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    Editorial Page of 'The Capital Journal"
Jlardi 1, It'l.-,.
cr j II
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
... r.,n , i n t y-l A X" r T L C IT X'
L. 8. BAEN-S,
ciias. n. Fisin;n.
Sec. and Treas.
Among recent press dispatches was one telling that fjew Books at the
William Ruf, a gun pointer on the battleship Texas, had FulHc Librar)
broken the world's record for marksmanship, having!
scored eight straight hits with a fourteen-inch gun &ot- t:;;S ZZ 0nl
incr at a moving- tareret twelve miles awav. Another gun-
men ulm. in all iiees, all lands, mid in
her with a name that came over from one of the lomgn aii
i,w with -i name that. earne over from otip nf the toreign all wowmiy occupations nave
HUiKSUluniua , , 7 - , . ; , 7,,1 famt' and l.ut their imprint on Tin-
Daily by carrier, pnr yeur 5.oo per month 4jb i jan(jg wnen nis parents came to this country made a i ecoru worU1 ,s llist(.v
Daily by mail, Per year 3.00 Per not made before in rapid successful shots with a twelve- American fw Highway
Week y by mail, per year -i.uu nix muuum i ,rjfi, nf provemont, "Otticiul Limit Koaiis
y inrli gun, and he s only nineteen years old. vitn all ot 'y,,,,,,,,,,,,. '1!(12.'
VITT.I. T VA.SKD WIKE TLI.EGKAl'II liKPOUT Itt1 C start anV Andrews. "The Drama Toiluy." A
- .,. ,. ... .. '- I J I kJtXlll 5 LlllJi t JlVUllV.OtJ tllV u
"The Capital Journal carrier boys are Instructed to put tho papers on the ' unpleasantneSS with him will have a PUn of luck if they f,u;il!rn'j,"l!ranVAm"ri.'a. Kngkin'c
porch. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the ' f ,
ape" to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this Is the only gfct a ay 11 0m SUCH gunneiS
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main i.
The United States Cashier company, of Portland,
seems to have deliberately defrauded the people of the
Northwest out of more than a million dollars, and was j,'!";;
only getting started when the ''blue sky" corporation law "1" il u t-J" "-ii i im
put a stop to its operations. That law was one oi the best
and nil the I'lintinent, giving inforinn
tion nil lending plnyw -rights and the
genera tendencies (if their work.
Aucassin et Xicollette translated liv
Andrew I. una.
Barrio. "Half Iloiirc, " four (if Bur-
iintnlooti, The Twelve
snlind. The Will.
inn. one (it the A. at
C. Murk color books. Has verv fine
illustrations in color by Mortimer Ateu-
hv the government in
lVlllllUlia cue nuoau vrv.j j--" "j a . ' , , i , j, , , , , ,i ii.. iiiusminuns in coioi .
r.uhlic mintine So much matter is issued that is of no ; ever put on the statute books of the state, and yet the late
Kenenil interest that the government printing office at state senate voted to repeal it Only an independent
WieViincrtnn w th its thousands Ot employes, IS incoming muisu- majuiii-jr saveu it ituin uie assaults ui ....c
u hmvlon mum the national treasury. This evil of over- promoter gang.
working the printing offices has extended to the states,
and the printing of official publications in Oregon and
elsewhere calls for a vast expenditure of money which is
really of little benefit to the people in general. Reports
of officials are always unnecessarily elaborate for public
consumption and being so pleonastic and bulky are usual
ly tossed aside, often unopened.
The people, in whose interest these reports are printed,
have not yet sufficient time to read them and they are
usually so cluttered up with unintelligible statistics and
technical statements the average man has no adequate
conception if he should read them.
For the purpose of official filing it might be all right to
have these departmental reports extended and liberally
embellished with statistical tabulation, but for public use
they would have a far better effect if boiled down to an
understandable basis.
Furthermore, there would be an immense saving to
the public, which has no conception of the .enormous
timount expended in the publication and distribution of
these reports. Many of them are practically duplications
year after year. This entails unnecessary labor on the
part of the departments and furnishes much matter of no
use to the public.
What Oregon, and a majority of the states, really need
is a supervisor of public printing whose business it should
be to pass on the orders of every department and official
for printed matter with authority to reject unnecessary
matter and prune all requisitions down to actual needs. A
capable, honest official of this character should save the
Ptate from $25,000 to $50,000 a year by cutting out useless
reports, condensing others, and requiring economy in the
use of all printed supplies.
s. ' ilia r
honor on all
men who hav
made good use
riting and Ed-
tiiinuii:, yet ac-
urate and exhaustive account nf news
paper work, arranged for systematic
studv. (.'ontains caicfiillv seleclei! and
analyzed illustrative material. " Mr.
The Capital Journal's sworn circulation statement for 1,1 ' '
the month of February shows :i,679 daily subscribers, or ci,t, "What m en Live Pv." Krom
8,:i)5 readers on the basis of five readers to each regular'1"" i'i'"'' diysi,in the author
, .. m, . . . , ,. , ... , . , , urges the use ot tour cures wmU, i.hiv.
subscriber. This is a circulation built up by honest, busi- iv,. ami worship-to lu-ine. back the
nesslike methods on the merits of the paper, possessing pt"iMit and nil others into the currents
n i-i it ii . l of renl lite, t.ach cure he uwclls on in-
quality as well as quantity. No other paper printed or tccstin,:iy with a broad minded spirit
circulated in this field has a right to be listed in the same t,I''hV,rVni'','t-V:Vl-i. m,-m of p,i,,t
class, because all others fall hundreds below these figures. ',! ' i',''i,',i!','l(;s. r'vaiuab'ie ,,'d'i'i'ti'on
to the reference department, (!ies in
, i i . , . , foi'inatioii about painters nnd paintirps
(contraband copper in sugar casks in Copenhagen and in one alphabetical arrangement, it ai
lubber concealed in cotton bales in New York help to w i"''n!'- , ,.
.. , lie j i i ii. i e t oilier, derniaiiy nnd the (.eiinnns
pile up trouble tor neutral ships and shippers. Greed for from an American point or view."
extra gain in war time increases the difficulties of hon-!",;;;. Z' n'"SS
(.st trade and embarrasses nations striving to preserve picture of men, institutions, social nf,.
leutrality, remarks an exchange. n",i,,"ml '''"'.cteristics. The
" , says are linllinntly written.
1 I 'raillcliiiut;li. " Xyeeaa Kloshe Illn-
Japan announces a program of reform for China. The ', " "f. '!"' t'mi"tr-v- l'"',",s
l..,, , iii i. ,, , , , ut mucli local interest.
nine yenow ieuows prooaDiy realize tne Hopelessness oi (iiiii.ms "The New- m,.,. of Kr y- '
attempting anything of the kind at home, hence their1?'1'" Nt"'-v '"' '' ''.j'.it .iipiomaiic ,-.is-1
,;, iu . j.. .i 1 ,is nnd wars and of Kuiope.'s present
activity on behalf of their neighbors. catastrophe, m,. (iibbons is eli qai- . ..
'ified hv studv ami reside. in v,.ri,,.i OPEN FORUM
George Washington will always live
in the memory of man as the "Father of
Our Country."
His gallant efforts are the most glit
tering pages in our history. He was
an honest, prudent man of unquestion
able character and his fortitude and
determination made our prosperity pos
sible. Saving money, industry and
honesty builds men of character and
the Nation is proud of her sons who
labor and save. .
Interest Paid on Savings.
of Salem, Oregon
Mexico is losing its hold on the front page,
,Ten t had a new presid
there in the past ten days.
i countries to know w hereof he writes.
; Mr- nml. M"- A' !ngo. Mia A
..'lVt'Tl't. hlld a mW nt'Psiitant m n frpch ruunlnr'inn dmvn pliysioloyy for nurse
. . . r v.v.... M iluiuhvu uun, I ., l,,r,,,l,,. IV i
Theyj ' KimWr. Text-book of .,,,.. ,n, . TZ!&
Dr. Linton and His Auto. on Friday
story of a Sister's 1 ove " ".import, ore., -Warcli L'. l-.ilitor . " """"-m arc .aiiKing good rnt 4
NutioacJ caferenee of fharities and 1 ' H''''"' l,ll"1: ' ' tin- victim that;" fnd equipment, which .
Correction Proceedinirs iwr,,u' "-ftar,v of State Olcott 8(.ue ! Vf P " tew weeks ugo liy the patron
Mitiunul KtlurHtionu Associatinn .UM" ummi ,,R "',1'l,,'"t t my . ' '""""W
Jack Johnson seems dntennitipd in ho npntrnl in tho
..v.......Wv w w i v. uviwt lit kilV "'oiiiiiui 1 j( III III It'll U I .AMSnt'lllTIIIll 1 .' ' j .... . , , .
...A., .vf ix.Miei 1Jn t A I 3 1 1 1 Pi.t...l.,i;i...I t.l l. mil I M. I, rill' nil the ncPini 1wmii-Ii Vaw.
iour swniL'-riniis and two ttttm
WU tu.a "PJB a urouu expanse OI Water lie-, ,rl.w B ess "' iwha, . ,,;, y thh, to t. for or', I" the .,;11ing contest M F.T
tWeCll himself and White Hope JeSS Wlllai'd. TiiKnro. "Kini; of the Dark C'lmm 1,l,v ,,",ttl' ,lK' of " "recked K. 's,h the tollowingnveragB mMir.
. iber." This symbolic little play of the'M- 1 . imn-li i no. i.m.kl Will; don't earo i ourth gnide, t per cent; fittk grailf,
(,r,i o 1 l" i. l . J n i. Undiiin t iias been tniiislu'ed into!fo1' th'' '''"". ,i"rt need most uf the, JH It cont; sixth grade, 100 per ml;
"1 ry Salem first," last and all the time. ,KnKii,h i,v i,i..,seif .,!! ;,! ,'" ' L,i f Ilt or the iuto.i'nui omm, etc. if. wuth ,H4 c.-nt; r.ghti. grsd,
as possible of its oriL'iiml churn,. Tl,..'n Imii ways to the factory from Wnld-i 'S- S makl"? . F.r?"
A homeless and hungry man who applied to the llack
' nsack police station for relief said that he could speak 10
languages and complained that a college education had
not done him much irood.
An education such as this gives a man the advantage of
being able to ak for a meal at almost any household in this
1-road land; but is this real education?
It is the rule rather than the exception that the high
p;rade college men are outtripped by the self-schooled Lin
c'olns. Some eminently successful businessmen have de
clared that their experience has taught them to beware of
applicants from the classical colleges and even from the
high schools of today.
Higher learning and cultivation of the esthetic are
pood. They are essential to the happiness and usefulness
of the individual, as they are to the progress and develop
ment of the race.
Hut these must be the superstructure, not the
l.akeview Kxaiuiiicr: The Kxamiaer
only receally entered upon the thirty
hi xl Ii year of its existence, and had not
I lie files previous to llliio been destroy
ed in the lire of that year, it could now
t. . . . " I. . . .- I U-fl-ll V l i nil I'l.iL.mu l i n ll.T.v.
UTTTT. TTTCTTr'T. rurn t,ti I l'laillll 1.1'llL'Ue lit Allieilcll Ills nl .!, ' 'OH, llllll I Willi I II tl 11 llllVC 0 811 1111 V ... . " . 1 "' ' '
(Wooilliuia Independi'iit.)
Will I lie musses ever net jnsti
from stale leisln tares, the members
of whiili are selected by the people
but are uuctncil by influential lohby-J
iits.' It seems not. The hydro-electric!
bill, pncd by tne house and defeated'
Jill Die seimte, is but one instance, but
a H'linni! one. 1 Ins was a inelhnd oro-
stamp of its approval on the lilav, ''" internal and external auto linuerie '". "eumuii, ami ircne ii r,
I-.... 1 1 i ..fl .. - i ... .....? Illose (Tettintr US imp mm. ttvun, l.ut.
vim inno. me i. rand (anvoii iimrrlK Ki'oun.i. ,ow, Dear .lour-. . . . " ' ". " , " " ;, ",
be publisliiiiK happeniiiKs in Lake conn-i I""." "nereny rural ilistricts could or
tv. n third of a century nun. With the .IN"1 "mingo lor electric power
excepiiun uf the Ashland Tidinus, not ur, l""tl"' t'1' frm work,
Other I'ocms. ''
New Tiction.
Abbott, "Little Lve Kdgnrton."
Uncoil, "Today's Daughter."
Hiiriiliiiin, "The Hiitht Track,''
Helnnd, "The llarels (.f Ksuii."
Delinid, 'M),l Chester Tales."
lionlon, ' I lie l'atrol of th
Dance Trail."
.lacobs, "Nijiht Watches."
.lolinstoii, "The Witch."
mil. I hi. o this will l.rinir results, i --niiMUH, uu sy t-ntK. r, r.U(!l Vlt
'have pried out the razor elnms from , UU:'" Yu0 r.,h' '
;the flywheel u.,,1 clutc; baled the salt' . M'. '""' "tl. ,h,T"n f
!..,', f l i, i , any but not a school holiday sdiool u
,n 0 ,r rk i In : , - l",1(1 ?" -''. nitl' M-Ie
: most u1 the sand fleas that had pre'
!emptcil Her eiislnoi
icott will help me
ii newspaper in southern Oreumi is in
laud in iiiiimv other
ways biiuhteniin;
exisleme today Hint was published II.-, ; 1 my life and pi o.- ts. The
years mjo. All linve been alisorlied in- " m '"e idea was Ml venrs
Lincoln, " Kent Knowles: Quiiliauu, '
l.ority, "Tales of Two Countries.''
pises in the iifternoon to celebrate 111
birthday of uur first president.
A mi -.,nt.f mi.ili.iru ,,,.itinit i. Iwtnf
;et totiether these ,,ln;a f)(r Friiliv A, :l ri.i, " 3tU. fi,
in together in holy i :,i i jh.
n ,i , (I , H magistrate, you km,), n'8 it ia ot d(,f-initoiv klloM a,,-tt.AII
laud send linn that Tee tor motor vein- patrons requested to be rreent. E7
cles so 1, delayed. . bodv veleome.
'inptcil her cushions. If my frieml OI
ill help me iret together thesi
scraps, I will join them together in holy
fouiiger and mom successful rivals,
ahead of Hie
tunes and had n lew anrt
thus losing their identity. Never in its ooiei-tiuns to rob the fanners of Walluc
'The Poet.
"The Street of the
'The daunt (Irey Wolf.
uisiory lias the examiner been so pros- 1,1 11 nunis. inere is a suspicion urow-j
perouH as lt ,s i-uay. lahc,,, ,,' , i " v'";,.p0LK COUNTY ISSUES BOOKLET.
I,,.,. , . . ' 1, , r imi,- is mhi ( ir,,
The first issue of the Warreiilon ' ,'"r." '"'I'""! "'id should be abolish- thousiiinl booklets
Aews was puliiisiiivl l-el.iuary IS, JO. ; .' ; ""er reason tiinn tliat it
I - oimr is ii, i or "'b-' o l ie to 01 . in. it u in ii. i .
" 1. l- ., i..i i. . .' v""'.: nave neen isluppcd to
isls. whose ,:; ii,, i ,. . ' . ... . "ea.icpiarters ot exhibits and this cover.
- (n't nun iiiiiiiioriiiiii iii suiipe ii v , 1 .,T,ii
" "Ml"' ne i-enilieion Last , . ; 1 " "I ' . einanonnl exposition at Nil, haucisco.
oi-imiiiiii, - nun i eiiine.ou can uer : , , " " 1 oin ot i
along nillioul professional baseball."
Hut 1 sure want these thinus. all but! The Industrial club hns reorniiteJ
jtiie engine, and will give good trade with the following officer): Presidfit,
"eninr 'nml cash for s-utno. I had iuteiided Huth Manning; vice-president, Treflu
I to wiite the legislature reuur.liiiu the Haskins: secretary. rJuirene CtLtebing;
I matter, but prncrasvinuteil. itrensurer. Daisy 1'itrker. (lervaii Slw. I
! Voiirs, in some sorrow. I
l i, i ', Mil c v l.iVTiiv If .Vour corns mil t winie in m"
illiistnif,,,',, ..,,,1 ,i.',' I1 s.-s , ...... .....I.'.. 'Imp ito a shoe store nn.l try OH
e riliiug the various localities ', Polk ' I made a little find in in'v Lit, c.,-,len' '' lloZ(, ' l" ot !u'" ,'"
Polk, 'art of the saniel , inc.using under r , " , 7 , ' , nl
the elerk pat on
ii.l.M-inntin., t the Paaaina Pacific . lew hills of potatoes, the fresh earlv ","1 011 'mn r,'(,"'"l,
variety, my shovel encoiinteted the
Unlvcr I'euiocnit: Hog rnising in
linker count v is one of the most nrufit-
V IU"," "'"I" abolisheil
The first things that make thiv nation are not the!111"1 1""""1" "" '-
ee years.
'! i ho I, up,iolt L-'itf aid wiiriT1''0 "''f"'?, "t!"'r in'"i'" "k"n H beiuitiful Imlian inniden, o, n D I V E C AWAY
e,,.,.,. .. .... 1 y ' ' ." k"K HM '"' BIV.MI tiist hand iiifiii-inalion re. at let I sl.ool.l l, i i IJ K I V I. . A W A I
-ko. in.,,; rrtijis hr rM rvhmM ni,,i" to h f a d ache
l"'"dent bcbewnl ,of, t ; ... ln k "'ri tunil'ion was a copper cord with about 32 IlLAlflVUH
Oi stnte senate should , ,t be , , comM M detail. II. elk teeth the patten, and variety of ; t
nliolished, but this mluht have b, 1 , '" i'"'''', 101 ,I'''. ncciiin- wlii.-., tne iuclosiire is a sample. I Bub Musterole f Torelu
Init this might have I
The I'oipiille Senlinel
" ""! iiioiiey tun, ,. ., 1li;r
ive order.
learned scholar, the famous artist, the magic musician,
but the practical farmer, the skilled artisan, the successful
Tho nut ions rmo preatness is not in its libraries, us.deiiuson neck
halls of art. its temples of music, but in its productive
farms, its busy factories and its marts of trade. Ti,, "Z 17 ZVXX.. t,,.. o,Jmn "."T'V , ,
-v.... - I c :.. it l...4l....: t piTi,.., ,., u i... i. i:..,.' "-He ,iist iid.ioiiiiied h;i
uur sweeiesi iaiiouiii cnmir is tin; i u uiiiia- uum ti " "in,- , , ,,
i, x i i .r ,ii i e "tigging up lower Hardens, A ii rife It Vi, ,.,.i ,
indiicti-x1 Hni' liiirlincf ivlnrv' lc in lw linimv luiniiw nf n i.. ,. , .
i.iiluiHi ji iu,tiv.--, in ... "M'l ,1 x. ..!,(. ,,,-i-, miiinii u, worn WOUUd' 111 Wlllch til
prosperous people.
One may speak 10 languages, and only beg for food.
Another may speak but one, and that imperfectly, and yet
give to the world a wondrous message.
teen ,,..: ..i i i.: . .. ' '- " ""'"l1"-'
of i ,..( it i i " snijnoi ins ami win remain gave the beantitu na r of iuwn und
i . " " 11,1 in, use nr 1 I,.,,. Ill .1... '
'",n interferred with l,v the ""'
notes Hume semii,, n,., ., . .. 1
Warden . I. M. Thoiuas as reportiii,: that il. ,',,, i.. 1 . , "r"K"" . W""M i
,, ...... n-i,!
Asking Questions
Bub Musterole i'i rorehMa v
- r . . . ,i. I
rauiiMii to a biibv to plnv with, while! A liendnehe remedy witnoi t u
its mother dug the evening erubs. And 1 R"f of "headnche nu'lieine. "
I am taking tho liberty to send von ; henducho and that, ,
the mntler f the pestiferou th,,, ,1,,,,,, ,:, ,,, ' ""''"' mis leu
run- .t Ii....... .I...,, il .1 i.. 1 11 s luminous,
--., i.n, nun ,,- i
ilers her shut up.
I 1'". net a pail of water, kid,
I ""mi inn,. tr, wemie.l l
'o do the daily chores
mis pair with the assurance that the , lronl ,lol" r: " "i,ln ,li
ell was killed before the closed sense... "I"'1"' MlVST1tRU';h V oi
-ves, perhaps "no veurs before. How- ointment ninde with o "
fvor. the smile on that dead Siwnsh ' ?.T" r' I n lv...
There avus """. Ti,h sml
II I'lCilce 1 1 ; 11 . 1 I ,l, , I.. 1. .
what .lie scu.itc hs ,ll,.i.,.l i
I .... .., , ., , . ""' '"' int' I that t lut t 'bodv w,
I he (iiiuils Pass i miner prolesls cenipos,, ,.utih.v , .,,:. i,,,::, ,
I Unit the raise i ,,,(,. ordered bv the hut its lc,,,, I , i I ' '
i slate utility ., uissiou mahes the use in I 'T: " 1 ' V'm
of wuier from llrautM Puss' present eoincd leei. i V . . ..
is.sle,.i piacti.allv out of the in estioi,. i .- ' " Mu'"'
firmer gri) on public confidence than he did when juvsi-,'' '"'"i"1' ' ti... courier i.ut it, ',. :,'"' .'"iVher' vi'ion, C
, . I""'- '""'Olillllel, H WllH lr., ,
lie et ious
I'" """-i seine other legislation ,,
"I' "r the seimte until the house should
ncccle to it. .1.., i. c , .
. - I"1" no spun.
A. II,.. I 11 ' '!""" ' ' ,l"ll," tors
r. I . ... ... s .1. . .' ,7 , ' " """bli the
v iiiiionni pupils re- riceut art
ceive.l Kin per cent: vine
face sorts of haunts me!
. 'lasu where her eyes ought to b ? L " 7 .. Z do. .
I I'loud of it, work. o,U il,:'' '.',., r lhi" - t tell tne that she never, ,, " . Throat. Brof';1
diserncefiil Mr.i : Th.. bi.i i ...... . " . " V ""V i intended the dew of her terns tn nm-ich .. .'7i. -.k,n N'eimW
i . ... inv ion in pa tell. Mhoil 1,1 von nnru for ;. . ........... ukiml Hm, T
to see the ,i. ;".,, I digestion, i leuris, , , . m
tnrnace was kept, K 1 "'""- w " '' , lingo, nil Pains and Al'n Br
tir-vl. , head off1'""' '"'W"r'1 Mme l,v post. I or Jrfnta, Bptnln Sore Mb
nr. l.iuton, Wiildport. I M, ( hillilBins rrnsmi j,;,
Chest (it oiien re-.-.... j)
Like G rover Cleveland, former President Ta ft lias a!
'lent. Perhaps it is the independence that comes with the
removal of the shackels of office holding which causes
such men to grow in mental and patriotic stature in
private life.
. , i l'" "," sc'ine other legish
senate, and the
'ion ot t, neimte will
t0 vou et t',. 12
0r t'u. representing , 'he Cooperstown! .V. i TKKOLE. 'IM111W il'l'I'SeOn
1C club, tecognized ns mitiotml elinm- vou nsk for. The ."-
Sun Diego, ( ul., Mnrch 1. The polo'
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18C8
Capital - - $500,000.00
Transact a general banking buslnesi
Safety Pepoalt Boxes
I'ilth grade
Ledlse, Louise
Ague Seeinnn, Le
.eiov otc. en.. ,.,
Ni lilittenhii.ilt. Velum elei lors. I'o.i iv
mam ,,.,, tllll,
nois.iine bmes, "Oh,
"linll I get it at the
well,'' said he, "or
nt the spring, or nt
the creek In yonder
dell, where cheerful
luilltrogs sing?
S III I'.., 1 1.
hydrant', flow. , l''"". has its proud colors lowered n t'lovoliin.l, Ohio.
seek soint. ouiPt "",0h tul",v by tho Onwentsin club
drain, or shall I t 'our of Lake l-'orest, 111. The Cook 1
the cistern tl ''"""tv represeutntives vesterilav hum-'
meistiire to obtain ; "lej the customers lu the most excit
And shall I take the' ml fastest uniue tdnved this Venr
,..,. , .. tel,..,p,int ,, ii at the t niuando country Hub, nnd won
or on,er chum rn. tn l,rin .1 ; Hie Pacific all American rronhv. Th..
At your druggist s, in . , ,
mis. an. a specun . -
.'".""0 vi"" ale. for n 1 . I, ...... ' . scnirt n, s 1., ill
'l""'i'i'i"i'ting .v.'.i.t till, had 1 better tal,e ,', ' i . -
holl, l.v Kaukins. C,h,,. ,,, .;, , ' "Z.! , is Z, , T '.V? '. Mr 1 on
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