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19, 1915.
Social Personal
The Capital Journal is al
ways glad to print social news
from outsido of Salem, and will
appreciate anything of this
kind sent in over the telephone
or by mail. In sending in newa
the writer's name should al
ways be signed, not for publica
tion, but as a guarantee that
the matter is rcliuble. We do
not print anything sent in un
less we know the author of it.
ALREADY general attention is be
ing directed towards the annual
commencement events given in
connection with tlio closing of high
school and university. These affairs at
Willamette university will be usherod
!in by the Junior-Senior banquet, to be
held at tlio Hotel Marion Friday even
ing. It is expected that covers will
lie laid for 00, the decorations tu be per
fected on quite an elaborate scale, in
the senior class colors of green and
white. Dean and Mrs. Aldon, .Miss Ju
nta Todd and Wallace .Mac Murray will
be honored guests. Saturday at 1
o'clock Mrs. It. L. Stoeves, Mrs. K T.
Jinnies and Mrs. William K. Kirk will
entertain the girls of Lausanne hall
with a luncheon at the home tif the
former. Friday afternoon tho Adelunti
JJtcrary society will entertain the
Philodosian Literary society in the
former's hull, this to bo in accordance
with an annual custom. Another an
nual event of importance to both the
high school and university will bn the
Kroshinan-Henior reception in Knton
hall Halurdny evening, the Freshmen of
Willumctto university being hosts to
the graduating class of tho former in
stitution anil also the academy students
of the university. Tho program will
be of a classical nature, iShiikcspcaro's
works furnishing tho inspiration for
the various numbers. Decorations will
be carried out to suggest a Fairyland
bower, a profusion of flowers, numer
ous imlms, bay trees and woodland
greenery to bo empluyed in the various
rooms. Miss Huth Spore, a freshman
and a graduate of last year's class of
the high schoul, will introduce the stu
dents to tho receiving line, composed
of Dean and Mrs. Allien, Professor Wal
lace Mac Murruv, and Miss .) uiiia Todd,
Harry flowers, president f tho fresh
man class; Miss Stella (loyne, vice
president; Miss (lertruilo Cunningham,
liar old Knkin, Miss Myrtle Albright
and Harold MiaMJueoii. The seniors of
the high school will tender a reception
to their parents shortly, and other
events at both institutions will follow
an quick succession, culminating in the
graduation! exercises.
Mrs. F. l'limit and her sons, Donald
and Howard, of I'ortliiiiil, are being en
tertained as guests of the Dr. F. If.
'Thompsons. They will remain for the
week. Mrs. I'menf is Dr. Thompson's
Art patrons in I'ortlnn.1 this week
should attend tlio second annual exhibi
tion of the Mutual Art nssit iution,
which opened today and will continue
until June ;"", at ihe Central library,
corner of Tenth and Yamhill street's.
A splendid collection of original paint
ings will be shown, including "Now
Hampshire" and "Trout Stream'' by
Thomas Hill, N. A., n ml others. The
lata Thomas Hill was one ' America 's
distinguished artists, who had n world
wido repulati s a painter of Califor
nia and mountain scenery. He received
50,(100 fur his great picture, "Driving
the Last Spike." Among those who
will contribute their work will be W. L.
Kverctt Knowles, president of the as
sociation!; Ueorge ii. Cr. Fowler, Clyde
Leon Kellci, Dr. Clement Hurbank
Hhaw and Mrs. if. F. Wood. All of
I these artists arc unite well known
hero, having exhibited their work at
different times at the state fair. Dr.
Shaw is probably better known as a
musician, just recently giving a lecture
at the First Christian church. K. D. M.
Fowle is another member of tho asso
ciation whose work has been exhibited
The "Xiki Kluhenne" grrmp of camp
firo girls, of which Mrs. George Fox
is guardian, will bo given a benefit
at tho Oregon theater Thursday and
Friday evenings, Juno 3 and 4. Tho
favorite five-reel film, "Alias Jimmy
valentine," will bo shown by tho man
agement of tho theater on tlicso nights,
tho girls to prc.ient an oriuiiiul sketch
exemplifying the camp fire work. This
camp nro, composed or (laughters of
prominent local people, has only recent
ly been formed, and it is expected that
their friends will welcome an oppor
tunity of assisting them in Becuring the
necessary paraphernalia for their sum
mer's camiiinir trip, this boinir the ob
ject of tho benefit.
The Philathoa class of the First Ban-
tise church have planned a jitney party
for this eveniiiL'. tho suburban
homo of Mrs. A. O. Davidson to be the
objectivo puint.
Miss Mary Schultz will play at the
graduation exercises of tho law students
of Willamette university, which takes
place in the First Methodist church
next Friday evening.
The Woman's Alliance of tho Unitar
ian church will meet Fridiy lit 2 o'clock
with Mjs. John Pollock, of Luther
street. All members and friends are
cordially iuvitod.
"The friends of Congressman and
Mrs. Clifton Nesmith Air Arthur, " snvs
a wfiety uoto in tho Portland Tele
gram, "are rejoiced over tho fact tbut
luey aro not to leave Portland as soon
as they intended. Their plans nro now
to go to California in Ihe early fall
and reach tho capital city about the
1 1 1 hi or December.
Mrs. 0. E. Drown, 4!0 North Twenty
first street, left yesterduv for Miles
City, Micitana. where she will spend the
summer wmi ner daughter, Mrs. t A.
Stem. Airs. 0. Kirkpatriek, of Al
bany, accompanied her mother as far
as Portland.
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the Great Blood
Purifier, is the Best.
Sprlnff sickness comes In some de
gree to every man, woman and child
In our climate.
It is that run-down condition of
the system that results from impure,
Impoverished, devitalized blood.
It Is marked by loss of appetite
and that tired feeling, and In many
cases by some form of eruption.
The best way to treat spring sick
ness Is to take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This old reliable family medicine
purifies, enriches and revitalizes the
blood. It is an all-the-year-round
alterative and tonic, and Is abso
lutely the best Spring medicine.
Get your blood In good condition
at nce now. Delay may be dan
serous. Ask your druggist for
Hood's Sarsaparilla, and insist ore
having it, for nothing else can take
Its place. J
Teacher Reader
Interpreter of The Drama
Classes in Elocution and Inter,
pretiition. ..Public Speaking,
llihlo Heading, I iiiinnit ics.
597 N. Liberty, rhone iirU W
Tho primary department of the
Hrooks public schoul closed with a pro
gram Thursday evening in Hamp hall,
and a picnic Friday afternoon in the
grove. A crowded house greeted Miss
Higgens, the teacher, and her little
pupils, Thursday evening, and it was
conceded by ull t(i have been the best
program given by the school this vcar,
and, judging from Ihe applause,' was
much appreciated. Friends of Miss Hig
gens from Salem gave musical selec
tions and rending, which added uremic
to tho pleasantness of the occasion. The
people of Hrooks and vicinity regret to
'fie Miss Higgens, as she has proved
herself a must efficient toucher. The
good will and best wishes of the com
munity go with her to her new field
of labor, which will be In Ihe Liberty
district. Miss Higgens received inaii'v
beautiful flowers as tokens of niuue-
nation from both patrons and pupils.
' luiMiwiiig program was rendered:
Piano solo " Eclicnne Harp"..
Mrs. Mabel l.a llrunchc
lieciiation "Teaching Dollv to
nlk Edna Mudeott
Kxeicise "Tim t 'rnuni..., ....
i l!,i.itnlinli" TI1.1 S 1. "
Allheii Siiiead
i tat ion "Frogs at School''
Lester Stover
Sung " I'.uilding and Keeping
House" Ity the Sihinl
lice it at ion " Chooning ( Iccn put ions "
Ernestine Moisan
Solo "Somewhere a Voice Is t ail
ing"; encore, " I Love You Truly"
Miss ,Nollie Huberts
John Roberts is in Portlntid today.
Merle Ault, of Spokane, is in the city
today. . .
Attorney Frank A. Turner is in Dal
las todav' on legal business.
P. K. 'Fullerton and Henry Stoude
mever motored to Portland today.
Carl Tandry left this afternoon for
Alaska for a two months' trip on busi
ness. A. J. De Vnney, n prominent stock
man of Jefferson, is here talay on
The liev. H. Charles Dunsmorc will
arrive in the city tnis evening irom
San Francisco.
Hrentfonl .1. .1. Miller, deputy tax
collector of (iervnis, is in the city to
day on business.
Miss Edna Purdy, city treasurer of
Orcnco, is in tho city today visiting
with her mother cm Mill street.
Hubert Annis, of tho Royal bakery,
leaves for Washington this evening on
a two weeks' vacation, visiting with
his father.
H. E. Kinney, traveling auditor for
tho Western ruictu, was in tho city,
making the semi-annual check-up of the
locnl office.
The Tiev. II. B. Dorks, of Castle
Hock, United Hrctliren church, left yes
terday for Medford for a few ilnys.
Hefore returning he will spend a few
days with his parents at Eugene.
Unidentified American
Murdered by Viliistas
Washington, May it). An unidenti
fied American, employed by the IIuos
trea Petroleum company, was shot by
Viliistas about May 7, after thevhad
captured the Ebnno pumping station
near iampico, according to a consular
report to the state department today.
General I'rbina is quoted as saying
that the shooting was accidental and
promising to protect foreigners. The
department today ordered a further investigation.
$3.50 to $5.00 Shoes
Whore docs stylo come from? We answer by
sayiiiK that shoe style comes from the Queen
Quality factory.
Our shoes set tho pace in style every season.
We are always first with the new models.
Not freakish, outlandish novelties that pass in
, a day, but real, stylish, dressy shoes that fash
ionable women appreciate.
A look at our style show will convince you that
we have tlio shoes you want.
Fullerton9 s
A. A. (Jraher, Manager Shoe Dept.
WQiJO tiiOvH-0&ii
Flag drill By nine girls
Recitation " Little Allen '"'
Melvin Blanton
Soln-"A Perfect Day "....Ethel Harris
( tpcretta ' ' Spring Flowers ' '
l-.xercise "Ihe Peace Victory"
Heading " The First Settler's Story"
Adu Patterson
Snug "Japanese Love Song"
Hy eight girls
1 in no duet "(oinrndes at War
Mrs, La lirauche and Mrs. Drown
Mrs. Walter Frnzier Brown, two of
her children, Emily- and ltcginnld, and
her lnl her. H. D. Penat'ielil left Monday
lor the east. Thev will go first to
Kumston, Illinois, where they will re
main for the greater part of the sum
iner, later returning to Kalispel, Mont.,
where thev will be joined bv .Mr. Ilrn.vn
and their sou, Leonard, who is a pu
pii at the Lincoln school. Thev will
probably hn ate in the latter place,
Mrs. Brown was honored with a fare
veil attention Satunliiv nllei-noon
when Mrs. Anna Palmer entertained lit
her home on 11 street, asking ns guest
members ii" the First. I'resbvtcrian
church, with whom Mrs. Brown had
been associated during her year's stay
in Miiein.
Monday evening, at Lausanne hall
Mis. leua Kramer entertained a few
triends, iiii'ui innllv announcing her eu
gugeinent to C. II. Wultnii, a travel
ing salesman of Orovillo, Cal., the wed
ding to take place during the summer
(iuests were: Mrs. M, Procbstel, Mis:
Jutiia Todd, Miss Ida Kerr, Miss Mil-
died Bartholomew, Miss Annie Hviiu
Miss Avis Ogdon, Miss Lolu Dimly,
.hiss i una IViliiin, .Miss Kutll Wint
Miss Addle Tu'uo, Miss l.uvilla Buell,
Miss ( lain llousell and Miss Huth
i. iiue luurs. cleverly expressed in
iliyiue, were sent to friends and mem
bers ot the senior class of the Snndav
school ol the I'uiled Evangelical
church last Saturday, inviting them to
.linn in a iiiive wiucii was to terminate
in an idd lashioncd picnic lunch. It
proved sin h n merry event, that it was
voted tu repeat it May HOth.
MUs Mabel Templetici, of Pendleton,
is llie guot ol .Miss Margnerette Flow
or nl the K, A, Harris home.
Mr. and Mrs. T, C, Turner, of I.eb
anon, were guests of the V. II. Hvars
and boiiald (Hovers Sum nv. uoine irom
here to Portland to pass' several days
wiin .mis. I tuner s tnthcr, l, T. (Hover,
and her sister, Miss Lenore (Ilover,
wuier gnosis ni mo iivurs inline were
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey (i. Tn.vliir nnd
their daughter, Marion, of Mnclenv, and
Annuel tiiuver, ut Spokane. The hit
icr, nno is ,m yearn old, is a frcipient
Msnor acre, aim tins many mends i
and near Salem. He is jiow at th
country home of his long time friend
James arver.
Miss Addeua Swnrt, daughter of Mrs,
li. t. .wuit, has returned to Los An
Holes, alter pas.uug several months in
v-iiieiu wiin ner relatives.
.Mrs. . M. Hictrt was hostess for
her iieedlcciatt club yesterday after
noon, a number wing asked addition
ally. Boring the afternoon Mrs. Husn
lie Hates, a visitor in thi city, talked
interestingly ol Ihe history of lace and
ts.ee making.
School Board Would Not Grant
Half-HoKday for Circus
Teachers Elected
Hey, kiddies, you will get to sec the
circus parade, anyway. And if mamma
and papa want you to go to the cir
cus in tho afternoon of Thursday, you
can get excused. Otherwise you will
have to wait until evening to view U?
wonders of the big tented show, or
"plav hookey" from school in the af
ternoon, and this latter would not be
right, for Mrs. Pickett, the " bogey wo
man," would certainly get you.
Upon tho presentation of the fact, the
school board last evening by City Super
intendent Elliott, that a circus would be
in town tomorrow, and that the boys of
the Garfield school had petitioned for a
half holiday in order to see the parade
and attend the circus, the school board,
after much pro nnd con, finally decided
to dismiss Bchool from 10:30 to 1
o'clock tomorrow morning in order that
tho "kiddies" may view the wonders of
the big parade. There will be no holi
day in the afternoon, and such of the
children who do not secure a special
written excuse from their parents will
have to put off going to the circus un
til evening.
Director Barnes said that he could
remember how he alwavs hated to have
to go to school when there was a circus
in town, and he sympathized with the
hildren and moved for a dismissal at
10:30 in the morninir and no afternoon
school. He received no second to the
motion, however, and it "died a-born-in"
It was argued by Directors Lee
and Buren that, if school were to dis
missed for the afternoon, not more than
20 per cent of the children would be
able to go to the circus, and that the
remaining 80 per cent would Vie turned
out on tho streets and, passibly, into
mischief, and they were sure tho pa
Tents would object. Chairman Miles
was also inclined to favor the "kid
lets," as ho drew n mental picture of
himself in bare feet and knee breeches,
looking for a chance to carry-water for
the elephant to work his way in, but a
compromise was reached by allowing the
childrn out in time to see the parade.
Upon the reconimendntiou of City Su
perintendent Elliott, the board elected
William P. Murphv as assistant instrue..
tor in Bcicncesin the high school for the
coming school year, at $!I0 per month,
the regular schedule salary for the first
year. Mr. Murphy comes excellently
recommended by the professor of the
University of Oregon, where Mr. Mur
phy graduated ami pat ni a year in prac
tice teaching, ami from the Cottage
drove superintendent, where he taught
in the high school tor the past year.
He is ulso an ntlilcte and musician, and
will assist in athletic instructions to
the junior grades of the high school
nnd give lessons in orchestra music.
Los Angeles, Csl,, May 19. rrepara
tkuis ore complete for the naval ball
to be given here tomoriow evening to
ruiso lunds tor tho widows nnd cr
plums of the American sailors who tier
isiieil with the sinking ot the submarine
t'-t in Honolulu harbor March L'.i.
The most prominent soeictv women of
the city will act ns pntronncsses. Of
ficers ami men ol the submarine tlo
'illa and the vessels c' the Pacific
fleet, stationed off Los Angeles Imr-bin-
and San Hieiio, will attend.
The Original
Unless you say "fSQRLBGK'S"
you may gat a Substitute,
t Court House News
. M. Crowder was arrested at Silver
ton yesterday and brought to tho coun
ty juil in this city Inst night by Sheriff
Each upon information received form
The Dulles charging Crowder with lar
ceny by bailee. Crowder has been run
ning a barber shop in Dufur and it is
charged that he departed with some of
the money belonging to a laundry at
that place. The case will probably be
settled out of court, however, as Crow
der showed Sheriff Esch a postal ro
ccipt where he had sent soino of the
money back to the laundry yestcrdny.
A suit was filed in tho circuit court
today by Lloyd T. Higdon against It. D.
Vibbert on a claim assigned from W. T.
Higdon. It is stated in the complaint
that the assignor is an undertaker and
for goods sold and delivered and for
professional services rendered tho sum
of $93.50 is due. Iu addition the
plaintiff seeks to recover interest and
costs of tho action. F. 8, Lamport is
attorney for the plaintiff.
A marriage liconso was issued at the
office of the county clerk yesterday
afternoon to Merlo Glenn Eiscnhi
and Elizabeth R. Moe. Both parties
aro from Silverton whero tho groom-to-be
is a planerman.
Notice was filed todny in tho circuit
court by City Attorney William II.
Trindlo of au appeal to the supreme
court in the case of A. T. Moffitt
against the City of Salem in which the
plaintiff recovered judgment ngainst
the city for $115.44 nnd costs. The
case was tried in department No. 1
of the circuit court and was a contro
versy over a sewer refund and the
payment for tho use of some jack
screws belonging to the plaintiff.
Tho pointers who will repaint '
county court house will bo under tho
provisions of the workmen's compensa
tion act, according to the statement
of the County Clerk Gehlhar today.
The county will pny three percent arid
one half of one percent will he de
ducted from the workmen's wages. The
sharp pointed tips of tho steel pickets
that fence the jail windows from the
reBt of th.e court house lawn will be
covered with boards to prevent any of
tho painters becoming impaled thereon
should they topple from a scaffold.
J. II. Collins, of Columbia county,
an ex-county school superintendent
nnd member of the 1915 legislature, w as
a visitor at the office of county school
Superintendent Smith today.
Wall Paper
Here they are m all the latent
tU effeCts- Flai" and
tinted Oatmeals, Imitation
Leathers, Japanese Grass
Cloths, Metalized Tiffany ef
fects, Floral, Fruit and Foliage.
' Designs
Jaspes, Chambrys
and Stripes
Cut-out borders, ribbons and
binders, independent ceilings
etc. Paper for every room in
the house from the cheapest
that's good to the best that's
made. Priced from
15c to 75c roll
Tho will of W. M. Gorsliuo, who died
in thin county May 15 was admitted
to probate today and D. D. Gorsline
was appointed executor. Tho estate
consists of personal property in this
county valued at $90(10 and real prop
erty in Cowlitz county, Washington,
valued at $800, Earl E. Taylor, C. E.
Cummings and Edd Hall wero mimed
as appraisers,
The final account of A. L. Downing
as administrator of tho estate of Wil
liam Manning, deceased, was filed to
day in the probate court. Tho order !
states that all accounts havo been set-1
tied nnd June 21 wus the date set for!
the final hearing in the matter.
The final account was filed today
by C. E. Itnss. as administrator of the
estate, of William David Nicolai, de- ;
ceased. The administrator states that j
the estate has been duly administered
and June 28 was tho duto set for the I
final hearing. I
MAY 20
A report of the sale of real property
in the matter of the estate of Minerva
Ann Dice, deceased, was filed today in
the probate court by Orlena' E.
Steigcr, executrix. An undivided uno
sixth interest in Ml.tis acres of bind in
this county was sold to John Swiek for
Golden Star Furniture Polish. Free
samples for the asking. Uuren & Hamilton.
Governor Withycomhe yestorday is
sued a conditional pardon to W. ,). Can
ton, of Jackson county, who was con
victed of tho crime ot sodomy and sen
tenced to servo a term of irom one to
15 years in the penitentiury. -Nuineroiis
letters and petitions have been received
at tho governor's olfico recently, re
questing that executive clemency be
extended to Mr. Canton, and the action
was taken only after full invest igat ion
showed that tncro appeal's considerable
doubt as to his guilt.
The trausportation committee of the
Chcirians, consisting of Erod S. Hy
uon, ilal D. I'atton and Carle Abriims.
aro arranging for an excursion to Tort
laud on tlio Southern I'aeifie, by way
of Silverton, Mt. Angel, Wiodburn and
Oregon City. Short stops will be made
at each ot these points. In the even
ing, a banquet for the ( heriians and
their lailies and invited guests will !o
given in the red room ol the Imperial
hotel, rending advices from the rose
show committee, the date of the excur
sin i has not been decided.
Officer Stubbs Sliot a
"It is scldnin I rprak hijik
toin," said Officer Stublm MrM
there is cousiilerable misniiiKU
prevalent, relative to the Ji:,.rm
of a coniamimiN canine ;itn
that. I wish corroded. It lii
falsely statnl that I M at ttilti
bred, flca hoinil hi tinifmnj tin hi
to carry him olf ttul j ii. Jtii
not so.
It n .1 s rrmtftl it tlii' mlii'e ftltiott
yesterday bj tit tosUl offitn till
dog belonging to i tally it f'lvj,
which was (iiaianliMil on hmmkI f
scarlet fever, might fmi tte t;
tagion, anil (bo. in'iral a W
killed, officer Stubbs i JrtiiW
perform the lat rites. The alto'
told in his own won!!:
" I approacbcil tint comltim
tnot profanity) "'di my lined
ir i eer of mv trusty .
shows ttJJfl :
Utw united In v3mC
tn nnet vat
IftfiDlie this fact 25c U thfl
IdmJssJon, Including a seat
IMtrTOt srat If yH Want' Tbta
, . J i Extra.
r i n ..'i t. It "'
T1.l WAttiZl
v.V'L,?"'' raack, amlcrul
rn .i--
M.k.- . ! mows IxUau
OWffORMMCES 2:13 wd B:15 0
L DfiOfS Oosa Qna Hnnr Carter '
Reserved Seats Bold at Patton Bros.
Book Store Show Day.
$60,000 Worth of Tools
On Marion County Roads '
An inventory for the road and high-j
way tools now in use in this county '
shows t lint machinery costing $iiu,mi() i
is now in the liniids iif the supervisors !
and county road inasler. As Home of'
tho implements have been in use for!
some time a conservative estimate nf
the present value of the entire list is
placed at one half of the original cost,
or WHO. At the end of each -month
each supervisor in the county sends
in an inveutory of nil machinery and
small tools in his possession. When
he takes his office he is charged with
the entire list shown to bo in the dis
trict lit that time and he is held
responsible for their repair and keen-
The list of tools owned by this coun
ty nt present according to'the reports
in the hnnds of County Clerk (iehlhar
One gas engine. ,r stenm rollers, S
crushers, :) graders. WW wheel serapors,
1312 slip scrapers. -Id fiesnos, 7H plows,
111 rooters, 1011 1,icj drags, II v-drags,
l:t steel dniL'S, 14 rock and cravel beds
Ull wheel barrows, L'117 picks and mat
tocks, 2:it! shovels and spades, 57 axes,
SI sledges and rock lianiniern, 17 crow
bins. 172 drills. 111 brush hooks and
brush scythes, 45 rake tind rock hooks.
2S finks, 5 saws, 8 log chains, 1 bot
tomless scraper, I blasting spoon, 1 S
ft. cable, 3 blocks, 4 wadges, 1 rant
hook. I lend bur, 1 grindstone, 2 peav
ics, 1 level, 1 pump. 2 drill pumps.
I . ' i i
Los Angeles, Cal., Milv l!l. After n
thorough investigation the police de
cided today that the fire which ie.tiov
cd the Cermnn building, n downtown
andiiiiirli, was caused bv defective wir
ing. Three men win. were overcome
by smoke were pronounced out of dan
ger at the Krcciving hospital.
.lust 211 years ago today the original
i.eruiau building burned will, the loss
if seven lives. Humes broke it it in
he rear of the structure shoitlv before
laylight today. The two upper floors
wore occupied by lodgeis. wh fled in
their nightclothcs. Moore nnd Tonmsz-
wbsri were le.l to safety by H.ilU, whet
, IT" overcome spreading the
alarm. The puildiiu- l,.. T.. .
r una CHIOS, J,rj
wus fixed at
Tito Rev. and Mrs. Robert I. Gill are
in I'oithind attending the 27lh annual
convention of the diirese of Oregon
of the Kpiscnpal church, which is being
hold in Trinity parish house today and
tomorrow. Mrs, J. A. Selhyood left
yesterday morning to attend us a dele
gate of the woman's 'auxiliary, The
lay delegates t'niii this parish are .1.
A. c-elHuiiul, lliorgo Vox and (ieorge A.
Wood. The bishop, Hight Uev. Walter
Taylor Sumner, gave Ins first, anuiial
address ns presiding prelate this illum
ing in Trinity church. As a forerunner
of tho oenvention, the annual meeting
of the woman's auxiliary was held yes
terday in St., Stephen's cathedral.
Rov. II. Charles Dunsmoro, of Inde
pendence, who has been representing
Polk county nf the I'linaiiia-l'acil ic ex
position, will arrive in the city this1
evening at S o'clock, lie is coining
here especially to perform the mai
riago ceremony of his dniighler and
O. A. Macy, 'of Independence. M'"
Macy is manager of the Spaiildiug 1 -
giim company nt Independence, "e
fore returning Monday evening, Mr.
llunsmore will confer with W. A. Tay
lor, of Maelcay, and Fred S. Hynnn. sec
retary of the' Willamette Valley asso
ciation, relative to the condition of af
fairs nt the exposition, riuI to arrange
shipments of fresh fruits and vegeta
bles for the Willamette valley exhibit.,
W. A. Taylor will report for duty at the
exposition June 1, to represent Marion
B. F. Irvine, of tho editorial staff
of the 1'ortland Journal, is in the city
this nftcrncivi, having business at the
slate house.
The circus tomorrow will 8 hold
on the high school athletic ticld at
fourteenth and 1 streets, where the
Sells Kioto shows have been given for
several vcars. The asylum avenue ears
go within a few blocks of this place,
and extra cars will bo run I'm' !'"th
afternoon and evening performance.
J. T. Welsh, of the contracting fin"
of Welsh Itros., who, up to a few- years
ago were among the leading firm "
contractors in Snlrni, is in Salem to
dav, having conic t ntlond the open
ing of bids for the new K stern Ore
eon asvlura wing by the board of con
trol. Mr. Welsh is now located m
Oakland, Tab. but still has r'e"
interests in Salem, nd always bids on
),., hi., n.,.,.,,,, inhx und snvs he nop1 '
Ihe return to Suleru souncr or luter.
thumb on the hammer, dpium"!
ve along the sights 1 earn
e'nsv range, and fnuncho.l W
which r.ikcd him fiou
. . - i .:,i..., o'l.m int 111 rtr
iiih lie iiicii nine"" ",,! ,
v ..... o,.l, shot eMiiili''!''
in the histirv of the lolice iloianitn
That's the correct
Noimal School Regents
DiscussJ ear's Wort
Monmouth. Or.. M.r 1
of regents nf the Orcp
,(.t sn.iinlnyinthceff.cccfl
,,. . Ackkcnuiin. Thri
(lovernor Withycimibo. ?
Lite OIc.lt i"l
Uofcr.F. A.McicmJ.A-
year's work ef the 'M ' I"
l,v rrcsident Arkcr. . ' y
secretary of tb "'! ' "j
the bii id Ml-rewa it '
with tl"' .nr.llmon '
aihunce in the ontrsw W
1H,bl. schools ivcrc ,,)
or the next year t:
,,1.,,,, s,il.niiltcd tor tnc -
We V ' f.U '
f ivncc siyh ;; t-
will bo nil 'S's
lend do r
onf of these ... ' , -
II II" ljl' I' ."
wear. IU pM "'
$15 and 520