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Mur.li 24, 101.'.
Editorial Page of "
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
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P'lone Main 81.
It is given out semi-officially at least that the state
highway commission will distribute all the road fund of
$240,000, raised annually oy laxauon 01 an ycuic,
There are 50 members of the advertising class of the
Ohio state university. Instruction is given the students in
all branches of advertising work. Not theorists, but prac
tical business men, are relied upon for the most valuable
Ernest S. Jaros, publicity manager of a large Columbus
lerArtment store, cave a talk before the class on "Plan
ning things which must be taken into consideration in sell
ing goods through publicity.
)c 3(C )Jt 11
Eugene Guard: To meet a big cou
gar face to fueo on a nBrrow foot log
twenty feet in the air, above a rocky
mountain atroam, was tlie experience
of Htroud Long, a resident of Camp
Creek, last week. Tlie cougar had
kimcked Long's dog from tlie log, leav
ing the man and the beast within a
few feet of each other when Long shot
it with an automatic revolver. To draw
The key-note of Mr. Jaros' talk, to which he recurred j
small loir, with the aniuul at close
again and again, WaS this: " range, required unusual nerve. ''There
ht l i. i j. i , , fn was not room enough for three of us to
"Newspapers are the best advertising mediums lor aimix on that loK..b1.elafed ,j01 ..an(1
retail store because they bring direct results." j fff tl,l""llt hwh Mtomathf
"Advertising in its present state," declared Mr. Jaros, !TllB JbrokeeWMugaB.hZuer;
"cannot be regarded as a science. There are no iron-clad and after making one more spring ot
principles laid down which the advertising man can al-; ' TJ'tSn
iwavs adhere to. No two advertising campaigns can be .think that the cougor must have had
UnrWorl in PYflPtlv tho snmo wnv with tha same results. ' kM''a :""",..b-v' or el8e was vcry Un"-
K-"' : .'-j i "...u:u ,it,nr,i0 Tn nth;r"u"v . J r-.-r -r v ;" iur uu"
among tne counties umy mui wic iu m w.w , lt tnere 1S any principle tnat nearly always noms gooa
words the property owners of Oregon are to be forced tO;dnd can always gafely be followed, it is this: That new' wltViTo'e"
contribute to a fund which will be used as a premium to paper advertising is by far the best for any general busi- last suturday she sot an example tor
nil the people of the mountain country.
I The usual plan of warfare on bears is
ia good dog and a trusty rifle, but it
a hoe, and bears ure plentiful.
Murshfield Record: M. A. Smith,
who with a brother, has been mining
i.- .l.,Ll rnU ,1, .,..,., flir, nnnntmo 1 1 .. '0
induce counties 10 go mio ueuu me uccpci ""iness
become involved and the more reckessly they squander)
money upon alleged road work, the heavier they will be a - j Goodwin's Weekly calls attention to a point that is new . J- tXXZ
lowed to draw upon mis state loau iuim. oacnauii, relating to the great war and anything new on the sub-1 mar, now, because everyone can afford
n: P .V. n ' otonnnnnHoo nrp PVflm I f'S Tni'rnR i n , a i t i . In him
iwiver, tuiuiuuia ami vmwi.r v.wv - -iy" r." ." jecc is worm repnnung: as always nappens, wnen a
current year, and they will get practically all ot the 4M),-;great war is on, the milliners and dressmakers of the old
ftOO Ktnte f u
wv ..... Hviiu tJtv luunint. iiiv ituvoiUiiu viu bum ui liiu lauivu vvir ..t . n. .
If counties do not vote road bonds they get no money :fom more and more to the attire Qf the goldiers in-the!rrthV "uy' and
from the fund paid I in by a the countjea u"d;a ha!,11 1 field. This is right, too for the hearts of the women a SU" olle,
state levy and a crazier decree, fiom a business stand- with those soliiers. They are thinking of them by day, :..., othe'r. whi,h ,re on exhibit .t
point could never be issued any set 01 state oniciais : ino dl.eaming 0f them by night, the conforming of their attire JlZ.Z'lt"
more and more to that of the soldiers, is but a symbol of iwunIm. The Smith brother. liuve boon
! Vifi vocwnlnrrc nf fVioiv mim Vinn.fQ Tf i'o rrnA -Pah tln ver,V Hureesnful and came in lust fall
w- j . liiiig, tuvii v t ai iiwai to ii ao guuu iui i-ii witli $1 7000
cniiioi'u ,'fivi'ico xnv ir ltirorouioc rnciii rnrnrnrc rnnr
bonds before it is recognized. Lane county has built many : their unif orms must never be disgraced. When those who
matter how much permanent, substantial work a county
mav do on its roads, paving for it as it is done, the state
hoard blacklists that county, and demands an issue of
10 Days Stop At
San Francisco
To visit the exposition on all tickets sold to eastern mrint. ...
. , 1 ut8 when Iravelij.
via the
(Southern Pacific -Union Pacific -
. Three Trains to Chicago Daily
THE OVERLAND LIMITED From San Francisco dailv . .
Extra fare $10.00 to Chicago. Every modern comfort. P'
a. m. Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars. Trriv. f v y at 4:M
morning. inieugo tbirel
THE PACIFIC LIMITED From San Francisco daily t 'in.
(Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars. Arrive Chicago third a
Full information as to extra fares, st,p.ov
reservations, etc., from nearest agent fiet
our new booklet on trip Portland toCalifo,,;,
The F.xposition Lino 1915.
John. M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
shoe formation, while the htmt
i r " "t! ' "infra,
At a meeting of
Fair Association
, - l.,l il 1 ' 1 UlU.VUtWJHHUIIIVIVl Ml. UiklCl 11 Iltll bilUOV "HU'llin lniiirloa
uuicn ui niai.avmu.iuuu i.. rv v.. , j)mn greaC Wars note tms COnCeSS10n in tne nomeS OI tne i bere Snturday evening it was de
:tor It. UOUgias, iviarion ami several uuiei iw u rtvc people tney are more Uab,e to realize tha(. it jg not b con. ; ,... to hoh ti.. year
done a great deal of road improvement, probably accom- ts that nations are made t but . the homeJ livesiX,r10J;lis1lu:;l ,ft'
l lishitig more than has been done in the bonded counties, nf tue-.y minnp nnrj that anv nnp wbn rlicturris tVinf- Vinmo lt WU8 J''i'b'il to give
yet they are to receive back none of the money their tax- ;life an(, bli unjustly sorrow to those' homes, is a
payers contribute to the state road fund, because they ; criminai
have issued no road improvement bonds.
The policv of the state board, if adhered to, virtually
makes the state road fund a premium to be distributed by
the bond buying concerns of the country.
It is now! over a year since a little township in Wis-
The government's estimate is that there are eighty-six
million bushels of wheat in the mills of the country, which
would seem to be cause for satisfaction to bread-eaters
and winners in the land. There should be no immediate
danger of a bread famine.
Colonel Henry Watterson says : "Af ter the European
consin originated a bright idea, which seems to have taken i war this country will flow with wine, milk and honey."
root in a very large section of the state. I What is the veteran editor trying to do start the dry
When the town in question announced its purpose of I forces praying that the war may notecase?
flhservintr a "nav-un week." in which all the debtors would '
make settlement, everybody smiled. But the thing was In all the round of seasons of this round old world
done, and several thousand unsettled bills were cleared in there is nothing so familiar as that tired feeling which
the process. wmes to one in springtime. There is no mistaking it for
Now the place has had its most prosperous year, and a symptom of something else.
many other western towns and not a few big cities are ,
considering a "pay-up week." ; There is no use reprinting the pronunciation of
The philosophy of the plan is simply this: That by Przemysl for the benefit of inquiring subscribers. It is as
paying your bills, the other fellow is enabled to pay his, bad as the word itself.
and so on in a sort 01 eniuess cnain, wnicii linauy comes
around to you again, with you out of debt and no one
owing you.
Thus all are quits, the commercial skies are clear, and
everybody feels better. . n T RJT 1
In the first experiment over $10,000 in old accounts UOMg lOO MllCh
changed hands, and the liquidation this year promises to I
i a unanciai uuai wave. i "i um i
The idea of a "pay-up week" is excellent and should be , " 1 11
pushed along. 1 he wider it extends, the more sound and
stable will be the business of this country.
to hold this year's fair on !Sep-
rlnns for the
some length anil
more nttention
to running races, reluy races und other
speed events than in former yours. Sev
eral members of the board argued that
races were the chief attrncti6n of a
fair and should not be neglected, even
though it took much money to liqui
date the expense. The Oranges, it was
reported, have ulrendy signified their
intention of assuming nn active part
in this year's fair. At a meeting of
the board of directors of the fair the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: I). J. (Stow art, Pres.,
K. I,, l'urrott, Vicc l'res., O. V. Wim
berly, Ses., B. W. Ntrung, Treas.
Christmas Spirit Is
Felt Even In Wartime y.'' !? .
e said, " I shall aer that m d'
afte-wards." J"8ua
(Continued From Page One.)
And he took our s.l.lre.. i, i...
the bodies were buried. The knur
trui- had passed. But
go back to the trenches. I, .
ft I urnnil nKn.it . . n
Southern Pacific officials are again "talking" of elec-i,,,",r,'s- Tl"'
i.ifnn.T Tlim',. AV;il f 11 la"""& ul clu j.lolin McClour
l"'j"'(5 w Miauii-iie valley lines.
Demands By Japan
nO China Not Serious
(t ouUmicI from rage One.)
Eugene fiunrd: Six alleged boxcar
I thieves torgot to guard the entrance
i while they worked yesterday morning,
and they were caught like ruts in a
I trap, and a Southern Tucific train be
came a patrol wugon. Railroad em
ployes found the men at work in a box
car containing casoline and foodstuffs.
at .function City, yesterday morning,
and while they were ut work, the en
trnuce through which they hiui entered
was closed and sealed from the outside.
The train then started on its way, and
delivered the alleged burglars, caught
with the goods, to the police who had
been summoned to the station to meet
them. They were taken to the city jail
and locked up awaiting the arrivul of
Southern Pacific officials tn nrefer
men gave their names ns
Cloud, 1'at Corbet, (ieonr,. Vi.
leiunce, ,lulin lludley, John iScholyz,
Charlie Williams nnd'rtick I.itcher.
hail happened ! Men laughed and cheer
ed. There was Christmas light in our
eyes. And 1 know tnere were Christ
mas lears in mine, ineru were smiies, i nii k .. .
smiles, smiles, where only days before f" "I
there hail been only rifle barrels. The
terror of no man's land fell a'wny. The
i. ... i. : :it.i .L.
ami His ot uhipiiv voices iim-u uic uu. ,1Mi,:,.,. , ,.
We were all uJhnman happy for that Vbiftr
-Knglish, Portuguese, Americans ami h , '"' "i"1"
even Na. eein. the Turk, emil.l share. ! f""'1 th.. ,r?
V ..l t i u i Know wnat it s a a nout Wnttan
and that, savages that we nad been . wivpd tm"
cave nieu us we were, ine awiuiuess ... , ,
of war had filled the corner of our 11,6 .f .me. that !
iio man's land. Th fi.
the legions sat talkins or nl.vi..j.
exchanging tohscco nd rigi'mm ul
' lai h-ia
hearts where lu e und Christmas live.
I think Nadeem was first to sense
what had happened. He suddenly
jumped out of the trench and began
waving his hands and cheering. Wmle
ue was doing this a ponderous German,
with a happy smile that exposed two
rows of glittering teeth, climbed oul
of his trench anil shouted:
"Lieutenant Schroder presents his
compliments to your lieutenant and de
sires to liiK.w it' he will select four
men ami come to the middle of the neu
tral territory to arrange for a truce for
burying the dead."
wu. iiuuu niuit .Bi ecil ..I ii.siu.iu , , u
i was one or tne lour men seiecteu, aim .,. ,..,. nimwl our nn
are damned fooln and to ii mnm
eise wim is ngttfnf,"
..Ami our. tilt fie-1 nme'J
" We are going to ta Vmuii
our trenches anil wt want yov to W
it," said the liernims 8! they ble
goodbye, nml at wc shook tht M
that might slny us on. the mora
After supper we hranl i "lil
of music that thrilled ui. A little G
man bund had crept into the i
trenches and aunoiinccd itself will
grand ehord. Then came the uieipe
ed strains of the llarriaite. Til
Frenchnien were almost frantic witk Je-
light. Then came our turn he
i Long iw or
the ailing of I'ort It. ml
ollii'tnl organ nod niouthpiece over the
leading i1cmnor.it press and the ex governor's
Muscr bill one would inter that its ex-
iili nce depended upon keeping a lot ot the West appointees in otlice to harass
ii ii I impede n const no live iidiiiinistiatioti, such ns the citizenry of Oregon know
Hovoinnr Withyeoiiihe Is aide to give. This law is exactly wind the state needs
ui- it gives the gmcrimr opportunity to surround himself with officials who will
give sy in pathetic co operation in every department of his administrative affairs.
A law which n nkes wny for weeding nut of those ho are opposed to and in
discord nith the chief executive's views who draw n salary to hinder his work
mid putting In stead characters nho ure in sympathy with the udiiiiuist ration
ic a good one. I.nlieview Kxniuiuer,
Taking this view of the discussion of the Moser law,
and it is not the real issue, either, how this same Eastern
Oregon paper would have howled had the democratic na
tional administration kicked out all republican office hold
ers, the moment it came into power. A good many repub
licans are still m oiltce and practically all were allowed to u"' '" 11 ''" u, ' tnm,p
serve out the terms for which they were appointed. Hut Vr'iJ'TiilltwdM:, !:,":!:!
the iMoser law is vicious not so much because it was enact- ""' liU " T" '"" '" "I've
ed for the purpose of making the offices the reward of the .!:.:;Ta,i;7rl,B,:v'u,;Vv:u
spoilsmen, as that it subverts our form of popular gov- '"" aniiouUh y.mr w wa smuii.
II lilt too III lull, ' ' Hliil
niore thiiu eii in my pay;
I ilon't iiiteihl to
aist in v haiaes. a
toiling round nil
day, for such a
stipend as I get in
this d n in ii s t e d
stoie, nad if
boss would see me
sweat, he'll have to ''d
pay nie more,"
"The day is fur too
shall," Miid .Itil. ii,
"lor all I wih to
dn; the hours fly
past, and daylight 's
Hun.', before I 'm
hull way through,
And dough my pay looks prettv sick,
I 'II v.ork like old Sum Hill, till
in siniitung nii.l a general supervision
of the employment of all foreign ad
visors ami the Uniting of all foreign
er no-
thels'tion na. I that 11 settlement, satisfsic-
OIV 0 I lllli r u.ll iir.,1,,,1,1,. I... ...... . I,
This me.'HH that .laim'n h
abii.uloaeil the II reipiests which she
never intended to press and is insist-
'"K only ua the UI deiuiiads,
will ooiihtlcN, ,
Mnrshfield Recordi The Mnrshfield
jitney buses are doing a thriving bus
iness with milluien who live in .Mulsh
field. Kneli morning and night the
buses make trips and ure loaded down
with men going and returning from
work. It is a big accommodation to
the boys who are employed tit the mill
io nave such facilities, und th
taken right to the door of the
where thev work.
1 shall never forget how I felt as we
advanced to meet the four German
soldiers ami their lieutenant who were
coning toward ns. We felt ns if we
wanted to throw our arms about these
men. They told me Inter in tho day
that the snme desire wns upon them.
The hatred of wur had beeu suddenly
withdrawn ami it left a vacuum in
which we human beings rushed into
contact, with each otiier. You felt their
handshakes double handshakes with,t1(( tre,.ntfSi
..nnli who cnine frees bllveslH, l
out Ms mouth oran ami nlmoit
his limes ulaving "Die Mwn
Tlie silence in the Germii nfl"
wns a thousand thmi " tlov
than the blast or cheers Hit n"
when (leorge had finished.
There wns no shooting ui
til about six in Ihe morning,
si.md of rifles was heard In i
both men in vour heart.
Tlie truce was 'arranged: There was'
i.o firing for one hour and the men
y are
I hero has been irrent excitement in
J limn over the negotiations, but this
"as been iiiiete, since the announce-
""at that .lapna ,ibs weakened In
Itoseburg lteview: Hnseburg's sec
ond "twilight sleep" babv was born
at Mercy Hospital at 4 o'clock this
morning. The mother of the child is
Mrs. Carl Hitter, who lives on l iiinnun
These avenue, in West Kosebiirg. .Mrs. Rit.
mantel nn.l nt tl,.. Iter was uduiitri.il in i. u
end il the heu itiations I'resideiit Viiiin ' yesterday afternoon and I)r. Ilouck
Shi km will l. able to show the Chi-I""" summoned. At 1(1 o'clock Inst
nose compelle.1 .la pa u to abandon j night he gave the patient tl small hvno
" " accepted only 10, tiierebv I ,l','llli' f scopolumin, which produced
I'le- ing his snperioiity as n diplomat. ! "'""'st immediate sleep. A second in
he 'lll'lmniiti,. ,,.;n i,.., .. i... i I iectioa of tin. .1 .. ... : ...
.,, il,,., i'... i..: i.i, ,. ' ", , , i. " Ri". nr u:.'U
,'", ' ' " doubtless I" ,l"rR. "Hlowect hy a third iniection
.me M his till. Ihe boss wns keenine. (ores, ,v n, ... .., T... i nt LV.'tl oVIoeii tl.i- . V.. .
i ili nn il.... I. u ..I..,...- i . ,i i ... nun- ' .'" """'"(,. t lourtn
, ..v.. ui.n.a ill,: io inn,
.liiuos he said, "Youag man, ulieni! 1 W,re
Vie one no use ft,- vnn Tl.., l.l ul,n will I...
it... V...I.,.,.., nnnl.ln't nieiwt'
...... ...V.r... . .,..rrinIV. H W
tli first to roroKnize theholntaj
hut an Wis m.'" ,
ness of war that had
.. . r, , . , i llie 1 MSI io rt-.UK"."- -,
Irnm both sides weriMo come out 'MQf cjiiistniiis day, hut 0Q thisw.
iiuiv ineir iiea.t. ine soldiers iiocaeu
from both trenches. They rushed ot
each otiier and shook hands.
"I want tit have your photograph,"
said the Herman lieutenant to our
party, lie sent back for his camera
and we enemies stood with our armsiL.. I' ueiniclist in.
about each oilier ' MV.nnlilnru in hnrse-l . . .... ...i.i. itim and bet1
5AIT5 IP IfiriNCVQ l.. ... . smliles r.ll 4
vnuiu it UllULilU ' '. " ., ,,i ,ii
fire onu .-sirei-i
, -. ,:M ur-'
treii'hes miring me '"" j )
the morning he juinH out
rn.in ll Dhil 11 f""r ' i,
again. John Street, an Ae '
o iiiueli milder than thev , "f H"' drug was administered
reported to be that the critics!"' o'clock. Mrs.Hitter slept nl-
o 1,.,1 nil their
ligU'ing wiinlinili,.
...iiimuousiy troni the time the
first injection was given until (I o'clock
I ns morning, when she awoke. The
child was born nt 4 o'clock, r about
two hours befoie the mother awoke
iiriiment liv oiviniT i)n nlti.f ovMiilinn llin cf.ito iv..,,.s ' "d every day, such
,w 0 - 0 ... w v . ..(.io ,.,n.io ers
1. . . .1 ,1 11 .1 m ., 1
wiiicri are greaier man inose possessed uy ine i;zar ot all
the Kussias.
eek; li ii. I I will unw In
pay by fifty cents a
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SGS
Transact a jrmcrnl banking businesi
Safety Peposit Boxes
China Gains Point.
Wi-hitiiri,.! m...,:, ii
j . - i.m ... ..Kiveillf 111
'' P.ipau to separate the Munchurian I Koseburg Reviews I.ocnl railroad
; 1 .Mngob .primus in the pend-""'" report an increase in business dur
' I segohat,,,,,. l00ho, upon here to !"ig the post two or three week, and
' ' a .reh,ui.v victory tor Chi -; Midication, re that several new t'ruins
k""" lht Chimi Is willing'",!! be placed in operation within lie
nl;e concessmns .,, Manchuria and next month. It is nlso rumored in local
that she will m,w ttHll, ,, railroad circles that the time of tl,
withdrawal hy ,,BlH f h(.r ,hl.Shas, ,.imit(,,. .'perati, g betwe n
n l'nA WT. M,",K0liu- . . 1 :'.r,,"n', nm,,N,n i'i-. will be
1 i.iM-n mil i m me ii i s sri M,ll.'i km s oe -ii i . na I .i...
I'eiidleton Cast Oregonisn; Fsrtuers "Wi"""X reply from dapaa to the re-'"' tr,li" N. 1:1. U 1.1 nml lit
liiim. u,.l f li:l. -r....L .iiuest for i i. f . ., nl il.i.. .i .... ' U
. - ,,. riiu.iiii- - ...tiiivii vuiiei-iniiiLr uie . i n i inn nn extrs i, . ...:n
iioainni. i iii I..:.. i. i..,i i ...... .. he i. : . . -- -. iii
MrtM. 1114
4.U.4. ,1s w , Mffll
I'oiiimissiou to handle the
It is
"Itnials believe thai
completioi, of negotiations between the ' ''"'"""I and the lloldeu (lute ritv
; hl:r;,::':r.", ,vki" - te.,h?.!?"vr ''.
. M eiuei .i.-viiire inai 1
.!' ii nparvutly l as a,lo,te,l a eon-! " ",nr I'lsseag
ciliatorv attitii.l.. ...,i it ... , several h
t will uioibty the Whole situation. Hull,. A . ' -
l'Cher the ,,. l)f ,.,;,.
lions will I,, ,ltl,f.,.,orv ,f., , 1
Stul... ... .. . .. ' f . ! IOIX rnmiftt lrj
- ...mm piooiemalicai, as thisl raiAt. .VT. , -"v,u " mlsa
goverumetii i,u J TdiOiug the Journal W j. T
.-I as if they were proud eu to outline toxt uf lt,' Ue t'. Ja iJ '' i
' ';
lemig n new enemy III me lorm of a
cut worm which is working In the
wheat. The first report of the depre
dations by the pest wns brought to the
city this forenoon by Charles Oleott,
who brought a number of Ihe worms
with him. (In the James Kldridge place
the worms have Inken .15 acres and Mr.
Khlildge is planning to reseed. The
cut worm Is dark green in color ami Is
from (wo Io three inches long.
Hume men a
of their fault
the time of nil
Iter trains can be reduced I
. I
shtut a morning g"'. '""',.. i It'
h hn.l made frieuils '",
There win a siimim .j,
, f..n . ,.i,i with "
I rire aim .-.'
Harnileaa to Flush Klkneyg and Neu- tnrougn ins m. . w
trnn. Trrit.H... iiini.M The sun was hiiuii "owu
for System
Kidney and Bladder weakness result
from uric acid, snyi a noted authority.
The kidneys filter this acid from the
blood and pass it on to the bladder,
where it often remains to irritate and
inflame, causiog a burning, scalding
seusntion, or setting up an irritation at
the neck of the bladder, obliging you
to seek relief two or three timoi during
tho night. Tho sufferer is in constant
dread, tho water passes sometimes with
a scalding sensntioo and is very pro
fuse; again, there, is difficulty in
avoiding it.
Bladder weakness, most folks call it,
because they can't control urination.
While it is extremely annoying and
sometimes very painful, this is really
one of the most simple ailments to over
come. Oct about four ounces of Jnd
Salts from your pharmacist and take a
tablespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast, continue this for two or
three days. This will noutrnliie the
acids in the urine so it no longer is a
source of irritation to tho bladder and
urinary organs which then act norm
ally again.
.lad Salts Is Inexpensive, harmless,
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia,
and is used by thousands of folks who
are subject to urinnry disorders caused
by uric acid irritation. Jnd Salts is
splendid for kidneys and causes no bad
effects whatever.
Here you have a pleasant, efferves
cent lithia-water drink, which quickly
relieves bladder trouble.
u world Rone mail
Mother, oh mother
In agony I cry
The world's so cold n
Whv, oh why ' "
Hince you passed
We've done our '"JjT,
The gir?i',Zt
to we ll iea .Lu
with the :',h'"d;Si-'
Am sure iu.
l( ,he world cornel W rf
Wouldn't they get
Mv child, eh my f'w ,
Stout I rU7t. !'
The world
For s nelptui. .."-
Gnd'f ""'""ill B
And His lov'j "
Ood in His -.
Hn, pln " "ti '" i
you mrt -ork rt.rfit
v n.l Ho melt I" ..j
Those he.rt. wb p
Will do W Ja y
The I.rd Vffi;
And H thuf W
Now do .v'",,u'l,f, ro
Just fiJ lj Jf Xi
And I'ed . i!r
The woria. , t,t
Don't tMVtA
l.- AltiS Hi"
Written hy