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(Continued from Page Two.)
u,.in,i supplied by Air. liuzzi,
n l-iuiwu 111 II lIMl'l uh mi uiciirmru
'Ilk'1"". ,.. .1.1
1'uitliiii'l as nn orcliestra!
,-,..,nr a ieantns mm utiu u uii-.. - - - v,
I . iiioi,.. of admirers was the chil- .aunhet Tuesday night, the. young
corn?., the cdy thing of the "'iiHicana, seated at two pianos, .play-,-
i the mounds. A child's .loll-1 lM" s Hungarian Overture iu per-
lu" , ..: i
. i .1.. f...... h..( - tl. i,
house, 1 . , . ,
v!,V's ark,' a really pretentions strue-
tZ into which, across the end of the
l"rtl . .... (.- 1
L'iccijic Mollis uuu. u
.L . ...,,.,, u nm eccti rn on irniinr
hv two." every animal known to !
j child's anini
- inw
al book being represented. I
The grown-ups were delighted with the
bi!.lih toys, ami taey were delighted
fith the punch served iu another room,
tti with the dancing, and with every,
thing else. ' '
I The Barrere Ensemble, the famous
tub pailoral band, has won the high
lit possible indorsements not alono iu
Jiew' Vork, where its subscriptions con
rts have lor the last six years been
wtahlishod events of the season, but as
itcll in all the other mnsie centers
ihiouiihout the country where it has
iiK'jiod. Novel and unique to a de
cree, it yet represents an educational
iiovoitient of extraordinary value, in
that it opens up a knowledge of theso,
all'ioo neglected instruments, and the
splendid literature which exists for
tk'iu which, with tho expansion of the
orrlk'stia, tell into disuse. This at-
traction cumcs to the armory May 4th,
1 ' TV members of the High School
t tik'e club are practicing arduously un
i &n die direction of Miss Mjnnetta Ma
) Ji'U, and will be featured on numerous
'; froKranis later. Tha club is composed
'5 f Ktrl llca.lrick, Hurry Mills and Roy
5, Barber, first tenure; Frank Zinn, Vic
tor Heed and Tillman i'errizo, second
). tenors I vn u Schomuker, Kdward Clark
ami. Trances Walch, baritones; Max Al
fjnril, William Sherwood and Theodore
liiiic, bass.
A pretty children's party was held
. al tlie li.niic of Mr. and Mrs. George
;, MiM.'r, on front li i oiuinercial street,
; j Wcilaesduy afternoon, when school j
frii'ii'is nf Miiall H-yeur-nld Cleina Sail-
.r sathcicil to surprise her mi her I
J'irili'lay anniversary.- .Mothers of the I
:l!tilo guests arrived during the alter-
Mis. I'i.ivil .Martin niid the
fHrm'.ois ut' the honor guest, Miss Delta
Tii'ai.l, Mt Julin Iverson and Miss
;'iM Tcii.plc, of the Lincoln, coining
'jitiT si liunl hours. The children pros
f.t 't v.ere: h.inithy Hudson, Helen
Ute. 1'icdfrick Arpke, Helen Will
f'fii Teuy Wn Idler, Anna Mel ni ire,
vi:"'.'!! I.i'in,!, and Udell Matthews,
' line
i s.iu,
x), Mr. Will Jim Cuiiitnings Story, of
.''in- Yeik, ;, last night re-elected
Jj 'M i' nt ji iicinl of (he Daughters of
"" Ameii. an IN viiliit ion over Mrs.
,;' i.ic- T"i.:it .1:. c lliierir-ey, of Kansas,
fj vi virte ot (V.ir, lU Pi, says a dis
' l""'!' nt ttcliioiluv. ;all'.in' contiu-
inhliiinlit. l-'ioni early
'I members of the con
" li the pulling place,
,:i')iiiics I,,,,; V i .... i in-
grew iilc-i
ttll'-l.' III:
'1' 'I. ,m.i ,,rl.-i t.. k, ..,,,1
'illi'flee el.vti
.'d '
.1 (lie
IUM mi
.1. I
i-'iI in n!M,, ii r .
I'm- the Stit'V
,v:i leni '
I'ler. u
li'eii was re- 1
nail ing final i
loii. up. hi receipt
inil-lleilge.l or
ii U .-1 1 itics lie-
lu I u ill l
'' Linn, of I'.iithind, i'
''(' ' "'I as the guest of
'n I'l.-k. She was it n at
'he la-t pnty given by
min.or" club, which took
iglit. Tiii - club, which is
nieiiil'i'i s of tin. vn. mi,.
.Ml- I ;
,,ti 1 1. i :u i
,tl I
';l!' h,
' "h- i.,i .1
n.l'O n:g 11 delight fill ser-
luring th,,
lo diote
i ci-reat inns
winter, but is I
it'-, I.-.
tne tune
vd it
' in
ll.Ollt ll.
,:i: na tl ,,
t,,.il; i,t 1( .
t I,'
4H Mis. Ii
:i yearly custom of gather-l-iith'luy
of Miss Hcatricf
I '('low ing ,-iose f i ieiuls par-
'"-pitalitv Wednc'lay even-
n Marion street:
M'lnms, Mis, William Kos-
V Baker l, l.'.i;,l, in
y , -' '""in . leu .
; B. Duii'-an ami
'!lni I'lineaii.
i: Tt
l ii-t Cungregational church was
Wl'll llill-i,. 1,,,,',-w i.. .i. I
;i:.e:r ,
,'' ! :i-
.,'"'".. nn"
"nigs, when upils of Miss
'Hon w,re presented ill
recital this year, older
''Old the second night, be
';.v Miss In,.. Heiiison, vo
Viola Vercler Iloiiuan, vio-
' t ieiti a iiili.,11.. It,...,!. ...)
i, innilll null
'""i'a i'liii'ini, aeennpanists, and
'"' '"niir, clarinctiMt. C-imllv
f piano recital their
'. f'-r
a"! ,1.
I, ,.
'lis a,
wuli thoiighiB ' niosical
alike and chosen
than to display
exterity (
be said
if the player. I
of either oi l
""in programs bell
' xn 7a'e '"lubie of wood-wuid
HS'Mwhiii,,! .,mn,i pi, mm ... i . il ...... ...p... .1 iWM"P(FFWW'flw P'l'H1111"""""1 " """ rl "" 1 11 111 1 " n i , - M , -p i it! pi i m 1 1 1 in' ii ' I 1 1 III i I i r - i ii T i i Pfinp niw p '
neither too long nor too short, and
while they showed to the rv
advantage the musical' ability of tho!
s iv.iuiiniiB, Mm w numbers
were of sufficient diversity ami melod
iousness to leave the audiences iu the
same state ot interest and appreeia
tion which they had shown at the close
of the first numbers. Splendid ensem
ble work characterized the playiujj of
Alice linker, Gladvs H,i,li,,,-i " u.,n.
,,..7 "
ihchuitz and Mi die. iiei.l in tl,. ,.,..,.
lect lime ami rvtliein. KI1711 ,.n, (',.. ir
riel and Luis l.oinltiiinon.- hnti, ,l.-;,,.r
. Vs .s
tl'cif lir8t eppeurance
f'1 wit
lections had been wiv
. . -....j ., .,,..
111 pilllllf, SllOW-
ith which their se-
lections had been
worked out, both
!,lav"'g Wlt eae and sureuess. Beth
Bedford carried the march motif clever- j
. , . , , ,
ly through the "March des Tambours."'
a pleasing composition by Smith. "Tumi
o "Shutter, " by Warren, was realistic-1
ally descriptive as interpretated by
Altn Johnson. Kthel Rupert and Alice
Baker gave the general favorite, Men
delssohn's "Midsummer Night's
Dream," playing brilliantly and with
precision!. Until Redtord, the vouimest !
on the program, surprised with a mem
orized interpretation of Iiarward's
"Air de Ballet." Kxcellent musician
ship was demonstrated by Kthel Rupert,
who not only has good technique but a
very musical our as well. Mildred lieid,
a tulented young girl, played one of
Leschetizky 's Mazurkas with freedom
and correctness. The difficult
"Spi.inlicd," by Lilolff, was wdl ren
dered by Agues Halsnll, who intelli
gently brought out the idea of the
piece throughout her playing. Gene
vieve Yauuke gave most delightfully
"The Clown," by Thome, depicting by
her playing the principal and environ
ment of the bullet. Laura Arenz gave
a double 'number, "Minuet," by Pa
derwski, and "Coupee Valsantte," by
1'oldini, from memory, greatly pleasing
with the beauty of her interpretation.
Gladys llurbert contributed Singing's
"Hustle of Spring," being ut all times
self-possessed and entering into the
spirit of her number completely. Many
in the audience who were in an niitho'ri-
itativo position predicted brilliant
thin;:s of Alice Baker and liuth
Schultz, who concluded the program,
, not because it is customary to do so
jilt the end or a program, but because
the vplemlnl execution ot their 1111111-,
ber, "Country Unnce, ' by Nevin, de-!
served it. Mrs. Iloiiuan played most I
chnriiiingly, so much so, indeed, that
she was obliged to respond to encores.
"1 h" Sing of the Soul, by Uriel, giv
en by Miss Denison, Mr, Skinner, Miss
Dun. 'an mid Mis Shdton, gave par
tieuliir pleasure, the iust rumentnl trio,
in wMch Mrs, llolmali, Miss I foot Ii and
Miss Slielton appeared, being received
with eipial enthusiasm. The program
in which the small Colli look part Mon
day night was as follows, .Miss Kinn-
Klein, reader,
ti 1 1 ' I Lorenzo Snnp-
Solo and eliorus-
Solo 1 ' Sluinbcr Sea ' '....
..( hilholiu
Flora J-'letclicv.
(horns "Fairies From Fairyland"
Co'istanee Vnniis, electa Ferry,
D.irella Anderson, Ile-sie Siddall,
Vnlleila Oliinart, Klaine Foster,
Lornine Fletcher, Kdwina linker.
Mn.n l;n. Andre
Kenneth Wilson, Margaret McMalmn.
Song of tin- Hold I'ixie Brown
Winifred lieinhart.
Song of Ihe Canur.v, I'retiy Star ...It.nv,.
Constnnce 'i(ntis.
l ih
Dell :...W,vldin
Cani'ine Fust.
Melody from II Trovutoro..
Floia Fleti her.
Miithfu! Moments
Francis Ward, Ksl'ner
Maiuinv 's Crii'lle Siing
I.oiniae l''leteher, l-'lora
Chase of the lluttei flies
Licliuer j
. Kiigetniuiiii
Miller. i
Dorelle Anderson.
The Music Box
K.ith Bedford, Kvn Miles
Song id' the Birds
Francis Ward.
Kddys Kevnohls,
Dance of the .Nvinphu ....
F.sihor Mill
llereein-e Slav
Lorenzo Sim;'snn.
( Aecoinpanii .1 by Lolo Simpson.)
Muit'orerlie Dvorak
Hvn b'aadall. Mnrjorie llinton.
Japanese M.ai.en Gaynor
Fiaii"is Ward.
lien. ling Selected
Kin in fi I i no Klein.
II T nival itre Dorn
li'uth Bedford, Helen Mcliiturff.
For the- second lime the Oregon
theater was crowded Thursday night by
Saleu. people eager to support the Snlem
Militiuv band, and for the sc. nnd timei
the capital c it V enthu"iastirallv wid-
eotned the local artists iu their special
ties. The entertainment was enlivened i
more than usual by the inlrnsion of
several inembeis ii' local nnd visiting;
I-' 1 L ni,,, :i... .. i ,,. il,., uii'
se-iakinj tin, star niM-fnrmer to Ihe FIlis'
( homecoming. Miss Nellie Uobcrts. nlto.j
Was much iMOiroeintr-il in Motors, anil was'
compelled to respond to hii enthusiastic
Tl,.,.. I ,1,1
incut on the great improvement of he
uinUunienta which come to tha ar-
... , .v.- n
Commons Mission
241 State street. On Suu.lav at 3 p.
in. Rev. (5. R. Miller will preach his
farewell sermon before starting on his
great prohibition campaign in Cali
fornia. Services nSn.lav evening at
I 7:30 j also on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Friday evenings at 8 o "clock. J, li.
j Coow, Supt.
South Salem Friends
Corner South Commercial and Wash
ington streets, II. E. Peniberton pastor.
Bible school at 10 a. m., B. C. Miles
superintendent. C. E. meets at 6:4") p.
m.; all young people invited Meeting
for worship and preaching at 11 a. in.
and 7:4.') p. m. Trayer meeting Thurs-
ulv l
7:45 p. m.
Nazarene Taheruacle
North 19th nnd Marion streets. Sun
day school 10 a. m., Win. Dennis super
intendent. Preaching 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. Young People's meeting
6:30 p. m., topic. Life of Daniel. Gen
eral prayer meeting and holiness rally
Wednesday 7:30. Everybody invited.
B. W. Shaver, pastor, 1503 Waller St.
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Sunday services aro held at 440
Chemoketa street at 11 a. m. and 8 p.
m. Subject of Bible lesson "Probntion
After Death." Sunday school at 9:45
a. in. Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting at 8 o'clock. The reading room
of this church is located in the Hub
bard building, suite 303, and is open
every day, except Sundays nnd holidays,
from 1 1 :45 a. m. to 4 p. in. All are wel
come to our services and invited to
visit our reading room.
Tlie Evangelical Association.
Chemeketn street church, corner 17th
and Cheniolicta street, E. C. llornschuch
pastor, residence 2118 N. 17th street.
Sunday services as follows: Sunday
school at 10 n. in.; preaching nt 11 a.
in. A special program will be rendered
in the. evening by the young people's
society of Kruitland, who will visit our
I young people's here and will have
I charge of the entire evening service.
; A goi.d program is prepared. The pub
I lie is heartily invited to attend, and is
i assured a treat,
First Methodist Episcopal Church
State it nd Church streets, liichard
Xoble Avison, minister. fl:li a. in.
Sabbath school, Messrs. Schramm and
IHlkey superintendents. 11:00 a. in.
sermon, subieet. "Tfie Christiiin Sab-
1 nt t Ii : Its Institution and Observance."!
I:'::U1 p. m. Class meeting, Mr. W. L.I
Cuiiimings lender. 11:111) p. in. the Kev.j
.1. O. Spencer will speak at the Old;
Peoples' Home. (!::!!) p. m. the Intcr-j
ni.diiite League, Mr. Ilr. S. T'iudley.i
suiierintendent. IIiltD p. in. the F.pworth
League will study, with ..Mii-s IK'Hn
Field us leader, "Social Achievements
ef Missionaries." 7:.'U1 p. m. the
Signs of the Times or the Moaning of
World Movei ts. Midweek Serv
ice Thursday evening at 7:,'!0 oVloek.
Curlier of Chcmeketa and
sired, Kichard F. Tiseher,
Suiidav school at ten o 'elm
Bible clnss at -10 o'clock.
k; adult
work since her appearance in Snlem
theaters some lini" ago. Miss 1,'nberts
ii well known in musical circles ami 'k
in leuiand frcpiently on first-class
piugiams. .Miss l'ii-cilla Fleming uguin
ciiptureil the aiiilienee wiiii uci exip.iie
ite M.niiish dull. -ing. She has the art
of i.iittiin' vivid i! v and grace into the
movements nmi steps that makes hci
,aiii ing a bit of artistic triumph, She
I was assisted by Willard Hull. Tom
jor.le.iaii was well received and ciick.
I iu vocal numbers. He will I'e a
.. . i . . i .... i i
regular leanire oi .oi- hiumi cik-. i i
o-'i.'iuis this fui r, as win also .mis.
Bailie Punish Hinges.
Mrs. Flunk G. Myers, of 2!l North
Cottage street, will entertain the moth
er's class of the First Methodist church
Tuesday al'lei iiiioii, beginning at hull
past iwn o 'elocle.
Tlie members of the Voting Women's
Christian Association are eagerly ami-t-iitiag
the coming of Dr. Anna Brown,
one of the nalioim! aeeretnries from
New York. Dr. Diown Will be in Salem
Friday evening. April W, when the reg
ular .piarterly meeting of the Y. W,
C. A. will be held in the purlins tl" the
First Congregational church. At this
tii.cting brief reports of ofliecrs anil
couimitti'cs will ho hoard, after which
Dr. ilrown will ud'lri ss tlie young worn-1 , ,,,ir, r or .letferson ami .N.
in. Light icfreshnienis and II social I winter ntretts. J. Montcnlm Hrowa,
hour will follow. Fvery member of the; ,UHr, jsunday -chool at HI n. in., C
MssotoatiKa is nrgetl to be present iis.Xt lioberts. iiperiiiteiiilont, Miss New
ell as nil women
who are interested.
"To Boost Salem
! i "Social Service Meeting"
t at the
! "A Greater and
! Better Salem"
i will be discnssisl by Mayor
if Hurley O. White, Principal J.' C
X Nelson, and Mr. George V.
J Kodgers,
Mrs. Carlton Smith will sing.
firing Your Friends.
Purify and Build Up the Blood with
Hood' Sarsaparilla.
In the spring your blood needs
cleansing .and enriching. y0u We
poorly, and there is more or less
eruption on your face and body.
Your appetite is not Rood, your sleep
Is broken, and you are tired all the
You need Hood's Sarsnpnrtlla. It
is the one safe and effective tonic
that ias stood the test of forty
years. It makes the pure red blood
that will make you feel better, look
better, eat and sleep better. It Is
the old standard tried and true all-the-year-round
medicine for the
blood and the whole system.
Ask any druggist for Hood's Sar
saparilla, and Insist on having it.
Nothing else acts like II, for nothing
else has the same formula or Ingre
dients, ind so there Is no real sub
stitute. Ciet It today.
service at 11 o'clock, subject. "The
Power of Prayer." Music by Miss
Inez Denison; Mrs. Viola Verelor
Holmau, violinist; Mrs. Walter Denton,
organist. "Social Service meeting" at
7:30 o'clock. "A Greater and Better
Salem" . will be the subject for a
Symposium, by Harley White, mayor of
Snlem; J. C. Nelson, principal of the
Salem High school and Mr. George V.
Rodgers; Mrs. Dr. Carlton Smith will
be the soloist assisted by Mrs. Walter
Denton. Everybody is invited to these
meetings; bring your friends.
Social Service Meeting.
At the Unitarian church Sunday
evening at 7:30 o'clock. "A Greater
aud Better Salem" will be the subject
for the evening. " Mayor Harvey White
will apeak '-for the city; Mr. ,).'('. Nel
son, principal of the Salem High school,
will speak in behalf of the Public
schools; Mr. George F. Rodgers will
speak from the plane of the progressive
businessman. A splendid program is
assured with Mrs. Carlton Smith
vocalist, nssisted by Mrs. Walter Den
ton. Kvervbodv is invited to invite
their friends.
Swedish Tabernacle M. E.
Comer South 15th nnd Mill streets,
liev. John Ovnll minister. Services nt
3 . ni. and 8 p. in. Everybody cordial
ly invited to attend.
German services at the St, John's Ev.
Luth. church, Kith and A streets, Ku
glewood. at JO a. m. Kuglish services
at 7:30 pjiiu., 11. W. (hiss, pastor.
German Methodist.
Corner Thirteenth an, I Center streets,
A. ,1. Weigle, pastor, Sunday school ut
III a. in. and sermon by Captain Loi'eii
zeu at II o'clock,,' F.pwunh League ut
"::ii and Bible study at s o'clock p. m.
First ConRrngationnl.
James Klvin, iastnr. Uegulnr services
on Sunday at 11 n. in. and 7:1111 p. in.
Sunday school meets promptly ut HI
o'clock, Prof. W. I.'Stalcy. superintend
ent. Hulijoct nf-Sddress to juniors nt
inuniing service. 'lSvo Frogs. " Music
by ipimtet. Sermon subject I'm' iiioruing
service. "Is the Christina life practic
able in this iniiilern ago, " Christian
Kndeav.ir iieeling at six thiitv. Sub
ject for evening service, " How. shall in
telligent Protestants approach the Ifo
man Catholic problem." Mid week
service Thnrsil'iy evening at 7:o". Sub
jeet for disens-ion, "Th ners:iti"ii
with the "'
in of Samaria. "
and Lighteenth streets,
r, i-astor. Suiiiluy school
divine, service nt Bii-'Hi
leng'.io lit Il;-I5 p. in.,
e in Lnglish ut 7 p.
nt !l
a. in
IU a. in.
Ig sel'i'
! "
Highland Friends.
Corner of Highland and Kim streets.
Our Sal, bath s' l I begins ut Hi a. in..
Karl I'ruitt, nipciinlendent. Preaching
services at II a, m. and 7:.'!() p. ni.
Chiistiitn Liiihinor 0:15 p. m. Praver
meeting Thurs. lay 7 :.'t0 p. m. Josepltino
llocki tl. pastor, phone 14iI5.
i w. c, t. xr.
I Key. II. V- I'.-inberton, of the South
i Salem Friend- duireh, will contlnct th'
; gospel service "ii Sunday, April 2.1th, al
I 4:0ii p. m. The public is cordially in
I vited to attend.
First Christian. i
Coiner High nnd Center, F. T Porter,
I minister. I':l"i n, ni. Bible school, Dr.
' II. C. Lpl' v. dip'tnr; 11 a. m. worship
li nd sermon, s.,biccf. "The Church";
jil::ill p. in. .-eino'ii, subject, "Bonds."
(loo. I music. Monday and Tuesday F.
I K. Billingtoii the Bible school specialist
will speak. Inlei'lominati il.
Jason Lee Memorial.
I nisi it. saponin
' incut. I'r I
I and nt 7 : -I" p
! Votilllltll S' Tl 1'
-ii.l.nt primary depart
,ig services nt II a. Iu.
in.. Fpworth League de
. nt I'c'Kl p. in, Stiangers
uelcome nt these scr-
lei lifl M. E.
I H: 15 a. in., morning ser
,, -erinon topic, "The In
' .liinior league II p. m. hp
n. :l p. iu., evening ser
in. .1. C. Spencer, pastor.
Hilde di".
vice II a. in
spired B
::i'i P-
First Presbyterian.
The patnr ' "'I IL Klliott will speak
to his .pmi"' congregation Sunday
i morning 'n p"ur tools. The subject of
the morning rmnn is "A Selfish lint
: Ilisnslioiis i I .'' In the evening the
'siibiei'l l "The Supremacy of I'uith''.
(imriet in the looriiing and chorus in
the evcttini:. '"'t. Walsh eoaductor.
Siimlsv school meets nt llil'i o'clock,
Glen Nib s s . eiinteiitleiit.
! Kugeiic, 'ir,, April 2l.-llggert
iTronsen nf Kugcne and ( harles Cole
'of ( nburg were drowncl In the M'
I Kciizie riwr tit ' olmrg Thursday when
their lion! capi(!i and they were,
thrown into lh water. They were
stringing a cable for a ferry. Trnnwn'
lis single, and yenra old. Cole w
married, having a wife and children.
Their bodies nine not been recovered. j
Canadians Suffer
Heavy Losses In
Big German Drive
(Continued from rage One.)
(if trenches between Steenstaate and
Lnngvmariek, about five miles from
Ypres, but this does njt g?ve the enemy
a new line, the war office stated.
Outnumbered, but tar from being out
fought,, the Canadian troops covered
themselves with glory iu resisting thei
rush of the Gcr ns, the official dis-1
patches reported. They were forced to
retire, but gave ground only when over
whelmed by the numerical superiority
of :he attack of the forces and threat
ened with suffocation by the nsphvxia
tin'g bomsb hurled upon'them.
Canucks Save the Day.
riven when torced to retire, the
Canadians saved the day for the Anglo
I'Vemli forces by si if ferine their ,1c
feuse and preventing the Germans from
penetrating the main line of the allies.
That the Canadians suffered ex
tremely heavy, losses is admitted. Un
der vid'ent artillery and shrapnel fire
and rifle and bayonet attacks they
stood their ground until it was obvious
a retirement was imperative. Thus
given a breathing spell, the Canadians
re-formed their lines under fire. They
then developed a surprising counter at
tack, recaptured four of the cannon
which had been- lost ami took numerous
German prisoners, including a colonel.
The strength of the Canadians was ton
far spent to permit the currying of this
offensive further, but they' stood their
ground until held arrived'and checked
the German charge which would have
undoubtedly pierced the main line of
the allied army.
Criticise United States,
(Hv Carl W. Aekerniau, Fuited I'ress
Stuff Correspondent.)
Berlin, via The Hague and Londmi,
April -1. With' Berlin newspapers bit
terly criticising the Fuited States for
(( fusing to put an end to the liuffic in
munitions to the allies in the note ot
Secretary Bryan to Ambassador Von
Bernstorff, it was scuiiof ficially ex
plained today that the attacks do not
lopp'scnt the. views of the government.
They stund only for the popular 111(1
editorial ride, it was slated.
General rejoicing prevailed through
out, German today in celcbriition of the
"mill anniversary of the entnince of
Grand A.liniiul Vmi
I'irpitz into t ho
navy. The adiiiiiall v
ailed attention
to the fact that the Nut Ii sea is now
elenr of the enemy with the statement
that Ihe
kaiser 's high sea sipiii'lroa had!'''' "' '''gion where a Gi'i'inaa of
'epeateilly cruised into British water"
without nieidinii the eneiiiv. It is ecu-
i nilly believed that a battle is likelv
in the near future ami ',,'nts nre thrown
out that the Fiejlish will be greiilly sur
prised by the character of the 4,'ciniaa
Tlie l.ol.al Aneiger. always rcgar.le,l
as a semi-of I i. ii.l organ, iu i oiiimenting
on I lie' mild ot Secretary Bryan to Am
iniss'i'lic Von Beiiistorl f, ilecliired thai'
the " Aniei i'-iin slniiilpoiiit can be ex-j
plained only by' piulits of the anna ,
luent firms."
Urmaii'i Will Not rorget.
" W'llshillljtoil ;,lio;;l, reeogllie (illlt
s.ich an atlitiidc on the part of America
t .j.eciily he f.iigotl. n hi Cer
' is tli iinieni ot Hie Vk is
i he .i it ung.
li, I'e-t hrailcl il ( anno, inceiii. 'lit ol
ihe A mi' t ii-ii ii 'le.-isjoi, wilh " A im i i' a
I- mlhi r Shows lis i liaiaitei . "
other pap. is din-clod hitter criticism
against the "tan. I taken by the Ai i-
ean gu el lllllent.
Battleship Damaged.
i-liington, Api il 2 I. " Accoiding
lilllde ililoi liilil inn a Bi it ish battle- I
In r.
.' p.
was sciion-ly damaged in the
din attack on the Ty ne .list 1 1
a -I ,l t eniellt issued I 1 1. in the ' "-I
embassy tie. lined hen' today.
'I'll.' -t.tlcliie.lt I'd' n. -I to the -,'
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sources said little damage was done.
Steamer Passes. Fleot, -i
hiistiania, April ). The steamer
llalvin, arriving here hiday, repurted
having passed a large German fleet in
the North sea west of Heligoland. The
I lec was in battle formation.
A submarine stopped the llalvin, but
after boarding officers had Inspected
the vessel it was allowed to proceed.
Submarine Sinks Steamer.
, Stockholm, April 24. A submarine
uiik the Finnish steamer Frnck ill the
Baltic, it was learned here today. The
crew is believed to have been saved.
The Fraek was a small vessel carrying
a cargo of irun.
Germans Make rrogross.
Berlin, by wireless to Snvville, April
-I. -The capture of another villane on
the west bank of the Yster canal, in
licnting u further enin by the llermaiis
and the Inking of more than Bmil addi-
tioual pnsoneis together with numerous
U"n :in.l munitions, was reported in an
i""""" '"ciueiii iikii tne war oi i ice
I o'ltiuucd heavy fighting Is indical -
'tensive is now iu piogress uud all at -
i tempts of the British nnd French to
regain territory lost yesterday have
been repulsed. In the Champagne re
gion an incident of the French shelling
tliei.- own trenches is reported.
" temptH of the eiieiiiy to reeaptlire
I "t territory north nnd northeast of
yles t'aileil,'1 the statement asserts.
" fa,1 number of our prisoners was in
'reiiseil to 2I7U. hi addition we took
o-'i 'anni'ii, a huge i-unilier of iiiachiiie
gmi'i and .uautilii'H i,l' inunitious, ,
" A'est of the Vser canal we look
! l-iz-
! d '
i ne by stoi ui.
In the t liiimi'iigne region ive blasl
he eiieiny's llemlies near Iti'iiii'iio''
The l-'ieiuh -1 1 1 1 1 . . I their HWIi
-lies then',
I'leliell lltlael.s lilween the Mellse
Mos, II, again I'm ill, I. Those H ho
red some of t he I i ei inn ii I roil I al
'lies Were cjorleil, Some progless
' lrei
, 1 nb
I roi
w as
le by our lolies ill l.el'ietl.
"Ill Ihe Vosgt
-1 1 1 1 1 opelalions
"'I'lie "ll-li'ii :
snow and fog pie
illinium remains nn
Think Unit'-'d Stales Unfriendly. !
',, e.'liagi a, Api il 21. - That Gcr
lei a, alt llillltv docs not lielii,t' in the plolestll
Itinns of loyalty ami fiieinbdiip of the
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Heventlow is declared to have said
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openlv hostile and cbmioI expect to par
ticipate iu the mediation at the end
of the war.
Danish Steamer Siozcd.
Copenhagen, April 21. The Danish
steamer Nidaiins, carrying a cargo ot
dairy products, has been seized by a
(lornnii cruiser and taken to Syltoe, ac
cording to advices here today. The
.Vidimus was bound for the Knglisb
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