Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 10, 1915, Page TWO, Image 2

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Q ocialandPersonal
At their home on tho Jefferson ro.nl,
Saturday, January 30, Mr. ami Mrs.
August Human entertained with a din
ner in honor of their daughter, Lil
lian's, birthday.
Those who enjoyed their hospitality
rare: Mrs. C. Donaldson, Mr. and M rs.
George Donaldson, Mr. and Mis. K. P.
Donaldson, Mj-, and Mrs. V. L. Donald-
son, Miss f.inmn nhedeck, Alice Allport,
Mr. bid. Lloy.le, Mr. llilge Donaldson,
Alma llomnn, Muxiue and Krcel Don
aldson, Kllcn Human
The fifty dollars promised to tho
cholirsbip loan fund by the Salem
Woman's club has been raised through
the chain entertainment, and from now
on all money will bo used to form a i subjects come up for discussion, the
foundation for the building fund for j members also filling in the hours with
their propcued new club house. The I needlework. A pretty valentine idea
chain, which was started several weeks 'was carried out in decorations, red
go, will probably continue for some j hearts alternating witn rapids in sug
time, as all women of the city are in- gesting this date. Miss Julia Ivcrsou
terosted in securing a new home for I was asked to assist, she ulso being nam
their club. Mrs. Ucorge 0. lirown and led the club's next hostess, entertaining
Mar. J. I). Sutherland woho tho initial1
hostesses entertaining this week.
The greater uuiuber of tickets for
tho Cherriun ball, which takes place in
I ho armory next Monday night, hav
been disposed of, a large number going
tn senators and representatives, Arthur
Wilson, a prominent Ciierrian, and lo
cal manager of the Western Union, sell
ing all day at tho cnpitol building yes
terday. Kveryone t enthusiastic over Tomorrow afternoon, at the home uf
the ai'fair, ami it promises in every way Mrs. Li.zio V. Smith, ll"S Center
to eclipse any siniiliii event ever given street, the ladies of the W. H. C. are
in Halera. 'giving a silver tea in honor uf Lin-
i coin's birthday. Headings will be giv
Mrs. Mary llowd, of Knst State l'u '"" ' "mineinnn.ted in other
street, is planning an extended trip to (appropriate ways. J lie committee in
California. She will leave the first f charge is composed (.. Mrs. Viola Mat
next month, and will visit for seme. I '''', chairman; Mrs. Marion Mioyor,
time Mrs. Julia lluckins, in Hun Jose,!11"'' illl,s A'"" h"" !' il'oso asked
attending the Piiuuiiia-l'acil'ie exnosi-
tion before her return.
Mist Helen Wastoll, of Oakland, a
former student at Willamette and one
of tbi most popular girls during her at
tendance here, relurned Monday to re
sume studies at the local university
after last year attending the Univer
sity of California. She is in her junior
Yesterday at noo.i Miss Wustoll was
complimented by a luncheon given by
the Philodosiun girls in Lausunuu hall,
over thirty being present.
The young Ladies of Sodality of Su
rreal Heart academy are to give a play
entitled "Mary Magdalene," as a henc
fit performance in St. Joseph's hall,
next Thursday evening at eight o'cln k.
Musical numbers will feature the en
tertainment. The music class of the academy is
growing rapidly, the February recital
to tnko plane the latter part of this
Mis Inez. Ilcuisun was a Salem at
tendant at the week end concerts in
The Students' Lyceum Course, under
the management of (lieu MacAdam,
gave another proof of its value last
Saturday night, when it presented, at
the Urand opera house, Nitui llcilharz,
past master in the delightful art ol
character impersonation. "The lloosici
Schoolmaster" was his subject for the
evening, and with a grace and charin
lincqualod, ho produced in rapid suc
cession the varied anil ninny characters
of that famous novel in a manner so
roalistie that they walked and breathed
and lived again. Around them were
tho iag cabins and tiie deep woods und
tho tangled blue meadow grass uf over
three quarters of century ago in the
wilds of Indiana, Hoillinrz is an adept
In delineation. Ho has what few read
ers have almost perfect enunciation-
and besides he is entirely lice from
Four new instructors were added to
Salem's leaching force this semester,
beginning their work Monday morning.
Mas Kvelyn Cash, who will have charge
of physical education in Salem, comes
from routine, Mich. She is a graduate
of lie Kmcrsoti school of u.ntnry of
Jloston, specializing in physical educa
tion part of the time at the Snigeant
school. Two yea is she taught l'r work
in a largo Methodist church of Detroit,
Inter teaching physical education lit
Twin Fulls, I.I -bo. The first semester
this year was spent at the liimaii insti
tution of Chicago, where she took ad
vances! instruction In her ciiosen work.
Miu ('ash will deviite two days each
week to the high fcIiooI, woiking nt
the grade school the remaining three
day. It is the plan to do away with
rocei periods in the junior high schools
of the city, which Include the Seventh,
Cighlh and Ninth guides, devoting Ihis
time to physical education.
Mini Matilda Anderson has been in
Orpgein one yeur. She comes from Port
Huron, Mich., and will teach English.
Hh is a graduate of the I'ort Huron
schools, teeoivlng her degree fioin the
University of Michigan In Wot, She
attended summer scuool In Chicago, at
tended the Universities of Chicago and
, Wisconsin and Marburg, (lermany, She
taught English, history and (Icri'miil In
Crnton, Mich, and Piirt Huron.
M, O. James comes from O, A. C. He
will teach nullum I tunning tu the
E. K. Horning, also of O. A, C, will
bm the fourth assistant In the commcr-
.,'i.t 4.u,iti-in i I tC th It' li 1 I
teAchin coinmercinl.
geography n-l
Mr. O. W, Cooli.lge entertnined the
Livesley "Lend a lluiid" club and
to Oiville ctiili at u one o'clu k luu. h
tem Friday, a portion ot the nfteinooii
lieing pwed with Informal entertain
meiiL In one contest Mrs, II, Caipeu-
ter awai.lde lust pure and Miss
ltow.lisa the consolation, both favors
bfin waterc.'oi pictures, the noik of
th kMte. 7 he following were pies
enti Mr. D. (Juary, Mrs. II. Kdwar.ls,
Mr. H. Itowman, Mrs. Watson, Mrs,
"' rcy, iwrs. i.H ity liiterpriie.
Trjr, Mr J. Hressler, Mis. D, C.) Xrdi ltobert. of Woodbuin, who
rrt, Nrs. W, K. Uckenbcal, , heen visiting here several davs.
Mr, it trpenler, Mrs, N. Carpenter.i returned to hi hum today.
Miss Minnio Carpenter, Mrs. J. Hooth,
Mrs. Cu rot hum, Alisfl Jda Colby, Mrs.
Woodhousc, Mrs. Parker and Mrs.
Mrs. Amos Vass was hostess for the
Sumedi club Saturday afternoon at her
i hreno ou South Commercial street. All
.members, with tho exception two, were
present, non-members asked to be pros
cut being Miss Lizzie Haines lend Miss
Adainsun, of Hilvorton.
This club, which now has a member
ship of sixteen, secured this number by
adding the names of Mrs. J. A. Church
ill, Mrs. K. C. Do I, dig and My-s. Ucorgc
Aldeu at this and tiio previous meet
ing. Literary and domestic science
in a fortnight.
The marriage of Miss Mary Kali in to
(iconic T. McClcan is scheduled to take
place in Astoria tolny, and is to be a
foremost event ill Astoria society. Mrs.
Ada .Strong und Miss Nell Thielsen
went down some time ago to join the
Kukin's house pnrty and be present at
the wedding.
" ' '" 11,8 uiicrnooii are: ...is
llnttie S. Thomas, Mrs. L. Ackeriniin,
Mrs. Katie Schott, Mrs. Lulu Tracy,
Mrs. Jennia Stewart anil Mis,
The Loviil Woman's class of the,,nK tl,''n, a 'l'""'" or more arose to ox
First Christian church will meet inil''' ii' to livo an outright
their church parlors tomorrow uftei noon ; Christian life the best they knew,
at half past two o'clock, on the occas-j '"night nt (I o'clock in the -irniorj.
ion ol their regular social session, Mrs. ' s get-together supper will be
V. T. 1'orter and Miss Hunt to ueside 1 1"''". Prcpn.utions nro being wide for
ns hostesses. I8'x ,0 U'l't hund.-td men and it is '.'X-
Valentino features and those in keep-
ing with Lincoln's birthday will be in
evid'neo, a short business meeting to
precede tho social hour.
Mrs. Kiln Watt left Saturday night
for Oakland, California. She will spend
the summer in California in tho interest
of tho ArtiBiin lodge, going down ex
pressly to formulate plans for enter
taining the Oregon Artisans during the
biir fair.
July l.i will bo set aside as Artisan wniruin win iiiioress tnu student nt tnc
dav, at that time all the work ol their University chape),
ord-r to be demo intrateil at Convention I Friday night of this wi,,m will be the
hall, secured for this purpose through second special night tor young peopl.
the courtesy of tho fair management, j between the Pgos n-1 about IS and ,'5
A big delegation of I'ortland, Salem : Dr. Ostrom will iiivo his address on
and iOuuene Artisans, with members ol"etting Where Ynj Pi,,"
this eiuani.atioii from practiciillv every
lodge in tho state, will till special ex-
cimmn trains, going do,vu for a week
or it-ire during tho mid summer. Drill
teams I mm all will bo present and par
ticipate in competitive drills on Artisan
day, other apecinl exercises marking
tho occasion.
Mr?. (I. (!. Moser, wife of the senntor
from Multnomah county, arrived yen-
terdiy, and with her husband will be
domic iled during the remainder of the
sessiui at tho Marion.
Mr. and M rs. V. K. Kiillerton have
been passing a few cluys in I'ortland
anil in l- expected home this evening.
Hatiirdav evening In the unitary the;
Sous of Veterans and Spanisn War Vet-1 ouininitlce of creditors, according to nil
eraiis will be joint hosts, entertaining 1 noniiceiucnt today. His holdings are re-
with n lurun baniiuet. The occasion
will 'lonor Lincoln's birthday, and will
be iuemoiiulir.cd with speeches in keep
ing with that date. All wives and
friends of the above organizations and
the 1, A. U. and nieiuliers uf V. It. C
will be included ill the invitational list,
the ift'uir to begin at six o'clock.
A large delegation of out-of tiiwii so-1
ietv and musical people will arrlv
nil '.'ilein at iniiereiii iioms i n.u..
to ntlcnd the lllucn Zimbalist concert.
Mail orders have been pouring in troin
a, ,lm vll,,v, Kud it is expected
that i lie largest attendance at any of
this season's eitarerts will be noted.
Unearthed Human Skull
Indicates Murder Mystery
lliehinond, Cnl., Feb. 10. The un
earthing, near Knightesen, of n human
skull, containing two holes apparently
made by bullets today furnished the
Contra Costa county authorities with
what muy prove to be a murder mys-
tery. t niler nireeiion or nnern i vt ,
the ground In the vicinity will he exca
vated to determine whether the other
bones of tho human skeleton are burioi
there also.
Alexander Odell, a Santa IV railroad
employe, uncovered the skull while dig
glng t post hole near the Knightseu
stimuli, mo grisly linn wus iiiiiiieui i
ately turned over to the county author-
itics mid a further investigation
tjt....:. tr....t.. 1...I: ,1... .L,,ll ..,
I CMU-rill v cm.' n.-nr.i-n nn- rn,
person who was murdered
and whose bodv was later disniemhcre
and buried in different places in tlili
Mia, L. U. Curtis, uf the Cuitls mil
linery parlors, wont to Portland this
P. 11. D'Arcy was a passenger on the
Kli e'nc for Portland thia morning.
Ileriitan P. Aline, nf Wtiodburll. re-
,...,,. i ... ki. sm today after visit
Lf sVf,l dav with relative here.
Mr. Jennie Hodson returued to her
home In Salem Tuesday evening after
few day visit In tin city. Oregon
Dr. Ostrora Gives Interesting
Address to Large Crowd
Last Night
"A Touch of the Infinite" or "A
Woman's Wit" was the subject of Dr.
Ostrom's address last night in tho tab
ernacle. It was the story of tho woman
who became healed of her infirmity by
touching the hem of the garment thut
Jesus wore. "And Jesus seemed to be
off-guard' said the speaker, "for he
said, 'who touched me? and yet the
woman was heuled. You never come
into conflict with Jesus butj he blesses
"If you can iniugine Jesus off in
some other part of the universe making
a few million flowers; if you enn imag
ing Him intent on making some more
words; or could find Him listening in-
Jtenlly to the choir invisible, you touch
HiTti you will be cured. He knows
your sorrows, temptations, misgivings,
desires for good, He can relieve and
"In warfare it is 'victory' 'hurrah';
in business it is 'ull wool' 'great bar
gain' 'unparalled opportunity'; in tho
home it is (or should be) 'you dear
child' 'you darling' but in the church
we have taken out the 'hallelujah' and
put in its place, 'Do you believe itf
'Is it true?' 'How do you knowl' Paul
said 'I know whom I have believed'
and the old book is full of 'I knows.'
We must get buck to tho noto of tri
umph und certainty.
"Touch the Savior tonight and you
will know th,nt ho has redeemed you,
you will know the joy unspeakable, you
will know that you nro a 'child of a
At the close of his address Mr.
Ostrom asked all the men to assemble
in one section of the building and the
women went to another part.
uppemeti in me men to stand tog"iu.ir
as one man now during tho closing
weeks of the meetings and before leav-
pecteci to i, n great occasion. iollew-
ing tho 'jupper a number of four ini iuto
speeches will be nvide by tho governor,
the mayor, a number of prominent mer
chant ".nil professi iimi uimi nud a re
sponso by Dr. O.ooi.i. The speeches
will close in timu .o permit '.he in- n
to get to tnc tnber uielo for tho even
ing servici ,
Tomorrow is to I,; observed is a day
of prayer in the homes and also in the
university. At en-rh': v o'clock Dr.
This afternoon nt thrjo o'cloc's ho
gave mo auurcsa on iue bra of lr.nt-
noss" and Thursday uf'orni m ut tlnee
in the tnbcrnnclo the subject will be
"The Greatest Worn in :ho vVurld."
Saturday night of this week will be
given to a special service for th m who
through great sorrow or tt mptntion
have fallen out by the wysido.
Smith Lumber Company
Very Heavily Involved
San Krnneiseo, Keh. 10. (', A. Smith,
head of the ('. A. Smith Lumber com
pany ami numerous subsidiary compan
ies in t'uliloriiia and Oregon, has placed
his business affairs in I he hands of a
pu ted to have been worth about $15,
IIOil.lKiO a short time ago. Smith is uow
In Chicago seeking an adjustment of his
Inability to pay interest on .j,000,0(l(l
in wiiieh Smith's companies are bonded,
was tho chief reason for the transfer ol
his business affairs, according to a
statement of the committee,
The C. A. Smith Lumber company,
Ihe principal creditor, has ifices here
..i,., ; uu ,
Point and .Marshtielil
Harnilosa to Flush Kiknoja and Neu
tralise Irritating Acid Splendid
for Bystem
Kidney und Bladder weannesa result
(um urj(J neui WIV , n()t(1(, ailthority.
, rhc Ki,n)v fil,r ,hi, sci, from lu
, ,ll()oJ nm, )m1 lt ,0 tnn i,,i,iof(
j n.r8 t 0t(ia rcmuiui to Irritate and
infum(, causing a burning, scalding
sensation, or setting up an irritation at
the neck of the bUlcr, obliging you
,.,n i . ihnu. tin,... .i..nni.
...... n . ... . - - - --
the night. The sufferer I in constant
dread, the water passes sometimes with
a scalding sonant in und is very pro
fuse; ngnln, thcr la difficulty in
avoiding it.
Bladder weakness, most folk call It,
because they can't control urination
While it la extremely annoying and
! sometime very painful, this 1 really
1 ...fit...., . .: ..1I...H. A u..
come. (let about four ounce of Jad
iniv ui me i.i.iw. aiiiiiiiv u.iui.-i.iB m w.,i-
Salts from your phnraiaeist and take a
tnblesiioonful in a glass of water before
breakfast, continue this for two or
three daya. This will neutrality th
acids In the urine so it no longer is a
source of irritation to the bladder and
urinary organs which then act norm
ally again.
,)nd Salt I Inexpensive, harmless,
and I made from the arid of grape
and lemon juice, combined with lithia,
and is used by thousands of folk who
art subject to' urinary disorder caused
by urie acid Irritation, Jad Malt la
pleadid for kidney and cause no bad
ffect whatever.
Her yon bar a plnt, tfferv
rent lilln wstcr driuk, which quickly
relieve bladder trouble.
The high collar, tight sleeves and
rippled skirt stomp this gown as strict
ly a la mode. It is developed in blue
serge, with a vest and skirt trimming
ui oiucr ami wnne siir,
O. B. Tcel,
city today.
of t-hnn Ore., is in tho
M. V. Jackson, of Elk
visitor in the city today.
City, is a
Walter S. Muir, of Dallas, was in the
city yesterday, coming to attend the
spocni session of tho Masonic lodge
hist evening.
L. K. Siegmuml, of Htayton, was a
visitor In toe, city yesterday, returning
homo this morning.
L E. Cutsforth, of Oervais, was in
the city yesterday to attend tho special
meeting of the Masonic, lodge.
joorgo T. Drunk, of Independence,
was in tho city on business yesterday,
returning today.
W. N, Mitchell, of btayton, is a vis
itor here todnv.
L. J, Purvine, of Independence, was
in the city yesterday on business nnd
uiien'iiag tho legislative sension.
H. .O. Thomas, of Turner, is in the
city lodny.
H. K, Thompson, of Jefferson, was a
visitor in Snicm yesterday, returning
this morning.
James Johnson and W. H. (low, both
of Jelferson, were in the city last even
ing to attend the special meeting at
the Masons.
.1. 11. Thomas, of Josonh. Ore., was
' ill 'he city yesterday.
I W. S. Hare, of Turner, was a visitor
in tho city, returning this afternoon.
J. M. Holier, : Turner, was in the
I city csterdny,
C. K. Spniilding was a passenger on
I the Electric, today for Portland.
i n. if i i
Dusmess men s League
Held Meeting Last Night
The five members of flip house of
representatives from Marion county
liiMirrssvii me cuieni nii'iiwsn men's
league last, night at their monthly din
ner held in the rooms of th..' Cnm.
inercial club.
Snm II. Hrown of Oervais, Thomas
Brown of Salem, Ian II. Allen of
Salem, I. C. Thorns of Jefferson, andl
wenrge . weeks, of Salem all spoke,
favoring house bill 400 which plucea a'
heavy tax on ull trading stamp proposi-i
lions. !
Arrangements were made to send a1
delegation to the stnte retail assoeia-1
tion, which meets in Portland for three!
dnvs, beginning next Monday. The
delegates appointed are Jos. Lebold,
Oeorge Wechter, Win. (Illehrist, Jr.,
C. H. Hamilton, Wm. Oahlsdorf, Wm.
""' . """, ' -j
' 1 uni ' ?r.,nn: , . I
i . u" ry or in nusinrss men s
league would like to have the names of i
all the Nalein business men who expect!
to attend the Portland meeting Moil.:
day, so that he can arrnnge for a!
special car If necessary. Also to makei
arrangements with the local men so
that while In Portland, they can at
tend the session in a body.
The meeting Isat night w of more
than usual Interest to all present, over
50 being in attendance.
Kellaher Wants Commission
To Govern State
Senator Dsn Kellaher of Portland
sprung something of a surprise on the
members of the TI Payers League
last night, when in speech before the
league, he advocated th commission
form of government for th state ot
Senator Kellaher stated that three
commissioners from each of th three
congressional district of the state
should take the pise of the legisla
ture nd alt commission nd boards,
md that he favored th abolishment nt
all slat boards, lrnmmi.siens, house i
Ilumors in the blood cause inter
nal derangements that affect the
whole system, as well as pimples,
boils and other eruptions. The affect
all the organs and functions, mem
branes and tissues, and aro directly
responsible for the readiness with
which some people contract diaease.
For forty years Hood's Sarsnparilla
has been more successful than any
other medicine in expelling humors
and removing their inward and out
ward effects. It is distinguished for
its thoroughness in purifying the
blood, which it enriches and invigor
ates. No other medicine acts like it,
for no other medicine is like it.
Get Hood's Sarsnparilla today.
Insist on having Hood's.
Increased Tax Levy
Is Not Expected
"Unless the present legislature gets
unduly wild and extravagant there need
be no feur on the part of the taxpayers
of an iacroaso in the unnunl levy of
taxes under the present system of
laws," said a high state official last
evening in discussing the possibility of
big appropriation by the present as
sembly. According to this official, also, the
present legislature might even exceed
the appropriations of the Inst sessioa
by a considerable amount and there
would be no appreciable difference in
the levy for the yeur ltJ(l us compared
to that for the present year. This as
surnnce, coming from' a source whose
authority is unquestioned, might serve
ns a balm to the frightened nerves and
quiet the fears of the quaking taxpay
er v hi. Is awaiting the outcome r.f t lie
Jiri a -sen-uly to see how irnui lw i
g ing f bo ol In to pay on tin doIKi,
It iB all very simple and is duo entirely
to the code of laws on assessment and
taxation of tho legislature of KM:)
which works automatically to balance
tho nnnual tax levy as between two ap
propriation years.
"Under the old law which was in -existence
for 20 years prior to 1!)KI,"
snys this official, "the tux levying
board was not permitted to anticipate
conditional or extraordinary appropri
ations- Beyond the limit of $200,000,
this margin was sufficient for
tne JO years preceding to permit of tho
equalization of state tax levies between
two years, under the larger appropria
tions of recent legislatures it was not
"The levy for 1(11,1, 1,122,000 was
the lowest, that has been made in
years. This wbb due to the appropri
ation of the 1011 session, of $503,000
for the support of the university of
Oregon having been referred to the
people und defeated nnd this fund re
turned to tho general fund of the treas
ury where it laid until the following
legislature made it ngnin available. In
order to make up for the deficiency nnd
satisfy tho appropriations for ltil.3 it
wbb necessary to levy $4,105,000 for
tho year. 1014 and this is what made
tho appropriations of the lust session of
the legislature loom up so great in the
eyes of the taxpayers, when, as a mat
ter of fact, the average levy for the
amount aetlllv Tvi , Tt " i .!''' Telegraaf, its sale being forbidden
1U1.1-1B14 was 5,2S7,000,
If it had not been for the $50:1,000
carried over from the your 1 ! 1 3 to 101,'t
the tax levies for ' 1013 1014 would
havo been $5,700,000,
"The stale tax cominissinn wus in
strumental in having the law amended
in 1013 so as to equalize the levies be
tween ouch annual period, For the
year 1015 the total levy was $3,112,000
so there will not be any material de
ficiency to make up in the year 111 It)
unless the legislature grentlv exceeds
the appropriations of the last session.
Under the old laws we had 'Cut nnd
loan' years in tax levies but under the
present system the levies are so evenly
balanced that it iniikcs but a shade of
difference either way under ordinary
conditions of conservative legislation."
and seiiBte. The entire government of
the state, except the .judicial, he said,
snouiii no jilneed in thu hands of the
nine commissioners.
Ho believes thut all stale salaries
are too high and that if this session
of the legislature does not reduce these
! salaries, he was in favor of their re
duction hy tho initiative at tho next
stute election.
Th League took no action on the
senator's suggestions.
Howard Piano
Phone 187
The Knabe Piano Is Used
by such
world famous
artists as
Alma Gluck
The Howard Piano House can furnish you a Knabe
in both Uprights and Grands.
Melbourne A rubber life-saving ool-
lar has been presented to every en-1
listed man in the Australian nnvv by!
the British Jtubber Growers' Assoeia-!
tion. I
Paris A French infantry corporal
now in hospital at Tour, is suffering
- rm ,....i. 4- .i .
surgeon attending h m The British ., Juj!t Ml'STEUOLE in with
record is held by a private soldier ' t.ngcr-t.ps Bently. bee how quickly
I'uighmtoi. hospital, with 50 wounds. Iiijjrj tho 1"""
, . ,,,, ' ' , , I And there is nothing liko MUSTER-
London 'I m sorry, madam, but j OT,H for Sore Thront, Bronchitis, Ton
her grace is already hedded down," . simill (;rnup) sti(f Xeck, Asthniii, Nou
was the reply of a titled cavalry of-1 nliKi Headache, Congestion, Pleurisy,
ticers servant to a telephone request j Hheiiniatism, Lumbago, Pains and Aches
to speak with tho mistress of thel0f B.ick or Joints, Sprains, Sore Mus
bousehold, (. ,.s Hi iiisoh, Chilblains, Frosted Feet,
I Colds of the Chest (it often prevents
London " It's a delightful life In, Pneumonia),
the trenches," remarked a Tommy at i At your druggist's, in. 23c and 50c
homo on furlough; "if you ever want .iurs, and a special largo hospital size
anything ull you have to do is to show for If2.o0.
your head over tho side and you get Be suro you get the genuine MUS
it." TEMOLE. licfuso imitations got what
I you ask for. The Musterole Company,
London " Dutch lads after ale." is Cleveland, Ohio.
I mi. l. Atkins' translation ot
"IVutchlnnd uber Ales."
Paris Having tested an alleged hn-
lit.mint hl-niti.lan n..,l it
I dangerous to the wearer, the wnr of-1
"'e is now prosecuting the inventor
on a charge of chicanery.
Berlin Tho Scots Oreys are referred !
to in some of tho Herman newspapers
as "The Scottish Regiment of tho i
Foreign Minister llrey." '
Iondon A member of tho crew of
the Olnsgnw who was in tho fight with
the Leipzig and the I'resden off Chili
savs the (.ermans scored only seven
win uui VI tt ijiuunitmi sucilS lllVil,
Amsterdam A dispatch front' Sfrns-
burg says that aavonc using the
French limgiiage in shop-window signs
more now is name to one year's im
prisonment. The prohibition also up-
plies to business letters, accounts, and
roceipts. icies unnecessary and thereby save cost,
trouble and waste in duplicated effort
Amsterdam Tho Algemeene Han- and expense,
delsblad, has now shared the fate of: Appeals for food, alms or lodging by
in Belgium. No leading Hutch paper
is now allowed to appear in any part
of the invaded country,
Amsterdam All the hows and ar-
rows in Belgium, where Archery was
formerly a favorite sport, have been
confiscated by the Hermans, according
to the Telegraaf, because of the dis-
envery that arrows were being used to
shoot messages across the frontier.
Railroad Blockade
Is Finally Raised
Hed.linif. C.I.. Feb. n.-After beinir!
bloked most of last night by a ,ln,p orRers unnecessary troulde.'
slide near Keiuiet, Shasta llolite trainsl , Employment for Men.
were able to resume service early to-i ,,Ce"U'r rpo '""I'lny" b""'11;' "
,nv ' Men's club, 4i)0 Ferry street, phone
tho landslide occurred at 10 p. m. I';"7' ,F,',.' ',0 employer and employe,
and the tracks were completely ev- Thro"Bh nn,ire i"'y '"''l"
ered for two hours. As a precaution, j,vork tnr tho unemployed,
however, all passenger trains were held' Employment for Women,
up until the return of davlight. The! 1(,f''r Bpplicanti to Mrs. A. N.
norlhboiiiiil Shasta Limited and No. 14iBusni chairman industrial committee
were held nl Kennct all night. Xiini- f"' omen, Y. W. C. A., 257 North Lib
ber 15, held at nuiismiiir last night, f rly street, Phono 1015.
passed through here, southbound, lit I Donation of food stuffs such ns
ill a. in. today. I meat, beans, flour, sugar, potntoot.
It Is raining hard and the Sacrauicn-i fruit, otc, would bo very helpful. These
to river at 10:3(1 was at the II font will reach relief department If sent to
stage and rising. 'county judge at the court house.
Wc's done tolc yo' 'bout desc Bunko piano checks dat
wus gwine to flood dis town. Now dis dream done conic
true. Ucy have mailed dem out fum big Chicago to cve'y
body, even to me an' yo' but it am a funny thing, desc
liunko checks will nothin' buy. We has tried to spen' dem
at dc butcher shop an' eve'yw har from low to high. Wc's
a-gwine to try cve'ything else fus' an' if we can't spen'
dem wc's gwine to give dem to dc man fur a ride on de
jitney bus.
135 N. Liberty Street
uiero watt nouung ou uouu ivr vua
1 gestion and Colds as Mustard.
! - , , ,
nut. tno oKimsnionea mustaia-piascer
l"rncil and blistered while it acted
l'Bn now Kt the relief nnd help
that mustard plastors gave, without tho
1'lnster and without tho blister,
MU8TEROLU does it. It is a clean,
white ointment, mado with oil of mus-
I turd. H is scientifically prepared, so
Jl un-.i.; f..,
i ' 1 ' 1 9 w,on"1 "', )0t 'm '
: blister tho tcndeiest skin.
Union of Fraternal, Kcligious, Civic,
and Other OrgiiniMtions
und Citizens of Salem for .Mutual Aid.
Uefer ull calls for relief or aid to
tl10 Ontor. It is made up of all other
relief agencies of tho city and hence it
is equally yourB. By using it you rcn-
l"r all separate relief boards and ngen-
traasients at your doors, should bo re
f erred to Center's headquarters fur
men (Men's club) 4d0 Ferry street. Jf
you wish to givo them food in return
for services a book of ten meal tickets,
costing $1 will save its cost many tiraca
over, A meal ticket will give them
f0d and food only,
Relief f0r Local JanilUes, Women and
Food, clothing, fuel, medicul treat
ment, etc. Mrs. W. E. Anderson, chair
man relief committee, 1101 Court
street. Phono 2304-M, 0 to 12 a. m. Bo
prepared to give nunie, address, etc.,
correctly, and bo sure the need is gen-
mmV MK rumors often give busy
Salem, Oregon