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Today's News
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Leased Wire
II Jf Stall sdSUm Li minnfffl
sin ri
Rescue Vessels Fasten Cables
To 111 Fated Craft In 300
Feet of Water
Believes Flood of Prosperity
Will Engulf County Within
Six Months
Explosion On Board F-4 On
March 6 May Have Weak
ened Vessel's Plates
lhuohilu, March 27.--Having worked
lor hours preparing to liuist the sub
urine F-4 to the surface, the rescue
vessels early toiluy hail succeeded in
attaching cnlilcs tn the Hl-futed craft.
Every effort is being mailp now to rush
the work in tin1 hopes that Home of the.
1H men iinjirisonon in the iron hulk may
be liken out alive.
During tin1 iiiurniug buzzer detector
lull were lining made to determine the
met iwsition of the fore and aft of
tiie vessel that the tables may be cor
mlly drawn, The l'-4 will then be
Jmljr raised ami draped into shul-
low water.
Despite the extreme nnvietr nf nil
mvI officers here as well as the men
?j!i!t ill the rescue work, progress
ntrcniely slow. The dredger Cali
frij is Hta n.tinti by l.ut there is no
"il! iu-11 available, an. I this has
I'i'ly hiniiieri'il the work of rescue,
kdeudnped today that it was Diver
tell wiin displayed rare heroism
.WI,ll,V aild llllldc ,1 ,l,.ji,.ru.. nl.
ti lo.aie the K I in spite of the
!;;'!; 'jf,i ;IV
. ",',,"Ml ,vltl' ".v helmet.
1"",M i.is licit!
z::Zr' h-t h
,." '"!'. that u.i.J ,,J
I. ? ''' "'"'mnej
C TV" - or
" t
'"'""''' 'I'-' si.le Plates1
; -n r,cwe,e pa,a,ly .town i
e I, , "t, ,,,,,S l!",,i'K- "yi
: L.iAr. :;ir::r;,l'f.t ,o ,Vnrli
cain i .'.I'"1"1 submarine was
"' A.lini,,,! Moore'
-:;::;,:,': ; ,,m 1 j
H i7 ' I
'Wurnia ,,;i ', ,::.:: "" :l"-
" "Me t to . i, I - i . . "r"KKiK
W i shallow w,er in toe har
1 ore , ,., ,,
a "" l"""livo ,!,. j, ... i
- "'"murine i'. ( ,
H::;1' '-li-vo.l. however.
wci " ,.rrl,hi"1 ('.''i',ui".v
Mt,iii ., " 1 '"e siiiiinnnne.
i.. ,A"""""" ""Hoes n board!
-W. to ,,, '"" h ho may be
nt , ' "H' naval off i-
""so I!,,,, '"'"'l-l'iiw
mi ,, 'ophuie tin, ,,,,,.
".et I ," """""I'-rvntioii. in
v Urn . , ","'" ble f deter-
' "'"iner tin. ,-u),m
Snn Diego, Cal., March 27. "The
flood tide of American prosperity,"
within a penod of six months was pre
dicted today" by Seerotary of the In
terior Franklin' K. Lane. "I have it
on the opinion of several of the men
in this country who have most ex
tensive interests and who employ a
great deal of labor," the secretary said,
"that no man in this country will be
without employment, within six months
if he is really looking for work. The
manager of an immense concern in
Illinois thnt supplies gas and electric
power to 32 small towns throughout the
state and who is well up on industrial
conditions made this statement . And
I am persuaded that ho is right.
"We have every prospect of an im
mense wheat .and grain crop. Every
firm that can manufacture munitions
of wnr, is, of course,, in a very enviable
position. The prospect is excellent for
large crops and good prices. I predict
the flood of prosperity."
Lane criticised California capitalists
for not usinjj more energy in the en
couragement of manufactures on the
"Wo should make our own furnituro
on the coast, for example," he said,
"instead of shipping tke wood cast and
then shipping back here the finished
Secretary Lane spoke in favor of the
development of the irrigation sources
of southern California, looking to tho
cultivation of every acre of tillable
Airman Kills Villagers In
Alsace and Germans Re
taliate In Calais
Berlin, via wireless to Suyville, L. I.,
March LIT. Kleven r'ro-ieli civilians
were killed and twenty two wounded
when a I'Vench avintor dropped bombs
upon Strassburg and villages in Alsace,
the war ottice announced today, bo
military damage was . done it was
stilled. Tho airman was forced to land
northwest of Arras insido the Oeruiau
lines and was captured.
In retaliation for the attack made
by the uviator, German airmen dropped
oonihs upon Calais.
Keports from Tilsit declare that the
Hussiiins directing an offensive move
ment ngaiust Kast Prussia ou tho
north, have been driven back across
the border after a hard fight at Lang
seargen. They pursued the retreat inn
forces almost to l'olangen and occupied
rvrottingen. Considerable damnge is
declared to have been done by the
missions in this latest invasion of Kast
Prussia, but no great losses are re
have caught tiie F4 and also estab
lish the vessel's position as an aid to
the engineers.
A captive balloon here was also of
fered to the naval officer, for obser
vation purposes. Lieutenant Kdgerly,
of the Second infantry volunteers, will
go aloft in the balloon, Admiral Moore
is directing all operations.
1'iilesM a garment is uncomfortable,
von can't eoiivineo a woman It is
hgland Has Labor Troubles
That Worry Lord Kitchener
By J. W. T. M,1Son.
. Marc, Minis,,.
M..li,,.kil, , " "ho are de-
3 ' '"I'l'li". r" n"H,,,"1.T
1 1" """'I tn'TLT' ' ,ff' ''
"' Th .. ilmtory in-
"''"H mane in
L.,... nre n,.inr .....i.. i-
'" ft! Ih.l in
i ""'Wr, K";"r"n,e, that unless
hul it i. I-, 1 "ken.
:""" : :;,ilvr "--
the,,, '" h- It cannot
tk, " : '"'l,"" would
3 l""ri,1i ::,"r.!' hi re-
,,. " nw,ii, ' "'""cr cannot.
!..... l-,li,,.,... '
!. 'oiil i , s .1' ,r"ces,
5 7 ,h"f a,"r" ,ll,in"
V . . .'f ,.,. '"""rs to nnrk
All !vr'
"W JemanJ, appaarl'
impossible under England's present
finances. Otherwise, it would be pos
sible for the government to ndjust mat
ters temporarily by offering war bon
uses. Hut tho' money strain is felt
throughout the kingdom, despite the
celerity of 'parliament in voting ever
increasing millions demanded by the
government. The cost of living has
advanced L'O per cent since tho be
ginning of the war and is going higher.
The entire community suffers. To give
the workers udicf while the rest of
the country is suffering would mean
nn increase in taxes and loans. Further
the classes not benefitted would ob
ject. A deadlock seemingly has been
reached. Chancellor Lloyd (Veorge and
Lord Kitchener having failed to secure
the desired response from the working
men of the country, Field Marshal Sir
John French evidently lias been in
structed to aid them.' Twice General
French has broken the rule of secrecy
nd issued statements tantamount to
saying that the allies need more am
munition. This confession would not
be mad except under the most un
usiinl circumstances. In the end, a re
volt of labor may play an important
part in bringing about pe'.
Warring Nations Refuse To
Consider Overtures of
Special Emmissary
Italy Will Maintain Strictest
Censorship Pending All
(By Clark P, Ackennan.)
(Copyright 1915 by the United Press.)
Berlin. Via The Ifncrnn Marnh 07
President Wilson's newest effort for
peace lias met with failure.
Colonel E. M. House, the ni-anlilnnf' a
personal emissary, leaves Berlin for
Switzerland tomorrow, convinced that,
lor tue present, peace is out of the question.
Despite denials from Wnsliintnn
Colonel House cnnie tn Knrnna nn a mia.
sion of peace, I learn authoritively that
ho was sent bv President- Wil
sound the warring governments and
ivuru iiirougu inrormnt interviews
whether there won nnr nnsuiKi;tv A
truce and peace conference before the
spring compuigns are opened.
vmone; iiouso 'jinterred with Sir t;d-
Ward Gl'CV. llritisll An'citrn iiiiinut.ir
Premier Vieirii of Franco and finally
nun i ue Herman secretnry of foreign
affairs, Von Jagow. With all possible
courtesv and exnressinn nf P,i,int
Wilson's kindly interest, Colonol House
lias been told that there is no possibil
ity of a pence compromiao at this time.
Will Censor Neivs.
London, March 2". Italy will hence
forth work behind n veil nf otriei i.rUa
censorship in her negotiations with Ger
many ami Ausmti.
Mispatcliea from Rome today relating
It tli j j astro-Italian crisis nwifi'1 ev
ery evidence of hnvimr lin linn,.;u
censored. Dispatches from Switzerland
reneraren nuu Italy is actively pre
paring for wnr, but tho Rome, "cables
mailt! it evident, that the govern mint
does not intend to permit news tn be
sent out of the country C innerning the
sveps to be taVun idiould Ambassador
von Buelow's "ffoils finally fill.
It is generally accepted here that, the
greatest pressure is beini; briight to
near on Emperor Franz Josof to meet
the territorial demands of t'u Ital.in
German Cruiser Has Steam Up
But Escape Is Considered
Washington, March 27. Denying re.
ports that activity of American war
snips in i lamp ton noans was with a
view to preventing a dash seaward by
the Gorman converted cruiser Prinn
Eitel Friedricli, undergoing repairs at
Newport News, the navy department
stated positively today that tho flotilla
of submarines and torpedo boat destroy
ers anchored off tho Virginia, capos,
had no such intention, and that the
warships were there in the regular
course of naval business.
Officials hero stated that whenever
the commander of the l'rinz Eitel Fisks
running the gauntlet he will encounter
three British and French warships
which are waiting for him outside the
three mile limit, nnd that there will be
no interference by tho American navy
in any engagement wnicii may follow,
Reports that German cruiser has
steam up, naval officials said, does not
necessarily mean that she is preparing
for a dash for the open sea. Tho
Prinz Eitel's commander undoubtedly
is merely testing ms Doners, they de
clared. Nevertheless, officials here are bo
ginning to believe that there may be
some intention on the. part of the Prinz
Eitel's commander to make a bnl.l at
tempt to break through the waiting
allied guard, but they are convinced
that such an attempt would not be
Artillerymen Man Guns.
Nfwport News, March 27. Although
a thin column of smoke was rising from
her funnels and unusual activity was
evident on board, the German convert
ed cruiser Pinz Hitel Friedricli still lay
at har berth at the dock of the ship
building company here today.
There were no indications thnt Can-
tain Tiiicrichens and his crow intended
to attempt u dash fom the noit today
or tonight, but anticipating such an at
tempt at some time, the most thorough
preparation have been male by tho
guurd at Old Point Comfort to prevent
any violation of American neutrality.
At Fortress Monroe and all other for
tifications a bustle of activity prevail,
ed ihrojighout last night niid today.
Artillerymen were kept nt their posts,
guns were cleared for action and am-
munition was kepr ready for use. Dur
ing me ii K ti t every searchlight on
shore was kept trained on tiie waters
of Hampton Heads and Chesapeake
Eight More Battleships Added
To Allied Fleet For Coming
Grand Assault
Bombardment By Heavy Guns
Shakes Coast Fort Re
ported Silenced
Passenger Lists On Alaskan
Steamers To Seward Al
ready Filled to Capacity
Chile Enters Protest.
Santiago, Chile, March 27. The Oer
man minister to Chile today protested
to the Chilean government against in
teruinir the officers and crew of tin.
cruiser Dresden, sunk recently off Juan
1..- ;.. l '
rt'iiiuntii-K isillliu.
The niiuister declared that as the
British warships violated Chile's neu
trality by attackine tho Dresden while
Bhe was in neutral waters, tho mi
should be permitted to leave for their
home country. Tho government denied
tho right of the interned men to leave
the country, declaring that the rresden
hud also violated Chin ' iieiitruliiy.
Prize Fight Will Not
Take Place On Easter
Havana, March 27. The 4." round
fight between Jack Johnson and Jess
Wiilurd for the heavyweight champion
ship of the world was postponed today
until April !i nt the request of Presi
dent Munoeul of Cuba. It was origin
ally sctieiluled to be uclU on Sunday
April 4.
President Menocnl requested that the
date be changed following a conference
with a delegation of ministers who
visited him. In writing to tho promo
ters the president, suggested that some
date other than Kaster Sunday would
be more ninironriate for the imltU an. I
expressed willingness to diignatfl
Monday, April . as a legal holiday if
the date of the fight would lie changed,
The promoter accepted the suggestion.
Portland Markets.
Portland. Ore.. March 27. Wheat
Club, l.2:t; bliiestem, $1.2.1.
Oats No. 1 while feed, $:il.7.".
H.n ley Feci, 2.
Hags Best live, $7.40fii 7.-t"; prime
steers, ".ofl; fancy cows, fl.;"ill; best
calves, spring lambs, i.NOfoH.
H'ltter City creamery, 2llljc.
F.iigs Selected local, extras, 20c.
Hem, 1 G 1 ..c : broiltrs, 2,'c; geese, Hfd
Pe. '
Przemysl Defender a Hero.
IVtrngrad, March "7. General Kus
manek, heroic defender of Przemysl,
now a prisoner of war, has been re
moved to Kief, according to dispatches
received here today. Special quarters
have been provided for hi in and be is
given unusual liberties in recognition
nf his heroic ilefenso of the Austrian
16 P
All Banks Are Able To Meet
Emergencies and Keep Up
Their Surpluses
London, March 27. Eight additional
warships hnve joined the Anglo r rencn
fleet for a grand assault upon the
Dardanelles in co operation with allied
land forces, according to an Athens
dispatch received today.
Every indication today that the Rear
Admiral Doliobeck is conducting his
bomburdment with tho utmost caution
pending the general assault which is
expoeted. Tho warslups are ueiieveu
to bo keeping well out of range of the
Turkish guns while hurling shells upon
tho forts at long range. With tho ar
rival of tho eight reinforcing warships,
thousands of tons of metal will be
thrown against tho enemy's positions
whilo the landing forces will bo ablo
to operate at nil times under cover of
the fire from the battle fleet.
The reinforcing vessels include three
British warships, four French and one
Hussian cruiser. Tho Hussians are
therefore participating in the attack
on the Turkish stronghold for the first
The captains of tho newly arrived
vessels conferrod with lionr Admiral
DoHobeek aboard the hitter's flagship
The bombardment of the forts soon
afterward was resinned by four allied
vessels, The booming of the. heavy
nuns shook the const,
Three transports hnve arrived off
Asia Minor within the last two days,
the dispatches from Athens added, It
is pre: uiiied they were conveyed by the
warships which have joined the bom
I hi rd in l' sipiailrou.
A I'aris dispatch declares Fort
Krenkeiii, on the Asiatic aide of the
strait, has been silenced by the (jueen
Elizubeth and vessels supporting her.
Seattle, Wash., March 87. Expect
ancy of another Alaska rush this
spring, rivalling thoso during the early
gold excitement in tho north, folhnvs
announcement that Sownrd had been
chosen the tidewater terminus for tho
government railway.
Tho steamship Admiral Evans of
the Pacitie Alaska Navigation company
sailed yesterday afternoon with a ca
pacity lend of passengers bound for
Since early yestorday morning other
steamship company ticket offices havo
been busy answering inquiries of those
who have remained hero during tho
winter awaiting the oponing of rail
road work in Alaska this spring.
Already tho passenger list on the
S. S, .Mariposa, of tho Alaska steam
ship company, is practically filled.
The Mariposa will sail for Seward
March HI.
The S. 8. Admiral Watson will sail
April 5 from tho Pacific. Alaska Navi
gation compnny iner. This company's
steamers will follow thereafter every
tCU tlllVB.
On April fl, the 8. S. Alameda will go
north from tho Alaska Stonmshi n com
pany 's dock, and steamers on this line
on the sixth, 12th, JHth nnd 30th of
ciicji month.
Washington, March 27. The
Oormnn steamer Odonwnld has
been seized on a libel charge, a
message received at the depart-
incut of justico by J. Henry
Brown, district attorney at
San .Juan, stilted today.
Tho next step in tho proceed-
tugs involving the steamer iB
up to the llanibnrg Amorican
line which must reply to tho
chnrgn -that the Odonwnld en-
delivered to dash out of tho
hiubor without cloarnnco
papers, j.
Former President Reiterates
Attack Upon Wilson For
Supporting Measure
While there has been a generul
shrinkage on banking business through
out the statn during the last year, ac
cording to a statement Issued by State
Bank Superintendent Sargent, this
morning, in response to the call issuod
bv the comptroller of currency as of
March 4, BUS, a general feeling of
security seems to prevail throughout
the banking system of the state and
banks have been able to adjust their
ofl'airs to meet all emergencies and
keep up their reserves to tho legnl
standard of requirements.
Tho statement covers the condition
of SH national and 17:t state banks do
ing business in tho state and shows
that the total resource on March 4,
Btlfl, amounted to 107,3"i7.f4 as com
pared to HiO,H7!t,tt(i8.,12 a year ago.
The total due from bnnks nnd bankers
on March 4 of this year was s25,Sn,
H10.S"), a decrease of (1,(II5,7S7 over n
year ago and an increase of 2,lH7.1fl
since the last call of December 31,
HH4. The time certificates on deposit
amounted to l4.528,(J77.fi March 4,
1t., an increase of i:i:i3,5.1fl.31 over
last year, and the saving deposits
amounted to 0,:Hfl,9H4.:t8, an Incrense
Washington, March 27. neiteration
of his attack upon President Wilson
for supporting the ship purchase bill
wns the answer of Colonel Hoosevelt to
day to tho request thnt ho testify us to
his charges in a recent magazine article
that tho president was working in the
intcrt.it of certain foreign ship own
ers. In a written reply to tho request
mndo by the ship lobby investigating
committee, tho former president blood
firm on every statement he lind made
and pointed out that President Wilson
openly pushed the bill.
" My statement wns literuily mid (X-
of 2,l07,ins.:i(1 over Inst year.
Tho total amount borrowed by tho
small banks from other banks since
tho Inst call, in order to keep up their
surplus, was 7HH,i:ill.:i. The loans
and discounts amounted to fS'.Wll.riO,
21 this year, an increase of .'!,O2S,00l,
21 over the corresponding period of last
year nnd an increase of f2, 4 1 1,874.01
over the last call of December HI, lHI.'i.
Deposits subject to check for the last
jcnll were sjtlCJ.TO I ,ri! 1 a decrease of
Advance Toward Memel Has
Connection With Renewed
Slav Activities
Fortress of Ossowetz Still
Holding Out After A
Month's Bombardment
ait ly correct," Hoosevelt asserted.
"The sources of Information nrn open
and have been open for months to ev
ery intelligent mini. Every mail knew
that the object, of the bill was to pur
chase Interned shins. If this was not
so, tho law would have contained a pro- j zrgen hud
Berlin, by wireless to Payvillo, March.
27. Tho wnr office today admitted
the. development of a new Hussian of
fensive, having for its object another
invasion of East Prussia. It is semi
officially Btatcd that tho offensive has
been broken and rolled back, but tha
war office has previously insisted that
tho occupation of Memel by the Rus
sians and the sporadic attacks north of
Tilsit wero merely tho work of raider.
Reference, wbb constantly made to tho
"small force" of Russians attacking
tho Germans.
A semi-official statement today as
serts: "Tho conclusion now uppcara
Juki it ic. . t hat, the Kussian advance to
ward Memel had a certain connoction,
with a general renewed offensive, ap
parently headed toward ICust Prussia,.
The offensive against Memel was fol
lowed by advances through Tatiroggen
against Tilsit, uttacks near Martampol
nnd finally by tho renewal of attacks
east of Augustof.
"The Slav offensive was undoubted
ly directed from Grodno. This indi
cates that the liussiaus have finished
filling up Ihe Kiips in the ranks ciiusoil
by tho victory of Field Marshal Von
llindenburg and are ready for a now
It wns officially announced today
inai tno KusHiuiia attacked near Ijing-
neen driven off. Othor
vision- exempting ttiem. Such n pro
vision was several times voted down.
Failuro to include this. proviso is con
clusive proof that object was to pur
chase interned vessels. Such ni net
would bo necessarily in the interest of
foreign and native corporations Inter
ested in these Bliips and indirectly in
tho interest of Gcrmniiv."
clashes along the Vistula aro reported.
The al tack of the French upon the
height, near irurtiminswcilorhnpf H ad
mitted by the war office, but tho edge
of the height is still held by tho Ger
mans, it is staled.
Still Holding Out.
rolrogrnd, March 27. Despite mora
To ask me to testify regarding this than n month of continuous bombard-
matter," Hoosevelt continued, "is like j men!. I hi) Russian fortress of Ossowets
asking me to testify lis to the damaging
effect the present tariff has hud on the
American sugar grower or show that
the nmateur war in Mexico (which re
sulted In greater loss of life in the
American navy than the entire wnr
with Spain) was ended and Vera Cruz
abandoned without obtaining a salute
to the American flag,"
Is still holding out ugaiiiHt the U ur
inous, according to an English cor
respondent, wiring from Warsaw.
"After 31 days of continuous bom
bardment by the Germans, the defend
ers of Ossowetz nre everywhere hold
ing their own," the correspondent
wired today. "There Is little chaiica
jof reducing the fortifications."
Clean Hospital Bed Seems Like Heaven To Wounded
Soldier Men Who Reac'i Goal Are Envied By Com
radesMutual Exchange of Wounds Results In Execution-Injured
Who Survie Trip To Hospital Almost
Certain To Live
The Weather
E Com.n6 I
Oregon: Showers
tonight and Snn
day; northeast
shifting to south
east wlnrs.
San Francisco, March 27. Police and
pedestiinns hail a race of their lives
here early today lifter a barefoot mini
who headed down Market street amidst
the jitneys. He wns barefooted clear
up to the ears, the proverbial smile
which such Hrsons are usually said to
wear even being supplanted by a look
of grim determination which doesn't
cover much.
The man headed in at the city hull,
hustled up the stain and was going to
ward the mayor's office when captur
ed. When his look of determination
was taken off and some clothes sub
stituted, he was taken to the F.iner
geocy hospital for examination.
(Noli'. Following is the ninth ex
clusive ni'iicle hy I'hil Under, of Sail
Francisco, former I'liiled Press corre
spondent, who is now serving with the
French fo -eign legion.)
(Copyright, llllo, by the United Press.)
I.Tiuon, March II. Itiing wounded In
Iteil Cioss mini. Within half an hour
the lied Cross would come. If tlm
wound was not bail the man would re
main in the trencher., after the doctor
had soaked it in iodine, which burns
like file, It' tiie wound was serious
the doctor would do tho best he couM
in the way of dressing it ami then ona
our ticiiclu's vwih gruesome business, if I of us, peihnps two, would be detailed
n wounded man dropped back to safety; to take the unlucky man buck to sal'
he was extra lucky, lor everything tlint'ety, He had to be curried through two)
was done lor him during the first few j miles of trenches, and if you carried a
hours only tested his waning strength j man on your buck you had to be cure
and was likely to make his condition ' ful at many places to keep his heal
worst. below the trench walls, as well as your
Often a inn a wrsild not know he was' own.
wounded for some time. One chap Olio of our fellows who had been
Hints limping up the trench one day wounded in the leg and was being car
complaining that he had been shot in rled on tiie back nf a comrade, was shot
the leg. He could hardly put his foot through Ihe head and killed one day
to the ground. Wo ripped open his j nt one of the many dangerous turnings
t minor's leg and could find no bullet In our trench system,
mark. Then we discovered that ho had i Aiter this two-mile trench Journey
been shot through tho firearm ami! was ended, the man had tn be carried
that the wound was hours old,
To be hit feels like being punched,
so many soldiers have told me. When
a man sunk in our trenches, the fel
lows who were not busy usually gather
ed around him, while some one ran two
niil-s through the trenches tcs get a
along a pathway down a 200 loot cliff.
Hern he was safo from bullets ami
shells, but a warm, clean hospital be!
was still millions of miles distant. Horn
he would be taken I a to a peasant's
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