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Antral Countries Prepare to Denounce Triple Alliance
Treaties With Austria and Germany Unless Conces
sions of Territory Are Made-Greek Cabinet Becomes
lore Favorable to War-Russian Raiders Active
(By Alice Eohe.)
Rome, March Italy ii preparing
.,Honnco lier triple ulliaticc treaties
,,ih Austria ami Germany, according
, reports from various sources today.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sonnino
.Kl'orted to be pri-Jiuriug to take this
.m thus presenting Austria with the
vtfrulive of ceding to Italy the do
,lttJ provinces ulontf the Adriatic or
,1 (icing Italy ' participation in the
in on the side of the allies.
Jloit of tlie newspapers tn lay warn
le public that a crisis in the relations
Vlweea IUlv and Austria is near. The
fcagero derlares the ellorts ot
mice VonBiielow. Herman ainbnssa
., m nsrsnnile Austria to ccile ferri
tin-have failed and that Minister Son-
aDi euiiURed in negotiations which
uy plunge Italy into war.
G.r.ernnient officials privately ad
mit that the situation is j;ruve. They
li sol deny that an aiiiiuiiiicciiieiit re
filling the triiile alliance is a possi--Jit?.
It is pointed out. however, that
.(I in act must nut be const rued as
iWinite ftep towards war. It would
: ( make Italy a tree agent, and ns
A she would be in a lietti'r position
i itfotiate wit li until sule.s in tue
Bflit conflict more aJvanlugcnuslv.
Cabinet Wrangle Denied.
(Hy Kd. h Ki )
Irtta, March 111. That Greece may
S '.ftjf tn i :i -st iier lot will, th, ill-
flkv V'.urou'iiii war was indicated
in oU'e'ia ttutpliiftit from Alliens
i-V( Veto May. It denies that
n" Inn been ntiv eos-omv,,,,,.,, over
le cnimtrv iu-iohiVov i.. i. .
reel; cabinet.
"The government continne
luJv the external s:j":ii,,n,"
wiil cslaiili
-lli'-C (III II ni, .in. I u I :..
i, its
"" 'liable it to obtain precise i ioinisii
" f "reec.. ,eei.e , a,a.
!" her neiitnilitv.
"0 report, of ilbseti-ioiis in the
'" cabinet have hen received
1 ' assumed that tiie niini-trv is in
With Killir I -,,,( :.. I .
,'"' I'eaoe."
Tins nffieiul denial of ,...1. t
t ' caused tl, ,i,f ,!,. u, nii.
'"" '"' 'o nuii l, , filvr of
:,rrJll,.V I'-en i.,di, re.
Kmilnni cross Border.
.-7:. V"'''1 ' I"". March
riihicis (V1. ..
i 1 err,o t. ,.,,,,.,. (if Vfat
I Va. .1 ... V"' "'"skirts of .Me-
-' ""."uic,. by the war office in
ft statement this afternoon.
Official dispatches from Insterburg
characterize, the Russians participating
in these attacks as "firebugs" rathet
than soldiers. They dusU across the
border, burn as many houses as possi
ble und 'pillage German towns and then
flee back across the line. How they
have evuded the Gorman patrols has
110; been explained. The war office
announces, however, that troops have
been ordered from Tilsit to prevent
repetition of the raids, '
Shv uttempts to take the offensive
in northern Poland have failed. At
tacks between the Pissa and Orzec riv
ers und to the northwest and west of
Przasnvsz have all been repulsed with
loss. South of the Vistula, the state
ment snys, there has been no change.
Uniform German successes are claim
ed in the western theater of the war.
Two French attacks north of Mesnil
are declared to have been checked by
G rninu artillery. North of Beausejour,
a French assault failed, and two offi
cers and 70 mou were captured. The
French have admittedly achieved a
slight success on the plain of Woevre
but have been thrown back after severe
; lighting on the east bunk of the
' Mouse. Fighting for possession of the
j heights of the Mouse continues.
I U. S. lu Full Accord.
: Tokio, Marc in ltt. The Japanese
i people wero assured by Tokio news
papers today that the United Stutos is
' in full accord with Japan in her lutcst
demands upon China.
I In substantiation of America '1 sup
jpii:t of Japan's attitude, an interview
I with Premier Okiiniu is published, in
which ho is quoted as saying; that both
the United States and Knglnud appre
ciate Japan's interest in Chinese af
fairs. , Note Causes Smile.
! Washington, March llf The idea
that the Unitod States approves ,la-
' puu'.i demands on China, as reported in
press dispatches from Tokio, caused
smiles here today among persons iu
j touch with the administration's viows.
1 All government officials were silent,
but it is nn open secret thut the do-
j vcloi. incuts in the Fur Fust are regard
ed us among the gravest with which
!this .'idministration has to deal.
The general otiiniou iu official cir
cles !s that Japan hus modified her at
titude somewhat ns a result of recent
representations, but it is considered un
likely tiint the mlkaijo has abandoned
his plan of reeuring a predominant in
fluence in China.
lln. .. .
(c, ; " l:i""'oro'1 h
re,,,, ?"''1 'I'!'"-'', i" response
We k..?m V"l'no,nah countv
Interl , '"' ''"'"""iction
Mfr J."'1 :r",-'t' wroi-i the
fTtimt... ; a'-ouver. nil eon-
HinC ! fur thf construction
thrJl'V '0!.!r of con-
""'"a trovil ,om,l"'"""n. must
the ei,..... V" iiiiriii-
,hf ! 1 V""1 ''''Ployed
"mir 'aw or ru c.
Bride of Few Months
Left Explanatory Note
L'tPine, Ore., March 1'.!. Author
ities here today made public a note
found clutched in the dead hand of
-Mrs. ,T. It. Weunndy when her body
was discovered by a chauffeur yester
Jny. The note asks that her body bo
cremated and that the ashes bo spread
on the front lawn.
.Mrs, Wonnndy, who was a bride of
a few mrintlis l
,lt hail ropro.t'd hii Jot rnt'iirmig the
tuoLuna1 1011 exMnsi. i uo noto
Sairl vhfl Vena wit Knit f 4 uti.lu n.1 tUnt
'Iiit litislianj hml proved faithleH.
- --"Qr law or ric; btM, Mmtui M proVeJ
,"iEd Fleets Find Dardanelles
Hot Fire From Turkish Forts
Compels Allied Fleet To
. Withdraw
Passage Hard to Accomnlish
1 vMA"6 0fatr'TT!!?"",LEllroPan!t,,rv concentration, to defend the forts
, url1' March n tv, 1 : uttuitift field operations. This must
I"d , ;,; ";' ,"Vl,"t.v;meu,i that the Turks have received in-
,,ll' llie, I,.,,,,, ' " ''" opera-( formation concerning the movement of
tH ""'ln..-IU.s '''.''"'''''''"l-.the rnem.V, troops. Athens has heard
" London. ' g-j that uti army curpj is on its wnv to the
Berlin, by wireless to London, March
19. The French battleship Houvet was
sunk at 0:15 p, m. yesterday as the re
sult of striking a mine while bombard
ing the Dardanelles forts, according to
dispatches from Constantinople this
nfternoon. An English torpedo boat la
declared t0 have been sunk by a shell
from one of the forts. The British bat
tleship Irrestible was put out of action,
the dispatches declared whilo another
battleship was badly damaged.
It declared the Anglo-French fleet
steamed into close range of the forts
hurling shells nt intervals of loss than
one every minute. So effectively did
the forts reply, tho statement says,
that several warships were badly crip
pled and withdrew from . the 'battle.
The Bouvet, struck by several shells,
suddenly listed and sank. Immediate
ly the fleet withdrew and disappeared
iu the direction of Tenedos Island.
Humors were current today that tho
allies may nbnndon the attempt to
force the strait as the result of the
latest reverse,
The admiralty olso announced that
Turkish warships have, bombarded the
Russian torpedo boat base at Theodosia.
in the Crimen, setting fire to many
buildings und damaging several war
crafts. This is tho first confirmation
of previous reports that tho Turkish
fleet had withdrawn from the Dard
anelles and Is now operating in the
Black Sen. Only a part of the fleet
participated in this moiineuver.
The ISouvet was one of the oldest
warships 0f the French navy. Her
keel was laid in lHS):i and she was
finished in 1MIS. She had a displace
ment of lL'.L'D." tons. Normally tho
crew numbered (K'fi men. No mention
of their fate is miiile in the dispatch.
The P,ou vet cost !i,!illu,U0(). 1 1 or
armament consisted of two 12 inch
guns, two 10 inch, eight five Inch and
eight :i.p inch gnus, ns well as two
torpedo tubes. Sho had a speed of 18
knots nn hour.
Two More Steamers Sunk.
London, March I it. The sinking of
iwo nmre liiiusn steamers hy Herman
submarines wns announced bv the ad
mirnlily this afternoon.
It was declared- thnt the Glasgow
steamer Ilyndford wns torpedoed and
sunk in the channel Inst Tuesdnv. nnd
that the Cardiff steamer Hluejacket,
en route tiom tlie Argentine to Loudon
with a cargo of gnun, wns sent to the
hottom by n German torpedo lust niuht-
The crew of the Illue.inckct took to
tlie bonis ami slartcil for shore in the
darkness. One reached Newhnven. but
the other has not yet reappeared. Life-
savers are senri-ning lor it.
Two Forts Reduced,
London, March 111. Dlsnntches from
Athens today announced thnt the guns
nf tne Anglii r'rench fleet last niuht
reduced two Turkish butteries guarding
mo uaiiiiinciies, after a two hour bom
Imrdment. Some of tho warships wero
sngiitiy itnmnge-d,
I lie udnnritltv refused to comment
on Constantinople dispatches asserting
innt tne j-reneh battleship Houvet hud
uccn suiik in tho strait.
llnr.l.lnnll... un... i' il.l- l
"hi,iuiiuii,-n iiuiii oNivrnu, n inis n
course. n t r,,., . i 1.1 ' n...,..
""lire of t ,o k..-i . . .!i,4
" th. T I "
tr.,,l innt,, , . . 'ii-nii, iiirsey s most oriliiant military
ill,. ' ""if l-oHta,it, ,,l ' ' U(Mnl 1"" ln ,'h!,r',' 0f U"
, - - nuiiiin i operations, rertev l usna nni
' aneO fnr nil I ' . .. r. ,,,
' It
"oir..t , .
'"lltlM I. 1 "''aneo fnr nil i.. A . a m.
'tn, " "'cm. " 11 i" "iiiniann or me cuiyrna nine
rei;-, 11 , '."t tlint tary district, and It is understood that
"li,!,,"' M-'rim,.,,, j'.,' ' Ul"n th.)(he has been held there for nn enter-'"-
Tit '''ffi. tiitv V", ""v l"w' ''l' present one.
t. 11 be i , , "" ,u IV'tev Pnsho made the Smyrna troops
Th. t ' UM nt theithe finest in the Turkish empire, and
tr, l"anv rea,iu .!, i' he aeeompinies the corps to the Par
ii,Ii . ' ""K Miaiiiiics the allies will have a wortny
r. JM'iKe.i , - : .
Washington, March 1. Keportg re
ceived this afternoon nt the stnto do
purtiiient stated that the forces of Gen
eral Franeise0 Villa und General Veil
ustinno nrrn ii7.a aro lucked iu whut is
expected to be n decisive battle for the
control of the Tumpico district of
The engagement, It Is stated, began
Thiirsduy morning between outposts.
liencrnl Villa, with zk.ihju men in
Tuuijiieo City ami vicinity, is iu per
oniii command of his forces. The
Curniii.intHs ore said to number Lt'.UOU.
Twentv tulles from Tnmpleo a force
of '1,1,1011 Vlllistiu is now engaged In
buttle with 2,'iOU Carrnnzlstus, with
the issue still In doubt.
The state department apparently has
given iii hope of re opening rail eotn
munication between Mexico City and
Vera Cruz, and seems to be depending
on General Villa's promise to furnish
an outlet for foreigners desiring to
leave the country by way of El Paso.
tf 'h' ''' lan-llo, i" f""- fong a land force the allies!
, W,. '"bof i t , nn i-mplov in the Dardanelles opera I
j ' .,.. """t din I, ""'1,,n "'"titions i, a difficult question. They need!
' ''Wr.. . f 'nmunit ,n ro'lntl'v,,'v "vallable man in France and
i,n'tt. ,t'0'- C, "!'""" Flanders If an attempt is to be made1
't f"Me, ,0 landing to drive the Germans back to the fron-
I 1 r '""re u, ,,mo... .... .. , .. .... ., ,.
t5ii - yt "n-, nft, ine dangers, tnereiori-, it nvuviM !
, 0ow . lie, nrr made, ia that too few men to
"'"If new mi!i.di.e the Turks will be ent.
New Capital Proclaimed.
El Paso, Texas, March !. Chlcbua
bun City soon will be proclaimed the
capital of Mexico, with General An
Holes as president, it was reported here
today. General Angnles, it was stated,
Is working in harmony with General
Villa and will receive the Isller's sup
port. The rlrer today ta at the 4.1 foot
stage, and no rainfall has been recorded
during the ptt 21 hour.
Turkey. Constuntinople an-
aounces French battleship Bou-
vet sunk during Dardanelles
bombardment, fouling a mine,
sje Declares torpedoboat sunk, bat-
tleship Irresistible and another
battleship badly damaged. Turk-
ish warships bomba.-,led Theo-
dosin ou Black sea, firing many
buildings, damaging several war
Poland and Prussia. Petro-
prnd preparing retaliate with
war of savagery if Herlin car-
ries out threat bum and pillage
Russian towns. Planning strong
protest through - neutrals. Hus-
sian army declared entrenched
inside Prusslnn frontier. Berlin
declares Slav .attacks near
Przasnysz and between Orczec
and Pissa rivers repulsed.
England. Announced suborn
sjc Tines torpedoed nnd sank lirlt-
!ih steamers Ilyndford and
niuejackot. Part liluejaeket'a
crew rescued, boat containing
remainder missing.
Austria. Great battle dcvcl-
oping near Czernowitz, Hnko-
wina, Austrian attacks re-
pulsed. -
Italy. Reported Italy irepnr-
ing to denounce her treaty with
Austria, thus forcing Austria to
eeda territory along Italian
He frontier. '
Greeec. Kcporls Greece mny
yet decide to nld allies. It is
$ denied cabinet has disagreed.
France. Franco Uritish biic
ie cesses roported nt Lorette, St.
Klol, Bolunte, Fotir-de l'uris and
in the Argonne. i German night
t(e nltaek in Consenvoys woods re-
pulsed. ,
s(c sjc sc sfc s( Ssjc sc jc ?c sj( sc sjc sjc
Will Adopt By-Laws and Elect
i Board of Directors and
. Officers
Sheriff Esch, Harry Minto and
Pnsoner Greeted by Throng
At Depot
Jaunty Air Deserts Him When
Jail Doors Open and Cell
Keys Rattle
With !!00 people crowding all avail
able space In front of the Orepon Elec
tric depot, Sheriff William Esch and
Harry Minto, warden of the peniten
tiary, arrived Ibis inorii!;.g at !() o'clock
returning A, II. Cook from Brooklyn
to answer a charge of obtniniug money
under false pretences. Cook stepped
from the triiiu with a jaunty smile on
his face which he wore despite the
jibes of the crowd and tauuliar greet
ings of old friends. Ho spoke plens
antlv to a number of former acquaint
nines and curried his cnrelree uir to
the sheriff's office, where the door
was immediately looked to bur out the
curious crowd.
Inside the office, however, when the
prisoner's hand was released from the
handcuff which ciiiuneu nun to nis suit
case, when the searching of his person
was completed and the huge bunch of
cell keys rnltleJ, Cook 'a face lost all
of its careless expression, and a sallow-
Inced, disiienrte I man paced down
the stairs to the jail to bo locked up
in the city where ho once paraded the
streets as one of the foremont citizens.
Cook told the sheriff ho would plead
nlty ' to the clinigo against him here
and would not require tho services of
an attorney. Tin' charge under which
on li Indicted Is obtaining money un
der false pretetrcs and carries a sen
tone) upon conviction of from one to
five yenrs In the penitentiary, Cook
will be charged with frogery, in addi
tion, according to District Attorney
Kingo, who alleges that Cook forged
two drafts for "" Chicago bank.
This charge was not pressed before the
session of the grand jury which indict-
The Weather
Oregon: Fair to
night and Satur
day; frost In ex
posed placet to
night; northerly
All arrangements are complete for
the big meeting of the lion crrowers of
the State of Oregon, which will be held
iu the Commercial Club auditorium at
10 o'clock tomorrow (Saturday) morn
ing, for the purpose of adopting a com
plete set of by-laws and electing I
full staff of officers, board of directors
and executive committee to serve for
the fiscal year. Already reports Indi
cate that there will bo at least 300 hop
growers in attendance at tho ineetinir
aim it is expected that .there will bo
great many more and the prospocts
are taut tho meeting will have to ad
journ to the armory in order to aecom
modute the big gathering, which gives
promise of lieing the largest ever held
in tho state, or 0n tho coast.
Tho principal business to come be
fore this meeting will be tho selection
of a board of 40 directors which will
have complete charge and control over
all of the actions of the Oregon hop
growers- association. This board, in
turn, will elect a executive committee
of at least five members, to have direct
control over the business of the body
to put into effect tho orders of the
directors, and a set of officers consist
ing of a president, vice-president,
secretary and treasurer. The presi
di'Ht and secretary will be ex-officio
members of the board of directors and
the secretary will also act as secretary
of the executive committee. The
hoard of directors is to be represnuta
tne of every hop growing section of
the state and the most competent men
in the industry are being nominated
fur the Imiiortuut positions.
Up to this morning Secretary Fred
in. Mump has received numerous nom
inations for the bonrd of directors
among which nro the following:
Miernlan, V, h. Holder; Silverton, O.
L. llntteberg, G. W. Morlev and Marlon
Palmer; Gervnis, M. W. Mahnney; SI.
Paul, John N'. Gooding; Independence,
V. 11, Murphy, A. Hluper, II. I!.
Fletcher, Fred X. Stump; Lane county
(Springfield). J. !,. Conrk und K. K.
Morrison; llanisliiiig, J. 1!. Cart
wright; Jefferson, W. II. Hoy, Dele
gations from other districts will pre
sent the niiincs of their candidates nt
tho meeting tomorrow morning.
Reports of the most encouraging nn
lure have just been received from Cali
fornia which are to the effect that, the
articles of incorporation are drawn' up
and signed and will be filed with the
secrelary of state, at Saernii lo this
Intended to keep faith with the people
been placed in the field to secure mem
bership nuil he will be kept constantly
at work until practically all of tho
growers have signed up. A letter from
George Hewlett carries very flattering
news and indieiiles Hint the stale will
be thoroughly organized mill ready for
business on or before May 1st of this
Principals Salaries For Outside Schools Reduced Under
New ScheduleAnnual Increase Only $645 On Payroll
Exclusive of Janitors and Teachers For New School
New Requirements-Reward For Service
Aftor threshing the matter out at
four long drawn-out special moetings,
the Salem school board finally "took
tho bit in its teeth" and adopted a
schedule of salaries for th teachers of
the public schools, which will take ef
fect nt tho beginning of too fall term
of school, nt Ins night's meeting, ln
tho main there aro no substantial in-
I'reuses, except in eases of experienced
teachers, who havo been drawing salar
ies below the minimum of the new
schedule, aad there aro no decreases
in salaries.
All told, tho new schedule will
cost the district approximately $tM5
more on tho annual payroll than under
tho present system, or rather, luck of
system, of salaries, and it duet not
include the Bularios of janitors, which
aro left tho same, or iftiO per month
for schools of eight rooms, with an al
lowance of $2.50 extra per room in ex
cess of eight. This excess allowance
will effect the janitor of the Fast
school only, whose salary under the
new Bchediilo will bo $70 per mouth.
N'either does it include salaries of
teachers for the new grado South Salem
The, schedule for principals wns fixed
nt $"i, $100 and 10.-1, for first, second
nnd third years, respectively, in spite
of the effort of City Snporiiitnident
llllintt, who made a huroic. endeavor
to maintain the schedule as it now
stands, $100, $111.1 und $110, and he was
supported in his contention by ( hair
man Miles. It wns, however, reduced
i'i by the majority ot the bonrd under
the rotest of Clinlimnii Miles.
In mimo cases touchers nro receiving
salaries in their respective classes
above tho jiiiuimum uud hi
other salaries are being paid below the
in i rii hi ii tn, but the new schedule is not
retrirutive iu its efleet, uud the sched
ule t ikon in con junction with the new
standard of ipiulil'ieut ions, which lire
mndo n part of the schedule, places all
teachers under tho Bchediilo upon their
present snlnrios on tho basis of their
present standing, and those who have
been working below the schedule ara
automatically granted the minimum of
the schedule.
Faithful Service Rowardod.
Under a special dispensation, adopt
ed in connection with tho new require
ments, some of the teachers in the ele
ment a ry grades who have boen servina;
tho district for a number of veari with-
Members of Company M To
Hold Annual Reunion At
Woodburn, March 27
Members of Company M, Second Ore
fton U. S. V., or such of them thnt sur
vive and cun ba iu attendance, nro
looking forward with plcasurciiblo an
ticipation to the second annual reunion
nnd celebration of tho anniversary of
the battle nf Malahon, which is soiled
ulcd to take place at Woodburn on Sut
unlay night, March 2". Kvery effort
is b"ing put forth by Colonel J. M.
Poonniiii, who whs captain of M com
pnnv of the Oiegon volunteers in thy
Philippines, tn locate ns many of tiro
members of the old oiiipiiny as possi
ble, n ml no expenae will be saved to
mnkn it a big success,
Company M saw some hard service
during the Filipino campaign, having
been involved in nearly all of the most
important engagements, and 1.1 of its
members never returned with the regi
ment. There are four members of the
company In Siilem: I'.verett Millard, re
eciving tidier in the Hush bank; Claude
Johnson, who runs a cleaning and
pressing parlor; James Savage, em
plovd with a local transfer company,
and I.. II. Davis, of the Journal news
staff, and there are some others' Indit
ed in the county, all of whom will make
a special effort to attend tho reunion
and recall their experiences of tue
F. Ilson advises to commence the dar
br dolni the hardest thing first. We
do. No matter what our tasks, the
out increnso in salaries, wore granted
premium or rowurd for servieo, which,
effects five old teachers, and amounts;
to a monthly Increnso on the payroll
of VM. Miss Hcrtha Bvrd rocoiveg an
advance of $10 per month under tho
K'wurd fur servieo rule, which other
teachers who have been serving tho
district for a great ninny yeam, ranging
from 12 to 111 years, have been promot
ed to higher positions, and do not re
ceive the service rewards under the now
The reward for service rule, aa
adopted, rends: "Any teacher In the
Salem elementary schools after having
renehed the maximum salary as per tho
adopted schedule, and after having
served a period of five years, there
after, shall receive ail increase of $5
per month ; provided, that during that
five years ho hnn spent at least on sum
mer term in advam eil study iu some ap
proved normal school or university. A
like increase will he given for a sec
ond and third period of five yenrs' suc
cessful teaching and ailviuiced study.
In no enso shall the maximum salary
thus secured be mure than .$15 inor,
than the regular maximum."
Heads of DopartinonU Defined.
An advance above the scale for reg
ular touchers was grunted to heads ,f
departments in tlie senior high school,
(Continued on Page Threo.)
Diamond Brooch Worth
Ten Thousand Stolen1
San Francisco, March I'd. -Mis.
Charles Templeloir ( rocker, San Fran-;
isoo society leader, reported to the po
lice toilnv thut. n diamond hroo h, worth
$10,000, had disappeared while she was
witnessing the polo game at the I'lin-
ainii l'acific exposition grounds Tiles-
dny. ' It Is not known whether the
jewel wns stolen, but. Chief of Police!
While has issued orders to the ifetoe-,
lives to redouble their vigilance against'
thieves who might, be attracted by th',
proxpd't of robbing wealthy people at
San Francisco, March I!). J.
A. Hale, rojilly denier, nnd II,
P. Tracy, watchmaker of Grunts
Pass, Oregon, are under arrest
here today on charge nf using
the mails to defraud. They nro
accused of using the "dead
man's swindle" game. Pack
ages were sent e, o, d. to rela
tives of men recently deceased,
the detectives say, and money
collected on worthless material,
the polo games. It is pointed out that n i f L 1 T T
jowls worth n long s rnnsoin have In 041111! UCUdlU! ItUIil IU
ilispl'ireil Ii v 1 no women wno nave in
tended the games so fnr.
Charles T. 'rocker declared today
that he would offer a large reward lor
the return of the brooch,
Meet Albany Tonight
The Salem High school debuting ten in
left for Albany this afternoon t0 meet
the Albany High school debaters to
night. Salem will take the negative side of
Allinnv, Or., March 10, A kerosene '1'iesiioii, - nesoiveu inai me uov
lump explosion was the cause of n fire
that completely destroyed Hie Myers
general inerehandise store nt Sydney,
a station on tne uregon
miles north of Albany, Tuesday night
at 0:.'IO o'clock.
Miss Maude Rlckor who was removed
to Williimettn Sanitarium recently is re
ported improving nicely,
nr,,,..l Ml,, .,,1.1 II,., i. un.l fl,.n...l 1, a
Kiiilroads", The Salem team consists)
of Lvle lliirtholomi'w nnd Victor Brndn-
I'Meetrlc 1,1 "on and they are opposed by ImvlJ
Wider and Margaret Gibson.
The Albany debaters are now th
cliiiinpions of the southern Willuniotte
district and the contest tonight will de
cide which team will meet the winner
In the southern Oregon district.
Leader of English Suffragettes
Now Supports Government
(By William Shepherd, United Press; other hand, n eoinpiest of Germany by
taff Correspondent.) the allies would menu not only tho lib-
( opyright It'l-'i by the United Press.) i etation of eiviliiition, but tile libera-
(( opyrigliteii iu iireni nriiiiiii.; j non ot uerniHii men ami women irorn
London, March II). Ciiiiicat of the , I lemma Ideas."
world bv Imperial Germany and a I was ulinnt to put another question
(leriniiiii.iitioii " of woman, would when Mrs. Piinkliiirst Interrupted.
deal n heavy blow to civilization, Mrs. " what about the violation of women
Km me line Paiilihurst, militant suffrag j by German soldiers!" she asked.
ette lender, declared today lu an inter- 1 suggested that probably there were
view with the United Press. bad men lu everv army,
M s, Puiikhiirst was diseunslng wlto "Hut there aro more hml men in
inn the appeal of President Walter the army which consumes the most, al
liuii'lmnii of the board of trade fnr an'eohol," she replied. "I don't believe
oruiinintii of F.nglish women to aid 'British soldiers would behave like the
the government in the war. The mill
tnnt suffragettes, she said, welcomed
tho chance to show thut women may he
an Important asset.
But what Is tne position or inn
German women in the wart" I asked.
"It would be a terrible disaster if
the Germans conquered the world," wi-W tnally tnke Up arms,
the decisive response, " lue uertnans,
we must admit, take good caro of their
women. But they regard them I
don't like to use the word as breed
hard -st work the work requiring the en. They consider them solely
most energy is getting up, , Imcans of maintaining the race. On tho
Hermans under similar circumstance.
When the tables are turned and the
allies begin to advance into Germany,
the supply of nb'ohol should be cut
"There Is no necessity, nor
them be any thnt Fnglish women ae
tata Mrs, rank-
hurst with n siniie. "But it Is th
duty of F.nglish women to perform th
normal work of the nation while th
men are at the frout, if they ar
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