Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 27, 1915, AUTOMOBILE SECTION, Page FOURTEEN, Image 14

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j Classic Hats '
Ij More Beautiful 1 I J
2 I"'' Prices fo Suif jI :rS? Sa
m The Hat shop m 'TF"zi?r-s
'tmmi Mr"' W' A' Johnsn Plill
111 SIIIIKI .180:
. - I
v 1
mr n i
W Gray-Belle I
l Salem's Most X
f Fashionable
I Pacc or I
J Lunch or j
I Refreshments I
tv Gray-Belle J8j ;
v. it .-.. .uu.. Ml , in mil MilTHiM ,ni,m.JH-Bl IV
! I
I 123 N.
cari mwm
X V., A MM ii iuiiLuJ
t nuci .
THIS is only the Easter bunny,
Big and soft and white,
With little pink nose, so funny,
And little stub tail upright
He's out ou his annual errand,
Locating nests today,
Soon to be filled with eggs,
Brilliantly colored and gay.
Don't forget to have yours ready,
For on his nightly round
He hippety heps in a hurry,
And late ones won't be found.
Rosamond M. Pent.
Rev. ami Mrs. F. C. Butler drove to
Sdlem 'Tuesday aud were accompanied
by little Lui'ilo Gable.
Dr. Lobb. of Portland. f-nt Sunday
and Monday in Hubbjnl and said lie
would be nere ill a t w ua,a 10
0. Jr'.'Scboll went to Hot Lake near
U firande. in faatnrn Oregon, Tuesday
incirntng to take the baths tor rheuma
tism. He will be gone about six ("
J. S. Kdwarda and family eame to
Hubbard Monday from Woodbnrn to
make it their home. Mr. Kdwarda nas
a good team and was noon busy ior
N. K. Crow hauling material to his
ranch. '.
Tho citv fathor. furnished the trae-
tor people with gascJine Monday and
ployed tl'e street from Dr. Ode Lespiu
plowed tho street from Dr. de Lespin
asse's office to the west road, a (lis
tnnea of about 1000 feet. The work
was i'oiio in about an iio" r.
Sam Yode'r returned from eastern
Oregon last Pridiiv. where he has m
rated homestead :io miles south of
Bend. He will take up hls residence
over there, in n week or so.
Mrs. Noah licrkey died at her Home
five miles east of Hubbard Sunday
night. Death wns causer by pneu
monia and other complications. Fu
neral services were held at the Zion
vhiirt-b Tuesday at '- o'clock.
J. M. Mishl'er returned home Wed
nesday tram a three weeks' visit with
his biother, A. J. Mishler, at Fresno,
California. All the time was not spent
ut Fresno, however, San Francisco and
the fair dcinnmliiig some attention.
I0. S. Miller has been planning a new
hou-c for his country place a mile east
of (own for some lime, and work on
the structure is iiit'v in progress. -Mr.
Mill.".- has the right idea, building the
larger house while the family is at
homa to enjoy it. Local firms are fur
nishing t'ne material.
II t
Smartest ot
the New
In newest ma
terials and &l
ors at the low.
esf prices
Many Good Models in
Fisk Hats
rnnvi to White I'iiie. Montana, about
tho 'lOth of this mouth. He lias rented!
bis residence in Hubbard to Martin)
Nelsm. Mr. Crittendoif's biother,
Fre.nk, lives at. White Fine, ami from
descriptions of eonditicf.is there it is
thought it will be beneficial to Mis. j
i ' ,'i 1 1 .1 n .I mi t,. m.il;i flip .i!Hir(. Their,
Li-'.zie F.raneis Hettman, the iul'ant I ,. , , , n ..., , i .. ,.x! ,., ... ..( w;n
ilaugiiter of Mr. nml Mrs. Win. IIett-,)0 re0 jizeil. I
man, died at the home of Mr. and Mrs.l jlf illl0n i- ji.lrti ,,,11! Miss Hub'!
s-ain Daniels .Monday nignt 01 '" Ainl.-ews sprung 11 surprise on their
failuie. Mr. and Mrs. Hettman were fl.ipll,s la9t K,,niav night bv being
visiting at tho Daniels home when tho ri(a at the '1oms of services at the
little one wns enlleii. ltev. ('. 11. 1 ur-. ...ii ,..,.h s. (I. Shetlor official-
It conducted the funeral services at , i.eonlu have a host of
o'clock Tuesday; interment ill Huli-fi 1 win. wish I hem a hnnnv iour-
It Toachoi Us to Rise AnW From Our
Selfishness and Sin.
i This, to my nil ml, Is the message of
i (lie K.nslerllde:
We limy interpret the resurrection In
a dozen different ways; wo may be
lieve or nut believe that tlilB miracle
tonlt pliiee nsj leporled In the gospels.
, Hut Hint .lesiiH was never alalii by the
Biddli'is of I'oiitluM Fllule, but lived
to rally bin disciples after the agony
und terror of (lolgotbii, to capture I'uul
and lead I1I111 over slorniy sens nml
desert wnsteu fur the prem hlng of his
! word, In call "lliu gloilniis eoinpany of
the npoiitlcs, Iho goodly fellowsjlilii of
(lie prophets, the noble ariny of the
innrl.vrs," hi nil aijcs and places Into
the sorvlee of Ills liiiifjdoin; to speak
to us locbiy us be bus "spoken of old
lime uiilu Hie fathers" and to "elml
lenge us to live ami die I'm' htm and
his great cause of righteousness" all
Ihls Is as certain as that Ids body was
nailed in the cross of Calvary. After
; the iTin lllxliui, ns before, Jesus wns
alive, lie bus been alive In every age,
'even the darkest, that bus miivootlod
' upon the hour of this inurlal nnony
'ami he Is ullve today mure truly and
wonderfully (ban he bus ever been be.
fore In human history. Of Ibis we can
be sure!
llul what about ourselves? Are We
also alive -nllyo ns the eleven were
nllve when they reassembled In .lorn
Huli'in mid gave themselves anew to
the kingdom of Ibid on eartbV Have
we arisen from our selllshness, cow
nrilli'c mid sin In meet Hie risen Christ
and pledge our hearls to his, or are we
Mead, ns dead as .Indus when the first
Kasler dawned upon Iho world? Till
Is Ilic ipieslluu which Ibis In I est Hosier
puis in us. It Is not so much the les
urricllon of Jesus as of ourselves
I which need concern us.-ltev. John
tluvucs Holmes, New York City.
bard cemetery.
Last Friday a deal was closed trans
ferring to Mr. Kmst Worle, nf Pendle
ton, Ore., the hist .10 acres of the
Thurston (Irini place. Mr. (Iriinwill
leave Ibis fall to go to eastern Oregon,
and will retain the farm until that
time. Mr. Worle is a man of family
nnd has five children of school ne.
The tract referred to is two miles
northwest of Hubbard and juins Frank!
lergeus place. 1 lie mm 01 nun . . u ;he (.(l,n,nilv.
I ierce Ininilleil tno sale.
M. C, Crittenden is preparing to
Liberty Between State and Court
MtMttttt t MtMttttttttttttMtMHHHHtMHHH
n y through life. The groom is a pros-
porous farmer, coming to Hubbard from'
Michigan a year ago. The bride for
some time was employed at the tele
phone office. The happy couple ex-;
poet to locate at the H. I'. Ilershbergei
place next week.
The parent-toucher meeting will be
held at the armory hall Friday even-
jing, April 2, U. W. Knight will
The Asylum Ave. Store
I f ;' T jP&Z time set for the charter ele
Wll n&l&tWXl . "iil'linril. The c
rV .'L " j'l'J 'f'M' f VSfr-S " '' i amended by the council is
S Efi'jTt ,''(? V.'JiTNKfV-'1 1 ! "auds of the printer, and
-',' " it" j'. '.. A.it'' 'in p:niphle form will be rea.
tkM J'ti $?'iVs' Uui itribntion nbi.it April 22.
t One of the oldest estab
lished jewelry stores in
Salem. The most com
plete line of stock and
prices most reasonable.
Fully equipped for the
manufacture of jewelry
and watch repairing.
All work guaranteed in
every respect.
Professor Lind
say, 011 "What Is Rcipiired for u
Standard High School." A number
of other important topics will be open
ed for discussion. Among them will
be: "Do We Want a Standard High
School in Hubbard," and "Can We
Have One With Our Present F.quip
ment.'" "Do We Want to Consoli
date with White School.'"
Saturday, the Sth day of May, is the
ction tor
liarter as
now in tne
the charter
ly for dis-
The sections
of the charter which caused it to bo
rejected at the election two years ago
have been nmcmlcil so that it will in
all probability be acceptable to 11 ma
jority of the ipialified voters. Under
the terms of the old charter the limit
of taxation was fixed at 12 mills. In
'the charier now being prepared the
limit is fixed lit 8 mills. The new char-
iter piovides fur the restriction of dogs
running at large Hie same as other nni-
j mills or fowls. Simply a precaution
ary measure to be entoreed when need-
! ed. Hubbard Kuterprise.
Saster Bird
4 -Stories A
Charles Kreft
Phone 269
tatuxunm fcjamiiaww vminwmaTiaTOaajuMia'wnwM
All kinds of fancy and staple groceries. Farmjw
duce and fresh vegetables. Allen & Lewis Preferred
Stock Canned Goods ; Lang & Co. Royal Club QxmAr
Goods; Mason & E.hrman Red Ribbon Brands. We
make a specialty of the finest Teas and Coffees at
moderate prices. Agency for Drifted Snow, We
River, Olympia, and Domestic Flowers. Complete
Stock of Poultry Supplies.
1 Hi
Poole's Drug
123 N.
Ore. i-
mWSKglfc .ilMUfcXMl JWW I
A fine lot of Potted Faster Lillios, Hydrangeas, $
Roses, and Genistas. I will have all kinds of cut 1
flowers also. Come in and select what you want I
early or call tue up over the phone. .
Everything we sell is grown in Salem. 1
rMTrw" i
I feel In myself tho future
1 i to. I um like a loroat ouoe
cut down tho now ahootn aro
mronger and livelier than
ovor. 1 am rising, I know,
toward tlm sky. The sun
nlilno Ih on my head. The
ouith given mo Its gonoroua
sup, but heuvoit lights ms
with reflection of unknown
You any tho aoul la nothlnij
tint tlio resultant of the bodily
powers. Why, then, la my
noul liuico luminous when my
bodily powofs bo .in to l'nll'p
Wtiil r la on my bend, but
oteriuil uprljig fx in my hoart.
Tliero 1 luoatho at thia hour
tbu liagianeo of tlia lilacs, tho
vlolct.s nnd tho roaos aa at
twenty ycura.
Win n I go down to the grave
I ea.i Hay, llko no many others,
"I lmvo Unlabel my ilay'a
work." Hut I cannot nay, "I
buvo llniHhod tuv lilo." My
day's work will begin tho next
morning. The tomb la not a
blind ulloy; it Is a thorouah-
tai-o. Itoloiieaonthatwillsliti j
It opens with the dawn. J
' i 444 .444,44 44-t444i 4i44444$
A great deal of bird lore Is linked
Willi the stories of the Passion. There
hi 11 lianisli legend Unit as Christ wns
suffering mi the cross three birds enme
a nun linemen upon it. line erieil.
j"Slyrlk bum! Styrlk bam:" tStrengtlieti
01m. miTimincu iinii.i. ami since inai
time the stork has been known ns n
I bird of si length and blessing. The
T I second, It was inleiprcted, cried, "Hval
J'; tin in I Sval hum:" (llofrcdi him! Ite
7 1 fresh li 1 111 : 1. ami tho swallow was llkiv
1 wise thought In be a bird of blessing.
! .. - I Hut the third cried. "I'licit ham!" (Tor
I Jlnre liim and so from that hour the
gra'7CTIXarrf4gwiA ' '"l1"'"1 nccursed among,
C. T. Pomeroy jj
123 N. Com. St., Salem.
v s i r Hi. t 1 j n
W II sTT v "".i'TTW I , .. i.'''i.i" :,.i' :
: : : For Good, Accurate
Wood Work
our lumber i wilhoiit a peer. F.urli In th Tyrol,
board ami beiini are mi true and In tho Tyrol tho Kastor festival Is
sound, llinlders who erect the best one of groat oervinony. During the
house, use our lumber Why not fob Kastor holidays bunds of musicians
low their example f lliey have ijoed .Ui, ..., ,... , ,,,
reason, for their prererenco. ...... nt ,a , ,,.,.', n, th
I liistruinetits ns (hey pass along, men,
women and children Joining In tb
l.I...K.,d 1...).... II. .!.(.. -
Healers in lumber, build, r.' har,lare, . ' """"" ' vi i"...
pniuti ami oils. ' I vKW"
The Capital Lumber Co.'
The Spa
Has An Excellent
Assortment of East
er iNovelties, also
Candy Easter Eggs
See Our Windows
382 State Street
birds. The Swedish legend Is thesanii'.
I with Ihe addition of n fourth bird, the
turtledove, whl. h, (lying thither, cried,
"Kyrle! Kyrle!" (Lord! Lord!), and
Its voice has eve since been llmlloil to
J SI j.that single word of lament.
vllj An owl. iiccorillng to the Spnnlsh,
ua.zicii uy tin, DtinlL-ht It did
001 perceive unit It Irnil alighted upon
the cross. Hut as night came on It
saw ami. frightened, called "Cruz!
Cruz!" (Cross! Cross!) as It Hew away.
And from Hint moment the owl bus
kept repealing this cry and has been
ible to see only after diirknes;l fa IK
The ero.isblii In an unsuccessful ,-f-for!
In ilr.iw out one of the nulls which
"i"' d the Saviour tn the cross twist-
ed Its bcik ami dyed Iti plumage with
I he mai tyr'a blood. Concerning the
robin then, is n simll.ir tradition, ex
pressed tn vers,., as follows;
l'o Vw :!i oor's t:,i ,n.t . ,,i
"inn.. I li j M,vl H,
I'vcil .ill .,-r (., 1,,,...,.., ,
Since 111 I,;,,.,, ,,,.,.,,, ,,r t
o t'lowh,,.: I,,,,,,, yi,r, ,.,,,.;
Hut s.H-.-.l W-, f , ,:,,..
Will be in their new locution MoM ,
March 29th formerly occupied V ;
.T,irv Store, 176 SUM ;
XUVMV" v" ' " ,tf
We wish to see our prewnt patrons ;f:
Bolicit new ones. ;i
itecd 1
11 g 1
Wlu .ff.,. old, ..... nn,1 tinninn. when J'OU Can fcn b I
lief and removal of corns by using "POOLE'S CORN SHELL-
. ... r money refunded.
cents per bottle, wo till remove you' ...,.
, , nntceil
I'oisoD Oak season is hero. Do not forget 1 ooie a y
OAK REMEDY," 23 cents per bottle.
r..lf tU I
urticles. Also .
We carry a full line of drugs and toilet
dyes. Curao nud seo us. , si'iU.A
Eaitr Liliw Grown In America.
There Is said t.i be but one small sec
lion In the I'nlte l st.ites where T ste
"lies Will g,ow pMfili.Hy :1:, i,!,'KS,n
at Haster lime. This Is Las Tab,,,,
I fev utile. Vi.-w l!r,v,-svll,.. Tex
. . . i ......... . ..luumHttt
Dainty Ne"
Gives ..'eOo.redteuoh.orj
Cotlic, We are shl " j
0c to SOo.
... .,.Mn SUM0"
Extra ov"- j5,
30 inch linen centers ..'' j
Night go" '
t :cr,.rle waists ' .-,k !
... ..fc- .Uui. " l
esser searf and pi" p J
Dresser i
threads to
The Needlecraft Shop
Tree Lessons.
t ...
I r :i'Jo Htnte street. .