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    APRIL 90. I0--"5
Sport News
Court House News
J. Seavey Carried Off First
Trophy of Trapshooting
Contest Yesterday
Amateur and professional trap shoot
ers gathered tit tin' grounds of tin- Ssi-l.-iii
Hoil nml (Inn dub Sunday :iml Mon-
When A. I.. Guorin walked into the
office of County Judge William HumIk-v
Isntiirdsir and asked tu bo committed to
tin- insane asylum, the judge "as very
jniiich surprised, ile was surprised ue
.r.i!7 ...jiise an insane person gorierully be
.350 i lioves he is sane and it in found noces
..Wisnrv tu commit those afflicted to the
.414 isv'liim on petition of others. Hut to
.41-' have a niun ulk into the office and
.4"0. atk to he put in the "bug" house was
an altogether new experience. The man
went uwny Ijiit returned yeterdtiy after
noon i t it the physician 'h papers all
ide out n ad ready for Judge Hushey a
, J signature. 1 he papers were signed anil
the usvluui aiithoritii's notilieil. nut
weather ami a fast opening straggle, when they came they did not find
The Aberdeen Slack Cats, the new i.uerin. iinosugiino,. nr. ...... ...
, ; i ,.. u.:il tonol.. irh the 'his anxiety to get into the asylum
opener fodtit
the season ut
l.os Angeles 14
Nan r'l'nncisco 11
Salt Lake H
I'ortland H
'euice 7
Yesterday's Results.
No games; traveling day.
Where the Teams Play Today.
Salt Lake at I'ortland, San Francisco
at Venice, l.os Angeles at Oakland
tarted to wulk out there without
He is tiU years of nge and has
lived in Oregon all his life and the
ciiuse of his attack is unknown.
Spokane Indians in the
and Victoria will start
V u iicoiiver.
Sweeping changes have lieen made
.!.. f,.r Hi.. ml annua reir stored every leani in un- mobile, ...u. ... ...r
tournament Shots from all parts of the did timers having been sent to the dis-1 , r(,h. U) t)lp rhiirKP of desertion in
northwest were present Forty-six par- card and lots of new and unknown iua-jt)le t.r1H -complaint filed in the circuit
ticipatcd in yesterday's contest while terial which shows up well has been put llJurt jn t, umVier f the defendant in
Sunday there were only about L'0. I im-ir poors, i.. me ....... , c tui, ,.,, ot lrv,ng Munee against .ien
next shoot will I
August or September.
Tlie followiair are the scores made by
The in their places,
held sometime next perts, .M.rtliwestcrn league teams are
taster and more evenly niatcneu mis
season than they have been in years.
tl.o iiiioitcors ill the H .lid registered in aclinic mo opening gon e or
tournament of the Salem Hod and (.Ilia preceded by the usual parade headed li
club, ir.l) birds being shot at: M or (.ill and the city councilinen.
,.,, ,-1, ;:;, i.,ie Hubbard ll't. M. League and club officials players ot the
Siildall I I" O Wilson l.'!7 W. Dal- contending teams and hundreds ot tans
iyn l.'i'J,' V. M . Fisch 140, 1.. Denni- will follow in automobiles
si.ii LI" I' II O'Hrien 1 Hi, F. II. Keller ! Mayor (.ill will hurl the ball that
:!X, .'" I'endietioi LIU. II. li. Kverdiag "ill semi the players on their way.
:.r. L. Itnvbiirn 114, F. Van Attn 111. ' '
W. McCormick Lis, .1. Seavey IXi. A.
Moore 100, lleorge Tobin 111, M. Kieh
a,d ll.l, W. (Inllock l.'IS, 1'. II. Haiti
more l.'ll, Dr. I.ianiger J.'l7, II. F.
Cusiek II. I'enrson 1 J. J. Clinton
IlN. H. IleAriuoiid Lid, .1. It. Alexander
l:!5, W. W. Huff lilt,
It. W. Harriet ILL L.
Final Results of A. A. U.
Wrestling Championship
me Hunce, un acrion-ior invorce, me
plaintiff alleges that he left home on
account of unbecoming conduct on the
part, of the defendtint toward vurious
men' He alleges he endeavored to se
cure a reconciliation but that she refused.
A ninrrigae license was issued yester
day afternoon to (Iwylan 0. Green, a
paper maker, of West Lynn, to wed
Lena a.Mrie Stearns, of this city.
San Francisco, April 20. Following
W. I!. Allen 14L are the final results in the A. A. I . nil
llauser Hi:!, I'uul tional wrestling championships eontest-
llauesr 1, A. .1 s LI2.
I'rnl'essioiuils 1 .1. Callahan, 1 L!. J.
It. 'id lill, L. H. Daraain U'i. K. It. Mor
ns 1 32, C, McKeaa Li.".. .1. Hull I:i5, II.
K. I'ostor 1 17,
l-'iftv birds shot at:
Aiiiii'leuih-I'. H. O'Hrien 4:1. M. lin k
aid 1 1, I.. Uavbiirn LI, II. Vench Ifi. M.
Si.blnll I'l. ()'. Wilson III, F. A. Keller
Pi. F. Templet on II, 11. 11. Lberding In, tVatcd
,1. Seavey 47, W. itulrymplc 15. A., pound:
Jones 1.1, George Tobin A. Moore ..s.
1'rofessi Is- 1'. .1. Holalian II, .1.
Itied I'J, L. I!. Van Armoii 10. H.
Morris -II, C. MeKeaii -!', .1. Hall Hi. II.
L. I'osloii ID.
First trophy won. .1. Seavey, 17: sec
ond trophv, K. II. Keaa, -Hi, and third,
1'. II. O'Hrien, 4": tied with Veach, Hal
ryinple, Jones. O'Hrien won lie 'l- mil
The lollowiiig are the scores made in
the preliminary contest Sunday:
targets breaks
Kd Morris L"n
I'. U 'llricn loo
C. Feller L'o
tt. Ilubbnrd L"0
I'. HoHigea loll
II. I'ostim Hilt
('. McK i L.o
J. Hull to'1
ed here last night
Iticluird Gondii', Lima, Ohio, defeat
ed Fail Kciim.ii, Krooklyn, HIS pounds;
Frank Glaho, Spokane, defeated II. Has
sit, Gary, Indiana, 1 l.ri pounds; Speros
Vorres, Chicago, defeated V V. Voseii,
Chicago, I'-Ti pounds; Oliver Uunchey,
Si'iittle. defeated John Kulks, Huston.
Llo pounds; David Hums, Spokane, de-
.1, ( oanelly, ( lucngo, 1 10
Hen Itiibica, Chli'iigo, defeated
George SaHtellc, Lehigh, I'ennsvlvania,
LIS pounds; Karl Cioblock, Chicago, de
feated C. L. Alloa, San Francisco, 175
pounds; Cndiloek also won the heavy
weight cliiiiiipion.-diip by throwing Allen
in that class.
H. McCoy, who just completed .10
days in the Marion enmity jail for dis
orderly conduct and whose time was up
on April 17. was turned over to Con
stable Ilollingsworth of Mill City b.v
Sheriff Fsch, taken back to Mill City,
and given a jail sentence of HO days und
u fine of $.",00 for bootlegging. In all
he will do practically 210 days of con
tinuous sentence; in fact, he will be al
most a steady public boarder.
, April Jo.- He nny lien
years ago one of the
pitchers in tiie Coast
eased by Manager Cliff
club to-
Van Ariiion
M. Siddall
II. Kvenliag
A. Mo.re
. II. Daliyiuple
L. llauser
I'. HllllM' '
Al Jones
(I. Tobin 50
. 150
. 150
. i :.:
. mo
. H'O
. loo
. II 0
. loo
I'ortland, Or.,
dersoll, seu-l'al
most effective
leiiL'ue. was rel
'"J Hlaakeiiship of (he Sail Lake
I"1 Henderson's failure to get into con
'''' ilitton was tlie reason for his disniissnl.
"J When the Salt l.u'ie team left hoine
' '' on the present tour, Henibrsiin was left
''' behind to work out. it being intended
' that lie should join the club here.
Hlaakeiisliip today cancelled this ar
' I" riiiigemeut and iiutiniiticcd Henderson's
,;'"' release.
(i'i , . .
During the present term of court
Sheriff William Fsch has delivered six
men to the state penitentiary. Fach one
pleaded guilty and saved the comity the
cost of trial. There were three for
burglary, and they got from two to
five years each; two forgers, and they
got from one to five vent's euch; and
one horse thief, and he got from one to
ten years. Had each one gone to trial
it would havi st the taxpayers from
150 to it'JOO. With this record Sheriff
Fsch feels that his office is efficient
anil serving the state well.
Zeppelin Type of Airship
Will Be Constructed For
Use of Navy
M i
S'J '
Northwestern League
Baseball Season Opens
Scuttle, Wash., April -'0.-- Lowering
skies nml early morning showers failed
to dampen the ardor of hundreds of
biiscbnll funs who have been counting
the hours until the opening of the
Northwestern league baseball season
here this afternoon when the Seuttl.
Giants and Tacoiuu Tigers will get un
der way for the season's flag race. Hv
nooa there was every indication of i lea.
Salonika, April L'O. The Turkish
fleet is inarooiied in the lllack sea. ils
coal supply rapidly Hearing oxhaus
t'ou, aetoriliag to reports here today.
I wo tor e,l boal desliovers attached
In the fleci have been sunk by Hussian
o-iuo aa.l la leinuinino vessels are
'..-I. iied In I'.' cut off fioui their base,
T':e Ku-'inmi were suecosl ill in lain
ag t le I'll 1 1 ll '.n to Hie l.osplioills while
I'.' YurUi-.li t'eit was operating in the
I't'iie', sea, the r. 'ports here stale. I'poa
lailii.g lo retiiiu, the TurUs scut the
' .'roers ahead, as mine sweepeis.
Two were blown up nn.l tlx- main 1 1 1
'of Hie fleet withdrew to moid disas
ter. Going v. ithout other minesweepers
i the Turkish, vessels are now uiarooae.l
: beva id the mine fii Id.
..",V:,.;;"'H,. .
,.Mf I Si
; 1 m
. IV
4' ,tWr-
4 h!f
J- '
:.,--' - " --
J. .. . . . . ,i
u . ' :': "W-
H X M If.
The jury in the case of Howard
F.varts Weed against C L, McNary, ex
ecutor of the Waite estate, an action to
collect money for professional services
rendered in drawing plana and specifi
cations for the K. M, Waiter Memorial
fountain in Willson party, returned a
I verdict Inst night ill favor of the do-
tendant. 1 he case occupied vesterdav
in court. Attorney MeNarv alleged he
was not personally liable and that the
sum could not be pnid as there was on
money in his hiiails belonging to the
estate, which was closed up in 191.1,
Building Permits
Issued Since April 1
Since the first of April, the following
building permits have been issued ut
the city recorder's office.
April ;i. Karl Chappell. one story
frame dwelling, North 15th, to cost $1,
100. April ll. German T.utliel'n Church,
lone story school building, 1515 A. street,
to cost ikl.00,
April 15. Mrs. Gaiitenbeiu, to repair
Iwelliag, North Cottage, to cost about
April Hi. ('. A. Lytic, for dwelling
house, 1155 Marion street, to cost J I SOU
April luth. A. Convert, one story
frame dwelling, 1S.I0 South High, itlliOO.
April 111. M, 1'. Dennis, one story
frame dwelling, 1440 State street, $2000.
.New York, April 2U. I'ncle Sam to
day opened bids for the construction
of 'two dirigible bulloons for the United
States navy. This is regarded as the
first step towards llie testing out by
this government of the value of the
Zeppelin type of aircraft, which has
already played a prominent part in
the Kuropean war.
Henry Woodhouse. chairman of the
dirigible eommittee of the Aero C'lub
of American, received from the navy
department last mouth, a batch of pro
posed blanks, and through the efforts
of Mr. Woodhouse, it is believed New
Vork aeronautical circles have become
interested in this latest effort on the
part of the navy to bring its aircraft
efficiency up to the high standard
maintained by Kuropean powers.
The proposals call for the manufac
ture of two dirigibles of the, non-rigid
type, which will nut be over 17.5 feet
long by fifty feet high and 115 feet
wide, capable of currying u load of
2,000 pounds or more, I'ncle Sam's
new dirigibloB must also be able to
ascend to at least .1.W0 feet with a
full load without disposing of ballast
and must be able, also to come down
not slower than six feet per second.
It's not an easy matter to build an
airship under such rigid ipialifications.
Not only must the craft have a speed
of 25 miles or so per hour but must be
uble to keep up such speed for at least
two hours. She will carry a ear with
an enclosed body sufficient to carry a
crew of S men.
Another unusual feature of the new
navy airships will he their ability, as
specified in the proposals of contrac
tors, to rest lightly on the water with
out damage nml also, to move through
the water at slow speed.
When completed, the new dirigibles
will be set up at the navv aeronautical
station, nt I'eusacola. Fin., where a
number of trials will be made to see
Hint the airenit't comes up to all re
quirements. Some of the stunts they
must perform are interesting.
The first test will lie lor speed, with
the dirigibles loaded to capacity. She
will make five runs ever a measured
course mid navv officers will thus be
enabled to check up accurately on her
real speed. The sc.imi.I lest will show
the craft's ability to "climb'' from
the surface of the water up to and be
yond Hie specified allilude at full
Once in the air, her height will lie
laken with a barograph and she will
begin the descent ill an effort to make
the sixfeet-aseinud requirement
specified in tlie coutruct. After these
tests are made, tin. airship will be re
quired to fly steadily for two hours at
a speed of 25 miles per hour or more.
She nnYst dining Ihe triul, maintain a
Forty-Six Aliens Are Deported
To Native States And
Countries Today
Two carloads of patients from the in
sane asylum left the city this jnorning
for deportation, or repatriation, to
eastern states ajid foreign countries.
The shipment totaled 4G patients, rep
resenting the largest that has ever been
sent away from the Oregon institutions
in the history of the state, and many
of them are to be sent back to Mexico,
Norway, Sweden, Italy, Kastem Canada
and other foreign countries. They are
in charge of Drs. J. ('. Evan9, of the
main institution, and J. I. McKelway,
of the eastern Oregon asylum, who will
go "lear back to New York City with
the patients.
Siace the first of the year 100 pa
tients have been sent out of tho state
from the main building anil the Pendle
ton braach asylum, which makes more
room at these institutions for the re
ceipt of more patietits and relieves the
congested conditions considerably. The
fund of $5000 provided by the last leg
islature for the repatriation of insane
patients and criminals trom this state
is just about exhausted, and there will
be few patients deported until further
provision is made, either by the emer
gency board or the next legislature, to
pay the expenses.
"To Think Calmly (s
Supreme Test" Says Wilson
Washington, April 20. Diplomats to
day saw no expression indicating a hope
of early pence in Kurope in President
Wilson's speech before the Daughters
'f American Revolution convention
yesterday but a strong renewed appeal
for culm neutrality by the United
" There are many tests by which a
nation makes proof of its greatness,"
said the president, "hut it seews to me
tho supreme test is self-possession, the
power to resist excitement, to iuin.
calmly, to think in moments of diffi
culty as clearly as it would think in
moments op ease to be absolutely mas
ter nf itself and its fortunes.''
Climax Is Coming
and Test For U. S.
WjKome With It
(Continued from Page One.)
today, of course, somewhat restrained
by a sense of responsibility that I can
not escape."
Referring to the war situation,' the
president said:
Times To Be Difficult,
"The times behind us, gentlemen,
reasoiiublv true course across a 15 mile i have been difficult enough. The times
puffy wind, la this same 15 mile wind before us are likely to be more dif
the dirigible must be brought to and j ficult. Because, whatever may be said
moored to a muring mast, released af-1 about the present condition of the
ter one hour, resume flight and return ! world's affairs, it is clear that they
to the li on-1 n shed. The tinnl test are drawing rapidly to a climax and
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(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas, Or.. April 20.-Mr. and Mrs.
I S. Loiighary entertained a party of
friends at fnio Siilurday evening in 'hon
or of Mrs. T. W. N'or'dby of Portland,
who for the past ten days has been n
iSiicst ut the home of Mr, and Mrs. J.
li. Aligned. After a pleasant evening
it cards a delicious luncheon was
icrved. The invited guests were; Mr.
mil Mrs. 11 A. Woods, Mr. and Mrs. J.
li. Craven. Mr mid Mrs. Oscar llavter,
Mr. and Mrs. li. I Chapman, Mr.' and
Mrs. ,1. li. Allgood. Mr. and Mrs. 0. F.
Williams, 1M'. and Mrs. V, C. Slants,
Mr. and Mrs. II, L, ('rider, Mrs. T. W.
Nordb.v, Mis Dillu H. Yiors nn.l Miss
l.eto Wolverton of Falls City. The lion-
ois for the highest score was won by I """''I prove ih:;i the state
Miss ol CI ton.
Sivelal other so, in I nffuirs for the
leasuie of Mrs. Noi.ll.y were also giv
n during Ihe week.
will be for leakage. The condition of
the contract s ify that the big bal
loon must not leak more than I per
cent in twenty-four, hours.
The Navv department is throwing
upon tiie contractor the responsibility
for training a pilot and crew, drawn
from tl avy ranks, who will be
taught to manage the big air-craft.
I'nlil the contractor has iziven them
n thorough course in aeronnuties, 2,
000 of the contract price will be with-
The dirigibles specified in the navy's
contracts are the firBt bought b.v this
government und New" York dirigible
enthusiasts rcgaid the outlook as very
"Prove Your Charges"
at the climax the test will come, not
only for the nations engaged in the
present colossal struggle it will come
for them of course but the test will
come to us particularly.
"I)0 you realize that, roughly speak
ing, we are the only great nation nt
present disengaged! I am not speak
nig, of course, with disparagement of
the greater of those nations in Kurope
which are not parties to . the present
war, but I am thinking of their close
neighborhood to it. I am thinking how
their lives, much more than ours touch
the very heart and stuff of the busi
ness; whereas, we have rolling between
us and those bitter days across the
water, 3000 miles of fold nml silent
ocean. Our atmosphere is not yet
charged with those disturbing ele
ments which must bo felt and must
k CnffP Thrftwn fiiif ' l"'r ""'"tp fyfr' ot r'uroi'
w uuijv a til vii ll vui
iclt was fighting, he cited the
Voil, Mate hiuhwav frauds, the
lailure to complete the barge canal,
I he Albany capital building scandal,
ihe padding of -tate payrolls, dcnioral
oation of N,.w penal service and
Ihe i rent ion of ikcIcsh jobs.
I'miiig this sensational recitation
Harnes left the courtroom.
an liens, lu.i. n s.,j,i proof would be
itte e.l that the inii'tisnn iniichiiie nl. I . . .
liaac ,l..i' li .... - .i: necoraltlg,
Therefore is it not likelv that the
nations of the world will some day
turn to us for the cooler assessment
of the element engaged f
Cannot Sit In Judgment,
" " T am not now thinking so pre
posterous a thought as that we should
sit in judgment upon them no nation
is fit to sit in judgment upon any
other nation but Hint we shall some
day have to assist in reconstructing
tne processes of peace. Our resources
are untouched; we are more nnd more
oceonung, ny me niree ot eiri'inn-
by the force of eireumstiinces
" ."".I iineirs .n.eci u loir- i .... ...
.. -I,,, ,,,i ,., ,,:n .. ,i,... ...i ineoiiuing nation ot tne world in
giiv.'iiinieiii measures. Ile said he
printing con-
tiacis weie fur ears controlled by
Harnes' acw..,, Albany mid by
other companies in which he had stock.
"We will dony." he cried, "that
of la . a vers' dollars were
for needless lii lit i uu at
Washington. Apiil 20. The auiiciil
Inial department today initiate. I
thioiigh the weather biiienu n new
weekly forecast iiiieii.le.l to aid fann
ers and shipper, f pel ishable product ' mis
to govern the handling of their goo. Isl volt
with relerence to evpected weather. " priv ileged
i ne lorecast lor the Pacific coast for
Ihe week beginning tomorrow is;
"ticneially lair with iiniuial temper
atnrc.' '
Sealed bids will be received by the
County Court of Minion County for the
improvement of certain rmds in Ron. I
District Nu. 45 near Turner and .12
Noithiast of Salem by grading mid
ravillng the same, as more lullv np
pcurs by the Jans and specifications ot
the cime now on file in this office. All
bids iiiusi he accoiupmnea by a certi
fied check of ,1 per tent of the amount
f tho bid. and must be filed in this
iffiee on o before Friday, April 2:i,
MS, ut I o'clock p. m.
Civility Clerk.
' d i 'i.jeous pi i
Fail to Trove Malice.
When couit re. .oivi.iie.l nfter th
aeon re. ess, Mtuo-novs for Colonel
lioo-celt leilcuo.l ll,,.'ir motion t ,11..
the i-as,., allogiiting that lioct-o-
icman.s ahoiit Harnes were
lll.l tlo.t tl.o Itl-.tue.oiliiO.
ha, I , ailed to pm,, deliberate malice.
Justice Aii,i,.., ,,.ni,.d the motion,
bet declared that I,,, wmild give coun
sel t.u- Haines a . haiiee to offer strong
'r proof m.ili.e. To do this, lrvius
-piimg a siiipvi.,, ,x. ..allinjt;
"Colonel i;oo.,.,.t, take the stand,
please' ' '
lioosewdt appem, ,,i .jliglitly astonish
ed, but he uni, kly .,riise nml took his
scat in the witness ,.inir. Questioned
by Iimiis, he admitted Issuing the ob
lestinnable statement. No further at
tempts were made tl, prove malice by
his own testimnnv.
When In i, s"i n i f Uvl that he wis
through wul, li.n.vit, th, latter
lawyers told turn to proceed with his
t'stimoiiy in h own defense.
I respect to its finance. We must make
up our minds what are the best things
1 to do and what are the best ways to
: do them. We must put out money, our
energy, our enthusiasm, our sympa
I thies into these things; and we' must
nave our judgment prepared nnd our
spirits chastened against the coining
i of that day.
! "So that I am not snenkino in n
i selfish spirit when I say that our
1 whole duty for the present, nt any
rate, is summed up in this motto:
"'America first.'
Test Of Friendsliip. '
I "Let us think of America before we
: think of Kurope, in order that America
: may be fit to be Europe's friend when
the day of tested friendship comes.
; The test of friendship Is not now
i mputliv with one side or the other
out getting ready to help both sides
"hen the struggle is over.
"The bais of neutrality, gentlemen,
is n0 indifference; it is uot self inter
est. The basis of neutrality is sym
pathy for mnnkind. It is fairness'; it
is good will Ht bottom. It is im
partiality of ,pirit nnd of iudgmeiit. I
wisj, that all of our fellow citizens
could realize that. There is in some
quarters a disposition to create dis
temper in this body politic.
"Men are even uttering slanders
ngainst the Vnitc.l States as if to nr.
rite her. Men are savins tl.nt t ...
In Mh ' s I I 1 Hi III I'm
We KNOW they are.
We ask smokers not to re-
of NEB0 Ekmend as a mere
assertion, but to accept the
statement as the positive
fact which it is.
NEBO Elalnend are "Utterly M.
We have been in business continually
since 1760 one hundred and fifty-five
years. We stake the reputation and future
of our business on the careful accuracy of
our facts.
On this basis we ask you to try NEBO
Elain end. We promise you cigarette enjoyment
as wonderful as it is " Utterly Different,"
hnH ihannnhnno nf WPRH J
not delighted, return balance of pack
to P. Lorillard Co., New York (Em
lished 1760) and receive your monqhi
1 N
-L ...t t
If a man ,. i..,v . ..,. v. ..... ' " ' "' K? ,rt war "I'0" 0'ther side there
.in ' " r."1 divided Americafin
abominable lil,el 0f iguorance.
the coin.
America Is Vocal.
"America! Is not it vocal just nowJj
It is vocul in spots. But 1 for ono;
have a complete and abiding faith in!
that great silent body of Americans j
who are uot standing up and shouting
nnd expressing tneir opinions just
but nre waiting to find out and sup
port the duty of America. I am just
as sure of their solidarity and of their
loyalty and of their unanimity, if we
uct ustly, as 1 am that tno nisiory 01 ,
this country lias at every crisis and
turning point illustrated this great les
son. "We are the mediating nation of the
world. 1 do not mean that we under
take not to mind our own business and
to mediate where other people are
quarreling. I mean tho word in a
broader sense, We are compounded of
the nations of the world. We mediate
their blood, we mediate their tradi
tion, we mediate their sentiments,
their tastes, their VBsioll"i we arP
ourselves compounded of these things.
We are, therefore, able to understand
till nations; we are able to understand
them in the compound, not separately
as partisans but unitedly as knowing
and comprehending and embodying
them all. It is in that sense that I
mean that America is the mediation j
nation. The opinion of America, the
action of America, is ready and fret'j
to turn in any direction.
"Did you ever reflect upon how al
most all other nations; almost every
nation, has through ail centuries oeen
headed In one direction 1 This is not
true of the United States. The United
States has no racial momentum. It
has no history back of it which mnkes
it run all of its energies and all of its
ambit ions-in one particular direction,,
and America is particularly free in
tins, iiuu sue nns no muni'"-. '
tin,, n trnrl.l nnwer If we have
been obliged b.v. circumstances, or have
considered ourselves obliged by eireum
stiinces in tho pnst to take territory
which we otherwise would not have
thought of taking, I believe I am
right in saying that we hav? consid
ered our di'itv to administer that ter
ritory, not for ourselves, hut for the
peopie living in it and to put this bur
den upon ourselves not to think that
this thing is ours for our u-e. but to
regard ourselves as trustees for the
great business for those to whom it
docs rcnllv belling, trustee! ro.idy to
li inul over' the trust at anv time when
the business seems to mnko that pi.
sible and feasilde. That is vhnt 1
mean bv saving we have no li.nni"'r"18
ambitio'iK. 'We do not want invnilng
that does not belong to us. In t a
nation in that position free to "jr
other nations, nnd isn't a lialion b"'
that ready to form some part of the
opinion of the world f
Interest In Neutrality.
"Mv interest in tho neutrality of tne
United States is not the petty desir.
to keep out of trouble. To ju'lgo "
inv experience, I have never been aim
to keen out of trouble. I have never
looked for it, but t have always found
it. 1 dp not want to walk around
trouble. If nnv man wants a raj
that is an interesting scrap and wort
while, I am his man. I warn him thai
he is not going to draw me iato t"p
scap fur his advertisement, but if k it
looking for trouble, that ii the trail
of men in generll, and I t Mpi
little, why then, 1 am in lor it Ba
1 am interested in neutrality heuw
that is something it murk greater l(
do than fi(jlit. berime there ii
thing, throe n s diitinction iiiui
for this nation that no nation hii ro
yet got. That ia the disiinrtioi of u
solute self control and wlf naitetj.
1 ' Whom do you admire ""I
fr;..n,lu Tho irrilnllle nun! Til 1
out of whom you can get I 'r "
out trvingf The man who will ttft
at the drop of the hat, whrtkti
knows what the hat ii dropped
not ! Pon't you admire and doi 1 9
fear if von have to eontett wittW.
the self mastered man who
you with calm ey and m 1
when you have carried til "JV
fur that von mint be diapowd '
"That 'is the man vou
. ,. I.. ..,. Ura lull
is tne man , ---- I,
ton, a much more fiiiidamea U
riblc courage than the iraUUi .
ing innn,
Covsta Splsndld WW
"Xow, I covet for A-
splendid courage of re"
force.a,l I wante.1 to ' ,
Keuthwn simply tM.: Th
news trom mm "v (,1)1.
l,o falsehood, it W
it is said to signify and ' .
onW get the nation to WM
liB,t disturb our iqainbra
self possesion. . , , . ..,,,
..We ought not to '
f that kind. We oiij t
e cctriclii envrti.'
Of T1H'
in i if hi or. t
Now uo";'-',
moths, just h
Mead.' ""I i
Rose Spray
. . difff"
to use i'" .
231-Wl 11