Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 28, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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. . .ArM t oar ruf nPTlfJON
New Crepe DeChiene Waists f""jf j
We are showing a new assortment of the season's dainty ,' : : --Xpsf 'wf
Crepe de Chine Waists in Ivory white, cream, flesh, blue, 1
grey and salmon pink. Many novel styles that should please : 3i fli
the most caref ul dressers. Prices as low as ' ,$'$ei f
$2.98 Each '
s&IsTe'. . $13.85 Soffl
fHt Special Prices
On All
Infants' Wear
Mothers will be much interested in this offering of fine in
fants' wear at less than usual prices. We've an excellent stock
of wearables for the little tots; whether you want one article
or an entire baby outfit you can save money by purchasing
here, now.
Free Trips to the Exposition
Meyers Exposition Contests
A separate contest each month. A vote
with every 25c purchase. The list of can
didates for the May Contest and standing
at lust count are shown here.
High School 3M8
Agnes Bayne 3402
Mrs. Albert Brown 2810
Woodmen of the World 2356
Florence Elgin 2223
Chemawa School 942
Mrs. II. Nash 499
L ' ' j ; ;f-"- -.X:, X IX
i. jx ' -'a . ... .-y; v ,-.; a: " . i:M
; . f,.;, J,.;;',?-- W V-;--;
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L-- ':.'.': . ''':: .' 'ft - !
Scene in Fourth Act of "An American Citizen," with Frances Gittins as Bea
trice Carew, and James R. Bain as Bereford Cruger.
n. b
All Around Town
Butterfly danc:e tonight. Mooko bull.
Dr. Meudelsonu, tpeclMlBt In fitting
fltnam correctly. U. U. bank blilg.
Tho inoinliers of the Baptlnt church
lllii iliinniii u I'clliiw Mliip social In lie
u'im'h ni'xt 'I'iK'Hilay uiiilit. 'I'ln'
iiiiliiKtiial Kiicicly of Hit; cliinvli lilt o
the iiri'iinniuMitH III I'liiuit,
The Capital Lmnuor Co., 3IU South
Twelfth, liuilding mute nul of till kimla.
Butli'rfly (Inuio toninht. Moono hall.
Tho rlvor is Rt tit falllnn, with tho
wtum ttxliiy at 1.5 I't'rt nhtivi' Inw wntt'i
nun It.
Autoniohlle trips uassoiiKorR and
Liik'Ki'Ki'i mil's ri'UHiiiialilo. (oinitry
trips a Kpofiiilty. ('. (1. Mi'Klrny.
riitmti: Hay, I7; ni(;lit, (lilll.
Buttorfly dame tonlKht. Mooho hall
Tho Church of Cod, of North Salom,
in nuilniij arnui)i'iiii'iilH to luilil a u 1 1 1 1
nii'i'liim early next imiutii. Tlicsi' int'i'l
i ii H h mo lu'lil liv tin' i liiiii li iiiii'c a vtMtr.
Come in an soe the latest tn hiinuon
Iran. Tim iiictal il i v i h 1 1 ii i'tl tan l0
inure I'm KM'tly ilnyi'tl. (loo. ('. Will.
4M'.' SlntK Htr'i'i'l.
Butterfly dance tonight. Moose hall. 1
Tho Swiss Ycodlms entertained the
Mtf.iHr hint t'vciiinn at llii'ir rci'ulur hch-'
inn. Tlii'st' Iiiiiiic tali'iil y 't M -IH an'
lii'i'iiiiiiiiM ijiiili' J i . t i ii i iiml :n.' in ,li'
iiiniiil iih i' 1 1 1 ' 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 im r liiilc iniM't
Dollar watches at Stone's drug store.
Lcok for the orange front, Red Cross
The hoard of trustees of the Baptist
I'lunvli met Inst evcuini; ami clci'ii'il
I'm' the fiillnwiin; year, II. S, tlile its
'linir n nf the lioaiil, ami ('. (t. nice,
I'leili. A liiisiness iiicetiiiu of the trim.
tees of the church, will lie iiehl next,
Mrs. Maudo B. Cox has taken over
(lie I aitei Stmlin in (lie lluliliaiil
IniiMiiii:, an. I will (live the liest in iho
lot; in j ill i i- wuili ami will niiaraiitce sat
iiliii'linii al very iiiinlerate iriecs.
It will be a plonsuro to snioko a Bon
Toil when t-'iilciii-innile fur ."i cents. '
o i
Butterfly danco tonight. Moose hall. I
A sploiHlid spring tonic, San Tox
Tonic Ucil Truss riinriniicy.
An address will be mane tomorrow
(Hciiinc; nt the 1'irst l'leslivteiinii
cl., I, i... p....r.,u... i i ' .. ., .
Tl - I T ...j ' ii-.-"! illll ,(
, ..,,, .vusuii.vic. wm, luminal Cillefie nf TIiciiIiimv ,,
I.., inn. 'Il I... Iter II it,.u ,it Ii.. I !...(.. ... P..
.' '' 1 iieni i till ill .Miiiiern Unrli.
'-'ii'M, ii.'i ni.iiii- in i lias ,i. I'lizniirl,, ,! U'eiits nf Miniiinnisiii
,n I'liiuiinein nun man ul Ilia I section, , nn.l I In 1st inn
wlni was in tlie city this morning.
I n
Horrors! Wo inc deserted, for
' sahcii! "
Thus thought .laiiii's Ii. Itain, leading
mail of the stirrinu drama, "An Ameri
can Citizen,'" which was lieiny iiescnt
ed at the asylum last nijjht i" the way
of dress rehearsal by the juniors of
Willamette university, ns the curtain
nue for tho fourth act and he iitced nil
eniity bouse. Tile iiiuliciice unit oiiel
What iictiiijj they iinist have done to
create such nil effect !
And when Kuid Kllintt, Aunt Curplas
niece, wallieil onto the stn(je she -was
met by the vast vacancy ol the audi
torium nlso. She mis minimised, (So
was J tn i ii. ' It was no ood to uu on
and nlve "ll l'lay an empty bouse.
"What shall w. tin, Professor Mil'.'
.ruriiiy(" tried nil uctur, as be lushed
on the staue.
Shall tho Play Go On?
"Shall the play (jo on.'" (pieried an
other. The leading lady, Miss Piunces Hit
tins, was nsiiinidii'd. The climax of the
third act nal liccn K,'''a,i '"e scene
The lea. liny man scrulclied bis
lie was piizlcil.
Hill llie pl.iv had tupped, it ml where
there sninilil hate been the scene of a
vital ilriiina a mihiij; mob of cnllee stu
dents .stun.! anxiously wnitiiiu. fur
oinctliiiin lo happen. Then an attend
nut came.
Aha! Ipl
The iliinl a
if cN.-itini'lii
vciv ha.l
llllli'l lie I'M"
All jitneys stop at the Jitney Coffeo
I 'lull, l-'.l I unit.
Butterfly danco tonight. Mooso hall,
. ..
! The following parties have bought
1'nnl aiitiininliilcs within the Inst week:
Mis, llei'iiiau lieicli, Muclcav, II, C,
Sinter, Siilem; I'onillil i'lilli, turn I unite
il; Hi uue tV Son, Wnndhui 11 ; '. K. Hen
limn, I in n. 'i ; It. I', tvichanlsnn, Salem.
Twenty ouo llie meals $'J.7.ri.
17'.' Sniilh I iiiiiiuei'i'ial.
I RUN lis
We have just received a shipment of Trunks from the fac
tory. We have had so many calls for trunks that we have
decided to add 4 trunk (or rather a traveling) department
to our store. This is our first shipment. Another will
arrive in n few days, lie sure and call if interested. We
guarantee to save you at least 10 ; . Trices on trunks from
$3.75 up
home iFURNISntRj
None Better
Only $19.50
Hi'. Sher
Science in a erv ilmr.
ougli and ciitet'lniiiine, style.
Bringing of tho Rnrrere Ensemble to
I the cnnsl is the nature nf an uc.iieve
1 nieiit since its Milieus members me nf
: filiated with the. lending uicliesl ins nf
New Vinl. It will iiioImiI.U ..i 1..,
I possible to have them njiaiii so' far west.
Mtcry music lover slinald hear them. !
j The Fraternal Aid Boelety held a
'special ses, inn las' night nt llurst hall,
, which included seveuil addresses ami
'a luuiipiet. Aiming thnse niulting shoitl
tallts were f. Canlwell and Mis, ir. I
I - It 111 11 11 . .Itilin l. Turner i president
jot' the society; Mrs, ,. M. (lilsnn, vicej
I president, and Mr,, , .', Southwiek,'
'pa-t state representative. i
Dr. 0. A. Wisllconus, M. D. Physician
lor preservation inn I rcstmatiiin v(
health. Hubbard bldg.
W. M. Hamilton, prostdent of the .
roniineicial club, went to I'oillan.l to .
day tn confer with inembers of the
I'oitluiiil t hiiinber it) Coiniuerce and I o ;
further investigate the methods fnl-'
lowed in Portland when the vitiitius
en ic bodies w ere t'liiisolidateil into one
The Barrcre Ensemble, although only
entering its sixth season, is eonsideied
one of the leading factors in general
musical advancement. Its series of an
nual scasiin concerts In New York never '
fail ol' their huge and enthusiastic and- 1
icuceK. j
Att'jr Oraud B. Corby has moved has
law office to second floor I'. S, Hunk
building-, room -0 1 20.1.
Nowi was received in Salem this
luorniin; of the death of Mrs, .
( hiblers, of Moscow. Idaho. Mrs.
Chillier, with her husband, win, dj,.,)
some time atfti, formerly resided hero
and Is remembered by 'the older resi
dents. She was an only sister nf the
Isle John Ashley, of 704' North Cottage
street, Slid also tins B number of close
relatives living In r near Salem.
CotUge Hotel, on rront and Court
streets, Mrs. Jessie Heat, iriirieties.
U oo in and board til per week.
Among those who left on the eleetrle
lhis muMiing to uttend the state Stiiidav
I he pla;
i was so stroll",, so full
and tense action, thill
ludcil il was all that
I lor mid that it clused
I Illll!
Ihal when the
il uas believe
curtain was
I the show
I In I
Audience Comes Back,
the aii'ficMce was gone.
'! I i i i ; liiein back auain
iiiuliciice was brought
jet n wm v fur and the
up mid the play went
Illicit 1 'II 1 1 I'l I III'
j ... they cimlil net
, lines were picl.eil
ineriih' tel.
! The j i i i i - in the university liav"
exci'ptiiiniil talent in the nutiiiul piny
j this year im. the uctiiiK t Inst night's
dress rehearsal wns very eiedituble.
The parts weie taken with ease mid
gnico and with such suieness that the
production took on tile uir of the pro
fessional. The uiidience whs keen on
the humor ami suuppeil it up with
avidity. The rehearsal brought out that
Miss l''ranees (littins, who impersonates
an Knglis'n lady of liinh class, jdnys
with n high degree of art tlie difficult
and exacting role. Mr. Ilain ustonish
id his friends with the capable inter-j
pretatinn of the I'liaructei' of lleresfurd
Cruger be renderetl.
The asylum orchestiu furnished the
music for the evening.
To Be At Opera House.
The pluy will be given at the peni
tentiary tonight if iiri'iingeinents can
be made with the officials. A couple of
dress rehearsals will lie held in the
(Iriiiid before Sntiirday, and when Sat
iiidity evening appears, when it is to be
staged, it will be an exhibition of dm
inntic acting that will be worth seeing.
Those who compose the cast are:
llcatfi'ce Coren, lending hldy, Miss
Kl'linces (littins; llere.sCoid Ciiigei',
lending man, ,1, l. Ilnin; Peter lhnbury,
head, a keen lawyer, Arlie Walker; Mr.
'lirowii, the villniii, llowiii'd .leuctt;
Miss t'niola Cliapiu, a seiitiineiitnl old
mi ill. Miss Ucryl lllt't! Stroebei, n
during speeulntor, linns Schraeiler;
Miss (ieorgia Cliapiu, Aunt Cnrola's
charming niece, Miss Kuid Kllintt;
l.ndy lliinii, a stylish Knglisb lady of
nobility, Miss (lenevieve Avisoli; Sir
1 1 ii in in rev lliinii, a prejudiced eccen
tric ICiiglishnian, John (liiryj Willie
Hiiiiii, ii dutiful sou, Tiulihiiiii liilliert:
Annette, a cute niiiid, Miss l.niiia li'uss;
Siinins, the sunlit bi.tler, Kred Mc.Mil
lin; Meiciirv, the slinp liov who likes
'oily mill luistliiigtoe, eKith Chappel;
r'lower Veudor, diincing' niiiid, Miss
Helen Wustell; clin iis girls: Anna h'y
So an, Ada Uoss, Ii lit ! Winters, Klmo ulil-
Manager Grakr Says No'
Boycott Was Ever Planned j
Or Threatened j
The following signed statement of the
status of affairs existing regarding the I
Salem military bund was given out this
morning by il-uinger Oraber:
" Replying to the several articles which
wen the outrovvlh of the article up-j
p.:it'ing under iho enption of "Musi-'
fill's union hhi!ir'jKCil with P. K. Bund 1
nml plan boynott, '' J wish to state that j
theru ih no (iisug.-eoirent between the
ntuhieiiins' iissoiHiuion and the curiueii'ii'
Imnd, nml t lint ii b,y :trtt was never j
pl inned f.r thr.'ati'iietl jy the former or-1
"There has never been uny complaint !
ugninst the cur boys band filed or cun i
sidereil by the musicians' association, j
and while I am nut entitled to speak !
of t'iciiilly, being only the manager of
the Salem bund, whose members belong
to the union, yet I believe I voice the
sentiment of the organization when I
say that the car boys are held in high
esteem by the associated musicians.
"Referring; to the article which ap
peared in tho Journal yesterday and
signed by an interested musician. Sure
ly this gentleman, who states thnt the
bund charges tlneo prices, would not
professionally parade the streets for the
sum nt 70 cents. He would be com
pelled to do so were ho to charge ae
cording to his own statement. The
scale of the association for street work
is ifC.OO per mnn, and I will state that
we have never exceeded this charge, )2
per nan. While our critic, is doubtless
a good honest citizen, yet I believe that
he is either ignorant or the scale ot
prices, or else has a depreciated idea of
the value of musical services.
i "We as an oruanizntio liliave voted to
assist the civic organizations in boost
ing whenever it is possible to do so free
of charge, but we do not believe we are
asking too much when there is an en
gagement especially given by private
interests that w who are striving tn
lniild up a first-class band for the city
be iiuid a reasonable sum for our ser
vices. Iu no other wny can we hope to
maintain a bund ot which the city may
feel proud. Most of the members of
the city bund are business men or .siiicm
we must of necessity niniiitain a few
professional men, and to have success
in any organization some money is re
quired. I say to our critics that I be
lieve they will find the members of the
Salem music association to be ladies and
gentlemen who are anxious to make Sa
lem a recognized music centre, there
fore if there be any controversy or divi
sion come to us as tin organization, and
if your suggestion is is a worthy one
I feel that it will be favorably consid
ered, x
Damon's Spedai
'or Toianrrn,.,
MT ii
vanned Fruit ,
7 s. of Sugar for '
BrbMk Potatoes, per
Vim Hour, made from
test hard -w ... M
aWe. at .,,
, 1
Creamery Buteer, ft...'.,
S33 North Cora'l
Hunt ts
llibit. Tin. fir.i ... .... .
of. the White "ihin,.' ui
"Sunset," hy 1,
die,, hope to raise enough hti I
the Hlllt- of t I'lrnt. t l.
ouch school room. '
More Hum 40 KnigM, mttVi
from the Silverton lo.lBe willk
city lust eveiiiiiii to nt, 1 ik. ..
sessidii of tiic lo.lge in tkriltki1
evening, lk'si,cs Silverton ikiJ
llillslioro, Albany, I'milanJ Mj j,'
rorn. sent representatives. Tltte
team for the evening's work
up of delegates from Ilillsbon. .
ton. Alhiniv ami Sial. Tl..ffi..,i
monitor was taken by lit. hW i
llillslioro, one of the belt ii tit i
and the work of king bv Knits
(Iviint, of I'ortlaiiil. WilMJIiHu
Albiiny, wns cliaiu'ello, mmk
Knllowilie tin. Iinniiiipt iiI'Iulu. u
hi:i il- by Willard Mmli, of .tlw- J
Judge W. W. Cake, of Portiia-L t'
Kriink S. v ! in nt, of Portland
Washington, April S-Sf(li,r
M'i"lw l..'l-,v i,iin..lll'.,lf'i
wiiiinni lii'iison r-Dffitrii, rtwajiojit
of ,hc riiilailelihii anwlmlii
choice for t-liief of tie taw il mi
operations ia Other Korls to
iieaii or inc navv,
iug, Kdith I. in listen, Kvu lloguc, liiitli
lludge, I ,n ii i n linss.
I'lolessor Wallace MucMiirruy, of the
Knglisb ilepnitinent, bus been spending
a considerable part of his lime in di
recting the play, lie was well pleased
with the rchciirsul last night.
Alice Jary, Local Telephone
Operator, Receives Sad
News of Parent's Death
"I'll'lll I'OIIVl llli,
I'nitliiinl. wcic
1 1 11 111 Mill 11. 1 . Mis,
Huberts, Mr. T;
ii now being held in
A. 11. Pool, William
A, tl. Dawson, ('. M.
Iliiiun, Mrs. Illiss, 11. II.
Mrs. Hunt. Salem will
. iil.'d at the com cnl inn
i ii In r delegates re pre-'
lent cliiirches lett yes
iiid his coiinlry was similar to hundreds
of others, interrupting his studies at
a foremost (lemma universitv.
Have you visited tho gallory exhibit
ol the I'Vinne Shop A; (iil'teiy nt L'7II
North Couinii rcinl ; Visitors wtdconie.
Anderson ,;u
be will 1 1 1
today as tin
seating tuc ,iii,
leidav nun i i ii,
.'. o ! Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Pike and Mr. and
rrites for the Banere Ensemble$2, il'-i,'' ll.vnrs, of Newberg, fonned
l.'i". l. T.-. Mail orders received " auloniobile party which
niitv. iniide the trip to Salem early yesterday
morning, spent toe day visiting with
Hundreds ef
Siliii 11 ml l.ilic
cilll, Visitms
Mrs. L. K.
letter fiom i
Wtdlweber, u'
iug thai hci
hud I i I, ill
Perthes, I'rinic
published si'M i
itnl .Innriial s
mi'lit as a ii
in my. Ilii) '."J
pictures at the Frame
v. J7H North t'tiiuiuer-
w clcoiue.
Pn;e ii in receipt of a
'' -inter, Mrs, Leouliiiril
llnnover, (leriniiny, slat
I'l.Mt son, l.ciiiihanl. Jr.,
ed In a rifle pit near
. March IH. A letter
I weeks ago iu the Cap
l.c of this son's enlist
iiteer in the fleiniau
cars of age, bis call to
Irieiiils in 'he cupital city and retiirneil
iu thi cool ul' the evening. They re
port the minis iu first class condition
between here mi. I the thriving little
Yamhill city on the Willamette and a
most enjoyable, trip. While here they
vbitcd at the homo of Mr. ami Mrs.
.lames I'isher, on North Cottage street,
former residents of Newberg and old
Do not fail to soe exhibit of Copley
color prints at the l-'raine Sliiip &
(Iil'teiy, 'JTll Norlh Coiuuiereinl.
Your Eyes Our Glasses
Combine the two nml have comfort. Our business is
to brinjr WRONG EYES and RIGHT GLASSES togelh
''. Our work is guaranteed.
Miss A. McCulloch, Optometrist
208-209 Hubbard BWg. Phone 109
Huffiilo, N. Y., April 2S. Special to
the Capital Journal.) William Henry
Jury, HKcd ii!", father of Sidney Jary,
residing in Salem, dr., was drowned at
Albion, Xew York, today. Ho is sur
vived by a wife and 12 children.
Local inquiry concerning the above
dispatch elieits'the information thnt the
deceased lias a daughter, Miss Alice
Jiirv, who lives in Salem a guest nt the
linnie of Mr. iind Mrs. John Barker, Jr.,
at HUH Nebraska avenue. She came to
Salt-in iibmit three years ago from her
hoine in New Yoik. and has made her
Imme at the Barker residence ever
since, the Harkers being old family
friends of the Jnrys in the Kast. My"
Jiirv is enuiliived as nil operator for the
Pacific Telephone and Telcgral" 'nm'
pnnv here, ami upon receipt of the new
of her father's sudden death, she wns
prostrated with grief from the effects ot
the shock. -Miss .Miry is ii .veins "
nml one of the sad features of the in
..i.i...,t i. tl... t'.,..t Unit she is ent'iil.'i'il
to be miir rietl to John William UurUer,
sou of Mr. ami Mrs. John Barker, Jr.,
the wedding liuving been silicdulcd tn
take place some time next June. Ti'J
n ipt of the sad news trom immc
doubtless have a tendency to mar th
happiness of the nuptial event.
The mail clerks in the post office to
day are busy sending out and distrm
nti'ng flmin pounds uf mail in the toim
..i ... .....u..,1 fi-niii nn eastern
i'l ill i II nil; iiiik IV....--
mail order house. These cntnloiiucs
were shipped bv freight to Salem an"
from here mailed to all parts of west
ern Oregon and ns far east ns Baser
City. The postage nn the "'"""'jf
these catalogues amounted -''', '
iTIils is prettv fair evidence that me
' mail order houses are working
' for business, ns these catalogues '"
from a New Kngliind house, very li"'
known iu this state.
i This erening the pupil of VMf'
ton scliool (formerly Kast schoo . '
. . .i... ......irhini in the tin
'iliturinm vt th public librarv, wi
1 .. ... . :i. im 1..M.I1T held, l"
f i. i tticoln sell""1'
morrow nnemooi. ... ..liorsdnv
will have the prngmni, mi
l tl, Pink school. Pn"' w "
: ' . " . . i ...lis tin
be given to the senom
. , .-.I In III' (A
Auspices of
"THE Fir
George Ade Comedy
The Great Lazejn
In a Conipi"' vi-program
Adults IOC
""Twnti - .
'Th. only fc t)0- 'y
A Hon A"'i tmI
Both Phone
all I IVIH I
. . j.
1 .tlTfl IS
it ... mf
, I.eae v--;,.w in. -
jii:3U , ,it it (
il ' :
greatest number ot ui"1"