Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 13, 1915, Page TEN, Image 10

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Prospective Fair Visitors Should See Our Big Stock of Fine Trunks, Hand Bags and Cases The Largest and
Best Selected Showing' in Salem
w i f
New Spring Merchandise Attractively
Priced Beautiful Advance Showing of
Women's and Misses' Garments
The new Spring season is bringing out many beautiful creations in all lines. A
visit to the different sections of this big store is certainly worth while. Here you can
view the very newest and latest styles the things that will be popular and much
wanted several months from now. The advance spring showing of New Suits, Coats,
Dresses, Waists and Skirts embody the very newest and latest ideas of the foremost
garment manufacturers. We cordially invite you to see these new things. Watch
the window displays, too.
Commencing Monday--the Last Week of Our Great, Successful Clearance
Sale of Men's, Women's and Children's Shoes andJSlippers
People who need shoes are losing money if they do not supply needs during this event. Many shoes selling as
low as Spl.UU a pair.
For the benefit of our customers, Mr. C. S Mappin, a celebrated Chicago Foot Spe
cialist, will give a two day Free Demonstration of Scholl's Foot Comfort Service at
our store
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19-20
If you have any foot troubles, if your feet ache or pain, if you tire easily; if you
have any foot deformity, consult him. There will be No- Charge for his services
nor will you be obliged to purchase your shoes here.
This New Departure is For Your Benefit
For months we have been preparing for this new feature of added service to our
customers and to people who have experienced difficulty in being fitted, or whose
feet have been tortured, in order to bring relief to all foot sufferers. Our depart
ment manager has been under special training not only in fitting foot gear but also
in the proper methods of-correction of foot troubles by Dr. Scholl's' methods and
with his appliances which are recognized as the greatest scientific discovery in the
history of foot ailments. We aim to have this store known as the store of this city
where perfect foot comfort service can be had.
Henceforth This Store Will Give Scholl's Foot Comfort Service
There's a Scholl's Appliance for Every Foot Ailment or Deformity
No matter what your foot trouble may be, no matter what remedies you may have
tried, no matter how hard you may have sought to get relief you can now come to
this store knowing that your foot troubles are at an end. Even if you have been
wearing arch supports come in and show your feet to the specialist. r -Here
are some foot troubles and the proper Scholl devices and preparations for
their correction:
v J
Brokn Down Arches Schnll 's TriSpring Arch Sup
ports correct this trouble and even tin must severe
CIISOS of flut foot.
Crnmpod Toes and Hummer Toos-SehoH's Foot-Eusor,
properly fitfi'il, holds up fimt arch, prevents crowding
forward mill cramping of torn. Srhull's Hummer Tin
Hpring fur hammer toes.
Corns Scholl 's Ahsorlio Pads -a shape 11 ml size for
each tin1, Scholl's Fixo Cum Plasters remove corns
in I.H honrH.
Over and Undorlnpplng Toes-Scholl 's Toe-Flex Pre
vents this trouble by holding toes straight.
Weak Ankles Scholl's Foot Ku.er firmly holds up the
wcukened ankle by supporting the areh correctly. For
.'hildren or adults.
Extreme High Insteps 'Hclmll 's Tri'Spring Areh Sup.
ports nre fitted to equalize ami distribute the weight.
Take pressure off the ball and make shoes fit better.
Severe Bunions Scholl ' liiinion Right straightens
the toes during the daytime while you wear Scholl's
Hiinion Spring at night which acts as n lever to briny
them back into place. Scholl 's Iluninn Reducer is a
shield of antiseptic rubber which takes the pressure
off the enlarged joint ami reduces the influmntion.
Calloutos on Soles of Feet Scholl's Anterior Metatar
sal Arch Support holds up the transverse arch of the
foot, relieves callouses, mctutursnlogia and .Morton's
Toe. Alisorbo Callous, l'ails relieve pressure and stop
the puin.
Take Advantage of this Specialist's Free Advice
Don't hesitate to talie advantage of this Foot Specialist's visit and FREE demonstration whether you are one of
our customers or not. lie is here to help all foot sufferers and his services and advice are free with no obligation
.in your part to buy your shoes here.
The House of
JiviloooDioooDs hsJ
Spring is Splendidly
in the
Wash Goods Department
Here are a few of the many popu
lar fabrics for spring and summer
Full -line of India Linons, 32 in.
yard, 10c. 122c, 15c, 20c, 25c
36-in.; a linen thread finished
material; very good for ladies'
waists and dresses, yard... 25c, 35c
38-in.; a good quality, yard 25c
40-in.j a very new material for
waists and dresses,
40-in.; new, up-to-date wash goods.
Very handsome dress material.
30-in; yard, 60, U5, 75, 85, 90, $1.15
JO-in.; yard $1.35
45-in.; yard $1.15, $1.25, $1.50
, 36-in.; yard 60c, 75c, 85c
90-in.; yard - $1.50
36-in.; for fine underwear;
yard 12'2c, 15c, 23c
27-in.; splendid material for
dresses; yard 25c
Crope finish; 27-in.; very fine
wash goods for dresses; yard ...25c
36-in.; maVies a. very durable
suiting; yard 16 2-3c
27 and 30-in.; yard
20c, 25c, 35c, J5c, 50c, 60c
27, 30 and 36-in.; yard
12'. -jc, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c
56-in,; yard 15c, 20c, 25c
30-in.; yard 16 2 3c, 20c, 25c
27 and 32-ln.; yard
25c, 35c, 40C, 50C, 60c
28-ln.; dandy goods for Middy
Blouses; yard 20c
A very complete line.
36-in., Ladies; yard
$1, $1.25, S1.50, $1.75. $2.25
4 1 -ill. Linens for Gents' Hand
kerchiefs; yd Si, $1.25, $1.50,$1.75
Our 730th Wednesday Surprise.
Bath Towels
These towols are s, large size
good weight, thick and thirsty; hem
med ends. Housewives will do well
to attend this sale next Wednesday
and put In a Bnpply, for such a
towel opportunity cornea seldom.
Our usual 25c grade offered at this
give-away price as a special surprise
attraction for this 730th Wednesday
EUle. Don't fail to see tlio window
display. Notice the splendid site
and their thickness. Special for one
3 for SOc
Sale starts at 8:30.
No phone orders taken.
One cent -per word each inser
Copy for advertisements un
der this heading should be in by
2 p. m.
Hon. B. A. Booth is in the city from i f
hugtne today.
A. D. Lof'ferty, of Corvallis, is a vis
itor in the city.
.M. K. Whitman of Falls City is reg
istered at the Bligh.
tt. H. Colvin, of Hcio, is in the city j J
transuding uuaiuess.
Kinery J. Jsewton, of Corvallis, i a
legislative visitor today,
Lewis Johnson, a druggist of Silver-
ton, is in the city ou business.
Y. II. Brundnge, forest supervisor, of j
Albanv, is in the city todnv.
A. B. Kobinson, Jr., of Dallas, is a CH01CU j-ucro tract, Hollywood: SHO
business visitor iu Salem today. cash, balance easy payments, Phone
E. V. I'eotz is at home today suf- 512-M.
fering from an attack of the grippe. L"7Tv ; : : r-
U. A. Tnw, of the Red Cross I'har-i ,un" '' ', vun
mncy, is in Woodburn for a week end ' 1,t0:'K snares.
WAXTKll A woman ta assist iu nurs
ing. Kl!l Fir street.
FOR RENT Small dwelling in North.
Sulcin. Fhone Carey F. Martin, 41'.).
I'iione 2151-U.
.Mrs, W. T. (irier, wife of Represcn
ta'tivo (irier of I'olk county is in tiie
city visiting friends.
J. C. Hussel', of San Bernailino, will
arrive in the city this evening lor a
few days' visit.
Jliss Sylviu Beckman and .Miss Kdna
lowusend are week end guests ut Cor
vallis with friends,
.Miss Dora 1.. 1'atterson, of Portland,
is visiting over Sunday with .Mrs. h. .
Wallace, KiSl) B. street.
.Miss Edna Steen, tencher in the Sil
verton schools, is iu the city visiting
with friends over Wunduy.
Miss .Mary Vaatis, with her niece,
Constance, is spending the week end at
Portland visit ng .Mrs. V. U. (irundig.
Reginald Rankin, a contructor of l.os
Angeles is in the city on business. .Mr.
Rankin spent liis boyhood days iu Sa
lem. .Miss Ella Hums, of Sulem, arrived
here last evening euroute to Coos coun
ty, where her sister is quite ill. Rose
burg Review.
A. ,1. I.ilburn, of Rnseburg, is in the
city visiting with friends and attending
the legislature. .Mr. 1. ilium is iu the
furniture business at Hoseburg.
A. T. Woolnert leaves this eveniinf
DhTliSTOUH fixtures for sale. Jn
l'.iire I'oole's drugstore, 115 North
WANTED I'lain sewing at home or nt
" house by hour. Price reasonable, tii'l
Center street.
HUU.M and board for one or twn young
ladies in private family; close in.
351 Nort.i Cottage.
FOR UK NT l'p to date 7-rooin flat,
close in. See h 11. Fleming. l'ho";i
12). Residence phone l'2.
J FST a few more scpiirnUirs left at,
hard time rices at the Capitul City
Creamery. See liillv Meier.
FtlR HUNT House, burn, four lots;
orchard, well, all kindH of fruit; $1U
per month. I'hono 134 1-M.
WANTKI) ifils.iO on farm property for
3 years; security value $ l.jno. V. A.
l.ision, agent, 4M Court ftreet.
FOR RENT Six-room house, one block
business district, 006 North Cominci
cinl. ('all at house or phone 535.
FOR SAI.K Vetcii and grain hay at
the ranch or delivered, (ieoige Swc-
for 1'ortlnnd to meet his brother ami K'-y ianlen Hoad. J'houe 24-F-2.
sisu-i nuu lire coining to visit Mllll, iruMl ... .,
k-..ll,.,.i,i ' I Wf .-Al.lv-I.ill
.Miss A. McCulloch, the optometliist,
spent Friday and Sutnrdnv in Portland.
bushels good spriui;
waeat at Mcl all s dairv ranch, six
miles north of Salem. Call 51-1M.
FOli SAI.K. vning Jersey and
tlu'.M'nsey, giving six ipmrts per day;
fresh June 1. "il'il Turner street.
WILL person tailing, little brown velvet
Tippeinrv hat 1'ioni steps of MoofcM
hall kindlv return isnuie to -louiuaW
She will In' at her office in the Hub I cow
until Dmliliug, .Monilny morning as
llollin K. Page left Inst evening for
an extended business trip in the east,.
winch will include New" York eitv and
Washington, lie will be uwav about !
n , i,
t T) ii , i'ti, ..,. ! i .i : SIX-ROOM house for rent between
J. i(. Hottbu nor, president of the! ... , , , ,, , , ,.,
lloffbuner Lumber companv of Suit j - 1 mfl'li
Lake City, was registered at the Mar- I ft " AW H1 tuu,t- 1 ll0' "
ion hotel yesterday. Ho left this mom- I ;
ing for a business trip into the SiletzlHAVE n few more of those fine J'ly-
timber country. i ,(!, i;u,.t eodiernls which I will
Mrs. C. M. White and twin baby girls ; sell reasonable. Morguli, 1'lneie II-
Mary Louise and Francis Llennor, left i I'.2.
on the Oregon Electric limited this i
morning for Portland, nfter a two ; WE will allow you the highcBt. price for
weeks' visit with Mrs. J. I). White of
this eity. They were accompanied by
Miss White and Miss Etta White.
your usod furnituro in exchange for
new. Culef Bros., home furnishers.
Phone 5!3.
Steamship Is Attacked
By German Submarine
Amsterdam, .Feb. 12. The Geininu
submarine U-2 yesterday attacked the
steamship Laertes of the Ocean Steam
ship company, off the Mans lightship.
The laptain, however, manipulated the
liner so that, the torpedo, fired by the
submarine misser its murk,
, The (iermnns, however, continued to
fire on tiie Lnertes and riddled her fun
nel and several of her bonts, News of
the nttnek wns received here today in
a wireless message.
The enptuiu of the Lnerles said the
submarine rose suddenly in front of his
ship and signalled for him to stop. Af
ter showing the Hutch flag, the captuiu
refused and headed for neutral waters
at full speed. Tho Laertes finally
reached Vmuioen urn) the submarine
gave up the chase.
Th" man who would retain the good
will of his friends shrnlil remember;
that there are n great many tilings j
he most not forget to forget. i
I'Oli SALE liy owner, 15 acres fine
land, fenced ami clear, rock road.
Ilargain if taken soon. Flume l-L
Knidence. phune 112,
WANTKI) To boy u lew ouiig wvll
hre.l heifer calves. Also ciiam sep
iirntur; must be first class, A.blre-'i
F. X. loo, enre .luiiriiiil.
FOR SALK (iooil cow, with' or with
out heifer calf; good tester; price
iljht. B. S. Willi'ms, one block east,
second house north of asylum.
FOR SALK One good horse, nged uiii.)
years, weight about Kl'iO, color sor
rel; price JH 1 7.1. Square Don I Ucalty
Co., 304 I'. S. National Haul.- bldg.
FOR SALK House and two lots in
Kaglewfiid Addition, Salem; fruit,
flunr i.niiiii.,'iih mice ifcsOO. terms ii
wa'ited. Address, M"2 North Six
teenth street.
or Poor." The instruaient is "Tuned"
or it is out of tune. When "Tuned"
it possesses that wonderful facility of
modulation, permitting the artist to
ronin lit will through the whole field of
tonalities. I tender this kind of tuning
' .rr;,i.. i.. Kni.,,,. ,;,.;,, it i.' k..i
I'hone 2;i:.4 J. ' '
Office Bligh Hotel
FOli SALE il7',a acres, 5',i miles from
Garfield, Wash.; all No. I liiacu mmi,
50 in clover nnd timothy. All new
buildings. Price $11000, part ensh, in
quire 0S2 Mill street, Salem, Ore.
NICK LITTLK CLACK to raise chicken-;
5 room house, chicken house,
be'iy patch and garilen spot; on ear
line,' just outside city limits, o cent
fare. l.Vitl. J. N'. (laniard, 21')
st.ite. I'hone Id.
ONR ACRE nnd ."-room house for snl",
r.'illj three miles ninth: will lako
team as part payment. AIo one .iiv
czj Cetaloma incubator for sale '
trade lor horse, harness or liacH. I n.i
I or write 421 North ( 'ominercinl.
HKl.C WAXTKH, MALKS --Lingo knit
ting mill invites eorrespn.ul.'uce froui
ll oesirous oi ear k moio-.. , pi'".
J..11 : I ...... .... ..',,. n ll.
I met on i oin.u imi.i 1 n.
West Philadelphia, Pa.
or lull time;
necessn rv.
Special New Korean
City Restaurant
Spanish Chicken, Hot Tamales, Chill
Con Came, Chop Suey Noodles
420 Ferry Street
STUDENTS TRY FOR FR1ZE. 1 merciiil Club is offering two series of
I prizes for the best essay on, "Why We
Commercial CI"1" Will Olve Reward to! should Huy at Home.'' j
"Bout Essay" on Buying at Tlnee prizes will be given to lhe
Home. High school coiilestuutH uad three In;
' Ta order to stimulate the "buy nt the guides, For the best essay in each
home'' movement through the students; sniies, the prize will be tVOii, for the
of the grades nnd High school, the Com ! next best, 12.50, and for the third
pri.e, 1.S0. The essays nre limited to be submitted. The Commercial Club' would be n credit to the Capital City,
2'i0 words and they must be submitted1 reserves (he right to publish nay of Ihe Is the general opinion of the members
before March ll. j essays. f the club. As the season Is up-'
The teachers from each room will. ! pioaching when many of the members
select five of the best essays submitted WOULD BUILD CLUB HOUSE. ! will be on the grounds every day, the
and these iu turn will be placed in the; uonoinl feeling is that n suitable house
hands of n central committee for the That an up to dale club house should should be erected before the season is
final awards. At least 50 essays must; ho built at the Country Club, one that ia full swing. I
In order to get things in shape and
to bring the building proposition before
the chili in proper form, state architect
W. C. Knighton has been duiwlng plans
which will be submitted to the club so
that should favorable action be taken,
the club house could bo completed by
enrlv summer.
knitting mill invites coircspoudeiicn
from women desirous of earning mon
ey, part or full time, (loul pay. Et
perience unnecessary. Interuatiounl
Knitting Mills,- West I'hiludolphiu,
PllOTOdllAPIlY Knsy terms for
i learning a paying profession in your
spare time. Retouching course, good
pay for bnly-receptionist leatning ro
touching; gentlemen work nt homo
or in position. If interested, call nf
Eisner's Art Studio, 26."i Norlh Com
meieiul. We Waiit Eopi'onontntivoB Evorywhcro
to work for tit, buying nnd selling Heal
Kstute. Mortgages, llonds, Stocks, etc.
We pay pnrt salary and pint, commis
sion. Hood hustlers tuny cam from
$3,000 to $10,000 per year or tnoie no
pievimis experience necessiiiv. We
equip and start yon out. INTERNA
412 Otis Bldg., 10 S. La Salle St., CHICAGO.
Steve Henderson in "Brown of Harvard," February 16 and 17
day's Journal
Scat Sale Opens Monday Morning, February 15th, at 9:00 o'clock