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Sport News
Fourteen Enter Preliminary
Round For Singles Cham
pionship of School
! R Kmna Worn nf f.nmnarisnns With the Best. County
C J r ( l Y'l ' ' k"'"r,v "j"1"" r '
To French Soldiersl Court Hopes to Bolster Up Slip Shod Systems of Less
Efficient Supervisors-Money Spent and Work Done
Totaled For Use of Public Who Wish To Inquire Into
Methods and Records
Mutineer (if Tennis Ronald Teeters, U
holding n irl' tennis tournament im
the concrete courts thin week. This in
only a preliminary tournament, the ob
ject in to Miinulutc interest in tennis,
which is the most heiilthful u ml exercis
ing girls' K"nlc known.
There are fourteen irls entering the
preliminaries, there being two Kr"ul'"l
the winner of eueh will meet to play in
the f inula Thursday at '.l.'M p. m.. the
winner of two sets out of three to he
Those winning in yesterday's games
aro: Miss Lent from Miss Hose Al
bright, Miss Findlcy from Miss (ii.yno,
Miss Kcigelmann from Miss Tobie. Miss
(iarri'tt from Miss Spoor, Miss llarton
from Miss Myrtle Albright. Misses
Ounninghnm nnd I'erkins, 1'age and
f'ooley did not play.
Oilier young ladies who played ex
ceptionally well last year, hut who have
not been out yet. due to heavy class
work lire: Miss Marie Sliced, Miss
Klorn llouscl, Miss lloni.iiond Gilbert
and Miss Gertrude Ijikin.
Approucliiug examiiiiitioiis that conic
off this week huve kept many others
from coming tint. It Is hoped that lif
ter upriiig vai'ution that ull will he' out
and pluy.
A men's tournament is to be held n
little later nnd some exciting games
will be played oh there urn a number
of the men who ure not far from be
ing exporta lit the game.
ManiiL'cr Teeters expects to have an
intercollegiate match, hoth singles nnd
double, hern for May Day.
Ploslie Klub Defeats
Dimpled Darlings 5-3
YoMenlav afternoon, the KlnsliCj
Klub nod the dimpled Darlings, two
well known Willamelle hoarding clubs, I
faced each other on the diamond to
decide the supremacy nf the diamond,
with the result that the Kloshes won
r to :i. I
Tim dininun.l was in fine shape en
abling n fast game to he played, the
closeness of the score shows the coin
inunlive, strength of tho two tennis,
Thene were several good sluggers on
A cable message received at the I. a
Favette Fond Headquarter in the;
Vandcrbilt Motel, yesterday brought
the news that 5,000 of the comfort j
kits being sent by this organization to j
the French soldiers, were delivered to;
them personally in the trenches last.
Sunday. This news came from Ralph
J. I'reston, a member of the I.n ra.v
ette Fund executive committee, who is
representing the Fund in Paris and who
directed this distribution of the kits.
With Mr. I'reston in the trenches wen
two other Americans, Herman Ilarjcs
t - u.,.. i..
"i M&nu, of the French! Macadamizing
Army, received and entertained this . jV." (over' HI fiy.
.roof shelter. Later, however. When V' "". ,r l'J1
llanos aim iseaty
Messrs. I'reston, llnries and
were distributing the kits to the sol
diers they came under a severe artil
lery fire. flen. Castelnau expressed
deepest gratitude for the relief work
being done by the I.n Fayetto Fund.
Comment was made upon the prompt
ness with which these comfort kits arc
deliver.1, 0 tho soldiers, nothing hut
actual munitions of war taking pre
cedence over the l.a Fayette Kits in
transportation from Havre to the
trenches. More than 23,000 of the eom
fort kits have now linen delivered to
the men in the trenches.
The cable decluri's the soldiers were
delightp.l wild the kits and that the
corncob pipes were novelties they did
not at first understand. Suggestions
from the soldiers, nt the. request of the
Americans were that as warm weather
is setting in, some of the heavy arti
cles for winter wear be eliminated
from the hits and more socks, pipe
stems nnd toolh powder he substituted.
Apropos of this, the iinuoiincement is
inn. Ic by the l,n Pavel to Fund that
tin' contents nf the hit will soon be
changed. The articles requested and
numerous others lire to he sent.
Milliard Harding Duvis, a member of
the La I'nyelte Fund executive com
mittee, is aiding malerially in making
tii the list of nrticles for the new
kits. His experience is eight different
wars and under all sorts of weather
conditions on the firing line, fit him
admirably to know the needs of the
soldiers and what articles ure of
practical use to them.
The total amount spent on Marion
county roads for the three months end
ing last week was )27.o 1 1.02.
This sum was apportioned as follows:
H04.fi I
r.,S4-1.4 1
New tools and machinery
Supervisor's salaries
The work done for this money is
classified as follows:
Gravel hauled, 111.31 5 !i yards. ,
Hock hauled, 7l5'-i yards.
flock crushed, .'i'li'j yards.
Number days volunteer work, men
)';., teams 47 1
The expenditures and the results are
placed in an easy manner for compari
son nnd for estimating the total cost
of a single item. In spending large
sums on the rouds of this county the
great problem of the county court is to
get the maximum amount, of rond work
for the money expended. My the new
system of report blanks which were
sent out to the rond supervisors from
the office of the county clerk today
the court is of the opinion that a big
step in the right direction lias been
The purpose to accomplish by a sim
ple system of checks nnd reports what
they never could accomplish by ad
vice or censure of the supervisor, liy
latent abilities and to put some
brains behind their work.
When the " Uniform System of ac
counting" was in effect the super
visors complained that their report was.
too elaborate and that it toon an ex
pert accountant to make one out, but
the new report blanks are simple yet
comprehensive. Most of the work is
1(17.80! reported iu total yet the totals are
l,r.03.05j numerous enough to include all district
1 work. The expenditures are sum-
..27,.r)41.02i marized under nix heads; namely,
Smokers of
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes fifteen years ago
are smokers of
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes today !
Mdmtf fafitf Qv&Tbrhfi
macadamizing, graveling, bridges (over
KM'eet), general repairs, new tools aim
machinery, and supervisors salary.
This gives the total amount of money
spent and the further summary gives
the amount of work done under the
following heads: number of yards of
gravel hauled, number of yards of rock
hauled, number of yards uf rock
crushed, number of days of volunteer
work, men and teams, number of days
road roller, or grader used.
With the amount given for gravel
ing and the number of yards of gravel
hauled it is an easy matter for the tax-
uaver to find out how much ench yard
of gravel costs his district to he
ulaeed uuon the roads. He will also
bo uhle to compare it with the neigh
boring district and find out how much
it costs there under similar conditions,
If his district is paving too much to
get the gravel on the road, he asks
"Whvf" and the echo answers,
Following out the suggestion of the
supreme ewirt given in a preTious suit,
in which the court held that, while a
chief executive and his agents may not
be hold officially responsible for dam
ages caused by any overt act which
they may have committed in their, of
ficial capacities, they might be held
personally liable for damages resulting
from the execution of their orders, two
former saloon keepers of f'opperf iel.l,
Maker county, have filed suits for dam
ages in the sum otS00() against former
Governor West and former Warden B.
K. Dawson, of the penitentiary, for
damages alleged to have been sustained
by reason of the raid upon and confis
cation of their properties about a year
ago. The original suit brought to re-
We Love to Fit the Fat
And it's easy to do be
cause we have such a
large stock of cloth
ing, including the
stouts. Just because
you are a little heavy
does not mean that
you must go to the
high priced tailor.
Come here and see
what we can do for
the big man.
Of course you do, for
spring is here and
new shoes are needed
just as much as new
clothes. You will be
surprised at the size
and variety of our
shoe stock. Come
G. W. Johnson & Co.
mail j
to M. Chnstensou and assiiroeJ t. n.
' plaintiff. The note is securnd k. .
n L II ST 3k nini-tirfitj. nn lllo -j . J
I mirt HmKP News 1 piKe on ion ,.rt,8 of real -u-
LUIUI UUUdC nCWd i this county. Tbe plaintiff
f .im.K-i.cMi ml 111.- iMU.IU with COltl if
, the action and $400 as attorney'i fe
District Attorney Ringct prosecuted
" 7 .... ,u U . . IK. f tlio tnA nirni.ist fec i UUgS William UUIOWSMT nU u
cover uumno.es wus mruw uui u. .uuu iv -r .e,... : ,-.
on toe ground that Governor West and Sloan and II . McCoy in the jitiesjfw " a of Eugene Boprt
Warden Lawson eould not e nei.t re-
Washington, March 21. Former
President lloosevelt was today asked
to appear as a witness before the con
gressional committee appointed to in
1 vestigate the shipping lobby. Mem
bers nf the ciinimit lee said t'uev ex-
jpe.te.l Hmscbclt to come nnd testify.
Nenalor Walsh, cuairman ol the com-
I,,,!.. iii I,' I, inilti'c, cspiiiinc.t mat nooseveit was
not halted the I) It's suiuinniieil because he wrote a magazine
The bnllries: for V. IC.'s, liaiii ami ""i'1'' i " t i i. m t i 1 1 that the aduiinistra-
Vlckerv; for the P. K.'s, A. Irvine and nI"I' purchase bill was designed to
H,illl ' further the interests ol certain t. .reign
llulu struck out four men nnd nl- shipowners. , ,
lowed five hits. Irvine struck out: " What il the colonel doesn t cue .'
five men and nllowed six hits. iismm ii repouei. opinion
"Well, he i: il 't immune aiiv more
Whvf", then someone does some
keeping a report of the costs and the , comprehensive explaining or the recall
work done bv each rond supervisor the! bogey leaves his lair to haunt the man
court intends to let the 'people makcj who fails to get the most for the
comparisons between the efficiency money.
gained by the road supervisors in tho It has been the practice in some dis
respective districts. The comparisons; tricts in this county and others in the
will speak in forceful terms and tho: state for some supervisors to charge
rond supervisor who is iinnblo t0 show! supervisor's wngeB for themselves if
real work accomplished for the money they had only one, nian ut work and
spent will be confronted hv the rising 1 they sat in the shade and did nothing
ire of the tnximvers who consider their, but boss the job. The county court
money not judiciously spent. adheres to tho theory that the super-
The connt'v court has been fortunate visor should work with his liniids when
in its selection of rond supervisors in : he has but a few men nt work. Of
this countv in this venr and in past; course when he is working a large
vears lint it. Is to be expected that I crew his time is all taken up with
umong 7ft men will he found a tew who overseeing, out Borne men nave peon
ure more efficient than the others. j known to repnir bridges nnd patch up
!Some few will get 100 cents worth of I mud holes for bull ol the summer and
work for everv dollar spent of the i charge, for two men Had a team when
countv 's monev, others will be satis-! really only one man nnd one teum
tied to net HO cents worth out of the i were actually working for the county
dollar if their neighbors in tho next For these cuses tlut ..new report pro
district are able to get but 7!5 cents vid.es that the supervisor shall state
worth. The ones who are able to get what he was actually doing on the
sponsible in their official capacities but
that an actum for pecuniary iiauiuges
might lie in their individual capacities
as citizens.
Tile Co. Makes Round
Blocks For Silos
the most work out of their men and
teams nnd to apply it In the best man
ner lire able to make a goo,) showing
for efficiency and it is the hope of
the curt that those who piirsuo slip-
hod methods will he Forced bv publi
days he worked. If he sal on the
hank of the ditch and smoked while
the bridge was being put in by his
hired man, nil well and good, but he
must say so in as many words, It is
not expected Ihat many reports of this
A new industry that hns everything
in its favor hns just been undertaken
by the Salem Tile nnd Mercantile Co.
nt their kiln near the fair grounds.
This industry is the manufacture of
silos from ventilated or hollow building
In order to properly manufacture a
curved block for a silo, the company
have just received a special machine
which will cut a curved hollow block.
of right size for a silo from 10 to ID
feet in diameter. This machine wns
shipped from New York and cost the
company over $.IUU.
The advantage of the hollow Mock
in the construction of silos is not only
in tho matter of ventilation, but also
in the fact Flint the dend oir space in
the blocks keeps the building dry nnd
acts us a protection nlike from the
heat in summer nnd the dampness in
.... . . i i n.rn.liut Honw Vi.tt.. ...... ... r. .
court nt -Mill i.ttv yesteruay ana se- " own mt
cured the conviction of both parties 'the demurrer of the defendant honlj
nn a charge of disorderly conduct. Al" sustained, ami tae case wu il
brother of Cecil Sloan, Delbert Sloan, ('lc to department Xo. 1 for triiL
expressed his opinion of the ease forj,ne J"1 wns 'it filed in depirtmeat
the benefit of .lustice. A. F. Hawkins !o. 1 but the attorneys asked that it
uud was fined $'iO for contempt of e "ansrerrcu to tne equity mrt,M
court. Moth men sni.l they would serve "'K Galloway 8 ruling wai to the cf
out their fiue in jail, and if they stay ffot tllllt' t was not a tiiit in equity.
with their determination will be!
brought to this city tonight. j The divorce Mitt or .losepj A. M-
Some bootlegging eases were inves-1 Lai en against Mildred M. McLean wit
tignted bv Mr. Kingo while he was in dismissed in department No. 2 of tin
Mill City, and the lets will be laid! circuit court yesterday by JudRi Oal
before the gruiid jury at the next meet
ing of this body. A few of these cases
will be prosecuted at Mill City to save
the expense of bringing the witnesses
to this city.
I lrtwiv llllntl rt.nfinn tif (tin nlaln.;(f TL.
mui.-u ... im g.iaiuuu, 1UQ
case alleged in tlie plaintiff ' Ms
plaint was desertion.
to make the best of Iheirl nature will be sent In.
Phoenix, Ariz., March !M. Arionu
will huve no horse rnciug under Hi",
Pari M u lift betting system, I Inventor !
II. W, P. limit has today vet I the
mensure pasted by both h. rises in toe1
I'iliul Iii.iiis of the l.'i;islnliiie. In doing1
so the governor pointed out t hut Ihe
Minn oiers who had already signed pe-,
tilii. os ii'jiiiiist racing were enough tot
iiuo'tc the u'l't'ietidiHii.
t'.uin liny other privute citi.en," said
Sen.ilair Wulsh. "However, I don't nn
ti ipaie that he will object to coining. '
Couitlaiid Smith, of the American
Press nssocialiou, nu. I W. May, of the
Newspaper l-Vi'Mce- two newspaper
h.i ler plate concerns today testified
1 1i ii t they did not carry au ship lobby
news iu their plate service,
' l.i.M.lon, M arch L' I. The I.in. olnshiie
After a man has iicpiivct a repula handicap, run today, was won hv View
li.ni for being lay his .'onsci I'.lund, nt odds of H to I. Lord Annan-
doesn't tneihle bun when his wife is ,,, w, B.,.on.l nnd P.dyciates thud,
doing washing for Ihe neighbors.
ncre. This seed is advanced lo the
farmer, and is deducted when the flux
straw is sold to tin stnte.
Mr. Hansen has often raised from
two to three tons to the acre on his
laud near the asylum. He is out iu the
country today iu the interests of the
i Iu x proposition and he expects soou to
liave the ..in bushels of seed bought bv
tho state all contracted for within a
short time. 1
The coninieivial club will issue from
time to time bulletins to flax growers,
giving instructions how to hnndle the,
plant as the season advances.
San Diego, Oil., March 21. William
County School Superintendent W. M. j
Smith, iu company with Professor W. i
A. Barr, of O. A. O, went to Silverton !
today to visit the schools iu that city!
nnd to examine the wrirk being done I
The girl who wins the love of I
truly good man makes a lucky Ut til
is herself a luckv miss. -
with the Babcock tester recently in
stalled in the school. Mr. Smith and
Professor Barr will spend the rest of
the week visiting the schools of Bub
limity, Turner, Stnyton and Jefferson.
P. Ilnsionneher yesterday
suit in the circuit court of this county
against O. M. Harvey and Martha Har
vey :o collect the sum erf $400 alleged
due on a promissory note.' The plain
tiff seeks a judgment against the de
fendants in the sum of $400, with $o0
Asa Moore, 70 years old, pioneer nfjns Attorney's fees and tho costs
tne gni.i nisii .lays in i aiitornia, and the action.
one ot the founders of Boise, Idaho, is
dead here today. llo crossed the
isthmus of I'anninn iu the early 'oils,
nnd came to California willi the gold
seek .'rs.
A second suit filed by F. Haslebncher
against (!, M. Harvey and Martha Har
vey uud others wns for the sum of
flood alleged due on a note mndo out
Improved 60-acre farm, for bid
Canad a Sosk utchawan preferred.
II" acre farm near Dillu, tnd hi
nprnnnA near (.rVC.lk
Fine 640 seros in Ctooit; cvmt?, W
nr.rxt. u tnlA fit.v or rea26 W
"'ought 0 $2 000'
(10 acres on Howell prairie ii,w,
will take sonic cash, balance tJ
Houses for Rent .
Houses looked after f iml'
We can place your money n P
real estate security for 8 per t.
i.i.w.tt ..mi. insurance with
of I.
347 State Street,
thflNlE. 'Q.f.k JHCK CVJMtlS
Expert Inspects Buildings At
Prison and Farmers Are j Unseen Hand Suspected I
Contracting For Seed i In Directing Steamers
The slule board of control Is anxious
to get all multeis connected with the
establishment ol the flux fibre factory
ut the penitentiary under way us
ipi'uklv as possible in order that Ihe
crop can be put iu and all arrange
incuts nuHc for the inslallal ion of tho
imit liinei v as soon as it is purchased
au, arrives, To Hint end Mr. I'.mil
llnuxcit, the Belgian flax expert, is al
ready in the field making contract
for the plii nl inu' of the seed, nnd John
'. Cudy, of Albany, who has had ex
perience in the ninniifactnrlng end of
the Industry, ias in conference with
l'...eriior WitUvenmbe eslerday after
noon an, I made nn inspect ion of Ihe
buildings lit the prison iu older to ad
! use n to their a.le.pincy for the flax
! ni-iinifiii luring Industry.
Mr, Cudy has had seveinl years of
expciieioe in the niaiiiifactnie of flax
,1'il.ie fnbiics in il,,. stale of Wisconsin,
j iu ihe in' i i. libit! hood of liieen Kixer
and is reputed to be an aiithoi ily up.m
the subject. If he is cmplovc.1 by
j the board of coiilud in connection with
' Ihe establishment of the industry it
will probably be to install Ihe inncli'in-
erv ut Ihe prison nnd make all neces
Washington, March 24. Government I
officials today expressed informally a
suspicion that the movement, of Her
man steamer captains, both at sea and
in American ports, are being directed
by some individual in this country.
They would not iudicnttf whether
thev definitely so. peeled anyone.
All collectors of Hurts, however.
where (lerinan linen nre interned, were
agin instructed to exercise the ntmmt
vigil-ice to prevent any violation of
neut.alily. It ,.xioeted today that
the department of justice would libel
the 'ionium stem,., Odeliwald, which
tried to escape tioin the port ol' Sail
.Iiium, Porto l(i,, vwthoi.t clearance
pap.-s, h'I'e dis 1 1, t nttorney at San
.loan was m, i ii.tcl tu take the neces
sary i oui t a. I ion.
"lie is -ii, h ;i
fond uiolhci e,
been told xvhal
llw.bs.' "
"lleiilly' ,,
to. 'an.'" 1 11 1 ! ii 1 1 ,
' ' hv. t hnu'.
lever little dear," the
no d. " lie bud never
loner were, but the
i "7
Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes
what does
ttic culler,
of course.
No, Alon o. th r,,i..t f ,uv f,,V(.ri
viclim isn't in . widow class.
have eu.iugli unwritten laws;
we need i h lew- more unbroken
vvli It
Will these " bus beeiiN " come Inn k this scaoiit oil 'II rcinember they
vxere both down and out Inst year, with the prospect thut their busebull days
tore uboiit over. Heinle Wagner never stopped nor tossed a ball the entiie
season for the lied Hon, although he was a sensation. Mis wing kiis crippled,
il seems. Ikdnie was kept on the miv roll, uud now it is whispered at the
spring training eauip that he is likely to be in shape for s. tixe play, lie
hurled a few uctoss tlm diamond the other day it cump, sj the rcpeit says,
and if he iiinkca good he will bo put back ut his old pliun at short lie
gntding Jn k I'oombs, erthile of the Athletics, but now with the Dodgers,
Hie unle ss uuon dope ! it that h. ur.iv c.m.' bin k in something of hn old
time winning form. Last yr b l-Ktil y vvorixisl at all for Mack, bing xn
the sick list.
aw uiianccniciit for xvmkiug the fibre , ones,
'Iu material ef different kinds after ,
I i he liarv est,
' lievemoi Wilhyeonibe anuooui'ed to
,lav for the beard of coutiol thnt im min
I pine ,,f tl.-v per ton would be paid for! 01' 1 IIIN PATER
'flax Htiiiw delivered to the peniteuti- IV T1IP V V VT TAii
laiv. This will be the established ,,M' 1 Vl'O
1 pi b e for nil grades accepted.
1 The piice hetelofore litis been about j
.II per ton. but on account of the ex..
tin est f V., seed this year, and tji
further pucuurnge the planting of the!
I flax, ihe board of control decided to!
i pav 1.V
j About lot) acres have mi far been
conducted for, iu addition to what will,
! be plained on slate lauds. The state!
j bin been able to secure only 7IU) hush-!
'els of seed, mid this will soon be eon j
' traded. j
j According t,i the estimates of Kmil
j Hansen, the flux ex.'vrt, it will r j
v)ulre about $,VA0 wo'th of seel to tha
iiu'pt to their mutual
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