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. As time draws near for the end of the present session
of the legislature theneed of a divided session and a limit
on the amount of legislation that can be introduced be
comes more and more apparent.
There are but three dasy more than a week n nv left in
which to complete the work of the session and yet bills are
.still being introduced in the senate. All of the committees
are heavily loaded with work ana will be up to tne last
Next week wll see night sessions a
Once more the United States supreme court has settled
a ridiculous law by simply applying the rule of common
This time it is the miscalled "white slave law," which
as interpreted and enforced has been making the govern
ment an accomplice in the business of the blackmailer.
This law was clumsily framed and hurriedly passed at a
period of public hysteria, when magazine and other pub
lications had led to the belief that there existed a huge
international syndicate dealing in women. No such syn
dicate has ever been discovered, though individual crim
inals do conduct this horrid traffic, and are constantly be
ing detected and punished under state laws.
The Mann law, through an oversight in wording, was
immediately perverted into an instrument for blackmail.
It made immorality punishable for crossing a state line,
and applied the punishment to the man only.
All that was necessary was for the blackmailer to decoy
her victim across a state line and then threaten him with
the terrors of the law, which made federal judges, dis
trict attorneys and marshals her accomplices. Her pre
vious character, her consent, had nothing to do with the
man's crime.
The supreme court has cut out this blackmail game by
davs of the session
common occurence and little time will be left for com
mittees to work. With this condition will come the op- a decision that the woman can be punished as well' as the
portumty tor "log rolling that is, there win oe sucn a rusri man.
and such heavy demanfis on the committee members that ' This makes it a just and beneficent law,
bills will be crowded through without proper considera
tion because of trades between members who have pet
measures they are anxious to pass. The chairman of any
Here is something good said about the legislature, and
we reprint it because we like to give the dev , but we
committee may report back a bill as being favored by his i wouldn't put it just that way either; in short we want to
committee, although only one other member may agree, give both sides. The Harney County News says: "The
with him, the others taking it for granted they were, state senate denied women the right for jury service. If
absent when the measure was being considered and that i the legislature adjourned and did nothing more than this
every feature has been thoroughly threshed out. Next it would have done more for humanity and the homes of
will come third reading of the "bill and its author will ex-: our nation than any like gathering of modern times."
plain, very briefly, some catchy provisions of it, stating j
that the other sections make no material changes in pres-! There is some good comes out of almost everything. To
cnt laws;-that the bill has been carefully considered by j illustrate, smallpox forced the Arizona legislature to
the committee which has it under investigation, and since j adjourn.
there is so much work before the body he will take no;
more time, etc. Should this be at a late night session, and! The Portland Muts will invade Salem tomorrow. And
it has been very peculiar in the past the way that certain : they will find plenty of their kind here to welcome them.
hills happen to come up at these late sessions, it is quite
The Grouchy
The grouchy employer whose head's
always sore, is sure the destroyer of
peace in his store. "1 pay out good
wages, the best in the town, and al
ways," he rates.
"my salesmen fall
down. They come
r e c o in m ended as
men hard to bent,
but ere a month's
ended they're dead
on their feet."
With rnntiiigs ami
railings ho eases his
mind, but to his
own failings he's
stupidly blind. Ho
' always is growling
.. A 1 and roasting t h a
clerks; his gloom
and his scowling af
fect the whole works. Xo clerks can
keen humping, with bows, smiles and
becks, if some one is jumping all day
on their necks. "It's no use to hustle
and play a good game,'-' they say, "the
old cuss 'II be mad just the same."
Grown weary of nagging, they fret
and they sulk, their spirits arc Bag
ging, they've grief in the. bulk. The
dealer and seller should look for n
chance to boost the young feller who's
keen to advance. The merchant is sil
1.' w'.o rants by the year; his store has
a chilly and dead atmosphere. His
men are all wishing he'd cross the
divide, so they could go fishing and
let their jobs slide.
The Muts are coming to town.
claimed to hnvo secured since the first
of December, with very crude equip
ment. They were going to Man Fran
cisco to secure pipe anil hose for fur
ther ct.ieratrons.-oml it is possible that
the long expected bonanza strike has at
,, . ,,, hist been ninile.
Th" 1 ii f n i- Dispatch says t.ie long
old spell, which lins lasted for almost
probable that not over a third of the senate or house has
listened to the explanation, or if" they have are not alert:
enough mentally following the strain of a long day's work
to detect the jokers in the bill. The roll is called and if
the first few members vote in the affirmative the bill pass
es, for the rest follow suit without further investigation.
This is a brief description of legislation as it is enacted,
and it is true to life.
t iu: i.:n t l l i. i i
in una way v;iuu unis navw ucl-ii WSM'U at uuilUfa lllliv withi the memorv of the oldest ' smmr i'ncturv will I,- k,,- l,v ti,
every session of the legislature and will be as long as the'"1""11""''" fah '. Home -lay ti.is week, per-
present svstem is followed But before another session I " ' !"lM ''n"1"-'' ""V li,ru,"woU Nil"
jN II Still oyMUll IS iUIH WtU. OUl UtlOlL ailUlIlLI bLhMUil J(,wWl Iaitit,8 of ilkl,r ,,ve ., ley v. ill meet with the commifU'e in
liaS Convened the people Will be given the Opportunity tO nouii,-od their intention ' niuing the fhurge and iiiske a final effort to se-
vote on a constitutional' amendment limiting each senator loZ t tr&J& S
to five bills and providing that all these bills shall be in- new institution. pi, out there is yet a deficiency of
1 reduced before a recess is taken for considering them be-, ,. , . (ovr nm "!. .
r 'i-i. rru ,, .i .. . 1 It vou are not a member or the;
fore Committees. I he Committees are then given time tO Klamath chamber of commerce," says1 IVndleton East Oregcilan: Accord
do their work in broad daylight and at a time when they "", 'itn Knii. Humid, "you win i ing i0 Dick Adams, a mad coyote bold-
... i , ... , " , , , , nrettv soon, lor all of the members ly came down to the Hush tdace near
are not tired OUt With having Spent a hard day On the ,'f tl .-r organisation are now! McKay .stoirieV recently and at-
floor of the senate or house. When the committees have "'""''"' ,im," j,r ,,,,0"! members."! tacked three of Bush's dogs, biting nil
completed their work then regular sessions of both houses TI. ,it(,r f ,, v,v ,lmir. j rabid'ani,,,," tZ.cd''fro7th" "iog.'to
Will be rt'SUmed and the Work Of passing bills taken IU). lm 'men perusing old files, and -the man. Uuh fled for the huise but,
Tr nnv lu trtir Hin iwrml. rli not iWii'U fn fri.nrm fmrn Hlvs: "'" ' " .v ago looking over his shoulder to see how
u may ue tnai tne people uo not uesne to cnange 110m W1, ,,. lni, ist f :t; ,,,, wll0 wuri, dose his pursuer was, he stumbled and
the present System, but if they are Satisfied With it they business in Crass Valley at tlmt fell mostriite. The animal was just in
should not complain about the poorly constructed laws 'a?" 7 A '2SZ 'Ze ' S fh"
and obnoxious measures that are so frequently placed on i,,r' viz: ir. m. h. Tay ''""d mni saved his master. Hush ran
the statute books in the rush of the last days of every :,"a mi,r 2f lhe ,0"r"'"'" -JX
.Session. i The Dulles Chronii le; The ngricnl- nd vndiug his work with a club.
ituriil I'catiire ot publio school work in.
. , , , The 1'iillcs promises to become n
Ihe state historical societv. with headnuartei's in Port-'gt pni.tbai success this year under
land, is asking for a moderate appropriation in order toZS ZX rZ , -..,
continue its work. We believe it should be granted in ; !' l)i'',i ,1""'k9 f(,ri pratum, ore., Feb. io.-.iiss tier
ppite of the universal demand for economy. Anvone who !.'!':..."'."!!.. "!:,r,i.u",t....Th'h ,r".'lu ".. "i""" '. H'"'
, ...... . . - - "i-ii ilium- hi me iiiut i.i.unui i-j . Mr, nv 1111,1 Sum nv nt tie llolnu ur her
tem id thia eitj . : pareiits in I'intuiii.
, i -Mr. llarvcv l.eisv returned to tin'
l.a Orande Observer: Mylva Mon, o. (' In 4 Snn.lnv
lin makes his home with Mr. and .. Anmint i. r..nnrt,.,l t, l, .plt.
Mrs, Willunl Couch in l.nd Canyon, 11..
l,, . .... 1 1 . , . .. . . " ". .111.11 i.nnia i.eisv leit ior isiivciton
Kept up ana even broadened in its scope. The society hasi"' Thi' w,,iit. ll,,1' w"l(iiist .Sunday.
" . '""' "1 Jirs. l.arl rooler was a .sniem visitor
have been economically managed so that it is now in a'"'""' i'hit there wa no siimi.w' Mr,'Vaii Ki'eh'irei i home from iowa,
1.1 scue nun iihck. .ir. vouch, iiu n,.r ,HI.,.0 f a vear and a hall,
in the. cily today, predicts an early, Mr ,, N Kl,iw.h an, thoir two
spring, nnd broni.ht in Ins plow to be . ,.;,j.roii. (.f North Dakota, are visiting
lias ever visited the exhibit of pioneer days in the Port
land city hall building, arranged and presided over by
Geo. II. Himes, one of the earliest residents of the state,
will realize the value of this work and hope that it may be
never received a large amount of money and seems to
put in slnipe for the spring work.
at the home of Mrs. Keisch's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. ('. (licse. The coming
of Mr. and Mrs. Iteisch was a great sur
position to make its request for funds without explana
tions or excuses. The results of its past efforts are the
best guarantee that whatever appropriation is granted
Will he Well eXDeiUled. OregvUi City Courier: Wo under
stun, 1 roiishieriiiiie plowing is ueing ntiai, lo v.. .,, Mr ,,:.., -.,. 1.,.,
mi, 4. 1 11. ,, , ,. 1,11 this moiilh. T(i an easterner this, m) ,,, ,,mt thp v ,,K pcuiU contem-
ihose senators who are now declaring that the ship;' month, too soon, u , j,,,,,,,,, ,,, vi!liti
purchase bill is a deliberate attempt of President Wilson Kb.! l,r",",li" , Li,rry ;t,y h"M
in Ih.(U!. . i. 1 11 n .1 " ng, puiniing or grain (inning is uoni,tB ri,,t,np ,M,.C,j last Friduv even-
to plunge this country into the European war are the same '" ,I,IS i,,,rt ul Oregon, for there All rxr(.ll(.llt ,rogrnm w given
f ellcnvs who have been criticizing the president because lie ' -
woukl not begin hostilities against Mexico. Lodge, Borah !r , , , .honor is mightier than the d.viar. tuc
and other representatives of the shipping trust merely) Mum N-,w swinging the broad-I'K
nau to have a plausible excuse for opposing the adminis-lnp i1"'1,1"1"' h'01"' f"."hl0" ier. The negative wn. composed of
ll'nllnn li 1 1 11 "' m'n-n nun-.
(By William F. Kirk.)
Mn en tertnined one of Pa's old col
lege chums last nite. Nhe tould I'll af
terwards that Pa's frend was a living
exampel of why thare ain't more col
leges. You oughtent to blaim the colleges,
sed I'a. You must bear in mind tliul
I colleges a hit to blaim for the pecpul
tlint goes into them. I Ins trend ol
mine was always a kind of a bug eeven
wen he went to skool. In those days lie
always sed that 1'ra-guay was Para
guay & that nobody cud tell him any
different, & he sed tlmt the Andes
Mountains was bounded on one side b
the Pacific Oshun & on the other side
by Tennesee. Doant fergit, tho, sed Pa,
that in his erlier days lie made mistuiks
tlint ho hasent made since he grew up.
The man is, a rich man now, sed Pa.
I doant like to meet rich men, sed
Ma. Tli 11 y are all the time telling
; about how tliey niude tliare mutiny, the
'same as a jasper out in the woods wud
be telling pecpul how much cordwond
he piled up. If a man interrups wen
sumbody else is talking who cares I
imunv yellow bills he has in sum safety
I deposit vault !
I Ma was rite at that. The frend that
enim to the house with Pa dident seem
to think of anything much excep his
mutiny. He toald us how he started by
saving the first dollar that he ewer
tmade & how in the course of time tlmt
1 dollar grew into a grute big roll. You
will newer know, he Bed to Pa, the
j real thrill of joy that cams to a nuia
I that has his f irst dollar in the bank.
1. in 1 1 you teei tnnt tnrin you will nev
ver know you are alive.
Then I guess I will always be ded,
sed Pa, beekans the first dollar that I
ewer made t jumped out of my hands
like a kangaroo & if it kep oa going the
i way I started it I guess it is going yet.
1 1 hnvent got anything nggenst a safety
deposit vault, Pa sed, bekaus I newer
hnd any declings with one, nul I know
.tlint a safety deposit box is about the
! only square thing In a lot of hanks, but
I uny time you find me taking a bunch
'of yellow hills out of circu-lation &
jleeving them sumwnre to rot, you will
find sumthing that nobody else ewer
I found.
I I know, sed Pa's fiend, but a man
j ought to t'igger on things.. He ought
to hnve enuff m 11 uny so he enn have
j butlers & livery & fine nttomohilcs.
Hnve you got enny, sed Pa.
! No, sed his frend, but think of the
reel thrill that comes to a man who
j knows lie can have them luxuries all
the time if he only wnnts them.
J You seem to like reel thrills, sed Pa.
S'ow let me tell you sumthing. I have
livcA a few yeers Si I have tried to
figger out things my own littel way.
!This is the way I figger it out. A man
tlmt goes thru the world with a roll of
miiany that isent working is a joke.
I The man has to work for the munny,
jdoesent he, sed Pa. Then why shut! he
j lot the munny bmf around in a safety
deposit vnultl Who wants a butler
anyway! sed Pn, ft livery & fine ot
itomobeels. I know that labor is grnnd
'& noabel, sed Pn, but 1 think that if
jstarving on a pnrk bench or being a
butler mis put up to me, I wud get sum
silvers in my trousers. I cant stnnd
strnte enuff to be a butler, Pa sed.
No, sed Ma, but sumtiines I have seen
vou try to.
Tliniisauds of
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18C3
Transact a general banking businesg
Safety Deposit Boxes
nltl. I n,,L,i tn.t l',ul,nn nil, I Kl.ll.
..... ,.t t 1 u l i,iii,..rrt i,n . ' '""" " -- ......
,' ,' """"" "" ,,((, iiiiiuior. The decision was In r-
bolstered up by hnnd hewn timbers, t 1 vp of , ,ltiV),, T Boxt rcgulnr
now ihe old order chnngeth. An elec-1 ()l,iai(1 w- bn ivpn on lvpn nn rVI).
trlcally driven null fm sawing nnd , nmrv n Th. nuli.-t will be: He
shaping the wcond-growth fir timbers , Tlm, th(, rni., .,, hoM
has recent y been l.istalled, I red ; 10 philll n, T, do,ntm
llurko Is chief sawyer and the " will 1, as foll.wsi Affirmative, Alicia
sawyr. nnd the new s, vie product Is w , a 1utive,
exceedingly pop,, ar with t ie men who Knn,,h unnpr ,m, hw Vogt. He
ar,, boring into the rock Sot) feet be- .,,,. ,hA ,,,,, .-..illv interest-
low ground.
sides Ihe debute, an especially intemsl-
nig program has been planned.
' Co'iuillit Herald: Ouile a stir was
created over Ihe county last week bv ,
the -eport ut very rich gold strike iu $
(the southern pan of the county. Ac- No ntattor what you lure to
curding to the story told by the llaudou sell, a Journal Want Ad will
i Hooo'Jer, J. R. tstnith and Owen W.I ull It for you U it CM b (old.
iSmitli arrived In linn, Inn with about i $ if
I WOOD in nuggets and dust which they L
Keep Your.Lungs Strong
This advice I. doubly Important with
the knowledge that every three minute.
Mine one in the United State, succumb,
to consumption and many refus. to
realize they are .llllctcd until it is too late.
It 1. alter colds or sickness, from over
work, confining duties or when general
weaknes. exists that tubercular germ,
thrive because the resistive power, of
the body are weakened.
Only with fresh air, sunshine and
abundant rich blood can one hope to
arrest their progress, and the coucen
tratrd fata In Scott'. Kmulsion furnish
furl lor rich blood, .nd its rare nourish
ment help, .trrngilirn tue lungs while
it build, up the lorcc
If you work Indoor., tire easily, feel
languid or run-down Scott'. Buiulsion I.
the most strengthening lood-mcdiclnt
known and 1. free from alcohol or .tup.
lying drugs. Avoid substitutes, .
14-41 tcoUkBowat,h)aaecl4.N.i.
We sell suits that suit your figure and your pocket
book. They please you as long as you want to wear
them, and even after you put them aside the memory
of their fine quality pleases you. See these suits
which we are selling at a special price
G. W. Johnson &
A delightful preparation for ttut
hair, .oientlf loally oompftunded
by k.well known Pronoh seolall.t.
Cablrla Tonio prevent, the hair
from falling out, remoTs. don
druff , and cloan.o. the .oalp
thoroughly, Ztl odor is pleats
ant and unobtrusive, and frequent
applications impart., soft fluffi
nans to the hair. Cablrla Is
the eholoa of dloorlalnutlrur men
and women in the United States
A j - , . .
Cablrla Co., riatiron Bldg., New York. Bold By Fry's Drug Store.
February 3, 1915.
Anderson, Mr. X. C.
llutterman, Hr. Henry.
Heverly, Mrs. Julia C.
(.'anipbell, Miss.
Copley, Mrs. J,
Chester, Mr, William.
Clnlloway, MisB (Jertrude.
Harduer, Arthur,
tluivitu, Mrs. A. A.
Hamilton, Mrs. J. 1',
llarmnii, Mr. Th.
Hart, Mr. Win.
lleavilin, Mrs. Florence,
lienkle, Mr. C. W.
II ct rifle, Miss Alice.
Hodgson, Mr. A. 1".
Hoover, Miss Dorothy.
Hume, Mrs.
Jensen, Mr. Oscar.
Jubenville, Kdwnrd.
Kemp, It, L.
Klrtian, Mrs. Lizzie.
Kochu, Mrs. K. A,
Kunpp, Mrs. Dortba.
Lee, Mr. F. 1).
Lewis, Mr. 11. A.
Lunsfuril, Mrs. Martha.
McDonald, Prank.
Miles, Air. Howard.
Miller, I). .
Miller, Miss Esther,
Morris, Arnold J.
Morris, Miss 11 race.
Morison, Miss Margrelte,
Noel, Mrs. Chas.
Orthncr, Mis. Victoria,
Huberts, Miss Mina.
Itiindhcrg, Mr. ( lies.
Wieldou, Mrs. Ii. tl.
Smith, Miss Opal.
H111 it h, Mrs. A. C.
Mondhelin, Mr. 1).
Htanley, Mr. .1. tf.
Treiber, Mr. Tom.
Van Vleet, Mabel.
Vlckroy, Mrs. 1'. E.
W'ilkius, Chas.
Wilkius, Mr. Harold A.
William., Mr, Claude M.
Williams, Mr. II. L.
A I'll. Hl'CKKHTEIN", V. M.
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farm, look over our bargain list.
Wo have a largo list of houses for
sale 011 easy terms, ,$G00 and up.
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estate security.
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