.id MiluniM.-d ui.ist be ncouipa
nil d I'V " certified 'hock e.pial in!
1 1 . 1 1 1 1 to I'l p-r cent of the ;n. li, .nil of I
tho bid. The cilv reserves the light, i
if il o .1. sin s ;n, I "hull determine.
here.'i f Ier. to i.lll-tlllit tile ill! pi o V euiell t
of said strcil be nn. I wilh the mai-hiii
cry and eipiipuient belonging lo the
'ity of Sill. in. lis provide, for bv Sec
tion Ld of the i ily I hailer. This no
lice is published J'"f five (".) successive
days in a daily new spuper in the cily
of Salem, the dale of ll.e fit -1. publicn
tion I'C.l.g Ihe IHlli day of May, IIMo,
in.. the ilnte of the b.-l publication Hie
L'.'tll ii:iv of Mac, IIH'i.
I'll AS. F. I.l.i, I , City Recorder.
Purs, ant to an oid. r of Ihe Common
Couie il, you are hereby w ni no, not to
deposit iiil li.-h, (""h or let. iso of any
kind wl nlsoi '.er up, oi any of the slreels
f the cilv of Mlleto, Oregon,
Cilv Recorder.
i' ( uitiu't !, Ii'i vrvi
U- l.iU,!. will cp;
it ili f'it r 1 iih nt to li
I (iiiitiiiiii ii .tin.
i. iin-l it h i nt s ni i
Iff 11 IK'kV tlllltlHlcl
r. tin' HMiiIk
I. r. s
.. nl.. up an isinie, will mdl at n
a. ri'i e the best and highly inl
I -to" io re fin in in the v nllcj ; Joo
in ei'.p. I 'I of whidi goes with
:i;."i a' r. s river , ,.lli, oi land, bill
;p land. lo.ooo worth of improve
w,ii,l,. to cot op inl,, wo
1 1. 1 oe or four ranch"', l'n nly t.'.i
I it s !'. Tern . Mr. lii ,stor m
t.oii,. si el, , r, ; t '! 'Ii'iw von tins fine
fain, at our own op"ii.
We Wrlto Insuunco.
I. '.it of v. '.rs would be appreciate I.
h Ii'i'l.C") iii'''T f'ur imii iciti'loiitM
vuiir lifirt'-'itn.
mi'f lift. I ''f f 'in n fur n'lit.
" - ju.'l I'.u "ii n-y terms.
! ii..
317 Btate St. Thone Vi
The picture everybody has been asking about.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
May 23-4-5
Tonight and Tomorrov-"ARE YOU A MASON?"
Friday and Saturday "THE UNAFRAID" Another
fine picture, '
Four Lowest Bids Taken Un
der Advisement to Award
the Contract Later
Hids for the construction of the new
wing of the. Kaslern Oregon binnch in
sane asylum were opened l.y the stale
board of control at 2 o'clock this after
noon and the four lowest, were taken
under advisement, by the board, the cor-
tilled checks accunipaiij'iiig the balance
having been returned to the bidders
u hn were ,-.,., t
The four lowest bi I-
.. it. ui.rie it.ii.ri. i'.mi .
i... . ., - ' ... r . . ' -
loriianii, iii,iniii; (iisoii k .lohnsoii ( o.
of Missoula, Mont.. 77,lisil; l'arker &
u.,r:..i.i 1.....1 -.-...,..... . . ,.
.' ' ""' '"' "'"'". T'" i-, an.i .1. M
I illu. an l ompnnv I'orllnnd, iHill.iiMl,
There were IS bids siiliunllcd for the
contract, ranging in price, with the ex
ception of the above named, from $,S1,.
fill, that of Welch Bros. & llaiiiiemau,
of Oakland, Cal., to f!M,HLM, Hint of the
lluetter Construction Company of Spo
kane. Tho time, specified in the bids
for the completion of Hie work in the
different bids ranged from ,"i to In
in. ml lis. and those of Hie lowesl bidders
upon whi.-h finnl action will be taken
later by the board of control, were from
(I to S mouths. The legislature appro
priated $11111,0110 for the cousi rucliim of
I he new wing,
Commercial Street Shop
Taken Over by Mr. Woolcry
If. Woolcry, for several years a mem
ber of the Salem police force, nnd well
known in this cilv. lots i... .-.-I... Me.l II...
meat market at l"l Sonll, ( mn in i1 re i ul
sired, formerly conducted by F. li, Dix
on, nnd will conduct the business In the
future, where he will be pleased lo re
tain the old trade nnd meet his inau
friends mill ii.'.iiiulatances. e has been
in possession of the estiibliidiiiienl since
Monday nf this week, and, since he has
retained I haiales Siivniu in the shop as
lien. I u eiit cutler, and lo wait upon the
patrons, if goes without saving llu.l the
service will be all lli.it could be desiied
by a dlscriuiinatiiig public.
Red. ling, ('ul., M ii v I". The ninety
fourth eni.tion of Mount l.iisscu oe
eoricd emly today when for two or
Ihree hours three distinct columns of
siiinke rose from the crater. The ciop
tion was not over when vapor clouds
Bt'ttlcil over tho crnter, obscuiing the
! ievv.
Iinn't miss LEW F1KLDS, Aimrii'ii'H Fontnost CVniiidiaii
in his gri'iili-ht niuc huci'i'hm
"Old Dutch"
A $2.00 Ki'nmhviiy nuiii'dy for 10c
Pon't niiirry until you "TI1H KSCAl'IO" Nlai-ting Sunday
Admission 20c
Big Moose Carnival
Four days of fun beginning
today and ending Saturday
A free masquerade street
carnival Saturday night
Everybody come and enjoy
Amusements Furnished by
Browning Amusement Co.
OAK wood, $3 per cord. Thine 22)0,
HARRY Winduw cleaner. Thone 1830
J. tf
HXCF.LLKNT-Frod'B -Night
FOR ISA I. K .Berkshire sow with eight
pigs. Kt. , box Hi. Mnyli)
FIVfc'-KOOM in, uleiii house for rent.
Inquire fiOl Siilem Hunk of t'oiuinereo
building. it
l''OH SAI.K-I'ivo passenger, Ford,
Hnrgain, fJHO cash. W. S., cam
lournnl. Mnyt)
TIHiKOI tillllHKI) llnff Leghorns I'm
sale. ;i doz., at !i0o each. I'hone till-l'-l.
-A cheap
Hani, rear
horse, must bo
of 'Jliil Marion
WANTl'M) TO HUV-lleol fresh griid.i
no senilis. Address ,1. li. 00.
care .loiiiual.
May 111
WAN'TUD- A responsible niiddle-ageil
woman lor lioiiscliepcr. (leiimni pro-
f Tl .'ll.
Address k M, Itt, n, Frank
COMPLIiTIJ slock of tested garden,
field nnd lawn iced. Wcstacott A
ThielBen Co., 151 Nuith High it. tf
W1J will allow you tbu highekt price foi
your used furniture In oxi'haii(jo foi
new. Cnlof Bros., homo furulshari.
Phone SU3,
W A N I' D 'I'D 'J'i;.iK ri.iiii) emit.
in new H room liuuse for cln-e in Innil.
Wliul. Iiuvo you. Address H, earn
Journal. (P
FOR SALK - luilian moloreycle, fully
e.pii pel. A biirgiiin il' taken ut
once. I'houe fJHIH. J, or cull at th.i
I'U. lMuyo(l
Ml Acb'KK of timber hind K I j miles
fioin lliigeue on rock road, snriuu on
j land. Will trade lor sniailer acreage.
A.ld'esH T, care Joiiiniil. Miiylll
ma.lo to the ciinliy, $ per hour, fi
j passenger Maxwell and 7 passenger
i Michigan ears used. Witcl A linker,
I al Hair's Jewelry Stoic, phone o.1,
I May 'JO
WK WANT a good live agent In every
county in the stale lo sell our first
guide fiuit and oriiumcntal trees.
An excellent out I it furnished. Ad
dress junker Nurseries, Salem, Ore.
I'ATII lib'-- Would oii want your soiih
III 11 go'il legiliiiiule business 111 yiiur
own hono low ii One that 'will
stand invosligrilion I apltal reipiii
ed mil. lingo. If you nm inlcrcsled
and have conlido'icc in your sou and
in his future, I would like to talk
business wilh ,M"'- Ask for Mr.
(ireen, Hold Minion,
" Ul! funded. ' ' I
County ( icra.