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Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
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STATE NEWS ll" ' nn'ZI . ' r'!
The Capital Journal carrier boys are Instructed to put the papers on the
irch If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
ner to you on tlino, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this Is the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following Instructions.
Pione Main 81. .
There is no w ilder hallucination than that the enor
nous increase in our export trade is largely in arms and
munitions sold to belligerents -.nnA
- It has been with food and clothing, raw material and
finished products that we have come to build an export,
trade and score an international balance in our lavor
We have sold the belligerents aeroplanes and auto-1
trucks, motor-cycles and barbed wire, cartridges and gun-1
,,ovder, firearms and explosives, in the six months irom
September to February, inclusive to the value of less
than $15,000,000. Horses, horse-shoes, rubber and wool
manufactures have run our sales of a 1 passible war
materials, in the six months, up to a total ot $92,400,000.1
Hut see what we have done in sales of other things!
In March alone we sold abroad nearly $00,000,000 of
lireadstufls and more than $28,000,000 of meat and dairy
products. This is an increase of $31,000,000 in exports
of breadstud's over those of March last year, and an m-j
crease of $18,000,000 in meat and daily products. !
In the nine months of the fiscal year from July 1 to
March ::i we sold abroad $118,000,000 of breadstuff,,
more than $1:12,000,000 of meat and dairy products more,
than $297,000,000 of cotton. - I
Of breadstuff s, meat and dairy products, cattle and
logs, cotton, cottonseed oil and mineral oils we sold
abroad in the nine months $9511025,000. ni,AAA j
In contrast to these stupendous figures, the $92,000,
000 sales of munitions look small indeed.
Long after the war has closed the American people
will be helping, as they are now, to feed and clothe the
nations which have summoned back their armies to re
sume the creation of hie and wealth alter their destruc
tion of them.
A Portland paper calls attention to the fact that the
bankers of that city have noted the fact that for the
eight months ending April 1, the exports of com
modities classed as merchandise from the United States,
covering the war period, were $57,000,000 greater thari
for the same period of a year ago. In the same period
the imports were $205,000,000 less than in the correspond
ing months of last year. The excess of exports over im
ports was $725,000,000 against $463,000,000 in the same;
eight months of last year. Bankers do not feel any un
easiness because of the lately developed fact that the
deficit in the United States treasury as shown by the loss
of revenues and the increasing government expenditures,
has grown from nothing the first of August, 1914, to
$100,0:i:;,:G April 24, 1915. j
William C. Levere, traveling secretary of the Signia
Alpha Epsilon, a college fraternity, recently visited Ore
gon on official business. Naturally he fell in love with!
the Willamette Valley and writes a long letter, describing
its beauties and wonders, to the Evanston (111.) News-
Index, in which he said among other things: "Salem, thei
capital oi uregon, is in the Willamette valley, and like
all these valley towns, it is as spotless as a bride. Last
evening I had dinner with Governor Withycombe, and if
I should repeat all the wonderful things he has to tell
about this valley, for he is a valley man himself, I would
have to write a book."
llulsey Enterprise: While deepening!
the artesian well at the ifnwleiuli Uit
plane a few iln.VH ujjn Contractor J. W.
Wells, the well driller, ran his drill
into a lo) of wood at the SM-foot level
That the dri was boring ri(iht through:
the loj; was evident from the fact that
new shavings were brought up on the
drill. Other small pieces brought to
the surface were of a dark color. Mr.
Wells sa.vs he has found wood before
at the 45-foot level, but cannot account
fur a log at this great depth. j
Woodburu Independent: The cities
of Oregon are getting busy, doing
needed work and giving men employ
ment who prefer work to charity,
Portland will have SO miles more of
hard-surface roads, at Oregon City
there will be $300,0011 expenditure on
the locks, and other cities are doing
or preparing to do something, and
probably Woodlmrn will decide to have
that new higli school building con
structed this summer.
An Oregon university professor has just issued a
bulletin in which he proves to his own satisfaction that
the world is not drying up. The brewers and distillers,
however, do not share in his optimism.
If the Germans really feared a .food shortage they
would probably turn a few million Russian prisoners
loose to hustle their own grub.
The baseball war may end because of a shortage of
money on part of the belligerents. Most wars end for
that reason.
Clean-up and paint-up week is about over but there is
still time to do a whole lot of good work.
s sjt )je sje
A Portlander who left London two weeks ago is
quoted by a newspaper in the former city as follows:
"There is not a beggar to be found in London, or at
least I met none, not even on the Embankment at mid
night, where, normally, a pedestrian is approached re
peatedly and asked for the price of a meal. Everyone is
working and at top wages. The dockers are making from
y,0 to $50 a week, the biggest wages they have ever
received. They art: being paid in gold and they are at
tending strictly to their jobs."
Germans write back from P.erlin that the city is busy,
everybody working, labor in demand and the price of
living reasonable.
Paris dressmakers and milliners are said to be having
the biggest boom in their business in years and there are
few Americans over there buying French styles either.
Evidently war is a great thing for boosting business
and putting old General Prosperity back on the job. All
the neutral countries are going through a period of
. depression with slack business, little demand for labor
and prices of necessities higher than ever.
If these reports from the war zone are true it ought to
fr.nd to. biuiin iimvnism in this country. We are overlooking
splendid business opportunities possibly by neglecting to
swat Mexico, and to make prosperity doubly sure we
might twist the English lion's tail a little, and give
Kaiser 1 1 ill a swat or two just for good measure.
Ex-President Taft says that the prosperity which
M'enis to be sweeping over the country may be artificial
at least he fears so. Now we wouldn't have thought
that of Taft because any kind of prosperity should be
welcomed in these parlous times instead of being greeted
with a suspicious frown. It's a good time for the chronic
knockers to sing low.
A Eugene gentleman has already formulated a com-1
prehensive platform upon which peace should be con
cluded in Europe, lie fails to explain, however, how he
purposes to secure the consent of the warring powers to
the agreement.
Former Mayor Straw of Marshfiold. whose admirers'
presented him with a house, should recall the experience'
of Admiral George Dewey and profit thereby.
$ $
Kinineiit Htomncli siiocinlists like 1tii
Ccl have proven Hint there is not one "l"'1'' the locks,
case in twenty which needs pepsin or
an artificial digestnnt, The trouble is
not a lack of digestive juices, but too
miu h m ill in the slonuieh.
Neutralize the excess acid in vour
,c The canal has been completed after
ijc 10 years of work ami lit an expenditure
fit .t 'l,K.iO,ooo in government money.
Tho largest number of men at work
at one time on the iiii.il was 1300.
A force of 2") will be necessary tu
Kight men ver killed on the works
less than one a year.
The upper end of the waterway is at
( eliln lulls and (lie lower at liig Kddy,
three miles above The Dalles.
I lie t clilu canal is 3 miles lu.ig, tij
KOI" i"e uihi'tm ii v illicit, u ... ,. .... i .. i.. ... , , ...
, , . t , i i- - .ii-.-i. nun- i cil;oIv Jl't'l lice M ill low
chance to net. thus avoidn.g poisonous Wllt,. .,,,,, ,m, f. , k w., Hlv
gases and tnxic products which o ten . .,- , , ,
cause biliousness, internal disorders,! ,,,..,, of
nervousness, headaches, general weak-, fw, in tMl, ,,, ; ,,,,'.,, t(,s
lies, etc., and von will be nil right,
Never take large ipiantities of soda or
smla tablets to nout rulize execs ncid.
It i dangerous,
liisuralcd Magnesia will neutralize
about four times as much acid as soda
boats uninterrupted navigation from
the mouth hi the Columbia to hewiston,
Idaho, .Inn miles inland on the Snake
The largc-t lucks are the twin cham
bers at Hi;- K,,v. These two locks
and is very soothing and healing to the; lile and lower I ts 70 feet, -.Tin; locks
ilelicale, iiil'lamcil membranes of both jure operated by Iniud.
the stomach and intestines. It usually! limits will not ,e allowed a greater
gives relief in Hie worst cases in friiiuj speed than six miles all hour through
one in five minutes. I the canal. It reipiire i!U minutes
r.iMirated Magnesia is prepared in 'to pass c;o a loci;, This will luiike the
both powder and tablet forms and nil 1 running tunc nhini three hours in the
leading druggists ciin supply you. tj''anal.
will give complete relief in any case1 A mountain of rock and sand was
of .stomach acidity or your money will j "'moved to make way for the channel,
be refunded. ' ' ' ""' excavation included 1,H,II00 en-
llisiiialed Magnesia, No, 25 K. UOIti ! ''''' vl,"ls rock 'ami l.UiHI.tUW sand,
si reel, N. V. '. jcoininou dry an. I siibuipieous.
Hillsboro Independent: Portland
had its regular fire of mysterious
origin Sunday, the big Albe'rs mill
being damaged to the extent of $1 111,
000. Looks as though the only way
the metropolis is to end this scries of
disalrous conflagrations will be a good
old-fashioned vigilance committee.
"Prosperity,'' says the Kstacada
Progress, "seems to be coining the way
of Eastern Clackamas, for with the
outlook for a big fruit crop, new road
building in country aa, city and a
big new store to be opened by June 1
it shows money being spent now."
. Dry Goods. Mill
7 Cfl0es
Trimmed Hats
Children's Hats
The Newest Things in Hcadgea:
.T. M. Bledsoe has purchased the
Wallowa Sun from Lulu V. McXees
and Koy ?. McXees. Mr. Bledsoe an
nounces: "Although a chauge may
come in thc-party politics of the paper,
yet in no way will politics interfere
with justice and community improve,
lnenls. "
Except corner poles necessary to
cross Depot street, nil electric, light
and telephone poles on l''reewatei's
main street havo been moved to the
Patent Leather Pumps
Ladies' Marv .Tnnp Pnmn .,:..
......,.,, ,Kk jJim
Some Narrow Width Pumps, ?3.50 and S-LMvaW
now. ner nnii-
r.ivlu' Mn..,r T . T . --W
v.. wo "'"iJ'N sizes iz l-z to 'I, per nair i
Ri7.Ps O tn 1 9 1 .9 :,. V VMl -J
, j. jjiiu j.,cl j;ur . ,.
0v,0ll,,, c:, .... W
kjincuici oii.es, puce pur pair i,.,
s jjuL ui uuvv oiiut'M, price per pair
240 and 246 Commercial Street
The Paisley Press has been enlarged,
to eight pages, three of them home
A household remedy of the French !
peasantry, consisting of pure vogotablcj
oil, and said to possess wonderful merit.1
in the treatment of stomach, liver and!
intestinal troubles, has been iniroduceil
in this country by George II. Mayr, who'
for twenty years has been one of the
leading down-town druggists of Chi-
ea go and who himself was cured by its!
use. So ipiick and effective is its action1
that a single dose is usually enough to
bring pronounced relief in the most
stubborn cases, and many people who
have tried it declare they never heard
of anything to produce such reninrliable
results in so short a time. It is known
lis Mayr's Wonderful Uemedy and can
now be hl at all loading drug stoves.
It is sold with the positive understand
ing that your money will be refunded
without iiiestion or quibble if ONE
bottle fails to give you ubolute satisfaction,
tected by the luws of the country he
would help an alien army to fight and
if possible subdue. I should say he
thus being alien in sentiment should
vacate at once and quit playing at the
pretense of, being a loyal American. Wo
don 't need him here.
Miss Bertha Kgler who has been em-,
ployed lit the Royal Bakery at Salem
has severed her connection with the
business and will soon go to Montana
where she and a sister own property.
William Bones, who lives a mile north
of the reform school visited the family
of Murk Stnnifer latfitfUirfjwD
Mrs. Bones ujte pwAt tmiku
tism. Mr. Bones is ftt'ta rtd
ma Stanifer.
It is beginning to grt l !illtt,i
we are not getting lit iwuil ittnl
rain at this mwnt tit jetr. hm
of the iurwrt trt piling I littk Vr
easy, a f r4 ( tit going to 1 4rr
summer, dr. 0k. paw! Dm 'tow
the bridge toll jo torn to it. Ainu
look on the brifht lilt tvto il it is
pewter's teaspoon, is;i
Route No.
: ?1
i may be exchanged for votes in mi.
rnal Carriers' contest, at The Cap .;
This coupon
Hanit.nl Jmirnnl
- , ...
Journal office. Not good alter May w, u
( Nashville 'Pi nnessecan.)
No " I lentseliliiud ucber nllcs." no
" liosijii prcdile wsiewo," nu"Oeste
leieh ueber alles," no " Knglu n, nbovc
nil," but I'liilcd Stales above all!
The Kuyer I'obiki ol Milwaukee,
(I'liihidclphiii .Inquirer.)
A mule Ki. I.e.l another mule to dentil
and was it-ell' , budl.v hurt it isn 't
expected to live. Another instance of
I ireek meet ing li i .,.k.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SG3
Capital $500,000.00
Transact n ?fncral banMnjf business
Safely IVposit Coxes
Paint Kitchen Floors
Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore knees caused by
ecrublniiK bare tloors. Fdtufii floors are easy to keep
bright and clean, arc attractive and very inexpensive
Rives InrJ, durable, sanitary firyV., for fl,inrSj steps of
any inside surface to he walked on. Cli!y t0 kwp de;m
hi 8"d h:U'd t0 woi:r cut Vom cao apply
dh " yW'mlt h rir-s 3 short time.
0ffd in Prriatc and attractive
Australia's Offer Of
Men Is Unlimited
Sydney, X. S. , Mny 7. The de-
tni Is nf the operntious of the nllies
HKiiinst the Pui'dnnelles have been re-j
cevied with enthusiiism. Uecniit'ni); !
shows no sign of diminuitiou. Premier!
Fisher snid: '
"tlur offer of men is unliiniteil. M'e
shnll tiniu and equip them to the best'
or our niniity ami provide menus fur
Rcttiun them p.eedily to the front."
I A Message to the Sufferer;
Ton" need not bo diseourneed iibout your health, clieer P , (
help for you. Our Chinese. Herb tens treatment "ave h ttelWi J
ntunes, nnd nro highly rccomm mien mr oic"i . t?i'a
fC'npitiil Jounml Speeinl Service,
Kruitltind, Or., Muy 7. The frost
Sutuiduy morning though quite severe,
freezing n thin cmiting of ice on wnter
pails nnd tubs, did no special hnrm ex
cepting nipping young potato tops, as
fur us can be seen.
11. .1. Wiieher, u former respected
resident, died suddenly the first of the
T"k nt his home n 'inile east of the
iisyluili. He Hiuuvcd from this locality
lust sinuiner.
We hiive n ncighbnr who stutes that
should n certiiin of the waning nations
of Knrope invade the I'nited States he
would lielp fight this countrv. Yet this
man is protected and the pt'opoitv he
bus aceiiiniiluted here is protected by
the laws and his life nnd liberty is pro-
stomuch, heart, liver, kidneys, rh nniiitisra, bloott
nervousness, cntnrrh. bladder tro ble, constipation.
diseases, female trouble. n ,. 0p fcop S
To those who it iiiuy concern; Call nt once. JJo t l 8 ' n .
others fail. This in tho ono Tcliublo and positive Help w I (
suit in plensing to nil who try it. J
CHAN & BOW WO, China Herts, Teai . W J ,
Phone 081 1M B J
0 ;W'
In order that the public mnyltnow how we do 'dental
and become familiar with the iNew Aioawu
we are going to make our regular
I I Mr. I. Ilnnia, llnmwcr nd l''i.hi a
i ti Vkte en i , . .
oel. Sutler RndBuih
No extracting at this price. This offer is S
May 15.
tt . 7rw
direct line lo Ac E,po,iii0i Giot,nJfc
;1.01,M.50 sing s $1.50 J2 DQ tlrr'.
J "U.dvr,.1..,,.J,dlreL:,,0-o-
Dr. W. A. COX
Lady Attendant,
303 State Street
All Work Guaran
Phone 92(5