Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 30, 1915, Page TWO, Image 2

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JW "Niagara Maid" J
Silk Gloves J
For Easter E
octal andPersonal
mi m m. Meredith quits and
yjb live JIf o
ALKM .poi1 visiting in Portland i Mrs. John Ferkter, Jr. TliT will be
ere finding much pleasure in me u; "' mumim, . . .
xhibiti'.t.i lining inuilc by tue rori- uirn nomo. nine m ju'v, " ; -
Inn. I Art UHsoi-iiition of paintings by timj lo no passed tailing m "r
ZLU America,. 'artists, whch have Litiou. Mr. ...J V. Ke liter are we
i i. ....... i i... .,. American Federa- kiKi.vu here, where thev rt"lde.l until
nf a,im n;l mo mi their way to five, years .ago, Mr. I-Vrhtcr beiB as
San jManciscu to lie shown during the, j sociared with the local V
torlS itcnrt
The Standard Skin Rcmtdy
Instant Relief
AU Skin Troubles
The Guaranteed Remedy
115 8. Commercial,
These Gloves have earned their reputation for
beauty and durability because of their faultless fit
the result of the most careful, painstaking workman
ship and the purity of the silk. All "Niagara Maid"
Silk Gloves are double tipped, insuring the maximum
of wear. You will always find a good assortment of
the popular styles at this store. Get a new pair for
Short Black, While and Colors 50c
Plain Mack or White, 12 buttons 75c
Plain Black, White or Colors, 16 buttons $1.00
Our best Plain Black or White, 16 buttons . . .$1.45
To these we have added two new numbers
16-Butlon Black with White Pointing $1.50
16-Bulton White with Black Pointing $1.50
Easter Table Linens
Thin in n very E'""l buy Table Linens if yini buy them here.
Why should you buy them hercf ' HceiiiiHe nearly all the fine Linen
proilinririfT countries are involved in the grout war and linens tire HAW)
TO OUT, Very few uteres me advertising l.inenH at this time. We, how
ever, iit in an immense stork before the markets were exhausted,
therefore wo can offer fine Linens at NO AUVANCK in price.
UNION I.INKN Hleuehed, yard Se to 73c.
ULKAOIIliO IRISH I.INKN, yard Me to :i.fl
Three very good Krnde at ir' 1 .0(1, $1.15, L25
Cloths ot $1.00 or over a yard, have napkins to inateh.
LA ltd K SlU NAPKINS to inateh at :i.00 to S.7." a dozen
UNHLKACIIKJ) l.INKNH at fille to L20 yard
JSa'ftcJ' ftiii Merc
Record Attendance At ;Poem Commemorates
Christian Sunday School Record Church Attendance!
An attendance nf 1U.r, wns the record "Christian Light. Hundred" is llii-j
mad. Mummy hy toe rirst t hrist inn i tilln gn en to the lullowiog verse, wi it
Sunday seho'ol, nfler a week's rnni-'t,.,, ,v j.; .p p,,,.,,,, w,(, , (a,
,,ijn(oine,eMe their atlendaaee from I f , -
exposition. The cxinnii was piu.-.-.
March twelfth, ami will he on display
until .Monday, April fifth.
It is not often that In ul people have
such an opportunity, and' all art lov
ers visiting in I'ortland should not fail
to nake the art museum their objec
tive point.
Mr .and Mrs. U. Monroe Gilbert
viewed tiie pictures during' their stay
over the week-end, and were delighted
'with the splendid canvases shown.
I Of especial inttrost to Salem people
'is the canvas "Tu-e-na," Indian thief,
by il. Irving Couse, which is given a
clii'-pleuous place. Mr. Couse, one of
the most dbtijriiiihhcd and wiilely rec
ognized of eonli niporary painters, is a
luo'lier-in-law of Clayhorne M. Walker,
of this city, Mrs. Couse being formerly
; Miss Virginia Walker. Mr. Couse is a
' Michigan mini, but in latter years they
j have made their home in New York
jt'ity. Their summers, however, are
pat ed in the west, Mr. Couse occupying
the time painting the swiftly vanishing
i Indians. Much of his best wrk has
been none witii them as his models, H'V
era I sinners being spent in camera Ore
gon putting the I'uiatillas on canvas.
j Kive yearn ago the Couscs were in ,Sa
, lem visiting among their ndatives. The
; summers of the past several years, how
jever, have been jiasscil in New Mex
' ico.
i Mr. Couse is the winner of the $-"(10
Carnegie prize tor the painting of the
'Nnvnio Indians, and most of his pic
tures have been reprnluced in the Cop
ley prints. The Walkers have reveral
of Mr. Congo's original paintings,
among them being "The Goose Girl,
;rvr;il Indians studies, and foreign
The exhibit now on display is
inuile on the second floor of the Port
land Art Museum, and taken with
i he pii'tines which are a permanent
fenliire give nn excellent opportunity
lor ioinunng the ltd school with the
Others who have pictures are Al
bright, George Mellows, Hicknell,
' in in M. Chase, Cooper, Hirg Harrison
'i'uul Doniihertv, Hubert Henri, .lowas
Lie, ami a number of others.
. .
Mins Margaret I "lit nam returned last
.licjit Ironi I'ortlaiul, where she has
j( , pausing a fortnight with triends.
secrj.ary. tie now holds
oi general secretary of tin
M. ', A. as
the position
Oakland as-
Complete Collapse 'of
Miss Rae Tanzer's Case
Retiring Secretary Accepts
Position With Washington
Fair Board
Mrs. A. M. Orilley, of Portland, is
a house uuest this week o f Mrs. M. M.
Chapman and Miss Oila Chapman. Mrs.
(Iriliey is the wife of the physical di
rector of tiio l'rt tland Young Men's
( hristian Association.
Miss Margaret Gray, of Seattle, left
for her home yesteriiav alter passing
part of the winter in Nilem, the house
guest of the John McNarys.
Complimenting Mr. and .Mis. Carl
Smith, who are to leave this week for
Portland to reside, Mr. and Mrs. r . H.
Houthwick entertained with an infor
mal dinner Sunday evening at their
home on Marion street.
Surrounding the board additionally
were: Mr. uml Mrs. J. c0x, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Hastings, Miss liuby Pairing
ton, of Kugr.ne, and Albert Soiithwiek.
The following note from ,1. II. Ack
erinaii, president of the Oregon normal
Bfiiml at Monmouth, is in response to
an iiupiriy made by local people:
" h'eplying to yours of .March 24, will
say that Mary Antin appears ia .Mon
mouth on tho evening of .March M0, and
we begin promptly at 8 o'clock. If
the weather is at all nice, it would be
possible for Kalem people to luotiir
from Halem to Monmouth mid return
after tho lecture,"
It is expected that a large number
will go from here.
Mr. ami Mrs. Chinlcs h. Me Nary
aro heme frrm a delightful two months
trip through the south and east.
The Yeomen lodge held an enjoyable
entertainment Friday evening. After
a brief business session the loMowin
attractive prn;ram was given: piano
solo, .Miss Johnson; reading, li. '. Wy
ganl; violin, flute and piui:o number.
Miss Joy Turner ami Mr. and Mrs.
Millar H'Vier. A bunipiet was served
lute", dancing rounding out the even
ing. Airs. II. D. H. Helen, of U:Ui Court
street, will entertain the Maiiold club
toiiLinuw afternoon.
Following tho acceptance of the res-
New York, March .10. Complete col- ignation of Frank Meredith, who lias
lapse of Miss line Tanzer's breach f j afcoptcd tho position of Bccretnry of tho
!'rifrVll!:r"DilrleA!Wa-hingtoB fair association, at North
3 J
r -i " J ' 2
M4 .?..L '.
The Gasoline that
gets you there and
back again every
time. Dealers every
where. Standard Oil
' Sa'f"' Ml
Yakinin, nt a substantial increase in
salary over what ho Eas been receiv
ing as secretary of tho Oregon fair, W.
Al Jones, of Joseph, resigned his mem
bership of the fair bonrd and whs elect
ed to the secretary position ut $2,000
per year, which is the sumo salary
heretofore paid the secretary.
C. F. Homycr, who has been employed
ns farmer tit the fair grounds lor sev
eral years, also tendered his resignation
and Mr. Jones will occupy the fanner's
cottage at the fair grounds and look af
ter the duties of the farmer in addi
tion to tho secretary work. Mr. llomyer
received a monthly salary of $100.00
which the fair board will be able to
save in the transaction. A. H. Leu
tendered his resignation as superintend-
cut of the dairy department which was
accepted by tho board nut no action
was taken in tho naming of n successor.
C. V.'. Yanncko mado apf liaction to
the board for tho position of custodian
of the fair grounds but the board took
no action in this matter. The resigna
tion oi -nr. Jones, as a jucmiimt v, me s ,. .
state fair board, makes it encumbent!,, , ,, ' J '" 10ll"!'"
upon the governor to appoint a exposition, in h
eessor but he was not ready to n.ake ; f J,
any unnouncemenr, ni tins unit-.
Caroline of Qn
any ovfrv toaalv i
The fair board approved of the plans : .?-,""- ' PJW-
i i ,, .. , u, , . ; of A 'Tiitect Knighton for a new" gener- .'. '"
today by United States District Allnr- , ... . ,.Vi. .t rnnm h. ""l ootbl'ng.
ney shall who dedared. that M iss ?, ZtZ ,J f
: ;; X .t thegronndsi1'11"'. wito ,,s,c,l thrk
'Oliver Osborne," her lover.
Following the filing of her mit j" cost of nc't to exceed 1,200 ...id P'f i lio ,i.r ,
ugiiinst Osborne, Aliss Tanzer was her-.",. .,, , A , l ',' i"et by one of the iiuiulicils oi "it
sAf arrested by the fed,,,,, authorities ('"' " f Z'L. held U". '!' !l "W'l
on a charge of using- the mails to uivl.. . " , K '' ,., ,.t Oio!"10 "Ial, " Knl,k'n ctiiltlom.
" , .. . . Oregon stale fair for the past five years
munity from criminal prosecution. It '
Mr. and '..Irs. N. I,. Itaber, of Cor- j
,'hili.s have b-.'e a eulertuined by .v! r.
iml -Mis. i'rciii-i icl lowing, near Sa
'im. Mis. Kw in; was f-rmeily Miss
llael Iv'aber.
M tl
Mayor and Mrs. I.. M. Curl, of Al
bany, pnsseil the week-end with their
was understood that information might
bo obtained from her impliealing others
in the alleged attempt to blackmail Osborne.
and during his term of service the mag
nitude of the stnto fair has more than
The dedication rtf the Great Vortb-
ern lailnny building at thr fair ilivM
I honors with the iniincinatkin nl'Mn
county s cMiibit in the Culifoniiiiiifc
building. Itain nmricil tlif i:ii.
Germans Stir Ujj Mutiny
Among Indian Troops
lmibled, and. in npprcrintion of his ex
eellent services the bonrd of tair di
rectors unanimously adopted resolutions
! extending the tliunks of the board for A man smokes or drinks Wntif U
his fnithfl services. He will move tiwuuU it, but if he loves it'i tar
I North Yakima, to assume his new duties isnmu woman prelou it,
ran i itkahi Ann rn as soon us ne oin .....ne u..,..,b. ,
WW AUlU YiUD Ltd for taking his family.
i Mr. Jones, the new secretary, is a na
The alleged discovery of this new five of Marion county, having been
gas will exert a most potent influence born uad raised within 8 miles of Su-
coiuinorcinl conditions .tin.) if it ; lem on Mission bottom and he needs
do the work of gasoline, ut such introduction to the halem public. A tew
Hun I'raii-iseo, .Murch 110.-
Louis I. upton.
t UOO Witl. it.ti-l a nn, iivci.li.
titi'i, this was the largest Holiday school 'h'"- """",mn"' Th announcement of the marriage
ultondnnco in the state. lance which tho members of this church if ( ;n n,-iiwi, un, Miss Huth Oath
In order to increase their attendance lm, ,eea endeiivorlug to secure foi ' mini' Ilium, of Portland, has been made,
1h Christian church Huuduy school of- ,),,,-,,. .Snnduy Mchool by Mindi "fith 1 1,u" wedding being a recent event. The
fere.1 priws for those getting the larg .;-. --! did their bent 'ami win ked to-1 '"""!-' f(llk u,' "l 1 '" '"at"'1'" (,r-
t number of pledges of uttendauce. HysU.muil.uUy U ni, 1higon.
mo winners oi 'e !'' " '. ,,. Ulu, in a ,.imx t(, , 11V111.
It. tJIIUSlOllll IIIKl .IMSH I HUM : ... ;,.,, A 1. ,.,, ,.
who tied on ".'U pledges. Tiie class , ,.1,,i.i
tii7.it for tue inrgesr MTieiKiiuict- nun- .j.
rytlim of Hie lines have the
won l.y tne i.o.vni vvoiunn s euiss. .ii.j,will) f , .M'lmrge f the Li(, ,i
'".i"". ." i glide,'- und those in utteiidaace ut
In tho individual coolest. 1 Hiin.lnv 's ..i-vie- .,1 i i
Now that they have been so success
has raised ill
for an attendance
run, ino numtny ncuooi nas raiscu f pieseut
Iprinleil eupies were given tit in h one
limit, and will work
of 1000.
Last uighl closed the evangelistic
services being held nt the church by
Hev. A. L. Crini. Dining tiie three
iceeks he has been here, NO mlilitious
bavo ben made to the church member
hip. I
Out nf the I'l l ntteudlng, M were In I
th loyal Men's class, "I in the Loyal,
1'a.U'lhtei 's class and 4J in the Loyal1
Hons. The Loyal Wu'iieu's class was
the largest in the Huuduy school, with
an attendance of '.'lip.
N.i matter how ugly a buby is, you
needn't be afraid to tell the mother
that it is the prettiest one you ever
mw. Kim will not think vou nie juk
Makes Stubborn Coughs
Vanish in a Hurry
arriliialr (loot) Catnh trng
tonally Halt I krtaitly
M.t nt Uuiu (J
If wimc one In your family has nil ob
Ktiiisttt rough or n bud thrust or elust
rll that baa been haiiKiUtf en and lefuava
to yield to Ireiitmeul, uet hum any drug
atoi XVi ounces id Piue.x uud make it
iaUi pint of cough syiup, and wuteli
tkat coukIi vstusli.
Tmir I he oun.fs of l'lnex (SO
rata woith) Into a pint bottle and till
th bottle with pbiio ttrttiitiliiltH) auuar
nip. 'i lie total eust m slsuil 64 ecu is,
aatl iiivec ou a full pint -a (aiiuly
ppl)--of a most elbvtiie numilv, at a
Min l $'2. A da' line will oioillv
tnwwnt a hard cough, i usilv pic,iind
ia 6 atiuoto lull duretuuia with I'inet.
Krof Mr(ivtlY and lias a plcautnt last.
lhildio like it. t
lt'a really rrmarkable bow promptly
and easily it liHwrna the drv, Iiosim' or
tretit eoogh and heals the intl.minl mem
l.tunea in n piiiulul rough. It ul stops
thtt li.rmiitu.M ol phi. urn In the thrust
and limnehial tuls's, lion riidiuu the per
latent Itmae imuuIi. A apleudiil Iviu.slv
lor bronchitis, winter rouglm, tiroiuhiul
arlliiaa ami Ntlosiping cougli.
I'inex ia a special and highly concen
trated CHHiipouud ot genuine Norway pine
attract, lieh in gosiacil, which is at
aeaibnH to lla mntibranea.
Amid illwpnolntinent by asking your
drtirviat lue "if1 ountva of Plocv," and
lo aetvpt sin thiti( via. A imaruiitet.
f auattliite aatisUrtiun ttoea with this
5rrtaralii'n or iuouy proiuptW lefunded,
U I'mrx Co., Ft. ; n, Ji.d.
Forward the Chril's brigade!
Was there a soul dismayed
.No, for each soldier knew
Christ had not. blundered.
Theirs but to make reply:
' ' We on thy love rely,
Whether we live or die,
Charge we I he alley of sin,
Chiistluu eight handled."
Sin camped to right of tiicni,
Hiu compel h, elt of them,
Sin camped in fiont uf them,
Curse chniges thundered; '
Htuiined at by shame ami vice,
Offeied the traitor 's pi ice,
Fearless they hoed coinuuind:
"Forward to save the land,
Christian eight hundred! "
Cone they from hill uud plain,
Come they thiuiigh suit or ituo,
Hinging a glud lefiain,
llanpy eight hundred;
Holding the crma on high,
Jovous their hauliers fly,
Hiising the vietii-'s cry:
"Fur home and heaven on high!"
Loyal eight hundred,
He'king the true and brave,
Seeking the lost to save,
Seeking to free the slave,
llow Hiileui wondered;
So wing to right the wrong.
Tinning earth's sights to song,
llow uig to Christ lite King,
Joyous they march along,
tiloritnis eight hundred,
Weleoiue with heart and hund,
Yo who would join our bund;
If ,Mu would faithful stand
Ono of "eight, hundred,"
Fiithful in word and deed,
Mowing the precious seed,
Kenping the ripened grain,
Healing earth's grief hu.I pain,
With words uf heavenly gain,
Chriatiiin "eight hundred."
Mr. and Mrs. II. V, Hatch, of Cen
ter street, have been entertaining Mr.
and Mrs. Ihigcue Currish, of ilraail
hapids, .Mich., their guests arriving
Satiiiday and having yesterday. Their
trip will cover an absence of three
miuths, the Sun Francisco exposition
to occupy much ot tneir tune.
T in flicnp cost, the solution of the power yours ago he moved to Wallowa county
l'ive iiiem-l ..... , , , i ... , ... ,,: ,.t ,.
bers of the crew (it the Oeruiiili cruiser 1 ..-,, ,,,. ... ,. ., . . , .., ,!?. i,t .i;.,.,ii,, ,v.
, . -,,'Mt-i r mi ii uie 11 C I .-i.il .nitinn I,,, inn - i, . 'ii.,., ........
Kind on, sunk ia southern waters, were
, i. i i ,i .i. .... .
, .it, ..,.. ,s u, it rutin, niiiuiij if,,,,.,:..,,. Ht,)meh. Liver u.l l!,,wels mollified to fill the uosition of resnon
rt'iheallh proidcni is largely a. mailer of raising, and he is
IV 1,.,,,..: 1... u. 1. I ' , ., i ..1 i:il .1.-
of Indian (roups nt Singapore, accord
ing to two Methodist missionaries ar
riving here today mi the Pacific Mail
steamer Persit. They are l!ev. C. C.
Fnderhill and W. A." Wells, and were
al tending a conference in Singapore
at the time of the uprising.
The mutiny was inspired by fifty
Germans who cs.aped from a detention
camp, led by the
Linden crew, they declared. A large
reward has 1 M offered for their cap
ture, the missionaries said.
Only luck of good leadership iniiong
the mutineers prevented them from
inaugurating ., llf tmor in sil ,
jin proper condition and always work- sibilitv to which he has been elected.
mg in narmnny. i lie will move uaeK to eutcm witn in
Tin re will be times, however, when family immediately,
weakness will develop when help; '
uiiisr ne given, and
should tiv Hosteller'
it is then you
Stomach Hitlers.!
A wise inan miiy not know much, but
'no is wise enough to keep others frn
M-. and Mrs. Hatch have with them apore, ,.y. I n.lcihill said. When the
then' daughter, Mrs. Mimih Hutch
Iteeiuni, of Albany, who v i 1 1 be mi
.iced with several aftairs dining her
Mis. R, It. Robertson entertained the
I'., F. & I'.. Trolley club at her home,
1 1 10 North Front street. Friday even
ing. A most pleasant informal time
.viis passed, Mrs. F. A. Robertson tie
'Ighting with guitar solos. Later the
aos'"s:, was insisted by Mrs. Tuvlii; in
tving a three coiirs.. collation.
Those woo purto.ik of .Mrs, Robert
ton 'it hospitality were: Mesdaines Tay
lor, llnwthoine, Siaulon, Schneiiler,
Spru.il, P. A. Rtibi rlson, Athertni, Wnt
ton, .t .'Council, Peach, Seelv.
The next club meeting will he with
Mrs. Stanton at her home, between
1 wenly fuurlh und Twenty tilth streets
on State strct, Friday, April ninth.
New York. March :td. Kn roule lo
members of the: Sun Frnm-isco. Teddv Slinushv. I veins
old, the celebrated "Nlingsby cliiinge
'ing'' baby, nrrived here today from
Liverpool, accompanied bv his mother,
Mrs. harles II. Hlintsbyl
Py the decision of (he Loudin pro
bate court, Teddy Slingsby recently
was di'diircd the legitimate son of
Mrs. Slingsby by her husband, a former
lieutenant ia the liritish navy, (bus
.stablishing his right to n $."iOo',nr0 es
tate in Yorkshire, Kiigbnid. Other i on
testing heirs to the property charged
that the rightful Hlinesbv lieir, bom
in Km l rnmisco in 1010, died al birth.
Teddy" ws substituted.
cision is ntev pending
knowing it.
"A Shine In Effll
Evory Drop' Hfi
Oot a can today from i,laij'
your hardware or fro- Jl4tlti)lii
eery deaior. .''i
r.uropeans m the city formed a guard,
the mutineers scattered he said, but if
they had held together thev might
soon have gin,., t, ,,pper hand.
Pie Knglish efticers and 'J4 Kuro
iean civilians were shot on the first
day of the mutiny February One
man was killed (he next dav when 1 00 j ,,,i ' .i ....
sin urn f, I... i, I I will II. .Il
('iidnius were biiiught ashore. On the
third day Jlltlll nien enmn nslu.r., fr,
on :
'mm ine nrnisn lintt esnm a .. . i t .i. . . .
Preach and .lapane,. wnrshius and the
mutineers fled to the hills. The mis
Monuries did not know the exact num
ber of Indians killed during the nintinv
or executed afterwards but said that
out of the regiment f fi.-.tj 011v 4,-,n 1
;".' left wbc, they departed:
Ironi Snignpore.
aremedTfor children
-kidney trouble i
Big Reduction Sale
all Eastern Millinery. Every hat in stock reduced
in price for one week, commencing March 29. Come
in and compare prices and quality.
Mrs. W. L. Widder
cision is mcv pending.
M.'. and Mrs. (Itorge Karl Kvro and
small sou, Robert Pari, left yesterday i i i,,. . , ' 7 ... i
I for Lun.ndcn. Saskatchcwsn, Cnnadii. tj, 'habl, , h!"1 ,hC, '
Iwlicro they nr. large land owners. Thev L Jl , !;",,,m'-V', ha hl"1 ,
ihave beea ia Salem the past two veal's "e Z ,.v ' ki,,"iV"'. Tw"!
,snd .xpeet to .email, tha, length of : having Vried a 'TtT " " ' V'
time in Canada. with ui Vi t ,K " .n,nny '''"""'''es
... ', ll,f' 1 '"'isolte,l a doctor
liiehir . ,0 '' Swamp-Koot. i
pust three weeks, has again resumed I of it w,eii l larrr-iounosj
her :tud,es. She hn, bee., with her's h " h.', " a,l"V, '"'."j ''
P-reuls, Mr. and Mr,. J. T. Hunt, . X" J" W , t i
4hw, hut dining the sch.,l ye.; Is' fcring front these Irl'nl 1111! ''v! n
lopping with hci mint, Mrs. 11. L.I n
X.eves. ,,, " : """"'' . nainp Root
' - ' 11 U'fillil ft Prill ni.t.li..;... I
t hint'
Helen Hunt, a Salem
student, who has been ill
mi consider il
lours very rmlv
I.'. A. OROOAN, ' j
swo. .... ..!;."::?''. A'b'- :
loaie. eomi nneiitarv in M ii.ul.l ' thl. ik. ti.t . ii tu t lore me
' West, who is leaving shortly for Port-1
, and to make her runic.
Mrs. William C, Knighton is enter
ahiiug with an afternoon of bridge
'omoriow st her North Summer street
day of July, liltfl.
T. I). Kppers. '
. Notary Public.
Mm. F. L. Waters and her smalC
Jo!iler, K.liabith, arrived home yes I
t'ld ty fnim u two months' sojourn In I
j attetn and outhern states. The great -I
; r put of Mrs. Water's time was pass
I d with relatives in New York. Masna-I
ini.t.'tls and other eastern states, herl
Lettor to
D'- Kilmer k Co
Bitvgluunton, n y
Washington, March .10. Ambassndut
Morgenthau, nt Coustanliiiople, lodnv
cabled Secretary Hrjan that the grand i 'etu. u trip being by way of the south-
vimer denied repirts of violence to for
eigu missionaries In nortliwrstei a Per
The message received from tue am
basasdor at the state department do
clare I that asuirnuce had been given
that Turkish troops which reached tht
disturbed region ou Saturday would
uiiilnUiu onler.
Proy Wa Swamp Root Will Do
c . . . rr Yo-
' "ii irn riMii i. t.-:i
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